Preseason preparation looking good as Giroud comes in | Ashley Cole – I owe it all to Adams

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Deary me England. You always do it to us. Penalties. So poor. Every time.

England invited Italy to partake in some good old fashioned North West relegation fodder football yesterday and performed well enough to narrowly take the game through to a penalty shootout.

Up stepped Ashley Young who smashed his shot against the bar. I’m never going to critique a penalty like that. He hit it as hard as he could… if it were 3 inches lower, it would have been an fantastic penalty.

Up stepped Ashley Cole. God knows why. He’s one of the least liked players in England. He was on TV before the game talking about the disdain the nation has for him. It was treble the pressure everyone else had on them. He looked scared. His run up lacked confidence and he his tame shot lacked bite and conviction. Saved.

England were out.

What I can’t understand is the ridiculous reaction some people have had to the performance. Being a great nation does not mean you’re entitled to be a great footballing nation. We knew the squad was weak before the tournamemt. We knew during the tournament. Then we come up against a team of seasoned pros, many of whom have won World Cup and we complain we didn’t give them a good game?

Hold on? One minute we’re slating the squad, the next we’re behaving like children when we don’t beat one of the most resolute teams in the world?

We did the best with what we had. We need a creative spark in the middle of the park. That man is Jack Wilshere. We need some explosive talent going forward, hopefully that can be Rooney if doesn’t get suspended next time and Chamberlain if he delivers on his potential over the next two season.

Hodgson did a super job considering the circumstances he was under. I’m not totally dejected today. Quarter finals and topping our group is about as good as it gets for this set of players.

In transfer news, Olivier Giroud has gone more public than he did yesterday with his where he’ll be plying his trade next year.

“I am so happy to be signing for Arsenal — it is something that represents so much for me.

“I’ve always dreamed of playing in the Premier League and Arsenal are a great club with many French players.”

That’s right Olivier, so many French players for you to hang out with. It’ll be a great fun.

This is a superb signing for me, it’s great that we’ve added a second attacker into the mix for the coming season, I just hope we can now start to shift on some players. That process, like last season, seems to be taking some time. Chamakh seems to be the big worry. Robin staying has a double barrelled impact. We get another season with a very hot striker. Chamakh will leave. He wants to compete if it’s just Giroud he’s up against.

Having both he and Podolski in early will be of huge benefit to the squad preparation for the new season. Having a settled back four form the off will be good news for Steve Bould if he has any plans for organising the defence and working down those 49 goals to something that bears resemblance to acceptable. We now need to go out and snap up a defensive midfielder sharpish. I doubt it’ll be Martinez, but it could easily be M’Vila. I find it amusing how many people have written him off after a bad time at the Euros.

This is a big two weeks for Arsenal. If we can get our house in order before we head off touring, we’ll be in 100% a better position than we were this time last year. We need to be challenging. Making changes to personnel is going to have a huge psychological impact on the club. We’ve brought in two players who are natural born winners. We’ve changed up the routine in the coaching staff and hopefully we’ll start building out more of a squad.

Talking of Ashley Cole, it was interesting that he said he owes most of his defensive development to Keown, Dixon and Adams (defensively, Dixon said it was all Adams). He said he learnt so much during his formative years. That’s what we’ve lacked. Our players have had no one to learn from. We sell our players before they’re good enough to act as mentors. Robin is at that age now. Afobe can learn so much. Giroud can also learn from Robin as well. Players like Benny and Rosicky can also pass on knowledge. It would be interesting if we did snap up an experienced keeper or a spare midfielder like United did when they resigned Scholes…

Anyway, some stuff to chew over there today.

See you in the comments.

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  1. Arse&Nose©

    I don’t hate cashley, I pity him.

    Yes we would have won things if we hung on to him and others mentioned, but we can’t force them to stay against their will.

    Wenger was not at fault for Ashley leaving, Ashley and Dein were.

  2. Ric

    Whatever you do, for the sake of your sanity don’t read Wengerisms!

    “We were considering him [Ruud van Nistelrooy] and Francis Jeffers and, in the end, we went for Jeffers.”

    On how long Tomas Rosicky would be ruled out for at the start of his 18-month recuperation “Days not weeks.”

  3. Guns of Hackney


    Kissing the badge is simply the worst thing a footballer can do. It means nothing. Cole was a snake, Arsene was stupid and Arsenal suffered.

    Cole’s decision was proved correct. League, FA, Rumbelows Cup and CL winner…just can’t take penalties.

  4. Matthew Thomas

    Cole’s secret meetings were wrong but how we treated him was wrong to and we have treated some of our other players just as badly especially the ones approaching 30 years of age.

    We can’t as a club treat people like cunts and expect them to behave impeccably in return.

  5. on-the-edge

    I’m not English but was supporting England. But with the pirate’s son coming off his two match suspension, i started wishing England don’t win. I cant stand a full-blown ManU forward line steering England to victories and thereby allowing its fans even more bragging rights.P.S:

    Circa 1800s: Wayne Rooney’s great-grandparents jumps from the ships to Australia. Pirates from Mediterranean find them. Wayne Rooney’s grandfather born in Manchester near docks.

  6. Reality Check

    @ guns’

    even if he won the lottery he’d still want more the greedy prick, “oh oh i want to leave united, unless you show more ambition”
    ok what about phil jones, de gea, ashley young
    “yeah now just give me 250k p/w and ill stay”

    fuck rooney

    let it be known, if anyone wants to defend walcott, i gots plenty of guns, plenty of ammo

    you should call me Guns Of Reality ffs 😉

  7. Ric

    Drumroll and cue my all time favourite:

    “We try to go a different way that, for me, is respectable. Briefly, these are the basics. I thought: “We are building a stadium, so I will get young players in early so I do not find myself exposed on the transfer market without the money to compete with the others. I build a team, and we compensate by creating a style of play, by creating a culture at the club because the boy comes in at 16 or 17 and when they go out they have a supplement of soul, of love for the club, because they have been educated together. The people you meet at college from 16 to 20, often those are the relationships in life that keep going. That, I think, will give us strength that other clubs will not have.”

    Yeah that panned out perfectly, I wonder if Cesc and Flamini are still friends…

  8. Cesc Appeal

    Two good signings, Podolski £10 Million and Giroud £13 Million.

    Now we’ll take M’Vila £12-15 Million, I don’t think Rennes will get the £20 Million or even the £17 Million they were hoping for now. Just as M’Vila won’t get the huge wages he wanted either. Greed cost them here. They were banking on a strong Euros to start a bidding war, now we’re the only team in for him (apparently) and Yann wants a move….tough shit really.

    I’d like a full back and a centre back as well as an attacking mid but Jan Vertonghen would be a great signing at £7 Million at CB and LB, against England he played very well at LB.

    So a £19 Million outlay and your defence is assured in the signing of M’Vila and Vertonghen (or as assured as it ever can be for an Arsene Wenger defence.)

    Then we need an attacking midfielder in my opinion. Ramsey proved he can’t live up to his billing and I’d be totally unwilling to give him another chance this year to be the main man. With M’Vila (hopefully) and Wilshere we’ll have an extremely strong base in the middle and both are still very young. Bodes well for the future.

    It’s just the tip of that middle needs sorting. (Ben Arfa/Belhanda/Afellay/Sessegnon etc etc???)

    Also some paper talk about Flamini wanting to come back but Arsene Wenger isn’t sure…don’t know if that’s just paper talk. On a Free, with the right wages and not at the expense of a proper signing I wouldn’t mind him, good utility player and tenacious.

    Things are looking up (at the risk of jinxing it)…however selling RVP would totally undo everything Arsenal have done so far this summer….

  9. Matthew Thomas

    Any club that relies on loyalty to keep its best players will lose all their best players. and that is exactly as it should be.

    Footballers are employees and their pay is dicated by the market just like any other occupation. For an organisation to attract the best employees it must offer the best pay/working conditions.

    Arsenal refuse to even compete for the best players which is why we win fuck all.

  10. Ric

    He should have added that it really is like a community college, some flunk out, but most of them graduate and piss off to ply their trade elsewhere…

  11. gambon


    He was OK with me until after the 07/08 season.

    He oversaw a collapse, then he fucking butchered the transfer window.

    We lost 5 of our first 14 in 08/09, he shouldve walked after the 0-3 against City in November.

  12. gambon

    “I’m not English but was supporting England. But with the pirate’s son coming off his two match suspension, i started wishing England don’t win”

    Well, you really dont support them at all, if you change your mind just cos theres 2 UTD forwards, one of whom is Englands only top class player.

  13. V o K z i i

    @ Matthew.

    Its dictated by the market yes, but teams like City, Barca, PSG, Chelsea et al have raised the payments to stupid heights making it almost impossible to compete.

  14. Geoff

    Gambon, what he did to Flamini and Pires did it for me.

    Also if he had a brain he would have said to Cole, sign this 5year deal or Flamini plays, he didn’t and we lost them both, smart guy.

  15. Matthew Thomas

    @V o K z i i

    Its not impossible to compete at all, We choose not to by sticking to a business model that handicaps us.

    We have two billionaire shareholders, one of whom is actually wealthier than Abramovich so lets not pretend that our failures are anything other than of our own making.

  16. Dave Wops

    Welcome to the arsenal Giroud. I thought he was worth 50Mil? lol.. Good piece of business for 12Mil you gotta admit. Big risk tho.. Here’s hoping he gets 15+ goals next season.

  17. gambon

    Its not impossible to compete at all.

    Since Abramovic & the Arabs came over UTD have won the league what 4 times? As well as the CL.

    They have a much lower spend and wage bill.

    However they have a good manager, they spend every penny possible to buy and keep their players.

    We have a terrible manager, and we save all the money we make every year, whilst selling our players.

    Literally the exact opposite of UTDs model.

    Utd target trophies and they win them most years.

    We target 4th and hence we finish 4th most years, unless someone fucks up and we sneak 3rd sometimes.

  18. Rhys Jaggar

    How can Giroud have signed for Arsenal when Tony Attwood, God of all things Arsenal, has said that ‘the transfer window has not yet opened’?

    Hint: the EPL website states that ‘the transfer window opens on the first day after the end of the previous season and closes either on August 31st or the first working day thereafter, at the discretion of the Board’.

    Apparently all our fullbacks were nobbled through rotational assault last year too.

    I do wish Mr Attwood would go to the police with his evidence because there’s clearly some managers and football players who need to be in court for pre-meditated GBH.

  19. 3lions

    there is always a difference between seasoned players and the rest. The Italians had winning mentality but unfortunately the English did not except for gerard and terry. however roy is a good tactician and i believe with time he ll build a great squad that is capable of going far in brazil

  20. arsenal1886-2006

    Englands problems start at youth level and continue all the way through the players career. They are overpaid as youngsters and feel that because they are earning big money they are big players, when in fact they are fairly average and lack the basic skills that most of the overseas players possess.
    Watching England last night was like watching rabbits caught in the headlights, they looked lost without a (insert any foreign creative midfielder from the prem) creative type of player alongside them.
    Apart from Paul Scholes this country has not produced a top world class playmaker for years. In the prem this position is always taken by a foreign player who possesses vision touch and an awareness that seems to be lacking amongst our players.

    What I would like to see is a sort of exchange between clubs on the continent where our young players go to clubs at 15-18 years old and learn technique and different footballing philosophies. When was the last time an England team had a handful of players playing in the big leagues of Europe? I dare say most of the players would not go because they know they will be exposed by coaches who look for ability over strength.

  21. 3lions

    a daily reader of le grove since 2009 but my first time of commenting. greetings to you pedro, geoff, gambon the difficult one, azed, incesc and others. you all make it easier to support arsenal especially in this period of lack of success

  22. blanco

    I’d be surprised if we sign anymore players – max 1 more and don’t forget all the kids Wenger must have been watching in Poland and Ukraine.

  23. El Tel

    Utd this Utd that. Please fuck off and pleasure yourself on their blogs you cretin.

    Are you forgetting the cunts had a ten year start on the Chavs and they had the English darlings with them to start it all off.

    They spent as much as the Chavs until a couple of years back too and somehow got their Chairman to take over from David Dein when the Chavs were clearly a better team than theirs.

    Rhys, I guess seeing Sagna get his leg broken a couple of times cant be proven but to say it wasnt pre meditated is as much as a guess as proving it was intentional. Opinions Mate thats all.

  24. BillikenGooner

    I like how all his supporters claim Wenger called the economic collapse year and years ago, preparing the club for it with is immense economic acumen…

    yet he don’t accept that that same brain saddled us with a loaf of players on salaries we now can’t unload… because of that economic collapse.
    No one outside of the billionaire clubs could take these players off our hands now… and they just take our best players for fun.

  25. Josip Skoblar

    You’re right to stress it’s a ‘ good start’, because we need more than that these two. Next: GK, DM and possibly a LB. I’d be quite satisfied with that. So 3 more…

  26. Draper-Corleone

    Gambon, United earn £100.00 million more than Arsenal EVERY year and have not built a new stadium. That’s a 120 million advantage year on year. If the Glazers had not butchered their finances, United would be untouchable even for the Russian and Arab oil money.

    Since their takeovers Chelsea and City have spent 500 million pounds more than Arsenal.

    That Arsenal are even able to mix it up with them is itself a miracle don’t you think?

    It is this lack of focus on the bigger picture on the part of Geoff, you and most people here that I take issue with.

    Of course if we look at little details there is a lot we will find to complain about. But then we will also find a lot of positives. So why pick and choose only the shortcomings?

    The fact is if bulk of what Wenget does was a failure then Arsenal won’t be able to compete at all given the financial disadvantage don’t you think?

  27. El Tel


    Please dont wish illness or death. Thats truly disgusting talk Mate.

    Englands problems start from School where the stronger physical Boys with little technique are picked over the weedy little kids who have great technique and vision.

    We dont allow the skill from Schoolboy onwards and then our FA allow the coaches to stop them having fun by using wartime tactics to win.

    How many times do you read that a player wants to come to Arsenal because of the style we play? If we can. Get the winning mentality back into the team too then watch all of us have fun.

  28. gambon

    This Blanco has potential.


    In the last 5 years Wenger has said after every season that he needed to improve the defence. Every year he has said it the defence has got worse, to the point where we have the defence of a midtable team.

    Arab money is absolutely irrelevant in that respect.

    Kompany cost £6m, Vidic £7m, Cahill £7m, Baines £5m, Evra £6m, Hart £1m, Ivanovic £13m,

    Dont tell me we couldnt have bought these players.

    Most importantly tactics dont cost a thing, apart from an hour of Wengers time per day, where he would have to drag himself away from kissing Diaby behind the bike sheds.

    As i say, Man Utd seem to win trophies since the infux of foreign money.

    Yeah they have higher revenue, but we have higher profits, and their debt is enormous in comparison.

    Whatever UTD can afford, we can afford, so how comes they finish miles ahead of us every year?

  29. ArsenalJoe

    Seems to me that the question of attracting players and winning stuff is a big ol’ vicious circle. To attract and keep loyalty from players, you need to win stuff. To win stuff, you needed to have attracted and kept good players. Arsenal seem to have fallen out of this loop. How do we get back in?

    I’ll admit here, that I am a Wengerite. So for me what we need to get do to get back in the loop, is what Wenger is starting to do now. Getting quality for what we can as a club afford. (Podolski and Giroud) Also, buying young players to mold into quality but NOT rely on them as we have in the past. This will hopefully convince our top quality players (RVP) to stay and if all goes to plan, we win a trophy.

  30. Mayank

    “Kompany cost £6m, Vidic £7m, Cahill £7m, Baines £5m, Evra £6m, Hart £1m, Ivanovic £13m,

    Dont tell me we couldnt have bought these players.”

    Out of those Baines and Cahill are hardly top quality, good sure, but both catch the eye because of their attacking capabilities. Much like Verm. I wouldn’t say even Ivanovic is definitely better than Kos, Verm and Mert.

    That’s just a handful of players anyway, we can’t get all the bargain. It also proves that defenders are hard to judge. Vidic and Rio are basically the same class and there’s a huge difference. Verm/Kos and Smalling are basically the same price and there’s a huge difference in quality.

  31. Mayank


    It’s obvious M’Vila and Giroud were huddled around Kos in the dressing room while he told them about the glorious life as a gunner.

  32. Phil

    Regardless or whether Wenger or Dein oversaw Cole’s departure
    Cole had the secret meeting , claimed he and Mourinho bumped into each other by accident , claimed he was unloved, and has the arrogance to write an autobiography at the age of 25!

  33. Upper Street Gooner

    The issue isnt with the clubs model. I love the fact that we are run properly. Its how it should be and whilst ffp put the world to rights straight away, it is nevertheless a step in the right direction. Wage inflation is the biggest risk to football, by making the product uncompetative and forcing clubs to live well outside their means. Rangers and leeds to clubs with massive following have both gone bust, they wont be the last.

    The issue is with our front office decisions and coaching. This is why we haven’t done as well over the last 3 years when we should have competed much better.

    We are a selling club just like 99% of other clubs. The key is turning these sales into strengthening the side. We used to do this well and look how newcastle did with there 35m, cabaye, afra, ba, cisse…..good business to me.

    We fucked up with ade and toure sale. The club made a conscious decision to invest the proceeds into contract renewals to 17 players in the hope that keeping improving talent would lead us to glory. It didnt many of the guys who signed new contracts between July 2009 and the agm when IG said those words in 2010 have now left the club or are about to. Eboue, Eduardo, Vela, Bendtner, Cesc, Song, Walcott, Lansbury, JET, Ramsey, Gibbs, Diaby, Sagna, Almunia, Fabianski

    We missed on that opportunity. We appear to have learnt with the new oppportnity presented to us with cesc, nasri and clichy money.

    The major issue is our coaching though. Its been pointed out that the manger has declared 4 years running that the defence must improve and 4 years running its got worse. The team are utterly incapable of applying a pillar tactic of a formattion they’ve been trained to play in for 4 years. Dortmund and Barcelona conceded 47 and 50 goals domestically over the last 2 years. They a similar game to us. We conceded 92 in the same time. The single biggest reason we cant defend is that the team dont know how to pressure the ball with any consistency. This is nobody else fault appart from the coaching staff

  34. Upper Street Gooner


    I always find that funny how we level accusations at other clubs and our players for conducting unseemly negotiations.

    How is it that we get our youngsters. Gnarby a 16 year old from germany who will play mins in the carling cup this year, how did we get him?

    What about podoski and giroud do you think the werent converations?

    What about our french players saying the same stuff that the spanish did about cesc.

  35. Samir

    I think we could do with a creative player in there though Zeus!

    Gourcuff/Modric – or someone less known like a Cabaye sort of signing 😉

  36. zeus


    Was looking at Dzagoev, but I can’t make an assessment of him.

    Besides, genuinely think Arsene is earmarking the AM position to Jack Wilshere, especially if the M’vila rumours are true.

    M’vila &/or Song With Arteta in CM with Jack as the AM. He did it as a youth, but he is gonna have to learn the position like Cesc did.

  37. Upper Street Gooner

    If we get m’vila i think we will be set in arsene mind.

    Some players will need to improve but they are still young enough to do just that.

    arteta , wilshere, m’vila, song

    excellent option for the pivot position

    song, m’vila, diaby, coqulin, frimpong

    Massive amounts of talent at dm

    rosicky, wilshere, ramsey, aoc

    all capable of playing as the amc. none offer cesc production yet but all are capable of getting to 5 goals 10 assist range. puts us in a better postion to compete in 4comps rather than having one star

  38. OPG

    Don’t think M’vila is all that yet won’t be a immediate tonic for the midfield, if only there was a chance of Javi Martinez..
    I feel we missed out big time on Mata last summer who could have had a season under his belt with us, after Cesc and Nasri left that’s a gap to fill in terms of experience and quality creatively. There must be some quality CAM’s out there that are affordable in the market, shame about Kagawa.

  39. zeus

    Upper street

    Rosicky isn’t capable of 5 goals in a season I fear hehe. He took 2 years to get 2.

    Not prepared to write of Ramsey. For sure there is a technical drop between him and Jack, but he did produce in his first few months of the season.

    Jack? High hopes for him, but the AM, should both score and create fearly regularly, none of the 3 do, though Jack has the biggest potential in that department.

  40. Cesc Appeal


    Agreed. I don’t think Wenger would ever shop in the Modric section (£25 Million…though he should) but there are players out there.

    I just don’t want to see Ramsey given another run at it, at all.

    And JW is more a central player, good at getting a move going, keeping possession, a younger, faster, just plain better Arteta really. We should play a triangle middle with JW and M’Vila as the base then a new AM on point behind our top three of Podolski, RVP and Chambo.

  41. kwik fit

    From what I’ve seen of Dzagoev I think he should be our CAM. We can’t rely on Rod/Diaby/Rambo. Therefore we certainly need an alternative.
    Not sure about Dempsey. Always assumed he was more of a second striker .

  42. zeus

    Reus? Missed out

    Goetze? No chance

    Belhanda? Possible, but ANC is an issue.

    Can’t think of anyone else really.

    Ever Banega?

  43. Cesc Appeal


    Hamsik £20 Million is doable.

    Ben Arfa £15 Million

    Sessegnon £10 Million

    Afellay £6-10 Million

    Gorcuff £10-15 Million (though not keen on him).

    Belhanda £15 Million (ANC as you say)

    Christian Eriksen £15-25 Million

    KP Boateng – Not sure how much and his attitude would be hard for a manager as weak as AW to handle but no doubt a talent

    Costa – not sure about price

    Van der Vaart £10 Million and wants to move. Ideally to Germany where his missus works but I think if RVP is still around he’ll be tempted

    Mario Gotze £30 Million. I don’t believe the £50 Million tag, Lille said they wouldn’t take anything less than £60 Million for Hazard a few months back. So perhaps £30 Million and Bendtner…but this is a dream transfer, would lvoe it but no hope.

    There are some names there, Ben Arfa, Afellay, Sessegnon, Gorcuff, Van der Vaart, Belhanda that I could see happening though

  44. Dimitri

    Hamsik…What a fucking signing that would be. Wonder whether that would shut the moaning tossers on here up, doubtful, but one can dream.

  45. Cesc Appeal

    Personally I’d get a couple of (relativley) cheap signings at AM say, Afellay and Ben Arfa.

    One to play as the Am at the tip of the middle and one to play out wide right. Use Walcott only as an impact sub and then start to mould Ox into his role in the side not weigh all our hopes down on him right away.

    We won’t miss Walcott, all he has is pace and Podolski will have that out wide on the left, so I’m thinking Afellay in the middle and Ben Arfa on the right. Add’s a bit of technicality back into the side.

    Ramsey needs a loan, then decide his future in light of performances for a side where something is expected of him.

  46. sam


    thomas eisfeld? arsene called him wonderkid this week i hope its true.
    thiago alcantara ? he won’t come cheap and not sure he will leave barca.
    maybe we can settle with his younger brother rafina but has no first team experience.
    douglas costa? unlikely unless he gets picked for the olympics he won’t get uk work permit.
    lucas moura? not good idea to pay big money for brazilian kid with no european experience.
    kaka will also be expensive

    another option is to try to get a golden oldie on short term contract and for me ronaldinho is the man.

  47. Mayank

    Ganso, there’s a player we should get. Dunno if he can adapt to the English game but he’s exactly what we need. Well not exactly Gotze is exactly what we need but he’s close.

    Gourcuff is also about the only French player I would want right now. M’Vila and Giroud are okay but I’ve gone off the French after their recent showings.

  48. Dan Ahern

    I read the most recent Javier Perez (Argentine journo) blog on the players he said were pre-contracted back in January. Interesting read:

    To summarize, Matias Suarez applied for a Belgian visa, but it’s delayed because Belgium see he’s out to move teams (why grant a visa to somebody moving their business out of your country?). He could go for an English work visa but that would be even more glaringly obvious to the Belgian government, so he’ll wait for his current application to unfold and see if it goes through or not. (Perez mentions if he went for an English visa it’d almost certainly be turned down initially due to his lack of international experience (Argentina are the deepest team ever, forward-wise). But he can appeal to an independent panel which has a good success rate.)

    As for Holtby, essentially his fitness is just garbage, which was one of the conditions of the pre-contract. So not looking very likely with Arsenal not confident in his health.

  49. Cesc Appeal



    There were also rumours that VdV asked RVP to put a word in for him with Wenger before Tottenham snapped him up.

    I wouldn’t believe everything you hear. No doubt ego’s run against eachother, but I’d rather have that than the amateurishness that’s rife int he club right now

  50. zeus


    From what I’ve seen from youtube (yea yea I Know) Eisfeld is a LONG WAY away from being ready to play such an important position such as AM for us.

    Too young and inexperienced. Which is why I’m against Eriksen at present for that matter.

  51. zeus

    Hamsik 12 goals and 11 assists last season. Those are the kinds of numbers the AM should be producing.

    RVP in the hole? No. He can do it for sure, but he is one of the best penalty box operators around. Doesn’t make sense to move him from a position in which he has flourished in recent times, to try somewhere else.

  52. gambon

    I think Pastore would be the best AM out there that isnt playing for a better club (as well as Gotze).

    Not realistic though. He would be a revelation in our set up.

    Wenger was interested but pulled out when PSG started talking £30m+

  53. zeus

    Say what you will though, but the summer so far is a welcomed reprieve from the constant havewesignedanyoneyet? from the previous 3-4 years. Waiting until August 31st to do business.

  54. gambon

    Eriksen is 1-2 years too young.

    No doubt next year he will win player of the year with 12 goals and 20 assists. That will be the time to buy him, but we will be out bid.

    Hazard was the one, we really messed up there. We got £35m for Cesc, we shouldve been happy spending £32m on Hazard to replace him.

  55. Josip Skoblar

    Pastore has a big reputation. He had a few good games for PSG then completely faded away. I saw him play a few times: languid, uninterested and frankly ineffective + not many goals.

  56. Cesc Appeal


    I do think AM is the area we should splash out on. Break our pitiful transfer record.

    I’d love Modric (I know), he would fit right into our system I think, and there are so many little added bonuses to that Transfer as well.

    If not as you say Pastore, you’ve got Sneijder who no doubt will be on the move. There are players out there, we just need the balls to do something.

  57. LeMassiveCoq

    Why the fuck is nobody insisting that we buy an attacking/creative midfielder?
    Are we going to rely on JW or the Ox? Compared to Chavskii’s Hazard / Mata or city’s Silva, Yaya Toure…i dont think these two will be enough?

  58. frenchie


    in some twatter conversations, there has been discussion about an unnamed acm currently pursued by arsenal. most who claim itk etc all suggest very hush hush.

    take that for what it is worth.

  59. Draper-Corleone

    I feel so sad on the CAM situation. A year ago Arsenal were spoilt for choice and our midfield was the envy of all. And now it looks likely we’ll have to rely on JW coming back after a year’s break.

  60. Harry Redknapp

    rather than an attackin mid id like a powerful midfield who dominates the pitch. lets just fuck song off buy felani and and de jong or someone vicious. play them with song or arteta when ts required to batter a team to death

  61. Harry Redknapp

    dm will change everything and make us much more attackin, will free up the rest of the midfield

  62. frenchie


    i have read that as well. i think you are correct in your assessment of his skills. regardless, until i see it on the official site…

  63. frenchie


    re: your earlier post on the potential reliance on diaby. some of those same twats on twatter have suggested he is now dangling in the window.

  64. Harry Redknapp

    id love an attacking midfielder but i definantly feel we have many footballers and not enough muscle. we need a dm who will not just cover the defence he will go hunting the ball when were up against it. if we can tighten up i feel players like gervinho can try get their confidence back focusing on what they do rather than worryin about shaky back fours

  65. Harry Redknapp

    the only time were really in trouble is when teams build up a head of steam against us for a few minutes in every game, they usually score or song gives away a sloppy needless freekick which they score from. not many teams class their way through us without verms choice of studs having their say. we need someone who will see the danger an commit the foul on the halfwayline not wait till its on the edge of our box. gilberto clones where are they. im not sure about attackin midfielders watching us has turned me into a defensive expert

  66. kwik fit

    Nicklas Bendtner’s agent claims that interest in the self-confessed best player in the world is “overwhelming” following his performances at Euro 2012.

    Bendy’s always good for a laugh.

  67. gunnergetyou

    It would be a fatal mistake to rely on JW and arteta next season.

    Both players will have their fitness problems next season.

    We still haven’t replaced nasri and cesc, and now we’re about to lose aa23.

    We need an AM as much as we need a DM.

  68. Harry Redknapp

    theres no point replacing nasri and cesc, we need to change our style, we never won anything with a player like cesc or a player like nasri. we need to go back to height power and aggression in the middle. direct players wide and hopefully keep robin upfront, tippy tappy shit dont work in the uk

  69. Dan Ahern

    On the subject, I think Kagawa was a huge miss. Perhaps not much could be done if he was set on United, but orchestrating for Dortmund is a great segue into Arsenal.
    As it stands I really worry that Wenger will *not* worry about this position since he has JW, Diaby, Arteta, Ramsey.
    He does seem to prefer alchemy to chemistry when it comes to positional specialties.

  70. frenchie

    i imagine it would be overwhelming that teams would be interested in his services. evidently there is a market for big-nosed cunts.

  71. Harry Redknapp

    interest and bids are two different things. none of the bigboys are in for him, says a lot, bit like that vertonghen.

  72. gunnergetyou

    The only other option would be to drop rvp back into the DB10 position behind Giroud, but that would be more of a 4 4 2 formation which Wenger seems to hate these days

  73. Harry Redknapp

    im not convinced robin can really play with another striker never mind play the DB10 slot. dennis was a great footballer. robin has not shown that sort of vision yet

  74. kwik fit

    I think that RVP has proven that when he stays fit he has the ability to adapt. I don’t think that lead striker is his best position but he has made it his own. I actually feel the Bergkamp role would suit him perfectly. The problem has always been him staying fit. If he does he could make that position his own he’s that good.

  75. Harry Redknapp

    im not convinced. bergkamp was a great player, the best footballer i have seen play for us. i have not seen robin perform anywhere near that .he is with the top forwards but bergkamp was something else completely, no weakness. robin has to do it to make me believe he can do it

  76. Harry Redknapp

    i agree with gambon and i hope that if he stays he will not miss so many sitters next season lol

  77. Dan Ahern

    RvP naturally comes back and moves around to create offense. He can play behind a main striker but it’s not really necessary. He incorporates those skills into his game while being the main striker already.

    Why would we accomodate for Giroud anyway? Let him start AFC life as a sub, get blooded, get a feeling for the team. Why roll the dice (on starting Giroud CF w/ v. Persie behind) when you know RvP is better up front anyway?

  78. gnarleygeorge9

    Oh good, the conversation is back on Arsenal 🙂 All that England misery was too much for this sunshine guy 😎


    Wenger will go soon, but I reckon he will go out with a BANG!!!

  79. Harry Redknapp

    i think with giroud we can use him against teams when its suitable, we cant play the same team every week, we have to consider an element of suprise in our selections more often. a lot of teams have figured us out now so lets go for variety, yeah we could have done it with chamakh but he wasnt that keen really was he

  80. Harry Redknapp

    plus we need to be less cautious in our selections because as much as it looks like a 4-3-3 its a 4-5-1 with robin alone up front and sometime he goes wondering and its a 4-6-0/ we need to start games with 4 forwards and rip them early . like the kanu wiltord bergkamo henry days. playin the same team for man united away against norwich at home shows stupity and limited fire power rather than bottle in my opinion.

  81. Dan Ahern

    Breaking News:
    Wenger analysed Italy’s tournament so far. After watching Prandelli change tactics, formations and lineups constantly and employee subs outside of the 60-70′ span, his eyes bled.

  82. Crazy gunner

    I totally agree with Harry rednap we do need a CAM we can’t rely on Wilshere and Arteta both returning from injury and have never really had lots of goals in them. Ramsey is cack he desperately needs a loan or go to fulham who are sniffing around him

    Shame about Kagawa l was truly gutted ….still a risk though he has no EPL experience but still we missed a trick…

    Podzolski Giroud and hopefully M’VILLA if Rennes reneges on the silly price they have put on his head……l don’t see us paying more than 12m with perhaps 3m add ons depending on appearances etc……for Wenger that is massive …..three 1st team signings …that has not happened in AFC for a very long time

  83. goonerboy

    Dein did the contract negotiations with Cole-not Wenger-got that ?

    However much Geoff and his mate Gambon try to twist the facts around to make every mistake the club ever made Arsene Wenger’s sole responsibility that is a fact. Cole would not speak to DD when he left the club- is that AWs fault as well?

    It was also a fact that Cole was in negotiation with Chelsea before he received any offer from DD.

    The only way you can blame Wenger is if you just accept that Wenger effectively forced him out of the club by buying so many nasty Frenchies who didn’t talk to poor Ashley.

    In his meetings with Chelsea, Cole slagged off the whole Wenger project-as he tried to convince Maureen that money wasn’t the main reason for wanting to leave the club.. Cole knew that it was in Chelsea’s interests to not be seen as just blatantly bribing players to leave other clubs-in breach of transfer protocols.
    After that meeting the idiot Cole starts to draft a book in which he just bags Arsenal.

    Happy to stay? After he had rubbished the manager’s whole approach publicly including most of his team mates-and brought out a book to hammer it home which the club had to take legal action to prevent publication of.
    Yeah I’m sure he was happy to stay- and blame any problems on everyone else but him.

    Cole was a goner from the moment the content of his meeting with Chelsea hit the media.

    Any top club would have no option but to sell a player in these circumstances-my only regret was that he was sold to Chelsea-thats where Wenger was weak-he should never have let Cole get the move he wanted after disrespecting the club.

    All that Wenger did was negotiate what he thought was the best deal in the circumstances-and for 3 years we got the best of that deal. Cole was incidental to a lot of Chelsea’s early success.

  84. BacaryisGod

    I think there’s a few posters on here who are a little put out with us snapping up both Giroud and Podolski so quickly. I don’t think many people in their wildest hopes would have seen us add so quickly. That’s nearly 25 million in transfer fees. Not too shabby. Of course, it will all be for nothing is we sell RVP, but for now let’s give the management some credit for acting so decisively.

    I really think that Arsene knows that we just can’t thread the needle again next year without strengthening the squad. IF we pull in M’Vila for 12-15 million we’ll likely only recoup about 20-25 million in player sales, principally from Bendtner, Arshavin and Vela.

    With a couple of minor additions (GK etc), we’ll have invested about 15 million plus paying RVP and Theo to stick around. If anyone has any gripes after that, then they just can’t be pleased.

  85. OPG

    Early signings is a nice change but I wonder why it’s took them years to do this when we’ve had decent young squads in the past while Cesc was around like in 10/11, 2-3 signings may well be enough for top 4 next season but more quantity and quality may be needed to be genuine contenders than past squads. Podolski is a very good signing more excited about him but I see him as a centre forward who might be wasted on wing, perhaps there will be a change to accomodate him a striker though.

    The club may have finished 3rd but you could see the struggles among some positives especially in January and the last 6 games that left us 19 points off the top 2. You’d think that would open their eyes that alot more is needed to compete with the big teams as it is rather than the fear of falling out of the top 4.
    We can’t expect Chelsea, City and United to be quiet in the market, they have the ambition and money themselves.

  86. S Asoa

    England could have scored if Young , Welbeck were substituted by the Ox and Carol . So 50% right . Italy could have galloped England if Baloteli was substituted by Di Natale early on for the chances that came his way . Rooney apparently was literally sitting out his suspension since out of touch . He is normally capable of a massive impact . Hart has still to learn since he does not spread himself to get a fluke touch in penalties . Scholes could have been also taken as assistant if not Gigs . Clarify am not M U fan .