Preseason preparation looking good as Giroud comes in | Ashley Cole – I owe it all to Adams

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Deary me England. You always do it to us. Penalties. So poor. Every time.

England invited Italy to partake in some good old fashioned North West relegation fodder football yesterday and performed well enough to narrowly take the game through to a penalty shootout.

Up stepped Ashley Young who smashed his shot against the bar. I’m never going to critique a penalty like that. He hit it as hard as he could… if it were 3 inches lower, it would have been an fantastic penalty.

Up stepped Ashley Cole. God knows why. He’s one of the least liked players in England. He was on TV before the game talking about the disdain the nation has for him. It was treble the pressure everyone else had on them. He looked scared. His run up lacked confidence and he his tame shot lacked bite and conviction. Saved.

England were out.

What I can’t understand is the ridiculous reaction some people have had to the performance. Being a great nation does not mean you’re entitled to be a great footballing nation. We knew the squad was weak before the tournamemt. We knew during the tournament. Then we come up against a team of seasoned pros, many of whom have won World Cup and we complain we didn’t give them a good game?

Hold on? One minute we’re slating the squad, the next we’re behaving like children when we don’t beat one of the most resolute teams in the world?

We did the best with what we had. We need a creative spark in the middle of the park. That man is Jack Wilshere. We need some explosive talent going forward, hopefully that can be Rooney if doesn’t get suspended next time and Chamberlain if he delivers on his potential over the next two season.

Hodgson did a super job considering the circumstances he was under. I’m not totally dejected today. Quarter finals and topping our group is about as good as it gets for this set of players.

In transfer news, Olivier Giroud has gone more public than he did yesterday with his where he’ll be plying his trade next year.

“I am so happy to be signing for Arsenal — it is something that represents so much for me.

“I’ve always dreamed of playing in the Premier League and Arsenal are a great club with many French players.”

That’s right Olivier, so many French players for you to hang out with. It’ll be a great fun.

This is a superb signing for me, it’s great that we’ve added a second attacker into the mix for the coming season, I just hope we can now start to shift on some players. That process, like last season, seems to be taking some time. Chamakh seems to be the big worry. Robin staying has a double barrelled impact. We get another season with a very hot striker. Chamakh will leave. He wants to compete if it’s just Giroud he’s up against.

Having both he and Podolski in early will be of huge benefit to the squad preparation for the new season. Having a settled back four form the off will be good news for Steve Bould if he has any plans for organising the defence and working down those 49 goals to something that bears resemblance to acceptable. We now need to go out and snap up a defensive midfielder sharpish. I doubt it’ll be Martinez, but it could easily be M’Vila. I find it amusing how many people have written him off after a bad time at the Euros.

This is a big two weeks for Arsenal. If we can get our house in order before we head off touring, we’ll be in 100% a better position than we were this time last year. We need to be challenging. Making changes to personnel is going to have a huge psychological impact on the club. We’ve brought in two players who are natural born winners. We’ve changed up the routine in the coaching staff and hopefully we’ll start building out more of a squad.

Talking of Ashley Cole, it was interesting that he said he owes most of his defensive development to Keown, Dixon and Adams (defensively, Dixon said it was all Adams). He said he learnt so much during his formative years. That’s what we’ve lacked. Our players have had no one to learn from. We sell our players before they’re good enough to act as mentors. Robin is at that age now. Afobe can learn so much. Giroud can also learn from Robin as well. Players like Benny and Rosicky can also pass on knowledge. It would be interesting if we did snap up an experienced keeper or a spare midfielder like United did when they resigned Scholes…

Anyway, some stuff to chew over there today.

See you in the comments.

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  1. goonerDNA

    Reality, you compared Aguero to Gervinho the gulf in talent was apparent way before either signed and 1 makes over 200k a week the other 60k a week, one went for 38 million the other 15 mill, one plays for the best team in England one plays for a team who’s been stagnated for over 8 years.

    So unless you’re world class I think you do need time to adapt in the fastest paced league in the world and gervinho was good before the AFCON he came back really shit.

  2. V o K z i i


    In honesty that’s not why I dislike him, I was only saying to Ric what I thought was the reason, I’m not to clued up on most peoples dislike to him I was just having a guess. I dislike him because he left Arsenal, once they leave they are dead to me, Henry was dead, alive again and now dead once more 😀

  3. El Tel

    Theo didnt take a penalty because the Management. Hodgson/Terry/Neville and Cole himself are so fucking arrogant that they thought they would win it . They wanted the glory but got what they deserved the fucking pain.

    Theo didnt even get picked to play the 90 minutes.

    Why didnt Carrol step up either? I bet Terry would have been the next in line to take one if Cole scored his.

    Arrogant pricks.

    Odgson as at least hinted that He will look at the younger players coming through and f He is a man of his word we might see the end of Terry and Gerrard and Lumplard and Rio and maybe Roonet even.

    The good times might return.

  4. Arse&Nose©

    Diamanti was not a west ham reject, he was loved by the hammers fans. In fact he was too good for them.

    The bbc commentators are awful and have very little knowledge of players for them to say he is a west ham reject and to say he didn’t mean it when he hit the post shows them up for what they are.

  5. willie

    England remind me of Kenya- full of football fanatics but lacking the football talent to match… Besides, a ‘technical’ player would never make it here, they’d most probably get their legs broken. The only difference is English fans tend to think they are a footballing nation 😀
    My unsolicited advice to England, give the young players a run out (like Brazil, risking to lose 4-3 to Argentina, but lose and learn at it). Euro 2012 would’ve been a great learning experience, but we had to see half the team that flunked in the 2010 WC…might have been 95% the same team had Rio and Lamp traveled.

  6. Dimitri

    Honestly, Junior Hoilett is still on the market. Why the fuck haven’t we signed him? Would he honestly not be an upgrade on Walcott? Oh Arsene, I’ve never seen a man as determined to ruin his own legacy than you!

  7. gambon

    Theo didnt take a penalty cos he strikes the ball so badly he wouldve been a liability.

    Most of his goals are deflections, GK mistakes & mis-hits.

    Ashley Cole has been a shootout taker for years with Arsenal & England.

    Theo is a little boy, he even keeps on saying himself “Im only 20/21/22/23” – he’s like Peter fucking Pan.

    Taking pens is a mans game.

  8. Paddywhack

    Ha Ha My best Sunday ever, watching England stumble out of the Euros. It would have been an injustice if they’d gone through on Pens. And by the way, is there a rule written into successive Managers contracts that Rooney must be the first name on the teamsheet, and he must never be substituted. He has played crap and should not have been on. Mind you, he wasn’t the only on playing crap. PIRLO was superb, could we get him for Arsenal. Oh I forgot, he’s over 30 and too old. Come on you Germans show Spain in the final what you’re made of. Pod to score the winning goal in the Euro final with Fab being sent off. Here’s hoping.

  9. Guns of Hackney

    El Tel

    Woy way hawve said hwe mway get rid of the old guard…but who dwoes whey replwace thwem with?

    I can’t see England having a team in any tournaments for the next 20 years. We’re as good as New Zealand, no better.

  10. Goon from BD

    Terry in a penalty shoot out is top class entertainment. What an utter cunt he is for getting sent off and missing the CL final. Chelsea’s captain,leader and legend probably would have made sure Bayern don’t fuck it up at their own place.

  11. V o K z i i


    What that Lawrenson doesn’t know about football you could feel a f-king stadium with. I thought exactly the same as you when he said Westham reject. What a shitty thing to say anyway regardless of what player they are talking about! I would prefer monotone Ray Wilkins commentating then that thatched roof headed no nothing c**t at least Wilkins has knowledge even if his voice does make me want to punch a kitten.

  12. Guns of Hackney


    Arsene would have us believe that the whole of Arsenal are Peter Pans…they are still young, remember.

    Shame Arsene could keep Adams, Viera, Henry et all as young as he’s managed with the current squad.

  13. Shot jim

    I feel sorry for theo, no matter what he does he gets criticized, he cant win. No wonder his confidence is so up and down. Say what you like about him but when he comes on as a sub he makes things happen.

  14. tomb

    I thought Carol had a good tounament . When he came on he seemed to make a difference. Our players were fucked by that time running around in circles and chasing shadows.

    Walnut came in and just ended up defending , totally inaffective. IMO

  15. Arse&Nose©

    I fucking hate Lawro, he gets paid to pretend to be English and talk down every non-english element of football. A xenophobic bigot and we the license payers fund this cunt.

  16. Goon from BD

    Yeah, Theo is no Balotelli. Say what you like about Mario and he is stupid at times but he is a fucking legend already and can actually score stunning goals without looking surprised like forever young Theo.

  17. Goon from BD

    “I fucking hate Lawro”- with a fucking passion. BBC should sack him and that Shearer and Hansen and Linekar and appoint Garry Nevilles.

  18. gambon

    I think its time to say goodbye to Cole, Terry, Rio, Gerrard & Lampard certainly.

    Id like to see Richards, Cahill, Lescott, Baines, Wilshere, Rooney,Welbeck as the mainstays of the new England.

  19. Arse&Nose©

    I’ve written 3 or 4 complaints to the BBC about Lawro’s biased -anti-foriegner comments and they come back with templated replies which say pundits/comentators are free to express their own subjective opinion and do not represent the opinions of the bbc blah blah blah….

  20. reality check

    Hands up how many ppl think walcott wanted to take a pen? Lool. Bob your having a laugh mate.
    Anyway for sake of argument. Let’s say he wanted to but roy said no. Ok but as for my feelings towards walcott. Well you tell me. Once upon a time a bright new young starlet called theo came to arsenal 20 January 2006, for a fee of £5 million, rising to £12 million depending on appearances for club and country Under wengers guidence. Playing regular 1st team football EPL and UCL.

    You do the math. How long has he been here. What diffrence in terms of progress and moving forward has he made. Like I said to some guy on here before, are we running a day care centre? Why is ok for someone to play for us for years and years, never maintain a consistent level of performance.. Then have the nerve to demand a pay rise, bullshit the club by saying ‘we will talk after the euros’ as if he’s RVP?

  21. Guns of Hackney

    V o K z i i June 25, 2012 13:50:41

    But seriously, ha, ha, glad I entertained you – How can anyone defend the undefendable? This is why Arsenal/England never learn because people keep excusing poor performances: referees, linesmen, diving, the weather, tiredness…all bullshit.

    We need to take our medicine, move on, accept that certain players are garbage and move on.

  22. kel

    I’ve seen three games that M’Vila has played and to be frank he’s average
    worth 5 mil not the figure they want, Rubbish!!!!!!!

  23. Khalid Mahmood

    If RvP stays, this should be our side……

    Podolski/Miyachi or Benayoun——Giroud/Walcott——-Gervinho/Oxo





    If RvP stays, we still need an experienced GK and a RB. In defence, I’m not fussed with Mertersacker, who I think is a pussy and shit. However Wenger won’t shift him out of the door, so we can alternate Song there if need be. However I’d like to gamble on Miquel. If I was Wenger, I would’ve moved on Mertesacker and bought in a player like Samba (a beast) as 3rd choice and keep Miquel/Bartley as 4th & 5th Choice.

  24. Honest Bill

    gambon.. I agree, although i didn’t think Welbeck looked suited to playing the role Hodgson expected of him.

    He is a good player for sure, but i think his style demands more support from midfield.

    Rooney could only do so much to link up play, while being marked out of the game, and having also to concentrate on harassing their playmaker.

    I’m not a fan of this 8,1,1 formation.. 4,4,2 is supposed to be a balanced formation. He might as well have adopted a 4,5,1 and put the true wingers on

  25. Geoff

    People go on about how we lost Cole for £5k a week, we didn’t, we lost Cole because our manager swapped him for a trouble making Frenchman and £5mil.

    He wanted Cole out, even then the best left back in the world, because he didn’t find him. He even tried to flog him to Palace for £200k and that about sums up sulky Wenger and his knowledge of talent.

    I watched him last night and thought fuck, he could still be doing that for us instead of Gibbs.

    As for Gervinho and Kozzer taking a year to bed in that’s not good enough, go and buy players that don’t, like Arteta, or Cole at Chelsea etc.

    It really is dumb to sign a player and write a year off.

  26. Bush Gooner

    The problem lies with the grass roots coaching in England is they do not nurture natural talented players who have bags of skill, arrogance and class. All that gets coached out of them from an early age so they end up playing in inadequate systems which severely hinders the natural progression and all the average players with heart and graft gets through.

    Also they adopt the wrong training technique that is supposed to teach the core basics (control, first touch, passing, awareness, pass and move, positional play). The scouting network in the UK is failing the talented kids.

    We have not had a playmaker in the side since Gazza and we only have grafters that can make the odd 30 yard hoof. No natural winger that can take on players and make things happen. Ashley young aint no winger. How many times did you see him take on the full backs to the bi line and whip in a cross? £17M for a player with one leg?

    There was no plan B yesterday but there was Plan C (Carroll). No pattern of play, no one leading the line (Apart from Welbeck), no drive no nothing.

    The players that we had on show last night like Milner, Young, Carroll, are not world class and if anyone believes otherwise are nuts.

  27. Honest Bill


    He wanted Cole out because he didn’t find him?

    Another made up Geoff story told as fact… You have no idea exactly what went on there, so why make things up off the top of your head?

    As for the ‘year to bed in’ thing. I agree with you. Football is football. I know different leagues have different styles, but a whole year to adapt is too long for professional players.

    I don’t think any manager actually signs a player and writes him off fo a year though, it’s just something they say to attempt to alleviate the pressure of coming in and performing well for your new club.

  28. GoonerJC

    England was playing shite even for our standards. they were like ireland yesterday if italy didnt hit post and balotelli didnt f*ck up they would have won at LEAST 3-0 . England needs a bit of jack theo and ox with caroll n welbeck up front

  29. reality check

    M’villa is a good player. Technique, composure, awarness. As you can see a typical wenger target. What’s also interesting is his age. 21. Hmmmm sounds similar to what we’ve done before. Some young potentially world class guy comes to arsenal. Knows he’s more or less better than what we already have in that position. Gets 2 or 3 years EPL UCL experience. Enhances his profile then when the _Arsene development program_ is completed. Barca or man city come to shop. Why oh why do we put so much faith in these kids. Arteta was a good addition, benny also.

  30. GoonerJC

    balotelli is too inexperienced. but he trumps theo anytime. balotelli future big star. hes alr good but not at the WC players potential YET

  31. V o K z i i

    Kel you have seen M’Vila play 3 matches and you feel you can assess how good that guy is! were those 3 games in the Euros? I think you talk shit mate, M’Vila is a very exciting pospect, still learning the game but a huge talent, he is good now and will be great! so £5 million, you are having a joke mate, especially as Denilson is apparently worth £4.9!

  32. Honest Bill


    The problem with Ballotelli is, he’s clearly a massive bell end, and we have seen that hamper so many careers in the past. Potential is there, but whether he’ll fulfill it, is another question.

  33. V o K z i i

    “Denilson won’t stay,” Juvencio told UOL.

    “Arsenal want €6million (£4.9million) for him, but we won’t pay that so we expect him to leave soon.”

    Denilson was a key member of Sao Paulo’s team last season, making 30 appearances, but Juvenico admitted that even an extension on his current loan deal would be difficult.

    He added: “Of course we will try to get the loan deal extended for another year, but it won’t be easy.”

  34. TrueGooner

    now English people slating Theo again when he is the reason you’ll made the quarters. His performance against Sweden is the reason you lot face Italy. If it wasn’t for the no footballing peter pan as you’ll are calling him you would be home a long time. Why always criticize Theo when no one ever played well for you lot, not even Rooney. What did Ashley young do in this tourney to merit him starting over Theo? not a single thing. Theo played well everytime he was on the pitch even against Italy. Your so call footballing players won’t pass him the ball, even when he try to do a give and go. Keep slating him and see where you lot will go without him. You thinking Welbeck, Wilshere, and Ox will take England somewhere without Theo in the squad? you best believe Theo will always be that missing link. Who put in crosses that confuses keeper and defender alike better then Theo in that english squad? No one. Stop hating on the kid and be thankful for him.

  35. reality check

    England players getting on the bus home. Can someone tell me what was the point in bringing downing? Ffs roy! You can defend all the way to the knockout rounds but once you get there you need a lil guile a lil trickery some one who can open the defence. Hello, adam johnson anyone. Actually fuck him why didn’t he put the Ox on.

  36. goonerDNA

    Bush, Plan B was Theo plan C was Carrol by 80 minutes he run out of plans because plan D and E were fucked over by Parker who looks can’t play more than 60 minutes and Gerrard who can pick out a cross but can’t run for more than 20 meters without heading down to the touchline for some water.

  37. V o K z i i

    Your not kidding reality check, it was more for Kel who said M’Vila is worth 5 million, I thought if Arsenal rate Denilson at 4.9 million then M’Vila is worth 2 billion!

  38. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    someone saisd earlier that gervino ould be our creative AM player next season… lord above i have heard it all now! the fella is and will stay a bad head down footballer!

  39. goonerDNA

    “As for Gervinho and Kozzer taking a year to bed in that’s not good enough, go and buy players that don’t, like Arteta, or Cole at Chelsea etc.”

    Geoff, So you’re basically saying we only buy from the premiership, Cabaye and Cisse could of taken a year to settle they didn’t but thats a risk Pardew took and it paid off.

  40. Gooby

    i suggest we rip the league apart next season with this line up.


    NO FEAR!

  41. Bush Gooner


    Hahaha your right.

    It was awful to watch. Seeing a 33 year old Pirlo play England off the park and running the show in midfield goes to show how far behind we are when it comes to producing talent like that. All the teams had some sort of playmaker in the midfield. Who did we have? My point exactly..

  42. Gooby

    You don’t write off m’villa after a bad euro game, he’s an exceptional talent. And don’t expect to see the best of him in season one if he signs on.

    He’ll have to adapt, commit a few mistakes like people normally do and get better as the season goes.

    I think we’ll buy him.

  43. Harry Redknapp

    mvilla might be worth 5 mill to city or a team with 3 or 4 good ball winners but to us any player who can shield the back 4 and give us a bit of muscle has to cost whatever it takes to get them, otherwise were fucked

  44. Guns of Hackney


    You have M’Villa on the left wing?

    Your 2-4-4 would get demolished…but I’d love to see it. Lets hope Arsene doesn’t read this board as he might get ideas.

  45. GoonerJC


    JW is overhyped no doubt but we could use some hype right about now. If m’vila signs he links up with arteta and JW our mid could be accountable for.

  46. Harry Redknapp

    di rossi aint giving up that fine italian cookin for a jar of ragu sauce and frozen meatballs in london

  47. reality check


    Message received.

    Gooner dna

    I understand your point, its a risk. Some players take a year some hit the ground running. Ok so let’s put kozzer to one side. How long is too long? If they don’t come good in the following year how long do we wait. For instance if fernando torres has another shit season at the chavs. What would you do? I’m not being sarcastic. I’m asking seriously. How manyplayers do we give the ‘year to bed in’ grace period. Remember. Arsenal is a big club? We’re not spurs mate.

  48. Gooby

    Hodson and the FA should start a project for the National team the way other footballing nations in Europe are doing, select young players based on skills, passion and hunger to win tournaments, along with a a few experienced lads and let them grow together:

    It needs to be started now and built over the next 2 seasons until the WC, see how it does then. The way i see it:

    ————–joe hart—————

  49. Gooby


    i was having a laugh, as we can’t defend for shit. seriously i’d consider a midfield 3 of wilshere, arteta/m’villa, song. hard working a solid, and let’s see if wilshere can be as creative as he was for the U18.

    have a front 3 of poldi, theo and RvP. and a classic defense, kozzer, sagna, vermaelen, gibbs

  50. arsenal1886-2006

    “Arse&Nose© June 25, 2012 13:51:22
    I’ve written 3 or 4 complaints to the BBC about Lawro’s biased -anti-foriegner comments and they come back with templated replies which say pundits/comentators are free to express their own subjective opinion and do not represent the opinions of the bbc blah blah blah….”


    And the amount of email addresses i had to make up to post comments on 606 was phenomenal. I got banned for calling Almunia a clown and saying he should be dropped, they said i was being personal and attacking an individual.

  51. GoonerJC

    Honest Bill

    True that its unknown whether his max potential will be brought out but even now at least when he scores he knows he scores unlike walcott the cock who doesnt know shite

  52. reality check

    Mabey if we close are eyes and wish really really hard. Keown will take over keeping bould as right hand man. That’ll scare the shit out of some of these fucking lazy pricks. Who da hell does diaby think he is. Out for 4months. 2 games back. Bang! Out for 6 weeks. On and on wtf! Arshavin? Doesn’t wanna play? Lost his mojo? Wtf! Are these grown men or lil pups. Keown would get in his face and give him a kick up the arse. Bring back sol cambell as part of coaching staff. Get some authority back in the club. Fucking kids taking the piss.

  53. craigy

    hodgson really fucked his tactics up up in my opinion, so fucking negative in his approach, talking about penalty’s days before england played, his team were up against an old slow overrated italian team, and his tactics should have been pace, so fucking negative, and im glad we were knocked out, gutless bunch of cunts!

  54. Ric

    Bush GoonerJune 25, 2012 14:11:19

    Yeah I’d agree with that statement bush, but if that were to happen I think it would spell the end for the classical English defender, all those 2 meter tall massive brutes like shawcross and Terry would really suffer when the small technically gifted players finally started to come through.

    But no doubt if you want to end the 442 hegemony, then that is the way to go.

  55. Ric

    craigyJune 25, 2012 15:05:33

    The only overrated thing about that was England in your oppinion my friend.

    Hodgson realised he had the less skillful and organized side, so he did the smart thing; he closed up shop and went for the pens, he got them too. Not his fault Young couldn’t hit a barn door.

  56. Ric

    Guns of HackneyJune 25, 2012 15:14:31

    Damn If I was Cashley I’d commit Harakiri after hearing that… Damn.

  57. craigy

    your probably right m8, but if he set up his squad with pace i think england would have been in the semis, never mind tho arsenal are all i care about really 🙂 nice1 man!

  58. Bob N7

    ‘Reality check’ and others. So you don’t rate Walcott fair enough. Can’t say I’m his biggest fan but why do you insist on slagging him?
    You talk about his playing hard to get as far as his contract- well and? If Arsenal don’t want to give him what him and his agent wants we’ll sell him but that’s it.
    You talk about how he doesn’t man up to take a penalty, were you there when the order of penalties were decided? Maybe Walcott was dead keen as was the other 5 players who took penalties…all more seasoned pros than he is. Just suppose Hodgson felt he had 5 penalty takers he preferred over Walcott. How is this his fault and therefore deserving of your insults?
    Smacks of schoolground bullying to me- pick on somebody who you think others might join in and attack too, for whatever reason.
    I may have got the wrong take on this but Walcott has never in my eyes not tried his best- if his best is not enough then hard ball him on his contract. Oh, maybe that’s exactly what we’re doing.

  59. Ric

    Guns of HackneyJune 25, 2012 15:14:

    For some reason my hands would only write “Cashley” not Ahsley. 😉

  60. Matthew Thomas

    The animosity towards Ashley Cole is stupid. We should be angry at Wenger for losing is the greatest leftback of his generation because he wouldn’t pay him £65,000 a week !

    How much does Wenger earn compared to that and how did he manage to get such a piss poor deal for him. He should have be sacked back then just on the basis of how he handled that whole situation.

  61. Ric

    Matthew ThomasJune 25, 2012 15:27:05

    Believe me man, the animosity I feel towards Wenger these days is way past what I ever felt about Cashley, but that dosen’t change the fact that he’s a F¤%*ing Chav these days….

  62. Bade

    My beloved Brits,

    It’s OK for Geoff to expect England to do more, that’s a thing with heart. We all want our teams to be the best, even if we know we’re far from being best in business. That’s a thing of mind

    I truly believe England did well in this tournament, giving the circumstances.

    But Italy were much better during the game, though England were denied 2 rightful penalties as well

    Did you see De Rossi, a player I’ve been calling for so long? & Pirlo? God dam’it Arsene, even at 33-34 good player can still pay off

    Think of 33 years old Pirlo, then think of 24 years old Denilson, or Diaby, or both of them combined

  63. Reality Check

    “There are a lot of young players who have gained good experience, me being one of them,” he said. “Going into the next tournament, we will be better and there are loads more players who can get into this team as well.

    “It is most important that we have a rest now because it has been a long season for everyone. I am not going to think about football. I think it is important to rest mentally, not just physically, because it’s always up and down and can be tough.”

    (Theo talking after the euros)

    fuck this guy man…

  64. Arse&Nose©


    Remember Cole is the guy who complained in his autobiography about not
    getting as many cheers as Thierry Henry did. No matter how badly we conducted negotiations he should not have booked private meetings with rivals. The ego of this prick is unbelievable!

  65. Dan Ahern

    Geoff, you can’t make the team more talented no matter how hard you cheer. You have the right to demand better, of course. But I think Pedro’s just being objective here: England were not an exceptional squad. So as much as you could be upset at the FA for the team they put together, the actual tournament performance was about as good as you could hope for.

  66. Bush Gooner


    Football in England needs a complete overhaul.

    1) Get rid of the old farts at the FA
    2) Bring in a few ex pro’s from the 1980’s upwards (not 1959), who played with the some of the greatest players and can provide invaluable knowledge.
    3) Change the selection process of young and exciting prospects (gifted and talented players)
    4) Change the formation! No more having a 6ft 4 lurch with good skills (apart from Crouch) lolol
    5) Players should be picked on performances not by how many sponsors they have.

  67. Matthew Thomas


    Why not ? he only has one career and he is a long time retired. He owes it to himself just like any of us to try to earn as much as we can. Do you tell your current employer when you go for job interviews ?

    Its not as if he was even looking for astronomical amounts of money.

  68. Guns of Hackney

    Matthew Thomas

    My take is that Ashley was flirting when he shouldn’t have been and he got sold. That’s exactly how it should be. No player, regardless of how good they are should start sleeping with another team whilst still playing for a club.

    On the flip side, £5k is nothing and Arsene fucked up. Thing is, at the time I thought we got the better deal out of it as Gallas was class and we had Clichy who I thought could have been better than Cole…oh, gosh…that did not work out too well.

    Arsene’s transfer dealings over the past few years have been, shall we say, bizarre. The man still thinks the French are the place to be shopping for talent when quite clearly Germany and Spain are streets ahead of anything the French are supplying.

  69. Geoff

    ‘The problem with Ballotelli is he’s clearly a massive bell end’

    So is that a made up Honest Bill story told as fact, or is that just your opinion?

    When you’ve worked that one out you can tell me if I’m wrong, or am I only supposed to comment if I have a sworn deposition from ArseneWenger.

    I thought not, seems to me there’s only one Bell end on this blog today.

  70. Ric

    Reality CheckJune 25, 2012 15:30:11

    That was a fairly sober view IMO, don’t really get what you found so disheartening? Unlike us puny mortals that only have five weeks to get out our footie shoe’s in the summer, that dude plays all year long. I know I’d be pissed If I had to work during my vacation. I realise it is an honor to represent your national team, but come on they are actual professionals.

  71. Geoff

    Dan it was a comment he posted last night saying here come the England haters, as far as I know Pedro has never stuck his hand in his pocket to watch England, I have so it’s my right to bitch, same as it is at Arsenal.

    I don’t go anymore as a Wenger protest but I went for the last 30 years, am a shareholder so I believe I earned that right.

  72. Arse&Nose©

    Wenger had very little to do with Cashley gate. Back then we had the messiah DAVID DEIN. Read Cashleys book and you will see he doesn’t blame Wenger, he blames DEIN. It was DEIN who verbally promised him a figure then gave him 5k less in writting.

    Wenger has made his fair share of mistakes but Cashley gate was DEINS mess.

  73. goonerboy

    Cole fell out with DD- and DD was regarded by other Board members at the time as fucking up negotiations with Ashley-leading to his eventual departure. I wouldn’t just accept Ashley’s version of events however. He sold out and went to Chelsea for vastly more than the 5k he was whinging about at Arsenal and then tried to justify his greed anyway he could. He sold the club out.
    As a footballer Ashley Cole was the best Arsenal left back since Kenny Sansom. But he is right at home alongside JT at Chelsea-they are made of the same stuff.
    Chelsea know an immature wanker when they see one.

  74. goonerDNA

    Reality, Torres is class he’s shown he is premiership quality at pool I can tell you now he’s better than Giroud and Polodski but Torres came into a side which never needed him killing his confidence.

  75. Reality Check

    bob n7

    “those green ones ect.”

    i assume your talking about envy? are you? just need to clarify

  76. Ric

    Matthew ThomasJune 25, 2012 15:38:43

    That point I won’t disagree with though! Many an example of Wenger fucking up transfer over the years, Ibrahimovic not good enough, Mata… (SAFETY STOP!)Damn this could have been a long list.

  77. Geoff

    Arse&Nose it was Wenger who played him in the ECL final in May and sold him in August, Dein didn’t and if Wenger had any sense whatsoever he would have kept him, Cole said at the time he was happy to stay.

    And that was what pissed Flamini off and why we ended up losing him too.

    Wenger makes the player decisions and selling Cole was his biggest mistake.

  78. goonerDNA

    Reality, If we were a big club our top players wouldn’t leave every summer sorry but we used to be a big club we’re now a big business who think FFP rules is our new signing

  79. Reality Check

    ok about the theo post. to all who misunderstood

    Basically i think the guy has reached his potential. In a club like ours hes average at best. after all the so called big stars left (nasri ect..) we needed others to step up to the plate and take on the responsibility. when HENRY left, ade did it, When ade left, RVP did it. So throughout all this time, when is theo going to step up, no no.. man up, and take on the fucking responsibility of his position. all this talk about “CF is my best position” Wenger, Fabio, Roy, and even McClaren dont seem to agree with him. anyway, i should of highlighted the part where he says, I dont want to think about football! wtf! does he ever, lol, HAS HE LEARNED ANYTHINH in the last 6 years. even ex arsenal players saying hes not a footballer hes a sprinter.. i mean c’mon.. FUCK DIS GUY MAN

  80. Arse&Nose©

    Geoff, the major cock up was Deins in negotiating the contract.

    The ECL decisions were Wengers but we were talking about Coles ‘secret’ meetings and the ‘5k’ which had nothing to do with Wenger.

  81. doyin

    yeah, chamakh is good too!
    He showed it in his
    first 10 games…then RVP came along and he lost his confidence 😀

  82. Ric

    Should we just rename these sagas to one massively infamous Wenger saga…?

    From Victors to Vitriol – The Wenger Saga

    Chapter one – Getting rid of the established

    Chapter two – getting rid of the invincibles

    Chapter three – getting rid of…

    Actually once I think about it it strikes me that the books should rather be called.

    Getting Rid! (Logline:) Fergie said it couldn’t be done, but this is the the story of how AW fucked up AFC in less than a decade.

  83. gambon

    Arsene has always had total free reign on how his budget is spent.

    If Ashley was offered £55k you can be sure it was his decision.

    In 4 years we lost Vieira, Henry, Pires, Gilberto, Ljungberg, Cole and basically a GK cos we went years without one after 2008.

    This wasnt an accident, this was Wenger turning his back on everything he ever learnt about football and trying to set up a french speaking youth experiment in the premier league.

    Cole was one of many victims of this.

  84. Geoff

    Guns it’s still going on!

    Arse&Nose Wenger was the one that did the swap deal, not Dein.

    Dan no probs!

  85. Dan Ahern

    Anyhow, concerning those teams still alive, I’m excited for the sheer amount of quality remaining. Italy seems overmatched but they’re perhaps the most tactically astute. Portugal overmatched too, but, well, Ronaldo. Postiga’s injury might be a blessing too as he’s largely useless.

  86. Ric

    gambonJune 25, 2012 16:13:10

    Yeah I have to say it really took some time before it really dawned on me that Almunia was seriously our keeper… I still almost vomit saying that out loud.

  87. Arse&Nose©

    Cole a victim!?

    He got a big fat contract and stayed a year after the furore but he still wanted more cash! The ego of Cole was unmanageable, he had to go.

    Remember this is what he said about Arsenal fans in his book:

    “The club made Thierry feel wanted and special, wooing him, wining and dining him, speaking in public about how much they want him to stay, going on a deliberate charm offensive,” he said.

    “But me? I didn’t have one dinner, one meeting or one phone call from anyone. That’s not sour grapes, it’s just a sad truth. The truth is that the Gunners had done nothing all season to hold on to me.

    “My worst fears were confirmed when, as Thierry and I sat in the centre circle after the final whistle, his name was sung from the rooftops while my contribution was recognised by a deafening silence. As his chants faded away we waited for mine. And we waited. And there was nothing. ‘They’re not bothered about me’, I said, resigned to the fact. It was like I was the invisible man.”

    Anyone still care to stick up for this deluded spoilt ego maniac??

  88. Reality Check

    that prick adrian durham on talk shite, raised a good topic, has wayne rooney let us down? tbh, i dont think rooney is all that anyway. he reminds me of ronaldo, the real ronaldo in the sence that, as soon as he loses control of his weight problem, its a downward spiral..

  89. V o K z i i

    Why won’t anyone sing my name, oh Ashley Cole, he’s a fucking asshole, he’s a fucking asshole, he’s a fucking asshole! there you go Ashley there is your song you massive bell end.

  90. Ric

    gambonJune 25, 2012 16:16:52

    Yeah that one probably deserves a chapter on its own, that ffffing muppet, how can he even bring himself to say that? Take the money then you cunt! And look how sad we’ll be to see the back of you!

  91. gambon


    If we had kept hold of Vieira, Cole, Henry, Diarra, Gilberto, Pires, Flamini, would we have gone 7 years without a trophy?

    I dont think so.

    Too many Arsenal fans focus all their energy hating ex players, rather than the man who has fucked the club up completely.

    There are people on here who are literally obsessed with players like Cole, Nasri, Cesc – yet completely refuse to understand why they are no longer here, and how that has killed the club.

  92. Guns of Hackney

    Reality Check

    Please don’t ever compare the real Ronaldo to Rooney, even if it is just the weight issue 😉

    Compare him to say…a traveller who won the lottery – a bit Michael Carrol.

  93. Geoff

    Arse&Nose I make him right, we are talking the best left back in the world, not some plank like Song, and if you want ego, look no further than him, his ego knows no bounds I hear.

    Arsenal blew smoke up Henry and Cesc so much I can’t imagine what it cost us, and they stabbed us in the back far more than Cole ever did.

  94. Dan Ahern

    gambon – hahaha.. I’d also look forward to Appendix A: List of Super-Qualidee Players and Appendix B: List of the 50,000 Substitutions I Have Made

  95. Geoff

    No the secret meetings were wrong, but he would have still stayed.

    In fact I’m sure he scored a blinder against Villa away and kissed the badge.

    I can’t imagine how many secret meetings Cesc must have had though!