Preseason preparation looking good as Giroud comes in | Ashley Cole – I owe it all to Adams

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Deary me England. You always do it to us. Penalties. So poor. Every time.

England invited Italy to partake in some good old fashioned North West relegation fodder football yesterday and performed well enough to narrowly take the game through to a penalty shootout.

Up stepped Ashley Young who smashed his shot against the bar. I’m never going to critique a penalty like that. He hit it as hard as he could… if it were 3 inches lower, it would have been an fantastic penalty.

Up stepped Ashley Cole. God knows why. He’s one of the least liked players in England. He was on TV before the game talking about the disdain the nation has for him. It was treble the pressure everyone else had on them. He looked scared. His run up lacked confidence and he his tame shot lacked bite and conviction. Saved.

England were out.

What I can’t understand is the ridiculous reaction some people have had to the performance. Being a great nation does not mean you’re entitled to be a great footballing nation. We knew the squad was weak before the tournamemt. We knew during the tournament. Then we come up against a team of seasoned pros, many of whom have won World Cup and we complain we didn’t give them a good game?

Hold on? One minute we’re slating the squad, the next we’re behaving like children when we don’t beat one of the most resolute teams in the world?

We did the best with what we had. We need a creative spark in the middle of the park. That man is Jack Wilshere. We need some explosive talent going forward, hopefully that can be Rooney if doesn’t get suspended next time and Chamberlain if he delivers on his potential over the next two season.

Hodgson did a super job considering the circumstances he was under. I’m not totally dejected today. Quarter finals and topping our group is about as good as it gets for this set of players.

In transfer news, Olivier Giroud has gone more public than he did yesterday with his where he’ll be plying his trade next year.

“I am so happy to be signing for Arsenal — it is something that represents so much for me.

“I’ve always dreamed of playing in the Premier League and Arsenal are a great club with many French players.”

That’s right Olivier, so many French players for you to hang out with. It’ll be a great fun.

This is a superb signing for me, it’s great that we’ve added a second attacker into the mix for the coming season, I just hope we can now start to shift on some players. That process, like last season, seems to be taking some time. Chamakh seems to be the big worry. Robin staying has a double barrelled impact. We get another season with a very hot striker. Chamakh will leave. He wants to compete if it’s just Giroud he’s up against.

Having both he and Podolski in early will be of huge benefit to the squad preparation for the new season. Having a settled back four form the off will be good news for Steve Bould if he has any plans for organising the defence and working down those 49 goals to something that bears resemblance to acceptable. We now need to go out and snap up a defensive midfielder sharpish. I doubt it’ll be Martinez, but it could easily be M’Vila. I find it amusing how many people have written him off after a bad time at the Euros.

This is a big two weeks for Arsenal. If we can get our house in order before we head off touring, we’ll be in 100% a better position than we were this time last year. We need to be challenging. Making changes to personnel is going to have a huge psychological impact on the club. We’ve brought in two players who are natural born winners. We’ve changed up the routine in the coaching staff and hopefully we’ll start building out more of a squad.

Talking of Ashley Cole, it was interesting that he said he owes most of his defensive development to Keown, Dixon and Adams (defensively, Dixon said it was all Adams). He said he learnt so much during his formative years. That’s what we’ve lacked. Our players have had no one to learn from. We sell our players before they’re good enough to act as mentors. Robin is at that age now. Afobe can learn so much. Giroud can also learn from Robin as well. Players like Benny and Rosicky can also pass on knowledge. It would be interesting if we did snap up an experienced keeper or a spare midfielder like United did when they resigned Scholes…

Anyway, some stuff to chew over there today.

See you in the comments.

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  1. Lalas Bots' Gunner

    Boom …


    Nice to see England bombing out in such a spectacular fashion. ..what a cheeky penalty kick from Pirlo. Highlight of the night, Ashley ‘the diver’ Young and Cashley Cunt Cole missing their spot kicks…oooh….What a Sunday!

    A little joke about the English to spice up last night’s event.

    An Englishman, lecturing on his travels, was speaking disparagingly about the Scots in Canada & the mixing of race with the Indians. “You’ll find” he said “A number of Scots half breeds & French half breeds but you cannot find any English half breeds.”

    “Not surprisingly” shouted a Scot in the audience.
    “The women need to draw a line somewhere.”

  2. Guns of Hackney

    Does anyone actually give a shit that En-ger-land went out? The players certainly didn’t. I have Italy in the studio sweepstake, so I am pleased. Also, thanks to Cashley for making my week! Undeserving cunt.

    Nevermind, lets get all jingoistic about the Olympics…oh, and that Scottish/American sounding cunt, Andy Murray!

    Well, no excuses now for Arsenal to get the players they are tracking. As far as we’re aware, anyone we have been looking at is out of the Euro’s.

    So, Giroud is the answer, eh? The man scored 25 goals this season and he saw about 7 mins of Euro football…perhaps Blanc knows a little bit more than we do about OG.

  3. Dale de Ruig

    We have had a competitive starting 11 for years. So glad we are sorting out our squad. I wouldn’t write Gervinho off yet. One of our only players who is a genuine dribbler, someone who will go past people and open up spaces behind stubborn defensive lines. He just needs to sort out his form.

  4. The Poldi Prince

    V happy with Poldi and giroud.

    Mvila was very good. Only people expecting 30 yard goals and red cards would be disappointed.

    Great defensive awareness, great athleticism, good passer. Everything we need.

    A trio of arteta- m’vila- jw has a bit of everything and a high workrate.

    I can’t wait to see arteta play higher up the park. Is probably the best passer at the club, but was too busy covering for an overly adventurous song.

    Trio of arteta- song – m’vila would be hard to break down too. Especially against the physical teams.

    I would like another attacking mid and at least cover in the fullback positions.

    Rosicky was very good last seasons, but who knows how much his Achilles injury will affect the forthcoming season?

    Still dont know how JW will return either. I expect slowly.

    A veteran CAM would suffice if we can’t get belhanda or someone similar. Dempsey?

    Even the most avid wenger bashers must admit we are moving in the right direction. Maybe not to able to win the league next season, but definitely cup hopefuls with improved depth.

  5. Arse&Nose©

    Pirlo was phenomenal last night. He was so cool with the ball at his feet, never lost composure. If an English kid tried to play like that in school he’d be on the end of a reducer tackle !

  6. gary

    i dont ever comment but do read daily, from what we are seeing in terms of inward deals being done early in comparison to previous year i get the feeling ivan is having a bigger influence overseeing deals being done and maybe just maybe this will show a change in fortune for deprived gooners? or could it be silent stan starting to quietly stamp some authority???

  7. Josip Skoblar

    Is international football dying? It seems that our overpaid players take no pride in playing for their country and have no passion when they wear the national shirt. There are few exceptions to the rule. In fact the last 4 in the semis are the teams which showed that they played as a team and were there to win the title. Most impressive team so far: Germany; Team I’ll be supporting from now on: Portugal because on a good day they can play dazzling attacking football. I know football is also about defending, but I feel than more and more teams come with negative tactics and just park the bus.

  8. gambon

    I thought what Ashley Cole said was very very telling.

    Did he learn from Wenger? Nope. Did he learn from Rice? Nope.

    He learnt from Adams, Keown, Dixon, Winterburn.

    Is there anyone to learn from these days? I dont think so, Sagna maybe.

    Is this the reason Gibbs has made zero improvement in 4 years? Gibbs and Cole at 18 were virtually identical players, at 22 there is an absolute gulf in quality.

    Wenger probably thought it was his skills that taught Cole. 49 goals conceded and he still cant see he doesnt know what he’s doing.

  9. gambon


    Everyone keeps talking up Wilshere as our new central AM, but I think he is much better suited to taking on that Pirlo type role.

    He has the same ability to evade the first tackle, and he spreads the ball well, he also doesnt look much of a goal threat so deeper is better.

  10. Guns of Hackney


    I think anyone who was lucky enough to play with that ‘back 5’ couldn’t help but learn something. Without a defensive and tactically motivated coach to lead, players simply do not have the brain power to think for themselves.

    Arsene doesn’t do defense and by the looks of our signings this season, he has no intention of changing it. Anyone who can hold out against us for 20 mins, has a very real chance of beating Arsenal.

    Arsenal will not make the top 5 unless we sign another 4 players.

  11. goonerDNA

    If you’re going play shit football atleast win something like Greece did 8 years ago or like Chelsea did.

    Couldn’t disagree more Pedro, Rooney Hart Cashley and even Terry and Gerrard are still highly rated I was calling for us to sign Parker and maybe Young and not because they were English but coz I rated them.

  12. goonerDNA

    You can’t play Parker and Gerrard, neither can play for more than 60 minutes without looking absolutely fucked

  13. The Prophet

    I honestly think Arsenal are going the old Real Madrid way. We always score more than you.
    It worked for a while, but I am not sure we have the creative powers nor the depth to do that.

    I think Diaby will come good this year. He will be a new signing.

  14. Mayank

    Pirlo, what a player!

    Oh by the way if you think England team has problems with the press, check out France/Nasri. What a cunt. Hopefully Giroud is different.

    Samir Nasri to the L’Equipe journalists after scoring his goal against England: “ferme ta gueule” (“shut the fuck up” in french)

    Samir Nasri to an AFP journalist that asked him to answer a few questions after the France – Spain game: “je répondrai pas, vous écrivez toujours de la merde” (“i wont answer, you always write bullshit” in french)

    Samir Nasri after the AFP journalist told him “casse-toi alors” (“fuck off then”): “va te faire enculer sale fils de pute, va niquer ta mère. Comme ça vous pourrez dire que je suis mal élevé.” (“go fuck yourself, you dirty son of a bitch, go fuck your mother. Now you can write that I’m rude/not polite” in french)

  15. daniel

    Gervinho could now be our creative central midfielder. I can see him getting loads of assists. he has a good burst of pace and can pick a good pass. His finishing will improve and he’s a dribbler and has height. I thing he played through the middle sometimes at lille so front three Poldi, VP, Walcott. Middle three Mvila/Song,Arteta,Gervinho. This could be a lethal attack.

    What do you think.

  16. Goon from BD

    lol Scott Parkers are what is wrong with English football. Just show heart,passsion and run around tackling like a headless chicken without being able to complete a pass properly.

    I am absolutely sure people will be moaning about M’vila if we sign him. He is not aggressive enough they will say because he doesn’t tackle much or run around. They will say he is slow misunderstanding his calm and effortlessness on the ball.

  17. Guns of Hackney


    I think…you are cutching at straws. Gervinho is a terrible player and adds nothing to Arsenal expect about £70k PW to their wage bill.

    A truly awful signing for Arsene.

  18. Bob N7

    Daniel- Gervinho’s dribbling skills- decent, final pass- poor. Wilshere would be my AM, although he’s equally good at CM. The Ox would be preferable to Gervinho.

    Gazzap 10.32
    You forgot global warming, Euro crisis, weather……..

  19. Geoff

    Pedro you are really missing the point about being an England fan.

    I have travelled to 2 world cups and one Euro championship to watch my beloved England, I even went to all the home games with my brother when we failed to qualify for the World Cup in the USA.

    Christ I was in Mexico for the hand of God, so I have spent money and yes I do believe I have the right to expect more from the country that invented football.

    I have invested more than just an armchair.

    I even went to Villa Park when Wembley was knocked down, and when I hear about the great world class players we have I feel I have a right to see them perform like their salaries, when they play like cunts, like Rooney and Gerrard did yesterday I have every right to feel pissed.

    How many big tourno’s do I have to suffer watching those same players fail to deliver? We didn’t lack Wilshere, we lacked bottle.

    Me I wouldn’t have taken Rooney or any of the wankers that have failed to deliver over the years.How many chances do we have to give them?

    So please, don’t lecture someone who has done what I have on expectations of my national team. I earned the right.

    So we came up against a team of seasoned pros, including a West Ham reject, what was our team then, were a lot of them not seasoned pros?

  20. gambon

    “Gervinho could now be our creative central midfielder”

    Hahahahahahahahahaha, relieved to know its friday already.

  21. andy

    goon from BD you won´t find any signing which would suit everybody here … even if we can get messi I bet some here would say what a bad signing he is as his best days are gone already …. grovers tend to see negatives more than positives … lets be realistic – we bought two good players already, are in for some others, we try to get our needless players away … if there is anybody (and I know it will be gambon for sure) who really does not see a change in Arsenal´s transfer policy is simply stupid

  22. Guns of Hackney

    If anyone thinks that Wiltshire is going to be the same player he was before he got mashed up a year ago, has been listening to Arsene for too long.

    An akle injury that severe is usually a ‘career changing’ injury. He’ll have to adapt to a new playing style, and at Arsenal that will be hard to do.

  23. Bob N7

    Goon from BD- ‘too aggressive and emotional’?.
    Apart from the fact that you’re comparing a 33yr old with a 20yr old, Wilshere can play AM and further back. Pirlo undoubtedly top class, plays in one way, orchestrating. Injury permitting, Wilshere will have years going up and down the pitch affecting the play and maybe when he gets to 33, he’ll play just like Pirlo does now.

    Is he aggressive and emotional though?

  24. mystic

    Much as I dilike Cole, I don’t agree with your assessment of the penalties. Young belted the ball and missed the target, had Buffon guessed the wrong way Cole’s miserable effort would have gone in.

    Both poor penalties, but one was on target. Being realistic that is the first thing that can be asked of a penalty taker, if the keeper saves it then he has done his job as well.

  25. azed

    Liquor $ poker
    Thats nice.
    I hope you are a Le-grove regular as i’m moving to coventry(studies).
    I’m Nigerian and i arrived London on sunday and would be in coventry tomorrow.
    Need to know where gooners in coventry watch games during the season.

  26. BOOZY

    England have done well, at the euros. Roy did the best he could.

    The future is bright TBH – Rooney, welbeck, ashley, young, cleverly, smalling, phil jones, and add Henderson, downing, ox,kelly, walker sterling, the future looks very bright.

    I believe if roy has 2 more years, he would make a world class team, and rooney would lead england to world cup glory.

  27. blanco

    I think an experienced RB and GK is what we need most. Schezzer has a long way to go and needs competition and with Sagna injured we need help for Jenkinson or Coqlein – We will have to give Botelho a chance at left back / left mid and maybe Bartley can beat out Djourou and Wenger sell him fo £10 mill. that would put a smile on Wengers face – better than winning a trophy – getting £10 mill for djourou.

  28. Guns of Hackney


    …by name and nature by the sounds of it.

    Rooney, world class team, world cup glory???

    England, unless the whole of the footballing philosophy changes (from school) will continue to be shit.

  29. Goon from BD

    BOB- Pirlo for all his life has been calm and composed. Can’t you see for yourself if Wilshere is aggressive and emotional? I’m not saying that Wilshere is going to be shit but just that he is different.

  30. Bob N7

    Boozy, are you being ironic or are you living up to your name? I think England are ‘on the up’ but in Brazil…2014! By the way, Guns’ negativity to one side(11.00) surely Wilshere is part of this ‘new wave?

    On another topic, check out

    also…. Class!

  31. buckagh

    Joe Hart never got near one Italian penalty last night, and Pirlo made him look silly, he deserved it for his antics, he should concentrate more on actually saving a shot instead of trying to put the players off, he is an overrated arrogant bollocks. Pirlo penalty, a thing of beauty.

  32. Rutu

    So the Giroud Signing is done… The Team for next season should be
    Sagna Koscienly Vermalaen Gibbs/Santos

    M Vila Arteta

    Chamberlain Wilshere Podolski


    I don’t expect Giroud to Start However i feel he is better than Chamakh and will be useful player to have.
    Don’t see him scoring more than 20 goals however even if he gets about 15 for the first season it is a good start.
    Hoping we get M Vila aswell though the left back situation is a worry and a back up keeper would be great. But Wenger won’t sign one that is for certain.
    For the AM role , Wilshere , Rosicky and Ramsey
    Wilshere if he lives upto the performances of his first season then there is hope
    Rosicky is a crock that is a worry if he maintains his fitness it will be a big boost with both Rosicky and Wilshere rotating.
    Ramsey I don’t have much hope from him he had a poor last season though his work rate is good maybe a loan will be good for him.

  33. mystic

    Gun of Hackney – I do, well maybe, possibly, all things being equal, if push comes to shove.

    You never know it might be first season overseas crapness.

  34. Liquor & Poker


    No problem pal. Although to be honest, as a member I do actually go to the games on a regular basis. I tend to get to approx 50% of home games and a few away games. Work commitments mean I struggle to go to anymore than that! So all the other games are generally at home or in a pub! Keep in touch on here and when the season starts you are welcome to buy me a pint for a tour of cov! Lol.

  35. Bob N7

    Goon..fair enough but I’m not sure that ‘aggressive and emotional’ aren’t useful qualities…in the right measure. Agreed they’re not the same type of player although my point remains that Wilshere, if he is still playing football in his 30s, might play like Pirlo does now.
    I’m hoping for the Wilshere that played against Barcelona to be featuring for years to come!

  36. Guns of Hackney

    Bob N7

    Perhaps I am being harsh, but I am sure that an injury that is taking a year + to heal, has to have a serious effect on the way JW plays. I hope I am wrong.

    Re the rant. Spot on.

    Ged rid, have ‘im, BACK, OUT, RUN, CHASE – all common words heard everywhere on playgrounds all around the country…England do not play football.

  37. benjamin

    1 huge difference between England and other top European nations, their under 21s don’t play in the second tier of their respective leagues.

  38. Goon from BD

    Bdw, You never know if people can change as can be seen in Cesc’s case. He used to calm and patient which showed in his play but grew up to be a bit aggressive and impatient. The nature of the league that is PL has contributed to that as well.

  39. Bob N7

    Guns…you’re right not to expect ‘the old Wilshere’ to be back straight away and sure Diaby has had problems ever since he got maimed against Sunderland BUT here’s hoping!

  40. Goon from BD

    BOB- Did I ever say that they aren’t useful qualities? Its good for leaders which Jack surely can be.

  41. WengersSweeties

    Geoff does have a point about delivering for England.

    Andrea Pirlo ran further than all of the English players

    Pirlo: 11.58km
    Gerrard: 11.26km

    The guy is 36 and made more effort than any of our lot!! We watch Young, Rooney, Gerrard, Wellbeck, Cole…etc tear up our league most weekends but were yet again no where to be seen….

  42. Ricky

    I don’t understand why cole is so hated.

    Unless your an arsenal fan who’s still bitter about him leaving it doesn’t make sense.

    Maybe it’s cos he cheated on a girl who most men could only dream of having?

  43. Rutu

    On the England case , I don’t get it most of the players play so well for their clubs so what happens when they play for their country ?
    Is it Tactics ?
    The players are not motivated enough ?
    Gulf in class ? ( I don’t think so)

    Maybe it is time to shift the players on now…
    The Lampards , Gerrards, Terry though the both the later had a good tournament a new structure is needed.
    Like Germany did it Got Rid of the Likes of Ballack , Frings etc and started afresh.
    England have a good crop of talent coming up in Hart, Wilshere , Ox , Welbeck , Jones so a good core can be made from them and build a new team.
    However don’t know if Roy is the man for the job.

  44. Liquor & Poker

    I find it hard that some people are criticising the signing of Giroud already. At the end of the day he did finish as top scorer in his respective league and his comments already seem to prove he has more enthusiasm than Chamakh has in his entire hairpiece! I honestly feel that regardless of the RvP issue, we are going to have greater attacking options going in to this season. I expect the ox will provide much needed competition for Theo and that alone will hopefully bring the best out of both of them. Striking options mean that I expect pool ski and Giroud to actually add some alternative options to our attacking line, again much needed. The reason arshavin was such a lazy cunt was because he knew there was no real competitor for his spot in the team. We havent used Park or Chamakh all season and therefore attacking wise we have to be going into this coming season in better shape IMO. I think Arsene will sign one more player, a midfielder and that will be that. Of course if RVP leaves this then may change…..but here’s hoping.

  45. Goon from BD

    bukagh- Hart was a total clown. He could learn what a world class GK with personality looks like from Buffon. What a legend that man is……arguably the best ever.

  46. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    straight upm, i thought Ashley cole came across really well in the interview… i too thought he was a idiot flash and all that , but he caomes across really well.

  47. mystic

    Hmmmmm Cheryl Tweedy

    By the way, think most people don’t like Cole simply because he is a money grabbing, 2 faced twat.

    Hmmmmm Cheryl Tweedy

  48. Rutu

    Goon From BD
    Actually I haven’t and I don’t know why they can’t.
    Do you know why they can’t control the game like they do most of the times for their clubs?

  49. Guns of Hackney

    Cheryl T/C is also a racist who beats up toilet attendents…she’s been making ammends for that ever since but Derek Gough didn’t fit the bill…now she’s back to form.

  50. Guns of Hackney


    The reason why these losers look so good for their premier teams is that they have others to make them look good. Plus the PL is not the same class/game as International football.

  51. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    not fully understanding why everyone seems estatic about the groiud signing…. lets just wait and see eh?

    pod seems a lazy mo fio to me, he dont move to much does he?

  52. Bob N7

    Rutu 11.36…for the most part at their clubs they’re surrounded by quality foreign players to help them!

  53. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    so as it stands we have

    all as strikers?

    you could not give away some of them litterally!

  54. Josip Skoblar

    Pirlo was immense last night. His best game that I’ve seen him play. To be fair, England players never put him under any pressure whatsoever. Why? England did what they could, but Gerrard looked past it and Rooney was clearly overweight. Why can’t a professional footballer take more care of his weight? England have a strong defense + goalie (I didn’t like Hart’s antics during the penalty shoot-outs), so there’s a glimmer of hope for the future.

  55. Rutu

    Goon From BD AND BOB N7
    Though Don’t care much about the English National team
    Germany for the Euros for me!!

  56. Bergkamp63

    Like I said prior to the Tournament, Roy is nice bloke but his speciality is to have 2 banks of 4 and stop other teams playing football, when it comes to the creative side his ideas are out of date.

    Most of our players are technically impotent, the likes of Milner should never be let anywhere near the team, Johnson whilst having the odd moment or two is simply awful and his passing was dreadful as was most of the team.

    We had no pace, no movement, no team ethic and above all no nerve, we are a team of overpaid individuals who think we can play football

  57. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    will lil jack be back for the new season?…. i dont think he will be around till november personally….

  58. Rutu

    Ivory Goonz
    Lars Bender
    Yes good player
    Strong , Quick feet , Versatile can play CM , DM and RB.
    Certainly a player to have.

  59. cts

    JW is a good player no doubt. But the way you guys talk him up is typically English, more hype than substance. LOL

  60. Josip Skoblar

    Yes, your’re right, history matters.. I guess you refer to the “Game of the Century” in the semis of the 1970 WC. It’s one of the most dramatic and entertaining Igame I’eve ever watched (only second to Germany-France in 1982). Italy had a much stronger team than now with Giacinto Facchetti, Sandro Mazzola, Roberto Boninsegna and the amazing Luigi Riva who scored the winning goal in extra-time. Apart from Pirlo, no one has this class in the current Italian side. What struck me yesterday is how wasteful the Italians were. This is so un-Italian!

  61. Chika

    I was thrilled when the three cubs got knocked out yesterday.
    Such a clueless team..their rigidity and lack of creativity is sickening.
    I hope their press and fans will reduce the over-bearing noise.
    The three cubs…talentless bunch!!

    Despite the negativity the doomers strive to create, I’m looking foward to next season..C0YG!!

    @Azed..wish u the very best bro….nothin dey happen!!

  62. mr Brain

    your comment
    “Hold on? One minute we’re slating the squad, the next we’re behaving like children when we don’t beat one of the most resolute teams in the world?”, is hilarious.
    Isnt that your daily trade…? one week hailing, the other in dismay.
    ;-), will continue to read though, very good blog

  63. Geoff

    Cole is hated because he was stupid and sneaky enough to meet with Maureen and Abramovich behind Arsenal’s back and shag around behind his wife’s back and get caught doing both.

    He’s hated because he’s a stupid cunt and gets paid more than most can dream of and doesn’t even have to work hard to get it.

    That’s why!

  64. reality check

    How’s it goin gooners. Terrible game last night. Couldn’t string 6 passes together. What did rooney do? If I’m not mistaken. The team performed better when rooney wasn’t in it? Hmmmm interesting concept. Kinda like when TH 14 left. Ade had to step up. Also. I don’t care whether vwenga stays or goes. As far as I’m concerned. The damage is done. I just wondered. What makes someone a great manager. Jose mourinho says ‘to be a great manager, you have to win the UCL’ its not the only thing one must do, but it must be on your list of achievments? Your thoughts?

  65. Khalid Mahmood

    England reached the QF’s……for them that was an achievement imo.

    Well done Roy….a true gentleman.

    England have the same issue….again and again. They cannot control a game which can only be done by having possession and making positive use of it. England wasted the ball so many times….I lost count.

    Italy could have been out of sight, if they took their chances. Pirlo oozed class, ran the show and what a penalty.

    The FA need to wise up. Stop relying on superstars….look at the German model, build/copy it.

    We need a coach who appreciates possession football, creativity, vision and technique.

    I would like to see this team for 2014…..






  66. Bob N7

    Geoff point made but there is still a part of me that acknowledges that he is a massive success story for our youth set up….the most capped player to come through our ranks. He’s still a c*** though!

  67. Bob N7

    Khalid Mahmood…isn’t it interesting how Pirlo is applauded for scoring a penalty in that manner and on the other hand RVP is considered by some to be arrogant for scoring a very similar penalty last season!

  68. bankz

    Arsene buys Giroud and Podolski,some here still moan..what the fuck do you want??before these guys signed,you were glamouring for them now they’ve signed and they are sh*t?
    Giroud didnt have enough play-time in the Euro’s to be judged.I watch the Ligue 1 alot and I’d say he is a decent player..Benzema started all of France’s group matches and did’t score a goal or even have an assist and y’all think its Giroud’s fault that he wasnt called due to he not being good enough??its Blanc’s fault because he feel for the overrated Benzema maybe because he plays for a bigger club in Real madrid.
    Someone called Podolski a “lazy dude”..get your head out of your a*#..He is a starter for Germany(arguably the best squad in the Euros),scored loads of goals for an inferior team last season,scored already in the Euros and you still moan??
    I called the England squad “sh*#” and “Overrated” last week and some clown here asked me if I was English….how do you explain making Italy look like Barcelona for 120mins and with Pirlo making over a 100 passes?sometimes folks here need to take their heads out of their a*# and see things from a clearer perspective.
    Just for the records,there isnt any way in hell Giroud would be as wack as Chamakh and by the way Gervinho isnt as bad as some make him look like…just like the same made Kos look like in his first season..I’d say give Gervinho one more season before you pass judgement.

  69. LegroveIsInTheHeart

    Heres a question, benny for another year or Ryo back from loan?

    I do see your point about england pedro, but cant help think the talent of our players individually amounts to more than enough not to sit back and say c’mon beat us! Italy arent spain ffs. We were shocking in our ability to hold the ball, other than ireland we were the worse team in the whole thing.. Whatever you say about giving roy time ( I agree btw) , that level we saw last night was unacceptable for a team with that ability and experience in it. We played like a league 2 side playing Man u, when pound for pound we are not that poor compared to italy. Roy played way to Negatively , his subs were strange ( was parker injured??) I think the whole country would have preferred Ox than Hendy ( who I really rated when he was at sunderland, less so since joining liverpool, but still think he will be great in the future.


  70. this ibo boy

    lol. the replay looked like joe hart saw pirlo’s ball coming, and dodged it.
    nice penalty kick.

    cos England lost out last night, people believe rooney is not world class. some peeps can really be blinded by emotions. rooney is top class, bendtner is better than caroll… period.

    England lost the game in the midfield, but credit be given, they played better football than chelsea did in the champions league.

    Euro 2012 has come and gone. how many of you could have put a bet on England winning it with the crop of players that went to the competition? They were not tournament favorites, and were clearly the under-dog against Italy, so i don’t see what peeps are whining about. The Italian bench would have got a better result.

    Time to look to the future. lesson learnt. no repeat in the world cup qualifiers.

  71. The Poldi Prince

    I’d love Cahill at arsenal. Cheap. Most headed goals in the PL ever.

    More than handy off the bench and against the physical teams that park the bus.

    Plus, he’s an aussie.

    Would be a relatively cheap experiment, and could be pretty handy for a couple years.

  72. ArsenalJoe

    A bit surprised to see so many of you hate on/overlook Gervinho. He’s had less than 1 season to adapt to the Premier league ( interrupted by international duty which knackered him out) How many times have we seen players have an average first season then excel in a tough league like the Premiership? Lots, that’s how many. Koscielny is a very good recent example. First season – everyone mentioned him in the same breath and djourou. Second season – same breath as Vermaelen. Give the guy a chance jeeze.

  73. Josip Skoblar

    I commend Pirlo: he has a normal haircut and no tattoos and despite all that he is a great footballer and a decent bloke.

  74. Jamal


    Disappointing England.. Milner and Young were shite all tournament. Roy brought in too many players from his former club Liverpool.. Henderson, Downing, Kelly.. It should have been lennon, Rio and Micah Richards… Pirlo showed
    our midfielders how to play. His penalty.. WOW.

  75. Khalid Mahmood


    Pirlo & RvP are both extremely creative and they just believed in their ability, whereas you could see on Young & Cole’s face that they were under pressure.

    Why didn’t Walcott take the penalty?

  76. reality check

    And what’s with all this ‘give him time’ rubbish? Kun aguro didn’t need time. Why if gervinho is a top player coming in to help arsenal win the EPL or UCL does he need time. Arsen said we can’t think of ourselves as a big club. That’s the 1st honest thing he has said in 7 years.

  77. reality check


    Why didn’t walcott take a penalty?

    Lol don’t get me started about that headless chicken

    How can u demand 100k pw but not have the balls to demand you take a pen. Your top class? Your up there with the best, no? Look super mario first to step up even thoughg he missed a bag of chances

  78. blanco

    I have a Problem — we now have giroud and poldolski – We did not rotate RVP all season – and Giroud looks like a CF and not a left or right sided player. So how much does giroud play. or will he be sitting on the subs bench wasting away ala Chamakh and Park??? I see Poldolski as a replacement for Arshavin.

  79. Jamal


    If RVP leaves then Giroud will be our main striker. If he doesnt then we may see a change in formation (4-4-2). Or it might be…

    Podolski Giroud RVP

  80. reality check

    And another thing.

    I like the Ox. I do.
    I like jack. I do.

    But why da fuck are they making stupid youtube videos singing niki manaj and usher for!

    Why the fuk is djourou dancing with flappy?

    See that’s what happens when you got team full of kids. Fair enough there young. They wanna have fun. Fine.

    But this is arsenal. We are not here to have fun. We are here to fucking win. Like they say.. SING WHEN YOUR WINNING!

  81. ArsenalJoe

    Reality Check

    Well maybe because Aguero was the second best striker in the league last season, and cost £38million? I’m not saying he’s an Aguero. What I did say is, it is proven that some players take time to adapt and become phenomenal. If you really need me to give you the reasons, here are some off the top of my head for them needing time: Premiership is tougher, tougher physically, faster, they have to learn a new role, play with an entirely new squad, players and their families adapt to a new country, a new language…It goes on and on. As I also said before, look at Koscielny. Average/poor first season. Great second season. Our only defender who managed to keep himself fit too.

  82. ardentgooner


    Alessandro Diamanti was not a West Ham reject. 8 goals in 30 appearances for a crappy West Ham side, as an attacking midfielder is pretty decent. Took great freekicks and penalties. wanted to move back to Italy and forced a move away.

    If he was a reject and as bad as you make him out to be he wouldn’t be in the Italy team.

    That’s what pisses me off..even BBC commentator was going on about how he was a West Ham reject… he was not. West Ham would love to have a player like him back then and now too…

  83. Ricky

    I too thought cole was a cunt for leaving in the beginning but when the truth came out that our cowboy board members allowed him to leave over a measly 5k in wages their cuntushness over shadowed Ashley Coles by a country mile.

    The majority of hate that comes for cheating on Cheryl has got to be from women.

    How many men on here can honestly say they’ve been faithful to all their girlfriends/wives????

  84. Demon

    England wouldn’t have beaten ze Germans anyway…..

    Jt is a great defender but he’s a liability as because of his inability to play a high line England were pinged back defending in numbers instead of stomping authority on the game and playing football.

    Too negative with Milner on the rw Aaron Lennon, the ox and ajohnson would have skinned their fullback.

    England were made to chase the ball which lead to rooneys exhaustion.

    Andy carroll should have never come on. Knock down header are pathetic, his ball control and his inability to dribble is laughable.

    Have hope though England have a xavi and iniesta coming through with wilshere and mceachran.

    Milner could be our dm.

    England really need to suffocate teams with high defensive lines . The defence pushes up when defending and the forwards track back….. A sort of pinser move made easier with the fact both teams are in one half of the pitch meaning less ground to be covered resulting in a higher chance in regaining the ball.

  85. Dublin Gunner!!!

    walnut is so over rated, didnt have the balls to take a pen last nit.all he can do is run. i forget the game where he was one on one wit the keeper and just shot at the edge off the box straight qt the keeper. now this clown wants 100k a week!!!!! for wat?!! just cause some off his english team mates are in his ear when there on duty. sorry cant understand that, there is much better players out there we can get on half the wage and half the price.

  86. tom

    who the hell is jack Wilshere? he had a few good games for arsenal thats all he had fab4 and nasri around him to help. he ant world class or anything get over Wilshere ok

  87. Goon from BD

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Lampard and Gerrard control games for their club either. I’ve seen them play with Makelele,Ballack,Essien,Xabi Alonso,Mascherano etc though 😉

    They are very good players but not creative to be playmakers or control games with skill and vision and they aren’t very good with decisions either. Making a good pass to the right option is much more important than going for the hollywood which I haven’t noticed them being good at. They certainly do play better for their clubs but in England team there aren’t intelligent foreign players to help them shine rather Scott Parker. Carrick could have helped maybe because he is calm, intelligent and does the simple things well without putting the team under pressure by diving into tackles or being careless in challenges. He can also pass well which not a single English midfielder other than Scholes and Wilshere are good at. But English people from what I gather don’t rate Carrick either so you can’t blame the manager or the FA for not liking him.

    Another reason for English players failing is the tiring,intense and physical nature of the league without a break which requires players to put extra strength,running and aggression instead of trying more football. They go to tournaments completely tired. You will find that players who play very regulary in the EPL don’t set the international stage on fire most of the time.

    The English culture of impatient end to end stuff to make things more entertaining rather than more controlled and intelligent football doesn’t help footballers grow either. Passing it out of defense seems to be a revelation when most foreign leagues have been doing this for ages. World class Terry looking like an utter clown in a high line system is a problem too. Referees as well overlook the thuggery to “let the game flow” which even discourages foreigners from trying show skill etc. It truly is the “toughest” league in the world.

    There are probably other reasons as well such as English players being overconfident and arrogant believing in their own hype etc but mostly they aren’t as good at the thing they invented as other nations.

  88. reality check


    Great 2nd season. Did I read that correctly? How many goals conceded again. If we are trying to win. But we buy guys that need a whole season to bed in, then it seems that podolski and giroud are not for this season. They are for next season! After they get used to the league as u say. WTF are we running a day care centre?


    Wat don’t I have a clue about.

  89. blanco

    I am really hopefull Wenger rotates more this season. RVP was wasted by the end, We need to get more game into the OX, but maybe Walcott is going. Which means Gervinho, Poldolski , Ox and RYO on the wings. We will not shift to 4-4-2 as the euros prove this system does not work in europe.

  90. Kurt F

    After running over 10k, I’m surprised Pirlo had the energy to drag his huge balls back to the halfway line after that penalty.

  91. Honest Bill

    So we’ve signed two strikers, and people still think RVP is staying?

    All i can say is, i hope Giroud is good… Oh well, at least he’ll provide an outlet to hoof the ball to..

  92. V o K z i i

    @ Ricky,

    I think the majority hate him because he moaned about only earning x-amount of thousands at Arsenal like it was slave labour and people took offence to this (including non Arsenal). I agree we should have just raised his cash but Arsene said no man is bigger then the club and stuck to that so we lost the best left back in the world that season. He then cheats on Cheryl who most people would give their left nut to have her spit on them! and his off field antics are as irritating as people like Pete Docherty (however its spelt) that is the reason I think he is disliked so much.

  93. Alex James

    Change of direction. The level of commentating on BBC and ITV is shocking. Full of comments about Rooney magic and West Ham rejects. On one occasion,the buffoon on BBC claimed that Rooney did well to get his head to the ball and place it. The truth was that the defender belted it at his head and it could have gone anywhere. Never thought I would miss Barry Davies. At least we are being spared anymore childish comments from Tilsley. And why was Seedorf one of the pundits? He has never played for an English team. The idea that foreigners must be employed to offer comments on non UK teams is ridiculous. Presunpmably, Klinsman, a German, was there last night to provide insight on Italy. Ugh!

  94. Bob N7

    Tom…not sure how long you’ve been watching football but Wilshere is an amazing talent…sure he hasn’t done it for long but is that his fault? Anybody who saw him mix it up with Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, Nasri, Fabregas et al couldn’t fail to see what a quality player he had already become(before his injury)- or may be they could Tom!

  95. gambon


    Did he moan?

    As far as i remember we agreed to extend his contract on £60k, then sent him a contract with £55k on it, pretty scummy.

  96. V o K z i i

    @ Gambon, apparently it was something he said in a book he wrote (alleged he wrote), I may not have that even remotely factually correct I just seem to remember reading that somewhere.

  97. Bob N7

    Reality Check….how do you know Walcott didn’t volunteer to take a penalty?
    Your assumptions just reflect your antipathy towards the player.
    I imagine his balls may be bigger than yours but then again that is an assumption!

  98. gambon


    Drogba and MBia have both said in recent years that they need to earn more and hinted they didnt earn enough.

    Cole said he “nearly crashed his car” when he saw his £55k offer.

  99. useroz

    Just couldn’t figure out what Roy was thinking… Had two ‘strikers’ in Carroll and Walcott on the pitch, and he asked A. Cole to take a pen??

    What the heck? I’d fly in training too… Did A. Cole ever score for England in pen??

  100. reality check

    Is RVP staying? Seriously? Is he staying. Didn’t we lose Nasri Fab and let’s not forget Clichy under similar circumstances respectivly. If he stays that’s good but, is giroud going to sit on the bench?