Wenger offered £70mill a year somewhere? | Olivier Giroud gives away his next club…

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The Spain vs France game hardly lived up to the billing. The French never came out of the blocks and Spain rarely stepped out of 2nd gear. It was just a bit of a run of the mill game. We didn’t really see anything too spectacular from M’Vila. It didn’t help he was playing in quite an average midfield set up to begin with. Koscielny played well in the main. Good to see him getting a spot against the best team in Europe.

Also good to see Clichy has been taking very poor hair style tips from Mario Balotelli. An absolute shocker of a barnet.

Tonight we’ll get to see him strutting his stuff for Italy. Hopefully he gets sent off for something really stupid. John Terry can always be trusted to wind up the opposition. Hopefully he keeps his racial opinions to himself. Just tell him you know his bird John.

Theo and Chamberlain might get a run out against an aged Italian team. There’s not a whole lot of pace for us to worry about them. All we need to be aware of is that they have far more quality than us. Any mistakes we make will be pounced on and they’ll be quite happy to play the long game with us and wait for the sucker punch. That said, we’re playing with great discipline at the moment. If we can shut them out for an hour, who knows what could happen. I’m not a massive fan of the Italians. I don’t think they’re amazing. I just think they’re better than us. Beatable though.

The spirit of a late night up north should see them off… let’s pretend they’re Arsenal pre-2004 and we’re one of many disgusting North West  teams from that era. Maybe even a super scum 11. Kevin Davies leading them out with Phil Brown managing. What a criminal thought. So violent. So anti-football. But so capable of a win.

In other news, Arsene Wenger has been running his mouth about money, ex-players and how much cash he could earn elsewhere.

“Sometimes people try and destroy your work, I lost Nasri, Clichy and Fabregas at an age when they could have made the difference for Arsenal.

“I could move to clubs for more than 10 times [the amount of money] but I didn’t do it,”

[I’ve had] 16 years at Arsenal and I stay here because of my philosophy and vision.

“Money is not my motivation and that’s also the way for [Johan] Cruyff at Ajax and [Wim] Jansen at Feyenoord.”

Seems a bit odd that a man who demands to be the highest paid person at a club that struggles with wages can sit there and claim money isn’t a motivating factor for him. Even more surprising when he’s tying up lucrative sponsorship deals with big oil companies like Castrol. I don’t believe for a second his only motivation is money. He loves all that great good stuff. He truly does believe in making the world a better place with pretty football. But he loves money as well.

When people say he deserves the cash he gets for his exploits off the pitch, I wonder what books they’re looking at. The £140mill wage bill that we can’t chop down because of how reckless we’ve been with crap players deals?

The chat about being able to earn more elsewhere grates as well. He’s always been well paid with us and he wouldn’t be able to get close to double anywhere else. Even PSG. Who’d pay him? Mourinho is on e14.8 million and he’s won the Champions League 3 times. I understand what a figure of speech is… I also understand that it’s insulting to make out he’s being paid a pittance where he is now.

He’s a bit like Bono. On the one hand he’s telling the world they’re wrong for keeping countries in poverty… and on the other he’s raking in billions from investments in tech firms and dodging tax like the best of them. Wenger does this but in football. He’s telling the world football can’t sustain the wages that are being doled out whilst at the same time taking £135k a week… £55k a week more than his best player. That just seems a bit hypocritical. Not saying I wouldn’t take what I could get… I just wouldn’t be digging out people who like money when you’re part of the same gang.

Wenger was particularly praisful when it came to Robin Van Persie.

“Robin van Persie was the best striker during the tournament. He’s much better than strikers from other countries and he’s also better than [Klaas-Jan] Huntelaar.

“You’ve got two types of strikers. You’ve got the ‘striker-striker’, who only plays in the box and waits for the ball. And you’ve got more footballing strikers, like Van Persie, and in the even more extreme Karim Benzema at France.

“Van Persie makes sure that a team plays football all the time. I’ve analysed his performances during the group phase. If you watch really closely, you will see that he made some brilliant technical actions and runs.

“On crucial moments he didn’t get the ball. That he couldn’t score at a few moments had to do with tiredness. But still he’s the most perfect striker.

Quite amusing to read him say that Robin is better than Huntelaar. He’s absolutely right. I’ve never rated the Milan striker. It’s also nice to hear him come out and back the striker. Secretly though, he’ll know there was a lot of value in Robin tanking in the Euros. Not so many people will be knocking on Ivan’s door right now.

Talking of strikers, apparently Olivier Giroud let slip where he was moving next.

You bad man. He deleted it pretty sharpishly, but it does look promising.

Can I be bothered to check if the account is real? No. Fleet Street take care of minor stuff like that right?

It’ll be great to get him in the squad. He came on for a bit last night, he looked very French. Huffing and puffing like Thierry. Let’s hope he bangs them in like the great man! His team mate Yann M’Vila hasn’t done anything this tournament to raise his stock. If we want him, word has it we might be able to get him as low as £12million. What I like about him is how deep he sits (last night at least). He didn’t have much interest in bombing forward last night. If he can do that for us, we’d be in a far better position. Could he do that for us without losing us the advantage we have going forward? He also doesn’t hold onto the ball for too long. It’s out of his feet nice and fast. A great asset in a team that has Theo and Chambo in it.

That’s all I’ve got. Have a stupendous day. If you’re English, have a victorious one!

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  1. Ric

    incescJune 24, 2012 22:28:52

    I have to say I had that thought myself though… Actually relieved no Arsenal players bungled it. Feel bad for England though, but I still feel you had a good tournament, this is a team to build on I think.

  2. SDE


    Is your g/f “the lady of the night”,still masquerading during the daytime as a holy virgin when she spends quality time with you!!

    Is she still telling you,that you’ll consummate your r’ship with her on your wedding night!!

  3. zeus

    Pirlo’s Zidane-espue PK was coolness personified.

    England can move on from here now. hey did the best they could. That was Hodgson’s 6th game in charge.

    Time to add a bit of flair to that defensive base. JW to the rescue for them Ithink.

  4. Josip Skoblar

    We were outclassed by an average and wasteful Italian side. Pirlo and Terry were the best players on the pitch. Still we were so close. Bizarre.

  5. Hunter

    Italy had technically superior players all over the pitch and deserve to win.We were completely outclassed and neither Milner or Young were of any use.Rooney is so overated its unbelievable and certainly should never be considered ‘world class’.The only players that came out with any praise were Terry,lescott,Cashley,Johnson,Parker,gerrard and Hart,the rest were crap.If it wasnt for the foreign players in ou Premiership our league would be inferior to the spanish,italian and german leagues.Their players are miles ahead of us and will be for years and years.Our grassroots game needs serious investment.We were ’embarrassing’ and couldnt pass nor keep the ball for any period in the game.Roll on the cricket !!!

  6. Hitman

    Worst England performance I’ve seen in a major tournament. Totally outclassed. Couldnt do the basics like passing to easch other. Embarrasing.

    Makes me angry how much these ‘Prem Stars’ get paid considering how technically poor they actually are.

  7. Adam Bucci

    ashley young should be ashamed for the two dives tonight, his miss, and his general ‘what the fuck was he doing there in the first place’-ness. why they took welbeck and not young off is a mystery only ex-england manager roy can tell us.

    i thought this period between the world cups was supposed to be a rebuilding phase with a younger team. instead we get 2/3 of the team that showed up in south africa. parker was woeful, milner was so bad i have to wonder if he has polaroids of roy and a 14yr old boy.

    to be fair, some came to play and represent. to be more fair though, we really didn’t deserve to win.

    and before any of you slag me off for that last line, i am english through and through and just as gutted we’re not not playing germany.

  8. Ric

    Johnny5June 24, 2012 22:29:43

    Damn dude! Chill the f… out, what the hell did you really expect? As a neutral England observer I think you performed above expectations, Hodgons strategy today actually did exactly what you went for; Penalties… You were even on track to win it, but you guys always react to this with an outcry to sack the damn manager. Chill out and get some perspective, this was a very good basis for a world cup run in two years, it was a young team but they mostly performed well, and in two years all these players will be better. And more importantly Hodgson will have the better organized. So chill the f… out! Get some perspective and think about the fact that I’m from Norway… You spoiled Brit B*stards!

  9. BOOZY

    The funny thing about this, is the entire england would stick there heads in the sand, and not admit that roy hodgson is a terrible manager.

    Next tournament, they’ll look to ROONEY to save english football.

    They’ll call them brave lions, because lost by penalties, but the truth is i’ve never seen england play this terribly.

  10. SDE

    Fans,the media will always look for a scapegoat..

    In the grand scheme of things England are no more than a quarter-final team at best..

    Pure & simple…

  11. zeus

    HunterJune 24, 2012 22:36:28
    Italy had technically superior players all over the pitch and deserve to win.We were completely outclassed and neither Milner or Young were of any use.Rooney is so overated its unbelievable and certainly should never be considered ‘world class’.The only players that came out with any praise were Terry,lescott,Cashley,Johnson,Parker,gerrard and Hart,the rest were crap.If it wasnt for the foreign players in ou Premiership our league would be inferior to the spanish,italian and german leagues.Their players are miles ahead of us and will be for years and years.Our grassroots game needs serious investment.We were ‘embarrassing’ and couldnt pass nor keep the ball for any period in the game.Roll on the cricket !!!

    HitmanJune 24, 2012 22:38:03
    Worst England performance I’ve seen in a major tournament. Totally outclassed. Couldnt do the basics like passing to easch other. Embarrasing.Makes me angry how much these ‘Prem Stars’ get paid considering how technically poor they actually are.


    In a minute, someone is gonna put the argument forward that the authories should implement some rule where the starting 11 should be mostly English….

  12. Goldinho

    I’ve got a lot of time for woy but what the fuck was Henderson doing in the squad let alone on the pitch.it was screaming out for a bit of ox

  13. OPG

    I doubt Ox would have made a difference starting it’s a gamble he’s been a bit wasteful overall and Theo you don’t know what you’ll get from him if he starts, Italy still dominated even when he came on.

    Pirlo is a genius at least Hodgson understands that now, Rooney looked too rusty should have started off the bench maybe but that 2 man midfield is a shambles anyway, yes there have been injuries but closest thing England has to orchestrating the play is a 37 year old Scholes, only other thing is give a phone call to Carrick.

  14. SDE

    England played better than usual..

    But on the balance of play,Italy should have battered England out of sight!!

    But this performance,is not even enough to put them in the league of the German’s,the Spain’s,the Brazil’s of this world..

    Oh well if England,qualify for the WC in 2014,that would be Rooney’s 5th major international tournament..& we will be waiting for “world class rooney” to come through when he’s 30 years old!!

  15. Adam Bucci

    whoever manages england needs to take a look at the entire football league and see that there are players in the lower divisions who might shine, and actually perform well as a representative of english football rather than the overpaid and largely overrated stars of the premier league.

    watching today’s game was like watching eleven strangers in a room trying to make conversation.

  16. gambon

    Boozy you knob

    It was Hodgsons 6th game in charge, he hardly had time to make his mark.

    The fact is England are not a great team, we havent won anything for 45 years incase you hadnt noticed.

    We got to the quarters, its what we deserve, until we get better players, and the likes of Welbeck & Wilshere are more experienced we wont be going further.

  17. BOOZY

    capello would have done way better.

    rubbish formation
    stupid selection

    England had enough players in that squad to take italy to the cleaners.

    stuart pierce would have done better.

    i dont like bad managers, and roy hodgson is a BAD manager.

  18. Demon

    World football has changed.

    England has to move away from this stoke way of playing…

    I don’t fault woy taking carroll but he should be brought on to chase a game or closing a game when height is needed when balls are crossed into the box .

    Aaron lennon
    Adam Johnson
    And Defoe should of been on the first team
    Micah richards

  19. Adam Bucci

    this has me wondering. england were going forward. henderson was in a position to outrun any italian for a pass in his direction. even the espn commentator made note of him being ahead of everyone else.

    so what happens.

    england are on a break. the ball gets passed backwards instead of into hendersons path.

    what was there to lose by punting the ball forward for a change?

  20. Radio Raheem

    Rooney was poor today but it’s his 2nd match in 2 weeks. Ashley Young shouldn’t have started he had a poor tournament

  21. SDE

    Josip Skobar

    ‘Cos it’s about the premiership the best league in the world…

    End-2-end football played at an exhilarating pace…

    At 100mph, where passion,pace is the order of the day..

    It has technique in abundance,supplied by the foreign players..

    But the english players,provide grit,tenacity & bloodthirsty tackles & an unquenchable desire to win..

    That said,we do have english world class players in Lampard,Gerrard,Rooney, Terry,etc,etc…

    Just that they don’t do it in international Tournaments,cos’ it’s too much hassle & their flaws get exposed,by more technically& tactically gifted opponents,who like to keep retention of the ball & play a slow,slow passing game!!..

    So screw the WC & Euro’s..it’s all about “THE PREMIERSHIP!! “

  22. Pedro

    Well said Gambon…

    No shame in taking italy to penalties… wasn’t a great game, but who thought we were better than Italy anyway?

  23. Ric

    I think your main problem is the insistence on playing that flat 442. I think I can barely name eleven English players over the last 20 years that would have made that formation work, and they off course never played together. Hodgson is on the right course instilling some steel and small team battling will into the side, over time I think that will build a very strong core and team spirit. But first and formost I think you guys need to be more flexible with tactics. Perhaps you don’t really need wingers? Or perhaps you can play a three man defense? Something…

  24. incesc

    was there a reason rooney was so unfit?

    premiership games are so fast and committed i can never understand why we have no energy in the tournaments.

  25. Demon

    I’m calling it now England has a upcoming pool of talent that could potentially win something after this world cup.

    Gk hart
    Rb Kyle walker
    Cb phill jones
    Cb Micah richards
    Lb cole/ gibbs or that chelsea

    Dm ????
    Cm jack wilshere/ mcchreachan
    Am Rooney/ox/wilshere

    Lw ox/ lennon

    Rw Adam johnson / walcott

    Cf. wellbeck, delfunueso

  26. Johnny5


    I was obviously joking you melt. He’s barely had the job 5 mins the rest of the post was a bash at the shit selection and shit tactics but I suppose he did his best with what was available.


    Theo was the best thing England had in the second half. Goes to show how bad they were doesn’t it. It wasn’t that I thought they be world beaters but Milner and young are fucking pony and have been all tournament. Plus to be fair the ox and theo have been 2 of the 4 or 5 players that looked pretty good for us so they should have started IMO

  27. BOOZY

    gambon, excuses excuses excuses.

    rooney who was itching to go, now they are saying he’s tired.

    God forbid a foreign manager had this sort of tornament with england, he’d have been roasted by now.

    I’d actually bragged with some of my mates that england would win euros- because i thought it had a good squad.

    i thought in q-finals hodgson would spring some surprises with his formation and selection.

    but the guy isnt just good.

  28. El Tel


    Are you saying that people talking the truth about Engerland are haters. I am glad we lost as it was so fucking horrible to watch. It was like a world champion boxer using bums to spar with.

    How can anyone defend this shit. Hoof fucking hoof with nobody able to control the ball or even pass the fucker. I am glad the Italians put me out of the misery of having to go through another load of bollocks listening to the media trying to brainwash any thick twat who think we had a chance.

    I used to love watching England play but you know what I don’t even know the squad these days. The defence were not to blame tonight although it at Chelsea written all over it with lucky rebounds from the post and numerous missed opportunities from the average Italians. Yes they too are average and they made us look totally shit.

    In the past ten years or since the Mancs and Beckhams golden era came along I have been sick of it and it is getting even worse.

    How can Rooney and Young be played the whole game and yet they took off Wellbeck who at least made an effort. Milner is the worst right sided player in My time of watching England play. It was the 1970 WC that I just remember watching and how classy we were then and have been up until the Beckham era.

    Call me an England hater if you want but until we learn to WATCH football as supporters rather than the semi Rugby stuff we think is exciting then just be prepared to NEVER see an improvement.

    What I don’t get is how we are not even very good at hoof ball anymore and we even get overpowered these days. We criticise the French and Dutch for inhouse fighting but its happening to our lot too. Players not passing to certain team mates and no running into space for them either.

    I am glad thats all over, I hope Roy gets our backing and I really hope He starts choosing skillfull players like Willshere and the Ox as his post match statement seemed to suggests He might. If He leaves out Rooney and Co. Until they decide they want it more then I will be happy to support my Country.

    England hater. At the moment I couldn’t give a toss.

  29. Ric

    SDEJune 24, 2012 22:58:51

    I don’t think so SDE I feel its more with the shit in your dressing room.
    This City – United – Liverpool – Arsenal – Chav rivalries etc. I don’t know it feels like its always the blame game with regards to the England team. I mean the first reaction on here was “at least it wasn’t Arsenal players”.
    It still sucks for England though, forget Terry is a ffffffing muppet, forget who Rooney is, and when young dives remember this time he dives for you. And just think of what the shirt he has on represents.

  30. SDE

    I don’t understand why excuses are always made for Rooney…

    This is his fourth major tournament…& people say he’s unfit…

    Well first of all,is situation was self-inflicted by getting himself sent off in an earlier game…

    Secondly,what other player is so ceremoniously feted,indulged & allowed to have a run of 4 tournaments without doing anything of note for a world class player…

    2004 Euros..(1st tournie)
    2006 WC(sending off)
    2010 WC(unfit,personal issues-cheating on wife)
    2012 Euros…!! (unfit-sending off previous game)

  31. Alex James

    Can’t understand the criticism of Wayne. Both Tilsley and Guy thingy tonight keep telling us he is wonderful, the only English player to be compared with Ronaldo and Messi. Of course, they could be clots, as are most of the media. It is never his fault. But then they are all closet Man Utd supporters. Tell me, did he manage a shot on goal during these championships, albeit he missed two games?

  32. El Tel

    By the way I don’t and never have expected us to win anything BUT we were always a decent and well respected team anywhere in the World.

    Those days are gone.

  33. SDE

    El Tel

    Here,here El Tel…

    I’m with you all the way….

    I like Roy,he did the best he could with what he had….

    If Capello who has won so many trophies in different leagues for Roma,AC Milan,Real Madrid,etc,etc..& worked with Zindane,Ronaldo(Brazilian),Cafu,Raul,Desailly,Totti’s of this world..& could only get so far with this team…

    How is Roy going to take it to the next level!!He has his work cut out!!

    Quarter-Final team at best…!!

  34. Demon

    Everyone knew what was coming…..why are people so suprised.

    Carroll fluked it against sweden.

    A high defensive line is needed to dominate and pressure teams ala Spain, Italy and germany.

    There’s no chance england could do this because A we don’t keep enough possession and b jt is a liability when played in a high defensive line…. Dont believe me… Ask avb. Di matteo came in and lowered the line

  35. BOOZY

    i like getting my predictions correct, but woy hodgson wont allow it.

    now i have to make up excuses at work tomorrow.

    England need to sack hodgson immediately and give the job to Arry.

  36. El Tel


    YES we are England anation who apparently don’t tolerate divers even for our team.

    Rooney is a scum bag and a joke and as for the rivalries the BBC commentator was the one who mentioned Theo plays for Arsenal when He ran into a blind spot . Like it is a problem for them that He plays for us.

    These same pricks will be creaming us when Willshere the Ox and Gibbs shines for their country.

    The players also seem to show these rivalries too and it looked to me like they isolated Theo when He came on. Milner had loads of the ball when He was on then they switched to down the niddle or the left side when Theo came on.

    That tosser Young even ventured right side a couple of times when Theo was on. I would rather see the likes of Lennon and the Ox running with the ball at players than the likes of gerrard hoofing 40 yard fifty fifty long balls to the lone Rooney who just couldn’ hold on to it.

    I don’t expect us to be world cahmps but I also don’t expect us to look like a third division team playing Barcelona even against teams like Ukrain and Algeria was it in the last WC.

    Fucking awful if you ask me.

  37. SDE

    Alex James

    Should ask yourself also, did he manage a shot on target in 2010 WC?

    Couldn’t trap a ball…But we were told he’s not right,he’s not fit…

    Insults the fans,questioning their loyalty..Funny that,as it was later revealed his loyalty was being called into question,with regards to his extra-marital activities…

    Anyway the biggest joke was off the back of a terrible 2010 WC,the opening game against some lowly team in the premiership..

    He scores a goal..& the commentators shout “Wayne Rooney, he’s World Class..A world class strike,by a world class player,”literally 6 weeks after bombing against Algeria,Germany,USA.& co in the 2010 WC..

    Quite funny!!

  38. El Tel

    Come on Boozy. Arry. Is this joke Friday mate.

    Moaninhio,Ferguson,Klopp,Hiddink and any other great Manager would not be able to do any better than Roy.

    Give the bloke a chance. These players are just not good enough and there is little out there to look forward to.

  39. Radio Raheem


    Do you think Rooney plays well for manure? I think he is a world class player but we need players who can pass the ball in midfield to get the most out or him. Add Wilshere to that England midfield an you’ll see a better Rooney
    Rooney might not have done well in the other tournaments you mentioned but he isn’t alone in that.

    Unfortunately, I’ve got to hit the sack. Have a goodnight

    PS: for the F1 fans out there what the fuck was Maldonando doing knocking Hamilton out of the race? That was fucking outrageous!

  40. El Tel


    You are so right about Rooney.

    Imo He is only dangerous in the Prem because the Refs tolerate rough house Rugby style play.

    He has technique but without the punching and kicking He can’t seem to process it.

  41. sam

    its better to go out on penalties than get humiliated by the germans next week.
    we expected england to have a go against this old italian team, au contraire they handed over a man of the match performance to a 33 year old. for 120 minutes they didn’t even think about stopping him.
    i know roy just got the job but his tactics and selections are rubbish. is he really the man to take england forward?

  42. El Tel


    See my last comment re Rooney. He plays great for the Mancs because He can bitch kick bollock and bite without getting penalised.

    Wonder how He would fare playing for the Arsenal. Sent off regularly would be my bet.

  43. SDE

    I don’t think so SDE I feel its more with the shit in your dressing room.
    This City – United – Liverpool – Arsenal – Chav rivalries etc. I don’t know it feels like its always the blame game with regards to the England team. I mean the first reaction on here was “at least it wasn’t Arsenal players”.
    It still sucks for England though, forget Terry is a ffffffing muppet, forget who Rooney is, and when young dives remember this time he dives for you. And just think of what the shirt he has on represents.


    & Spain don’t have their regional differences..?

    With the Catalans,Basques & the Madridstas..

    intertwined with the Barca vs Real Madrid rivalry..

    Didn’t stop them from winning &displaying their wonderful techniques & showcasing a 2008 Euro Cup& 2010 WC Cup for their efforts & divisions

  44. Demon


    Clearly your a mindless muppet if you think that team I named wouldnt be an improvement in 4 years when they are all 24 and upwards

    Hart # 1 untill he retires

    Walker will make rb his own

    Micah Richard and phil jones would be a complementary cb pairing with Richards pace we can play a high line and with phil jones passing we can play from the back

    Lb is a toss up from Gibbs or that Chelsea lad

    Jack Rodwell as a dm

    Wilshere and mceachran could be our iniesta and silva

    Lw the ox
    Rw lennon

    Wellbeck and delfouneso are our future strike force, both athletic, fast and very good with the ball at their feet……

  45. El Tel


    Roy did the best He could with a toolbox full of blunt instruments. Pirlo reminded me of King Liam Brady tonight. If anyone can rememeber back then they will know what I mean.

    Running with the ball,spraying long and short passes all over the pitch and actually winning the ball back. We (England) only have one player who can be close to this and He seems to have a career threatening injury.

  46. sam

    england should have had at least one penalty. the referee totally ignored shirt pulling italians get away with it.
    not saying england deserved to win but most of the time the referee let them off the hook.

  47. Demon

    Roy was too negative with his tactics playing Milner for defensive reasons and not benching young along with trusting Rooney to rescue us…

    Di natale and David villa aren’t lightning quick or tall and powerfull but they’re quick, nimble , lcof gravity and lethal.

    That is required at this level not hoofing it up to a white ape that can bring it down and loose the ball because he can’t run or pass the ball

  48. SDE

    EL Tel

    I agree..He’s all brawn & no brain…

    When he’s up against WC opponents/players,who are a bit more savvy than he is,& more technically gifted…

    Two things happen with Rooney..He either disappears into his shell,or out of the game,or lashes out in frustration…

    Like a kid who doesn’t get his way…

    Is that how World Class players act!!!

    Ronaldo,get’s kicked from pillar to post..get’s his ankles tapped up..
    But he keeps coming back,looking to do some damage& usually does..

    Uses his savviness & brain,along with technique to do severe damage to the opposition..

  49. El Tel


    Sorry mate I don’t know many of the players you have chosen for the future of England.

    You may be right about this. The Keepers place might go to Buckland though if He improves. And to be honest healthy competition would be a good thing like the Clemenece,Shilton,Corrigan days of yesteryear.

    I hope you are right as I am getting hammered at home and by mates for looking anti English.

    I do hate ghe Manc and Chav players but they are the ones getting picked even when they don’t deserve too. We need to learn how to hold the ball, how to pass the ball and how to make space. Fucking hell there isn’t much more a footballer should have to do.

  50. El Tel


    Get a grip.

    The Italians also got pulled about when they had corners but never made a meal of it like Terry did.

    I seem to remember seeing Parker launching into the back of players and a lot of body checking going on.

    It was the same for both sides.

  51. sam

    well everyone including me thought that old spaghettis will be tired in the second half and england will finish them off…… wrong!
    everyone hoped that fat boy looney will overrun the their defence tonight… wrong again!
    he wasn’t even supposed to be in the squad, too late.

  52. El Tel


    I thought that too as this is what England are reknowned for the energy and power play. Even Klinsmann showed surprise at how burnt out our Guys were after the match.

    The Italians just looked more powerful which is shocking.

  53. El Tel

    I dont know why Spain are gelled as a team as you are right they have big rivalries all I do know is that we looked like there are cliques in the side which was the downfall of the Dutch and the French.

  54. El Tel

    I know He is old and we shouldnt judge on one tournament but who else would like to see Pirlo running our midfield for two seasons?. He would get the best out of Jack and fit in well with Arteta too.

    Not sure He will have the pace to run all day but He didnt lack stamina last night thats for sure.

  55. sam

    am i the only one who noticed since the tournie started that rooney is overweight?
    well maybe its not roy who picked him up, the fa.
    he was clearly walking after losing the ball a la arshavin

  56. SDE


    That’s england’s problem..They still think playing international tournament is tantamount to playing in the premiership..@ 1000mph

  57. sam

    @el tel

    i thought the same too
    pirlo will be good signing we don’t have to play him everyweek
    just training with our midfielders will be bonus

  58. RedandDread

    Mourinho only has 2 champions Leagues-Porto & Inter

    I think Arsene deserves his salary and I’m sure he could get more elsewhere.

    Main thing lets hope we have the right team ready for this season.

  59. Pollux

    I dont give a shit about England failure to progress. Its expected anyway that they will be stopped at QF of major tournament. Im more glad that apart from Podolski and Mertesacker, all our players will now have a good rest and recharge for next season. Expecting nothing less than a major title for the new seasion.

  60. goonerboy

    You have to expect England as a major football nation to do better than pack the defence ride your luck and hope for penalties against good but not outstanding opposition. We were an embarrassment. It maybe unfair to blame Hodgson after only 6 games-but I didn’t see evidence of motivation, belief or application to take the game to the opposition that you would see from more limited players than Englands-like from the Americans or Australians for example. Seems that Roy may have made the team defend better-but only by reducing our attacking capacity.

  61. goonerboy

    Rooney is like a lot of good English players- he is an intuitive player who needs momentum and space to do his best work-a bit like Theo. In the EPL most of the time he gets it-at International level he doesn’t. Trouble is with players without great control they end up unable to contribute. Its not just that he performs disappointingly-he ends up being a passenger like he was for the world cup in South Africa.

  62. El Tel

    Great comment Goonerboy.

    We play with no pride and the Players actually all think they are the nuts. When average like Terry and Rooney get called our best players we have a major problem.

    Bobby Moore will be turning in His grave and so to will Bally. We have nobody apart from Ashley Cole with technique and awareness.

    He might not be ideal but why not use Joe Cole like the Italians used Pirlo, let the others do uthe running and let him try to pull the strings until Jack gets fit.

    Where are our Bobby Charltons,Alan Balls,Colin Bells,Glenn Hoddles,David Platts,Gazza’s, Waddle’s,Barnes, Bryan Robsons,Beardsleys,Brookings and Keegans, pearces,Gerry Francis etc and our technical players who never got game time for England like Tony Currie, Charlie George,Alan Hudsons,Stan Bowles,Stevie Williams the Maverick types we never seem to produce and when we do we dont use them.

    We never won anything since 66 but we were feared all over the Globe, we were respected and our Players behaved themselves. You could never fault our Country for effort, now we throw out praise for putting a shift in.

    We just dont have any talent apart from maybe 2/3 individuals.

    We always had the best Keepers or closeto the best right up to Seaman. Whats happened there. Hart hopefully can be one of the best .

    Where does the fix come from? Restricting foreigners isnt the answer. I think our people/fans need to change culturally. We need to look at the Prem and see that it isnt the best in the World its just the most exciting. Too many average players and cloggers in the game for my liking.

    Wheres our M’Villa, our Pirlo, our Alonso or Iniesta or even Busquets? Wheres our Ribery or Robben or our RVP or Torres. We have nothing to compare.

    Our hopes are now for Willshere and the Ox to give us some style but where are the other stars going to come from.

  63. arsenal1886-2006

    In one way I am happy to see England go out playing so negatively, chairman in England would have seen Chavs and England (if they had won) playing ‘park the bus’ and winning and we would have seen football taking a step back. Defending and attacking should compliment each other to make a good team ie Spain, Italy and Germany, and to some extent the South American sides. One does not work without the other.

  64. El Tel

    AFC 1886-2006

    We dont have the best league in the world Mate. It is full of cloggers and journeymen. There are too many teams in the league and a ufew of them are very very poor.

    Yes they beat the Arsenal but its morevbeat us up than outplaying us. Strange how Howard Webb is a good Ref in the Euros but totally bent in the Prem.

    The fans are just as bad. Tell me you havent thought or said break his legs, when a great bit of skill is produced by an opponent?

    Have you seen any team apart from England plaing football like Stoke,Bolton,Sunderland,Birmingham and a few others who get stuck in and play like a semi Rugby side?

    I am not saying we should turn sof but this Country doesnt appreciate skill enough and we always try to destroy it. All we hear is how even attackers must get back and defend.

    Have you ever seen Messi track back or Ronaldo or any other decent foreign player. They cant all get back then attack again, its a waste of energy and it just doesnt work.

    There was moan moan moan about Arshavin,Song,Ramsey,Chamakh,Theo,Gervinhio and more not covering the defence. Thisbis mistaken for not closing down. If we close down further up the pitch there would be less need to be running back towards your own goal all the time.

    Barca and Spain win the ball higher up the park and let the defenders defend. It works, the Germans work hard up the front, it works.

  65. El Tel

    Pirlo’s penalty was awesome but our press havent said much about this at all. Only Gazza in the past 20 years would have tried that for England.

  66. arsenal1886-2006

    One more thing before i go. I heard the commentator say something like “Pirlo is just strolling around the pitch in acres of space”, the co-commentator replied “he does not need to run, he uses his brain and lets the ball do the movement for him.
    Just about says it all really.

    Night all.

  67. El Tel

    Exactly right.

    Night Buddy.

    Watching Sky Sports News and they are talking to our fans. Saw the flags in the Stadium. York City,Stoke,Huddersfield etc etc. these people all like to see a war on the football pitch.

    Imagine the headlines if we had won. It would have been all avout the wars.

  68. arsenal1886-2006

    El Tel.

    I was being sarcastic when I said about the best league in the world.
    The media and the clubs have sold the illusion that high ticket prices and overpaid mediocre players are the best in the world.

  69. Rockett

    Did Gerrard really show up ?? I dont think he did much apart from take free kicks today poor leadership what the hell did rooney do jack shit Terryhad his usual good tournament impressed with lescott johnson ,cole did good apart from penalty but come on we lack leadership ashley young and milner should never wear the 3 lions on there chest again lets give the youngsters a chance how much worse could we have played and we got exactly what we had coming to us and Italy are crap
    Always proud to be English though a sad day tis true

  70. sam

    parking the bus without strikers that can get a goal that will finish off your opponent is totally useless.
    di mateo had drogba and sometimes torres did the job.
    unfornately for roy, he only had fat boy looney
    the bus meant nothing cause balotelli did find space to shoot anyway., a more experienced striker could have scored at least 2 goals.

  71. Dan Ahern

    Anybody awake out there?

    I agree M’Vila didn’t do much, but then again, neither did his entire team. Hard to say much on the back of that outing.
    I will say I really enjoy his passing ability though. He passes very fast and accurately. He distributed several balls directly out 30ish yards to the wings, hard and accurate. On the floor, too, his passes are very strong but on target. If you have good wingers and players with good technique (basically, what Arsenal focus on), he fits in as a great distributor from right in front of the back line. There’s a de Rossi-ness about him in that regard.

  72. Dan Ahern

    Also, Wenger sounds delusional as fuck. He’s kind of right about van Persie though. Way better than Huntelaar (who plays for Shalke 04, Pedro) and didn’t seems to get much service from his team. AW still sounds pretty ridiculous going on about how he extensively analysed him and that he’s made brilliant ‘technical actions’. Uh. Alright then.

  73. Pollux

    We are obviously not close to MVila due to the difference in valuation. Hopefully with France dismayal performance in this tournament, MVila valuation will drop a few mil grand.

  74. Bade

    Well, firstly I really am sad for you Brits

    I hoped you’d get a better than quarters, but let’s be honest Italy were the better side on paper, they were the better side on pitch, so fair result

    As for those calling for Roy’s head, and asking for the ultimate savior in Tax dodging ‘Arry, is sheer stupidity

    The man had barely 6 weeks with the players, he won a group no one believed England could, he took Italy – a much better side – to the penalties. What else can you ask for, bearing in mind the best England EVER had in Euro was Semi final?

    I think will do a great job for you when he’s got more time & all players available. Don’t forget England midfield suffered major absentees

    As for ‘Arry, should I remind you his resume? Or it’s enough to look at his last season to sum it up. He bottled a 13 points lead & lost on CL spot, when he was calling loud for Spuds “title challengers”. He’s a constant bottler, he was sacked even by the Scums

    Is this what you wish for England manager? I doubt it

  75. Sachhyam Shrestha

    The 3rd sub was the faulty one. If Roy had brought in Ox for Parker, it would have changed the game. He would have complemented Walcott – of course, plus Rooney wouldnt be dropping in the midfield to get the ball. Young was trying to take on players on his own and Milner was absent.

    How can Roy think of giving Henderson a no. 8 ? He doesnt even deserve to be in the squad !!!

  76. Geoff

    Have to say Pedro calling people England haters is like the AKB’s call me a Song hater.

    It’s called having an opinion, I’m guessing pedro is going through his ‘I love everyone’ period because he thinks its not being a proper writer if you dare criticise.

    Me I say it like I see it, England were shit last night and should pay the fans their money back, just like Arsenal were shit against Birmingham in the Carling Cup final, against QPR, Wigan and WBA in the EPL last week.

    Expect that makes me an Arsenal hater.

  77. Geoff

    Someone needs to tell me how all these fans can stay out at the Euros for 6 weeks, if they are working how on earth do they get the time off, if they are out of work, how on earth can they afford it?

    I was wondering when I was watching the Greek fans but I kept quiet but after watching the England fans this morning, I had to ask the question.

  78. Moray

    Geoff, I think many are self-employed. Probably taxi drivers. I have met a couple of London cabbies and they both told me they would pretty much only work 5-6 months a year as they earned well enough to spend the other half of the year traveling the world.

  79. Arse&Nose©

    Geoff, good point.
    When I see TV crews interview England fans very few of them seem like sensible job worthy folk. Unfortunately it seems as if the majority of travelling fans are state funded.

  80. Arse&Nose©

    An insight into an England players head whilst on the pitch:

    “Arghhh don’t give me the ball”

    “oh shit I’ve got the ball, panic panic, HOOF!!”

    “Shit , I’ve lost the ball better get ‘stuck in’, shit its a free kick-fucking foreign refs”

  81. gambon

    “The 3rd sub was the faulty one. If Roy had brought in Ox for Parker, it would have changed the game”

    Oh shut up.

    Its embarrassing how many times you cunts mentioned Ox and Walcott throughout the tournament.

    It was completely the right sub. We were losing the MF battle and Parkers legs had gone.

    Is anyone capable of a bit of objective thought around here?

  82. Arse&Nose©

    I would have stuck Jones/Jagielka on instead of Carroll

    Carroll just made us hoof the ball, Jones and Jags could have tried to man mark Pirlo and get our midfield passing again. Parker, for all his heart isn’t good enough either because his passing is terrible.

  83. gambon

    “He’s poor bring on the ox or theo fuck if chamack was English I’d rather him than young lol”

    “Italy slightly better, but if England get out Milner & Young & get in Theo & The Ox, they;ll win it ”

    “really surprised how little i care about this game.especially with no theo.”

    “Would put Oxo on the right wing and bring on Walcott for him later. Milner is bullshit….”

    “Fucking milners doing it too now we need theo and ox or we could lose this.”

    “the stage is set for ox and theo”

    “Noe we need The Ox”

    “Young out,Ox in,then England win”

    “theo is the key.”

    “All england need to do is look out for theo”

    You should be ashamed of yourselves. Is it any wonder that Theo is asking for £100k pw and failing to improve, and is it any wonder that Wenger feels he can play a team of sub-standard kids when you all go on like this.

  84. Arse&Nose©

    gambon, to be fair Theo hasn’t put a foot wrong in the euros. He has put in better shifts than other english players who earn more than him. It is all relative and not his fault that most around him are shit thus making him look better than he is.

  85. Jeff

    I think Roy acquitted himself very well. There is not a manager on the planet who can steer to victory a team of the quality that England have at the moment. Roy’s main plan of attack was in fact defence and he leaves the Euros undefeated in all the matches and it took a penalty shoot-out to see England out.

    A spate of around 4 or 5 super talented players in key positions is needed and I feel, like many here, that Oxlade-Chamberlain can become one of those in a few years.

    Also, one has to question why England were so tired and looking unfit (particularly Rooney) even before the 90 minutes were up? Overall though I think that England had a good tournament and her placing in the world rankings is correct.

    Finally, and this is probably fair to say, I don’t believe going out of tournaments hurts England fans as much as it used to because the expectation to win is no longer as strong as it used to be; in fact it is now the other way around. England’s chance will come.

    Club football on the other hand is much more dynamic and full of surprises, which is why we love it so much and also why we hate it so much when Arsene doesn’t do what we think he ought to do; i.e. buy some real quality and sort out the wage structure. But that’s for another day.

  86. on-the-edge

    I’m not English but was supporting England. But with the pirate’s son coming off his two match suspension, i started wishing England don’t win. I cant stand a full-blown ManU forward line steering England to victories and thereby allowing its fans even more bragging rights.

    Circa 1800s: Wayne Rooney’s great-grandparents jumps from the ships to Australia. Pirates from Mediterranean find them. Wayne Rooney’s grandfather born in Manchester near docks.

  87. on-the-edge

    Wenger is approaching his last stages of senility. His statements and his take on RVP’s performance at this Euro convincingly puts to rest any confusion about only reason behind Arsenal’s last 7 years’ plight and agony.

    WENGER OUT!!!!!!