TREBLE Oxlade-Chamberlain’s wages? | Robin deal still sitting there | Giroud Arsenal deal nearly done!

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Lots of news to power on with this morning. Lots of extctremely exciting news if I’m totally honest.

First up.


In the bag by the sounds of it. Wenger had this to say…

“Giroud didn’t play much (at the Euros so far), but he’s going to be an Arsenal player 90 per cent next season.

“I think he has exceptional potential and will integrate very well in our collective and our way of playing.

“He is a real team player and knows how to combine with other players and I’m sure he will do well with us.”

Bravo. Good to hear. £12.6million for a striker who is capable of scoring 20 goals a season. That’s proper value and exactly the sort of signing Wenger used to make way back when. A player on the verge of greatness. Just like Podolski. Been around for a few years, loads of potential… but yet to be given the platform to explode. Let’s hope we’re that platform.

Wenger also had some strange words about Podolski…

‘Podolski did a great job for the German team, he has superb team work. He plays in a cautious way sometimes, but he’s still scored a very important goal against Denmark for his 100th cap. I am very happy with what I’ve seen from him.’

Cautious? I hope he doesn’t mean he’s disciplined for Germany, but when he comes here, we’ll beat that out of him! Like I said a few weeks ago, I’ve been told he’s a real character around the dressing room and he puts everything into training. He’ll be an asset.

The next piece of good news is that we’re trebling the wages of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Hold on? Is that good news? We’re struggling with wages and we’re trebling the wages of someone who joined last summer and started the grand total of 15 games? Really?

I just don’t get Arsenal. We seem to fuel this wage madness ourselves. He’s not a first team regular for us. He’s not done anything of note really and the first chance we get we treble his salary, we jump at it. It’s just total madness. Shouldn’t we wait until he makes a really big impact in our season before we jump in with a new deal? It’s not like it’ll be anywhere near running out.

I know people will moan about me moaning about this. But take your football goggles off for a second.

Trebled wages for 4 goals and 2 assists.

Take that in for a moment. In this climate. Madness

Still, one thing is for sure, you can’t deny that he’s going to be a major talent for us. I don’t begrudge us offering talented players good money. I’d just like them to do a little more for the contract upgrade they get. Danny Welbeck only just got pushed up to £45k a week and he’s playing for a team that has been winning trophies left, right and centre.

A player who does deserve a contract upgrade is Robin Van Persie. He has a big fat deal sitting on the table that he’s not committing to. It’s getting very boring and it’s going to start getting into that zone where it starts becoming damaging to our preparation. We need to set a deadline on this and we need to stick to it this year. You get the impression Manchester City will hold their cards close to their chest on this one. They don’t need Robin… they just want him because he’s a trophy signing. If they disrupt our preseason and get him. They win. If they disrupt our preseason and miss out on him they win.

We need to take control this summer and take the hit on him going for free or sell him early and reinvest.

A picture of Thomas Vermaelen surfaced on the internet of him and Carlos Puyol hanging out in restaurant in Ibiza. Straight after that they headed down to DC10 for a night of dirty techno and debauchery. Party animals the pair of them. In their drug fueled haze, the Mail indicates that there was some clear tapping up, obviously that’s exactly what happens when you meet a fellow pro in a bar on holiday. So we should all be massively worried about losing a player who said only a few months ago he’d never leave.

I’d ignore any negatives around that story. I think it’s quite sweet that even when you’re a pro, you still get star struck by other great players. I have to say… when I met the Gunnersaurus, I nearly wet myself.

On the football last night… it was a pretty dull affair. You can’t help but marvel at the sheer talent of Ronaldo. We should bulk out players up like him. He’s so powerful despite his insistence on hitting the deck when brushed ever so delicately. If we had big players like that, you wonder if that would impact on our injuires. He never gets damaged… ever. His finishing is quite incredible. Portugal have some top players, it was good to see Veloso, Le Grove fave from a few years back is still on the scene.

That’s everything, see you in the comments… come armed with jokes… funny jokes!

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407 Responses to “TREBLE Oxlade-Chamberlain’s wages? | Robin deal still sitting there | Giroud Arsenal deal nearly done!”

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  1. Cesc Appeal


    See this is quite a problem on here, we need an AM, badly. People don’t want Ben Arfa, or Afellay, or Martin (thinks he’s at Lille now), or Belhanda…a lot don’t even want Sneijder (even if we shopped in that part of the store)…so who do we want then? Hope Wilshere plays well there, or the Ox?

    I’d take Ben Arfa and Afellay for a combined fee of about £21 Million. I think that greatly improves our AM department because right now the cupboard is kind of bare – suggestions?

  2. Cesc Appeal

    Mark Beasley

    That would be an epic back four!!

    But I can’t see Dortmund selling him, they’re not us.

  3. Mark Beasley

    OK, we’ll go with it, with Tasci as the option if we cannot get Hummels/Martinez.

    I don’t know why Wenger finds this so diificult!

    DCM – any advances on M’vila?

  4. Samir

    We won’t buy a centre back at all…Unless Djourou goes! Maybe even then we won’t…We’d have Bartley back wouldn’t we…

    Can only see us signing a GK and DM.

  5. Samir

    Actually…Can’t even see us signing a goalkeeper…
    We have Chesney and Fabianski…And that Martinez guy as back up…

  6. kwik fit


    All we need is to get a couple of quality signings and resign RVP and you’d be surprised at the type of player who would be happy to sign for the gunners.

  7. Johnny5

    Am starting to wonder if half the so called arsenal fans on here are really spuds in disguise the way they fucking bitch and moan. Quit your bitching and see what happens

  8. Mark Beasley

    Samir, I don’t want to start the season with no hope that Arsenal can compete, like I did last year. Don’t destroy my optimism before the transfer window shuts. Even Greece can equalise against Germany!

  9. Mark Beasley

    Sagna, Hummels, Vermaelen, Alba
    M’vila, Wilshere
    ???, RVP, Podolski

    I’m assuming M’vila & Giroud are coming and Podolski will start left.
    Who starts on the right? I think we need one creative signing…. who do we want?

  10. Mark Beasley

    So we’ve had Affelay, Ben Arfa & Belhanda as attacking options.
    I think we can only accommodate one due to the max of 17 non home grown players. Belhanda is Moroccon which makes me nervous (Chamakh) and means he’ll be off to the ACN.

    Cesc Appeal, are Affelay and Ben Arfa a big improvement on what we have?

    Shame we cannot have Ozil or Reus!

    What about experienced GK cover?

  11. zeus


    We didn’t miss out on him. We were never in for him in the first place. Which is crazy.

    Dortmund did well to snap him up in January. Think they suspected Kagawa’s desired departure couldn’t be put off.

  12. Jamal

    we actually did show interest if i remember correctly but we got park chu young instead… 4-2 harsh penalty

  13. Moray

    Mark, it’s nice to dream but realistically, Podolski and Giroud will be our summer signings. I can’t see more than that, looking at past transfer performance…if we lose RVP then MAYBE one more.

    Why the fuck we still have Rosicky, I don’t know.

  14. Mark Beasley

    I have to hope you’re not right, but history is on your side.
    Still, there are gettable players out there who will improve the team, so i’m expecting more ins and outs after the Euros.
    Agreed, Rosicky has not done enough to justify a new contract and a precious (non home grown) squad place.

  15. BOOZY

    well as expected the germans go through.

    But this tournament has really flattered the germans – they are a compact side but not as good as this euros have made them out to be.

    Take away Ozil from this german side then they become uncreative, one dimensional, but still difficult to beat.

  16. Cesc Appeal


    I’m being realistic, I’d like us to take a punt on Modric, for numerous reasons some of them being pissing off spud related. But I bet you £25 Million and Bendtner would get him. Seeing as Ade-pay-me-more is off and Saha is gone.

    I’d honestly touch myself in public at that one.

  17. Cesc Appeal


    It’d be like shagging Mila Kunis for a fiver AND giving her Chlamydiae so she remembers it was you that f**ked her!

  18. Radio Raheem

    With all that facial hair the Greeks are wearing I’ll be worried that something might go ‘pop’ soon enough.


  19. Marko

    This blog really is obsessed with wages. To be honest I didn’t hear anything concrete on Chamberlain getting a new deal it may of been a journo jumping the gun a bit with him being on the fringes of England I mean Downing and Lennon can’t even get a look in and that’s fair enough cause they’re both pretty average and Young is doing fuck all so Chamberlain is pretty close to a starting spot. And if he’s on shit wages why not keep the vultures away and give him a bump I mean its not like he’s another Chamakh or Walcott he’s gonna be special this kid. Agree about Walcott if he’s holding out for a 100,000 a week tell him to fuck off.

  20. kwik fit

    IMHO tomorrows night’s game will be the winners of Euro 2012.
    I hope our french guys do it:
    Le Coq

  21. kwik fit

    The Germans were good today but then again it was Greece they played. Their two best players were not used Pod and BFG.

    In other news … its the end of the road for these guys!

  22. Gunner2301


    Not sure if I’d take TV over Kos. Kos had a shaky first season so TV looked better but this last season Kos has outshone him seems to have more awareness and if you discount TVs goals then he’s fairly average with a few fuck ups inbetween. He’s the Alex Song of defenders and having two of that type in the team isn’t helping us defensively. Plus I think Kos and TV are similar type defenders and we need a bit of a contrast. So I would probably go for Hummels and Kos.

    The midfield wasn’t great last season, our posession percentage went down in a lot of games where previously we used to dominate. Diaby we can’t depend on Wilshire might not be the same player and have setbacks. Rosicky has gone back to sleep, so I don’t see any improvement in midfield really. When we can’t win without Arteta that tells you something. In reality he should be backup quality but he’s the player we are depending on to hold us together.

    We need an Ozil type player who can keep the ball well. Pity Nasri left but hey ho. Lahm we’d never get he’s one of the best in the world never seems to put a foot wrong kinda like Cole. We fucked up on that one he’s been one of the most consistent players in Europe for the last 10 years. I’d still go for Baines. We need another set piece man as well because RVP and Theo are shit so we only have Arteta who is decent.


    It’s more about the blanket policy. If Ramsey, Djourou et al were still on low wages then we’d have nothing to say about Ox getting more wages it’s just you know in Shangrila if one is getting that they all will be and the majority are not deserving and probably never will be.

  23. Cesc Appeal


    Ozil has been a beast this summer and exactly the type of player we needed to sign to replace Cesc, we knew Cesc was going to go – Mesut Ozil could’ve had a season with Fabregas before he went. Instead of Ramsey.

    We need a midfielder. Sahin? Sessegnon? Sneijder? Modric? Ben Arfa? Belhanda? Afellay? K P Boateng?

    Some are more expensive than others

  24. kwik fit

    ‘Unconfirmed reports suggesting Arsenal have agreed a £14million fee for Yann M’vila’

    This has been all over twitter all night.
    Can I just confirm those reports cos I just got a text from M’vils ‘ I have signed for Arsenal London’

  25. Gunner2301

    Walkers mystery flavour crisps!
    My mate thought they tasted like his wife’s pussy, he thought it was just his imagination but everyone in the pub said the same!

  26. Gunner2301

    I would put in a shock bid for Sahin, he’s looking vulnerable and I haven’t heard anything about Maureen being keen to feature him. He has a point to prove too.

  27. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah Kwik he looks decent. I like KP Boateng though, but I don’t know where his asking price would start. His attitude may be a problem but it’s that same attitude that makes him a live wire on the pitch.

    If we get M’Vila now I think it’ll be for a lower price than the £17 Million first though – unless he has a great tournament (which could be over tomorrow night.)

    I’d like to see two AM’s come in, not necessarily big name, big money ones a la Modric and Sneijder but perhaps two smaller ones, Belhanda AND Ben Arfa/Afellay.

    Wenger’s doing better with Giroud and Podolski unless he sells RVP – in that case those two signings will mean nothing

  28. kwik fit

    There seems to be a fascination about sahin but the guy has been at RM 2 years and hardly featured so that says it all. Also if your a RM reserve you must be fucking class. …mmmm I don’t think so!

  29. Dan Ahern

    CA – Fab maybe even would’ve stayed (or stayed longer, perhaps I should say) if we brought in Oezil. Players do enjoy being on winning teams. (I know, I know, heresy!)

    As for AM:
    Sahin – Not personally too interested
    Sessegnon – Could do the job
    Sneijder – Out of our price range
    Modric – Same
    Ben Arfa – Another I don’t personally like (not to say he’s not good)
    Belhanda – Wonder if we can even still get him now that we’re taking Giroud from them
    Affelay – I really rate him, think he’d be solid in an AM role
    KP Boateng – Hm I dunno
    Kagawa – Dammit.

  30. kwik fit

    We ‘the Arsenal’ Have about say six maybe seven players doing the business tomorrow night. Now Engerland have 2 players tops.
    So who do we want to win the Euros?

  31. Cesc Appeal


    Yes! Totally forgot about him. It’s about time we stole something of theirs.

    There is a lot of buzz that we’ve agreed a deal in principal for M’Vila at £14 Million with the possibility to rise to £18 Million….heard that before

  32. Cesc Appeal


    Weirdly Afellay would probably be the cheapest on that list…I also rate him, but at his low price we could afford to bring someone else as well – a Sessengnon or Ben Arfa with Prem experience.

  33. Dan Ahern

    CA – Yeah, I distrust that 6m figure that was floated around. But both him and Sess could be in the region of 10m a apiece. Those two would be good business in my eyes. I’d play Afellay right, Poldi left, Sess in AM, and have some great bench options in Giroud, Theo, and the Ox.

  34. sam

    selling van persie after signing giroud and podolski is not a good idea for 2 reasons.
    1. we still don’t have a big squad to compete in all 4 competitions, if you remove the kids and lame ducks you will find that we have a very small squad. and its possible you could face the same problem of injuries and fatigues during xmas and end of the season runs. thats why i believe we should keep park chu young.

    2. podolski and giroud will need time to settle probably. podolski has history of home sickness lets just hope he’s a grown man now and mertesacker will help with babysitting otherwise we will have problem.
    giroud will also have to adapt to english football.
    and finally, its time for wenger to admit that rotation is the only way. players don’t mind having a week off and sometimes we leave van persie on the bench while giroud and podolski are murdering the likes of stoke,wigan etc….

  35. Cesc Appeal

    £35 Million (Fabregas fee) for Afellay, Sessengnon and M’Vila!!
    4-3-3 with a triangle in the middle of M’Vila, Wilshere and Sessengnon/Ben Arfa (I like him lol) at the tip.
    Then an upfront of Poldi, RVP and Afellay. Solid base of midfield then a creative hub in Afellay and Sess, pure pace and aggression of Poldi and the lethalness of RVP

  36. Gunner2301


    I think Ben Arfa whilst being a good player is a bit hit n miss. If we were going to get 2 AMs we would have got rid of Rosicky when we had the chance. Not sure about KPB good player but theres just something about him not sure he’d fit in with us.

  37. Dan Ahern

    Bendtner to Malaga would be nice. They won’t scoff at his wages. … Okay they will, but then they’ll pay them anyway. Could be half of Giroud’s fee in the bank right there.

  38. Cesc Appeal


    We do play the dull game, like calling at poker on the first wave a cursory $10 then folding, slowly ebbing away at our pot, never looking at the cards on the table and thinking ‘I’m going to go for this.’ Sometimes you’ll make a huge loss, sometimes you’ll score a huge win. But when you’re playing with the bankroll we have compared to most others sitting at the table – we should always be able to come out on top

  39. sam

    i also dislike the term backup players
    it means we are still going to tolerate average performance because he only plays when the first teamer is out injured or comes in as a sub.
    2 equally good players in each position and rotate them every week. like m’vila/song or ox/ belhanda/alcantara., gibbs/santos.
    a small good squad with alots of backups(lame ducks) is a deadend business we’ve been there before.
    wenger needs to realise that we are in 2012 not 1996, playing the same first 11 everyday will get you nowhere.
    same excuse every year ” fatigue and injuries”

  40. Gunner2301

    Think Hamsik signed a new contract recently didn’t he? VDV I would have as a squad player not a starter. I’d like Schweinsteiger but I’m greedy 🙂

  41. Dan Ahern

    Hamsik would be very expensive, but awesome. He didn’t sign a new contract; they just extended his deal 1 year to 2016.

    VDV would walk into our team, who are we kidding?

    Schweinstager’s great but never going to be sold. We’re solid with Arteta and Wilshere hopefully returning anyway.

  42. Gunner2301


    VDV would but should he? Thats the question. Just like Arteta is an integral member should he be? Our midfield is average it should be excellent and until it is we won’t win anything just as we won’t if our defence is average. Players like VDV (who can’t run), Arteta should be squad players for a team like us.

  43. Goon from BD

    I don’t see what the hell we are going to do with Schweinsteiger(won’t ever happen,anyway)/Sahin if we sign M’vila.

  44. kwik fit

    We are all cool because the season is over and at the end of the day 3rd was fucking unbelievable. Mr Wenger survived by the skin of his arse.!
    Having said all of that if Arsenal FC is not going to invest then now listen you guys….

  45. kwik fit

    He’s not so slow he has posted another bit and no one will ever go back on this ;;;; There is a chance that youse fuckers could win this! 🙂

  46. craigy

    arsene wenger has stated he could earn 10 times more if he left arsenal but money is not his motivation, ha ha, ok then mate, take a salary reduction then coz based on the last 7 years you dont merit the 7 million you earn, laughable