TREBLE Oxlade-Chamberlain’s wages? | Robin deal still sitting there | Giroud Arsenal deal nearly done!

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Lots of news to power on with this morning. Lots of extctremely exciting news if I’m totally honest.

First up.


In the bag by the sounds of it. Wenger had this to say…

“Giroud didn’t play much (at the Euros so far), but he’s going to be an Arsenal player 90 per cent next season.

“I think he has exceptional potential and will integrate very well in our collective and our way of playing.

“He is a real team player and knows how to combine with other players and I’m sure he will do well with us.”

Bravo. Good to hear. £12.6million for a striker who is capable of scoring 20 goals a season. That’s proper value and exactly the sort of signing Wenger used to make way back when. A player on the verge of greatness. Just like Podolski. Been around for a few years, loads of potential… but yet to be given the platform to explode. Let’s hope we’re that platform.

Wenger also had some strange words about Podolski…

‘Podolski did a great job for the German team, he has superb team work. He plays in a cautious way sometimes, but he’s still scored a very important goal against Denmark for his 100th cap. I am very happy with what I’ve seen from him.’

Cautious? I hope he doesn’t mean he’s disciplined for Germany, but when he comes here, we’ll beat that out of him! Like I said a few weeks ago, I’ve been told he’s a real character around the dressing room and he puts everything into training. He’ll be an asset.

The next piece of good news is that we’re trebling the wages of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Hold on? Is that good news? We’re struggling with wages and we’re trebling the wages of someone who joined last summer and started the grand total of 15 games? Really?

I just don’t get Arsenal. We seem to fuel this wage madness ourselves. He’s not a first team regular for us. He’s not done anything of note really and the first chance we get we treble his salary, we jump at it. It’s just total madness. Shouldn’t we wait until he makes a really big impact in our season before we jump in with a new deal? It’s not like it’ll be anywhere near running out.

I know people will moan about me moaning about this. But take your football goggles off for a second.

Trebled wages for 4 goals and 2 assists.

Take that in for a moment. In this climate. Madness

Still, one thing is for sure, you can’t deny that he’s going to be a major talent for us. I don’t begrudge us offering talented players good money. I’d just like them to do a little more for the contract upgrade they get. Danny Welbeck only just got pushed up to £45k a week and he’s playing for a team that has been winning trophies left, right and centre.

A player who does deserve a contract upgrade is Robin Van Persie. He has a big fat deal sitting on the table that he’s not committing to. It’s getting very boring and it’s going to start getting into that zone where it starts becoming damaging to our preparation. We need to set a deadline on this and we need to stick to it this year. You get the impression Manchester City will hold their cards close to their chest on this one. They don’t need Robin… they just want him because he’s a trophy signing. If they disrupt our preseason and get him. They win. If they disrupt our preseason and miss out on him they win.

We need to take control this summer and take the hit on him going for free or sell him early and reinvest.

A picture of Thomas Vermaelen surfaced on the internet of him and Carlos Puyol hanging out in restaurant in Ibiza. Straight after that they headed down to DC10 for a night of dirty techno and debauchery. Party animals the pair of them. In their drug fueled haze, the Mail indicates that there was some clear tapping up, obviously that’s exactly what happens when you meet a fellow pro in a bar on holiday. So we should all be massively worried about losing a player who said only a few months ago he’d never leave.

I’d ignore any negatives around that story. I think it’s quite sweet that even when you’re a pro, you still get star struck by other great players. I have to say… when I met the Gunnersaurus, I nearly wet myself.

On the football last night… it was a pretty dull affair. You can’t help but marvel at the sheer talent of Ronaldo. We should bulk out players up like him. He’s so powerful despite his insistence on hitting the deck when brushed ever so delicately. If we had big players like that, you wonder if that would impact on our injuires. He never gets damaged… ever. His finishing is quite incredible. Portugal have some top players, it was good to see Veloso, Le Grove fave from a few years back is still on the scene.

That’s everything, see you in the comments… come armed with jokes… funny jokes!

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  1. dennisdamenace

    Trebling yet another kids wages after being here ten minutes and achieving NOTHING.

    Herein lies the problem, the problem that continually hamstrings us when wanting to offer competitive wages to an established player.

    Wenger & Co have learned nothing, fucking nothing. £50m transfer budget aka as the Diaby slush fund.

  2. Mayank

    With the Ox situation it really depends on what he’s on to begin with. If it’s 10-15K he should definitely get a raise.

    Welbeck has had one good season for Utd where he scored 12 in 40 appearances. Not bad but hardly deserving of trebling wages. So I don’t know why the comparisons with Welbeck make sense.

    However, the flipside of the argument is that 45K for a very talented squad player is about par for the course. I mean the fact is when his agent asks for an increase he’ll also be taking into account how many Ox shirts Arsenal will be selling. We’ll make a decent amount from his image rights. Agents won’t just let that slip.

  3. primitive energy

    I have never understood why Song is so overlooked!I did say after RVP, he is obviously the most valuable player! All we need to do is move him up the field and double his wages!

  4. goonerDNA

    Bade, Costa Rica’s last few games have been against Guyana, El Salvador, Guatemala,Honduras and Jamaica and they won 2 of those games

    meanwhile England finished top of they group and play Italy next

  5. Bade


    So in order to “fill quotas” you’d sanction a trebled wages? What a load of bollocks

    By the way we can easily claim those 8 HG players without the OX. Just for you to know.

  6. The Legend That Is Dennis Bergkamp

    I almost talked my way out of a speeding ticket today by telling a police woman she looked bloody gorgeous.
    Although things went sour when i said “And that’s not just the drink talking either….”

  7. Mark Beasley

    Not sure about 3x wages but it’s inevitable that the Ox’s agent will be looking to re-negotiate now that he is in the England team.

    Bade, do we need a RB? Assuming Sagna will be fit soon, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to use Jenkinson, Coquelin, Koscielny as back up.

    LB on the other hand seems more pressing. What is the general consensus? Are Sanots & Gibbs good enough or is it just the coaching that needs to improve? If Spurs lover Vertonghen is still hanging around, he plays LB for Belgium.

    If it’s true that Bayern have agreed a deal for Javier Martinez, at least we know what the price is if we want to get involved. I hope we do.

    Two good players who can play two positions and would definitely improve the team.

    We should be able to pick up an experienced keeper for next to nothing.

    I’d still like a creative player to come in. Not seen Jovetic, but Fiorentina have told Chelsea he is not for sale!

  8. gambon


    Jovetic on the bench!!!!

    Any team that counts Theo as a first team footballer will have a lot of room for Stevan Jovetic.

    Bar RVP hes better than everyone at Arsenal.

  9. Arse&Nose©

    gambon, see earlier comment RE: starting front 3 of Podolski, RVP, Giroud

    This would put Theo and Gervinho on the bench, why then would we go out and splurge on Jovetic!?!

    We need to sort out the midfield now and stop fantasizing about fantasy football players.

  10. chris

    I think there’s a bit of a misunderstanding on Wenger’s part about the value of contract extensions / wage increases for young payers –
    If AOC plays brilliantly and everyone wants him in a year or two and he’s interested, having three years left isn’t reaslly going to matter that much to his value on selling him or the club’s ability to keep him

    On the other hand, if they keep RvP without a new deal and he does very well next year, he’ll still be a year older and less attractive to other teams, he’ll have had two good years here in a row and the club are talking about a signing on fee anyway – so it’s not obvious (to me) why Arsenal will necessarily be in that much of a worse position this time next year.

    If he gets a long term injury or plays badly, the club are better off for him not being on a long term deal…..

  11. Draper-Corleone

    I am amazed how a report in the Daily Mirror gets accepted as the gospel truth and gets used as another stick to beat up Wenger.

  12. goonerDNA

    Bade, keep on saying trebled as it makes out his on some obscene amount its 45k. Lets not forget the “you don’t know what you’re doing” incident last season or the fact he got ahead of a Russian international who has alot more caps and he’s paid almost double what OX gets now.

  13. Chika

    I’m very sure not every one here is an Arsenal ‘fan’.
    The way the doomers slate wenger is just unfortunate.

    To think wenger is responsible for the OX pay rise is simply ridiculous.

    Quit moaning…

  14. SalParadiseNYC

    When’s the last time you had your wages trebled,
    one season in?
    Here’s a thought, and I know we all love the OX I certainly do… BUT why don’t we see if he can repeat or better his form of last season then treble his wages and sign him up for a VERY long period.
    It’s like Arch and Jughead running the business end of this club, my boys at the pub could cut better deals. You lot on Le Grove most definitely could.

  15. arsenal tom

    A&N… Giroud wont be a starter unless RVP’s being rested or is injured.

    The rumours about Theo looking to go if RVP does are apparently true which means we could need another 2 signings up front.

    No way Gervinho should our starting right forward

  16. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Mark Beasley & Guns of H…
    Sorry! It’s what I do! I couldn’t get involved yesterday. Too busy!

    Dublin Gooner.
    You can be pretty sure that Liv v Arsenal will be on TV. There’s nothing on Sky Live games at the moment and the ESPN site says.. live games for 2012-13 coming soon; although I don’t think they will have this game.

    I agree… However, the apparent shift in policy is for me a very welcome step… But still work to be done on the squad; all over the field!

  17. dennisdamenace

    I have to say i would not be happy with RvP being sold for one reason, and one reson only.

    The simple fact that whatever we may get for RvP will not be used to buy a like-for-like replacement.

    Anyone remember Vieira. Henry, Campbell, Gilberto, Adebayor, Nasri, Fabregas to name but a few….

    AW & Co must be licking their collective lips at the prospect of banking yet another £20m+ whilst blooding another relative French nobody in the Arsenal First Team.

    And, for the Arsenal First Team read Les Blues reserves.

  18. no handbrake

    Are you a god? I dare to ask you because you are never wrong. You shall answer any question on anybody’s mind. By your own admission you are not not a person you are an idea. I dare to ask thou , is there there higher instance then thou? please enlight our poor souls and tell us what future hold for our beloved club. If you do that i’ll worship you for the rest of my life.

  19. mtim

    Chamberlin will be the to justify if the club is right to treble his wages…..but IMO,i’ll rather give Oxo 45k dan pay Milner over 70k

  20. no handbrake

    as long as squirrel is on our dross list we don’t stand a chance to sign Ben Arfa :Despite rumors of a rift between himself and Benzema, Ben Arfa signed a contract extension with Lyon in March 2008 until 2010. However, his career at Lyon reached an impasse after he got into a training session scuffle with veteran Sébastien Squillaci.

  21. LegroveIsInTheHeart

    This could piss a few people off what i’m about to say, some might consider me racist for my views but I dont care, really I dont. I cant stand the 1500 meter relay, literally despise it.

  22. Jamal

    just found out £50’000 pw…

    how the fuck are the shit players getting more than that? (chamakh, ramsey, theo, NB52, denilshit)

  23. no handbrake

    I don’t know Jamal, i’m just trying to be “funny” but it always turn out to be stupid. sorry

  24. Jamal

    Highest ticket prices haha..

    No fucking wonder. Our hard earned money is wasted on the Dross’ wages.

    They should be paying us the fucking cunts

  25. goonerDNA

    Our good players aren’t paid enough and our shit players are overpaid so when one of our good players gets a wage hike I’m not going act like a prick about it due to my hate of the overall wage structure.


    Yeah treble †ђε OX wage……… Isn’t he English? Ask King Kenny his real ‘value’. Ha ha ha

  27. Mark Beasley

    Call me optimistic, but i’m starting to believe RVP will stay, mainly because it’s only Real or Barca that he’d want to go to (if he’s ruling out other English clubs) and i’m not convinced they need him.
    We are starting to see signs of Wenger & the board starting to smell the roses with the signing of Podolski and probably Giroud. Hopefully this continues after the Euros and we have done enough to convince RVP we can compete on the field.
    I don’t want to see RVP tip-toeing through next season while he waits for his free transfer. If he doesn’t want to stay, he needs to be sold this summer. My only concern is we won’t be able to spend the proceeds if that happens on Aug31st.

  28. Guns of Hackney


    I have a funny feeling the Greeks might channel some ‘Spartan’ energy and shut them out…can you imagine the Greeks v England in the semis??? Arghhhhhhhhhh…anti football extraviganza.

  29. Jamal

    Is much as id like England playin Greece I just cant see it happening.. but you never know!

    I wouldnt bet against Germany though

  30. fanboy

    Triple Oxo’s pay!
    Give Djourou a payrise!!
    Offer Squillaci an improved contract!!!
    Hell, call Almunia and ask him if he would like some more money. We gots lots of moneys


  31. pholaby

    I don’t think wenger is going to buy an Attacking Midfielder after this Giroud n podolski signings. I think giroud n podolski are very good signings for us. Let him just buy M’villa for us atleast. Wenger will be looking to play Rosicky or Wilshere in the AM position. Rosicky finishd last season in good form, let’s hope this injury at the euros doesn’t affect his pre season and his able to produce the same form.. Am not expecting arsenal to win the league next season but I expect us to win something atleast. Who says we can’t win the ECL or FAcup. All wenger needs to do is set is priorities right. Chelsea as thought everyone that if you get the tactics on the day and you’re averagely lucky you can go all the way in this cup competitions. Wenger should make use of the squad well and maybe we will be celebrating something again next season. We have some exciting players for next season…. Arteta, song,Aoc, kocielny, wilshere, Rvp, vermalean, walcott and the new signings of last season would have gotten more time to get used to the EPL and playing for arsenal… Gunners for glory……

  32. Mark Beasley

    Championship Manager time….

    Prices in £m as per (apart from Podolski & Giroud)

    Park 5.30
    Chamakh 7.00
    Squillaci 1.80
    Bendtner 6.60
    Arshavin 9.70
    Vela 5.30
    Fabianski 2.60
    Mannone 0.65
    Denilson 4.40
    Total Sales 43.35

    M’vila 17.5
    Vertonghen 10.5
    Martinez 19.5
    Giroud 10.0
    Podolski 10.0
    Total Buys 67.5

    Plenty of cash left over in our budget for a GK and a flair player too!

  33. LegroveIsInTheHeart

    really want to go to this place , stunning 😀,r:20,s:19,i:200

    sorry for long link

  34. Guns of Hackney

    Mark Beasley

    Great…just one thing. Who in their right mind would want those players? Least we forget, that most, if not all, are on long and expensive contracts (£60k+ PW).

    We can’t give them away!

    Legrove – is that toytown?

  35. frenchie

    mark beasley-

    bayern just agreed terms with martinez.

    and the only way we get shot of squid is to delist–he is on too high a wage for any team who would reasonably be in for him to consider an offer.

  36. Mark Beasley

    Guns, I agree, what a hole we have dug for ourselves.

    At least the new TV deal and sponsorship renewals in 2013/14 mean we should be able to take the hit. We can’t accommodate in the squad!

  37. frenchie

    mark beasely-

    martinez is a special player, but i think we will all be very pleased once m’vila arrives. i think we may have to give squid away, and park chu-no (who you value more than we actually spent on him?).

  38. Mark Beasley


    Not my valuations, I did caveat the post with ‘Championship Manager time’

    To be fair to the website, they are probably reasonable valuations (Park aside) if it wasn’t for the prohibitive wages we’re paying them.

  39. Guns of Hackney

    Woah, that was a scary moment – I actually had to do some work then! Never again…work will get a rather stern email about that. Do they not know I have Le Grove to read!

  40. Adenaike(Nigeria)

    Hope Giroud does a lot better than Chamack who in my opinion hasn’t shown enough hunger for a place in the starting eleven.

  41. Samir

    Arsenal Holdings plc has announced the £26m sale of Queensland Road development site to Barratt and London & Quadrant

  42. BOOZY

    26 self sustaining mil.
    Now lets tie down rvp, theo and song.

    offer RVP 150k plus 5mil – take it or leave it 4yr contract.

    i think RVP would take that, if he doesn’t shame on him.

    But i’ll still support him where ever he goes – outside england.

  43. gambon

    The club have had shit loads of money for years, as if an extra £26m will actually be spent.

    We sold Ade & Toure for £40m and just used it all on silly payrises.

    We sold Cesc, Nasri & Clichy for £67m and didnt spend most of it.

    That money will go the same way as all of our money…..used on bigger contracts for Wenger, Gazidis & the squad.

  44. gambon

    We also had to hold £6.6m aside as security for Queensland road, which we now wont have to.

    So thats actually £32.6m that has been released.

    Just wait for Ivan to tell us that we cant spend it because the gods of self sustainability wouldnt be happy.

  45. Honest Bill

    When i read that quote about Podolski being cautious, i thought the same thing.. He looks a bit ‘gung ho’ to me, so what Wenger really means, is he actually tracks back when needed..

    Don’t worry though, we’ll drill that out of him.

  46. Goona

    I can’t believe some of you so called Arsenal supporters are questioning Oxo’s proposed payrise. Can’t you see he’s the best young player we’ve signed for years and to prove my point the reason why the lad has been picked for England even at this young age and mark my words he’s going to go on to great things hopefully for my beloved Arsenal.
    Now the money bags clubs ain’t stupid so one of ’em will come in and make him an offer he can’t refuse so in the meantime we have to keep the boy happy.. Is there any true supporter out there who’ll agree with me?

  47. gambon

    “Now the money bags clubs ain’t stupid so one of ‘em will come in and make him an offer he can’t refuse”

    Erm he’s under contract so he cant just move.

    A contract he signed 10 months ago by the way.

  48. gambon


    To be fair i am a bit boring.

    For example I would never lie about being in Vegas when im actually buying an egg sandwich from Milton Keynes Tesco Express.

  49. gambon

    Another thing I wouldnt do is say all year that Wenger is about to walk and be replaced by Marco Van Basten, literally every fucking day, and be proved wrong every fucking day!

    Wouldnt do that.

  50. Samir

    I remember Ice coming on here spewing bullshit everyday…

    All of your “sauces” seem to have lied to you…

    What happened to Wenger leaving at the end of the season etc?

  51. Johnty79

    Giving ox a contract extension is a missive mistake. Give him 25 percent rise take it or leave it. Sell him if he dooesnt want it. Sell home for 25m if so. Rvp,ox, arteta rosicky. Proposed or signed contracts are a joke. Rosicky will play ten games max next season the same as wilshere. Arsenal have to get tough.

  52. Samir

    Nicklas Bendtner’s exit from Arsenal moving closer. New agent Tom Brooks says talks ongoing with ‘several clubs’. Màlaga linked.

  53. Ice

    Sorry but this Gambon KNOBEND really gets on my nerves cos he knows zip about football or OUR club

    BTW expect a new CB signing soon…..

  54. Johnty79

    Next season

    Jenkinson kos verm santos
    Arteta song ox
    Rvp giroud poldolski.

    These are the only players who will be fit all season. Champs league I don’t think so….

  55. gambon

    Lol, Harvey just cant help throwing a bit of bullshit “im in the know” in at the end there.

    Harvey, youre embarrassing yourself.

  56. BillikenGooner

    Trebling Chamberlains wages has the stink of them trying to find a way to ‘reinvest’ the money they already know they are going to get for Robin.

  57. Gunner2301

    Pedro another quality post. Belated Happy Birthday fella I wasn’t on yesterday.

    Ox getting treble his wages shows Wenger hasn’t changed. We’re supposed to be getting a grip on the wage bill but our actions say otherwise.

    Put aside for a moment that Ox is a quality prospect, he hasn’t done enough to warrant such an increase. I’d like to see it linked to individual and team performance. He’s shown enough to warrant being played more next season that’s it.

    So signs we haven’t learned and wages will be an ongoing problem.
    1. Rosicky contract – we should have been looking to actively get him off the wage bill this Summer for not contributing for the last 2 years and set an example for the rest. He claimed he wasn’t playing out of his socks for a month because it was contract renewal but now he’s climbed back under his duvet and who looks a fool now? We could have paid someone younger and fitter for a third less. I’m sure Hoilet could have done a job.

    2. Djorou automatic contract renewal his international coach said he should leave to get into the national side but he says he’s going nowhere in true unambitious style – I could understand if Ronaldo and Messi had these types of clauses in their contract but Djourou? Fuck me. That’s what Gordon Ramsey would say about that deal. line up for tickets to his testimonial.

    3. Talking about Ramsey – another player who got his waged trebled then declined. He shouldn’t even be at the club a good championship player a best and that’s being generous because Ramsey is surrounded by Arsenes best ever squad so he’d actually look a lot worse surrounded by championship quality.

    So nothing has changed really. We’re probably ok with Ox but it shouldnt be a 1 size fits all policy. That would lead me to believe that we are not going to be paying big wages for big players just those who we have to with a signing on bonus like RVP, Cesc, Henry et al. Thats not a policy change. Its saying it’s a policy change and hoping we don’t notice.


    You really need to check your shit before you come on here. 6th June Gazidis laid contracts, wages, transfers squarely at Arsenes door. Now either he’s openly lying in public or you’re right. Not sure which to go with really :rolleyes:

    JOPPA – Hows it going mate!

  58. Cesc Appeal

    Someone on here said that if we don’t give Ox better wages he’ll go elsewhere.

    Urhum….Mario Gotze on 25k up until the January just gone (where he got double his money i think), said no to us the summer before that and has committed himself to BvB now this summer despite the fact he could get massive wages elsewhere (Madrid, City etc).

    This again reeks of us bribing players, hoping that if Ox makes it to the level we all think he will he’ll either A) Be loyal because of our generosity or B) being on such a long contract fetch a good price int eh transfer market for Kroenke

  59. Mark Beasley

    Okay, I’m going to imagine that we will actually spend some money (humour me Gambon)…. my proposed signings are a little optimistic, granted, but what about this for our 2012/13 squad?

    I know there’ll be a few names in there that may not please everyone, but I am just having a stab at those likely to remain in Wenger’s plans.

    I’m forecasting we’ll only have 5 non home grown squad places available, I have left one for a new GK. Any thoughts?

    I’ve filled 24 of the 25 squad places and supplemented with U21s who are currently around the first team or on loan.

    Non Home Grown (max 17)
    1 Lukasz Fabianski
    2 New Experienced GK
    3 Bacary Sagna
    4 Per Mertesacker
    5 Thomas Vermaelen
    6 Laurent Koscielny
    7 Andre Santos
    8 LB Jan Vertonghen
    9 CB Javi Martinez
    10 Abou Diaby
    11 Tomas Rosicky
    12 Mikel Arteta
    13 DCM Yann M’Vila
    14 Lukas Podolski
    15 Gervinho
    16 Robin van Persie
    17 CF Olivier Giroud

    Senior Home Grown
    1 Wojciech Szczesny
    2 Johan Djourou
    3 Kieran Gibbs
    4 Aaron Ramsey
    5 Alex Song
    6 Henri Lansbury
    7 Theo Walcott

    1 Damian Martinez
    2 Carl Jenkinson
    3 Ignasi Miquel
    4 Nico Yennaris
    5 Jack Wilshere
    6 Emmanuel Frimpong
    7 Francis Coquelin
    8 Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
    9 Ryo Miyaichi
    10 Benik Afobe
    11 Joel Campbell

  60. Dan Ahern

    Listen, pro-Oxo-raise faction:
    You’re missing the point. You don’t just pay the player because “he’s good” or “he’s on the England squad” or “other teams will come for him”.
    According to transfermarkt, his contract runs until summer 2017. Yes, five more years. And he’s only had a handful of appearances still. So as good as he might become, you don’t have to pay him yet. It’s not good business to triple his wages when he’s not a regular feature and there’s no danger of him leaving.
    And let me cut you off before your next argument: yes, he will almost certainly get a new deal and be paid more later, and well before his current contract runs out. But at the moment it’s a poor business decision.

  61. Gunner2301


    That will only work as long as the player has no ambition (to win anything). When they wake up one day as all the best players do and realise they haven’t got a hope in hell of winning anything if they continue following Arsenes pipe dream. They soon want to leave.

    The only players Arsenal will see ending their careers at the Club are players like Johann “buy a ticket to my testimonial and bring a bottle” Djourou and Abou “Yes dad I really did sign for Arsenal. I know you’ve never seen me play but I’ve got the wage slips to prove it” Diaby.

  62. LegroveIsInTheHeart

    watched a re run of a NLd from 3 years ago, diaby was incredible. such a shame about him, i think a bigger tragedy than eduardo. Imagine how frustrating it would be being diaby, regardless of the money it is still harsh. He should get more respect on here

  63. SDE


    Your are funny mate..I’m in hysterics…By the way who is Harvey Yorke?

    This bit was hilarious…”Another thing I wouldnt do is say all year that Wenger is about to walk and be replaced by Marco Van Basten, literally every fucking day, and be proved wrong every fucking day!Wouldnt do that.”

    & this one..!!
    “To be fair i am a bit boring.For example I would never lie about being in Vegas when im actually buying an egg sandwich from Milton Keynes Tesco Express.”

    Made me laugh despite a horrendous day…Taking huge losses mate!!
    I’m frazzled

  64. Gunner2301

    Mark B

    The new signings you should list out separately surrounding them with shit names diminishes them. I don’t see a RB to cover Sagna and I’d go for Jussi if he’s available. Your midfield still looks weak and why get Vertonghen and not a dedicated LB? It goes to show Wenger has had 2 chances to get the LB position right and he still can’t do it and he had Enrique and Baines staring him in the face. Flamini was a better LB than both Gibbs and Santos maybe we should bring him back (joke :)).

  65. Dan Ahern

    Basically, if Ox’s raise turns out to be real (and not just the Mirror fucking with our agitated fan base for fun), it’s Wenger giving Ox the nod that he belongs in the team and will be paid the same as the rest of his comrades.

    I’m all for making a player feel good, but there’s a flip side to that:
    Look across the locker room at van Persie, who only carried they entire team and had the entire goal scoring burden last year. See how good he feels.

    It would be really unfortunate timing, as Gazidis talked of finding efficiency in the wage structure just a little while ago.

  66. Gunner2301


    My concern isn’t the Abou Diaby benevolent fund but the team overall. Considering his contribution Arsenal have made him very rich. No time for sentiment. Time to go now and give his wages to someone who can contribute.

    I suppose Djourou exercising his extension clause in his contract and refusing to move on to further his career is him showing us respect. Thanks Johann

  67. sam

    are you the same people that are saying you have to spend to win things.
    neymar get 100.000 a week in brazil with 40 millions on his head.
    honestly its embarrassing to complain about an england international getting 45 grands a week. dudes please stop!
    this is how football work these days, players enjoy their football on the pitch but have agents who can also dictate where they will play next.
    giroud will sign for 45 grands if he bangs in 20 goals expect his agent to claim more money next summer.
    football is a business, you have to pay up or f!ck off!

  68. Cesc Appeal


    Thing is Ox has made a few appearances and scored fewer goals.

    People are taking our objections as a knock against Oxo and it totally isn’t. I love the player. But it’s the same trend that saw Denilson, Ramsey, Diaby, Bendtner et al all get £50 000 – £60 000 a week.

    And in case you hadn’t noticed they don’t do anything for us and we can’t get rid of them.

    If Ox was an exception rather than the rule no one would have a problem, but the flat wage structure is destroying us as a club, its essentially tying our hands behind our backs.

  69. sam

    i will also argue that alex oxlade-chamberlain is regular at arsenal.
    its not his fault that wenger hasn’t decided where to play him. this so called adaptation period bollocks at arsenal is how wenger does his things. he was signed to play football and he did, not his fault lame ducks like ramsey and arshavin got picked ahead of him.
    hey talking about adaptation period, remember wenger saying: like koscielny, some players need at least 12 months.
    you might get a surprise next season. park chu young on the wing, the new bendtner.

  70. Cesc Appeal


    Holy shit. Ima stop talking to you now…unless you were being sarcastic with basically all of your comment

  71. Gunner2301

    Cheers for that Dan I suppose he wanted first team football.

    I think Sam has been doing wage negotiations for Arsenal.

    Sam if Ramsey had come along last Summer and says I want an increase to 45 like he did get and we told him to fuck off. What are his options? No PL side would touch him on those wages.

    If Djourou is on say 25k 3 years ago and negotiating a new deal and says by the way Arsene just drop that clause in my contract you know that auto renewal thing Messi was offered it’ll save us having to get together in 3 yrs time. If we told him fuck off where’s he gonna go as a 4th/5th choice CB and get that money?

    If Theo comes along asking for 100k do you just roll over and give it him? Where’s he gonna go where he can fuck up for 6 years and still be I the squad let alone the team and even if someone was foolish enough to pay him his career would nosedive without the Arsenal comfort blanket.

    Wenger strengthened RVPs position by buying shit players. You think RVP would be telling us to wait till after the Euros if we had another 25 goals a season man who could come in?

    That’s how we need to approach these clowns in negotiations. Dare them to leave see if they can do better elsewhere. Those who truly deserve it reward them accordingly once theyve proven themselves.

  72. sam

    @Dan Aherne

    lets just hope he’s sharing the room with fyo walcota not the like of milner.
    he gets 150 grands a week. oh poor alex! you could borrow my credit card to shopping.
    vieira is very good with text msgs

  73. sam


    i am only joking about park chu young but nothing surprises me with wenger.
    it looks like this time he also wants to experiment 3 left footers up front. it better work.

  74. BacaryisGod

    If true, Malaga is a perfect fit for Bendtner and more importantly for Arsenal. I would think 6-8 million and offloading his wages would be great business for us, and would give us close to a net zero cost for Giroud.

    I’m not sure if Arsenal can sometimes see the forest for the trees, but almost the most important task now will be to clear out the players who have either underperformed or not fit in as Arsenal players. It was amazing to see the difference when we didn’t have to see Eboue, Denilson, Bendtner etc on matchday. They were all too associated with previous failures (Eboue penalty vs Liverpool, Denilson jogging back s Man United, Bendtner’s first touch against Barca etc) and associated attitudes (Eboue’s clownishness, Bendtner’s misplaced arrogance, Denilson’s ambling). In came Arteta, Ox etc and it just felt like we were clearing out the cobwebs.

    This really would be addition through subtraction and I’m beginning to sense a little more hope amongst the masses. In the last couple of years, we’ve seen a disbanding of the core group that couldn’t win us anything. We don’t know if the new group will fare any better, but I have a feeling that we will be far better placed this year to turn things around than we were in previous seasons.

    My biggest fear is that we were tremendously lucky with injuries in midfield given that we had already written off JW and Diaby from the start. Song, Rosicky and Arteta all played more games than we could have expected. We are definitely going to see problems in this area unless and need to bring in at least one international quality midfielder. I have a gut feeling that both Coquelin and Ramsey will show improvement next year and the Olympics will boost Ramsey’s confidence. Throw in M’Vila for instance, and we will be able to withstand the risk of having half our midfield on the treatment table.

  75. Zacharse

    Woman goes to see a movie, the guy in front of her wont stop rocking back and forth. She says ‘hey, im trying to watch the movie, could you stop that please!’ he turns around ‘im a sailor and i just got off the boat’ she huffs, gets up and moves directly in front of him. She starts bobbing up and down violently. He says ‘hey what are you doing!’ she says ‘im a whore and i just got off a cock!’


    My wife said, “can you explain to me why i’ve just found a pair of woman’s knicker’s in your coat pocket?”

    I said, “yes, Its because you’re a nosey cunt!”

  77. Mark Beasley

    2301, good points…

    RB cover
    I’m assuming Sagna will be fit. We have Jenkinson, Yennaris, Coquelin, even Koscielny as back up. Given squad restrictions if we were going to get another right back he’d have to be English (home grown). I don’t think it’s feasible to get one at this stage. There are more important positions to worry about. Pal Lyderson wasn’t a great back up for Lee Dixon, it’s inevitable the team will be weaker without the first choice player.

    I thought i’d heard Jussi was off to join Fat Sam, but he would have been a good choice, agreed.

    MF weak
    How so? I’d like an additional creative player in there, but again, squad restrictions limit that. I am not sure there is any hope of moving on any more existing ‘weak’ players.

    Vertonghen not a dedicated LB
    I thought he played LB for Belgium. I just thought he’d be a cheaper / more available option than Baines, though obviously he has the advantage of being English.

  78. kwik fit


    Please what is this love in with the guy with the dodgy haircut. He’s overrated and over priced and too close to 30. So guys get over him . United are more than welcome to him.

  79. kwik fit

    I think that there is more urgent area’s to strengthen as Gibbs, Santos and Le coq offer excellent cover IMO.

    Like many on here I like the look of Jordi Alba or Lahm but I doubt if we would stand a chance of getting them.

  80. Mark Beasley

    Kwikfit, I’m with SDE on the left back issue, I’m not yet convinced by Santos or Gibbs. I plumped for Vertonghen earlier – I guess he’s predominantly a CB, but has played LB and is available at a decent price.

  81. Dimitri

    There is no reason Alba can’t happen. Valencia are normally strapped for cash and they can do a deal for a mid-range price. Really sick of people spelling it as Alaba too, fml.

    Gibbs can’t play more than 2 games in a row without picking up a hamstring injury, Santos is fat and Le Coq shouldn’t be relied on as more than an emergency player at this point.

  82. Mark Beasley

    Dimitri, I think Alaba is Bayern’s left back!
    Vertonghen must surely come to his senses, right?

    CB next then, I want Javi Martinez from Bilbao. 40m euro release clause may be a problem, along with competition from Bayern & Barca possibly.

  83. BOOZY

    I dont know which really gets me more – a bad manager or a bad player.

    Looking at this greek keeper i dont know who should be blamed.

    I dont like the german corkiness, but it would be a travesty if they lose to the greeks.

  84. Cesc Appeal

    Jordi Alba and Serdar Tasci…Tasci isn’t the most prolific or well known but will mean our four CB’s (Verm,Koz,Tasci and Mert) compliment each other.

    Valencia are a decent club to negotiate with so I think we should get in there for Alba.

    Alba, Tasci, M’Vila and Ben Arfa – I would be very happy with that

  85. Mark Beasley


    Hummels seems just as ambitious as Martinez, but I’d be more than happy with him in our team.

    So how does Sagna, Hummels, Vermaelen and Alba look as a back four?