TREBLE Oxlade-Chamberlain’s wages? | Robin deal still sitting there | Giroud Arsenal deal nearly done!

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Lots of news to power on with this morning. Lots of extctremely exciting news if I’m totally honest.

First up.


In the bag by the sounds of it. Wenger had this to say…

“Giroud didn’t play much (at the Euros so far), but he’s going to be an Arsenal player 90 per cent next season.

“I think he has exceptional potential and will integrate very well in our collective and our way of playing.

“He is a real team player and knows how to combine with other players and I’m sure he will do well with us.”

Bravo. Good to hear. £12.6million for a striker who is capable of scoring 20 goals a season. That’s proper value and exactly the sort of signing Wenger used to make way back when. A player on the verge of greatness. Just like Podolski. Been around for a few years, loads of potential… but yet to be given the platform to explode. Let’s hope we’re that platform.

Wenger also had some strange words about Podolski…

‘Podolski did a great job for the German team, he has superb team work. He plays in a cautious way sometimes, but he’s still scored a very important goal against Denmark for his 100th cap. I am very happy with what I’ve seen from him.’

Cautious? I hope he doesn’t mean he’s disciplined for Germany, but when he comes here, we’ll beat that out of him! Like I said a few weeks ago, I’ve been told he’s a real character around the dressing room and he puts everything into training. He’ll be an asset.

The next piece of good news is that we’re trebling the wages of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Hold on? Is that good news? We’re struggling with wages and we’re trebling the wages of someone who joined last summer and started the grand total of 15 games? Really?

I just don’t get Arsenal. We seem to fuel this wage madness ourselves. He’s not a first team regular for us. He’s not done anything of note really and the first chance we get we treble his salary, we jump at it. It’s just total madness. Shouldn’t we wait until he makes a really big impact in our season before we jump in with a new deal? It’s not like it’ll be anywhere near running out.

I know people will moan about me moaning about this. But take your football goggles off for a second.

Trebled wages for 4 goals and 2 assists.

Take that in for a moment. In this climate. Madness

Still, one thing is for sure, you can’t deny that he’s going to be a major talent for us. I don’t begrudge us offering talented players good money. I’d just like them to do a little more for the contract upgrade they get. Danny Welbeck only just got pushed up to £45k a week and he’s playing for a team that has been winning trophies left, right and centre.

A player who does deserve a contract upgrade is Robin Van Persie. He has a big fat deal sitting on the table that he’s not committing to. It’s getting very boring and it’s going to start getting into that zone where it starts becoming damaging to our preparation. We need to set a deadline on this and we need to stick to it this year. You get the impression Manchester City will hold their cards close to their chest on this one. They don’t need Robin… they just want him because he’s a trophy signing. If they disrupt our preseason and get him. They win. If they disrupt our preseason and miss out on him they win.

We need to take control this summer and take the hit on him going for free or sell him early and reinvest.

A picture of Thomas Vermaelen surfaced on the internet of him and Carlos Puyol hanging out in restaurant in Ibiza. Straight after that they headed down to DC10 for a night of dirty techno and debauchery. Party animals the pair of them. In their drug fueled haze, the Mail indicates that there was some clear tapping up, obviously that’s exactly what happens when you meet a fellow pro in a bar on holiday. So we should all be massively worried about losing a player who said only a few months ago he’d never leave.

I’d ignore any negatives around that story. I think it’s quite sweet that even when you’re a pro, you still get star struck by other great players. I have to say… when I met the Gunnersaurus, I nearly wet myself.

On the football last night… it was a pretty dull affair. You can’t help but marvel at the sheer talent of Ronaldo. We should bulk out players up like him. He’s so powerful despite his insistence on hitting the deck when brushed ever so delicately. If we had big players like that, you wonder if that would impact on our injuires. He never gets damaged… ever. His finishing is quite incredible. Portugal have some top players, it was good to see Veloso, Le Grove fave from a few years back is still on the scene.

That’s everything, see you in the comments… come armed with jokes… funny jokes!

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  1. Josip Skoblar

    Pepe + Coentrao: I very much like this defensive pair! Portugal has a pool of talented footballers. It’s been like that for the past 50 years. Great technique and gifted players. They are the European Brazil (well, they share a language).
    Ronaldo, when is on fire, is unplayable.

  2. Engin

    West Ham have promised their fans they will be in the premiership for at least 3 seasons….
    Autumn, winter and spring.

    I thank you.

  3. gambon

    I like Ox but at this point he doesnt deserve anywhere near £45k pw.

    Its ridiculous.

    I wouldnt say Podolski or Giroud are on the verge of greatness. They are good players, i dont think either will be a world beater, but (assuming we keep Robin) you wont find many clubs out there with players like Giroud on the bench.

    I dont think we will keep him though, so Giroud will be a replacment, and yet again the quality in the team is reduced.

  4. Ric

    I’m somewhat amazed you find a player that struggles to remain upright in the face of mild winds “powerful” Pedro.

  5. Guns of Hackney


    Yes! Lets treble the wages of a nobody (yet)…same thing happened to Wiltshire after one season and then he missed the whole of next. Surely the Ox is already signed to a long term deal?

    This fucking ass clown, Arsene will never learn – this is mismanagement, plain and simple and in any other profession he would be hauled before his superiors and asked to explain why he keeps pissing money away.

    P.S Pedro – I think the statement about Verm and Puyol in a ‘drug fuelled haze’ could be libellous. Just a heads up, buddy 😉

  6. TheBayingMob

    Woman goes to a doctor with her tw** stretched massively. ‘What happened?’ the doctor asked in horror!

    ‘I shagged an Elephant’ she said

    ‘but an elephant’s cock is long and thin … ?’ the doctor replied …

    ‘I know, he fingered me first … ‘

    bom bom…

  7. samflu


    RVP dropping into the hole a little more and Giroud as fox in the box.


  8. Josip Skoblar

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic: another unplayable fellow when he’s on fire. His best goal ever with Ajax:

  9. Nathan Dale

    I am SO bored with the RvP situation already, but….
    We all have 20-20 hindsight, and we’ll only know in a year’s time what the right decision should have been.

    1. Sell him, he plays well and is injury free for the next 3 seasons. We moan.
    2.Keep him, he gets injured, only plays half a dozen games. We moan.
    3. Sell him, he gets injured, only plays half a dozen games. We are happy.
    4. Keep him, he plays well and is injury free for the next 3 seasons. We are happy.

    But if we keep him, will we have to go through this situation again next summer?

  10. Bob N7

    Guns of Hackney–‘wages of a nobody’! I’m afraid £15000 a week for someone who has played a fair few games in his first season AND got picked for England would be as ridiculous as your comment. Apart from the fact that when he signed he no doubt had clauses in his contract that would kick in.
    Be honest, you would be slagging Wenger if some other club came in and offered him £45000 a week and we hadn’t sorted him out with a ‘realistic’ wage and he left. The issue we have is moderate players getting overpaid- The Ox is not average!

    Gambon- feel that if it comes to Podolski + Giroud instead of RVP there is an argument to say we would be better off. I think RVP is a great player but am I alone in worrying that he’ll be injury prone again and that we’ll be paying him ridiculous wages for maybe half the games in a season(his old average!)? You’re not the only person who can be pessimistic!

  11. Bade

    Into the post

    I agree with what you had to say about the Ox trebled wages

    We seems to do those deals touch earlier than needed. Why? He should have been waiting for this to happen as early as the end of next season, he’s even not a starter for us

    Unless Arsene is going to make him a starter, just like he did with Jack?

    What he did with Jack????? Oh that’s horrible

    He told us he’s planning to play him 20 games, then he ended up our most played player, we ran him to the ground, then lost for the whole of the season after.

    Now I know we had more options forward. But I have this pesky feeling he’s going to play him more centrally & wave the chance to sign a well formed AM

    Let’s hope my assessments are wrong here

  12. Josip Skoblar

    At the age of 15, Ibrahimovic was close to quitting his football career, in favour of working at the docks in Malmö, but his manager convinced him to continue playing. Amazing!

  13. gambon

    “Be honest, you would be slagging Wenger if some other club came in and offered him £45000 a week and we hadn’t sorted him out with a ‘realistic’ wage and he left”

    Hes under a fucking long term contract, he cant leave.

    No one would mind him being well paid…..when he’s worth it.

    I have been calling for us to pay RVP £200k pw to keep him, but he contributed 37 goals and over 10 assists. Chamberlain contributed virtually nothing, hes just an exciting English kid.

  14. Ben A Johnson

    I would be very surprised if the AOC payrise wasnt a clause in his contract related to his international appearences. In which case you cant really blame AFC as i cant imagine they thought he would make it to the Euro2012 squad when they offered it. Most Gooners didnt expect him to make it past the carling cup squad if i remember correcty.

  15. Alexander

    If we keep him, he’ll go on a free.
    As long as it’s not to another prem team it wouldn’t be too bad…
    Wenger wouldn’t reinvest the 30 mil we’d get for him anyways

  16. blanco

    We still have Theo an Song contracts to sort out. Also intead of Wilshere – Arteta is a better option, All that experience – be Wengers best team since the invinciables. I see Arsenal want £5 mill for Denilson and San Paluo thinks that to much. Another Wenger mash up.

  17. Bade


    Are you kidding? Who’s going to offer a young boy that still didn’t make his mark, that is a second fiddle player, 45K a week? We’re the only stupid club to pay for unfulfilled potential…

    Not to mention he’s under a long term contract, and no big team would claim he has their DNA … or he wants “home” to $ity or Chavs

  18. Guns of Hackney

    Bob N7

    Gambon, beat me to it. Why the need to increase his contract – he’s already signed up, so no need to panic. Doh! Arsene KNOWS.

    Arsene is an absolute, prick. Economist my arse…in fact, I am wondering about his managerial credentials.

  19. RP

    Morning grovers. Totally agree with Pedro on this one. He’s good, but where’s the reward for product? What will we do if he bangs 20 goals next year? Treble it again?

    Friday joke for you all, enjoy:

    So I bought 50 shades of grey, I have to say it doesnt turn me on in the slightest, I just hope B&Q let me return all this paint!

  20. Moray

    so we treble the Ox’s salary now. What happens when, like Theo, he reaches 23, say? And he’s already on 60k per week? Where does he go from there? We either pay him megabucks or – more likely – lose him on a free because nobody will pay his wages AND a transfer fee. We are creating unsustainable expectations. The alternative is that he let’s the money go to his head and ends up in a swimming pool with trannies (Vela), Or crashing his ridiculous car (Frimpong).

    We really are dumb in dealing with contracts. We have learned nothing. Letting Wenger deal with the contracts is like letting Michael Jackson take PE class.

  21. Bade


    “I would be very surprised if the AOC payrise wasnt a clause in his contract related to his international appearences. In which case you cant really blame AFC as i cant imagine they thought he would make it to the Euro2012 squad when they offered it.”

    1. I’m not sure this is the case, it’s bollocks, no one gets treble pay raise from his CLUB for featuring in the NATIONAL TEAM
    2. even if so, that’s a massive mistake by our contract negotiators. Why to have such a ridiculous clause in there in the first place

  22. Simon Gaunt

    “I have to say… when I met the Gunnersaurus, I nearly wet myself” – Very Good Pedro, made me chuckle.

    I do feel we have got a little carried away with the OX and certainly offered him big money too soon – Let’s just hope we have added some more years on his deal so we don’t have another talent running down his contract in a few years time.

    Re RVP – He is our captain, we have offered him a reported £130k + £5m signing on bonus (if it’s a 3 yr extention that’s another £130k per week) So it’s more like a £260k per week deal!!!!. He apparently wants to see what we do in the transfer market before committing. So, should we seal Giroud and get M’Villa or another in that mould I think we have shown our intentions and anymore pissing about from him needs to be met with a firm deadline. We can’t have another pre-season where we don’t know if our captain is going or staying – man up Arsenal and show who is the boss!

  23. SDE

    My previous post from last Oxo’s treble your wages!!


    Treble Oxo’s wage’s in his first season@ Arsenal, who is on presumably a 5 year deal..

    With cameo appearances in the Arsenal shirt..Not even a guaranteed first team starter…

    Yet to prove himself consistently..!!

    Lunacy at its best…& we talk about financial prudence&sustainability in the same breath!!

    Who’s running the asylum nowadays at Arsene FC!

    Why don’t we ship IG& AW off to war-torn Somalia…

    And see how their philosophies on sustainability,unity,wage parity,financial prudence goes down well with the pirates of the indian ocean!!

    Absolute tossers of the highest order the BoD&Wenger!!

  24. Bade


    Theo is in his last year of contract
    Song still has 2 or 3 to run his one down

    It’s a major difference, though I won’t mind selling Song & getting De Rossi, M’villa, Inler or Marteniz instead

  25. Guns of Hackney


    If you listen to the AKB’s, they’ll tell you Arsene has NOTHING to do with contracts and it’s big bad Ivan Gazides. This has Arsene’s finger prints all over it.

    The man is a cunt and will not be happy until we change our name from Arsenal to Wenger FC. Selfish, arrogant cock jockey.

  26. Abba gee

    Why is the management so focused on contracts of the likes of AOC, when we have theo, Song (arguably our second best player, last season) and the legend all on a year left on their contracts.. Something is up with the management.. Gazidis seriously needs to go! Bring back Mr Dein I say.. Pedro, what u think of Victor Moses replacing Arshavin?

  27. SDE


    We really are dumb in dealing with contracts. We have learned nothing. Letting Wenger deal with the contracts is like letting Michael Jackson take PE class.

    Or Madonna preaching about taking one’s vows of chastity..!!

    Or the Pope preaching about the joys of copulation!!

  28. Goona

    The reason for the Ox’s proposed payrise is because we know and Arsenal know that the lad is the best thing since sliced bread, Yes it ain’t gonna be crumbs he’ll be receiving, but we do knead to cough up or some mega rich club will come in and offer him a lot more than crumbs, and that’s a hell of a lot more dough……..

  29. Ben A Johnson


    Im not saying the cause says we treble his pay, but it probably says that he will have a pay review, ill also point out that its only a report that we are trebling his wages, could be doubling or doing nothing at all. You always hear about players fees going up when they make national debut, makes sense that they request something matching that in their contracts.

    The OX is a quality player, but i do not believe we would be offering him a payrise now unless something had tipped our hand, the contract clause is only a suggestion, but it makes sense when you see the effect we are going to to try and reduce our wage bil

  30. thundertinygooner

    If we had a disenchanted AOC because he was playing with England and Arsenal with lesser players earning much more this website would be the first to moan, Apart from anything else this rise may be in his contract already.
    If he went up for sale today how much do you think his wage as a current international would be?
    This is one of the more sensible moves of recent times AW has done.

  31. Guns of Hackney

    Ben A

    He’s not quality yet. Remember Theo?

    Lets reserve judgement for another 3 years. Arsenal are too quick to reward average garbage and let the real talent leave on the cheap.

  32. SDE


    He might do…!!
    But would you want to sit in his office,with him trying to give you a graphic illustration of the art of copulating??

  33. Bade


    No it doesn’t make sense at all

    The Ox is an exciting young player. No less, no more. He’s still too raw.

    As for the credibility of the report, I don’t know, but judging by our history, it’s a true one. We did the same with Jack & Ramsey.

  34. Guns of Hackney


    Are you suggesting that being an ‘International’ player automatically means you should earn a massive new deal?

    Err…John O’Shea is an international – how much do you think he got at the biggest club in the world? I bet no more than £15k-£20k PW.

    Your reasoning is wrong. Arsenal reward shit for nothing. At other clubs, one has to work for it!

  35. Bob N7

    He may be young but The Ox is clearly an outstanding talent. You may have a point that trebling his wages is over the top but surely most of you would agree that looking around the Arsenal and England dressing room he would see every player on multiples of his old £15000 a week wages.
    As I mentioned before, I agree that Arsenal as a club has paid too much money to players who have clearly not deserved it and we have to sort that situation out. There have been noises from the club that suggest that this has been acknowledged , some might argue that this raise simply perpetuates the problem.
    What I find odd is that on the one hand some of you want RVP to be given anything he wants and on the other deny a raise to Wilshere and The OX – the best two young talents in the country.
    Some people like Guns of Hackney just want rid of Wenger and will criticise anything he does.
    It’s not always black and white- the shades of grey make for interesting debate. I for one think the OX deserved a raise – maybe doubling rather than trebling though.

  36. goonerDNA

    Lets not forget OX plays in a England side with Milner 80k a week Young 100k a week Henderson is on 65k a week Parker 70k a week (worth every cent tho) and Stevie G 140k a week.

  37. Adam

    I wrote this under the previous post:

    The above list of comments shows how some people here go from RUMOUR (ie. unsubstantiated report) to fact to burn he club we are supposed to be supporting.

    *IF*, and I mean if, the reported pay rise is correct, it will in all likelihood be due to contractual circumstance. Does anybody not agree that Ox is a great talent? Which teams did we beat out for his signature and what do you offer someone to beat the competition? Would a clause saying that if he achieved a starting spot for his national team in a major tournament then his salary would increase to $45k be mismanagement?

    What does the lowest earner on the English team earn other than Ox? Would it not be reasonable to have that reference as the measure of the salary? If not, then perhaps we would not have achieved his signature to someone else and there would be serial complaints here. Only the future holds the answer to whether it was a good deal…

  38. Guns of Hackney

    Bob N7

    I am undone. You got me. I do want Arsene out because of his continuing lack of business, tactical and managerial accumen – it’s not just because I don’t like the guy. He represents the club I love, and for the past few years, his rants, moaning and actions have dragged the club through the mud. We are Arsenal and we do things differently than other clubs…he is turning us into a laughing stock, on and off the field. That’s why I want him out.

  39. Uzochukwu

    I really do not understand the gooners these days. If players wages are not enhanced, Wenger and the board are only interested in lining their pockets; if players wages are enhanced, Wenger is fritting away our money. Please wake up and stop being perpetual moaners.

  40. Jimbo

    I used to be indecisive, but now, I’m not so sure…

    Does that qualify as a joke?
    In a word – probably yes

    Alan Partidge is the master!

  41. SDE

    & to think people & IG were talking about reviewing their wage infrastructure!!

    Pffttt….Yep more of the same crap!!

    “Oh Arsene has learned from last season…”

    “Oh Arsenal is now realising experienced players is what is needed”

    “Oh Arsene will be shifting out the dross”

    “Oh Arsene is a changed man”

    “Oh Arsene will be buying super quality”

    What about ” Oh Arsene is demented,past-his-sell-by date & needs carting off preferably in a straight-jacket to the nearest looney-toon asylum”

  42. Bade

    “What I find odd is that on the one hand some of you want RVP to be given anything he wants and on the other deny a raise to Wilshere and The OX – the best two young talents in the country.”

    1. Don’t you realise the difference between a YOUNG player that has done nothing of note, bar his amazing talent, and is under a long term contract, and a striker that is the hottest in the globe, scoring 37 goals & 15 assists, your captain that is in his last year of contract?
    2. No one denying a raise for Jack or OX. It’s about the timing, too early is as bad as too late in those cases. The normal way of going is they prove they worth the pay raise, then they get it, not the other way around

  43. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Last summer, and this summer has seen a shift to buying experienced players. (The winter window was a sheer frustration!). The quality may be up for debate but the policy definitely seems to have shifted. And notwithstanding the last minute scramble to get Arteta and Yossi.

    Podolski done; Giroud ‘90%’ done.. and M’Villa awaiting in the wings… When those three deals are squared away on we can put some reasonably assesment on the Policy.

    RVP being the elephant in the room!

    I must say I would be ‘reasonably’ satisfied with this outcome if RVP stays also.. although I do agree we need also to focus somewhat on top class defensive players and we are about to start the season with Jenkinson first choice in the RB position…it would seem! I do like the guy, and see some potential, but his experience must be seriously questioned and I don’t think he is quite ready to face the top PL Left wingers just yet!

    What pleases me most about the signing of experienced players, is that a bigger squeeze will now be placed on the younger mob to be actually ready to step into the first 11 and not get there because of circumstances or as yet unrealised ‘potential’.

    I can see some more loans for the Ryo’s, Campbell’s, Frimpongs, (when he heals!) etc… which can only be good. Let them make their mistakes elsewhere and we find out actually they are not top class or otherwise!

  44. Adam

    bade, there is a common theme. Seriously, a member of the English national team in a major tournament should be a reasonable measure of the value of a player?

    What else do you want to put in a contract and win the battle against other clubs to buy him?

  45. Phantom Gunner

    I’ve heard from a reliable source that RVP will be joining Man City and that Theo is also looking to leave for pastures new.

    This same source told me to bet on ‘Arry being sacked by the Spuds 6 weeks before it happened…watch this space…

  46. Bade

    Chechareto, when he was one of the most important & pivotal players in the Manc’s title, was still on 20k a week. Just after that sensational season he got his wages trebled/quadrupled

    Welbeck the same …..

  47. Bob N7

    Guns of Hackney- I feel your pain but is the situation really as bad as you think? I for one, perpetually optimistic maybe, am beginning to get quite excited about our prospects next season. With a decent DM hopefully to come, our squad looks good. Are we really a laughing stock? I think Arsenal is still a model for a lot of good things.
    Consider Spurs for a moment….apart from being in shitty old Tottenham , they are trying to get financing and build a new stadium. They are trying to find a manger that will be able to please the investors, get the players playing well and trying to get value for money in the transfer market with much less income than us- and for that matter having to put out a team on Thursday nights.
    The only other teams better off than us(arguably) are two teams financed by sugar daddies and Man U who are undeniably one of the 2 or 3 biggest clubs in the world(commercially/supporters wise).
    I just don’t see that we’re a joke- don’t get it at all.
    Come on you Reds!

  48. Moray

    I’m guessing the pope uses the old trusty pump and spray method…?

    Where is the motivation for a young player if he is on 60m per week while still in nappies?

    We are such pussies it’s embarrassing.

    And I am increasingly convinced that RVP is leaving now. I think he is just waiting for Man City to meet Arsenal’s valuation. As he didn’t have a stand out performance at the Euros, it’s probably only City still in for him. Set him a deadline, Wenger, and be ruthless.

  49. goonerDNA

    Hahahaha so its fine for Roy to pick OX off the back of handful of starts and a few good performances in a season but its wrong to threat him as an international player

    45k for an english player is fuck all nowdays I would be pissed if someone else but its a English player with a bright future this time I can let it slip because OX is worth it, Diaby JD and Denilson are clearly not worth it

  50. Harry Redknapp

    i dont care about the ox’s wages just put the fucker in the team 30 times next season. let him be the man

  51. Ricky

    No way should OX be given a pay rise ATM..

    He’s a good prospect but that’s about it. There is no guarantee he’ll be a great Player.

    We’ve seen many youngsters fail to live up to the hype in the past (Walcott) so until he’s had a good couple seasons where he’s performing at a consistent level we should keep our money in our pockets.

    It’s sad when these clowns fail to learn from there own mistakes. We’re being forced to take denilson back for the exact reason.


    Gambon is right again. Pedro, it’s another case of the quality being reduced in the squad when RVP leaves. They are going to squeeze and squeeze. RVP should be the role model for the rest of the team. We shouldn’t be letting him leave at all.

    As for Ox, unlike at Man U where Wellbeck has been up against Rooney, Chico, Berbatov. Arsenal don’t have that kind of competition so he’s bound to be able to get a pay rise. Madness.

  53. Guns of Hackney

    Bob N7

    I said yesterday that I will try and hold fire until the transfer window closes…then we’ll see if Arsene has done what is needed. However, key issues that need to be addressed: Defending and injuries need to be resolved asap for us to have any chance next season. I know it’s not Arsene’s fault regarding injuries, but he does insist on buying lighweight flyboys…some tactics wouldn’t go amiss either.

    The Arsenal will always be here.

  54. blanco

    there is not top club in England who would sign Theo. By that I mean Mcity , Mutd or chelski. So the only people willing to sign Theo would be Liverp or Aston villa or Sunderland. No european club will sign theo he is technically incompetent. So I think theo is going nowhere!!! but to the rubbish dump.

  55. Bob N7

    Bade- obviously we don’t know the machinations of the pay executives but sometimes it’s the players who dictate timing. RVP and Walcott have been offered a wage increase(I’m assuming) as had The Ox. The Ox chose to accept, the others at the moment haven’t.
    Get the business done if you can, otherwise we just have to be patient. I’m of the opinion RVP is waiting to see who we bring in before making a decision and that this is more important than getting a particular wage. Theo, who knows? With either if we get good money for them so be it…..Arsenal goes on and we go on supporting!

  56. V o K z i i

    I can’t see RVP being allowed to leave regardless of his desire, I think we will just take the hit on losing him on a free next year. I think its a f*cking joke he hasn’t signed on the dotted line for us yet. I understand he wants to win things and he is in the later stages of his career, but we have shown him so much loyalty and he has one injury free season where he bangs in the goals and he holds us to ransom over it. Either sign or fuck off, I’m sick of this every year. I agree with whoever said it yesterday that Flamini set the standard and ever since he whored himself out, every season some other f*cker does it to us.

  57. Guns of Hackney

    V o K z i i June 22, 2012 11:00:11

    It’s about winning things, as well as the cash. 7 years without a trophy is an enourmous chunk of a footballers career and I am not surprised that a player pushing 29/30 HAS to look elsewhere if trophies are their motivation.

    That not withstanding…if you got offered a double your money salary increase, would you turn it down? Nah, didn’t think so.

  58. Moray

    @Adam: Would a clause saying that if he achieved a starting spot for his national team in a major tournament then his salary would increase to $45k be mismanagement?

    If that national team was England, then yes.

    They are a bunch of overpaid failures and hooligans.

  59. Adëdïgba Y'mië Bïmböh

    Morning groovers, I totally agree with Pedro on this post. AOC has done nothing to justify him being paid 45k a week yet and moreover he’s under a long term contract.
    Am excited about Giroud’s deal and I will be so much like it if RVP stays

  60. Bob N7

    VoKzii- part of me agrees with your passionate sentiment. Player power has gone crazy. It’s a joke what the players get paid. I would say the loyalty goes both ways with RVP…I know he’s been injured loads but he has been Arsenal player (and fan) for many years. Flamini was a fly-by-night and shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath as RVP(Hleb could though)

  61. V o K z i i


    I don’t disagree on the money or the trophy things mate, its the fucking about I get annoyed with, if he wants to go then go, if he wants to show a season more of loyality then great, if he wants to stay then even better its the fucking about I hate.

  62. Josip Skoblar

    Could Song play alongside M’Vila? Would it work or not? (With Song in a attacking position of course). I’m not sure.

  63. Bade

    Heh Adam

    This is exactly the conundrum

    If we treble his wage after 3 caps, what are we going to offer him in two years time, if he upped his caps to 15, and landed couple of goals & assists? So then we give him 90k a week?

    Funny how many of you trying to vindicate this decision in a hindsight when NO ONE was calling for it BEFORE

    And tell me, if OX merits a trebled wages after 2 caps, why not treble Campbell’s wage? He’s even more regular starter for his national team, banging goals in a regular basis for them?

    It’s total bollocks

  64. gambon


    Not a huge fan of that team.

    Too many strikers, not enough players defending.

    Walcott, Podolski, RVP & Giroud in the same 11 wont be good. Thats 4 strikers on the pitch, we would get ripped apart by the big teams playing like that, typical Arsenal.

  65. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Coming back to something yesterday! I didn’t have the time…

    Now please don’t listen to the feeble ramblings of Willy B Goebbels! Claims of Barca and Reals debt situation is greatly exagerated. There are certainly issues of course but don’t take for face value that they are 500+ million in debt and we are sitting cosy and poised to do well. (but we are not in a bad place also)

    I don’t have time to combat the Willy Goebbels propaganda feed but please go to the Swiss Ramble and read his piece on Barca and Real’s financial situation.

    Here’s a simple example:
    Bank and Bond debt..(In Euros)
    Real 146m
    Barca 150m
    Man U 551m
    Arsenal 310m

    Cash in the Bank
    Real 98m
    Barca 60m
    Man U 181m
    Arsenal 192m

    Net Debt Situation:
    Real 48m
    Barca 89m
    Man U 370m
    Arsenal 117m

    All figures courtesy of Swiss Ramble. Please follow up there. I could very easily write an article showing Real in a very good light and Man U in a very shitty situation!

    There are a lot of other factors used to calculate the debt figures quoted like advance on season tickets which in accountancy terms is considered debt as the games have yet to be played!

    Like I said, these Spanish clubs are not fucked and the situation is not as bad as painted in the attention grabbing headline! The article entitled.. “The Truth about Debt at Barcelona and Real Madrid” will break all down in true Swiss Ramble style.

  66. V o K z i i

    Bob N7, you are right and I do apologise for saying Flamini in the same breath as RVP, and I was probably out of order, its just with Fabregas, Nasri, Viera, Henry, Flamini, Hleb et al I’m just so tired of it every year now. When Viera did it for 3 seasons in a row I couldn’t wait for him to go, just so we didn’t need to be put through it again.

    I love RVP and respect everything he has done for the club, but he must now either sign or go!

  67. Bob N7

    Guns….if I had £15 mill (or whatever) in the bank and £20 mill guaranteed over 4 years I’m pretty sure I would look past the money to make a decision. Where I do agree with you is if I felt I wasn’t going to win anything by staying that would make me leave( nothing to do with doubling an already ridiculous amount of money though).

    Us lesser mortals doubling our money would make a massive difference for sure!

  68. Bade


    I agree with your assessment of the change of policy, but things still from pleasing. The Ox trebled wage is another indication of the false economics still running in the club, in spite of the improvement in the more grand scheme

    Even if we landed M’villa, Giroud & kept Robin, WE NEED TO ADDRESS THE DEFENCE

    We won’t win anything with the current squad

    We need AT LEAST 2 of 3, RB, CB, LB. RB is a MUST even. We can’t lay it on youngsters again (Jenko, Le Coq), or trying to square the circle with a CB as fullback. We suffered enough from it last season. We can’t keep doing the same mistakes over & over again

  69. V o K z i i

    N7 never a truer word, you hear that all the time what would you do if someone doubled your already gigantic earning, but someone doubling my wage would only be £800 a week so yes I would change as it would make a huge difference, to RVP it makes no real odds does it?

  70. Bob N7

    Fabregas, Henry, RVP many years of service- legends
    Hleb, Flamini,Nasri- mercenaries (enough said)

    This window not so bad somehow. RVP getting on, two decent strikers in- less suffering in my opinion!

  71. goonerDNA

    Josip, I hope its Arteta M’villa Wilshere midfield next season Jack will take some time to get back to his best but all 3 can scrap it out and play a pass without trying the stupid dink thru ball song plays 100 times a game

  72. Bade


    Mione @11:08 applies as a reply to yours & 10:47 as well

    It’s all bollocks,

    Only Arsenal fans would see a trebled wages for a youngster after few average caps as good move. It’s stupidity & anything but financial prudence

  73. V o K z i i

    I am very happy with the signings and I assume RVP is just holding on to see who else comes in, but what do you think his deadline is? do you think he will go into the new season and sign just before transfer closure day depending on what we’ve done in the market, or what do people here think he has on his mind?

  74. Moray

    Bendner is a Danish international, yet we have found it impossible to move him on because of his wages.

    Vela has 35 caps for Mexico yet we will have to accept a ridiculously low transfer fee just to get him off our books.

    Squillachi (yes, he) holds over 20 French caps yet he is stuck at our club on 60m per week or something…

    An international cap does not dictate a trebling of salary. The very idea is absurd. Almost as absurd as the automatic increase clause we gave Djourou…

  75. Guns of Hackney

    V o K z i i June 22, 2012 11:06:49 and Bob N7

    I concur. I hate players, regardless of who/what they do for Arsenal, holding us to ransom – we’ve lost better players than RVP and although a blow, we’d get over it like we have always done. But I think that if RVP had won something, he’d be more likely to stay.

    Again, you are both correct regarding money. For us, doubling salaries is massive and someone who is already on £100k pw, can’t really buy much more on £200k pw than on £100k. But we know that footballers are some of the dumbest creatures on the planet…

    Avarice knows no bounds.

  76. Guns of Hackney


    Not that I am plugging another blog but Arsenal Truth did a good, in depth piece regading Arsenal’s wage bill…how accurate it was, is anyones guess but it put a lot of things into perspective regarding our ‘squad’ players salaries.

    Some of it made my eyes water. We all know who they are but some of the garbage plying their trade at Arsenal obviously can’t believe their luck! And who can blame them?

  77. Alex James

    Where has the Ox story come from? Is it from a reputable source or is it usual press mischief making? I suspect that there is something in his contract that recognises achievement thresholds. Without it, he would have gone to Man U, who are busy trying to hoover up all the young talent, now that they cannot compete with City and the chavs financially. It is wrong to compare him with Theo. This chap is a proper footballer. OK, he is raw but his trickery, speed and quick thinking set him apart from any other young player currently around.

  78. Dublin Gunner!!!

    Hey guys, just wondering does anyone no when sky pick there matchs? i want to go to the liverpool away game in sept, but i reckon they will chang it to a sunday or might be sat lunch time kick off. and there is a big difference in the price on the ryanair flight!!

  79. goonerDNA

    Bade, Who cares about people playing for Costa Rica FUCK ME even Park scores shit load of goals for South Korea fact is neither are English which was my point.

    Anyone would think you’re trying to say the more caps you have the more you should be paid which is bollocks, you’re wage should reflect how good you are regardless of age ok I understand he lacks experience but if he’s good enough to play for england he has to be good enough for Arsenal

  80. Harry Redknapp

    ox aint gettin his wages trebled, he probably is gonna get put onto a par with jack ram bendy. but treble no way.

  81. Mark Beasley

    Thomas, you haven’t brought the finances up again? It was all getting a bit hateful yesterday! Agreed though, the Barca/Real loans are easily serviceable.

    Bayern have reportedly agreed a deal with Bilbao for Martinez (@signings_TDD). Pedro has suggested he is our no.1 target to, ahead of M’vila. Now is the time to act Arsenal. Quite frankly i’d love them both in the team. And Vertonghen!

  82. Nick

    My gut tells me that we increased the Ox’s wages because some buyers will have come around sniffing and just Wilshire Arsensl get scared they’re gonna lose another player to one of the big spenders. I don’t think he’s earned it yet, but he gives way more on the pitch than a lot of our money sucking subs who never play and when the do look like lost donkeys.

  83. arsenal tom

    Moray… bendtner and vela will both be gone soon mate.

    Bendy did himself allot of favours with his performances at the Euros.

    Vela is almost a done deal to spain to.

    Squillachi is a problem though because he wont budge on his 50k a week wages. Hopefully we’ll buy him out for a percentage of his deal and he can go elsewhere on lower wages.

  84. nakew

    The problem is not Oxo’s pay rise. It can not be seen as madness.
    Rewarding/Keeping below average players[more than 5] in the payroll is unforgivable crime.

  85. gambon

    “ox aint gettin his wages trebled, he probably is gonna get put onto a par with jack ram bendy. but treble no way.”

    Erm are you any good at Maths Harry?

    Ox is on £15k pw, them guys are on £50k pw.

  86. Adam

    When buying a player, like buying shares you take a gamble. When Ox was bought we had other teams wanting him. Sorry, but when competing against other clubs for someone’s signature you have to convince the player to come to you. You only know the value At the end of the contract. To keep their salary down you put in place incentives. Being a starter in the Englad national team (top 8 in Euro) is a reasonable measure.

    RVP – if he was offered a pay rise two years ago to extend his contract Arsenal would have been rightly criticized. Likewise (for different reasons) for Nasri and for flamini – RVP’s weakness has been injury. The others were poor up to the year before their moves.

    As I understand it, Arsenal were fourth in total wage bill and third in League position – while not outstanding, that is certainly within range.

    Also, there hardly other team dominating the transfer market his year, except perhaps Chelsea who are in a different financial league. Perhaps the prudent years paying off debt and securing the financial position of the club will pay off now.

    Finally, I wonder whether FFP will come into realit now. With Madrid and Barca suffering there will be greater pressure on UEFA to enforce it.

  87. Samir


    “Denilson won’t stay. Arsenal want €6million (£4.9million) for him, but we won’t pay that so we expect him to leave soon,” Sao Paulo president Juvenal Juvencio told UOL.

  88. Goon from BD

    Jovetic is waiting to EXPLODE! We could have one of the best players if he does! We can buy him!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck Ben Arfa and spend that amount on Jovetic.

  89. goonerDNA

    England play against decent opposition unlike Costa Rica who play the likes of Cuba, if OX was South Korean he would of been a starter at the age of 15 and would be scoring 5-6 goals against the likes of U.A.E

  90. Bade

    “Anyone would think you’re trying to say the more caps you have the more you should be paid which is bollocks, you’re wage should reflect how good you are regardless of age ok I understand he lacks experience but if he’s good enough to play for england he has to be good enough for Arsenal”

    I don’t suggest that, but that’s the conclusion of what you lot said. “He plays for England….”

    I agree a player should be paid what he wroth. OX far off those 45k merit wise, he’s a second string that got to a NT not because he’s that good, but due to injuries & shite squad in general

    He should complete a full season with 30 games & 6-8 goals & the same amount of assists to be worth it

  91. Goon from BD

    Alba/XXX-TV-Kos-Gebre Selassie
    Sir Chezney

    Make it happen, Arsene!!!

  92. mtim

    A small argument between a couple turns violent.
    Angry Husband: Do not let the animal in me come
    Wife: who is scared of a mouse!
    Happy joke friday

  93. Harry Redknapp

    so what happened to all them storys that barca were borrowing 80mill every 3 months just to pay the wages?

  94. gazzap

    Ox is one of our only true big talents. I dont give a fuck what our top talents earn. Give players like that what they like. He has proven that is worth the punt already.
    Just dont give unproven nobodies like Squillaci £60k a week. (and chamakh £80k per week). Do a great season then expect that money but dont expect to come in to the club on even 1 penny above market value.
    What Man U pay is market value.

  95. Bade


    SO you don’t know, or deny, that they play in the Copa America?

    I wouldn’t say Argentina & Brazil as crap teams…..

  96. V o K z i i

    A policeman pulled over a car, walked up to the driver’s window, and asked the man if he knew why he was pulled over. “No,” the man replied.

    “You failed to stop at the stop sign,” the cop explained.

    “But I did slow down!” the guy argued. The cop shook his head. “You are required to stop. That’s why they’re called stop signs.”

    The man started to get belligerent. “Stop, slow down – what’s the difference?”

    The cop pulled out his baton. “I can show you. I’m going to start hitting you with my baton. You tell me if you want me to stop or slow down.”

  97. Johnny5


    I think best joke of the day should go to abba gee who thinks song was the second best player for us last season. He was poor at best we would have been better off playing theo as DM. Song is and has mostly been a liability. There is no way we should be giving him a new contract.

  98. Harry Redknapp

    well i dunno how much per year but they were cutting down on colour inc and askin the secretary to bring her own pencil and payin out win bonuses bit by bit GUNS lol