Yann M’Vila wants to join and Theo plays a waiting game. And what exactly is financial prudence?

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Well there’s a surprise, Theo will wait until Robin moves before he decides. If that isn’t a ringing non endorsement of everything Wenger has built over the last 8 years then I don’t know what is.

Theo I don’t blame you, Robin I would do the same and that could explain why we are not signing big names, they are all waiting to see what happens.

Sorry but Oliver Giround does not constitute a big name. I would be surprised if anyone spends big outside of the clubs with money that clearly wasn’t earned, but I wouldn’t like to just sign players for the sake of it, sign those that will make a difference or don’t bother.

Now Yann M’Vila says he wants to join us, he’ll make a difference, go and buy him but do it quick, because if the French progress, so will his price. And before anyone says he said his future will be decided after the Euros, cobblers, he said a month ago it would be after his last game in Ligue 1.

If we then lose our best players so be it, it’s far better to have a club that wins nothing and makes money than pleasing the fans that want to see silverware.

If financial prudence is that important though I would sack Gazidas and his entire team because they bring nothing, sack the manager because he brings nothing and employ someone like David Moyes, because he’ll bring nothing, but he’ll be cheaper.

And that’s financial prudence.

Now if they had any sense they would see financial prudence is also about packing the ground, winning nothing for 8 years will not only not fill the ground, it will stop young kids becoming Arsenal fans and that then screws up the future, not next year or the next, because they are already here, that’s us.

It’s the next generation and you know what? This board and Wenger don’t care about them because they won’t be around, and that my friends is not financial prudence, it’s financial incompetence. Or stupidity.

That’s what I would call the lost generation, if you want to see how that works out, ask the Greeks.

Have a nice day Grover’s, tomorrow Pedro is back.

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  1. Pollux

    And the signs are there. RDM won the CL with Chelsea with 3 months in charge. RH will emulate that success in EURO 12 with England. Hail the spirit of the Britsh Bulldog!! We are just 4 wins away from being crown as king of Europe. Shame Wilshere is not part of it.

  2. sam

    thats true! kids support the winning team.
    and buying cheap players is not financial prudence, its stupidity.
    why spend few quids on a korean to sell few shirts when you can spend big on neymar then sell shirt worldwide.
    how many brazilians will buy our number 9 shirt? but if you buy a superstar kids everywhere will buy the shirt not just in asia.
    also more marketing revenues the club loses everywhere when we sell our superstars. if they sell van persie and give the number 10 shirt to solomon kalou they might make small profit but big lost in years to come. who gave wenger degree in economy?

  3. albert mwangi

    Its true that Robin wants to see the quality that which will be brought at Emirates . If in any case him , Theo & Song leaves us then it `s the high time Wenger follows them out of Emirates . A time comes when a team is greater than an individual ( Wenger). Last season Cesc left and we collapsed for a period, now what will happen if Theo ,Song & Robin departs ? As fans we cant wait to see the consequences.

  4. Dony

    good post. Fans get excited about results on the pitch. That’s the bottom-line. You can’t sit a little kid down and say he should root for Arsenal vs Man City because Arsenal have a more sustainable business model.

    Also, one of my friends is a Chelsea fan. He’s a grown man with kids….after the Champions League win, he went out and bought almost every piece of Chelsea kit going (for himself)…What does this have to do with ‘financial prudence’

    Gazidis, if you can’t sign Yann Vanilla. Sign Javi Martinez and show the fans you mean business.

  5. SDE

    Just read snippets of the link someone sent earlier lambasting the anti-wenger brigade…

    This bit below made me laugh about the childlike behaviour of some fans & blogs..

    “But what is not often mentioned is that this type of thinking is recognisable to psychologists and is described as “Childlike Behaviour in Adults”.

    The symptoms of childlike behaviour in adults are reflective of emotional immaturity and can be grouped under five headings:

    Uncontrolled Emotion
    Magical Thinking”

    The irony of the above traits he highlighted are that they are symptomatic of Arsene Wenger..Quite funny…when you think about it..He got the characteristics right..just the wrong target.

    In Bill Clinton’s words..

    It’s Arsene Wenger..stupid!!

    Here’s my example of Wenger’s childlike behaviour!!

    Egocentrism..His dictatorial style leadership of the club,with his pores in every nook & cranny..
    From transfers(player acquisitions+sales),wages,stadium design,shirt design,etc,etc..To debating all matters on the eurozone crisis,socialism,capitalism..But no answer to ending a 7 year barren spell of no trophies…

    Blaming of referees,linesman,fatigue,the opposition for playing rugby,for us losing games..
    FFP &Oligarchs for skewing the transfer market,rendering us unable to compete..

    Uncontrolled Emotion..
    The renowned bottle smasher,when a team scores a goal..
    His arrogant retort,when asked by a reporter about substitutions..
    Recall the legendary”I have made 50″000 decisions & I don’t have to explain any one of my decisions to you..!!
    Or refusing to shake a manager’s hand at the end of an embarrassing defeat!!
    The storming off down the tunnel!!

    Magical Thinking..
    His 7 year to eternity Youth Policy that has yet to come to fruition…& Sustainable Model that is thwarted by a bulging wage bill…
    & the hopeful implementation of FFP,that will hopefully see all teams compete on an equal footing..Yep magical thinking indeed!!

    Qualification for CL..Top4 is a trophy…In his words we have qualified for CL for 14 consecutive years….Job done,you ungrateful plebes!!Now where’s my £7 million cheque +bonuses!!

    Absolutely priceless that article..Wrong target my son…
    Look closer to home!!

  6. goonerboy

    Really Good post-.
    I do think he is mentally unbalanced- obsessive- for sure but not ill as such. He has been a visionary-15 years ago-but has had too many uncritical people blowing wind up his arse ever since-and now clearly believes his own bullshit.

    AKB started off as a joke-a number of years ago-then some seriously lost souls started to actually believe it. Now there are people who appear to be otherwise intelligent genuinely believe Arsene knows fucking everything and is always right- and that any fan who is critical of him in any way is disloyal or a retard.

    The truth is the AKB are amongst the saddest bunch of wankers in football. That they think their blind hero worshipping of a football manager is somehow normal is beyond laughable. Its a case of the totally deluded claiming everyone else is deluded but them.


    Dear All,

    A big fck off to all the England knockers on here.

    I said England would be fine and that England supporters are the best in the world where are the despicable, disgusting French are the worst. They will turn on their own in a flash and blame everyone else.

    Not us English – we are Kings.