Yann M’Vila wants to join and Theo plays a waiting game. And what exactly is financial prudence?

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Well there’s a surprise, Theo will wait until Robin moves before he decides. If that isn’t a ringing non endorsement of everything Wenger has built over the last 8 years then I don’t know what is.

Theo I don’t blame you, Robin I would do the same and that could explain why we are not signing big names, they are all waiting to see what happens.

Sorry but Oliver Giround does not constitute a big name. I would be surprised if anyone spends big outside of the clubs with money that clearly wasn’t earned, but I wouldn’t like to just sign players for the sake of it, sign those that will make a difference or don’t bother.

Now Yann M’Vila says he wants to join us, he’ll make a difference, go and buy him but do it quick, because if the French progress, so will his price. And before anyone says he said his future will be decided after the Euros, cobblers, he said a month ago it would be after his last game in Ligue 1.

If we then lose our best players so be it, it’s far better to have a club that wins nothing and makes money than pleasing the fans that want to see silverware.

If financial prudence is that important though I would sack Gazidas and his entire team because they bring nothing, sack the manager because he brings nothing and employ someone like David Moyes, because he’ll bring nothing, but he’ll be cheaper.

And that’s financial prudence.

Now if they had any sense they would see financial prudence is also about packing the ground, winning nothing for 8 years will not only not fill the ground, it will stop young kids becoming Arsenal fans and that then screws up the future, not next year or the next, because they are already here, that’s us.

It’s the next generation and you know what? This board and Wenger don’t care about them because they won’t be around, and that my friends is not financial prudence, it’s financial incompetence. Or stupidity.

That’s what I would call the lost generation, if you want to see how that works out, ask the Greeks.

Have a nice day Grover’s, tomorrow Pedro is back.

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  1. Goon from BD

    Gambon- Fine and I am absolutely sure M’vila is going to be HUGE but would you really like it if the next option after M’vila is Coq,Ramsey or Diaby? You make sense most of the time unless its about Koscienly 😆 and I am sure you would agree we have bigger things to worry about.

  2. LegroveIsInTheHeart

    how would everyone feel if we did get Mvilla and keep song, if Arteta was used as a more attacking creative player?

    then we would have him,Jack roz and ram as options in that role. The problem comes if jacks injury persists, can we rely on the others? Personally I think our midfield would be so solid with song and mvilla that any one of those three would shine as AM, but it is risky. BUT Imagine Jack song and mvilla, that would be sweeeet!!! I got a good feeling that Ramsey will come good next year too. Maybe Ox will be pushing for that role in a couple of seasons, with ryo coming in as an additional winger?

    The one position everyone wanted to file ie the cesc role, is actually the least talked about now. Now it looks like we are going to build a great side around where cesc would have been! Can anyone we got step up in AM? I think they will get a season to show us.

  3. Goon from BD

    If Coq is really that special he will find his place in the team. He should be on loan learning by making mistakes through playing games which don’t cost us points. I like Coq and Ryo but they should be playing on loan instead of stagnating on the bench and more importantly not getting in the way of signings which could contribute more “now”.

  4. Mayank

    Theo must be the only player that gets hated when he does something good.

    And the Theo haters inevitably seem to be Nikki B lovers.

    It’s the strangest thing.

  5. LegroveIsInTheHeart

    NOt sure I agree, I think if given a chance Coq could be good enough to feature quite often, I really think he is one who in particular we will rue losing, he will be a future french international star in my opinion. If he accepts a year on loan then great, if he wants chances now then that is a problem imo

  6. Keyser

    IvoryGoonz – Down to two clubs ? Heh, the lesser clubs we define it to the stronger my point gets anyway.

    How can you say only Arsenal fans would discuss such things if no other clubs been in a similar position ? It doesn’t make Arsenal fans extraordinary just that they’ve been put in an extraordinary position.

    All my examples show is that other clubs discuss such matters.

    Do you even have a point anymore ?!

  7. Ritesh

    If Chocolegs wants 250K per week, he can just fuck off. Samir also wanted trophies, so I guess he is donating the megabucks to the poor now.

    We persisted with Theo through thick and thin and we are now being rewarded. Just fuck off Theo.

    In his first 6 months with us, we even made Shitmakh a world beater. Arsenal is bigger than any of these money seeking bastards.

  8. Keyser

    RCLS – Think you’re wrong about Gervinho, these players will excel with the right players around them and it makes for an interesting summer, not sure how Van Persie would fare playing the support striker, he’s spent quite a lot of time and effort learning and adjusting to his position up front.

    I think it’s too early to see any real pattern in terms of signings and if we don’t get a dominant creative player who can knit all these variations of players we have then it’s still pretty much us working it out on the pitch like last year, playing through it.

  9. SalparadiseNYC


    Nicki B is a funny character, the underwear at the Euro, the drunken image of him leaving a club, drunk as a sailor in Siam.. pants down. I’d have a drink with him, maybe BUT he should never wear and Arsenal kit again.
    Can’t get past the Barca knockout match when Nicki bottled it under a pretty strong challenge from Masherano, should of buried it but did not get the chance as he mis timed first touch and the death, could of been a hero.
    Outclassed yes but we should of advanced.

  10. Goon from BD

    By the way, M’vila is more Xabi Alonso like in his passing. His touch and control is fabulous like Busquets so plays great passes out of defense effortlessy like him. He doesn’t tackle unless its necessary and won’t put the defenders under pressure ala Scotty “ROAR” Parker. He can be as good as Busquets and maybe even better as he is stronger physically and a bit quicker. He also seems to have good nerves like Busquets and his game reading(positioning) is good with clean tackles only when necessary. He will dominate games from the half way line on his own if he reaches his potential.

    If we get him we can surely switch to play 4-3-3 instead of 4-2-3-1 with him sitting in the space just ahead of the CBs and that is the area where short/long passes has done damage to us this season while we have improved vastly in set pieces. 4-3-3 will also bring the best from our team as we can use two midfielder providing numbers going forward,press defenders as we lose the ball and cover for forward going full backs or cbs. It can also bring the best out of the wide forwards.

    M’vila could be the key signing so really hope we get him.

  11. SDE

    IvoryGoonzJune 17, 2012 15:02:31

    Favourite post from Ivory Goonz today….

    Particularly liked the line to Keyser:
    “Keyser: why do you use in the same sentence mate and adversary? Got problems taking your pills for bipolar disorder?

    No, no, don’t think I have something particularly against you, that’d be giving you importance you don’t hold in my heart.”

    & this line from Ivory Goonz another riposte to Keysers fave topic-The Bayern Model

    “When is it gonna be sustainable enough that we can afford to do what even Bayern could do with Ribery, Robben and Gomez with a stricter budget?”

    Top post Ivory Goonz..I feel for you though,when you get embroiled in a discussion with Keyser..Bit like losing one’s virginity to the village bike…

    A very unpleasant experience!!

  12. SDE

    Also liked this one from Ivory Goonz…
    IvoryGoonzJune 17, 2012 15:29:44

    “Keyser: see, no point discussing with you… We are now down to 2 clubs and still can’t see the actual difference and point of the topic.
    Sustainable fuckin model.”

    Oh dear!!! There’s always one resident J/Off in life!!

  13. Goon from BD

    I think Gervinho biggest problem is our tippi tappi bullshit. In the Norwich game at the end of the season he was useless in the first half but in the 2nd half as soon as we went for it he started skinning the wide defenders and putting low passes in the penalty area. He did the same against Citeh at Etihad when he skinned Micah twice and it created the only two clear chances we had one of which was a goal scored by RvP ruled wrongly offside. He is an absolutely shit finisher however. I don’t know really……he is incredibly confusing. Lets see how he does next season.

  14. Keyser

    “Oh dear!!! There’s always one resident J/Off in life!!”

    Are you saying you were there, typing, Quoting Ivory with your cock in your hand ?

    ‘Ooh I especially liked this one from Ivory, Ivory soo smooth and delicate to the touch’

    ‘Ooh, No, Ivory you look better in lace, loved you at 4:26 with a brace’

    ‘Ooh Ivory..’

    What a fornicating penguin.

  15. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Keyser – As with all players, time will tell. I’ve not been convinced thus far but I must obviously allow him a period to adjust to a far more competitive league. It’ll be make or break for him this season though with competition red hot. Podolski, Theo, Oxlade-Chamberlain & Gervinho give us excellent, direct options on the flanks but it’s lacking somewhat in guile. This is sometimes why we look better deploying benayoun, rosicky and arshavin out wide.

    Re Van Persie… Well i’m sure he’ll have to revert to a more deep lying role as his career nears it’s later stages. He doesn’t have the pace or injury record to suggest he can keep going it alone up top against 2 top quality players. He’s a top quality player that see’s things 2 seconds early like all the top ones and would thrive there and give his top flight career a more stable longevity later on. This then, imo, is why bringing in Giroud is ONLY a good move if Van Persie stays. It allows Robin to continue in the same vein and give Giroud a support role adapting and contributing where he can in his first 18 months.

  16. Keyser

    Goon from BD – The Year before he’d have Fabregas putting him into space out wide and we’d have had a far quicker attack.

    He spent half the time tracking back covering Santos or Vermaelen, Vermaelen didn’t feel comfortable pushing forward and on the other side Koscielny was the same. It mean our wide players had to cover almost 60 yards of ground on their own.

    A few times I remember him racing back 70 yards after we’d had a corner to put a player off and help out.

  17. sam

    my alternative to m’vila:
    coz we all know that it will take alot of arm twisting to see wenger part with 22 millions euro.

    l. leroy fer
    3. felipe melo( mixed feelings with this one, it could be our barton and cost us games but great player though)
    4.marouane fellaini ( this one is actually 22 millions british pounds not euros)
    5. coquelin( still young but the gamble could pay off and won’t cost anything)
    6. kyle bartley( his first year in scotland was good but last year he didn’t play well coz they played him mostly at right back. but can also play DM)

    please no ramsey and diaby.
    ramsey cannot defend and diaby needs to stay on his feet for at least 2 months before we count him as an arsenal player.

  18. Goon from BD

    Keyser- Interesting point. I am absolutely sure Santos and Gibbs are left wingers. Santos is great going forward but casual at times and too fat to recover while Gibbs is decent going forward but looks a little bit clueles at times. We are lacking in that area.

  19. sam

    oooops! i left out dench

    oh yes, we’ve seen this 3 man midfield at youth level and we know what they can do. hopefully we will see it this season in some games.


  20. kwik fit

    “I have heard Arsenal have an interest in me. I likeArsenal and I like the Premier League.” Yann M’Vila. Sign the dude Wenger for fuck sake!

  21. SalparadiseNYC

    Speaking of Bendtner some new’s I’m excited about:

    “Turkish outlet Miliyet, prelimary talks have taken place between the clubs with Arsenal looking for a fee of around £4.5m.

    Galatasary can offer Champions League football and are in a position to cover Bendtner’s wages. They also suggest that because of his family ties in London, where his young son lives, special arrangements will be made in terms of private air transport for holidays.”

  22. Pk

    “PK,in a 433, mvilla, JW, AOC ,( but are they still too young), mixed with, song, coq, diabi (i know), and still remaining, frimp, ramsey and arteta, thats not bad for the midfield, what about the defence”

    Name me one game last season that we where bragging about how walcott, ramsey or gervinho won the ball back and created something usefull with it? Thats really our weakest spot in defence imo.

    If we get the front four to do a better job with winning the ball back high in the pitch it would not only give us more counter chanses but more importantly our defence (included Songinho) the extra 5-10 seconds to get back and organise if the first should fail (or a free kick to them with the same result).

    It kills me to see how walcott looses possesion and then pretends he is trying to take it back and how ramsey looks afraid of every 50/50 challange or even making a simple takle for the team. Gervinho is doing a decent (not world class) in defence but sucks in attack so replacing them not only improves our attack but also our defence in very important way. Wilshere will do the job ramsey can´t and a traffic light would do a more effective job than theo.

    Other than that i think we really need a new leftback and his name is Olsson from blackburn (mentioned yesterday). Why compete for baines when he can do the same job, is younger but not junoirish and cheaper. And a backup centerback who can also do the job on the right (Yanga-Biwa).




    Dzagoev—— Wilshere——Podolski


    Bench: Gordon :), Mertesacker, Yanga-B, Le Coq, Ox, Walcott, Giroud.

    And plenty of backup for injuries.

  23. Swedish Gun

    when will jack be back??

    was it his patellar tendon??

    they say surgery is the last resort for this.
    rehab 6-12 months and its not sure he can come back to the level he was before.

  24. Keyser

    Goon from BD – Bit of a mess this year with all the injuries, and Vermaelen did spend quite a lot of time at leftback and he really wasn’t comfortable pressing on. The other two, Santos’s stamina is questionable and his defensive qualities, but overall I don’t think anyone settled that well of the players coming in, Arteta probably the best but he’s one with a lot of premiership experience anyway.

  25. Mayank

    kwik, that comment pretty much means he’s not interested in coming to Arsenal and is using our name to get other clubs interested.

    You need to learn agentspeak 🙂

  26. Bade

    Gerv is not comfortable in front of goal. He often lost his composure especially when we’re dealing with attack where he has time to think

    I hope he’ll turn things up this coming season, though I’m not sure that will be the case

    I watched him several times in the French league, he was knocking goals but like Ade, he was missing sitters all over….

  27. Bade

    Jack should be counted as a cover player next season

    Don’t expect a player who was our for longer than a year, to come back in a storm & conquer the EPL. Ask Eddie, Rosa, Rambo & Vermaelen.

    It will take some time until he’s settled, and he might have annoying niggles along the procedure, so as much as I rate him, as I said before he can’t be considered as a banker starter. Give him his time

  28. Bade


    That comment means he wants to come to Arsenal

    You don’t need to try & read between the lines when the obvious is put in front of you

    That wasn’t the 1st time he mentioned Arsenal, but of course he won’t wait his whole life for us to make the move…..

  29. kwik fit

    I personally think that M’vila and Giroud have already signed but Arsenal have told them to say nothing. Every signing is the same a long drawn out process. Tell nobody and by the time they become official the excitement of signing someone as worn off. Our board seem to ruin everything. 🙁

  30. Mayank

    Bade it’s more a case of me not wanting to sign M’Vila. He’s got great potential, true but I’d rather we spent that money on the Cesc shaped hole in our MF.

    Kagawa was a real loss. Oh well.

    Of course I wouldn’t mind M’Vila coming in but I’d hate him to be our marquee signing. Looks like he will the way it’s shaping up.

  31. Mayank

    Yup Kwik our last surprise signings were Bischoff and Silvestre. But then no club has one week negotiations anymore so can’t really complain.

  32. Geoff

    true but he is very wrong, so wrong, he is so very wrong, so very very wrong, so very very wrong.

    Same tune by the way!

  33. Goon from BD

    When the fuck will this never ending injury crisis be over? we should appoint the Dutch guy who used to work with Citeh and Wales and currently RvP works him and he hasn’t gotten injured in two years. We probably spent more than half of what we get in transfer sales for this new medical facility with the same useless people.

  34. Bade

    Santos is a good player, he can be used as a traditional left wing at times, but we need a true LB, with emphasis on defence

    That’s why we need LB, but it’s in a lower priority, more important now DM, RB, AM & CB

  35. Bade


    POTENTIAL? The boy is France’s 1st choice for DM. I wouldn’t call it “potential” it’s already the whole package as I see it

  36. Bade

    Haha Geoff

    I never knew you were giving inspirations for Yids composers!

    He’s wrong he’s wrong, oh song he’s wrong…..

  37. Mayank

    Can he handle the line in front of the defence alone though? Song needs Arteta to help. Getting M’Vila will only be helpful if her frees up Arteta/whoever is playing. His passing is average imo.

    Could be better than Song but not too big an improvement. Could be wrong about him though. He’s got a very impressive number of appearances for his age.

  38. Bade


    Marquee signing? For Arsene it means another Eisfield or Bischoff ….

    A team that never exceeded a 15m’ on a player can’t talk about marquee signings. Not of the late few years anyway

  39. Rhyle

    Mayank – think you’re trying to replace the irreplaceable in Fabregas! For me our priority should be reducing that huge goals against number. Unlike many I don’t believe we need a new CB – think we have 3 top drawer defenders (including the Mert who I’m hopeful we’ll see the best of next season). With the way we played last season, our CBs were isolated far too often – that’s why, for me, our priorities should be a top notch LB (Gibbs / Santos are decent but lack quality / fitness respectively to play a wing-back role) and a disciplined DM.

    Get the 49 down to 30 and you’re talking about a good season…get the goals up and you can’t be sure!

  40. Bade


    I think more that Song needed Arteta, it was Arteta covering Song’s arse too often to count

    Song has two majoer problems in that aspect. 1st, he fell in love with his chipped ball so he was going forwards without discipline. 2ndly, he is too slow to cover large areas or to make up for his irresponsible burts

    M’villa much more pacey & much more disciplined

  41. kwik fit

    M’VILA: “I don’t know what the future holds to me, but I hope that I’ll be wearing Arsenal’s shirt as soon as possible”

    Smells to me that the deed has been done.

  42. Mayank

    That makes sense Rhyle.

    I also think our CBs are good enough. Kos was basically the second best CB after Kompany.

    I’m not against signing M’Vila. Just doesn’t excite me as a signing. Dunno maybe a big money unexciting signing is what we need.

  43. Mayank

    Okay that quote definitely isn’t agentspeak unless they’re really desperate to get last minute bids in. Looks like M’Vila it is then.

    Are you happy now RvP? You’ve put Arsene off only spending big money on attackers.

  44. kwik fit


    AC Milan DiavoloNews ‏@MilanDiavolo
    M’VILA: “I don’t know what the future holds to me, but I hope that I’ll be wearing Arsenal’s shirt as soon as possible”

    I know I shouldn’t but it is a quiet sunday after all.

  45. Honest Bill

    Our defenders are ok.. It’s the big spaces in front of them that need to be filled.

    People kept slagging TV5 last season because of his aggressive rushing out of defense to close down, which leaves space behind him, but it’s important to understand why he feels the need to close down that space.

    Song doesn’t read the game that efficiently, and when the midfield is under pressure, his passing goes to shit.. These are both mental aspects of the game, which he will hopefully improve.

    He will always be slow and cumbersome though.. It’s whether he can develop his mental game enough to mitigate that.

    There have been many great players who weren’t very quick, whether Song can become great.. Well let’s just say i have my doubts. Personally i’d buy a ready made player for his position, and use Song as back up.. If then i turn out to be wrong, and Song ends up great… well then we have two great players… Would hardly be a disaster.

  46. West End

    We always forget that these signings are just another player. We were all so crazy for chamakh at a time and even mata is yet to tear the premiership a new one. We cld do with keeping what we’ve got and by that i mean Song.

  47. Mayank

    Good comment HB,

    More than a sitter we need a player in MF who can move the ball out of defence when under pressure. We did great when Jack was doing that. But I think Jack will end up farther up the field.

    Arteta can sorta do that but he does get pushed around a bit.

    I’m not of the school of thought that DMs shouldn’t bomb forward. Makes the system too rigid. However we do need a our DM to be super cool when he has the ball near our defence. Hopefully M’Vila can do that.

  48. Rhyle

    Mayank – you’re absolutely right, there is no reason a DM shouldn’t go forward, as long as he’s covered. Vieira and Petit used to work the system magically – one dropping back as the other drove forward.

  49. Leedsgunner

    I’m sure everyone has seen the press reports today on how AFC has slapped on a £30 mill price tag on Robin’s head. I assuming that this is a release price — if so, how is this I ask you, an act of financial prudence? (again Ivan and Arsene showing the rest of us ordinary mortals their financial wizardary)

    £30 million for the hottest striker in football? Surely RvP is worth as much if not more than Fernando “£50 million” Torres? If we must sell RvP… let’s start the auction at a sensible price… say £65 million… and we can do business.
    After being screwed over royally by Barca over the Cesc ordeal… I thought they would know better….

    Sustainable business model = overpaying for young, unproven talent and underselling our proven world class stars… oh dear…

    Wenger out! RvP in!

  50. Goon from BD

    Mayank- Yes, M’vila can handle it on his own. Obviously the team has to help otherwise we can buy Hummels,Silva,Kompany,Lahm,Pizsczek,Busquets and still struggle to defend. He is more intelligent quicker in his head,has better ball control,better choice of passes and completes them without wasting time than our whole midfield put together. He can do all this without wandering out of position. He can also play vertical and accurate long passes out of defense like Alonso or Pirlo within two touches and one quick turn. Doesn’t tackle unless it is needed. If you don’t lose the ball with stupid clueless passing you won’t get countered. And as I said playing one midfielder centrally of his qualities instead of two with a gap between them while the other two helps and does the pressing is easily the best option. He honestly can be as good as Busquets if not better.

  51. kwik fit

    The Rennes midfielder Yann M’Vila has spoken by the withdrawal of the French part of the interest and ability to play Arsenal in the Premier League: “Even here in Ukraine came of the rumors about the interest in my Arsenal comparisons. This is a team I like, as I like the Premier League. I do not know what will happen in my future, but my ambition is to wear as soon as the shirt of a prestigious club, which is Arsenal. ”

    Translated for all your Arsenal mad grovers!!

  52. The Poldi Prince

    V good news on m’vila. Quicker and better discipline than song.

    Might even form a fairly formidable duo.

    People like to slate him, but I think song is pretty decent, and any main issue is attitude and application. A bit of competition and being a year older may see
    Him turn it up a notch.

    Desperately like to see a creative mid, and then we have to say we have had a good summer.

    No blockbuster signings, but guys we expect to be solid contributors.

    If we were offered Poldi, m’vila, giroud, and a mid level attacking mid when the season ended, most fans would’ve snapped it up.

    I have little faith in the board, but I see this as a step in the right direction. The romantic in me wants
    To believe we are going to slowly improve our squad until new commercial deals are in place, when we will splurge on a neymar or something similar.

  53. Dan Ahern

    About losing fans…
    Like somebody said earlier, if they walk away, fuck ’em. Fair, but: I don’t think that it’s fans abandoning the team. And you don’t have to leave for it to be a problem. Even people that count themselves among the most hardcore supporters start having a negative impact on the club.

    Take some of us LGers, for instance. Gunner2301 even today was talking about feeling bad his wife got him a shirt because that’s more money to Arsenal Finance Club. So by not performing, the team isn’t necessarily losing many fans, but it is losing support. Fans are proud of a team that wins things. They talk about it, are more apt to attend games, are more apt to buy merchandise, and so on. When the club puts in embarrassing performances, or doesn’t succeed time after time, it ruins that effect. Indirectly and directly, it ruins money going into the club too.

  54. Goon from BD

    “More than a sitter we need a player in MF who can move the ball out of defence when under pressure. We did great when Jack was doing that. But I think Jack will end up farther up the field.

    Arteta can sorta do that but he does get pushed around a bit.

    I’m not of the school of thought that DMs shouldn’t bomb forward. Makes the system too rigid. However we do need a our DM to be super cool when he has the ball near our defence. Hopefully M’Vila can do that.”

    ^^^Exactly what M’vila does so well that he looks like he can hardly bother and more without having to run around like a fuckwit except for the bombing part. He doesn’t need bomb forward and is alreay creating more which most people won’t notice. Rigid systems are the best. Barca are rigid as well. Spain won the World Cup playing a rigid system.

  55. OPG

    Why does that site look like out of the 90’s, something fishy about those quotes I don’t believe it’s anything but a rumor right now especially he’d cost well over the transfer record..

    I don’t think totally blame Arshavin for Russia going out last night but his influence when especially when he’s having one of those poor and lazy games isn’t good..

  56. Xenon

    I don’t understand one thing….whenever we get good news on rvp…which usually has quotes from his dad…mum or wife……we ignore when the story indicates he wants to stay…and whenever there’s a report of him leaving…regardless of how they pluck it out of thin air….all of us all go “its the end of the world…wenger out”……its just selectively biased….
    i know i might not get a respond on this…..
    but the people really should know how to be fair on the rvp situation

  57. Mayank


    You’ve made a good case for M’Vila and I’m assuming that you’ve seen a lot of him. I haven’t so I’ll take it at face value.

    But what do you mean by Barca playing a rigid system? More rigid than ours?

  58. Mayank


    People are quite jaded given the stellar departures in the last few years.

    It’s best to tell yourself he’s leaving than assume he’ll stay and feel like shit when he leaves.

    I think that answers your question.

  59. Goon from BD

    Mayank- Yes Barca system is more rigid than ours with players having specific roles. Players are flexible not the system. Imo our performance against Man City at home was the best. Everyone executed their roles to perfection with maximum commitment and we just missed sharpness infront of goal. We absolutely had them. I am still surprised by that specially with Arteta,Rosicky and Song who were the absolute bosses that day.

  60. BOOZY

    Mesut ozil has been the best player at this euros, but i’m dying to see mario goetze, he should starting ahead of podolski.

  61. Rhyle

    Goon from BD – “players are flexible, not the system”…can you explain what you mean by that? Surely if the players have flexibility that flexibility is built in to the system by default?!

  62. BOOZY

    Mesut ozil has been the best player at this euros, but i’m dying to see mario goetze, he should starting ahead of podolski.

    And when would the dutch manager realize tim krul should be his first choice, not calamity steklenburg.

  63. Goon from BD

    SDE- City at home,some games in the CL group and earlier in the season where we needed to win so played defensively without much freedom to the players and there have been parts in games where everyone stuck to what they should rather than having much freedom. It isn’t the prettiest or exciting but it was stable without any stupid mistakes.

  64. OPG

    Yeah hopefully see Gotze and Schurrle later I thought they would rest a few today but they aren’t getting complacent, they need a draw at least.
    Boateng seems to be out of the squad completely, the other Bender (not Bendtner) seems to have taken his place, he must be injured.

  65. Mayank

    Goon, I think you mean that Barca players cover for each other. When one goes out of position another one drops back. That’s not a rigid system. That’s as fluid as you get without being naive.

    If you say that we won’t have the players to pull this off I partially agree.

  66. SDE

    Goon from BD

    I don’t think we have a system under Wenger..period…!!
    He encourages his players to attack with intent,thus abandoning their posts…

    i.e.. Song as a DM,suddenly is rampaging forward to make hollywood passes for RVP..Slow to track back..thus leaving massive holes/gaps b/w defense & midfield…

    TV bombing forward either to cover for song’s slow retarded reactions,or posing a goal threat in the opposition’s half..

    Walcott failing to track back..Thus there are holes all over the joint..

    You call that a rigid system…?!!

    Well I call it a fucked up rigid system that contributed to shipping 49 goals..
    A system that ships goal at an increasing rate-year-on year!!

    If Wenger can’t by now coach,or instruct a simpleton like Song to simply hold his position,like how a DM should….Then heaven help us if we sign someone like M’Vila..It’s not exactly rocket science is it?

    Why you say?

    Simply because Wenger will probably coax what M’Vila is good at,i.e. holding his position well & doing what all good DM’s are supposed to do..

    Wenger will probably encourage M’vila to bomb forward like all the rest,thus neglecting his DM role…

    So really we are back to square one…

    The point I’m trying to make is, that no matter who we sign,as long as Wenger is in charge,it will be the same turgid tactics,with a screwed up kamikaze system, with no real emphasis placed on keeping a tight defence.


    If you don’t believe,me,just check out the stats from the past 5 seasons..
    Defense is our achilles heel!! Which also happens to be Wenger’s achilles heel!! What a coincidence….

  67. Johnty79

    For gods sake cannot anyone see how bad Fellini is. Not only does he not assist or score he plays bad. Everton played 15m for him. 13m too much. He is awful. But he is tall. With our bunch of misfits this is good!

  68. Josip Skoblar

    When they play their attacking football, Portugal are a delight to watch. Come on Portugal! Such a small nation, so many talented players.

  69. Thomas

    Arsenals first three games next season: Sunderland home, Fulham home, Southampton away. If we don’t take 9 points from them Wenger should fuck off!

  70. SDE


    Why do we have to wait till 3 games into the season?

    Can’t he just fornicate off now!!

    It would be the best news I would hear all summer!!

  71. Rhyle

    Johnty – think it’s just you, mate! I’d take Fellaini in a heartbeat…awesome player. There’s more to the game of football than assist / goal stats – ask Vieira…

    One of the most sought after MFs in the Premier League, tells it’s own story!

  72. Rhyle

    Josip – to each their own and all that but I can’t believe a Gooner is cheering on a team featuring the world’s most gaping arsehole Cristiano Ronaldo!

  73. Mayank

    Flash links aren’t working at all today SDE. Thanks anyway.

    Rhyle, we have people who cheer on Barca and Real by the dozen. Not sure why Portugal surprises you.

  74. zeus

    ThomasJune 17, 2012 20:14:27
    Arsenals first three games next season: Sunderland home, Fulham home, Southampton away. If we don’t take 9 points from them Wenger should fuck off!

    Hahahha. Outside the “top 5′ is there ever a time where a 3 game stretch without3 wins is acceptable?

  75. OPG

    Germans should be up a couple missing some good chances., 1 goal in either game can chance things quickly but Holland need alot to go their way and score 3 more goals than Denmark even if they win.

  76. Josip Skoblar

    I very much dislike Ronaldo as a person as well as his antics on the pitch, but when he’s on a fire, you’ve got to admit what a player! When it comes to national teams, as a neutral, I always support the attackingvteam with skilful players. Rhat’s whyI so much hate Italy and its negative football. Tonight, I think that Portugal is the better team. My favourite national team is Holland 74. I stopped liking Holland in 78, when I realised they were no longer the most attacking-minded and pleasant team to watch. Besides, Holland have the most arrogant players in the world. If they were world -beaters, fine, but they’re not.

  77. BacaryisGod

    Wake up in a good mood this morning as it’s father’s day in the United States. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and my 5 year old son comes into our room to give me a father’s day hug.

    A little later I catch up on my Arsenal news and read Geoff’s post. Suddenly the storm clouds are gathering, the birds are getting shot by the NRA and my son is screaming for his breakfast. Then I snapped out of the gloom and remembered I support a great club with a strong squad playing in the Champions League next season and fighting as hard as we can against financially doped Goliaths. Sure we’re on a sound financial footing but I’m more excited about the team’s footballing future, with or without Wenger, Van Persie, Walcott or Giroud. We are the Arsenal and we’re doing just fine.

  78. Rhyle

    Hard not to like either of those, Mayank, as they’re such great sides…in spite of CR playing for RM!

    Portugal, though, are an average side at best. Take CR out of the equation and you’d not even be watching them at the Euro’s.

    Yes…there’s a couple of other talented players (I’m a huge fan of Meireles) but…that’s it…pretty pish poor, imo…

    As I say, to each their own and all that…just can’t stand that arrogant so&so…

  79. SDE


    “A little later I catch up on my Arsenal news and read Geoff’s post. Suddenly the storm clouds are gathering, the birds are getting shot by the NRA

    Then I snapped out of the gloom and remembered I support a great club with a strong squad playing in the Champions League next season and fighting as hard as we can against financially doped Goliaths. Sure we’re on a sound financial footing but I’m more excited about the team’s footballing future, with or without Wenger, Van Persie, Walcott or Giroud. We are the Arsenal and we’re doing just fine.”


    Do you live in LA-LA Land?

    Ahemm…I meant to say LA? HAHA..

  80. Rhyle

    No doubt about it – he’s the second best player on the planet at the moment, Josip. One of the reasons I can’t stand him – compare how humble Messi is to how arrogant Ronaldo is…a little bit’s fine, he takes it to astronomical levels. My wife thinks he’s the creepiest man alive. And that’s why I asked her to marry me…probably not…

    Agree that there are also some “egos” in the Holland side…not a massive fan myself but prefer them to the Portugal. Defence excluded, Holland for me are by far the better side. Although on the evidence of tonight’s game, that theory is being sorely tested!

  81. Dimitri

    I don’t get where the CR hate comes from. He works his arse off in training to become the best player he can possibly be, and doesn’t too badly out of it. So what if he’s arrogant, wouldn’t you be if you got millions, nailed the hottest women in the world and got paid by Armani to wear their underwear?

    I get when it’s people who had no talent and lucked out, but he deserves to be where he is because of the hours he puts in.

  82. Samir

    Arsenal will play Sunderland at home on the opening day of the Premier League season, according to REDaction Gooners (an Arsenal supporters group on Twitter). The 2012/13 season starts on the weekend of the 18th/19th August, a week after the end of the Olympics.

    The information obtained by REDaction Gooners should be pretty legit; they have been right about the opening-day fixtures for the last 3 seasons. However, the do not seem to have details on any of the other fixtures or dates.

  83. Rhyle

    Couldn’t give a fuck how hard he trains or how good he is, Dimitri. The man is an arrogant cock, hateful and spiteful, too if you believe the rumours (smashing Alan Smith from behind with a boot, for example…).

    Have no time for him, even though he speaks highly of me…lol…

  84. Keyser

    Of course he lucked out, there’s probably at least a few billion people in the world who’ll never get the chances he’s had.

  85. Dimitri

    In fairness Alan Smith was a grade A cunt anyway. I remember when he got lippy with Keown one time and got headbutted (oh I miss those days).

    @Keyser, erm no. He was raised in absolute poverty, the player he is today has nothing to do with luck. Loads of players have supreme talent when they are younger, but barely any of them make it because they lose focus somewhere along the way. Otherwise the Arsenal academy would be producing a lot more first team players, considering how much we love to brag about the technical ability they all had.

    Personally the ones I can’t stand are cunts like Terry, who admittedly can lead, but is shown up time and time again on the big stage by the world’s best players. He is pure scum and gets paid the most of all the Chavs.

    Ronaldo loves himself yes, but you would too if you were him.

  86. SDE


    I suppose Keyser wants to argue with you,about the degree of poverty CR7 was subjected too,in his formative years?

  87. OPG

    Afellay missed all of last season but Holland are a mess overall anyway.
    It’s all over now Lars Bender not Bendtner makes it all impossible now.

  88. Rhyle

    Jealousy…yeah, that’ll be it Gambon…jealousy. Messi, I’m jealous of. Fucking Chamakh I’m jealous of. I am certainly not jealous of Cristiano Ronaldo. Or John Terry. Or Joey Barton. Or Robbie Savage. That’s the standard of company he keeps in my opinion…

    I may not be as talented in any regard as he is at football but I’m glad I’m nowhere near as big a twat as he is. I’m a twat, admittedly. Just not a big one.

  89. incesc

    i think rvp is probably run out of steam.

    not used to the amount of games hes had this season, but holland in general have stunk out this tournament.

    glad wenger is buying germans and not these powder puff dutch like affelay

  90. SDE

    “Heh, gammy’s the biggest hate peddler on here.”


    & you Keyser are the biggest douchebag on here!!

  91. zeus

    Btw, Ronaldo is a twat. Apparently he doesn’t stay with the team in the hotel, he has his own room, with his bodyguards in another beside his.

    Twat behavior if u ask me.
    Anywhere he goes, people should randomly shout out messi. Repeatedly.

  92. Pierrot

    Worst Dutch team I’ve seen in years. Total football has eroded to hapless passing and aimless long balls. The players keep passing backwards even when though they have to score. Kinda reminds me of Arsenal during the first few games of last season.

    No thanks to the negative mentality and zero tactics instilled by Van Marwijk, who is finally found out now after riding his luck in bringing Holland to the last WC final.

  93. Rhyle

    Gambon…you’ve become a caricature of yourself. You used to add something when you opened your gob, now you just spout off controversial nonsense for the sake of it…you refuse to be challenged or admit you’re wrong, ignoring any rebuttal or comment you can’t come back at. You used to be capable of better, now you just seem bored by it? Problems at home? Work? School..?

    A joke…with no class, wishing death, cancer and whatever else on Wenger and kicking off on here just for the sake of it.

  94. gambon

    “Hate to sound like Keyser but, heh.”

    Erm no you dont, Keyser is the leader of your little bunch of cunts.