Yann M’Vila wants to join and Theo plays a waiting game. And what exactly is financial prudence?

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Well there’s a surprise, Theo will wait until Robin moves before he decides. If that isn’t a ringing non endorsement of everything Wenger has built over the last 8 years then I don’t know what is.

Theo I don’t blame you, Robin I would do the same and that could explain why we are not signing big names, they are all waiting to see what happens.

Sorry but Oliver Giround does not constitute a big name. I would be surprised if anyone spends big outside of the clubs with money that clearly wasn’t earned, but I wouldn’t like to just sign players for the sake of it, sign those that will make a difference or don’t bother.

Now Yann M’Vila says he wants to join us, he’ll make a difference, go and buy him but do it quick, because if the French progress, so will his price. And before anyone says he said his future will be decided after the Euros, cobblers, he said a month ago it would be after his last game in Ligue 1.

If we then lose our best players so be it, it’s far better to have a club that wins nothing and makes money than pleasing the fans that want to see silverware.

If financial prudence is that important though I would sack Gazidas and his entire team because they bring nothing, sack the manager because he brings nothing and employ someone like David Moyes, because he’ll bring nothing, but he’ll be cheaper.

And that’s financial prudence.

Now if they had any sense they would see financial prudence is also about packing the ground, winning nothing for 8 years will not only not fill the ground, it will stop young kids becoming Arsenal fans and that then screws up the future, not next year or the next, because they are already here, that’s us.

It’s the next generation and you know what? This board and Wenger don’t care about them because they won’t be around, and that my friends is not financial prudence, it’s financial incompetence. Or stupidity.

That’s what I would call the lost generation, if you want to see how that works out, ask the Greeks.

Have a nice day Grover’s, tomorrow Pedro is back.

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  1. kwik fit

    Don’t understand the fascination with Theo. One good game in thirty and he thinks that he deserves a pay rise. If he wasn’t english he would have been binned years ago. Liverpool he’s your’s for 20m .

  2. sam parson

    i think with theo hes only young but hes improving all the time and i know that isnt what most gonners or grovers want but the realities is that it would be a mistake if we sold him as he bring that much needed pace and a out ball for us and can get us up the pitch in no time. hes going to be one to watch this season you mark my words and if you actually listen to this young kid hes got his head on his shoulders and doesnt get carried away

  3. SantaGooner

    Geoff when’s your next holiday? You seem grumpier and more bitter everyday: time to chill man! 🙂

  4. Terry Patrick

    Well said! Pains me to see what these morons are doing to our beloved club!

    I am struggling to keep my two sons supporting Arsenal, they have always supported them but now see more ‘glamorous’ or at least successful clubs. Fuck me, my older son has even taken to supporting a more successful lower league club (newly promoted). Fucking gutting!

  5. Moray

    Financial prudence is having a decent team by the time our (shit) sponsorship deals come round for renewal, or else we are fucked long term as well. By “decent team” I mean not a bunch of French fops waiting for their first opportunity to fuck off on a free after taking well more from us than they deserved.

    First sacking should be the guy who negotiates the player contracts. That guy is a joke.

  6. useroz

    With prized asset ie Robin and Theo in the last year of contract while perpetual-new-signing diaby, squil, chamakh et al on long contract…

    These clowns don’t even know how to spell prudence so fuck off wenger

    Squi alone burns 3m a year yet we haggle on a few mils for new signings??

  7. incesc

    cant really see m’vila happening

    especially as hes panicking and trying to flirt with us.

    if we were signing him, he wouldnt be allowed to mention us

  8. Franklin

    Theo was given too much money when he had achieved nothing.Now he still hasnt proved he is top class yet he want £100k a week plus.Its all Wengers fault for giving young players too much too soon.Theo is not worth £50k a week let alone £100k.
    Take him off our hands Rodgers

  9. Cesc Appeal


    Agree totally. I’ve said for ages that anyone and their dog could do the job this board has.

    Come into a club with a massive fan base nationally and internationally.

    Already winning things, has history and pedigree that you can sell.

    Top commercial companies want to invest.

    Loads of assets (players) that you can sell to make a profit each year.

    On top of that the fact we’re languishing in 15th on the commercial deals table shows how useless Ivan and the team have been. Schalke make £70-80 Million a year to our £50 Million.

    Their goals are totally different from ours and they are waiting for UEFA to make everyone else in Europe act like us so we can compete.

    They won’t.

    Spending big money is sexy, it gets in all the papers and creates mega stars at mega clubs.

    Financial prudence is library, arguing over a few 100k here and there is petty and Arsene is poked fun at by all the papers for it.

    UEFA will water down FFP so it’s total irrelevant then bring it in – you’ll get some derisory fine for not complying, loose change for clubs like Chelsea and City/Barca/Madrid/Milan etc

    At the end of the day Ivan is being a coward, he doesn’t want to go out into the big world of corporations and he doesn’t want to try and run a competitive club. They have found a groove whereby selling top talent and replacing it with cheap youth you can then sell later on whilst just about maintaining UCL status is achieved.

    That’s what they want. Competing means risks with money and status, it means having balls and courage, they don’t want the risk and they don’t have the balls.

  10. Gunner2301

    Geoff great post valid points as always.

    Happy Fathers Day for all those fathers out there. I got cooked breakfast from my kids their first attempt, very nice indeed. I think they’ve realised how much multi tasking is involved if you are making a cooked breakfast. No accidents or mishaps so all went well.

    A dilemma for you guys to ponder over. You all know my stance on the Club and I have resisted paying anything to the Club for the last 3 years in order to make my point.

    My missus got me the latest Arsenal shirt for fathers day LMAO! 😆 If you were in my situation would you: –

    A. Smile and say “Thank you love, just what I was after you must be a mind reader”
    B. Explain the policy of starving the Club of finances to help bring change and that she should return it and get something else
    C. Put on a lot of weight so the shirt doesn;t fit so she doesn’t ask why I’m not wearing it?

    Not an easy one.

  11. gun1

    With Podolski in the bag and Giroud and M’Villa begging to come…it seems now that Alan Dzagoev (AKA Russia’s best player and their top scorer at the Euros) is also wanting to come to us. Apparently he has issued the classic ‘come and get me’ plea to Wenger. Hope it’s true.

    Things certainly seem a lot brighter than they did a year ago.

  12. Cesc Appeal


    If M’Vila doesn’t happen and we end with Capoue, Biglia or N’Zonzi YET AGAIN it will show the total lack of ambition from the BoD and Wenger.

    £10 Million for Capoue who may well flop as opposed to £15-17 Million for M’Vila (only a few Million more than they paid for 17-18 year old Ox) who is 21 and already a regular at international level who many regard as the centre pin for France’s midfield for the future.

    It’s just insanity.

  13. Gunner2301


    I take your point. My son is struggling to understand what’ s going on and has become cynical and that’s not through me. He’s at an age where he understands the way we play is frustrated by lack of tactics and the same errors being made constantly, our best players leaving even though we have money. It’s difficult.

    If it made sense at least you could explain it away but it doesn’t so we’re all sat non-plussed by what has gone on. I don’t think he’d support another Club but being an Arsenal supporter these days is quite stressful.

  14. Cesc Appeal


    it doesn’t look brighter until you see those players holding Arsenal shirts on Arsenal.com

  15. Keyser

    IvoryGoonz –

    “If my mother had balls it would be my dad.”

    No, she/he would be some sort of freak.

    Look at the Cabaye example, we finished above Newcastle, even if we bought him he can’t play to his Newcastle standard he’ll need to play better far better ?!

    Kill Song, he had 5 goals and about 9 assists, Song had 1 goal and about 16 assist. Whatever we spend has to go further than our rivals.

  16. Gunner2301


    When you put it like that it makes logical sense but it would be good if Wenger could explain his logic i.e. between Ox and M’Villa. The thing is even if we paid 17mill for M’Vila and I by no way am I saying he is the right player, but if we did there would still be profit in him and as this is the Clubs main issue this shouldn’t be a problem. He can always get sold for 25mill when he’s been here a couple of years realises we will win nothing under Wenger and decides he needs to go to Madrid, City or Barca to achieve his ambitions.

  17. Glory hunter

    No point bickering, we all want the same thing for our beloved club.

    What I don’t get is some fans saying we should get rid of Theo cos he’s not worth 100k a week, yet we criticise the club for penny pinching??? We need to make up our minds.

    If Chelski for instance offer Theo a huge contract, why would he stay at Arsenal??? Especially since we don’t think he’s worth a pay rise & it’s not like we win trophies.

    Now substitute Theo for RVP in that scenario!!!

  18. Matchy

    Walcot is crap. Brainless anyway, so whats who cares?

    He is a one in 10 games player and good only for 20 minutes. At the end of the games when everybody is tired and he comes on with his 100meter sprinting shoes.

    Even for england he plays as a sub. Hoggy doesnt even trust him to star the games. The guy had a lucky shot at goal and it was deflected and went in. Again he came on as a sub when everybody else was tired and guess where he played???????????? As a striker? No he played where milner was playing and guess where milnar was playing? on the wing!!

    If Van persie was sold last year lots of people would personally drove him to the airport. He had 1 good season in 8. and at age 29 he is not going to have another feast like last season.

    Get rid of him before he gets injured.

  19. IvoryGoonz

    Here’s what I’d do 🙂
    Explain to her you loved the attention, and what you been sacrificing for the last 3 years… She must have noticed you didn’t spend on Arsenal the last 3 years…
    Then decide together what you’d do with the refund 😉

  20. Geoff

    Santa I’m in a great mood, you wouldn’t want to see me grumpy!

    Cesc, spot on. Gunner, massive conundrum!

    enk he called me, Terry I hear you and Zorro, I don’t lie in!

  21. Sustainable model - my arse!

    Bang on Geoff, the amount of kids round here in Chelsea shirts is frightening, nobody supported Chelsea in these parts when I grew up. Success brings you the next generation of support not financial prudence. If you want to support a great business model get a Tesco T-shirt, kids want a successful team so they don’t have to take shit from their mates on the playground. Pity those incompetant twats in charge didn’t realise this.

  22. WengersSweeties

    June 17, 2012 12:03:23

    Again he came on as a sub when everybody else was tired and guess where he played???????????? As a striker? No he played where milner was playing and guess where milnar was playing? on the wing!!


    Why would you play a player like Walcott who has terrible ball skills, passing skills and footwork but is very, very fast on the area of the pitch which is most congested?

    Walcott is only useful in one scenario on a football pitch and that is the counter attack where he can get one on one with the full back and run into the space behind. Literally every good moment of skill (deflected goals into goalkeeping errors don’t count sorry) he’s ever had on a football pitch has involved this scenario.

    Walcott’s an impact player, he’s good when the game is stretched and sides are chasing a goal. He’s useless against two banks of four and provides very little cover for his own full back.

  23. Gunner2301


    She does know because we all used to go to matches, but at that point it was more a case of what we were paying wasn’t reflected in the players that were representing us and the lack of passion, ambition and effort was pitiful. Since then I have been looking into how we can achieve change and have moved on to starving the Club as being one way. I’ve become more radicalised as time has gone on but she hasn’t 😆 therefore a slight disconnect. i like you’re idea though. I can give you her email address and you can suggest it 😆

  24. demon

    geoffs absolutly right!!!

    Since my lil bro was a baby i have been trying to make him a gooner, with all the arsenal kits and footballs while taking him hostage when our matches are on…..

    he then started school and has learnt from other little manu and chelsea fans that arsenal are rubbish and crap and that THEY DONT WIN ANYTHING……

    all in all i think hes a lost cause until we win something as my chav supporting scum uncle used the cl win to get him to convert and i think hes warming up to the idea of supporting the chavs….

    lord help me coz arsene wont!!!!

  25. Top gooner

    Nice post geoff.#30 van is yours.well that’s one of the business ivan is doing kudos to him?wenger do not see the future of increasing the fans base,so many old people at afc,the youngs onec follow club that are more succesful,i wonder how many nigerian will be turning on for the pre-season match at abuja in as much they wont get to see rvp.

  26. Gunner2301


    I can guarantee you I am not the first guy to be landed in this position. There’s probably others on here where the same has happened and they’ve kept it quiet 😆

    I don’t have a problem wearing the shirt. And if you think about it technically it was her money not mine. I haven’t financed the Club she did and I’m not financing them by wearing it so I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

    Let’s hope she doesn’t get me a season ticket for Christmas 😆

  27. incesc

    haha sweeties

    yes walcotts main skill is running into space and creating goals from out wide, thats why hes a winger…

    suppose it would be usefull if he was great at saving penalties or heading away long throw ins from stoke but you cant have it all mate

  28. Keyser

    The Ox at 18 has played in the Champions League, scored in it, lit up Milan, he’s played in the Premier league, scored in it, he’s played in the full National team and if it weren’t for Gerrard’s ego, he’d probably have scored in it. Also he’s English.

    M’Villa a bit like Mata, though Mata’s done well, for 18 million ? Is he anywhere near as good people think he is ? At least with Mata he’d put in some decent performances at all levels for Valencia.

  29. Rhys Jaggar

    You can still be financially prudent whilst spending a lot of money. It’s all about balance.

    Of course, if you sign 15 players on £150k a week plus, you’ve spent £100m+ on half your squad. Plus whatever you paid in transfer fees. That’s not financial prudence.

    But if you have signed 5 players on £150-200k a week, 10 on £50 to £125k a week and 10 on £15 – 50k a week, you have a first team squad costing around £100-120m. You can spend another £20m on the nursery and £40m on all other wage costs (400 employees, average cost £100k). £20m on stadium, transport, police etc. That’s £200m. With the new EPL and ECL deals coming in, and if you up commercial to £100m, you will have revenues of £270-300m with profits of £40 – 70m after debt servicing but before transfer dealings (which of course includes those ‘agents fees’ which most people call ‘bungs’).

    Of course, that’s a three year transition.

    But you start by signing 2 stars on star wages this year, start the clear-out of under-performing, overpaid bunglers and set the stage to do similar in summer 2013.

    RVP, if he wants to sign, is a ‘star signing’. Walcott is two stellar seasons short of it. He’s in the middle tier right now. Podolski is in the upper half of the middle tier. Oxlade-Chamberlain should be one season of consistent performance short of the middle tier.


  30. gun1

    Sorry to disagree but Wenger is a gift that keeps giving.

    We are built on self sufficiency (always have been) and have the best manager in the world to do the job. That’s why he is payed £7M a year.

    It’s the board you want to direct your anger at…not the man saving our bacon.

  31. Gunner2301


    I agree with you. Note how he fucked up the counter attack with his bad pass slighly behind Gerrard was it who couldn’t then play the ball in to Welbeck.

    Theo has his uses, but he is very limited and one dimensional. Which means he will only be effective in certain situations. I can’t see him being a big contributor when he’s always starting. It’s like he loses interest if he has to play a full match. Impact sub is what he should be and he should never be on more than 50-60k.

    For anyone who says what if we sell him and he comes back to haunt us. I would have to say Arsenal is probably the only Club who could have a player as limited as Walcott and not understand how to shut him out of a game if he was on the opposition team. He’s been with us 7 years? If we haven’t figured him out yet we would deserve him doing a Croatia on us. If teams could be arsed they could quite easily make Walcott redundant.

  32. incesc

    depressing stuff, when i was at school arsenal hadnt lost to chelsea in the league ever or something like that.

    could be worse though, do any kids support spurs these days?

  33. gun1

    HP Can’t tell if gun1 is a troll or AKB.

    You need to relax HP. It is not always black and white.

    I am neither…I’m an Arsenal fan.

  34. Top gooner

    Many chav,barca and recently man shitty fans use to be gooner before,but now due to the lack of ambition by the board,they resigned from being a gooner.OH NO WE ARE LOSING THE FANS BASE EVERY YEAR JUST LIKE HOW WE MISSOUT ON TROPHY EVERY YEAR.wanker ivan out.

  35. Ron

    Shit, someone’s properly rattled Geoff’s cage…..
    Pedro been out on the shisha pipe with Chsmakh?????

  36. Gunner2301


    I like the D option. But at some point I will have the discussion with her about the “policy” it obviously isn’t a family policy but maybe it needs to be. There’s no fear of my son becoming a Chav. He knows it’s not all about the winning. He’d be happy if we were competing as I would. The thing is he’s got an understanding of the Clubs finances at such a young age, which is a bit worrying.

    When we were growing up the finances were never prevalent in football in that way. I blame Wenger for that and it’s proof that whatever spin they are applying in terms of sustainability it;s starting to filter down to the younger ones, worrying times.

  37. incesc

    who changes team?

    kids these days huh.

    once you choose your team it should be yours for life! and then or all of your kids for life, boy or girl. Then all their kids and their kids kids

  38. BOOZY

    There is no such thing as an impact player, you are either good enough to start or not.

    its even shocking that football people use that term.

  39. Keyser

    “When we were growing up the finances were never prevalent in football in that way.”

    Heh, of course they weren’t it was still a sport, it’s not Wenger that’s changed that.

    When Iw as at school though it was mostly full of United fans, with the second team being Liverpool probably, not much has changed it seems.

  40. Gunner2301


    Generations change. If you’re kids haven’t been to games (and for kids I think this makes a difference) and you are just supporting from afar it would be an easier proposition to change their allegiance. With the way things are today a lot of the young generation want things now, but don’t understand the graft it takes to get there they want the shortcut and I’m not talking about football now.

    if that same mentality is transferred to football you could have youngsters who only see the glory side of it and if the team aren’t winning it’s not what they want to associate themselves with. Sustainability is hard to swallow in this context. It’s like teaching kids about saving and having something for tomorrow, they don’t really warm to the idea of it, when they see things they want today.

  41. IvoryGoonz

    Ref M’Vila,: 17m is his release clause. Not obligatorily how much it would take to buy him.
    Could well buy him for 15 with 7 cash, 4 over next 4 years and 4 in various bonuses on performances.
    When there’s will, there’s way.

    What is certain is that if there’s enough margin in the budget to pay out Arsene 7m a year, there’s got to be couple millions available to get much needed players…

    Specially with all money on cash account, new EPL and PL payouts, new sponsorships and those to upgrade, and monies from the sales of Nasri, Cesc, and others…

    On a final note on Wenger
    You don’t prone financial restraint, and pay yourself the biggest salary in football managers while still being able to watch yourself in the mirror and going to comment on national team to get more money.
    Wenger’s fear of dropping from top 4 or spending too much on wrong players and being wrong himself is what prevent him from winning a CL or an EPL. If he wasn’t so afraid to admit his own mistakes, and really re-assess his squad the way a manager should do it, we wouldn’t be in this situation,

    I’d take a CL win and 6th place over a 3rd place and no titles any day.
    The sooner he realises that, the better. You don’t win things by aiming to remain 4th, and the aim is to win them.

  42. Gunner2301


    I think there’s a difference. It serves the Club to spout on about Sustainability and have it front and centre because its an excuse for short changing the fans who pay so much. No other CEO or Manager goes on about how they have to penny pinch more than Arsenal not even newly promoted sides carry on like that and that aspect of it is uniquely Arsenal and that being the case you have to ask yourself why?

    Of course we understand money has come into the game but certain clubs have always had more money than others and Liverpool and United have been in past years clubs that could more or less buy anyone, but what is going on at Arsenal is very different. No Clubs fans knows the Clubs finances like Arsenal fans do, Why? Because it has been made an issue by the Club. Other Clubs fans don’t know football finance like we do. Is that a good thing? I don’t know but I’d just like to enjoy the football for a change and put the politics, spin, PR and manipulation to one side for once.

  43. K.C.

    Good post Geoff. Buying help for the defense should be top priority. M’villa should be our first buy before another striker. Giroud looks good but that’s not the position where we are currently weakest unless Robin is off. Isn’t it obvious at this point that more offense actually doesn’t make up for a weak defense?!

  44. Leedsgunner

    The problem I see it is Wenger, he is unwilling to play players in their best positions or he has the inability to see what the best positions are. In my opinion he fluked out transforming TH14 from a mediocre winger to a superstar striker… and now he thinks he can do it with any Andrei, Thomas or Carlos that walks through the door…

    Great coaches makes average players believe in themselves and transform them in to good players who push on. Unfortunately at Arsenal good players come, repeated get played in the wrong positions, become frustrated and leave. (Don’t misunderstand me, Andrei is not completely blameless either… if you looked up the term “wasted talent” — his picture would be there).

    One would think that you would build your team tactics around the players that you had… in Arsene World… it’s tactics that is the be all and the end all… no matter if the players that you have don’t fit the tactics… or worse still this past season AW persisted with a tactic that was suited to the players he sold on (Nasrigas) without replacing them… where’s the sense in that?

  45. incesc

    its definatley about winning things cesc appeal, we picked up fans worldwide with the invincibles but also players.

    thierry henry won us so many fans, he was the greatest striker ever.

    when i was a kid in the playground i remember always trying to score goals like wright or merson.

    we need some players the kids can identify with, im pretty sure thats one of the reasons walcott is on high wages.

    he was built up to be the english henry i remember when hed just signed at a game where he was warming up and the whole crowd was chanting theo, before we’d seen him play.

    we really need a superstar signing that really comes off. the star the season before last was nasri and he wasnt even that good. Someone to get people off their seats.

    i dont think we have problems with support yet, lost count of how many times people have seen me reading arsenal sites and different companies and they say “ive been to the emirates” and they dont even like football.

  46. Keyser

    “Other Clubs fans don’t know football finance like we do”

    When Leeds got relegated I bet their fans knew, or when Chelsea were on the verge of bankriptcy, maybe when West Ham got relegated, or Tottenham fans with the Olympic stadium, definetly Manchester United fans when the Glaziers took over.

    You need to widen your perspective here, this is football today, Sky have just paid a couple of billion for TV rights, money governs the premiership.

  47. Gunner2301


    I agree with what you’re saying, but just like players we would like to have would have jumped at playing with Henry Viera or Pires, we have nobody now who has that draw. This will inevitably transfer to the fan base. You need your super stars and big characters who carry the torch of the Clubs identity until the younger ones step up.

    The lack of continuity was a major mistake imo. if we sell RVP we have no other star players to attract anyone and I’m sorry, Wenger as a top manager is also losing his appeal. History is only kind for so long if you don’t achieve anything else.


    Wenger doesn’t do tactics he has a formation that he expects everyone to fit into to, even Eduardo. If he was tactically good we could play different formations and get the best out of the players we have but that would actually mean him doing some work.

  48. Gunner2301


    Those situations you described were extreme events. Obviously fans are going to sit up and take notice of the issues at hand. It is not however part of the norm. Normality would be Arsenal fans like in the Man U situation concerned about what Kroenke was going to do with the Club was he going to load it with debt? Or the stadium move to the Emirates would equate to the Spuds issue.

    Normality for us are the operational finances that are required for day to day management and the decisions around those finances not these one off big events. You look across other forums. The only fans obsessed with finance is us, because we have been made to think that way by the Club.

  49. mike

    i have no idea about the finance and care even less. Im not sure on the french striker, I cant say Ive watched him, mvilla looks a good player to me and podolski ?, well I havnt made my mind up, in the games ive seen him he hasnt really got inot the game, he tends to stay in formation and drops deep, he does have pace though, quite a bit i thought, and he has a very good left foot, still short a CD for me, i dont rate mers or djour and right back kenks shouldn be at the club anyway, back to finance, what i do is see how much ive git in me pocket and if its enough then ile have it

  50. demon

    I started supporting arsenal because i was called bergkamp and my best friend.
    th14, we used to tear teams apart scoring goals for fun against the older years.

    since then i started watching bergkamps magic and thierrys finesse.

    The english football is in dissaray because coaches over here prefer strength and pace over techinique and intelligence….i didnt get a look in the football team at school until year 9 and when i got the chance we won the catholic cup and the county cup…..when i tried out for crystal palace and charlton they said i wasnt built for english football soo i concentrated on studying……no doubt if i lived in spain or colombia i would of probably became a pro.

  51. samuel

    I wasn,t aware that Ivan Gazidis and/or Stan Kroenke pick the team to
    play on any given matchday,that,s ;lost his mind;Arsene Wenger,s job
    so why is it the board,s problem when the manager hasn,t won any tro
    phies,in seven mediocre seasons,and still the childish fickle Arsenal
    fans expect Wenger to reappear this coming season and lead the club
    to a trophy,at last,you gotta be joking as American Kroenke would
    say,get rid of Wenger ,it,s time?

  52. Keyser

    It’s not like when we had Wright or Merson, they weren’t that big a pull, all I remember is Manchester United fans everywhere or Liverpool fans who supported them because of their older brothers or so on.

    Henry, Vieira, Pires weren’t even big stars when we bought them, I was genuinely excited about Bergkamp though, even Overmars, Holland seemed to be big and then France won the World Cup.

    Heh, even thinking about it now is pantwettingly good we were awesome the way we built up from being a decent defensive team with Wright up front, to Bergkamp, Overmars, Vieira, Petit, Anelka, Henry, Ljungberg and we won with style.


  53. samuel

    Way too late for Wenger to sign players now when another mediocre
    season has just passed by and still no silverware in the Emirates trop
    hy cabinet ,so why can,t the ficle Arsenal fans see the writing,on the
    wall and get rid of Arsene Wenger ,it,s time ?

  54. IvoryGoonz

    Keyser: Is that why we spent the last decade and more in the top 4 but we keep talking about how all the money is not reinvested in the squad?
    We talk about finances because of under achievement not because of being on the brink of relegation like all these clubs you mentionned.

  55. potter

    Quote :- Let’s hope she doesn’t get me a season ticket for Christmas 😆

    If she does I hope she lets you have it in August.

  56. Pk

    The Theo situation is not that bad or even stressfull imo. He is after 100 k a week, no one in their right mind would give him that. So put a 60 k a week proposal on the table and then play him as an impact player for most of the season. After that he can make his own choise: Stay at Arsenal with 60 k a week or move to Liverpool on 80 k a week and never ever win anything ever again.

    To get a better balance in the wage structur we need to be firm in our stance and not give players like Walcott 100 k a week.

  57. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – They’ve all happened in the last 10 or so years, we live in a peak/ extreme of English football, Citeh’s loss last year of 198 million I think was the biggest ever in football history, Real Madrid have gone through two periods of Galactico’s and Barcelona have been built up into one of the best teams of all time.

    You can’t ignore that, it’s all been building upto this, we were at highbury for decades then built a 400 million pound stadium, England rebuilt Wembley and were playing in Wales for a period, there’s nothing normal about it.

    In that time we’ve gone unbeaten, lost out narrowly in our only visit to the Champions League final.

    How can you sit there remember why you started supported Arsenal, and that’s not really for fans post 2000, and then talk of things ike normality ?

    Honest to God NORMALITY ? You need to spend more time looking at these other clubs, look at Liverpool then if you want.

    The Manchester United fans actually got their scarf movement going, Liverpool fans actually went on marches and got the owners to sell up.

    You’re saying Arsenal fans are somehow different, in an odder situation when all you get is people on here saying ‘You email me mate, we’ll get together soon’

  58. samuel

    Financial prudence is Man.United style,paying their main man Woo
    ney(sic )way more than the club can actually afford and holding on to
    ageing Scholes and Giggs who have had to postpone their retirements
    just to help out the beleaguered manager and all the while the oh so fi
    ckle one-eyed supporters at old Trafford blame the Glazers for the
    current financial woes at the club,but who bought the overpaid,over
    rated players to the club ,one Alex Ferguson still hanging around
    after nearly 26 seasons in the job and the club racking up huge debt
    season after season,only in the Premier League could this occur?

  59. Keyser

    IvoryGoonz – Look mate, I know you see me as some sort of adversary on here, we like to argue, debate things I accept that, but come on.

    I mentioned Tottenham and the Olympic stadium, there’s Manchester United and the Glaziers, there’s Liverpool with Hicks and Gillette. Liverpool haven’t won the league for 20 years and last year was their worst home record for 50 years and you’re saying what about Arsenal fans ?!

    You get soo many people coming on here saying ‘Well only Arsenal fans would think like this or that’

    It’s complete bollocks.

  60. mike

    so we get a new manager and he decides to spend our way to glory and he goes to the board and says i want a hundred million tp spend and we will pay them two hundred thousand a week cause thats what you have to do to compete with the top clubs like mc,….. i dont think they can do it, let alone would even consider it,i dont think rvp or tw are going anywhere, if tw had not played the other night then there would not have been anything in the papers about him not sighing a new contract, its a fed line.

  61. Pk

    If we have a chanse on Dzagoev we should move for him. He would fit just perfect on the right wing (AMC if jack is out). And we could finally get the full potential out of Theo in his best position (the bench).



    Now that attack would make every team in the pl shit them self and we have a minimum of three players on every position that would give us the much needed cover and posebillity to change a game when needed.

  62. mike

    ile be happy with mvilla and podolski for starters, if we get a quality DM as well i could still moan , good summer would be a quality creative midfielder also, arteta did his best for us last season but not first choice for the team i think can really compete and win

  63. BOOZY

    I’ve said this many times-ARSENAL ARE THE MOST SUPPORTED FOOTBALL CLUB IN THE WORLD, not manchester united, liverpool or realmadrid as some would like us to believe.

    But in the last 2 seasons, we have lost lots of fans, and would continue to lose if we dont win the league or champs league soon.
    After 8 barren years, winning the FA cup and carling cup won’t cut it anymore.

  64. LegroveIsInTheHeart

    theo walcott..

    “I wouldn’t say Stevie took it off him. I think Stevie is such a great player he’s always going to be onto that. But it doesn’t matter about who scores or doesn’t – it’s about the team in the end and the three points.
    Alex has four caps now, and it’s great for his confidence and it will be great for Arsenal when we come back and play together – perfect.”

    sounds like he has made up his mind already!!

  65. mike

    PK,in a 433, mvilla, JW, AOC ,( but are they still too young), mixed with, song, coq, diabi (i know), and still remaining, frimp, ramsey and arteta, thats not bad for the midfield, what about the defence

  66. Charlie Boy

    Whatever Financial Model Arsenal base their business on, it’s fundamentally flawed. Financial prudence does not a top Premier League Club make!

    As we have witnessed with Manchester United over the years, a top club has to spend big then deliver on the pitch, to attract the huge commercial deals that continually generate great wealth for the Club. Just look at the deal they did with one of the world’s largest logistics companies – just to sponsor their training kit!

    Where Manchester United’s business plan became slightly flawed, was their introduction of the debt-ridden Glazers to their business. Given their status as the worlds richest club now, they could have been even richer without the introduction of the greedy yanks.

    Back to Arsenal, the other financial faux par (and probably more unforgivable that the rest) is their insistence on paying top dollar for less than mediocre dross! Coupled with paying a Manager millions per annum for mediocre results.

    The sad thing in all this, is the fact that so-called intelligent experienced people seem to get the fundamentals of business and management wrong. Gazidis states that the Club must be run like a business, but I don’t see many businesses run in such a lacklustre and incompetent way!

    I am available for Consultancy and charge a lot less than Squillaci, Chamakh and Park per week : )

  67. Rhyle

    Surprised to hear so many here saying their kids are chasing trophies – it happens, I know – but most of us surely started supporting the club through the lean spell of the ’80’s? I was 3 years old when we won the FA Cup in ’79 so can’t remember it…took until I was 11 to win a trophy I could recall and took a lot of grief from Liverpool fans from London, Romford, wherever, who all had the same uncle who was Liverpool captain in the 1930’s, during that time but never ever thought about changing clubs…I was born a Gooner…and I’ll die a Gooner.

    The fans we lose because of a lean spell (lol…7 years is a “lean spell”) can fuck off as far as I’m concerned…meaningless…although can take Geoff’s point about it affecting the club’s “brand” as 100% true. See too many kids walking through town in Citeh shirts. That’s just not right and their parents should be charged with child cruelty. You support the club of your father or the club you can see from your bedroom window…that’s what I believe, anyway!

    As for the kids of Arsenal fans changing teams? It’s a phase…like not eating greens and heavy metal music…heh…sure they’ll fall into line eventually.

  68. Bade

    Very good read Geoff

    That bit about the next generation was mentioned by you before, but it worth noting again

    My younger brother is the best example, I tried to lure him into supporting Arsenal. Just like I did with the one older than him but younger than me.

    But sadly he’s a Manc now, he followed the success, as many youngsters will do

    Arsenal still has the appeal, but it’s dwindling year after year

    If we don’t watch it, we will be like that rabbit that was too complacent & complacent, that he ended up losing to a turtle in a race!

  69. mike

    what did man u win last year that we didnt ? we can still win things without having the money the likes of manc or the word wide name of the above mentioned, what we have to do, and this is where we depend on the management , is to buy the right players, our record is not like it should be in that deparment, not since the days of viera and henry, pirez and freddie, and that was one of the greatest teams the world has ever seen, we should have won the CL with that team, the manager did not act quickly enough at that time, thats when it started to go wrong, we had too many young players in the first team, and that is still the same now to an extent, even though there are some with quality. i believe that 2012/2013 will be a big season for Arsenal football club, the year when it goes one way or another, at the moment im not too worried, BUT, if nothing changes by the end of this transfer window and we dont buy and sell what WE ALL know needs doing then mediocre football at The Arsenal will be where its at, if WE DO, then we will go on and take back our place, where we belong

  70. incesc

    we should say to theo have 70k a week

    if you score 30 league goals in the next 2 seasons and 30 assists you can have the 100k you want

    theo could do that, gives him an incentive.

    really dont think he is as bad as people make out, if he did all the things people say he should he’d be maradonna.

    limited but very useful, has potential to score 15-20 a season. Takes a huge amount of stick at games but keeps his head up has scored some great goals, but inconsitant. missed some big chances too.

  71. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Boozy – How’d you work out were the most supported club in the world? We aren’t..

    I’m really enjoying the euros. The games all have goals and every group can still have all teams go through (except ROI & Sweden)…

    Dzagoev is a player that has “struggle to adapt” written all over him. He’s been decent, but as i’ve said before, likes to go on a wander and has the same traits Arshavin gets lambasted for… Podolski was a very astute signing by Wenger and the Giroud & M’Vila rumours are only encouraging if they are additions and not replacements.

    Losing Theo, Song & Van Persie means obliterating our current transfer record 3 times over to replace them regardless of your own personal feelings on the players. Can anyone see us spending the sort of money required in todays standards? Thought not, so we’ll be back to square one hoping a combination of injuries, luck & youthful exuberance will carry us across the 4th place line….

    Not exactly moving forward are we really then… I struggle to get excited about rumoured players as the ones we are linked with do not fill me with any sort of excitement. They just sound like “safe” targets, that either have a decent re-sale value or have the potential to look like a bargain… That is the attitude of a feeder club and we really should be more aggressive in this window with our financial clout.

    Granted, the euros are a distraction in regards to signing players and we also have to be moving players on, but why do we have to sell before we can buy? That got us into the shit last summer and with question marks over 3 of our top performers last season it paints a picture of a last minute dash around tesco as waitrose & Harrods are reserved only for the serious connoisseurs …

    There’s a renewed sense of optimism around the club in regards to targets and the CEO talks a good game, but come the start of pre-season we’ll know more on what the club is aiming for. 3rd isn’t nothing to celebrate according to Gazidis, well losing your captain, two of your better players and replacing them in house and with unproven players means the onus is on Wenger once again to perform miracles..

    No-one else gives a flying fuck about FFP except us (even though Gazidis claims it’s something all clubs wants) and the admission that if in 3 years it doesn’t come to pass we’ll change our approach smacks of doubt and being nothing more than moral high ground victors.

    Alot of Arsenal fans conversations down the pub now revolve around how teams will be fucked when the FFP kicks in, instead of what great signings and progress we’ve made.. Arsenal fans these days have been turned into wannabe financial advisors, even though they’ve no job and live at home with their mums 😆

  72. Danish Gooner

    I couldnt care less if we sell Walcott he is a useless one trick pony and between 25 and 35 mil pounds wouldnt go a miss so we can actually sign someone capable of concentration and tracking back for 90 minutes.

  73. mike

    Ryle, You support the club of your father or the club you can see from your bedroom window…that’s what I believe, anyway!

    My old man was from manchester and mainly a city fan, this was mid 60s and they were doing ok at the time, he would switch loyalties too, when man u won the european cup against benfica i remember. im not from london so i supported my local team, but everyone had a ” first division team ” so i flirted with man city but changed to man u about the same time as my dad, and to be fair it wasnt a bad team, best, charlton and co, but one day he must have pissed me off and i wanted my own team, and the reason i chose The Arsenal, i liked the strip, forty odd years later and im still here, my daughter is Arsenal and so will my grandaughter,……… unless i piss them off

  74. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    I’m not one of Walcott’s biggest fans, but I do not understand the hatred for one of our better players last season. The improvement has been there in the end product (assists/goals) as has his tactical awareness. His only flaws are that he is still a little inconsistent and is poor with the ball at his feet running at full backs due to his overall lack of technique.

    He is, however, a player we need to keep as his pace, professionalism, status (being english) and attitude are top notch. We are an english club afterall and to be honest, those who are banging on about Affelay being a better player are the ones who are giving him the most stick. Affelay is not a better player than Walcott, infact Walcott pisses all over him…

  75. Keyser

    I tell you what though, Classic Le Grove is everyone agreeing a players shit and saying we need to sell him.

    “So how much do you think we’ll get ?”

    “Ooh between 25 and 35 million..”

  76. Aniruddh

    The last bit on todays post couldn’t be any more close to the truth. If we keep this winless streak going we’ll be driving away prospective young supporters

  77. Arse&Nose©

    What is with this hatred for Walcott?!?!

    For years we have cried about having no England representatives. Now we have Walcott who for all his faults is still the best English midfielder of 2011/12 according to PL stats.

    Yes he is frustrating to watch, but he does a hell of a lot more than his English collegues. The expectation around him is massive and we expect him to produce Ronaldo-esque moments, but let’s get real and judge him on what he actually is. He is a tidy English 23 yr old who stretches opponents and panics defences, all that for £8m.

  78. Josip Skoblar

    Is it necessary to have played football to pass judgement on Theo’s performance under an Arsenal and England shirt?

  79. incesc

    and people say stuff like sell theo hes shit

    but then say, we should have got kuyt (true story i swear) or hoilett or someone else that is clearly worse than theo.

    or even ben arfa who is older than theo but has never scored enough goals to merit the love he gets

    if we sold theo and brought in a world class replacement, its all good, i wouldnt complain.

    but sureley everyone know this never happens at arsenal.

  80. Keyser

    “Is it necessary to have played football to pass judgement on Theo’s performance under an Arsenal and England shirt?”

    It helps, you must’ve at least kicked one ?

  81. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    I personally think M’Vila will be coming in and Song will be the player we sell this summer as Coquelin is more or less ready for a supporting role in the defensive midfield role, but it’ll be a risk as M’Vila isn’t tested at the highest level… Also, there are still major question marks over Rosicky & Ramsey’s overall contributions as attacking midfielders. Wilshere’s return to any sort of form will be a war of attrition so if we are really going to persist with the 4-2-3-1/4-3-3 formation that we built around Cesc we need a player who can provide double figures in goals and assists from central midfield and currently we have no one who can do anything of the sort….

    A 4-4-1-1/4-5-1 looking a better option for next season, but then where do we play Podolski? It’s all a bit sketchy at the moment and Arsenals fannying about on TV 🙄

  82. mike

    Theo is a god player imo, there has always been too much expectation, im not sue how his stats stand up to other players in his position but i bet it wouldn’t be that bad i think he is going to progress into a very good player for us, we cant continue to place the teams failures on his shoulders, he has not been the reason for the poor standard of play during the season, we had a very weak central midfield, and because of that everyone said our defence was crap, that we only had one goal scorer might have had something to do with a poor midfield rather than our wide players being poor, to look at it totaly positivly then the r eturn of JW and the signing of mvilla, the improving AOC, and (cross everything) the continued fitness of diabi, then things look up, Of course its never that simple and no doubt we will have our injuries again, which is why its important to get the right players in, at this point i dont know what wenger will do, i can see it going either way but im staying hopefull until i know for sure

  83. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Why do people even still mention Diaby? You’d think if Diaby could stay fit he’d win the ballon d’or by some peoples estimations. We’ve persisted with and paid enough to the point where sentiment aside, he should be put down…

  84. Keyser

    RCLS – Obviously we should really wait to see if M’Vila comes in at all, but I could see us keeping him and Song, rather than buy in another attacking midfielder, and then see how Arteta, Rosicky, Wilshere, Ramsey fare being pushed forward a bit.

  85. BOOZY

    Keyser too correct there,

    They say a theo is shit and we can get 25mil for him, and alex song is useless, and we could get 20mil from his sale.

    But they turn around and accuse for not spending big – that to get TOP PLAYERS you have to spend 15-30mil.

  86. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Keyser – That’s a fair point and i’m obviously speculating in regards to his signing. However, Arteta isn’t really a player who’d excel further forward and has shown he excels playing in a deeper role at this stage of his career. Wilshere could come back and do a job, but again, the early indications are that he excelled in a deeper position at this level (like Arteta) and he’s bound to have niggily injuries and dips in form as he regains fitness and confidence…

    Ramsey & Rosicky playing further forward fill me with dread. The stats don’t lie and in terms of output and contributions to our attacking play they ar pretty much non existent. Rosicky (outisde the spurs and milan game) reverted to type, a few decent turns, slide tackles and little else. Ramsey needs a loan away from the glaring fan expectations, which quite clearly have knocked him for six.

  87. Samir

    What a terrible article from the Mirror Radio Raheem…

    Van Persie WILL NOT leave!

    He loves Arsenal…And his dad has already said he won’t move to an English club, Real Madrid or Barca…

    So if he does go…He’ll go to Juve!

  88. mike

    after the discount cost for fab4 last year it be no surprise if we could sell anyone for more, even when they had donkeys on their contract

  89. Keyser

    RCLS – Yeah, but say M’Villa, if he’s really as quick as people say, alongside Song and you’ve got a really strong base in midfield.

    Podolski out wide one side, holds the ball well, tracks back and provides a goal threat greater than Gervinho, Gervinho dribbles better and is more mobile, but then you could have the Ox out wide the other side, it’d really help the player at the centre of all that.

    I don’t see us buying a standout player for that attacking midfield role, there’s not many viable options out there that really could excel, even then we don’t know if Van Persie’s staying.

  90. IvoryGoonz

    Keyser: why do you use in the same sentence mate and adversary? Got problems taking your pills for bipolar disorder?

    No, no, don’t think I have something particularly against you, that’d be giving you importance you don’t hold in my heart.

    I just disagree with your statement, and I don’t see year after year for any of the clubs you still mention any particular finances discussion going on because of underachievement.
    You mention ownership, stadiums but nothing could prevent Kroenke from doing a Glazer apart from his word, but we don’t speak extensively every year, almost everyday, because of that. Although we’ll certainly discuss it extensively would it come to reality… You take cases that have been particular events, not prolonged situations due to the financial strategy adopted.
    There are faults in that strategy.
    The sooner they are corrected the better. We talk about it every year, and it’s quite some time we’ve moved at Emirates and grown revenues and made it more than just sustainable.
    To keep up with the top, and have a chance to win titles, we need a much stronger team than it is now, and we need a manager who won’t hesitate to do what Wenger wouldn’t, yes I mean wouldn’t, not couldn’t.
    As long as the Wenger asslickers (not obligatorily talking about you Keyser, don’t take every thing personally) will prefer to stick to that profitable model and be the only ones to actually voice it at the stadium rather than actually trying to improve the team by spending what is available and what can be recovered from any unneeded player, and we know there’s many piling up every year, we’ll keep talking about it.
    When is it gonna be sustainable enough that we can afford to do what even Bayern could do with Ribery, Robben and Gomez with a stricter budget?
    Wenger clearly picks the cheaper options, any time, and it’s highly hypocritical when Wenger says he would get Neymar if he could.
    Only reason we wouldn’t is Wenger.
    No Player is un-sellable. You’re just dealing with a tight ass happy to justify his big salary by his financial “prowess” but can’t get a title. If only he went on doing his real manager role, that he’s forgotten since Dein’s gone, maybe he’d see that to win titles you need star players, and not crooked ones, or “soon to be made”.
    We are in constant rebuilding since The Invincibles.
    In the meantime, some have had their pockets filled easily by cash earned hardly by fans.
    With no results. You want ifs?
    If we bought the real deal from the first time, rather than the cheaper option every 2 years, we wouldn’t need to get rid of so much dross every year, spend so much in wasted wages and Wenger wouldn’t have to work so much as a nanny on improving the players he picks rather than doing his manager job of winning games, get tactics right, and select on performances and results. Players would cue to learn and play at the Arsenal and take paycuts for guaranteed trophies like they all want to go to Barca and Real.
    We need a change, either Wenger needs to go or he needs to change very quickly his priorities, but a big cleanup is needed, and I see no sign of Wenger being harder with some of his softies or making his utmost to sign top top players.
    There’s plenty of money to be spent. But that won’t last if Wenger keeps repeating the same mistakes every year. Is it gonna take a 10-0 spanking next time for Wenger to accept to buy some players for first 11? Has Gibbs so much improved to be relied upon week in week out in the best league in the world?
    He’s still gonna be targeted like Jenkinson unless we get players who can challenge for the first 11, and the team is talked about like The Invincibles.

  91. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Keyser – Another option is to play Van Persie as the no.10 behind a striker, but it’d have to be a better player than Giroud for me..

    Gervinho is a strange one. Podolski’s arrival puts paid to him as a starter and with Theo and the emergence of the OX it makes him 4th choice on the wings in my opinion. He’s one that might be sold if the right offer comes in, even though I know he’s only had 1 season at the club, but if we’re honest, it was a very poor one and excuses about the ACN don’t wash.. It was like we’d paid 10m to have Eboue back.

    If we aren’t going to purchase a stand out central midfielder in the attacking sense (only goetze, hamsik, moura or ganso are worth it and all would cost astronomical sums) then we need a bit more invention from wide areas because our current wide options aren’t intricate link players.

    It’s pointing towards a 4-4-1-1 for me at current and has to because the formation built around cesc without him looks a bit powderpuff most days.

  92. Keyser

    IvoryGoonz – Mate and adversary, because you couldn’t really do anything to inspire hate in me, and you argue trivial points to great length which can be explained pretty easily.

    The point was whether other clubs fans discuss financial constraints or feel the same way as Arsenal fans.

    United fans actually got their own scarf movement going, Liverpool fans marched several times.

    So either these clubs fans are more organised and committed than ours, or maybe you’re simply exxagerating for effect.

    The rest of your post isn’t really worth responding to, if you can’t grasp the above.

  93. Goon from BD

    Robin’s Choco Leg- Sorry, Coquelin is nowhere near ready to replace Song. There is no evidence for this bullshit theory. As I’ve said a thousand times before I do not like Alex Song but he is a good player who has contributed to us being in 3rd position in the league in the worst ever season I have witnessed as an Arsenal fan in a team awfully lacking in quality going forward,defending and depth . I remember him being unable to walk properly against Liverpool being so tired after returning from NT duty hours before the game and providing the pass for RvP’s winner. He also performed very well in marking Van Bommel in the first halft in a game two days after Liverpool was it?I can appreciate that and also remember that M’vila(a must sign player for me) is 21 from Ligue 1 who hasn’t had the best season,playing in the Euros with an injury,that we lack depth and Arteta’s medical record isn’t great either while he ended his season with an injury. He has played key assists and has improved as a footballer. Trust me when I say his along with Rosicky and Artetas performance in the home game against City was one the most complete midfield performances I have seen in sometime from Arsenal. We should have scored at least 3 in that game and RvP should scored from that lob from Song. He has grown in authority in big games since his goal against Chelsea the season before. Specially since Arteta’s signing and when everybody doesn’t isolate him and the back four to defend on their own. He is a decent box to box player who gets key assists,never gets injured even though his concentration and positioning is awful at times. He clearly isn’t a defensive midfielder but decent box to box player. We also need competition in the team not likeable players who get a free ride because they have a good hairstyle or whatever.

    It is easy to replace players in xbox/ps/pc games because they aren’t real human who can bond with team mates etc. It takes an age to create connections on the pitch which can be seen in NT football unless half of the team is already playing together in a club. This isn’t FM but real fucking life!

    Coquelin is a kid who should be on loan. Moan about having too many kids then get rid of an experienced player to play two other kids(M’vila is 21 and has played just 2 full seasons) because you like them more or they are better players in our fucking imagination. Tell the world how shit a player is and then say he can be sold for 20m+.

    We absolutely MUST keep our decent players who performed the season before and add to it. Its a vital time for Arsenal. I would say the same with Theo. We have bigger headaches and squad full of shit players to get rid of while need to improve in quality. We have to find more efficiency in the squad rather than please Paulinho.

  94. Robin's Choco Leg Special




    Walcott———Van Persie(c)———-Podolski


    bench: GK, Mertesaker, Santos, Coquelin, Arteta, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Giroud

  95. IvoryGoonz

    Keyser: see, no point discussing with you… We are now down to 2 clubs and still can’t see the actual difference and point of the topic.
    Sustainable fuckin model.
    Have Liverpool and Man U fans been talking about the bloody Wenger shitstainable model the last 8 years?
    Keep dodgin it to Liverpool and Man U for owners issues if that amuses you, but that’s just what it is. Dodging.

  96. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Goon from BD – firstly, i never said coquelin should replace song. I said he was an able deputy for a 1st choice player who excels in a defensive role. Song does not excel in a defensive role and has delusions of grandeur when it comes to his role.

    I couldn’t be bothered to read and respond to the the rest of your tongue in song’s arse rant after you swore and used a computer game analogy to lessen my opinion. But i did find it funny that you go on about football manager when i’ve never played it and then squad bonding like you’ve got your uefa badges done and dusted… Congratulations!

  97. Goon from BD

    I’m not that very impressed with Llorente. Yeah he is sexy and Spanish but I am straight. Couldn’t give a shit if RvP’s head was Lescotts and body Crouches. We should either sign him or Giroud and go for Jovetic as well but not both him and Giroud…..would love it if we could sign Falcao or Cavani but thats unlikely.

  98. BOOZY

    Guys have no fear about giroud – the boy would be LETHAL in an arsenal shirt.

    i’m giving him over 25goals in his first season, as long as wenger doesn’t try to redefine his style.

    mvila and song would be massive, but i’m afraid arsenal fans would not be patient with podolski.

  99. IvoryGoonz

    GoonBD: even in FM players dislike other players and team bonding is simulated as well as specific trainings for bonding.
    But I take your point that it is easier to get rid of players in FM than real life on personal level.
    But that’s also the reason why there’s a manager. That’s part of the responsibility that comes with the package…

  100. Goon from BD

    RCLS- Sorry if I misunderstood your post. I am just fucking sick and tired of some of the comments people make and probably jumped at your post. People seem to have this weird sort of obsession with some players. I am not Song’s biggest fan either but we have bigger problems to sort is what I was trying to say.

  101. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Goon from BD – I did actually say that we should be keeping Song, Walcott & Van Persie and adding to them as any replacements will cost above the realms of our current transfer record.

    But, if as usual we are going to let one go to bring in some income, I can see it being Song. This is due to him probably having maximised him value through last seasons assists and general play.

    I do still think we need to be more disciplined as a team defensively an song and vermaelen are too gung ho, but they do occasionally produce the goods. However, they should stick to their jobs and we are currently very poor in returns from our central midfield players in terms of goals and assists.

    We need to take the onus off of Van Persie and make no mistake. Losing him takes out over 75% of our goals…. and a player of Giroud’s calibre cannot subsidise that.

  102. Goon from BD

    Ivory- 😆 I knew you are gonna say this. I know that you love FM. And as you say its down to manager to sort that but imo he should busy sorting much more important stuff.

  103. gambon

    Goon from BD

    Mvila will be 22 when the season kicks off, has 3 full seasons, not 2, and 20 caps for a very good french team. He has played 130 club games.

    He is vastly better than Song.

  104. SalparadiseNYC

    Who can trust the Mirror, those writers should ship off to Hollywood for a fatter paycheck.
    It is beginning to smell a lot like last summer, we were a better side with Cesc and Samir, both went un-replaced which left us weaker. Were a better side with RVP and Theo, don’t really understand the point in selling Theo? He makes us more dangerous as a ‘super sub’ and on the matches he starts were usually off to a flyer.
    Sort it Le Fog, don’t let this go through the dog days of summer. Make some signings of intent so your key players wanna stay and sign on as well. RVP sold is UN-REPLACEABLE on current form, don’t see anyone filling those dutch shoes.
    Are we in it for the title or has Arsenal become a selling club for the profit?
    I’d like to think were in it for glory but i’m not convinced and clearly neither is the squad.

  105. Goon from BD

    RCLS- Can’t disagree with any of what you say and specially re TV and Song that if we were to replace RvP(i hope don’t have to) we need to break the bank.

    I apologize once again for that rant. There seems to be some debate about Song every few days and people seem to be obsessed with some players be it negative or positive with imaginary bullshit. Sorry.