Arsenal’s Park apologises to Korean fans for letting his country down, apparently Wenger’s up next!

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That's what he looks like...

It does make me laugh when I see headlines like ‘Arsenal’s Park…’ Arsenal’s park? He hasn’t even played a game for us! What a joke signing he was, well cruel in my book because not only has his career taken a nose dive, his own countrymen has gone off him as they think he has avoided his military service, he says he hasn’t and I hope that our manager has the good grace to let him go so he can get his career on track.

So is Arsene up next to apologise to his fans for signing a dud? Not a chance I think is that answer. Talking of duds, if the rumours of Giroud are true, I would only be happy if it included a swap deal with Chamakh, maybe we could have their centre back and they could have Squillaci and cash as well, now that really would be a sweet deal, getting rid of two crap players and getting two good ones in return.

That involves too much common sense though and Wenger doesn’t do common sense, so forget that.

I just wish we would sign Martinez, he seems like the real deal to me, the Spanish clubs can’t afford him so that just leaves us. Now I have also been thinking about Wenger and his reluctance to spend big, I think he does spend big and someone needs to explain the maths to him.

We bought Theo for £12mil at 16, I know we only ended up paying £8mil, but that was our good fortune. So £12mil for a 16 year old is taking a chance, and really no different to paying £24mil for a proven 23 year old.

Now fast forward to Oxo, we paid £15mil for him at 17, so what’s the difference in paying £30mil for a world class ready made?

Nothing is what, except there is little risk, pay all that money for a kid, they could get injured and go off the boil, like Theo and Ramsey appear to have done.

So there you have my theory as to why we should spend big on ready mades, and why we already are spending big on players so young they may never make it, which also makes it a false economy, not to mention how long you may have to wait.

And when you factor in their wages, by the time they reach 23, we would have paid the money anyway!

At least we didn’t get Nick Powell!

Rangers Football Club have always been my preferred club in Scotland, but I think the right decision was made to make them pay their taxes, footballers for years have been overpaid and for some reason they seem to think paying taxes is outside of their remit, I even remember Arsenal players, Henry and Bergkamp amongst them being paid offshore to avoid tax.

It caught up with them and Arsenal footed the £11mil bill, why Arsenal though???

It’s wrong, if you want to live in this country, then pay the taxes. How else do people think we pay for the NHS and all those poor people on benefits?

Ok enough of that, we still have to wait until Friday to see the Ox, funny how Hodgson picked him ahead of Theo isn’t it? I wonder what Wenger was thinking?

Have a great day Grovers, you never know, today could be the day the cheque book comes out, though I believe no one will move until someone blinks, don’t expect it to be the Spanish though.

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  1. Cesc Appeal

    The FA were going to pay Spurs a severance package as well for Redknapp – so instead it’s ended up costing them £3 Million to get rid of him – plus whatever it costs to get the new manager

    That has to be their transfer funds used up now

  2. Leedsgunner

    I have to say you have to admire Levy for standing up to the so called “People’s Manager”… Shame that there’s no one on our board to do the same with Wenger.

  3. Samir

    When Spurs get 35M for Modric…
    40M+ for Bale…

    They will probably rebuild and be better than last season under Moyes or equivalent!

    Unlike us…Every other team re-invest their revenue to improve!
    Dynamic efficiency guys 😉

  4. Northbanker

    I have just read Gambons comments

    He would love it if Wenger got cancer and aids on same day!!

    And you tell me this site is moderated? Gambons is clearly a sick and twisted individual who has no place on this or any other site. Get him off and keep him off

  5. SalparadiseNYC

    Work prohibited me from a good bit of banter on the ole le grove today and some footie. That does not sound as if it was too exciting, think Le Grove might of had more juice.
    I would like to say I am just so pleased and thankful that ole ARRY is leaving Spurs, serves em right. Maybe we should chalk that one up to Chelsea but you won’t catch met thanking anyone whom employs John Terry. Gambon you should wish all your ills on JT, actually don’t. Nobody deserves the rot you’d love to sow you childish CUNT and if your just boozed seek a bit of detox post ibiza or where ever your toasting it away, your embarrassing your massive online ego.

  6. SXBoyz

    Gambons got yooz lot wrapped round his little finger, and you mugs don’t even know it… You just keep biting…!!’

  7. OPG

    Not been that bothered about Spurs even though they’ve been in the top 4 ‘trophy’ battle in recent years, a small club with a big club mentality but vice versa could be said for us in recent seasons.

    What’s not good news is if Modric goes to Chelsea or United and maybe some new ideas is what they could do with instead of Arry’s after 5 years..

  8. Greenmount Gooner

    Don’t knock Gambon, he’s the one who( collectively with his fellow “fans”) made arsene/arsenal buy arteta, mertesacker, benayoun etc FACT
    If it weren’t for these “fans” we would have got relegated and the would be doomed. FACT
    Now if only he could orchestrate moves for messi, ronaldo, neuer and thiago silva etc etc he will be revered as the master of all things arsenal. Double FACT.

  9. IvoryGoonz

    Ref Giroud, Lizarazu tried to get something out of Wenger..
    Until now it is still : I cannot tell you.

  10. Gooner S

    “Love it if Wenger got cancer and aids on the same day, like Kevin Keegan, I would love it!”

    @ Gambon… you should be ashamed of yourself. That is a vile thing to write about anybody. This is football we are talking about, despite what Shankly said it is not more important than life and death. You need to find a better perspective.

  11. on-the-edge

    Redknapp sacked! Shocking! It would be even more shocking to AKBs because they are only used to boards being more and more tolerant; bordering surrendering to a Football manager.
    Friends, this is how the world has changed under your nose. Do you realize what the Arsenal board is putting up with for 8 long years.

    If Harry can be sacked, Wenger should have been sacked once every year since 2005.

  12. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    As Cesc Appeal pointed out… Redknapp going is great news.. Levy will have to buy out the last year of his contract.. and if he poaches someone like Moyes will have to pay off Everton too…

    Spurs are fucked financially… losing the CL money was a swift kick to the testicles and I suspect ‘Arry going was in some way connected to the lack of money he would have.. or the unsavoury prospect of selling Modric etc.. to get any money.. plus the end of season collapse.

    Spuds were a selling club last season, to compensate for the lack of CL (money).

  13. on-the-edge

    folks, Gambon just wanted Wenger out of Arsenal. Somehow. Knowing that he is shameless and yet powerful, so much that the spineless Arsenal board cant ever sack him, Gambon would have made that comment. let’s not get into the metaphors…net-net Gooners want Wenger to leave Arsenal.

  14. gnarelygeorge9

    “Don’t knock Gambon, he’s the one who( collectively with his fellow “fans”) made arsene/arsenal buy arteta, mertesacker, benayoun etc FACT
    If it weren’t for these “fans” we would have got relegated and the would be doomed. FACT”

    So the 8-2 drubbing by Utd @ Old Cow Paddock had nothing to do with it then 😯

    Gambon is a deluded whinger who has single handedly halved the number of posters on this site FACT

  15. on-the-edge

    @….up for grabs, you are being needlessly glad at Spurs’ misery.
    Do you think Spurs will sell their best players? To Arsenal? Rather, does Arsenal have the spine to bid for Gareth Bale/ Modric?

    Bale shall be a necessary addition, more because AA cant perform. And if there is anyone who can be close to Cesc’s creativity, It is Modric. Moreso, because JW could be out of next season too…

  16. The Poldi Prince

    Hate to say it, but monkey boy on our left, and modric in the middle, plus giroud and m’vila and we are definitely chances.

    Thing is, only British clubs, and apparently psg, have any money to spend big.

    Italy is fucked. Spain is fucked. Germany is fucked.

    Imagine if wenger was right all along, and was waiting until now to splash all the cash on cut-price stars?

    Wouldn’t we all have to eat it then.

    Fuck, was there LSD in that water
    I just had? Clearly tripping.