Giroud to replace Chamakh (YESSSSS!) | Llorente should replace Robin at Arsenal should worse happen

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Excitement Explosion

It’s so damn exciting this morning. We’ve got one quote for you that is both positive inwards and outwards.

“Giroud loves England as well as Arsenal. We know Wenger wants him in his team. If they make an offer that’s probably where he’ll go,”

“It’s likely that Giroud had to go to Arsenal. In this case we’ld like to get Chamakh on loan but I don’t know if it is possible.”

My oh my… what a comment from Montpellier coach Rene Girard. Bringing in a player who knows what the goal looks like and giving away a player who can smash through a shisha pipe in 4 drags. Sounds like a great deal.

The Chamakh part of the deal makes sense. I hate the fact that if we did decide to let him go out on loan we’d have to subsidise a whopping 80% of his salary. Montpellier have a top whack of £15k. What can you do? At least we’ll get someone off the squad sheet. Ideally this summer I’d like less loans. Shift the players first then think about loans if we haven’t made and impact by the end of July.

Clubs around Europe are totally skint in the main. When beasts like Madrid and Barcelona are £600mill in debt each, it shows you how grave the situations of other clubs must be. They’ll be looking to get players on loan in the main I’d guess, so we have to be prepared for that. Still, like I’ve said countless times, we have plenty of players who are too young to sit on a fat salary and too talented in the main. Think what you like of Nik B, he’s a good player and he’ll do well somewhere in the right system. Same with Carlos Vela and JD. They might not be Arsenal quality, but given a run and a bit of faith, they could do a solid job elsewhere.

There’s a lot of negativity around the possible departure of Robin. Now, I can completely understand this. What’s given me a bit of hope is Montpellier are talking about Chamakh. If we get rid of Chamakh and bring in Giroud. That means we’ll have to bring in another striker if we sell Robin. This could leave us open to signing a bit of a superstar if the worst happens. Giroud is a good striker, but I doubt he’s ready to takeover from Robin from the get go… Geoff has been banging on about Llorente… that’d be grand. 29 goals in 40 odd games for Bilbao last season. He scored a load in Europe as well. Tall, great with his feet and at 27… just the right age to move away from Spain and sample the delights of London.

How exciting would that be people? HOW EXCITING WOULD THAT BE. Very.

We’ll see though.

Just before we move off player movements. It appears Andrey Arshavin may be moving back to Zenit. That’s another weight off our wage bill. I love Andrey. Regardless of what people say about him, he’s one of the most supremely talented players I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching… and I’ve seen pretty much all of the best in world football over the past 15 years. If Andrey had the work rate of Ray Parlour, he’d have been one of the all time Arsenal greats. That’s the shame of his career… we’ll always have Anfield though and the season he saved our Champions League bacon. That’s a good £75k off the wage bill… which is superb.

England did pretty well last night. Well organised. Pretty average. Played as a good unit. Took the lead. Landed the point. I’ll take that. France have a far, far superior set up to us and they couldn’t break us down. It was fantastic to see Chamberlain get the nod. He didn’t have a whole heap to do but I thought he put in a decent performance. He’s so powerful. He just needs to make his decisions a tiny bit quicker at the highest level. Hopefully he’ll get more of the ball against Sweden. The future looks promising for him. I love his power and turn of pace. He’s going to have a big impact with us next season if he’s given a decent run.

Full credit to Roy Hodgson as well. Professional and bold with his selection… it’s been a while since we’ve seen that in an England manager. Let’s hope he pulls us out of the group!

Some news I glossed over yesterday… Jack Wilshere was ruled out of the Olympic squad. Shocking that he basically had to provide a wheel chair permit to get out of amateur duties this summer. At least he’ll be well rested for the coming season. However, like Geoff pointed out to me the other day, he’ll probably be in and out of the medical centre all year. We can but hope though… if Colin Lewin can keep Robin fit for 56 games, he can keep Jack fit.

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Plenty of interesting stuff for you to chew over… have a good day!


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  1. Cesc Appeal


    Shit I just read that. ‘I’m always committed to this club’ translation ‘ there’s no other Muppet in Europe that will pay me £55 000 a week so I am staying put even if I just warm the bench and occasionally get throw on with my dumbfounded expression that makes me look like Bambi on ice out there – and you just know I’m about five seconds from some horrendous cock up that will cost my team the game. Forever loyal.

  2. sam

    @harry rednapp

    always check the fee involved and you will know its false. we will be lucky to get few quids for our deadwoods. who was going to pay 10 millions for djourou ? if that italian team did a research surely we will be lucky to get 10% of whats been reported.

  3. Cesc Appeal


    Agree with you.

    But I’d still sell him.

    We’re not like Spurs, we don’t need to sell to generate cash for transfers – we have lots of it. Lowest estimation from AST is £55 Million, the highest I’ve seen someone from the AST bandy around was £80 Million.

    If someone offered me £4 Million for Djourou I’d take it – wouldn’t even need to think about it.

    A) He’s useless B) He’s taking up a squad place C) He’s useless D) He’s costing us £2 860 000 a year (£55 000 p.w) in basic salary.

    The same can be said for countless other (some of whom earn even more than that e.g Chamakh £75 000 p.w).

    It’s worth taking embarrassing transfer fee’s (well embarrassing for Wenger anyway) to get them off the squad list and off the wage bill.

    I mean last year Fenerbache (it was reported) offered us £10 Million for Diaby! £10 Million! And we refused. £3 120 000 for 80 mins of football later!!

    Shocking, no other word for it.

  4. Dan Ahern

    Real Sociedad’s chairman said last week that it would be tough for them to keep Vela, but it was their top priority, and they’ve let Arsenal and the player know.

    Wonder why it would be tough though. Maybe he means it’s tough for anybody to agree on a figure once Arsene decides his value? Or is he hinting that we want to keep Vela? Hm….

  5. zeus

    Hopefully those Diaby denils is all about him covering his arse in case a deal falls through.

    Him wanting to stay is the heights of a lack of ambition. And I know the opposite argument can be made.

    But if your somewhere after 10 years and your not one of the first names on the team sheet, it’s time to move on.

    Wenger’s ego will never push him out, but u have to think if your own career at some point.

    A pity that the dross of this squad don’t have a Nikki b style sense of importance about them. Thank goodness he thinks he is better than a squad filler, or we would still have him.

  6. RayVon

    If RVP does leave then Giroud should be signed. But if he stays there’s no point. Sign him on big contract then dump him on the bench. Then in a year we have both him & Chamak fleecing wages for doing zip..

  7. luke

    there has been a lot of debate about RB, with sagna missing the start of the year do we really need to buy one? I have heard a lot about jenkinson not being ready yet but very little about what he gives the team. fact of the matter is we have a young RB who is tall, quite quick and will run all day. He does have strength and in a way is the complete opposite of gibbs and santos (which when they are playing we do need). He has been a gooner for life (which is rare these days) and generally leads to the player giving 100% every game (something very few players we have do). my point is do we really need to fork out 5-10 mill on a RB to start a few games only to lose his position to sagna after the first month? quite frankly I i would much rather see that 5-10 mil used to sign a number of CAM that we have been linked to, perhaps Afellay anyone?????

  8. Pierrot

    Agree with luke.

    Jenkinson is still very raw, but his tireless pace and crossing ability are attributes of a potentially great RB. Just needs more games under Sagna’s guidance to brush up the defensive aspects of his play. Let’s not forget that the boy was putting in some good shifts just before his back injury lay-off, so he deserves his chance.

  9. sam

    marouane fellaini @luke
    imagine mertesacker,giroud and fellaini in the opposition box for a corner.
    well we were quite rubbish at set pieces and we just sold our best crosser to the turks for peanut.
    not sure affelay is for sale for only 6 millions

  10. IvoryGoonz

    Arshavin doesnt have the body to last 90minutes at EPL level.
    But he certainly has the skills.
    Now why was he named Captain of Russia? Because he’s their shittiest player?
    And you are trying to defend Wenger again?
    That’s just what you do.
    Any time.
    So don’t blame me for being against Wenger, every time.
    It’s not obligatorily what gonna say every time, but every time I speak about him, you can be sure an AKB like you or Dale pops up…
    You only get what you sow, and you’ve been seeding plenty of shit lately…
    Even the other day, just plainly ignore the discussion, turn around trying to blame it solely on me… You’re just full of shit, lies, same as Arsene, and I can only think that’s the main reason you fight anyone telling Wenger’s truths…
    Wake the fuck up!

  11. Sadam Mahessar

    Arsenal have apparently agreed a fee for Oliver Giroud and should have the deal tied down by end of the week.

    Giroud, Podolski, Van Persie.

    I think the next step is going to be M’Vila but before that Wenger would want to make a few deals for the players going out, Djorou, Arshavin, Vela and Bendtner have buyers so I hope we don’t hinder or break the deal for a mil or two.

    Fabianski and Squillacci need to be robbed off the Arsenal jerseys.

  12. Sadam Mahessar

    Jussi Jaskalanein has agreed a deal with West Ham.

    We should definitely have tried selling him.

    Debuchy is either off to Newcastle, Valencia, Inter or Bayern, so we definitely aren’t in for him or any RB yet.

    I would love M’Biwa in and Djorou out, M’Biwa can play RB too.

  13. Sadam Mahessar

    I would be really happy with the midfield options of Jack, Arteta, Song, M’Vila, Coquelin, Rosicky, Chamberlain, Diaby and it would be absolutely vital to make sure we keep them all fit.

    I wouldn’t mind Benayoun coming for a two year deal, Ramsey needs to be loaned out.

    Theo sold to Spain or Italy, Afellay/Martin/Ayew in.

  14. The Poldi Prince

    Re: affelay being a crock, but better than diaby..

    I really think if diaby could play 40 games a season, he would be one of our best players.

    Is big, strong, quick, technical, and the best dribbler at the club.

    The problem is, the guy is made of fucking glass. Be lucky to see 40 games in 5 years.

    He at the very least has as much talent as affelay. Maybe more.

  15. Big Al, Koh Samui, Thailand

    @gooner87 ( June 12, 2012 17:17:48)
    Cheers for reply. Sorry for delay.

    gooner87 says: “Drogba had 1 decent season at Marseille and was 25 when he joined the prem… There are exceptions.”

    Big Al replies: Do you realise what you’re saying? I actually absolutely totally unequivocably agree with you. DROGBA is exceptional. DROGBA… geddit? HE’S exceptional, him, Drogba… still not getting it?…
    You said it. I didn’t need to – “exception” is the key word. “Drogba” is the key name… Drogba.
    Now, please, surely you’re not driving down “Comparison Road”…