Olivier Giroud deal being lined up | His strengths and why he’ll work for Arsenal

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Everyone loves a show off...

Exciting news emanting from France suggest Arsenal are in for Montpellier’s French scoring sensation Olivier Giroud. The man who has had a similar rise to prominence as Koscielny is rumoured to be in talks with us for a princely sum of around £12million.

Some people fear he’s just another Chamakh, to them I would say quite possibly. There are a few differences though.

1) He knows his way around a pot of hair styling cream. No wastage there. If he’s that efficient in front of goal as he is with expensive matt paste, we’re onto a winner.

2) Chamakh has never scored more than 20 goals in a season. 14 was the most he managed and most of them came in Europe (His best league tally was 13 in Ligue One). Arsene Wenger liked his physical attributes and the fact he could score with his head. What he failed to take into account is that he wasn’t very strong and we don’t possess players in our squad who can take a corner, let alone cross at pace. A bad decision all round.

3) Chamakh was the next big thing when he was young. He was the player everyone had high hopes for. He then failed to live up to the hype before kind of living up to it at which point he fluked a contract with us and the rest is history. Giroud is the poor boy come good. He’s slummed it in Ligue Two where the average salary won’t buy you much more than a second hand Ford Focus. He knows what it’s like to never get a window seat in Nando’s. The guy will value his chance to play under Wenger and achieve for us.

4) There’s no compilation of his misses (Bordeaux fans did for Chamakh, that should have been a warning sign. Grimantube had a very day when that slipped past his Youtube alerts).

5) I’m assuming competition for his signature goes further than Sunderland.

A player whose career he could have similarities to is Drogba. He came on a mission. To do the best he could off the back of a very short career (turning pro very late). Will he have the same impact as the Ivorian? I have no idea. Don’t ask such stupid f*cking questions.

In short, I’d be all for the move. He’s a risk, as are all signings. However, he would be a calculated risk. One of my biggest gripes with Wenger over the past few years is that he’s continuously tried to get cuter and cuter with the way he’s signed strikers without ever doing the obvious.


Goals in the season before we signed them…

Chamakh – 16 goals / 45 games

Park – 11 goals / 11 games

Adebayor – 11 goals / 37 games

Giroud – 24 goals / 40 games

Doesn’t Giroud’s record look that bit more assuring? Even more so when you consider his 3 assists he’s had in the build up to the Euros.

Here are some of his goals.

He has a the perfect style for playing the lone striker role. He has great timing, he has good movement and he is creative in front of goals. He’s good in the air and he also looks to have that aggressive no nonsense approach you need to succeed in the Premier League. I think he’d be an excellent striker. If he earned a year playing with Robin, that would be the dream scenario, I’m not sure there are many players who come over from Ligue One who slip into the same form they showed with their previous club. We’ll see though.

In other news. Who sprinkled some sense into the crystal brandy glass of Peter Hill-Wood (Not my Grandfather despite the rumours)?

I liked his comments

‘But if somebody comes along and offers Robin £250,000 a week then I am afraid we cannot compete with that.’

‘With players, you never know what they are going to do.’

‘Some players say they want silverware but when they have the chance to earn extraordinary money that has been pumped into the game, then you just have to hope they will stay because they are happy and loyal where they are.’

There was more…

‘We have already brought in one new player in Lukas Podolski and I believe we will bring in more. I am confident we will, in fact.’

Too right Peter, too right. We can’t compete with over a million a month in salary. That’s ridiculous and it’s not sustainable. You want to keep your best players, but you don’t want to keep them on money only an oil sheikh can sustain. Unless of course you’re talking about a player like Messi or Christiano who probably more than match their wages in shirt sales and their ability to attract massive commercial deals.

If Robin wants to stay, marvellous. A £5million signing on bonus spread over 4 years with a £140k a week should be more than enough to keep him eating in the finest London restaurants every night of the week.

On the player signings, you have to see that as encouraging as well. It’s not often he comes out with anything positive on that front so for him to reveal he knows for a fact we’re bringing in players can only be seen as a massive positive.

Let’s hope Giroud is a start. If we can keep Robin and add Dempsey to the mix, that would be a very strong front three. You’ve also got the bonus ove being able to switch Dempsey and Podolski out wide and through the middle. Experience, hard work and supreme skill (Robin). If we could address the 4th centre back space and bring in an incredible defensive midfielder we’d be well on our way to making up the 19 points we need to close in on.

We still need to do a shed load of work on the defence over the summer, but I’m confident Steve Bould can make an impact there. His under 18 record doesn’t concern me. There’s a massive difference between working with finished articles and training kids. He’ll have access to more experience, better technology and I’m guessing his remit will be slightly less all encompassing and more focused.

England are up tonight. I’m going to preview it a little bit because I’m English and I know we’re the greatest side in this tournament and that all other nations are inferior to us.

I think this game will be really interesting. There’s no Capello. There’s no Beckham. There are no superstars. This is the most glamourless set up in  years. We are Stoke. Face up to it people. That’s how we’re rolling this tournament. We’re the fat cloggers who turn up to the work 5-aside tournament.

There’s an experienced manager who is looking at that squad knowing its limitations. His challenge is to polish the biggest squad turd in Europe. He’s not going to do that by playing a style of football that will see us ripped apart. He’s going to play to our strengths. Resolute defending with the ability to possibly hit on the break. A great plan if you ask me. Let’s not keep kidding ourselves we’re better than Spain, Holland and Brazil. Let’s work out a way of nullifying better teams and coming away with a victory. Ugly is fine. Mourinho is the master of this. He’s reverred as the greatest manager on the Planet.

It’s simple. Defend well, hope for the best going forward. If it works out, fantastic. If it doesn’t, well, simple fact is France have a far superior squad to us. That’s not a national shame. That’s just the way it goes.

If Theo has a blinder and Chamberlain gets a sniff. I’ll be more than happy. Anyway, stick around in the comments this evening for all the banter… I’m sure there will be plenty of England haters in there… there always is… people hate us because our rivers are full.

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That’s your lot!


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  1. Arse&Nose©

    Cesc is a cunt, he refused to play and train until we sold him to Barca.

    At least the fat ponce Nasri was professional enough to train and play for us while his transfer was being sorted.

  2. kingsley

    fair enough i really hope he comes and is the business. but telling me that a player you have seen 4 or 5 times is far superior to player that has scored over 20 prem league goals for many years is more like madness. I agree he may have more potential but my point is that if you want a backup to rvp bent will offer more of a guarentee. Bent is under rated…scoring in the prem isn’t easy, just ask our very own grease ball chamakh 🙂

  3. Dan Ahern

    Kavit PatelJune 11, 2012 11:39:18
    They actually had someone put this together….FFS

    Hahahaha… poor Diaby.
    I’m not sure which is worse:
    a) The fact that approximately 2 seconds (no, seriously) in his highlights clip come from this season, or,
    b) The fact that they have his finest moment as a decent showing in the reserves. Again, seriously:

    Abou proved his quality with an accomplished display for the Reserves at Liverpool in March, scoring the equaliser for Neil Banfield’s side in a 1-1 draw. His range of passing and all-round energetic display helped guide his more inexperienced team-mates.”

  4. arsenal tom

    zues, yeah but at the time had fabregas, denilson, diaby and song all going for 2 spots.

    i appreciate none of them are good enough bar fabregas to start for us but we had bodies there none the less.

    when we sell chamakh, park, arshavin and vela we’ll be left with poldi, gerv, theo & RVP. (providing they both stay) Theres no waywe’d go with only four players for three spots.

  5. Ric

    Provided RVP stays then I think the Giroud and Pod deals are definitely signs of improvement, however we would still need to keep hold of Song (as he is the only viable option at DM) and going through another “replacement” issue in that position as well is something we can best do without. Who we bring in of either M’vila, De jong or Martinez really doesn’t matter in this scenario, because truth be told Song is not that bad, and whichever of these is brought in he will give them competition. The problem is the same as always; we need rotation and adequate cover more than we need potential or individual quality. Giroud and a DM would change the whole dynamic of the team and provide competition for places that desperately need competition. Should we also manage to find a decent RB or at the very least a CB able to cover two positions then we are more or less set. If we throw a decent experienced GK in ontop of that, then even I would have to say this was a decent window.

    To sum up all we need to compete is;

    1 actual striker (Giroud will probably do fine)
    1 real DM (M’vila would be great, De Jong and Martinez are a both a bit short but De Jong for one has the agressiveness of a tazmanian devil, so thats probably ok… Martinez got technique but is that enough?)
    1 RB (Sagna is out and Jenkinson is not good enough by a mile, he was thrown in the deep end and even if his confidence was’nt shot it would have been by October.)
    1 GK (This should be a priority, because Fab sucks, his development stopped after he came here and was put behind Almunia, he is more or less ruined at this point so lets just get rid. Chezzer has stalled his development and is actually becoming a worse shotstopper by every game and his arrogance is really affecting his play these days.)

    I don’t really think we need another CB though; provided Mertesacker and Vermealen form a better partnership next season. Provided we push that line a few meters back and Kos rotates with both of them on regular basis, then I think Miguel should be free for a few cup games. Injuries not withstanding.

  6. Rob The Goon

    Top post!

    Judging by a 3 minute clip on you tube, I believe Giroud will solve ALL of our problems!!

    I jest of course

    I cant really comment of giroud because I havent seen him play but I am hearing the right noises about him.

    Please just get the deal sorted Ivan and then find a defensive midfielder and defender!!

    By the way did anyone see that russian number 10 on saturday – looks like a decent player!

  7. kevin

    I watched Giroud in the France/Iceland and i was very impressed. Good technically very strong and seems to have a footballing brain. Would be happy to see him in our squad.

  8. kingsley

    i said for many years not the last 3 years.

    he got 20 in 2005
    18 in 2006
    then he went to spuds
    24 in 2009
    18 in 38 since he’s been at villa.

  9. Ric

    Rob The GoonJune 11, 2012 15:50:37

    Dzagoev? yeah I said I would not mind some more creativity in midfield.

    Come on Arsene go on a spree.

  10. Dan Ahern

    Nice rundown of Giroud, Pedro. I think he’d be a nice addition. I’m really hoping RvP stays so Giroud can cut his teeth in the Prem without the pressure. If RvP does leave, we’ll need to buy another striker as well.

    Mostly I think this deal is viable because of the price range. Fits neatly in the Wenger comfort zone.

    This is probably the same reason M’Vila hasn’t gone through yet. Let’s be honest, despite the past several seasons, we’re probably still extremely reluctant to break our transfer record on a 21-year-old DM. Especially when Biglia’s sitting around in the Belgian league, ready to be picked up for under 10m.

    P.S. “Grimantube”… hahah… funny every time…

  11. Rob The Goon

    Arse&Nose© June 11, 2012 15:28:07

    Cesc is a cunt, he refused to play and train until we sold him to Barca.

    At least the fat ponce Nasri was professional enough to train and play for us while his transfer was being sorted.


    Spot on mate!!

  12. Dimitri

    Cesc comes in to replace Paddy as the hub of Arsenal’s midfield = Arsenal stop winning trophies

    Cesc comes into the the most dominant club team of recent history who win everything in front of them = Barca win neither the league or CL

    He may be talented, but he has a soft underbelly and doesn’t have the heart of a winner. In the long run we are better off being shot.

  13. Rob The Goon


    I was talking about Arshavin although Dzagoev is a decent player.

    I dont think we’ll be buying a creative midfielder. I’m worried because I think wenger might promote song to be our creative hub – I hope i’m wrong!

  14. DanielC

    I think giroud would be great for the premier league, his size and bulk would make him tough to defend against, however i see giroud coming in as a replacement for RVP unless there’s a change of formation, trying to fit podolski RVP giroud and Walcott into the starting 11 would be difficult for wenger, but hey I’m feeling good about next season we have a lot of players competing for places up top, gervinho/podolski, Walcott/AOC and hopefully RVP/giroud

  15. Samir

    Arsenal insider reported last night that “Wenger had agreed a fee for Giroud”

    Hope it’s not bullshit!

    Sell/release all the crap
    A back up GK
    Arshavin replacement
    Fabregas replacement

    Bring back Bartley to replace Djourou

    And we’d be looking up!!

  16. SalparadiseNYC


    “The coup de grace would be signing M’Vila and swapping Song for Khedira.”

    Would equate to a religious experience.

    Ox starting.. fuck me is right. No fear kid.

  17. IvoryGoonz

    Wenger’s killing Chamberlain…
    already had compared him during his lost duels with Debuchy, telling about how experience played a big part.
    then now when he got carded for that bad tackle, saying it was done by I quote “bad tackle by a bad defender”, corrected by Lizarazu into “bad tackle from an attacker”.
    I’d like to remind Wenger he plays at Arsenal too …
    how is that not meaning we need someone to play in his place until he learns?

  18. LeMassiveCoq


    Gerrard unsighted Hart with his pointless lunge.

    It had to be that fat little cunt who scored…
    He currently looks thier most dangerous player

  19. zeus

    Goal.com correspondent Martin Langer brings us some excellent insight from the Donbass Arena: “Uffff, after scoring his goal, Samir Nasri makes the hush sign and shouts ‘fermez la geule’ (shut your mouths) to the press, who were constantly criticizing him because he didn’t score as often as they would like him to. “

  20. Sachhyam Shrestha

    England are being schooled round the field right now. Only hope is Walcott provide some pace on counter attack. Chamberlain and Walcott will tear the French defence unless there is Kozzer present.

  21. IvoryGoonz

    Wenger still didn’t understand why Blanc let Nasri roam.
    but not much Ribery.
    I think he should play a bit football manager for his own sake, then try it in the team, he’d see clearer…
    that’s how you play inside forwards. you don’t put them both to roaming to always have enough cover for the roaming one in defence, nor both to not roaming or always the same side, cause you become easy to counter or there’s no point using inside forwards, you use winger then… that’s the advantage of Ribery or Nasri of being able to also play through the centre.
    you can alternate roaming sides. between games, or during a game too, more possibilities, more satisfaction for players too, and less risks
    and this makes tactics harder to get right to counter it, and more changeability…

    anyway, the reason why french tv brought him in is not to speak about french players, but about english players.
    but he’s not obliged to make such remarks that way.
    Ox is young, and is actually up to Wenger to teach him. the way he says it in french plainly without explanations or softening is to me very sad, while it’s about one of his own players.
    whether Hodgson should have selected him is another story, and whether he should play in the first 11 another …

  22. Keyser

    Ivory Goonz –

    Ah go on then, what did Wenger say about Nasri or Ribery roaming that made you say all that ?!

  23. IvoryGoonz

    Swedish: he just misjudged the side where to go at start, lost a second, came too short and just touched it, but not enough, and not strong enough to push it out.
    he’s not bad, but still not in my top 2 though…

  24. Keyser

    Is that it ? There must be more to it ?!

    France do look a bit like they’re just trying to work it out for themselves, Benzema keeps dropping out wide and both Nasri and Ribery are cutting inside to congest the midfield.

    They either need to trust Cabaye or Cabaye needs to try and pull more of the strings.

  25. Swedish Gun

    “Spain will seek EU support for the country’s banks of 100 billion euros, about 890 billion Swedish kronor. The assistance will be in the form of loans at terms that are “significantly more favorable” than market conditions. The conditions attached to them will be confined to the banking industry, it creates no macroeconomic or fiscal conditions.”

    seems they will still be able to take siestas and drink sangria without problems

  26. IvoryGoonz

    Keyser; that’s it.
    Wenger only speaks a sentence here and there.
    but without justifying everything.
    and after that; Lizarazu had to explain Blanc’s tactics.
    Wenger has no clue.

  27. Keyser

    Chamberlain could really have done with a year or two of having Fabregas and Nasri around him.

    England really struggling to complete more than one or two passes in midfield.

  28. Keyser

    What did Lizarazu say about Blanc’s tactics ?

    You’ve got Malouda, Nasri, Benzema, Ribery within 20 yards of each other, they rotate around like they’re in a boxed traning session of keep ball, they don’t go anywhere, no-one makes runs, they play a pass too short or too long and then try to take a shot from 20 yards.

    Then there’s Cabaye sitting deeper and fullbacks who try to bomb on but get sucked into the mish mash in the middle, France look threatening when they push the ball out wide and quick.

  29. Keyser

    Rooney can’t do it all, the comparison to France is that France have got too many people trying to pull strings,

    We still need the connect from Midfield to attack, it’s not quick enough and the front line aren’t cohesive without Rooney anyway.

  30. IvoryGoonz

    Wenger was saying like Nasri wasn’t sticking like he should to his side.
    Lizarazu explained it was Laurent Blanc’s orders to have Ribery only running up and down his side, leaving Nasri to roam. that was first half, only 2 occasions or so where Ribery went all the way up the other side but because he took the ball in without having anyone to cross it to.
    things change, tactics change, France has a main formation to stick to, but Cabaye + Diarra alow more freedom upfront.
    that’s the difference between Blanc and Wenger.

  31. IvoryGoonz

    Keyser: you don’t play England the same way you play Italy.
    Blanc knows England has trained and is always dangerous on set pieces and counter.
    he’s got to avoid that and try to kep the ball moving, not score too early, but be sure the last 10 minutes are gonna change rhythm.
    you can’t do it all, but missing a player like Rooney is always a big changer. he’d probably have finished the first attempt that went on the side of the goal…

  32. Keyser

    What’s the difference ? Look at the gulf in talent between these two teams at least in terms of midfield creativity and France are struggling to create anything cohesively.

    England are tiring now and maybe France’s edge with tell, Especially now Ben Arfa’s on.

    There is no real tactics other than push it around midfield and hopefully something clicks, even if you’ve Cabaye and Diarra to free up others, they could do more to join in and let other midfielders push on, then there’s Malouda ? Who’s just running around doing nothing much of anything.

    I don’t see how you can say this is a good example of Blanc’s tactics because they’re just not working.

  33. DaleDaGooner

    “Is this the same Wenger that lost Diarra, Flamini, Gilberto Silva within 6 months of each other and decided to give Denilson the DM role?”

    To be quite fair, Diarra was let go by Chelsea, we were packed in midfield then with Flamini showing form and Cesc, he was asked to assist as fullback and he didn’t want to, he asked to be moved on…..even Chelsea had to move him on.

    Flamini was rubbish until he did anything to get a look for the solitary season he shined, had he continued to suck and extended, y’all would moan…he refused to sign an extension and walked. Same as Nasri and RvP now.

    With Gilberto, i may give yo that, but we have no idea what those 2 had to discuss in private..

    Bottom line, you people will say anything in hindsight.

  34. Keyser

    IvoryGoonz – I take your point, it is the first game, I disagree England are dangerous on the counterattack without Rooney they struggle massively. It’d be more down to a mistake or teams nerves if either won.

    I think they’d both be happy with the draw, but I’ve seen France play before and they suffer from many of the same problems. At the same time it’s increasingly hard to apply team tactics Inernationally these days.

    If France keep Blanc as coach for a few years, they’ve got a young team and they should get better, a lot better.

  35. DaleDaGooner

    Marvin Martin is off to Lille..isn’t he? good game by both teams, hated Nasri scoring…Oxlade-Chamberlain did well, but clearly needs more time when he returns to Arsenal.

  36. Keyser

    “Keyser: we are not watching the same game.
    england defends so deep they cant get out of their half”

    Yeah, but they can’t pass quick enough or with enough conviction to get anywhere, Chamberlain picked it up continously and has no-one around him, Gerrard and Parker struggle to push on, and he ends up losing it because he gets outmuscled.

    What game were you watching ? What do you mean ?!

  37. Adam Bucci

    what the fuck?

    we wait until the 90th minute to bring on our fastest player? we keep the incredibly crappy milner on, we leave welbeck and young on way past their due date?

    we’ll be lucky to get 3rd after this performance.

    we’re lucky hart showed up today.

  38. IvoryGoonz

    Dale: well, transfer isn’t finalised yet, player agreed, but clubs are still talking money…
    coming to replace Hazard/Cole
    still not too late to hijack his transfer to Lille, Wenger’s done it for Park, why not for Martin.

  39. DaleDaGooner

    England and Roy are stupid to keep playing overrated players like James Milner…that was what killed them in this game…..shoulda played Ashley young or Walcott as RW

  40. IvoryGoonz

    Swedish Gun June 11, 2012 18:09:37

    IvoryGoonzJune 11, 2012 17:40:05
    tell me about Hart again.


    just wondered what that meant

    see below:
    Sachhyam Shrestha June 11, 2012 17:35:35
    OMFG. Did you just see that save by Joe Hart ?

    IvoryGoonz June 11, 2012 17:40:05
    tell me about Hart again.
    fact is, he’s got marshmallow in the gloves too…
    question of timing, just found that funny just after praising Hart he concedes one.

  41. Dan Ahern

    I was only able to catch about the last 30 minutes of the game. What did you guys think?

    Looked like a good result for England. Staunch defense and great goalie to compensate for nothing going forward really.

  42. IvoryGoonz

    DaleDaGooner June 11, 2012 18:57:24

    Wait is Lizarazu a big time coach somewhere now?
    has Wenger any international pro footballer experience? No
    did he want to work in football? no, wasnt his passion;
    he wanted to take over his dad’s company.
    they had to force his hands to take courses needed to be manager.
    in the end it’s thanks to Platini’s dad that Wenger managed Nancy.
    he’s a very smart guy, don’t misread me, but he’s never even had the experience of playing modern football himself.
    those who can’t do teach.

  43. Radio Raheem

    Good performance by England. I enjoyed the discipline they showed. They could have done better in transition from defence to attack. Rooney should resolve that problem playing behind Welbeck. They looked far more together and disciplined than other Capello.

    Blanc didn’t make the most of what was is talented squad, he should have gone for it more.

    Carragher was a decent pundit too!

    I still stand by my pre-tournament prediction that England will get to the semis.

  44. IvoryGoonz

    RR: blanc could have gone for it, but was risky, I don’t think Blanc could afford losing against England in that group, and he had to keep fresh legs too, he lost 2 DMs, M’Vila and Matuidi, not back yet; and can’t play same way … you could see the hot weather is tiring them quick too, gonna be a long Euro, and I hope not too many injuries to Arsenal players… we need all our players back to full fitness after the Euro

  45. zeus

    Adam BucciJune 11, 2012 18:54:10
    what the fuck?we wait until the 90th minute to bring on our fastest player? we keep the incredibly crappy milner on, we leave welbeck and young on way past their due date?we’ll be lucky to get 3rd after this performance. we’re lucky hart showed up today.


  46. Radio Raheem

    Ivory, I get all that but without Rooney playing for England he could’ve gambled a bit more. playing Malouda, Diarra and Cabaye in midfield was too conservative IMO. he should have brought on Ben Arfa and/or Giroud earlier.

    Saying that I was very impressed with England’s organisation at the back and perhaps they might have held out. Who knows?

    Ashley Cole didn’t have his best game though.

  47. Radio Raheem


    Johnson Terry Lescott Cole

    Chamberlain/Milner Gerard Parker Young



    That would be my first 11

  48. Keyser

    People talk about this thing called ‘tactics’ all the time on here, not many seem to know exactly what they are though, just whether a coach employs them or not.

    I’m no expert, but I’d say France were the team who could have got more out of the game, the reason they didn’t was probably more down to conservatism, because they’re tactics didn’t really seem to be working.

    Playing the ball endlessly around a congested midfield suggest they didn’t, especially when you consider their fullbacks were having some luck against their counterparts bombing on.

  49. IvoryGoonz

    Keyser: there’s no point answering you really; you switch opinion quicker than a pregnant woman, that’s why you get the nickname WUM very easily

    IvoryGoonz June 11, 2012 18:30:08
    Keyser: you’re just missing Rooney… would have been a different game.

    then you go:
    Keyser June 11, 2012 18:34:38
    Rooney can’t do it all, the comparison to France is that France have got too many people trying to pull strings,

    We still need the connect from Midfield to attack, it’s not quick enough and the front line aren’t cohesive without Rooney anyway.
    just re-read yourself, seriously, you start by dismissing my comment saying Rooney can’t do all, hence is not the missing part, then you finish your post by saying you do miss Rooney.

    then you go on english midfielders’ superior talent…

    on my TV, France had most of possession in second half, and england was just parking the bus, explain to me why there were 2 yellow cards to your player too, none to France? because they play so much better they have to foul French players to make up for it? …
    how are english midfielders more talented? if it was the case you’d have ruined France. so, yes we didn’t see the same game, and yes, you’re still a WUM.

  50. follow the money

    It has to burn Wenger’s ass to see Nasri score playing the position Wenger never allowed him to play. Ha! Ha! Ha!. Wenger insane thing about having “players who can play on the left, right, and the middle” and then forcing them out to the wings (Bendtner, Nasri, etc) is absurd and stupid. Wenger just doesn’t like being outcoached by Blanc and having his methods shown up. Too bad Prof! Maybe you’ll learn something dumbass

  51. IvoryGoonz

    Dale; the role of a centre back in 1970-80s is very different to today’s, and he wasn’t played for his skills as defender, but his intelligence.
    and he only played 12 games out of 3 seasons in pro football between 78 and 81…
    same old same old.
    can’t accept that Wenger is not all that…

  52. Keyser

    IvoryGoonz – You know what I should phrase things better because it should be easier for you to see I’m not in disagreement, more than I’m just providing a different take on the topic.

    I didn’t dismiss you’re comment, saying ‘Rooney can’t do it all’ doesn’t mean he can’t do anything. There’s a middle ground here.

    It’s just England have always struggled with the connection from midfield to attack for years we’ve had the problem of Lampard and Gerrard and who to play, ever since Scholes retired we’ve had no-one who could pass or conduct from midfield like him.

    Gerrard’s legs aren’t what they were and he can’t make up ground like he used to.

    Two yellow cards ? That’s nothing really,

    “how are english midfielders more talented? if it was the case you’d have ruined France. so, yes we didn’t see the same game, and yes, you’re still a WUM.”

    I said France had more talent in midfield, I haven’t checked back, but that’s what I mean’t if I made a mistake than I’m sorry.

    The WUM shit ? Heh. You wanted to talk tactics on here, I think you’re wrong with what you said. France most definetly had a problem with players cutting in and congesting the midfield. That’s why they struggled to break England down.

  53. Keyser

    Nasri scored several goals cutting in and occupying the space he did against England, If Blanc’s just realised that now then he might not be all that.

  54. IvoryGoonz

    follow the money: sadly, Arshavin too scored in a position Wenger refused him the other day, and won the Russian league with Zenit, same way as Nasri wno with City…
    just goes to show they can do it, Wenger is just too stubborn and doing predictable tactics…
    but some still prefer to only listen to Arsene’s voice…

  55. Adam Bucci

    zeusJune 11, 2012 19:46:16


    ‘We’ as in England, our country, our place of birth. if nigeria was playing, i would have said ‘Nigeria wait until the 90th….’

  56. Keyser

    “but some still prefer to only listen to Arsene’s voice”

    Nah in this case, like the case of Arshavin and Nasri, it’s people who don’t have a clue putting 2 and 2 together and getting 5.

    England were parking the bus like you said and let Nasri get a shot off from the edge of the box without a challenge, that’s more of a mistake from England than any tactical mastery.

    I can’t believe you’d even think it.

  57. IvoryGoonz

    Keyser June 11, 2012 20:11:13

    IvoryGoonz – You know what I should phrase things better because it should be easier for you to see I’m not in disagreement, more than I’m just providing a different take on the topic.
    well, that’s my main conclusion too…

  58. zeus

    Adam BucciJune 11, 2012 20:18:57
    zeusJune 11, 2012 19:46:16‘We?”‘We’ as in England, our country, our place of birth. if nigeria was playing, i would have said ‘Nigeria wait until the 90th….’

    I know what you meant. hehe. Most of us aren’t English though, hence the ‘we’ question.

  59. follow the money

    Keyser, of course Nasri cut in from the wing and scored a few. I know that. But cutting in from the wing, and occupying the attacking mid position are two different things. Wenger never allowed Nasri to play the Cesc position enough to see how it would work out. He was too obsessed with his weird tactical ideas to give it a shot. Ideas that I must add seem to be getting weirder and weirder as our goals allowed the last five seasons indicates. I just wish Wenger would go back to what worked in the past, when players played more in their preferred positions and we had proper wingers and could counter and attack more directly

  60. Keyser

    “well, that’s my main conclusion too…”

    It’d be the only one you got right and I had to tell you, you always go for the WUM stance when you don’t know how to respond.

  61. Keyser

    follow the money -Nasri played the Cesc position, he did ok, he’s learning it, you’re calling it the ‘Cesc position’ because Cesc was the better player to play it, if Fabregas played for France he’d play it in front of Nasri aswell.

    Mate you’re not making much sense, we had a very good tactical approach last season we just didn’t have the squad.

    Wenger never got the chance to see it Nasri could cut it there once Fabregas left, and his performance for France there aren’t anywhere near as good as what Cesc was for us. How can you even think that ?!

    Cesc could orchestrate the whole team from one position.

  62. Keyser

    Also Nasri cut in, I didn’t see the formation to begin with, but was he even expected to play behind Benzema or is that just the place he chose to spend most of the game ?!

  63. DaleDaGooner

    LOL, there is too much in the way of some people seeing things as there really are, that is this disdain for Wenger…..people will make up any fault to justify this. I am critical of wenger as well, but i won’t go on to blame him every and any time i feel like.

    IG, FACT and bottom line, Wenger was an Intelligent sweeper for 3 clubs he played for. He even scored goals in this role. He didn’t finish his career as a player, but it looks like he was a bit more than average as a player…..so discounting him cause Lizar is a bit far fetched.

    Nasri playing or not playing in the middle for Arsenal….He DID play there when our best option wasn’t available, and most of us agreed he wasn’t great there, he was ok, but not great compared to Cesc. Blaming Wenger for sticking him on the wing when we had Cesc available is retarded.

  64. DaleDaGooner

    “Weird tactics” like playing Iniesta as a ACM or a Winger? both Spain and Barcelona seem to apply weird tactics. Like using a false 9 when they have strikers.

  65. DaleDaGooner

    Like playing Ibrahimovic as a second striker…bet if Wenger did this, it’ll be a weird thing. Only weird thing i’d say is not using Arshavin inside once in a while last season.

  66. IvoryGoonz

    Keyser; ref Nasri, it”s not the first time Blanc plays him there or use this tactics, it’s Wenger who just realised now he played him that way (or Valbuena in second half in that position last time around too), and Wenger thought that was not intentional from the coach, because he can’t think it works and refuses to use it himself, he wouldn’t even think a coach could use this position of “winger” as an inside forward…
    but with a tall defence like England’s, there’s 99.99% no point making a cross, and that’s the case against most clubs in PL in a crowded area…
    so if you keep that formation, because of best players/positions/pitch surface covered/balance attack-defence, you have to get more bodies inside.
    the trouble is Ribery only did it from time to time and after a while stopped doing it, so Nasri was left alone with Cabaye for real support to push on
    personally I’d go all the way, with both roaming all the time, playing with each other as partners, like Haward/Gerv were played at times, and forcing my full backs to stay behind, never overlapping the inside forwards or defensive midfielders, it’s their job to cover for that portion of the side of the pitch and avoid counter attacks on the wings.
    to me the problem was Debuchy.
    might have looked very good, but if you play that tactics, you can’t allow your FB to go up, and even less crossing or attempting to score with the few occasions you’ll get against a quality opponent.
    there won’t be anyone in the zone he’ll cross to against a taller team
    just run out of gas and force other players to foul opponents which is what Chamberlain ends up doing every time…

    Blanc also hasn’t lost his last 20 or so games. no french coach did better since Jacquet, and he clearly had that in mind with other risks…
    he also maintained the record of 28 games unbeaten against England.
    I agree with some, I think France could maybe have won it taking more risks, but that was too much risks to take on first game, against your biggest opponent in the group and considering all factors. in any other situation, yes, but Blanc had to make sure not to lose first. Sweden and Ukraine will be easier to play for France than England and the goal is to get out of the group, with only 2 progressing, might as well be England and France…
    I had that match as a draw myself, albeit 2-2 since Friday. was expecting Walcott from start rather than Chamberlain…

  67. IvoryGoonz

    Keyser: the winding up part of WUM is exactly that reason you admitted yourself.
    you wind people up because you dont take the time to clearly explain what you mean and make sure any reader can understand.
    not everybody is as gifted as you Sir 😉

  68. Keyser

    IvoryGoonz – “it”s not the first time Blanc plays him there or use this tactics, it’s Wenger who just realised now he played him that way (or Valbuena in second half in that position last time around too)”

    You do understand this is rubbish, the only reason Nasri wasn’t used more in the central role is because we had players like Fabregas ? I mean to say it’s because he didn’t realise it is bollocks, we never got the chance once Fabregas left.

    He played him there in pre-season, and even against Liverpool when we lost before he left.

    The rest you need to watch the game against, England defended well and deep , but France don’t have a dominant playmaker, Cabaye lets Nasri have too much of the ball, even Ribery gave it up, Malouda had nowhere to run and looked lost, and it mean’t they passed around endlessly in circles.

    Watch Fabregas and Nasri combine or with Wilshere, Arteta, even Ramsey understood you need runners from midfield. The fullbacks pushing on was right, what was wrong was that none of the midfielders were comfortable enough to make the run past the defence, even Benzema circled out wide rather than asking the team to try and create for him or at least provide runs.

    Hopefully for France it was down to them being nervous of defeat and being conservative, because otherwise Blanc’s tactics simply didn’t work.

  69. Keyser

    “it”s not the first time Blanc plays him there or use this tactics, it’s Wenger who just realised now he played him that way (or Valbuena in second half in that position last time around too)”

    I really don’t think Nasri played to Blanc’s exact tactics, there must be something wrong there and it showed, if Blanc wanted Nasri to take Cabaye’s space, then what was Malouda for, why did Benzema continously take Ribery’s space and why wasn’t there anyone bothering to exploit space wide right.

  70. IvoryGoonz

    Dale “.so discounting him cause Lizar is a bit far fetched.”
    this is what is a bit far-fetched… making one element of a discussion the only reason…
    it’s not even about Lizarazu.
    but about Wenger.
    he was already 29 when he made it to the first division, and again, he played only 12 games in 3 years without goals in D1 …
    sounds like Squillaci no?
    For sure Squillaci is intelligent, he wouldn’t have the salary he has now otherwise right?
    in the end it all depends to what you compare, as Einstein reminded, everything is relative.
    and yes, Im fed up seeing Wenger as consultant for TV while he’s an active club manager paid as much as he’s paid, and really can’t stand him talking down one of his player he’ll be happy to put on teamsheet next season instead of getting him the tutoring with a world class player in that position to teach him and win things…

  71. Cesc Appeal

    Watching that game Debuchy would be a great signing for us, really impressed by him and we need another good RB badly

  72. Sadam Mahessar

    Giroud to Arsenal has moved a huge step closer tonight, judging by comments of Montpellier coach. Great night for #afc


    Coach of Montpellier Girard said Arsenal has made a bid. The player wants to come to Arsenal. His club is ok to sell.