Olivier Giroud deal being lined up | His strengths and why he’ll work for Arsenal

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Everyone loves a show off...

Exciting news emanting from France suggest Arsenal are in for Montpellier’s French scoring sensation Olivier Giroud. The man who has had a similar rise to prominence as Koscielny is rumoured to be in talks with us for a princely sum of around £12million.

Some people fear he’s just another Chamakh, to them I would say quite possibly. There are a few differences though.

1) He knows his way around a pot of hair styling cream. No wastage there. If he’s that efficient in front of goal as he is with expensive matt paste, we’re onto a winner.

2) Chamakh has never scored more than 20 goals in a season. 14 was the most he managed and most of them came in Europe (His best league tally was 13 in Ligue One). Arsene Wenger liked his physical attributes and the fact he could score with his head. What he failed to take into account is that he wasn’t very strong and we don’t possess players in our squad who can take a corner, let alone cross at pace. A bad decision all round.

3) Chamakh was the next big thing when he was young. He was the player everyone had high hopes for. He then failed to live up to the hype before kind of living up to it at which point he fluked a contract with us and the rest is history. Giroud is the poor boy come good. He’s slummed it in Ligue Two where the average salary won’t buy you much more than a second hand Ford Focus. He knows what it’s like to never get a window seat in Nando’s. The guy will value his chance to play under Wenger and achieve for us.

4) There’s no compilation of his misses (Bordeaux fans did for Chamakh, that should have been a warning sign. Grimantube had a very day when that slipped past his Youtube alerts).

5) I’m assuming competition for his signature goes further than Sunderland.

A player whose career he could have similarities to is Drogba. He came on a mission. To do the best he could off the back of a very short career (turning pro very late). Will he have the same impact as the Ivorian? I have no idea. Don’t ask such stupid f*cking questions.

In short, I’d be all for the move. He’s a risk, as are all signings. However, he would be a calculated risk. One of my biggest gripes with Wenger over the past few years is that he’s continuously tried to get cuter and cuter with the way he’s signed strikers without ever doing the obvious.


Goals in the season before we signed them…

Chamakh – 16 goals / 45 games

Park – 11 goals / 11 games

Adebayor – 11 goals / 37 games

Giroud – 24 goals / 40 games

Doesn’t Giroud’s record look that bit more assuring? Even more so when you consider his 3 assists he’s had in the build up to the Euros.

Here are some of his goals.

He has a the perfect style for playing the lone striker role. He has great timing, he has good movement and he is creative in front of goals. He’s good in the air and he also looks to have that aggressive no nonsense approach you need to succeed in the Premier League. I think he’d be an excellent striker. If he earned a year playing with Robin, that would be the dream scenario, I’m not sure there are many players who come over from Ligue One who slip into the same form they showed with their previous club. We’ll see though.

In other news. Who sprinkled some sense into the crystal brandy glass of Peter Hill-Wood (Not my Grandfather despite the rumours)?

I liked his comments

‘But if somebody comes along and offers Robin £250,000 a week then I am afraid we cannot compete with that.’

‘With players, you never know what they are going to do.’

‘Some players say they want silverware but when they have the chance to earn extraordinary money that has been pumped into the game, then you just have to hope they will stay because they are happy and loyal where they are.’

There was more…

‘We have already brought in one new player in Lukas Podolski and I believe we will bring in more. I am confident we will, in fact.’

Too right Peter, too right. We can’t compete with over a million a month in salary. That’s ridiculous and it’s not sustainable. You want to keep your best players, but you don’t want to keep them on money only an oil sheikh can sustain. Unless of course you’re talking about a player like Messi or Christiano who probably more than match their wages in shirt sales and their ability to attract massive commercial deals.

If Robin wants to stay, marvellous. A £5million signing on bonus spread over 4 years with a £140k a week should be more than enough to keep him eating in the finest London restaurants every night of the week.

On the player signings, you have to see that as encouraging as well. It’s not often he comes out with anything positive on that front so for him to reveal he knows for a fact we’re bringing in players can only be seen as a massive positive.

Let’s hope Giroud is a start. If we can keep Robin and add Dempsey to the mix, that would be a very strong front three. You’ve also got the bonus ove being able to switch Dempsey and Podolski out wide and through the middle. Experience, hard work and supreme skill (Robin). If we could address the 4th centre back space and bring in an incredible defensive midfielder we’d be well on our way to making up the 19 points we need to close in on.

We still need to do a shed load of work on the defence over the summer, but I’m confident Steve Bould can make an impact there. His under 18 record doesn’t concern me. There’s a massive difference between working with finished articles and training kids. He’ll have access to more experience, better technology and I’m guessing his remit will be slightly less all encompassing and more focused.

England are up tonight. I’m going to preview it a little bit because I’m English and I know we’re the greatest side in this tournament and that all other nations are inferior to us.

I think this game will be really interesting. There’s no Capello. There’s no Beckham. There are no superstars. This is the most glamourless set up in  years. We are Stoke. Face up to it people. That’s how we’re rolling this tournament. We’re the fat cloggers who turn up to the work 5-aside tournament.

There’s an experienced manager who is looking at that squad knowing its limitations. His challenge is to polish the biggest squad turd in Europe. He’s not going to do that by playing a style of football that will see us ripped apart. He’s going to play to our strengths. Resolute defending with the ability to possibly hit on the break. A great plan if you ask me. Let’s not keep kidding ourselves we’re better than Spain, Holland and Brazil. Let’s work out a way of nullifying better teams and coming away with a victory. Ugly is fine. Mourinho is the master of this. He’s reverred as the greatest manager on the Planet.

It’s simple. Defend well, hope for the best going forward. If it works out, fantastic. If it doesn’t, well, simple fact is France have a far superior squad to us. That’s not a national shame. That’s just the way it goes.

If Theo has a blinder and Chamberlain gets a sniff. I’ll be more than happy. Anyway, stick around in the comments this evening for all the banter… I’m sure there will be plenty of England haters in there… there always is… people hate us because our rivers are full.

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That’s your lot!


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  1. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    Before he signs anyone he will have to have a clear out first…. so unless he sells…. we wont buy!

  2. Ze Gooner

    quiet sure that if giroud fails to adapt pedro is going to be the first to argue how awful he’s always been and how wenger gets it wrong all the time

  3. Bush Gooner

    The same buzz was evident when we were in for Mata and talks were progressing blah blah blah, then next minute he is waving a chelsea shirt.

  4. goonerDNA

    Yep the fact we’re looking at another striker makes it seem RVP is on his way out and lets face it Podolski and Giroud are no where near as good as Robin.

    If we were buying to keep Robin you’d think we’d sign a creative midfielder since our DM was our most creative player last season which says it all really. I expect another piss poor Arsenal transfer period and another trophy-less season

  5. Arsenalone

    Hope this lad signs for us,we could do with a lift us gooners.

    Dempsey is a good shout for us as well.

  6. Charlie G

    With the signings supposedly in the pipeline, Giroud and M’Villa, we will have two excellent players in every department. maybe except the fullbacks. WOW.

  7. Pollux

    Giroud? no pls! Have more ambition! Bid 40mil for neymar and thereafter insert a $100mil release clause in his contract. He will be a definite shirt seller and commercial dealer which will cover a huge portion of his transfer fee.

  8. The Poldi Prince

    Rivers full? Of faeces?

    Good write up though.

    TBH, I’m beginning to worry less and less about RVP.

    So long as we sell abroad, and reinvest it is good business. Need to get 25mill and maybe a player in exchange. More likely than the 35 mill most of us think he is worth.

  9. Nobert

    If the french hit man is coming to the Emirates it could mean two things, either RVP is of and Giroud is his replacement or Wenger will play two strikers. I do not see why he would come and warm the bench at the Emirates!

  10. Walking Wounded

    Mornin’ All

    I think there is some weight in Chamakh going back to France with Giroud coming to us. He seems to have two good feet and strong in the air, he may lack pace, but he has to be better than Chamakh.

    Djourou going must mean that either Squillaci gets closer to the first team, or Bartley gets more time, or we have to buy another Defender. The first scares me, the second is risky, the third, now Vertonghen has gone (probably) is unknown, I don’t even know who we are sniffing around.

  11. The Poldi Prince


    Poldi and giroud aren’t better. No doubt.

    Poldi, dempsey, giroud, m’vila and hoilett are better though.

    I really think it is good business if we reinvest. We are a better team, albeit without a superstar.

    If it is part of a phase plan to go in for a CAM and CD the next season, I am stoked.

    4 years from now, we might be sorted enough to chase big big talent and have a new manager. Fingers crossed anyway.

  12. Josip Skoblar

    As for Giroud, I’m 95% certain that he’s no Chamahk. He’s a different type of of player. He makes me think of our best English strikers; players like Shearer, Lineker or Owen, i.e. very strong on his feet, mobile, with a few tricks in the bag as well. He’s also excellent in the air as you noted. The big difference with Chamahk is that he’s a fighter, It was clear from the start that Chamakh was indolent and a bit of a sissy. Due to my unhealthy addiction to Ligue 1, I watched him quite a lot the past two seasons, and he’s rarely disappointed me. This said, we don’t know yet whether he’s going to be the nextRvP or Benzama. Note that even for these guys, it took many seasons to show their true potential. I’d be surprised if Giroud is a flop. What we don’t know yet is whether he’ll prove world-class or just a good CF.

  13. AfricanGonner

    Why we always prioritizing players we dnt need? we need a DM URGENTLY! Martinez or M’Vila i dnt care, even if its for 20m coz they cud play for us for 10+ yrs . we shud only buy Giroud if we sell RvP.

    Lord hve mercy on us if Chelski get Hulk, CIty already hve a great squad n wil only get stronger while ManU r tryin to get Modric. we r here gettin excited about Giroud!!!

    we the 5th richest team in the world but buy like we r Everton or Spurs!

  14. Arse&Nose©

    Giroud seems to have Ian Wrights Spark and Wayne Rooneys grit. However I am trying not to get to excited because last year we were creaming ourselves over Kevin Gameiro .

    Giroud looks like he has the potential to be our new RVP and for me one goal sums it up for me at 1.36 on the video above. It was a long high ball and he hit it on the half volley from an acute angle through the keepers legs.

  15. Josip Skoblar

    I should also say that, the addition of Giroud to our squad would only be a positive move if we keep RvP otherwise we won’t have strengthen the squad altogether.

  16. Bush Gooner


    It is true though. Until a player is undergoing an actual medical, and SKY and the BBC have confirmed this and the chauffer has tweeted that he has dropped off the player for his medical that will be the only time I will consider believing it. At the moment its just a big spin to try and get us excited as he is playing against England today.

  17. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    if groiund has a good euro then all the big uns will come in for him and then weaint got a chance!

  18. Big Al, Koh Samui, Thailand

    Pedro says:
    “Chamakh – 16 goals / 45 games
    Park – 11 goals / 11 games
    Adebayor – 11 goals / 37 games
    Giroud – 24 goals / 40 games
    Doesn’t Giroud’s record look that bit more assuring?”

    Big Al replies:
    “Not as reassuring as Park’s (ahem…)”

  19. Josip Skoblar

    The French team tonight (according to L’Equipe):
    Lloris – Debuchy, Rami, Mexès, Evra – Cabaye, Alou Diarra, Malouda – Nasri, Benzema, Ribéry.

  20. finestcuts

    Giroud is a welcome addition to the squad. Finally there’s no more spin coming from the club trying to sidestep the issue of buying good players, instead trying to get the best in. Robin still has a year to run on his contract. I don’t see us kicking him out, and he wants to see the club strengthen. I’d say he has the right to do so. I hope he wants to stay and will accept our record pay deal. It’s not the highest in the world, but it’s certainly nothing to stick your nose up at.
    As far as England are concerned, Roy is doing the right thing, playing for the nil and hoping some individual moments of brilliance can get England a winner. A draw against France would be OK. England can draw against Sweden too although I expect they’ll win. And 3 points against the Ukraine is a must, 5 points would be enough to qualify in most circumstances.

  21. The_ProphetZA

    Giroud coming in will address the issue we had towards the end of last season…a mentally and physically drained RvP!!
    We cannot have our lone striker taking the weight of the whole team’s goals!
    Sure, Walcott had a few goals and Gervinho had some passes…..but we need someone to take the load off RvP when he isn’t firing.

    I beleive we are buying Giroud as a partner with RvP (maybe we play 4-4-2 this year) and possibly Giroud is there when RvP needs a rest (imagine a big, bulky centre forward against Stoke, Sunderland etc).

    I am hoping for Giroud to come across and Chamack to go over.
    I am also hoping for a DM and a proper creative midfield player.

    The defence isn’t such a shocker….they need training and time to gel.
    If RvP could be fit for an ENTIRE season, why can’t our back 4 come to the party?
    I say that whilst touching wood, throwing salt over my shoulder, crossing fingers and holding thumbs.

    Podolski is one of 4 possible players….remember…..Jack is a “new” signing this year!!

    I am giving Wenger one last season to prove his class. Let him end off on a high note. A winning note. A legendary note.

  22. LeMassiveCoq

    Pedro wrote:

    ” If we could address the 4th centre back space and bring in an incredible defensive midfielder we’d be well on our way to making up the 19 points we need to close in on.”

    So you don’t think we need a bordering on world class AM to add some flair and creativity to the team? Cesc and Na$ri obviously gone, Rosicky getting old, Arteta is playing more of a CM/DM position in my opinion…Yes we have JW to return, but is he really going to fulfill our ambitions going forward (especially after > 1 year on the sidelines…), No, we NEED one of:

    Mario Gotze (very little chance)..
    Marvin Martin (unlikely)..
    Affelay (possibly..if Wenger pulls his fingers out of his arse and his wallet)
    Sessegnon (possibly if Citeh or Manure dont get him first..)
    Hoilett (probably..)

  23. Arse&Nose©

    Even if we get rid of Chamakh and Park we are potentially left with:

    Gervinho, Walcott, Podolski, RVP, and Giroud

    Honestly, I can’t see room for all of them.

  24. Alex James

    If he pays for France tonight and does well, Chelsea and City will start talking silly money and we shall be the bridesmaid again. If he plays badly, my depression will deepen further. I have not watched a lot of matches in the French league since I stopped travelling to France in my work. I have gained an impresssion that it is not as strong collectively these days. If so, and using our current French striker as a yardstick, is Geroud really good enough for us? My fear is that Wnget thinks he can get him on the cheap, and this is what is driving his interest, not class. Someone mentioned Lee Chapman. Please no!

  25. Gee

    I don’t see why we don’t go for ba as a backup striker. He’d rather get 20 games playing up front for arsenal than 50 playing out wide for newcastle I’m sure

  26. Ikmal Ansareen

    i’d say it’s possible we have signed him, but we don’t know, but we know that wenger has the money form the sale of nasri and fabregas lasy year, maybe 60-70 mil, but we have spent some of that

  27. goonerDNA

    Bush, The long ball might work against Kozzer IF he starts but not been impressed with Roy and England they play like a shit version of Chelsea

    The Poldi Prince, You’re just setting yourself up for disappointment M’villa is not going come maybe Demsey but lets face it he’s not Gotze or Hazard which was our targets not to long ago.

    Things never change at Arsenal I’m actually sick of it and can’t be bothered to actually talk about it anymore so peace guys enjoy the Euro’s

  28. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    Alex James… lee chapman was big and two footed… always remember the block he did to stop vladamire petrovic scoring for us in the semi against at villa park against united… the blonde bombshell lee chapman…. groiund could be like him!

  29. Emiratesstroller

    Let’s be realistic he cannot be worse than Messrs Chamakh, Park, Bendtner and Vela.

    We need a second striker in squad apart from Van Persie and this will
    offer us also an opportunity to operate a different formation taking into account that both Van Persie and Podolski can operate in different roles if required. What we could now have is a forward line full of
    goals for the first time in many years.

    My guess is that we will be able to offload at least 3 of the forwards on
    our books and then perhaps loan out the fourth.

  30. Sadam Mahessar

    Excited about Giruoud news, I think Wenger is pissed about the number of French players he has in his squad and he might be looking to fix it by signing Giroud and M’Vila.
    Also, the interesting part is that the news of the deal was broken by Al Jazeera Sports, who have Wenger and Mourinho as their pundits for their Euro broadcast, so when the news was broken by the TV, Wenger was there himself, also Wenger and the agents of two players mentioned are staying at the same hotel and have been spotted together.

    P.S: Any of you have a Euro Fantasy League?

  31. Sadam Mahessar

    Wilshere and Chamberlain could be tried out at AM, with Rosicky.

    I am expecting the two english boys to have a massive season coming. If we are getting M’Vila and keeping Song, I can’t see Wenger going for any other signings anymore.

    In my ideal world, I would just swap Theo with Barca for Afellay and Tello too.

  32. Supergunner14

    A step in the right direction! Lets hope his not a replacement for RVP.just a few more signing and we could compete for honours.about time we started have decent players that will fight hard for a starting place not just handed one!

  33. Arse&Nose©

    Wenger is no longer needed by the French TV stations, he used to be their number one choice as pundit because all of the national teams best players were from Arsenal.

    Now he has no on in the first 11 and his job as a French TV pundit is at risk. So to protect his secondary income he has cleverly hatched a plan to buy up and coming French national team stars so that he will again be in demand by the French media!

    Hows that for a conspiracy theory- Gambon, eat your heart out! 😉

  34. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    bush …. nick powell… he is deffo going to man utd… he is a northen lad…. united bound i’m afraid!

  35. samflu

    I don’t get people’s obsession with only having left footed forwards. I remember it was the same when with CBs while we were still looking at Vermaelen.

    It really doesn’t matter as long as they do their job. What’s the difference between an all left footed front 3 and an all right footed front 3? And either way, Giroud is obviously (watch the video) more than capable of scoring with his right and we know what RVP’s chocolate leg can do.

    I hope we get Giroud. He’s 1.94 m and and 88 kilos, a beast of a man; exactly the kind of player we’ve been crying out for up front for years.

  36. Sadam Mahessar


    I wouldn’t mind any conspiracy theory as long as we are getting our hands on M’Vila, Cabaye and Giroud. He can become an ass licker for French NT for all I care after he has signed these three and sold Chamakh, Squillacci and Diaby.

  37. Samir

    If we get Giroud, I’d like to see a small change in formation:


    Song has told close friends he’s off to Spain – Good riddance if that is true! M’Villa would be by far better!

    Surely that formation would win us more games than 4-3-3 where we seem to be too predictable!
    If Santos can settle at right back…The only other position I’d like to change would be CB.
    Hummels in for Vermaelen who didn’t impress me last season!

  38. Bush Gooner


    Yep. Best place for him. Fergie wont do what wenger does by paying him £25k a week then double it to 50k after 6 months!!

  39. Danish Gooner

    Chamakh one goal,park one goal if Giroud by accident saws of his right leg he will still do better then the rabble we have at present.

  40. Okla

    You mentioned closing the 19 points but don’t you think these same teams will sign quality players to maintain the gap?

  41. Bush Gooner


    Considering the wasteful nature of the board and Wenger rewarding the utter dross with huge pay salaries and rises, the chicken has finally come home to roost! The only way they can get rid of the garbage is by cancelling their contracts and pay them off. We all know that will not happen as Wenger is a stubborn buffoon, so to save face and not for him to look like a complete and utter moron he will continue to pay them but not have them in the side and hope some team from Russia will show a distinct and remote interest in them

  42. Charlie Boy

    I like Giroud because he’s the spitting image of Matt Bellamy out of Muse! I also like him because he can score amazing goals. Can’t see why they’d want to swap him with Chamakh though? Even if we’re gonna pay £12m on top.

  43. fanboy

    June 11, 2012 10:58:23
    How are we going to sell Bendtner,
    Chamakh and Park!?

    We could use those masks from Mission Impossible movies and make them look like van Persie.

    In the morning; BREAKING NEWS: Daily Mail – “Manchester City sign Van Persie from Arsenal”

    In the afternoon same day: The Sun – “van Persie pens 3 year deal with Real madrid”

    Later at night: BBC – RVP completes switch to Chelsea

    On a serious note – how did regular starters and captain for Korea and Morocco lose their places in the national teams? And it nearly happened with Arshavin

  44. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    Alex i cant remember the kit, may have been, all i remember a pack box, vlad took a lovely volley, and in trying to get out the way , chapman got in the way… he was the orignal bambi chapman!

  45. Turn

    if it happens – brilliant! i’ll keep reading and listening, but transfer history says wait for the Wenger + player shirt photo op. til then, you better pull out your big salt shakers and start shaking at every story that comes your way..

  46. Ric

    “people hate us because our rivers are full…”

    Yeah is it the radioactive toxic industrial waste or the three eyed fish you’re referring to there Pedro?

  47. on-the-edge

    If its a shot between Giroud and Dempsey, its Dempsey any day. he has EPL exposure and has scored so many goals this season. Its Dempsey for me.
    Moreover, if this really guy is good (as Pedro has made him appear to be) then the arrogant cunt wont sign him.

  48. Bergkamp63

    Forgive me for not getting a Bonar with the news of Giroud, I seem to remember seeing similar videos of Park before we signed him !! I can’t understand why people think players coming out of Ligue 1 are so special ? it’s a crap league. Gervinho is shit in the EPL and was rated as awsome by Hazard, Shitmackh, Park and countless others have come out of there and flopped big time.

    On the England front, I still can’t work out why Micah Richards is not there instead of Glenda Johnson (who should not even be in the squad let alone the starting line up). Woy Hodgson (Nice Bloke but) = Steve McClaren Mk2.


    The Giroud signing seems a little desperate to me, feeding off the crumbs again. I’d rather give a Theo a run up front despite what most think on here. He would score 20+ a season which isn’t that shabby.

    Another sly dig at Mourinho Pedro I see. You can’t let it go. Best manager in the world by a distance whether you like him or not.

    More of the same as we all knew it would be with Arsenal.

  50. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah like the looks of Giroud, another good young, photogenic player to add to the ranks.

    I really hope the sudden acceptance to bid £12.8 Million to activate his release clause is not because RVP is leaving. But I guess we’ll find out in the coming weeks.

    So either Martinez or M’Vila, if we don’t pay the extra for Martinez then we’ll need another CB, Serdar Tasci perhaps? Reportedly going for about £7 Million with Newcastle interested. £8.2 Million in for Djourou bring in another CB with it right away but not on 55k a week.

    I do still feel we need a AM. We can’t rely on Wilshere, he’s a blinding player but after a year out he’ll take a while to get into gear and those gears will seize up every so often with a niggling injury here or there.

    Podolski and Giroud more than sort out our up front IF RVP stays. But we’d need at least a DM, CB and AM still….so M’Vila, Tasci and Afellay would be great signings.

    I hope that this finally bidding what clubs want for their players is Arsenal turning the corner, not £6 Million and Chamakh, but the full £12.8 Million and still throwing in Chamakh.

    Just hope this doesn’t mean RVP is going.

  51. JayRockz

    Song n’ the way Arsenal play football,made RVP last season. For me,when he was with the ball in a non scoring position,he flunked big time(yu cant say that about Mr Rooney).Great positionin doe

  52. fanboy

    I wonder if all of Chamakh’s grease will affect the mask in any way.
    Hoping to see my 2 favourite Arsenal players tonight (guess who the two are)

  53. goondawg


    Also I cant believe some people are refuting the signing of a french hitman Giroud who is in the mould of a “typical Engish striker”.. Think he will excel in the prem league.. Plus he’s mile miles and galaxy years ahead of Park and Chamakh, as the english may find out today.. Let’s not turn this into a case of another newcastle striker we will rue the day we let slip through our fingers.

  54. Joey

    Giroud is decent but i dont see us signing him unless RVP leaves. He wants to add to his career which has grown from ligue 2, signing for arsenal as RVP’s backup option is not the way forward for him, as mentioned by a few above, sitting on the bench watching rvp smash in volleys = dropped from national team and general decrease in confidence and winding up back where you came from or worse.

  55. JIZZA

    if rvp did piss off id be furious , all them years injured and one decent season and off he trotts where the grass is greener and they use £50 notes to wipe their arses
    loyalty means fuck all in modern day football which makes pride even more scarce , how long is it till wengers contract is up anyway ? is t 2 years ?

  56. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    bergie… richards would have been there but threw a wobbly and would not be on the standby list… i agree would rather him there…

  57. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    chers danny,,,, memories come flooding baclk, paul marnier, tony woodcock… good strilke force….

  58. Cesc Appeal


    I like Giroud

    6ft 3 – but not a bean pole, stacked. Can shift along the ground. Good finish. Just your typical tip of the spear type striker

  59. Marko

    Can’t believe there’s some muppets here on Girouds back already and he hasn’t even signed yet, christ there’s some poisonous cretins on here. He would be an excellent signing and having him as back up to Van Persie with Joel Campbell 3rd choice striker we’d be much improved in that department.

  60. LegroveIsInTheHeart

    umm, goood post, im just surprised that you didnt mention that we have podolski, so giroud coming surely spells doom for VP?? Or you cant be suggesting we have THREE world class strikers in our team?? Everyday one of them would die a little bit more!!

  61. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah he looks good. Be nice to have a big, strong, fast striker. Adds a different dimension to our up front.

    We have to get rid of Park and Chamakh though, that’s £120 000 p.w for absolutely nothing – literally. When you add Bendtner onto that list as well you start to see the magnitude of money being wasted at Arsenal.

    For a club operating a sustainable business model we literally throw away money when you think about it.

  62. Cesc Appeal


    You can play all three no problem. Having three world class players in attack would be a change for us.

    Keeping RVP is crucial though. He’s important on and off the pitch. Giroud and Podolski takes the load off of his shoulders. They’re footballers though, they know they can’t play all the time, that all three of them won’t fit into every game. I just hope this is a sign of things to come, pay the going rate for players and get some quality into this side.

  63. Marko

    And why do people think Podolski will be back up to Van Persie and if we sign Giroud he’ll be off that’s stupid he can play centre sure but he’ll be playing on the left for us like he does for Germany and did for Bayern and the only reason he played centre forward for Cologne was they didn’t have the personel.

    Having an an agreement in place for Giroud now make sense cause if Benzema isn’t on form Blanc will bring on Giroud and if he has the impact he’s been having for them then his value will sky rocket and everyone will look at him

  64. LegroveIsInTheHeart

    Cesc I agree , Lets hope this is a sign of change, all the right noises seem to be happening! I imagine that POd wil be rotated between front man and wide man, whilst Giroud would be a back up to vp, or Vp drop to the am role sometimes. ithink we willse more of OX as AM next year too. Sneaky feeling Ryo will stay on loan another year. If we do end up signing 2 strikers and keeping VP then i cant see any more signings of the AM variety coming in. POD Giroud MVilla ,, DID anyone see MAggio of napoli?? he looks like quite a right back, very suited to the speed of the prem

  65. Bush Gooner

    Wenger wont sell Djourou. To sell him means that he will have to admit that he so got it wrong on so many levels with him.

  66. Bush Gooner

    Wenger wont sell Djourou. To sell him means that he will have to admit that he so got it wrong on so many levels with him. 🙂

  67. arsenal1886-2006

    I’m confused so please help me. I was born in London and support Arsenal, am I English or French? Monsieur Wenger has confused me so much I do not know which way to turn.
    Thank you.
    Carl aged 46 and a half.

  68. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    to be honest…. when jd plays at cb, he is ok,,,not ground breaking…. but when at tb he is shocking.

  69. Pacman

    @ Home games maybe RVP could play AMC with Giroud playing CF, And Poldi on the left. Theo/Ox on the right with RVP feeding him trough balls could be effective.

    There are some problems tho, Poldi’s best position is not on the left. RVP in the hole is also not neccesarily a good idea. But if it clicked it could be good.

    Away games: Ox/Wilshere/(new ulikely signing) in the hole, RVP/Giroud up front, Poldi/Gervinho left. Theo on right

    But this is surely will not be what Wenger think’s. And if Giroud comes I think RVP will be off

  70. arsenal1886-2006

    Good post Pedro. If we are looking to sign Giroud then i believe that signals the end of RVP at Arsenal. It could also pave the way for Theo to be pushed into the centre and given a go where he believes he is more suited. We could end up with a battering ram and a speedster up top with Podolski out wide cutting in.
    Podolskis work rate and tracking back could also help Gibbs or Santos at left back, no more 2on1 situations hopefully.

  71. Bade

    “If Robin wants to stay, marvellous. A £5million signing on bonus spread over 4 years with a £140k a week should be more than enough to keep him eating in the finest London restaurants every night of the week.”

    Well Pedro, I’m not sure about that

    I think it contradicts Arsene’s strict food diet …..

  72. Bade

    And a very good read, by the way 🙂

    Giroud is twice twice the player Chamakh will ever be

    He has killer instinct, he has character, he’s not after the night-life of London (hopefully), oh and he shoots!

  73. Bade

    “Let’s hope Giroud is a start. If we can keep Robin and add Dempsey to the mix, that would be a very strong front three. You’ve also got the bonus ove being able to switch Dempsey and Podolski out wide and through the middle. Experience, hard work and supreme skill (Robin). If we could address the 4th centre back space and bring in an incredible defensive midfielder we’d be well on our way to making up the 19 points we need to close in on”


    Mu reckonning we still need a cover-up RB & first choice LB to compete with Santos

    Ramsey, Gibbs, Le coq, Ryo.. etc, all great prospects that I’d send to another long spells loans. Half a season or a season long. With Ramsey definitely a season long needed

  74. Campbell

    RvP, Podolski, Giroud and J.Campbell 4x left footed strikers with a lot of similarities. Never gonna happen.

    Either we don’t sign Giroud or RvP stays. I know which I’d prefer!

  75. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    This Djourou story is really strange!

    Djourou’s agent said ‘We have receive an offer of 10m (EUR)’..

    If the ‘WE’ was the club and the club approved, then they would only be talking to whoever made the offer!

    I think the WE he is referring to is himself and his client and NOT the club! He seems to be peddling himself around and suggesting that he has set up a number of meetings with prospective clubs in Italy. The offer of 10m would suggest to me that this is the value of the contract to the player (and his agent). 10m sounds about right if he is referring to a 4-year deal. That’s 50k per week, without the agents slice.

    I don’t think this is the actual transfer fee offered.

    Either way this whole story is highly unusual because I would think Arsenal would have to approve this first. Djourou’s under contract until 2015 and therefore he is not free to agree anything (or even discuss without Arsenal’s approval) with other clubs? Players in the last year of their contract (after Jan) are free to agree terms with new clubs.

    The normal procedure is for the clubs to agree and then for the player to agree terms? So this story has a lot of unexplained holes in it.

    I don’t think Arsenal are going to let him find the best deal for himself, which may result in a lesser fee to the club?

    Regardless of how much we want to get rid of him, this is NOT the way to do it! Clubs agree, then players.. The other way around and the selling club may lose out as this club may not be the highest fee bidder!

  76. Bade


    Giroud can play both legs equally, Robin can use his right as well (actually scored few goals with his right last season)

  77. arsenal tom

    Thomas i think its being done this way because JD was told to find a new club if he wants first team football because he wont be getting it at Arsenal.

    he’s got permission to leave to its not like he’s being tapped up.

  78. Yavor

    According to the french radio “RMC” Aresnal representatives will meet Giroud`s agent later today… Hope we`ll get him, he`ll add a new dimention to our attack. Good to hear encouraging words from PHW about bringing new players in. We need to see some proves now.

  79. ardentgooner

    Goals in the season before we signed them…

    Chamakh – 16 goals / 45 games

    Park – 11 goals / 11 games

    Adebayor – 11 goals / 37 games

    Giroud – 24 goals / 40 games

    I would say Park looks the most reassuring? 100% record?


  80. on-the-edge

    Cesc replacement???

    What a loss!! What an irreparable damage Wenger caused to Arsenal. He should be never forgiven for this crime.

    Cesc can be replaced by only Schnieder.

  81. DwanGoon

    RVP stays or leaves, we still need a striker.

    Giroud fits the bill of a quality addition, bonus being French. He’s not only good in the air, he’s technically sound and passes very well as seen with the French team too, link up play with Ribery and others.

    I really want to hear what RVP has got to say when Arsenal stop banning him from the media. He’s still a gooner and forever will be in my heart, I truly want him to stay with 3-4 quality additions. RVP signing a contract is as good as a top top signing.

    As for Walcott, if we finds someone good from the market, I really don’t mind him leaving to Chelsea or where ever.

  82. Josip Skoblar

    The Sun front page headline today:”Show ’em no merci”,
    It’s so predictably lame and stupid that it always makes me laugh!

  83. on-the-edge

    whats the truth????

    come to think of it, we will not be sure of the till arsenal.com reports this = Giroud passes medicals = Euros are over/ France is knocked out = 15 days. Till then…SUSPENSE…..hahaha 🙂

  84. SalparadiseNYC

    Been said up and down the board and I agree, don’t see Giroud in; unless RPV gone.
    We don’t buy cover for other players in any position which in is a major problem. Injuries aside, lack of competition creates a squad full of dull money collectors turning up when they wish. Ideally Giroud is cover for RVP or plays in front or along side him. 2 left feet blah blah 2s better than one.

    Wenger get smart this summer and cover some positions, SZEZ, KOZZER and I would say Attacking midfielder but I think we may be short of anything to cover.
    Meaning get cracking Le FOG.

  85. LegroveIsInTheHeart

    Jossip, You gotta love the Suns puns!! One of my personal fav was when park ji sung came on as sub for united and scored soon after coming on putting them in the semi of the champs league,

    “JI Wizz! Quickie in the Park gives united a semi” 😉

    Or another i remember cracking up to was a story about a man who thought he was the 2nd coming of christ. it read

    ” YOu must be Jew-king!!””

    I hadnt laughed so hard since auntie Mable caught her left tit in the mangle 😉

  86. Alex James

    RSVP Bang on about Woodcock and Mariner. Arsenal have almost invariably had good strikers. In the 70s, there was Radford, Stapleton and Supermac, and in the 60s, Joe Baker. Of them all, the one who excited me most was Supermac, before he had to retire early through injury. He was tough, skilful, greedy and bombastic, and frightened every team he played against. What a loss he was. Flanked by Brady and Hudson, the team was geared for greatness. Unfortunately, it somehow never reached the heighs it should have. I still use my 78 mug, which was the first one that could be bought with an Arsenal logo. It’s not as fancy as later ones but is a collector’s piece I guess.

  87. beany

    left backs my concern, santos is more of a winger and gibbs struggles! if i was wenger id look there, also let tho go and bring in either Jesus navas or affelay, Giroud will be a good signing no matter what rvp does although id prefer falcao or llorente but that wont happen, we need more goal scorers, i have question marks over gervihno also he seems to dopey when making decisions. id like to see:
    sagna vermaelan kos cissokho

    navas song mvila poldi


  88. kingsley

    darren bent is better than giroud. his prem league record is quite impressive and he would take no time to settle. if he was fit he would be starting tonight ahead of welbeck…..

  89. on-the-edge

    Sell Walcott. Buy Ben Arfa!! He is terrific. Just snatch him from the magpies. C’mon you senile cunt.

    Arrogant Wenger, gift us the sight of Ben Arfa dodging the Kings, Kabouls, Bartons, Terrys and Puyols to the ground. Give us some reason to cheer, you old egoist; we will let you keep your charming juveniles (read Deniilsons, Jenkinsons….) for one more year. You can keep having FUN with them, old paedo…

  90. Josip Skoblar

    Le Grove
    Brilliant! 🙂
    Don’t get me wrong, they always make me laugh! Their football-related puns are so predictable that I even find it more amusing!

  91. LegroveIsInTheHeart

    Kingsley, Are you telling me darren bent would get in the french team if he was a frog??? Dude you are deluded or high, or both!!! Giroud has vastly superior technique and he is stronger and cleverer than bent. Bent has prem experience that is the only thing that counts for him over giroud. Come on man, Giroud is one of the hottest properties in europe who plays for a team that is litteraly bursting with talent!! Bent is none of those things, good goal record last season though

  92. arsenal tom

    I think the fact that Wenger wouldn’t give Chamakh or park any game time unless we were ridiculously desperate for a goal tells us they’re not in his plans what so ever.

    Even Wenger wouldn’t go into a season with just RVP & Podolski as CFs

  93. zeus

    arsenal tomJune 11, 2012 14:54:46
    I think the fact that Wenger wouldn’t give Chamakh or park any game time unless we were ridiculously desperate for a goal tells us they’re not in his plans what so ever. Even Wenger wouldn’t go into a season with just RVP & Podolski as CFs


    Is this the same Wenger that lost Diarra, Flamini, Gilberto Silva within 6 months of each other and decided to give Denilson the DM role?
    Nothing Le Boss does surprise me to be honest.

  94. kingsley

    lgisintheheart….i respect your opinion but giroud is hardly one of the hottest properties in europe. who else wants to buy him? munich had a look and decided to go for pizzaro. i know we can only go on what the media say but no other big teams are in for him at the moment. i think he can be a good player for us but great? far from it. i know it will depend on how many games he plays but i think bent will outscore him next season.

  95. SalparadiseNYC


    “Is this the same Wenger that lost Diarra, Flamini, Gilberto Silva within 6 months of each other and decided to give Denilson the DM role?
    Nothing Le Boss does surprise me to be honest.”

    Spot on!

  96. LegroveIsInTheHeart

    Kingsley, all im going on is the 4 or 5 games i watched of his last year, courtesy of Wiziwig 😉 And comparing him to bent is madness, Giroud looks like a real player, bags of technique and power ( not a common combo) Yeah is strange that no one is looking at him, maybe he has known where he is going for a while?