Olivier Giroud deal being lined up | His strengths and why he’ll work for Arsenal

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Everyone loves a show off...

Exciting news emanting from France suggest Arsenal are in for Montpellier’s French scoring sensation Olivier Giroud. The man who has had a similar rise to prominence as Koscielny is rumoured to be in talks with us for a princely sum of around £12million.

Some people fear he’s just another Chamakh, to them I would say quite possibly. There are a few differences though.

1) He knows his way around a pot of hair styling cream. No wastage there. If he’s that efficient in front of goal as he is with expensive matt paste, we’re onto a winner.

2) Chamakh has never scored more than 20 goals in a season. 14 was the most he managed and most of them came in Europe (His best league tally was 13 in Ligue One). Arsene Wenger liked his physical attributes and the fact he could score with his head. What he failed to take into account is that he wasn’t very strong and we don’t possess players in our squad who can take a corner, let alone cross at pace. A bad decision all round.

3) Chamakh was the next big thing when he was young. He was the player everyone had high hopes for. He then failed to live up to the hype before kind of living up to it at which point he fluked a contract with us and the rest is history. Giroud is the poor boy come good. He’s slummed it in Ligue Two where the average salary won’t buy you much more than a second hand Ford Focus. He knows what it’s like to never get a window seat in Nando’s. The guy will value his chance to play under Wenger and achieve for us.

4) There’s no compilation of his misses (Bordeaux fans did for Chamakh, that should have been a warning sign. Grimantube had a very day when that slipped past his Youtube alerts).

5) I’m assuming competition for his signature goes further than Sunderland.

A player whose career he could have similarities to is Drogba. He came on a mission. To do the best he could off the back of a very short career (turning pro very late). Will he have the same impact as the Ivorian? I have no idea. Don’t ask such stupid f*cking questions.

In short, I’d be all for the move. He’s a risk, as are all signings. However, he would be a calculated risk. One of my biggest gripes with Wenger over the past few years is that he’s continuously tried to get cuter and cuter with the way he’s signed strikers without ever doing the obvious.


Goals in the season before we signed them…

Chamakh – 16 goals / 45 games

Park – 11 goals / 11 games

Adebayor – 11 goals / 37 games

Giroud – 24 goals / 40 games

Doesn’t Giroud’s record look that bit more assuring? Even more so when you consider his 3 assists he’s had in the build up to the Euros.

Here are some of his goals.

He has a the perfect style for playing the lone striker role. He has great timing, he has good movement and he is creative in front of goals. He’s good in the air and he also looks to have that aggressive no nonsense approach you need to succeed in the Premier League. I think he’d be an excellent striker. If he earned a year playing with Robin, that would be the dream scenario, I’m not sure there are many players who come over from Ligue One who slip into the same form they showed with their previous club. We’ll see though.

In other news. Who sprinkled some sense into the crystal brandy glass of Peter Hill-Wood (Not my Grandfather despite the rumours)?

I liked his comments

‘But if somebody comes along and offers Robin £250,000 a week then I am afraid we cannot compete with that.’

‘With players, you never know what they are going to do.’

‘Some players say they want silverware but when they have the chance to earn extraordinary money that has been pumped into the game, then you just have to hope they will stay because they are happy and loyal where they are.’

There was more…

‘We have already brought in one new player in Lukas Podolski and I believe we will bring in more. I am confident we will, in fact.’

Too right Peter, too right. We can’t compete with over a million a month in salary. That’s ridiculous and it’s not sustainable. You want to keep your best players, but you don’t want to keep them on money only an oil sheikh can sustain. Unless of course you’re talking about a player like Messi or Christiano who probably more than match their wages in shirt sales and their ability to attract massive commercial deals.

If Robin wants to stay, marvellous. A £5million signing on bonus spread over 4 years with a £140k a week should be more than enough to keep him eating in the finest London restaurants every night of the week.

On the player signings, you have to see that as encouraging as well. It’s not often he comes out with anything positive on that front so for him to reveal he knows for a fact we’re bringing in players can only be seen as a massive positive.

Let’s hope Giroud is a start. If we can keep Robin and add Dempsey to the mix, that would be a very strong front three. You’ve also got the bonus ove being able to switch Dempsey and Podolski out wide and through the middle. Experience, hard work and supreme skill (Robin). If we could address the 4th centre back space and bring in an incredible defensive midfielder we’d be well on our way to making up the 19 points we need to close in on.

We still need to do a shed load of work on the defence over the summer, but I’m confident Steve Bould can make an impact there. His under 18 record doesn’t concern me. There’s a massive difference between working with finished articles and training kids. He’ll have access to more experience, better technology and I’m guessing his remit will be slightly less all encompassing and more focused.

England are up tonight. I’m going to preview it a little bit because I’m English and I know we’re the greatest side in this tournament and that all other nations are inferior to us.

I think this game will be really interesting. There’s no Capello. There’s no Beckham. There are no superstars. This is the most glamourless set up in  years. We are Stoke. Face up to it people. That’s how we’re rolling this tournament. We’re the fat cloggers who turn up to the work 5-aside tournament.

There’s an experienced manager who is looking at that squad knowing its limitations. His challenge is to polish the biggest squad turd in Europe. He’s not going to do that by playing a style of football that will see us ripped apart. He’s going to play to our strengths. Resolute defending with the ability to possibly hit on the break. A great plan if you ask me. Let’s not keep kidding ourselves we’re better than Spain, Holland and Brazil. Let’s work out a way of nullifying better teams and coming away with a victory. Ugly is fine. Mourinho is the master of this. He’s reverred as the greatest manager on the Planet.

It’s simple. Defend well, hope for the best going forward. If it works out, fantastic. If it doesn’t, well, simple fact is France have a far superior squad to us. That’s not a national shame. That’s just the way it goes.

If Theo has a blinder and Chamberlain gets a sniff. I’ll be more than happy. Anyway, stick around in the comments this evening for all the banter… I’m sure there will be plenty of England haters in there… there always is… people hate us because our rivers are full.

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That’s your lot!


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  1. IvoryGoonz

    DaleDaGooner June 11, 2012 21:03:54

    Adam Bucci, Sweden has the tallest squad in the tournament
    it’s not only about being the tallest, see,
    It’ s not because they have a taller squad than England that they should be a bigger problem than England which is what I think you meant, … Main threats will be the same, yes, but Sweden doesn’t have as many world class players as England all over the pitch, they are not as quick in game play either…
    tall is good, doesn’t erase quality, you can actually make up for height with enough quality, see Messi or Jack 🙂 but you have the chance to have a good mix of both…
    you do not seem to realise that England physically and technically is amongst the top teams, and most french and swedish people should be able to admit that England’s league level is higher, physically harder, and technically harder than their own football leagues,
    and btw, England is the only team with their 23man squad all playing in same country too…
    you don’t seem to realise in every competition England is expected to do well by other countries, and extremely respected on the pitch…
    you have talent all over the pitch.
    there’s no doubt you’re harder to play than Sweden in general.

    and if that has any value, I can add the fifa ranking

  2. luke

    Your Comment HereSadam Mahessar June 11, 2012 21:54:27

    Giroud to Arsenal has moved a huge step closer tonight, judging by comments of Montpellier coach. Great night for #afc


    Coach of Montpellier Girard said Arsenal has made a bid. The player wants to come to Arsenal. His club is ok to sell.
    WHat what what!?

  3. Kempster

    DaleDaGooner June 11, 2012 18:57:24Wait is Lizarazu a big time coach somewhere now?
    has Wenger any international pro footballer experience? No
    did he want to work in football? no, wasnt his passion;
    he wanted to take over his dad’s company.
    they had to force his hands to take courses needed to be manager.
    in the end it’s thanks to Platini’s dad that Wenger managed Nancy.
    he’s a very smart guy, don’t misread me, but he’s never even had the experience of playing modern football himself.
    those who can’t teach

    How about Mourinho?

    Ferguson is not exactly brimming with “modern football” experience either.

    They seem to do ok.

    Wenger has faults and Lind spots for sure, but not sure how many other managers would get that squad of players to 3rd in the EPL. There’s some turd polishing gone on right there.

    Nasri could have stayed at Arsenal and been “the man”. Instead he’s gone for a bit-part role, a pay check and medals. I’ve no real complaint about that but I think it reveals something of his character – lacking in some bottle.

  4. IvoryGoonz

    Kempster: I’d like to call on the Ramos card on Mourinho’s case first, second, Mourinho has always moved when it was time.
    Mourinho has done at Porto like Wenger at Arsenal when he arrived first.
    Spend on a handful of class players.
    Man U has always spent money every season to strengthen their team, no matter what…
    We shouldn’t be in a position where the squad you say isnt good enough to make 3rd and we got lucky thanks to Wenger’s skills.
    you see skills where I see mismanagement. sorry.

  5. SalParadiseNYC

    Afraid I agree with Ivorygoonz on this one.. but I do love this passage

    “Nasri could have stayed at Arsenal and been “the man”. Instead he’s gone for a bit-part role, a pay check and medals. I’ve no real complaint about that but I think it reveals something of his character – lacking in some bottle.”

    Nice one.

  6. DaleDaGooner

    Kempster…well said sir!

    IG: You love to fault and bring an unnecessary argument. Adam Bucci made a simple comment, and i answered, didn’t have anything to do with stats or England…Sweden has the tallest set of players as a matter of fact, not that it makes them better.


    I thought the French player (tall Black) Diarra I think his name is was excellent today. Who does he play for? I would certainly like to see Arsenal make a bid for him.

    As for England, I thought they were excellent today barring the 10 mins before half time when they got into old habits and sat back. I don’t believe any team at international level is that good so for me England have a good chance.

    Was good to see Hodgson do in 5 minutes what Wenger wouldn’t do all season and that was put the Ox ahead of Walcott. I had been calling for it. I still think Theo can have a big impact on this tournament mind you.

    Well done England – really pleased with the effort put in.

  8. IvoryGoonz

    Adam Bucci June 11, 2012 20:21:41
    this kit the swedes are wearing make them all look 6ft tall. or maybe they are.
    I missed that one as being a real question rather than a rhetorical question, my bad…
    hence when you said that, that was dubious.
    still, I admit when I make mistakes. Sorry I made that one, I hadnt seen his original.
    and you probably missed the “which is what I think you meant”, hence your venom towards me.

    for the rest, still stands 😉
    and your “cause if he unlikely wins a trophy” just proves how much you rate his chances of winning one, why wouldI want him to stay if he hasn’t any chance of doing that?


    Ah Ivory, he is 31, I didn’t realise. I like him, have we been linked before?

    Did someone on here earlier say he was shit today? I thought he had great presence on the pitch, made a few very good tackles.

  10. IvoryGoonz

    I think he was at fault in part on the goal, rest of the game he was fine, I’d more doubt Lloris on the goal mostly, it looks at start of action that Diarra waits for Lloris to shout, and nothing, so he goes, but too late, not sure this would have happened with Mandanda, playing in same team as Diarra, better understanding and so on…
    we’ve been linked in papers yes, but not sure how strong the rumour was

  11. IvoryGoonz

    one interesting thing around Diarra,
    for french reading, basically, an amazing kid who’s a friend of Alou, that did a try with us at 17 at Vieira and Petit times, but the club didnt want to pay him or ensure his scholarship while he had his Baccalaureat to pass that year, so went back to Paris and kept up with his music.
    I think he should have continued football though…

  12. Dan Ahern

    Let’s give Gervinho back for him. “This one didn’t quite perform to my liking. I’d like to trade it in for the Debuchy model, please. I don’t mind the £1m restocking fee.”

  13. SalParadiseNYC

    I think Gervinho may surprise us next season, optimistic maybe.
    But I do think has it in him just needs to find his footing in the EPL, lets see him go a full season without that africa cup o nations.
    Kocielny is a good example.

    ROY you marble mouthed gaffa, lets give Walcott and the Ox a rollout together and shazam em with pace. You need to win the next 2 to advance. Good result against a superior French team.

  14. sam

    anyone noticed park chu young has better goal ratio than all?
    11 out of 11 games, why is le weirdo keeping him in reserves?
    anyway, i liked diarra too. he even walk like vieira.

  15. Draper-Corleone

    @IvoryGoonz and many others here – for ONE FINAL TIME – Arshavin played exactly the same position for Russia that he played for Arsenal. Take your heads out of your asses and stop repeating after each other like parrots.

    Arshavin played well against the Czechs because they gave the Russians loadsa space. He doesn’t get that in the PL. Plus, as Southgate said, maybe the tempo of international football suits him better.

    I like Arshavin as a player. Sadly, he has not worked out for Arsenal. We DON’T know the reason. Only Arshavin and Wenger and the players who train with him and the coaching staff would know. Stop blaming Wenger because we DON’T know. It is easy to mouth off with a keyboard on the internet, but at least present some evidence.

  16. sam

    for arshavin to play well in an arsenal shirt wenger have to buy 9 outfield russian speaking players so he can shine.
    this is the guy who never hide his desires for leaving arsenal for barca the minute he signed for us. if van persie is threatening to leave us what about arshavin?
    only one game in euro you are all starting to beat drums, at arsenal we play 40 + games every 3 days. we already have podolski, chamberlain, gervinho and miyaichi need time to adjust why should we waste time with this old dude?

  17. sam

    it looks like arsene wenger has learned from the past if the news about giroud is true.
    first we need a big squad and rotate the team to keep up, mancs and chelsea have loads of strikers he has to do the same.
    second, he cannot wait for robin to make up his mind everything need to be sorted before. if he stays then we have 3 big strikers if not then good bye.
    still not a good idea to sell him, giroud and poldi are still virgins in the premiership. not guarantee both of them will have a great start.
    so van persie’s experience is priceless

  18. sam

    just reading comments from french forums, it seems like they will be happy to welcome chamakh, they hate le prof for exploiting the get out clause and also saying giroud is only swapping a bench sit with chamakh.
    wenger emmerde them the way he treats french football, very funny!

  19. luke


    Still think we need a top drawer CAM and left back

  20. sam

    luke luke luke

    where are our new summer signings in your line up?

    wilshere and diaby
    especially diaby, do you really think wenger will give him up?
    as soon as he’s walking he’s in the squad

  21. IvoryGoonz

    Draper-corleone: seeing you’re named after a mafia boss, I’ll start answering you consodering you are intelligent when you don’t give orders to people… Fact is Arshavin was played as a left striker for Russia with all freedom he wanted to roam on his side, which is a lot what an inside forward does compared to a winger.
    Now if you want to consider it like a winger, whatever you say genius.
    I suppose Terry and Ferdinand being both central defenders playing in same position, they have to be playing the same way. Not.
    Fuck it, if it’s just to say shit like that, just pass your way next time…

  22. IvoryGoonz

    Sam: Chamberlain? The same guy his own manager said he’s too inexperienced still and not defending well enough?
    Give me a break…
    You don’t send kids to do a man’s job, that’s just plain execution.
    In the same way you don’t play 90 minutes a player who can last at full pace 60- see Arshavin. At the end of the day, if you still can’t see Wenger is obsessed with these kids and “making” stars rather than buying what he needs to get the job done, I can’t help you.

  23. Rhys Jaggar

    Strange that all the ‘Wenger Out!’ people are begging him to sign more French players.

    The manager runs the best English prospect we had in years into the ground by over-playing him aged 18. No 2012 season. No Euros in which he would have been a prominent starter. Now a sicknote for the Olympics (I thought he was supposed to be back for July 7th?) Any evidence the injuries are faked for mafioso nationalistic purposes???? Seems awfully coincidental, doesn’t it????

    Has it not entered anyone’s mind that Arsenal is now a club whose mission is to destroy anything English and world-class?

    A club who will buy whatever French players they can, whenever they can get away with it?

    You lot need to go buy a blue shirt. Or a tricolour (the French variety).

    Because the only nation which has been consistently over-represented in the Wenger transfer era is France.

    Allez les Bleus! Vive l’equipe francais a Londres!!

    If that’s what you all want, fine.

    Just don’t get too into the ‘north London battle’.

    Because your allegiance wouldn’t be to North London anymore. Not to Liam Brady’s youth set-up.

    It’s to Clairefontaine.

    Your choice……..

    Just think: if the EPL gets 16 foreign owners, they can vote to relocate the whole EPL to the USA. Nothing we could do to stop it.

    The French wouldn’t care. No difference exporting Frenchmen to the UK or the US.

    The players wouldn’t care. More money, fine!

    Just you lot who might lose your fix.

    Think about it……….

  24. xavier

    Adebayor had far better teqnique when compared to Bendtner however Chamach a player bought to replace Ade is not necessarily better than Bendner and Giroud is significantly worse off in comparism to all three similar type strikers before him .All in all three similar types of strikers with the player being bought as potential replacement being worse than the player his bought to replace.