£10million for Djourou? Bite their hands off Arsene and I’ll pay his bus fare!

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Reports are emerging that someone out there not only want to buy Djourou, they actually value him at £10million. You do wonder if whoever it is, are impaired in some way but if the rumours are true we should pay his bus fair now and bite off their hands.

We should also ask them if they would like Arshavin, Almunia, Fabianski, Squillaci, Mannone, Chamakh Park, Vela, Denilson and Diaby.

I worked out the reason Diaby will stay is he will be due a testimonial soon, imagine that,we could soon have a player that gets a testimonial after playing 4 games for us. Great example of financial prudence Arsenal. Good going.

The big news so far in the Euros are that Holland the neutrals fave team got beaten by Denmark, and yes folks that’s the team that plays the other mercurial Arsenal player, Nikki B.

I can understand sending young players out on loan to improve their game, but to send players out because they aren’t good enough for Arsenal and we can’t sell them as they get paid too much is complete stupidity. Financial incompetence I would call that Arsene and Ivan. Financial incompetence.

I said it twice because it’s almost child-like in it dumbness.

Trouble is you never take questions like that at your sanitised AST meetings do you comrade Gazidas???

Anyway Lukas Podolski’s Germany and my new second favourite team beat ‘chip fat head’s’ Portugal, good going Lukas you look the real deal!

So I have listed the following players Arshavin, Almunia, Djourou, Bendtner, Fabianski, Mannone, Squillaci, Chamakh, Park, Denilson, Vela and Diaby, all are available for sale as none of them are really in the squad, if we really believe in financial prudence we have to sell them all and clear them off the wage bill.

Diaby is the only decent player but his injury record is farcical and we are not an infirmary, we are a football club. Time to go.

We would save at least £25mil off the wage bill and get at least £35mil for them in a fire-sale, in my book that’s another £55mil in the pot that’s already £80mil large. Happy days and a great summer ahead!

More importantly it allows us to bring in a couple of big earners, not improve more average no hopers with big contracts.

Time to send out a message Arsene, time to let hapless also rans know that Arsenal is not the place you come to when want big money, no trophies and a good life, time to act like Spartans, time to toughen up, time to win again.

It really is nothing short of incompetence to keep them when we have no intention of playing them, so if we can’t get money for some of them then give them away.

Have a great day Grovers, tomorrow we get to see some of the Arsenal play again!

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  1. demon

    can i just say ive been calling for us to look di natale for years, hes been class season upon season hes made of the same cloth as david villa….

    damn u fabby i want spain to lose this one…..

    i think italy should bring on giovinco!!!

  2. demon

    the reason for these euro games being so boring is that teams are being defensive minded 1st and attacking second.

    also these national teams have low team chemistry as they only really play together once every couple of months…..another reason why spain are so succesfull is that the core is made of barcas team which provides chemistry and movement….

    i seriously want england to do well as my adopted country but woy has got his squad selection all wrong!!!

  3. demon

    cant blame torres after all it is buffon…..

    swear to god chesney should just study buffon n casillas instead of being a twit and making gay videos

  4. Bazza

    Players moan about not winning silverware with Arsenal, but if Cole, Nasri, & Fabregas had stayed at Arsenal we probably would win the league next year.

    Cole Vermaelen Koscielny Sagna
    Oxlade-Chamberlain Nasri Fabregas Walcott

    Makes you want to cry

  5. Keyser

    Torres’s touch was far too heavy, it left him hoping that Buffon went down, Buffon kept his feet and took the ball with ease,

  6. Radio Raheem

    Facking hell what trick did Torres do to get into the Spain squad? What a complete waste of time

  7. Keyser

    I suppose he’s still trying, looks a little short of pace and kind of rusty, stuttering almost, didn’t stop him going for the chip rather than the simple pass out wide.

    Should’ve gone Poborsky rather than Suker.

  8. Radio Raheem

    Arbeloa is shit and Spain need to drop this 6 midfielders nonsense

    Well played Italy. di Natale is a better finisher but taking Balotelli off meant that Italy lost the presence they had up front…they just couldn’t hold the ball up any more. Really impressed with Italy though

  9. demon

    loving all the english hope for england…only to be let down by a shit team lead by a crap manager..

    how they havent taken aaron lennon and adam johnson is beyond me as we have seen possesion is everything and with teams playin low defensive line no doubt will theo wallcott and downing get taken out of the game!!!

  10. zeus

    Oh my word……………….


    Str8 from Arsene’s mouth………..

    I was very happy to see Wojciech Szczesny doing well in the first game. It is very easy to look at the goal for Greece but that is only one minute in a long match – and even so, the way that he came out for the ball continued the goalkeeper philosophy of Manuel Almunia, a fine Arsenal player of many years. People will say that he got sent off but I did not see the incident;…….”

    Right down to the classic “I did not see it”

  11. zeus

    The article is a collection of quotes that Arsene WOULD have made.

    He never actually said them. But funny none the less.

    Plus I can actually hear his voice with each line I read.

  12. zeus


    No wilshere.

    The guys at sports_trend are quite adamant that Mvila is a done deal. They’ve been saying that for weeks. They say they want to be known as a trusted source so they only report on what they know. Apparently they spoke of Podolski done deal in January.

  13. Cesc Appeal

    I do wonder in my more lucid moments whether elections at a club would ever work.

    You could have Dein and Gazidis running against each other…

    Before anyone says that’s a stupid idea think about it, they would have to bring success for fear of being booted out by the fans.

    It’s a money spinner as well, if you said a yearly £10 fee meant you were eligible to vote on Arsenal.com – I’d certainly pay.

    The candidates set out a manifesto, where they see the club going, how they intend to do it.

    So if you had Gazidis saying ;more of the same, we’re going to make this model work come hell or high water.’

    And Dein or whoever saying ‘we’d listen to outside investors, if Mr.Usmanov came on the board and wanted to plough his own money in or through his firms via sponsorship we’d listen.’

    It’d be your choice as a fan.

    Right now we’re stuck with this lot, whatever Gazidis and Wenger decide, that’s it, no opposition as Gazidis has told us with a ‘harmonious’ board of unity…meaning they all agree with what they’re doing.

    Only drawback to that would be finding a way to stop the fans who write ‘Arsenal best of world, sure to victory in all next year with mr wenger please’ from voting…hmmm

    Other than that. belting idea if I do say so myself.

  14. Keyser

    “Only drawback to that would be finding a way to stop the fans who write ‘Arsenal best of world, sure to victory in all next year with mr wenger please’ from voting…”

    Kind of beats the point of voting, unless you think you’re in the minority, which makes it pointless again.

  15. follow the money

    Torres’ problem seems to be that he is trying to play like the other players on the Spain team and pass the ball into the net, when his strengths are his runs, and one touch and bang–shoot. But he keeps taking too many touches and trying to round the keeper and holding onto the ball too long. I never thought I’d be saying this but Italy is growing on me. I hated them at WC 2006 and every other tournament when they go into their diving and crying and acting injured crap but today aside from the Thiago Motta episode they just played and played hard and fair and well. Very direct and efficient. Wenger could learn some lessons from watching them

  16. SDE


    I think it’s a cracking idea..

    Its something I’ve thought about for sometime as well…

    But I’m sure such jdeas would be swatted away,
    given short shrift..

    I can imagine the established guard saying it might work on the continent,but the idea is redundant,a non-starter on these shores..

    It’s all about preserving their status..Nobody likes change @ BoD level in the EPL,if it means more transparency,accountability & heads rolling on chopping blocks..

    It’s a cabal the Premier League,& they will band together to make sure such ideas are nipped in the bud!!

    Pity though..As I’ve said a cracking idea..With fans being stakeholders, having some clout in the running of the club..

    I think there is a club @ conference level,or in the lower divisions I think that started this scheme a year ago..I wonder how they are progressing along?

  17. Cesc Appeal


    Sigh. Your such a drip.

    I knew it was going to be you to totally miss the point.

    Not exclude people who think differently from me.

    Rather people from Azhgnlkanjdjbhjdhaslms who with the greatest of respect might not be best placed to accurately vote when i doubt they could name our starting eleven or who the CEO even is!

    That’s what I meant. Engage your brain before your fingers Keyser’s, jeeez

  18. Keyser

    I’ll give you something to look at as an example though, go back to Bayern and how the Bundesliga regulates it’s clubs.

  19. Lordbergkamp

    Keyser – what you need to remember for the Bundesliga is that they ALL have to adhere to the rules.

    In rest of Europe nobody else adheres to the same rules in country.

    Lol – Arsenal need FFS to actually mean something! And we might be able to win the Bundesliga!

  20. zeus

    Your Comment HereStories about giroud bid being accepted.

    Am I the only one a bit underwhelmed by thins potential signing.

  21. Keyser

    LordBergkamp – Preach my brother preach, I don’t really need to remember it though, I’m the one trying to tell them about it ?!

  22. SDE


    You’re not alone…Major surgery is needed at Arsenal..1 signing & a potential Giroud signing is quite laughable to say the least!!

    Taking into a/c all the other potential signings we have been linked with..& not one has yet to materialise…Pfftt

    I think Gazidis speech@ the AST more,or less confirmed what the vast majority of fans on here think..

    Same shite,different season…!!

  23. zeus

    Cany see Montpellier selling belhanda and giroud in the same window….

    Any AM worth a punt out there. Hazard and kagawa already gone.

  24. Cesc Appeal


    Zinger of a comeback there. Nicely thought out and structured like an Arsene Wenger defence, cracking.


    Agreed. But i think the BoD and Wenger are not just out of touch with modern football but with the fans as well.

    ‘I believe fans want our business model to work.’

    No Ivan, we don’t give two shits about your messed up project with OUR football club, we want our team to win things…or to at least try!

    Ivan’s been banging on about this business model for years now and yet freely admits our commercials are crap! Bayern’s are over three times better than ours and people arguing that’s a different league just doesn’t add up! Even before we look at Bayern there are something like 13-14 better teams than us.

    The ‘business model’ has failed, end of. Dust off move on. but they won’t. And I’ve said it before but waiting for an outside force to make you competitive (UEFA with FFP) is cowardly and shows a total lack of ambition.

  25. Keyser

    A comeback ? Heh, Zing.

    Our commercials are crap because we tied them up early to help pay for the stadium, unless you go and read up on how Bayern paid for their stadium or why their commercials are soo good, there’s not much of a point there.

    I tried to tell you that the other day aswell,

    “And I’ve said it before but waiting for an outside force to make you competitive (UEFA with FFP) is cowardly and shows a total lack of ambition.”

    Whereas Usmanov would be what ?!

  26. John

    Can I just remind the writer of this article Almunia has already gone. Leave him alone, he has already left on a free.

  27. Cesc Appeal


    Realism. Sorry to burst your bubble but very rarely do people ‘fight fair.’

    And relying on an organisation that hands out tougher fines for bad tackles than it does racist chanting or abuse to have the moral fortitude to apply FFP to their paymasters is far from realistic. It’s either wishful thinking or willful negligence to stop from actually doing the job of a CEO/top flight manager.

  28. Keyser

    Burst what bubble ? Honestly dude wtf are you on about.

    It’s coawrdly to want the sports governing body to actually enforce their rules, but on the other hand asking for Usmanov to give us handouts is what ?!

    The key word there’s sport. I’ve said for years, either we get a ton of outside investment or we continously bang our heads against the Sheikh/ Oligarch money wall.

    The thing is we’re actually quite close to doing something for ourselves now, our commercial deals are near to renewal and we’ve saved a fair amount of cash despite the debt we’ve got ourselves into.

    FFP wouldn’t have to be stringently enforced anything they do should help us in some way.

  29. Cesc Appeal


    Ok, your one of them.

    We’re close to this…that…the other. When this happens we’ll X,Y,Z…. Once this is in place we’ll be able to….Wait until we start….

    Fair enough. I’ll leave you to that.

  30. Keyser

    Cesc Appeal – One of what ?!

    I don’t mind your opinion, but why mention Bayern when it seems like you don’t have a clue about them, also the cowardly thing doesn’t make any sense.

    I mean at some point it should click in your head for yourself.

  31. SalparadiseNYC

    Giroud looks the real deal, sign him up and stop your wingin; truth or rumor i’ll take anything at this point.
    LOVED watching Ballotelli get shanked whilst along on goal, what a TWAT.

  32. GUNNER786

    Report: Arsenal Open Negotiations With Montpellier Over Striker

    According to French radio station Radio Monte Carlo (RMC), Arsenal have opened negotiations with Montpellier over striker Olivier Giroud. Giroud, 25, was key to Montpellier’s surprising league title, as he scored 21 times in 36 games, as well as contributing 9 assists. He also scored 4 goals in 7 cup games, bringing his total to 25 goals in 43 games, finishing as joint top-scorer in Ligue Un.

    Here’s the good stuff from RMC’s website:

    Selon nos informations, Arsenal va entamer des discussions avec Olivier Giroud dans les prochaines heures…Le champion de France ne se fait plus aucune illusion sur le départ d’Olivier Giroud en cas d’offre intéressante pour lui. Le club de Louis Nicollin préférerait le transférer à Arsenal ou Chelsea pour récupérer Marouane Chamakh ou Romelu Lukaku, en prêt, dans la transaction.

    L’attaquant plait beaucoup à Arsène Wenger. C’est sa priorité sur le plan de l’attaque, que ce soit avec ou sans le départ de Robin van Persie.

    Unless you speak French, that doesn’t tell you much, so here it is via Google translate:

    Reportedly, Arsenal will start discussions with Olivier Giroud in the next few hours … The champions of France are no longer any illusions about the departure of Olivier Giroud in an attractive offer for him. Club Louis Nicollin prefer the transfer to Arsenal or Chelsea to recover Lukaku or Marouane Chamakh, on loan in the transaction. … The striker really like to Arsene Wenger. It is his priority in terms of attack, either with or without the departure of Robin van Persie.

    There’s obviously some weirdness in the translation there, but the key points are that Montpellier realise they’re going to lose Giroud, and would prefer he would go to Arsenal or Chelsea so that they can receive either Romelu Lukaku or Marouane Chamakh on loan in return. So far, Chelsea haven’t been linked with Giroud, and the quickness that Arsenal are moving may ensure that they get the player, who is currently at the European Championships with best friend Laurent Koscielny. Finally, it would seem that Giroud’s release clause is €12m, or about 8.5 million of your English pounds sterling.

    The article also states that signing an attacker is a priority for Arsene Wenger, no matter what happens with Robin van Persie. That makes sense; Arsenal were too reliant on van Persie for goals last year, and although Lukas Podolski has been signed, indications are that he could start wide left next season while filling in the middle. Giroud would be an obvious upgrade on Nicklas Bendtner, Chamakh and the mythical Park Ju-Young, and, like Chamakh, would offer a plan B with his height. Unlike Chamakh, Giroud is a much better finisher, and has a much better scoring record than the Moroccan. Giroud could spell Robin van Persie or allow the Dutchman to play a deeper role off of Giroud, something that may work against weaker teams where three midfielders is not necessary because of the depth of the opposition.

    However, just because RMC are reporting negotiations are set to begin does not mean the transfer is going to happen. Similar media outlets reported the Yann M’Vila transfer as being a “done” deal, and with the player at the European Championships, this may drag out for a while. It has a good possibility of being done, given that Arsenal need to sign a striker irrespective of what Robin van Persie does. Giroud’s scoring record and his ability to link up well with teammates, as well as his offering of somewhat of a “Plan B” plus his relative inexpensive price gives this transfer a good chance of happening, but there may yet be quite a while to run on it. If the reports are true, it’s a positive statement of intent for Arsenal, and is something to look out for in the coming weeks.

  33. zeus

    Still underwhelmed by Giroud.


    How has Bayern got such good commercial deals. I believe the Swiss ramble covered it, but can’t be bothered to go read through a mountain of notes to see.

  34. follow the money

    not sure about Giroud. Haven’t seen him much tbh. Some players like Drogba tear up Ligue 1 and then tear up the EPL, others do pretty well in Ligue 1 and fail massively in the EPL like Chamakh. While this is encouraging news, it and Podolski say NOTHING about what Wenger plans to do about our defensive problems. Without someone like M’Vila and another class CB, LB and some defensive drilling I will remain pessimistic about next season. Hopefully Bouldy can get them up to snuff if no one comes in

  35. luke

    The few times Ive seen Kjaer play he has looked very mistake prone. I dont think he was first choice at roma either. He is only 21 or 22 as well and pretty inexperienced. Getting into the Danish central defence isnt really a great accomplishment. I think Wenger sees his top 3 CB’s as Verm, Kozzer, and Per and to be honest I dont really blame him. I would love us to snap up a Premier league veteran…Colochini, Angel Rangel, Ashley Williams would be good 4th choice CB’s in my book. Maybe Heitinga/Jagielka.
    I just wish Wenger would snap up Girioud with Chamakh going the other way, Afellay on the cheap (or belhanda but thats unlikely), Mvilla or another CDM, loan out gibbs and get another premier league veteran LB, that is if we really think Gibbs is Arsenal starting XI quality.

  36. sam

    yann m’vila is the usual summer fantasy that will never materialise. as an addition to the squad but his fee already tells you wenger won’t be interested. perhaps better defensive coaching is needed than an expensive 21 years old, same age as coquelin.
    arsenal don’t park the bus so i don’t see wenger buying a DM who doesn’t leave his position. unless he promises to change his style and start thinking he’s messi n try playing ridiculous backheel when we badly need a goal.
    oh he has to change his hairstyle too

  37. luke

    Girioud 2011-2012: Appearances–36. Goals–21. Assists–9.
    Chamakh 2009-2010: Appearances–38. Goals–10. Assists–1.

    Girioud also has one goal and three assists in 6 games for France. Cant really compare the two players…

  38. sam


    do you really think heitinga and jagielka are better than kyle bartley?
    remember we bought squillaci coz we didn’t trust nordtveit now see how it turned out.
    i wouldn’t mind bartley as our number 4 CB, its time he stays here and get used to premiership football.

  39. luke

    Sam, Ive never really seen much of Bartley to be honest but a lot of people seem to rate him. Have you seen him in the scottish league at all? I certainly wouldnt mind him in thwe squad but I really think its time that youngsters on the 1st team fringe, especially in defense, get loaned to promoted teams or even championship teams for a year. As we saw with Benayoun this year, when it counts veterans come through, they dont choke. Again if Bartley really is on a level where he is almost as good as heitnga than I suppose there are worse things than to have him as 4th choice. I would much rather Ramsey, Gibbs, Bartley/Miguel, jenkinson go to Bolton for a year and we bring in some experienced heads on 1-3 deals as stop gaps instead of watching the youngsters choke time and time again.

  40. sam


    yes this year in scotland he didn’t do well coz he played mostly as right back. he only performs well as CB or DM. something arsene wenger should take note and not to try to play him there with sagna out till october.
    the veteran thing don’t always work, i told you about squillaci and i am sure you remember silvestre.

  41. luke

    Squilaci was coming from Spain though and it was always going to be a risk to see if he would adapt and he didnt. Sylvestre was WAY past his prime. Im just talking about solid players who know the EPL ie Benayoun

  42. sam

    you are also wrong because ajax won the champions league n dutch league with kids, man utd also won the league once with kids.
    arrogant wenger failed because he had collection of average kids trying to pretend they are ronaldo, messi and co.
    if you fill your team with special kids you will win. djourou, senderos, bendtner, walcott,vela etc… none of them turned out great. not sure where wenger got them from coz they are still struggling with their football.

  43. luke

    im not saying you cant win with kids. Dortmund just did exactly that. Im saying we wont win the EPL with OUR kids—ramsey, gibbs, jenkinson etc. If we had more kids like WIlshere than it would be different

  44. sam

    for poorly managed club like arsenal i think buying a new experienced defender even if bartley and miquel are promoted. its possible by xmas we lose all our 3 CBs thru injuries. now it looks like koscielny will start the season as right back till sagna is fit.

  45. goonerboy

    The Untolds -a cult which has always confused an unhealthy level of admiration for the manager with the support of the team. As many have pointed out before-these are Arsene supporters not Arsenal supporters.

    Unconditional support for a manager-never publishing a piece that even questions him.

    Publishing a continual stream of paranoia about the media and referees-their ready made excuse for the past 7 years.

    Publishing a piece last year that argued that Arsenal would have won the league if it was not for those nasty referees.

    I don’t see too much intelligence only many ingenious ways they can try to argue that the manager is always right -chief of which is excessive financial caution regarding the trading of players.

    Opposed to buying experienced players in principle, but not opposed to the club selling them. Opposed to the club buying players with billionaires cash but very happy to take their cash for our best players. Then publish pieces criticising these clubs.

    Happy to have an absent billionaire in charge as long as he doesn’t spend any of his own millions on players.

    They were also arguing for 2 years that Liverpool and ManU would be bankrupt because of their borrowing. Now when that hasn’t happened they are silent.

    Their response to defeats and failure in competitions- is always the same- silence whilst they work on their excuses-then defensive-denial and turning on other fans who dare to criticise the manager.

    This is a bunch of people who are way beyond deluded and unavailable to reason.

  46. on-the-edge

    Board out!!! Wenger out!!!!

    Sick of failures. Fucking arrogant manager is so shameless! Why doesn’t the media expose him instead of targeting our players?

  47. sam

    just read comments on the giroud story, they don’t seem to have problem taking chamakh in exchange plus cash. meaning chamakh is still rated in france.
    but the article also mentioned chelsea and qpr, not sure we will compete unless he decided that he will only join us.

  48. sam

    if you don’t play someone please let him go
    i am talking about chamakh and park chu young, they lost their places in their national teams. not fair!

  49. Moray

    Sam,..”Chamakh is still rated in France”

    This is because the French have a very different opinion than the British about coiffured effeminate ponces with over-gelled hair.