Time to put Arsenal first Arsenal

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Strange thing to say I hear you say, don’t Arsenal always put Arsenal first?

No is the simple answer, they put the board members and the club management first, then the players welfare second, then the club third. Don’t even get me on where the fans come in.

The reason we need to start putting the club first is the same reason Robin hasn’t signed a new deal, we aren’t ambitious enough, the con is FFP (Financial fair play) and that’s the excuse they use for not spending money.

We seem to be the only well supported club that thinks it needs to follow those rules. Barca and Real are basically bust, the situation in Spain right now is interesting as pretty soon the banks are going to go tits up and they will start calling in loans, the fact that Madrid have always been bankrolled by the government means squat as the government are on the verge of going bust too, ditto for Portugal and Italy.

So outside of the sugar daddy clubs of Chelsea, Man City and to a certain extent ManU – financial prudence is a must.

For those three though the rules of FFP come in to keep the balance, but as they ignore it anyway, we have to be smarter.

I’m not suggesting we go on a spending frenzy, I’m suggesting we spend what we have, and that my friends is quite a lot.

The fact that we give our ordinary dross such ridiculous salaries is the only reason we can’t flog them, this needs addressing, then we should get rid, there need to be accountability.

How can we be already paying Theo £60k a week, who sanctioned that? How can we have paid Bendtner £52k a week to sit on the bench, Djourou just got a massive pay rise and he wants out, trouble is he isn’t worth jack and we couldn’t give him away, same for Denilson, Lansbury, Squillaci, Chamakh and Park.

So someone sanctioned those salaries and that someone needs to be put in a box and not allowed to do deals anymore. That someone really does need a lesson in economics.

And as for Arshavin our record signing why is he out on loan? If we don’t like him then sell him and get him off the wage bill.

We need a squad of 25 players that are good enough for the Arsenal, not a squad of overpaid paid kids, over the hill crap players and a few diamonds that we all know will eventually be sold. We also seem to be getting the reputation as a feeder club. Arsenal FC – who would of thought it stood for that?

Another way of dealing with the situation is to stop acting like the big boys bitch club. Say to Mancini you can have Robin but we’ll have Edin and Adam in exchange and you can pay the difference in their salaries, that or sod off he’s not for sale.

Please don’t think I am saying sell RVP, I’m not, I’m saying play hard ball, don’t roll over and let them abuse you.

To go through another summer of will he, won’t he? will be unbearable, Wenger needs to man up, we’ve had this with Vieira, Henry and Cesc in successive seasons, it’s time to put the club and the fans first.

The other way of doing things would be to give Robin some help, buy a Llorente, a Martinez, buy a top centre back, get a winger and all that can be done by selling the dross, getting rid of the potentials, spending what we have and putting that brand of Wenger football back on a decent squad, give the fans hope instead of going into another season full of dread.

Throwing money away on wages for loyalty doesn’t work, look at the players we have sold over the last 8 years and you would have a team that could win the league.

Robin doesn’t want to leave, he wants some help, so do we. Not sure about Vertonghen’s decision though, why would you want to play in a team that isn’t in the ECL? Either it’s not that big a deal as we are led to believe, we aren’t as good as we think we are or he’s not that good, time will tell.

Time to stop buying players that take a season to bed in, great players don’t need that time, Gilberto, Freddie, Henry, Pires and Dennis didn’t. So please don’t be serious about Doumbia.

Time to start playing hardball Arsenal, with the rich teams, the young overpaid players, the dross and with your club’s management team who are crap at doing decent deals with sponsors, unless of course I’m missing something?


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  1. Cesc Appeal

    What happens when Ox and Wilshere get injured?

    Wilshere’s going to be in and out of all next season?

    Ramsey? Jesus Christ no!

    Zinidine Song? Hell no.

    We don’t have a player like Afellay.

    Ox (whilst he will eb terrific) you cannot rely on next year.

    Wilshere is phenomenal but he will have a disjointed season through injury. Ankles, knees, hamstring, groins…after so long out he wont string a solid month together without at least a game or two out.

    Afellay and Dembele £16 Million, sorted. Keep Theo away from the starting 11 and if he wants 100k a week, get shot of him

  2. Cesc Appeal


    If £10 Million was our entire budget someone at Arsenal is embezzling, the AST made a modest assumption that we had at least £55 Million….out of the £210 Million sat in the bank

    Something crooked is going on at Arsenal we just can’t see it. I’d give anything to have a look through those books.

  3. incesc

    Ramsey? Jesus Christ no!



    i dont mind adding affelay as a squad player, but please dont freak out when he goes to spurs, hes not the guy.

  4. Dan Ahern

    incesc- Ox and Wilshere aren’t ready yet. Wilshere was, but he’s had a full-season setback. Simply can’t count on him. Ox is a fantastic player but not polished enough to be a regular yet.
    I want both of them for 8 seasons too. But for this season? Not good enough. It’s like saying, “We’ll be fine because we have Abou Diaby.”

  5. Cesc Appeal


    if he goes to Spurs he will make up quite a few points for them

    He will hurt us, we will look at him and wish we had him.

    Take away Ox and Wilshere what have you got? Nothing

    Arteta? Keeps the game flowing IS NOT a creative genius, no killer ball, good player, but not in the same category.

    Afellay is a must buy, I and a lot of Gooners will be hugely disappointed if we don’t get him.

    If not him who?

    Who are we going to buy incesc? Because I’m starting to get a horrible feeling about this summer with the Euros approaching.

    Wait till the Euros have finished.

    try to sort out Theo (shit) and RVP’s contracts? Wait till thats done

    Wait to see how the team does in pre season?

    Wait to see how we do in the first few games of the season?

    It’s going to be the same excuses and ‘wait for Arsene, he knows what we need’ as before. utter horseshit!

  6. incesc

    before i read the whole post

    arteta is a solid player.

    wish we had him next to cesc.

    when him and theo got injured i said on here, i give up our season is over, and then we fucked up till that keeper saved us.

  7. Cesc Appeal

    We lost Fabregas and Nasri and Clichy last year.

    Combined total £67 Million

    Wenger did nothing until an 8-2 raping at Old Trafford which will be an eternal embarrassment of our club.

    How he didn’t get his marching orders there and then is beyond me.

    He then partook in what was the most embarrassing panic buy ever. Of which the only real success was £10 Million Arteta who took a paycut to join us.

    Him and a Chelsea loanee.

    He’s humiliated our club, denigrated it, watered down the level of football and destroyed our image, tarnished it and it will take years to rebuild that.

    Who fears us now? No one?

    Fergie hates Mancini, not Arsene because he’s not his rival. Same goes for the Chelsea manager.

    We hate the spuds more than ever because now Wenger has ALLOWED them to become our main rivals! What a joke.

    Thats what he is now, an old, geriatric joke of a manager. Dragging down a huge European club because of his terror of competing and his deluded vision of some Utopian football world that’s a mirage in his ego!

  8. Doublegooner

    Cesc Appeal:

    I know we have money. I am led to believe from a very well known agent who is close to the club that there is a boardroom struggle.

    I cannot confirm whether this also involves Wenger.

    What I do feel is I’m adamant, the club is stagnant & exumes an aura of dullness.

    I think fans should come together now & compile ideas that if we see inactivity in the coming weeks, we will then be in a position to unleash our fury & a message that fans who spend with the club, WILL STOP.

    Another summer like last & I really believe we’ll finally see many fans come together & say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

    We must start acting NOW.

    Thats why I’ve been rallying on here & many have contacted me.

  9. Cesc Appeal

    By the way Alisher Usmanov would actually be the richest owner in the Prem.

    Mansour has £15 Billion to his £20 Billion HOWEVER (lol) his family has an oil fortune worth between £400 Billion and £1 Trillion

  10. incesc

    Wenger did nothing until an 8-2 raping at Old Trafford which will be an eternal embarrassment of our club.

    How he didn’t get his marching orders there and then is beyond me.

    Mate this is it. agreed completly

    worst moment of my gooner life, but he didnt get sacked then so he never will.

    trying to rationalise our situation nowadays…

  11. Cesc Appeal


    I have a friend who a friend of an agent (lol) and he has said the same about an ‘upper tier struggle’ as he called it.

    What do you think’s going on? Pro-Usmanov vs Pro-Kroenke? Pro-Spending vs Pro-embezzling and generally ripping off the fans and selling them bullshit about sustainability?

  12. incesc

    my big problem is chasing arsene out of the club. I’m not interested in that no matter how much i think hes the wrong guy.

    arsenal goes back in my family over 100 years, my grandad god bless him is 95 and he went to arsenal all his life. He took me to my first game. his dad and his grandad was arsenal and saw us back at woolwich

    i got brought up to think arsenal was the gentlemans club.

    can we really chase out wenger who has done so much for the club? rather chase out kroenke.

    wenger is a good guy, hes just lost it

  13. Cesc Appeal

    But we have two more seasons of him at least…the club can’t take it

    Wenger we can do something about

    Kroenke…we have to rely on Usmanov for that.

    That so the real battle, thankfully Kroenke owns 66% of the club or something? So he has no right to force Usmanov out and the Uzbek has categorically said he has no interest in selling to Kroenke…why would he?

    Usmanov WILL be owner of Arsenal one day. He’s too rich, too powerful, has too many connections.

    He’s been playing quiet and nice up till now, he’s getting more vocal in the press if you look around as is his associate Moshiri about how poorly the club is being run.

    The AST openly almost saying ‘why not have Usmanov on the board’ will show the guy that Arsenal fans want him there.

    He’s got Dein in his ear to tell him how to play this.

    I’ve got a prediction with my brother, by the end of the 2013/2014 season latest he’ll either be in a very strong position at the club or owner.

  14. Doublegooner


    I’ve replied to your email.

    Your Arsenal history is impotant & special. Once I’ve selected & confirmed the venue, I hope you turn up 🙂

    You know what. When I read comments on other blogs questioning our support for the club because we question Wenger or the board, it makes my blood boil.

    How many of these so called fans have ever contributed anything to the club. I dont just mean money. I mean being at games, singing. Starting / inventing songs,making banners. geting behind the team even at times when we’ve found it hard to do so.

    Thats what support is about.

    You’ll all be aware of the Old Champions Champion Section flag, the Immortal P38 L0 flag, getting the inflatable PL cup on the pitch in 2004, or ‘he’s 5 foot four’ or ‘Nth London is Ours Fuck to Stratford’.

    All of these are from my group of best mates. Any cunt who wants to question my support should dare tell it to our faces.

    All of us live for the club, but many of us are questioning what is going on.

    Sure you feel the same.

  15. Chris

    Your Comment Here Welcome back Geoff! Another great post which I agree with entirely – hope there will be more from you as I fear we are entering the usual summer of smoke and mirrors – yet again! So what’s new, you may ask?
    Well what seems to be new is the Great Pedro Shift. What happened to the man who wrote the Guide to AKB’s? not so long ago.

  16. Sachhyam Shrestha

    Ramsey needs to learn from Afellay on how to shoot and score. Otherwise, Ramsey is as good as Afellay – just needs his confidence back (didnt help at all by appointing the captain of his natonal side… 21 years and captain of Wales team… thats no easy thing )

  17. Sachhyam Shrestha

    If we have Usmanov as the owner, how different will we be from Man City and Chelsea ?

    Arsenal isn’t a club that relies on other financial wealthy people for its operation and administration. We have some dignity in what we have achieved through strict budget management in the recent years. So, I hope Usmanov doesnt become the owner , but i wouldn’t mind if he is in the board – that will give Gazidis something to think about.

  18. Sachhyam Shrestha

    I don’t want Usmanov anywhere near the Board of Arsenal. When will other Arsenal fans realise that David Dein is no saviour. All he did was sell out to Usmanov and pass his contacts book to his son Darren to help him sell our players season after season.

    I’ve supported Arsenal since 1975 (we flirted with relegation that season.) We have had trophy droughts before and we will have them again. Big deal. Better that than being the plaything of a super-rich Manchester Utd fan until he gets bored. I won’t comment on his past, but Google is your friend.

    Chelsea and Manchester City are 2 huge nails in the coffin of Football which has become so money-orientated in recent years. No need to join them.

    A lot of Arsenal fans think this way and sure do I .

  19. james

    Stop moaning about Wenger hes not the problem the board are how many managers in the world would have guided our poor squad of players to 3rd place in the toughest league in the world not one. Stop asking for his head because there is nobody else who could do it at the moment, for the time being we have to be patient whilst we rebuild our squad with or without RVP and Walcott and let Wenger hand the reigns over when he is ready too.

    I here you all scream Pep Guardiola could manage us, he spent over 300 million to keep his team at the top and had a spine of players who support the team they play for. Players like Xavi, Inesta and Puyol, who also happened to be 3 of the best players in the world would never leave the club. Those players have gone through the tough times with Barca where they couldn’t win anything and wasn’t able to qualify for the champions league. Because these players support Barca the stuck by them and look where they are now.

    Someone needs to convince the board we could actually make more money by winning titles and not just qualifying for the champions league season after season. So grow a pair release players we don’t want, sell players who wont sign on and go out and spend on 3-6 players depending on who leaves. Not necessarily world class but good quality players. I don’t care who as long as they will fight for my club and give everything every week. Pay the Fans and the manager who put the board in this wonderful position of luxury some respect and give him a squad to work with and the fans some expectation again.

  20. Geoff

    James don’t be naive, ask yourself how many managers never spend their budget because he thinks his team is good enough.

    How many managers overpay his kids and we can’t sell them because they earn too much. Denilson, Bendtner, Almunia to name but a few.

    How many managers would have sold their best player cheap and with three years left on his contract 2 weeks into the season.

    I could go on…


    Have a word with yourselfLe senile is not too blame but the board is?
    Who picks the squad ?
    Who arranges the Tactics(such that they are)?
    Who has hasnt won a trophy for Years and Years and couldnt beat Birmingham?
    Who chased and signed Chamack?
    Who has sold all bar one of our best players since the “invincibles”
    Ans who says “ze transfer market will e quiet this window” time after time
    AND ARSENE ISNT TO BLAME????????????
    Who has brought some of the worst players seen in the EPL?

  22. james

    I agree if that was the case and we as mere mortal fans have 100% stone cold evidence that what you say is true, but we unfortunately don’t. Hpw do we know that Wenger hasnt gone to the board and said i need to strengthen the squad and the board has said work with what you got.

    The over paid players had potential to be deserving of those wages (well maybe not Almunia) but its a risky business relying on potential because you have to hope the players reach it. You don’t want to run the risk of loosing that player for nowt and he becomes world class else where this is why. We have probably all said that when Bendtner and Denilson were coming through they look top prospects.

    How do we know weather Wenger is happy with the squad hes not going to come out and destroy moral and say “my squad is shit and i need new players” LOL! what effect would that have had on the players this season our toughest.

    As you said in your article the is something dirty going on behind the marble gates and the grove and unfortunately its info were not privy too and soon i hope it comes out or gets sorted

  23. james

    the walls of jerico one question who built the invincibles were those player as good when they left arsenal who signed RVP, Cesc and Nasri Brought through Wilshere ect and the tactics are not that bad its just players like Alex Song want to do whatever they want. Theres always good and bad points mate, is it Wenger’ or the boards fault that super rich investors come into the premier league and started following our scouts around the world and paying stupid money so we couldn’t afford to buy the players we scouted.

    look we could bang on all day as about the problems at Arsenal but what difference will it make nothing because we are the fans not the decision makers we have to put up with whatever the club put in front of us

  24. james

    The unfortunate thing about football management is that the manager is the public face the fall guy when things go wrong and a god when things go right take a look at the relegated teams like Blackburn. Steve Kean didn’t deserve the abuse he was getting OK hes not the greatest manger in the world but the owners ruined the club sold a key man gave Kean a low budget to work with and after a season of protest about Kean and the Venkies who still owns the club and who’s the manager prime example of what influence us fans have

  25. goonerboy

    Great post- I could not agree more. The most apparent reason why Wenger is not held accountable for the wastage in the salaries budget and flogging our best players to rivals is because he is not expected to achieve success on the field- it is not part of the Board’s objectives. They are so worried about the potential for escalating salary costs they don’t want to win anything. They’ll take it if its free- but they do not want to put themselves out or take ANY financial risks at all- instead all the risks are on the field in the form of flimsy players, youth and inexperience.
    The biggest myth perpetrated by the AKBs is that this is a well run club.

  26. alexanderhenry

    The board sanction player salaries, not the manager. You can criticise wenger for keeping some the players, but for how much they are paid.

  27. bedan

    Wenger will just stay around watching other teams buying players then buy some garbage at the deadline day.

  28. Thomas

    I can’t fucking believe Wenger hasn’t been sacked yet. Trophyless for 7 years. No other club would allow a manger who haven’t won anything in 7 years. It just shows that the board has no balls or ambition. Sad what this club has become really.

  29. silver price

    He wanted to go to a BIGGER club, he FAILED there… he failed badly; we took him back… now, all of a sudden, he loves us. Sorry, but, if he wants to come back, ask him to cut his over-the-top wage demands, ask him to get more assists and even more goals. He needs us, we don’t need him; for the amount of money we would have to pay to buy him and keep him, it would be better to move on and look for a goal-scoring midfielder that can get in the box and use his weight. Pienaar is lightweight , gets knocked off the ball and doesn’t score enough. There are other players out there just like Jevalic.