Vermaelen signs a forever contract.

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News, news, news… where did you go?

I can’t keep opening every post with this… but it’s true, there is nothing going on. What happened to the journalists? They’re supposed to make things up when things are quiet. Then we can jump on what they’ve made up and bemoan the lack of credibility on Fleet Street.

Basically all I have is a story about Thomas Vermaelen stating he’s going to stay at Arsenal forever. He has a house here, he’s happy, he loves London. Super stuff.

“I love London. I’ve got a house there, I’m happy there and I don’t see any reason to ever leave the club.”

What a nice thing to hear. London is an amazing place to live. If only Robin thought the same. Hey, maybe he does? That contract is still rumbling on unsigned. It doesn’t sound like anyone has approached him officially. You never know…

I just hope we’ve put a deadline on this whole debacle. I said as much last summer and we left it right until the end to flog our two best players. A total nonsense. The only player we really needed to do that with was Nasri. With Theo and Robin, we should put a deadline on whether they want to stay or go now. If they say in two weeks they’re not going to re-sign we should go out, sign there replacements then put them out on the open market. We need to have everything sorted before preseason this year to ensure we have the best chance of a successful opening to the season.

Last year it took a good 4 weeks for the influx of new players to start making an impact on the squad. I hope the club note that this summer.

Other than that, there’s not much else to thrash out!

Have a good day.

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  1. Josip Skoblar

    I said the younger, less accomplished RvP. At present RvP is a far better player than Giroud.

  2. Goon from BD

    Giroud is a target man, isn’t it? RvP is half the time moving around midfield and most of the time arrives in the box as a move starts rather than always being present. Giroud could be a flop if his best quality is aerial because we don’t play with a natural striker,no wingers and Gibbs,Sagna cross to each other most of the time. We do need a different approach though and a strong,big target man could be a huge help in training.

  3. luke

    theo out—afellay in
    Chamakh out—-girioud in
    denilshit/vela/dudaby/squilachi/djourou/park out—-vertonghen, mvila, martin, doumbia

    spend spme f$#%ing money!

  4. Marko

    I think Giroud is like Shearer he’s not particularly fast but he’s got great ability in and around the box and he’s excellent in the air. Of all the realistic strikers we’ve been linked with like him and Doumbia the most.

  5. Goon from BD

    and RvP isn’t direct at all either. He should be more though because he has such good technique,,,,,,goal against Spurs is a good example of him trying something direct.

  6. telarse

    “…I said as much last summer and we left it right until the end to flog our two best players.”

    Will Le Grove FFS put an end to this crap that we sold our 2 best players?

    We sold our best player and possibly one of our top 5 or 6.

    Nasri was not better than Arsh, Jack, RVP, Kos, Verm, Sag or qven Le Coq but he attained best player status with some after being sold!!!!!!!!!

    He could’ve become our best player had he waited long enough for Arsene to flog the better players but he didn’t so he didn’t!!

    Like Arsh he could’ve been a great AM but, like Arsh, he was messed about,

    I liked him. I still like him, it’s a better Wenger bashing line to say our 2 best players but it’s bollix!

  7. Cesc Appeal

    I think Afellay, RVP and then a direct forward (perhaps Giroud?? Don’t really profess to know a lot about him) would be an excellent up front, would have everything you need really, technique, pace, skill on and off the ball, goals

  8. Dan Ahern

    I can’t find an actual source, but this is floating around:

    Grimandi: “It’s true that we’ve we’ve been watching Mamadou Sakho but we’ve got to many players in this position, and even if there’s a chance we might not take it. We’re looking for players in position where we are weak, not center back”

    In French here:
    (Josip, perhaps you could assist?)

  9. Josip Skoblar

    Blanc just said: ‘M’Vila’s injury not too serious. We’ll know within 48 hours’. Lots of contradictory reports.

  10. Josip Skoblar

    This is what I understand too. Grimandi also says that AFC were interested in him in 2007, but back then Sakko didn’t want to leave Paris!

  11. Dan Ahern

    Thanks Josip.

    With all due respect to Verm, Koz and Per, one of those guys is always injured. I don’t see how having maybe 2 CBs you can count on at any given time is considered a strength.

    The fucked up thing is that we always brag about how we’re in three or four competitions, yet we treat the squad like there’s only one.

  12. Cesc Appeal


    We literally are thin everywhere

    GK, RB, CB, LB, DM, AM, ST and I would add the wings to that because Walcott and Gervinho are totally below par

  13. Dimitri

    Hulk really is pure shite. Wenger needs to sign people, but not that guy. The second coming of Baptista.

  14. Rhyle

    I don’t disagree with Grimandi. Think we’ve got three very good CBs in Koz, Verm and Mert…the reasons for our conceding so many this have been a lack of a disciplined, World class DM, a lack of a quality, first choice LB and a lack of a first XI replacement at RB. The CBs get pulled out of position covering for those…but you’ve got to put a lot of responsibility at Wenger’s feet for both playing people out of position to cover injuries and not altering tactics to suit…

    Fix those problems and the CBs will look much better…as will our GA column…

  15. Dimitri

    We can’t throw stones at Chelsea no, but can’t go acting like moody cunts because they paid 38 million for a guy who turns slower than the QE2 and has the first touch of a rapist.

    I agree Wenger needs to pull his finger out and bring in some more, but we are not as fucked as everyone is making out. Think Gervinho gets a lot of bollocks too. Last year everyone was saying the same about Kozzer but a lot of these guys don’t get good till their second season, so I’m willing to give him more time before writing him off.

    I agree Wenger is a wanker, that’s why I haven’t been to a game in years and don’t even bother watching them on TV that much either. We need to buy a few more grafters though like Arteta not a bunch of fairies like Hazard who I guarantee will be confessing his dream of playing for Barca or Real in 2 years.

  16. Cesc Appeal

    Nah, we need more than grafters.

    We need so much its terrifying, we need a spark, a fast winger.

    We need a creative play maker in the middle.

    A powerhouse in the middle.

    A solid dependable, disciplined CB.

    Two full backs a RB and a LB.

    An experienced GK.

    And then a few grafter type squad players. Wengers vision has destroyed our club. We’re a football club with loads of money but no clout and a shell of a team

  17. Dimitri

    We have dif definitions of grafters. For me everything you just mentioned outside the Winger and the Centre Attacking mid fit more of the grafter mould. As for the winger we signed Podolski already that has to count for something.

  18. Cesc Appeal

    I disagree I’m afraid.

    We need to be looking at the upper tier of wingers and attackers I’d be thinking Sneijder as an AM where Wenger will think Ramsey.

    People say we need to lower our expectations…why? We’re not paupers. We’re not Aston Villa/Fulham/Wigan yet our board behaves like it.

    I wouldn’t mind except that our tickets are then ludicrously priced! This is the biggest con in football history in broad daylight

  19. Dimitri

    Bottom line though is for a while longer we won’t be able to afford the elite of the elite, like Sneijder. I agree Ramsey is shit (I think if he was a squad player for now he would learn from pros and become better in a couple years), but we would be fine with someone in between the two.

    I never get why we didn’t play Arshavin in the hole. He is a wonderful player there, he doesn’t have the stamina to run up and down the wing.

  20. Zacharse

    End of Season Q&A with Ivan Gazidis
    Dear AST member

    Arsenal’s end of season Q&A with Ivan Gazidis takes place next Wednesday, June 6, and we are writing to give you an update you on preparations for this event.

    This year Arsenal amended the format of the event to include other supporter groups and shareholders and this resulted in the AST being granted 100 of the 300 places available. Unfortunately this was not enough to satisfy the 150 all the requests we received and therefore we have had to hold a ballot. If you were lucky in the draw you will have been notified by us of your receipt of a place. If you now cannot attend please email so that we can give your place to someone on our waiting list.

    We have registered with Arsenal our frustration at this being the first time we have had a limit on numbers, but also recognise the intent to widen the dialogue with other supporters’ groups.

    We asked all members to submit questions and thank many of you for taking the time to respond. We have forwarded every question we received to the club so that Ivan is aware of the range of questions and priorities that members have.

    The Q&A format this year will involve a compere, Dan Roebuck, asking questions that have been submitted and also taking questions from the floor. The AST welcomes this approach as the provision of questions in advance can assist in securing more thorough answers and making sure a good cross section of questions are addressed. We have had comprehensive input into the questions being selected and believe that Ivan will address the key questions that AST members have raised. However, we also recognise that in a public forum of this type the level of detail that can be disclosed may not be as much as we would all wish on such sensitive transfer and contractual negotiations.

    The AST Board has therefore reviewed all of the questions sent by members and we have prioritised the following as key subjects for debate. Arsenal have assured us that these will be covered at the event but if time prevents that then we will liaise with the club afterwards to secure written answers for you.

    Those key themes are:

    The club’s footballing expectations for this coming season, 2012/2013, and whether qualifying for the Champions League is the extent of the club’s ambitions
     The new Elite Player Performance Plans being introduced and what this will mean for youth development at Arsenal
     The future of the Arsenal Fanshare scheme and club support to promote continued plurality in the ownership through supporter shareholders
     What progress Ivan Gazidis feels has been made in his first three years at the club and an update on the club’s five year strategic plan
    What lessons have been learned from last summer’s transfer window to make sure things go more smoothly and successfully this year, and the position regarding Robin van Persie
    How the club will drive commercial income aggressively in the short term given the long-terms tie-ins on stadium naming, kit rights and shirt sponsorship and the need for more tertiary and overseas deals
    The club’s view of Financial Fair Play regulations and what plans we have should they have little impact
    Given that Arsenal now has two billionaire investors owning over 96% of the club, is there a case for them investing funds to put us on a competitive footing before FFP starts to bite?
    Arsène Wenger’s statement that he does not intend to do much business in the transfer market this summer and a feeling from many AST members that the team needs further strengthening. Can the Board reassure supporters that there are funds to invest?
    The club’s wage structure and whether it is hindering Arsenal’s chances of success by not being spent efficiently
    How many more shares Red & White holdings need to obtain before they have access to the full accounts and why won’t the Arsenal Board at the very least engage in dialogue with Mr Usmanov and Red and White Holdings?
    There will also be the chance for questions from the floor so we may be able to get further points in. The AST will produce a written report of this event and are grateful to AST member and well-known Arsenal blogger Tim Stillman for agreeing to produce this so that those who cannot attend will be able to read a review the next day. We are pleased that once again Arsenal have agreed to record the meeting and it will subsequently be shown on Arsenal Player.

  21. Dimitri

    30 Million minimum in transfer fee, wage demands of close to 10 mil a year on a 4 year contract is another 40, equating to about a third of that entire budget. I’m not a finance man at all, but I’m sure that entire 210 isn’t just for transfers, there are a lot of other costs to be met.

    Someone like Gotze if he wanted to leave I get, but the super ones like Sjneider ain’t gonna happen.

  22. SUGA3

    fucking hell, what is it with these village idiots adding the transfer fee and the wages for the whole duration of the contract as if these were to be forked out in one go?

  23. Cesc Appeal

    £60-40 of it is used to cover costs each year but then when the profit come in it gets topped up again.

    You pay the transfer fee often in bits, up front fee then bits afterward.

    Wages don’t work like that, wages of £10 Million a year???? Who are you buying????

    £7 800 000 would be £150 000 which you could attract a lot of top talent with.

    But it is over 4 years. You factor it in to your outlay, doesn’t mean the transfer costs you £80 Million or something there and then!!

    Bayern Munich pay their stars Ribery etc big money, guys like Ramsey would get 15k a week over there, not 50k he’s getting here

    Our club is broken…and I hope the AST rip the shit out of Ivan

  24. SUGA3

    and the funniest thing is that the more delusional Wenger becomes, the more they defend him and in numbers at that…

    sheesh 😆

  25. SUGA3


    did you read this Q&A email? rip into him? bollocks, that fat cunt Roebuck will sanitise the shit out of this meeting, not too sure who is a bigger twat, him or Watt?

  26. Cesc Appeal


    That’s why i research 😉

    I always have numbers to throw at them and facts

    They don’t like that….though i don’t think Dimitri is vehemently defending him per say

  27. Cesc Appeal


    All we need is one. One person on the floor to lose it.

    I think passions are pretty inflamed, so one wrong answer and sparks could fly.

    I’m keen to hear the FFP excuse and the Red & White answer.

    I hope Pedro doesn’t post another one of his ‘thanks to Ivan for taking our questions….what a guy’ things

  28. Dimitri

    Oh Suga calm yourself. I get it, Wenger is a wanker. The difference between us though is if tomorrow he signed Gordon, Baines, Vetonghen, M’Villa, Gotze and Cavani I’d be quite happy and get off his back.

    You lot would still find something to moan about. He’s got his work cut out this summer, everyone knows this.

    It doesn’t matter how you spread the payments, it still adds up to the same number. And yes he would want 200k a week. That is 10 mil a year.

  29. SUGA3

    defending or not, chucking around the typical hyperbolic 200K wages nonsense, as if there were not enough players commanding 70-100K (and genuinely worth it) who would improve this team beyond any discussion is so Wengeresque, it is not even funny…

    ‘we can’t buy 50M players’

    ‘memba dat?

  30. SUGA3


    ‘Gordon, Baines, Vetonghen, M’Villa, Gotze and Cavani ‘

    have you seen any pigs flying recently?

    and you think I would still find a reason to moan about regarding signings?

    you, sir, are truly a village idiot 😆

  31. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger has to go, no two ways about it.

    The man was in Strasbourg today negotiating running/managing the club as a sort of retirement thing when he leaves us!

    After a train crash of a season he’s off doing that…before going to commentate at the Euros…priorities??

    Not all players want 200k a week so lets not use extremes, look at Newcastle. Their starting eleven is much better than ours for the most part.

    And before you say where did we finish compared to them, without RVP we’d have finished 11th

  32. Dimitri

    70-100 I agree on. But who are they?

    Eriksen – Never been all that impressed when I’ve seen him.
    Gotze – Won’t leave Dortmund for a while longer, what are we going to do?
    Hazard – Have Massive doubts how he’d fare in the middle of a 4-3-3, and will just bitch and moan if he was a winger.

    Mata is the one we really fucked up with. Fans can moan all they want to, but how many have stopped funding the club completely, and I mean tickets, merchandise, everything. That’s the only way to communicate with the board, not these stupid meetings. Arsenal fans can’t really complain when they keep feeding the virus.

  33. SUGA3

    and yes, it will add up to the same amount, but it is beyond silly to add it all up to back up the ‘argument’ that we can’t afford a particular player…

  34. SUGA3

    well, Dimitri, I have stopped chucking money into the toupeed monster bottomless pit, not even renewed my membership…

    fuck this, this time around, I won’t blink first, plain and simple!

  35. Cesc Appeal


    Players who could improve us?



    Ben Arfa





    Hoilett – Free

    Bosingwa – Free

    Jaaska – Free



    Martin (not sure about him)

    Tello (could do a Fabregas on him, OOC)

    Boateng (Kevin Prince)

    jeez, so many more

  36. SUGA3

    vast majority of them would not command more than 100K either!

    now answer me this: Almunia and Squillaci on 50K each or one player you can actually use on 100K?

  37. Dimitri

    Agreed with most of them Cesc, but am willing to wait a month or so more to see what develops. If nothing happens I’m sure Wenger won’t have to answer to anyone anyway.

    Gonna hit the hay now tho, nite guys

  38. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah I say we can have 2-3 players on huge wages.

    Then a collection of really strong players on 50-100k

    But we need to adjust our wages, someone like Ramsey shouldn’t be on half of what he is

  39. Cesc Appeal

    So anyway what this ‘good news’ the club hope to have five days from now then??

    Pedro said they ‘hope’ to have something on the signing front by then

    Yeah right

  40. Moray

    Well, Chelski were ripped a new one if they are paying a 38m fee for Hulk. However, it is a great statement of intent from the owner. And let’s not forget, this is a team that just won the CL!! It seems Wenger was wrong, and there is going to be a lot of activity this summer.

    I wonder if Falcao or Cavani would not be available and a better buy for that money?

    Arsenal needs to step up fast. Already, I think we are in the fourth place play-off. without a collapse, the Spuds could push us all the way next year, particularly without Champions League football to distract them. And no doubt they will make a couple of decent purchases too.

    I worry that if we do not sign anyone before the Euros, then lose VP and Walcott after, we will fail to sign anyone of note to replace them because of the “high prices”.

  41. Moray

    I think I’ve worked out Wenger’s strategy…

    Build up a war chest of 300m quid. Wait for Real Madrid to default on their debts and then buy up Ronaldo, Higuan, Benzema and Casillas for peanuts…

    I can’t see what could possibly go wrong!

  42. Moray

    Also, I have a suspicion that the reason we sign players late is because Wenger is unwilling to pay their salaries over the summer. Has he ever made a comment to this effect?

  43. Moray

    what hope for Lukaku now, with Hulk, Torres and Sturridge ahead of him! haha. I hope for Chelski’s sake their next sponsorship deal is from Gazprom.

  44. Dan Ahern

    Cesc Appeal – (Sorry for the reply four hours later) Yeah, we seriously just don’t have a reliably full squad. I know Wenger loves his posturing, but his comments about not adding much are starting to drive me crazy. Last summer was too much already. By now you have to just come clean and say, “We’re not good enough.”

  45. The Poldi Prince

    So, the latest overrated striker to be linked is gameiro.

    Scored half the goals that giroud did, and would cost double.

    You do the math.

    Giroud, for 8-10 mill plus chamakh is great business. Move on our dross. Get in new player with serious potential, and attributes that may be successul in the EPL.

    Gotta hand it to roman. The guy loves winning. Wins the ECL, picks up two of the best young attacking talents in the world.

    If they pickup a world class RB, the cunts will challenge bigtime.

    New RB- Cahill- rapist- Cole
    Hulk- lampard- essien- hazard

    Fuck me. Look at shit we have. Who doesn’t want Usamov to similarly use our club as his plaything? Surely he wants to prove his wealth in eastern Europe and compete with the big playboys. Silent Stan doesn’t give a fuck.

  46. zeus

    So now Chelsea get hulk. While I am jealous of their activity, the Russian has just been buying whoever the hell he feels like. Urging all without the input of whoever the hell the coach is gonna be.

    Could start out in a disastrous way. As for us, fuck the board, fuck the team, fuck Wenger. That is all.

  47. Jeff

    In movies the underdog nearly always seems to come out on top and just to make it thrilling, he’s given a few handicaps to keep the audience interested and riled up.

    That’s the model we’re pursuing when it comes to the acquisition of new players because they are no more than means to an end. So here we are with our archenemies, all seemingly going for it with new signings and crazy wages whilst we at Arsenal are sharpening sticks. If it were a movie, we’d come top every time against all odds, against all expectation. The great escape, as it were. At the beginning of each season, I can already hear the bloke with the deep voice doing the advert for the trailer

    Unfortunately, it’s not a movie and the Universe does not suspend its laws in order to do Arsenal a huge favour by vindicating our genius manager and proving everyone wrong just so we can proudly say he did it his way. What a feeling. Every AKB in the land should leap for joy and proclaim another thrilling victory as we just manage to fall over the line in the dying seconds. Which line? The one we’re used to.

    Other than diehard AKBs, I don’t think anyone here actually believes that the driver behind this ‘financial prudence’ is the FFP. I certainly do not believe that. Try selfishness and greed laced with a good helping of incompetence at all levels. That would be closer to the truth.

    What Arsenal management and board don’t seem to realise or refuse to acknowledge is that these sugar daddies with their billions stacked up next to them on the poker table are playing a game. Instead of visiting the casino, they’ve decided to buy a football club. They sit there with huge sums available to burn and gamble on super players. On the other hand, here we are with Wenger managing ‘everything’ and surprisingly he doesn’t really want to compete with money and decent players but the one advantage (like our hero in the movies) that he thinks he has over everyone; guile.

    I’ll leave it up to you to decide what exactly that strategy has given us. The perception the AKBs have is that our manager is so superior to everyone else that even with all the financial advantages other teams have, he has managed to keep us close to the top every season. That ought to be enough and we should really be celebrating and counting our blessings; if we are true fans.

    However, when you break down the facts, the results, transfers, wage structure, ticket prices, owner’s absence, crazy contracts, substandard talent, leaving of influential players, lies, spin, excuses, monotony of formation, frailties in defence, wrong tactics and bad results; an altogether different picture begins to emerge. You wonder whether we are doing well or being held back.

    That is the great division at AFC right now and I think more and more people are waking up to the strong smell of fresh coffee.

  48. Moray

    Jeff, right, he treats the club like he was manager of Newcastle.

    Strange really as he did consolidate our position as a top 4 club, but then he went backwards. Something happened along the way to cross his wires.

  49. Jeff

    Don’t you just love it when another club faces adversity, opposition managers love to queue up and heap praise on the replacement manager. Yes, he is going to be a sensation, blah, blah. What utter nonsense. You know that deep inside they are relishing the fact that another club has acknowledged failure and decided to do something about it. Not only that but they probably also think that the new manager will fail for sure. That’s their true opinion but politics is politics.

  50. gambon

    Dear Supporter

    We want you to pre-submit questions so we can give you a thorough answer, it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that we want to avoid answering anything on our lack of success, lack of ambition, lack of a spine and lack of quality signings.

    Now fuck off and buy more merchandise,

    Ivan G

  51. S Asoa

    We did not play Arshavin in the hole , instead had him huffing n panting up n down the wings because Wanker had a dream n his setup had to fit into his obstinacy – only transpired it happened to be Wanker had a wet dream .