De Jong – Master stroke or Arsenal M’Vila price tag cop out? | Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain praise

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Power gurn...

This summer is going be tough people. I forgot how painful it is to craft 600+ words out of nothing every morning. Things really are very quiet at the moment. We’re not being heavily linked with any players and there’s not exactly a lot of scandal going round. So I’ll make the most out of the limited news.

First up, the press are talking about Arsenal taking an interest in Nigel De Jong. This is apparently due to Rennes reluctance to reduce the value of their £17million man Yann M’Vila. How very unlike Arsenal if true. De Jong isn’t a terrible player, but he’s more of a battering ram than a midfielder, but then again, perhaps that’s what we need. He was part of the Dutch side that worked its way to the last world cup final. Sometimes you need a henchman in the middle of the park. As long as they’re a disciplined henchman. I guess the question would be whether he’s really the future of our midfield? He’s 27 years old, a Dutch international when he’s not suspended and he’ll probably be hungry for consistent first team action.

He’d either be a masterstroke or a disaster.

Talking of player from round that region, Belgian midfielder Eden Hazard finally made his decision.


Wow. What a move. He reckons he made the choice off the back of their Champion$ Leagu€ victory. I can understand that. Kind of. Perhaps I’d understand it more if they’d finished somewhere decent in the league. Maybe I’d understand it more if Chelsea had a young team full of potential? Maybe I’d understand it if Chelsea had a history. As they don’t really have any of those attributes, I really do have to question the move. I guess he must have been told Chelsea are ripping the guts out of that team and starting again… with him at the centre of the plans.

I seriously don’t understand why he didn’t go to Manchester United? They’ve been crying out for a player to take over that Paul Scholes role for a while. He’d have been the perfect fit. Still, it’s not my problem. We were never in with a shout. Chelsea have just pulled off the signing of the summer. Make no mistake about that people. That boy has serious talent. We should have made more of an effort when we could. Again, another example of us not being able to compete for tier one players.

The Mail are reporting the reluctance of Arsenal to open contract negotiations with Theo Walcott. That’s ominous. Perhaps they’re waiting to see if anyone comes in for him this summer. If they’re not, they’re once again playing dangerous tactics with a player who is still worth a fair amount due to being handsome, squeaky clean and, obviously, English. He’s a marketing mans dream. Well, he would be if he played a bit better. He’s still pretty young. He’ll definitely carve out a decent career. He’ll have to sharpen that finishing and he’ll have to learn to take more responsibility. I’m just not sure he has that natural instinct for the game player like Jack and Cesc had. I’m willing to be proved wrong though. In fact, I’d love to be proved wrong.

One player I do have high hopes for is Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. He can’t write children’s books, but he is a naturally gifted footballer. He combines pace and power with a sharp intelligence that makes him a danger from all over the pitch. This England debut feels very early in his career. However, he seems like the sort of character who can handle that. The press are obviously in a frenzy about him, but let’s be fair here, it’s not exactly rich pickings. There was a nice article about him in the Guardian.

‘Even so, he has taken so much in his stride. The first impressions made by the youngster since linking up with Roy Hodgson’s party last Wednesday have been hugely promising. Even reassuring. He has mixed well with senior players off the pitch, and seemed at ease and confident on the training ground, slipping seamlessly into the set-up and contributing heavily to the sessions overseen by the new manager. Team-mates have been pleasantly surprised, commenting on his adopted “stature” within the squad which, for a player who stands 5ft 11in, must bode well for his self-confidence.’

Impressing the senior players only seems to be an issue in international football. Who gives a crap what the older players fearful of their places think about Chamberlain?

I don’t know why I got so defensive there. They were saying nice things. It’s ok…

I just hope that he impresses when he’s given the chance. It’s interesting that Hodgson is thinking about him playing across the midfield, not just as a wideman. You really have to trust a youngster to think he’s capable of taking on almost a free role. I think the main difference with this championship is that the expectations of the nation are so unbelievably low, we’re almost writing this tournament off. Any failure this time around probably won’t be put solely at the feet of the players. It’ll be directed at the FA for ballsing up the appointment… well, not so much that, more taking so long to make the decision.

Great news to have the most exciting talent in England being an Arsenal player.

Do I need to leave you on better news than that? Ok. Kalou signed for Schalke. He’s not coming to Arsenal. I’m shocked we didn’t go in for him. Wenger has loved that man for a long time. What has he in store instead?

Wait and see you impatient bastards… it’s only May 29th. Jeez…

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  1. AJ

    hamed alharthi presenter & reporter in Abu Dhabi sports Channel
    Confirms the news-
    Montpellier have accepted an £8.5m bid + Chamakh for Oliver Giroud

    Not very credible. But let’s see.

  2. arsenal1886-2006

    Theo Walcott is a ‘liability’ and should be sold by Arsenal this summer if he is asking for a wage increase, Stewart Robson has told talkSPORT.

    Walcott is reported to be attracting interest from Chelsea, with the England winger out of contract at the end of next season and yet to agree a new deal.
    But Robson insists it would be no great loss if Walcott were to depart the Emirates.
    “It wouldn’t worry me if Theo Walcott were to leave tomorrow,” the former Gunners star said, speaking to the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast show.
    “Theo Walcott, for me, is not a good footballer. He is an athlete who puts on a pair of football boots.
    “He is quick, he is fast, but when he was younger he should have been taught how to be better technically, how to find space, how to find awareness. He has never done that and he is a liability when he is defending.
    “For Theo Walcott to want more money, I would let him go.”

  3. Jeff

    “Montpellier have accepted an £8.5m bid + Chamakh for Oliver Giroud”

    Part exchange is no robbery.

  4. Ricky


    Let’s say September 1st comes, rvp’s long gone & there are no noticeable incomings. Will you be willing to help us plan & time a demo? Or at least give someone like double gooner the platform to get something proper together..

    All it will need Is a few guest posts. (Nothing that should get in the way of our daily read of course! Lol)

    I know pedro’s not into making a scene but I’ve noticed he’d tune has changed alot recently so who knows, you may have a change of mind by now?

    I’m sure I’ve seen Geoff say he’ll support it… All we need is a bit of time to discuss the matter & issues properly along with what issues we’ll be targeting & what message we want to put out there….

  5. Cesc Appeal

    For a club that thinks its ‘self sustainable’ we sure do make our business model rely on a finite income (sale of players) as opposed to being any good at Commercial deals.

    Look at Bayern! Ridiculous levels of commercial investment! We have the worst deficit between income via commercial deals and rank in money charts, Schalke put us to shame being 16th yet bringing in 79 Million in commercial deals.

    So we ask again. What does Ivan Gazidis do exactly???

    1 Bayern Munich 172.9 4
    2 Real Madrid 150.8 1
    3 FC Barcelona 122.2 2
    4 Manchester United 99.4 3
    5 Schalke 04 79.0 16
    6 Liverpool 75.8 8
    7 Chelsea 68.8 6
    8 AC Milan 63.4 7
    9 Hamburger SV 63.2 13
    10 Borussia Dortmund 60.7 n/a
    11 Manchester City 57.0 11
    12 Juventus 55.6 10
    13 Arsenal 53.7 5
    14 Internazionale 48.3 9
    15 Marseille 45.1 15
    16 Lyonnais 42.9 14
    17 Benfica 41.2 n/a
    18 Tottenham 38.5 12
    19 AS Roma 38.1 18
    20 Napoli 37.7 n/a

  6. no handbrake

    Well one day I’ll write a BOOK about comments from Le Grove as they are explosive , honest, straightforward, funny, very clever, not disappointing, addictive and inventing unlike Arsene ltd.

  7. Cesc Appeal

    Sorry awful chart, the first number is income for Commercial deals the second number is where the team ranks in the money chart

  8. Bade

    No handbrake

    All of them on Le Grove are massive cunts, utter wankers

    Moan, moan, moan, that all they know & do

    What are you impressed by?

  9. Gooby


    even the club decided to buy expensive players it is still ripping the fans off.
    everything arsenal related is so expensive.

    It’s not wenger who rips us off, he’s just doing his job, and reaching the goals set buy the board, being competitive, staying the CL while breaking even. Wenger isn’t a fool and he certainly can be sacked when needed. I don’t believe he’s got “full control” or got “mental issues”.

  10. Roger Phillips

    Cesc Appeal,
    Not just a poorly presented graph. The second number is where the team ranks in the ‘money chart’ ?! What kind of money chart places Arsenal 5th ahead of Chelsea, Liverpool and AC Milan? And Man City way back at 11th! Rubbish.

  11. arsenal1886-2006

    Unfortunately it is all true, I live in a house with some Polish people and they are terrible people to live with. One of the girls made a racist comment about the sky, she called it black and I had to remind her that the correct term is ‘sky of african origin’ .

    Seriously though, I live in Ireland and the visitors to this country get dogs abuse from some people. I think the term racism is too strong a word to use sometimes as it is more a case of xenophobia, discrimination and or ignorance.

  12. SUGA3

    I mean, fuck me, sure the football culture in Poland and Ukraine reminds of the 80s in England with all the hooliganism and shit, but the Panorama thing is not exactly gospel…

    dunno about Ukraine, but Poland was portrayed from the perspective of the biggest local rivalries and that twat from ‘Never again’ group sees nazis in his own fucking fridge 😆

    ‘Don’t go, you’ll come back in a coffin’, I mean, really?


    my avatar reflects how I feel about the club now, there is no superhero to save us…

  13. Hitman

    Cant get over Wenger’s ” Dont panic! Its going to be a quiet summer, very little activity, there not much money around, thats what our rivals are telling us” comments from a few weeks ago…

    just before all our major rivals put in £32M bid for Hazard !!
    Either he is gullible or thinks we are.

  14. Ricky


    Those hooligans did look & sound ruthless.

    To the normal “white collar” gentleman that type of behaviour would look frightening as fuck!

    I know it’s probably the minority & the press like to make a big deal out of it but the way some of those black players are treated is completely out of order.

  15. SUGA3


    of course it is some properly scary shit, but they tend to keep it to themselves these days, it was MUCH worse in my teenage time, which was early 90s 😉

    once again, don’t know about Ukraine that much, but if the part about Poland is anything to go by, it has also been blown out of proportion…

  16. no handbrake

    Bade May 29, 2012 18:34:43

    No handbrake

    All of them on Le Grove are massive cunts, utter wankers

    Moan, moan, moan, that all they know & do

    What are you impressed by?
    i was just pointing to the wenger comments that one day he’ll write a book about last summer and what happened, well obviously from from his point of view.

  17. Ricky

    I agree, Ukraine looked much worse.. They looked decades behind Poland in terms of having things under control.

    The thing that baffles me is why would uefa allow a competition as big as this to be played in a country like Ukraine?

    I know racism still exsists everywhere you go but they were extreme with it.

    I was planning to go to Poland with a bird I know who’s family are from Warsaw & I’m not gonna lie, after watching that doc last night I had second thoughts…

  18. Stevethebrightongooner

    Another summer of frustration on its way due to Wengers dithering in the transfer market.

    Van Persie isn’t stupid, he knows what level this squad is at and the longer it takes to get quality players in, the less chance he’ll stay.

    And I’m sure he won’t be impressed with the clubs haggling over the fee for MVila or seeing bargains like Kagawa slip by.

    And on that subject, am I missing something here?

    Wenger used to manage in Japan, Arsenal like to buy players from asia to enhance their “brand” in developing footballing markets, Wenger likes a cheap bargain, we’ve got Ryo at the club to help him settle in. Can someone explain to me why we’re not at least making a fight of signing Kagawa???

    Its a no-brainier and it sounds like incompetence to me.

    Rant over.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    Does no one else think that Arsenal planning to fail (setting aside £35 Million in case we don’t make UCL) we are setting ourselves up to fail

  20. SUGA3


    it’s all politics, that Ukrainian Surkis dude is extremely influential, as a matter of fact, the tournie was given to Ukraine first and foremost, especially taking into the account that there was a push to include Ukraine in the ‘western’ European circle back then…

    like I said, the hooligans are keeping it to themselves and normally outside the grounds, save for the Cracow ‘holy war’ nonsense, but still Cracow is visited by Brits en masse

    the hooligans arrange pretty fucking spectacular fights in the woods and other remote locations, 50 against 50 or whatever,more often than not. they even have medics on the scene 😆

  21. Ricky


    That fall is coming wether we realise it or not.

    If we go out there at the start of the season with the same bunch of players we have minus van persie, I’ll put all the money I can get together on us finishing outside the top four.

  22. Stevethebrightongooner

    I seem to remember a quote from a season or two back with Wenger saying something along the lines of …

    “if the right player is available, I will spend 20 or even 30 million on one player as long as he is better than what we already have”

    Wake up Wenger, Hazard is off to Chelsea and Kagawa is off to United … Get the money out for MVila before he goes elsewhere.

    Or do we already have better players in these positions?

    Yeah right, sure we have Arsene, don’t make me laugh.

    Rant continued (on one tonight).

  23. no handbrake

    YOU MISTER WENGER AND PHW DESERVE NOTHING LESS THEN LIVE IN EXILE SOMEWHERE SIBERIA ,FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE DONE TO US FANS. The only think you care about is your fucking bank statement. If i was a hacker i would get to your fucking bank account and rob you of all of your fucking pennies . Then when you broke completely then you get what you deserve and fuck off from OUR club.

  24. Stevethebrightongooner

    My mistake … He said he’d spend 40 million on the right player.

    Yeah right, sure you would Arsene, sure you would … Hazard and Kagawa aren’t good enough are they?

    I believe you … Not.

  25. Curdy Dunt

    I didnt see the panorama show …but….if Jedward can survive the terrorist outpost that is Azerbaijan (which is actually Urdu for “My big dirty caravan wedding gang bang”) then I think people can survive a few Ukrainian women taking their tops off in protest at the colour of their own flag … as I say I didnt see the show – so maybe I dunno what Im talking about – but I for one love tits…so lets all go together and hold hands in solidarity of our joint love of breasts…

  26. Curdy Dunt

    I didnt see the panorama show …but….if Jedward can survive the terrorist outpost that is Azerbaijan (which is actually Urdu for “My big dirty caravan wedding gang bang”) then I think people can survive a few Ukrainian women taking their tops off in protest at the colour of their own flag … as I say I didnt see the show – so maybe I dunno what Im talking about – but I for one love tits…so lets all go together and hold hands in solidarity of our joint love of breasts…

  27. BacaryisGod

    Perhaps I have just become a little more realistic over the years, but I would be quite happy to see the following additions, deletions and renewals by the time the window closes:

    Additions: Podolski, Dempsey, M’Vila, Experienced back-up GK.
    Deletions: Bendtner, Denilson, Vela, Arshavin, Squillaci, Park (even if on loan)
    Renewals: Van Persie, Walcott, Song

    G: Chezzer, New GK back-up, Martinez, Park
    D: Sagna, Gibbs, Santos, Kozzer, Mert, Vermaelen, Djourou, Jenkinson (behind Coquelin as back-up)
    M: Wilshere, Song, M’Vila, Arteta, Ramsey, Diaby, Gervinho, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Rosicky, Coquelin
    F: Van Persie, Podolski, Dempsey, Chamakh

    That’s a squad which may not win the title but will have a great chance of a Top 4 finish, a domestic trophy and a good Champions League run.

  28. Dan Ahern

    Here’s the thing about history: during all of Eden Hazard’s formative years, Chelsea were the ones actually winning things. Sure they don’t have actual history, but in his experience, they’re the ones who are consistently battling it out for trophies. Our last triumphs were when he was what, 13? 14? Meanwhile Chelsea won the Prem twice, the FA Cup a bunch, and now the CL too. Think about it: since he was like 16 basically all he’s seen is Arsenal oscillate between 3rd and 4th whilst selling off their stars.

  29. BillikenGooner

    Maybe we can take advantage of the latest Italian crime spree and pick up a few cheaply that want out of that corrupt league.

  30. bayo

    I dont think we need 2 players such as wilshire and kagawa in thesame thing because of their height. I would only get angry the day i read that m vila signs for another club.

  31. zeus

    Gooner63May 29, 2012 20:23:09
    Can someone explain to me why we’re not at least making a fight of signing Kagawa???Easy – costs more than £10mill


    He’s already a double Bundesliga and German cup winner, Wenger can’t take credit for discovering him.

    Plus Belhanda has French African links, so he will go off the Africa every 2 years which means he would be like a winter signing every 2 years. (should we get him that is)

  32. chopper4001

    Steve, the other thing that gets me about Kagawa is that we’ve got the perfect bargaining chip with a certain Nik Bendtner.

    Dortmund want him. He wants to go. We want shot.

    How is this hard business?

    Its actually why I’m still a bit hopeful that we’ll sign him. I never learn though.

  33. SDE

    “Steve, the other thing that gets me about Kagawa is that we’ve got the perfect bargaining chip with a certain Nik Bendtner. Dortmund want him. He wants to go. We want shot.How is this hard business?Its actually why I’m still a bit hopeful that we’ll sign him. I never learn though.”

    Maybe Bendtner does not want to go to Dortmund..
    Bendtner did say he would weigh up his options after the Euros..So I’m assuming that Bendnter will have the final say as to where he goes..

    It’s not like Bendtner is dealing with a Fergie type figure after all..Where under Fergie he will have no option but to leave-if he knows what’s good for him-right??!!

    Let’s face it Wenger is an enabler!!

  34. gambon


    Maybe Klopp knows what hes doing and wouldnt play him on the right wing like Arsene Wanker did.

    Not all managers are trying to reinvent the game (and failing massively)

  35. Dimitri

    Nope, sorry Gambon. Even in the middle he is still shit. Klopp is too smart to go anywhere near him.

  36. Cesc Appeal

    Klopp has Lewandowski anyway, no chance he’d look twice at Bendtner.

    He even replaces well, they got Reus in super quick knowing that they were going to lose Kagawa.

    We had about three years warning we’d be losing Cesc….Aaron Ramsey 🙁

  37. Dan Ahern

    You have to think Bendtner is at least somewhat attractive to Dortmund considering Robert Lewandowski will probably be looking at a couple offers this summer.

  38. AA23

    Chelsea might sign Walcott?
    that could negate Hazard entirely.
    Sign him Chelsea, Walcott is fucking brilliant.

  39. AA23

    Hazard beats 3, puts a stunner of a lofted through ball to Walcott with one bewildered defender to beat…
    goal kick
    every single time

  40. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t often laugh out loud on here but

    with one bewildered defender to beat…
    goal kick
    every single time

    achieved it, mainly because i said it with a Will Ferrell voice in my head

  41. azed

    A chavs mate of mine has been gloating over Hazard. When he’s bored, he reads the LG comment section. He just sent me an sms which reads,
    “Arsenal interested in free agent Reo-Coker”

    We are officially the red version of spuds.

  42. Kempster

    Pretty disillusioned with all the Wenger hate on here.

    Don’t believe the hype guys.

    Nice site Pedro


  43. Cesc Appeal

    Breaking News!!

    Slamming your dick in a drawer is actually less painful than watching Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidis attempt to run a football club

  44. Gabriel Rhodes

    while i think De jong would add some “steel” to the midfield fuck is he a sloppy tackler. We need clean tackles or something who turns defense into offense quickly De Jong simply tackles to injure

  45. Charlie G

    I thought Hazard would sign for MU, must be a very big disappointment for Sir Alex. Kagawa is the back up.
    Giroud would be another great signing. Hopefully followed by M’Villa. Then the team is complete and ready for next season, regardless whether Robin sins an extension or not.

  46. Senderoff

    Walcott will play in euro and we’ve got both cases covered, if he plays well then he will demand a payrise and if we can’t pay it then he will easily be sold for a good wedge. Sure he will probably be replaced with Hoilett but we will have the cash to splash on that attacking central midfielder…

    If he plays rubbish and England don’t progress past group stage then he will sign a boring 60k contract.

    Either way the savings in wages or fees or both (if he has a great euro and gets picked up by city as their alternative to missing out on hazard and their attempt to undermine Arsenes team building for a second season) will maybe allow that big purchase for Goetze

  47. Jeff

    60k is still too much for Walcott. He should be on something like 15k. Wellbeck is on 15k and he’s haggling to go up to 45k so why on earth would Walcott demand 120k? It’s unrealistic, underserving and utterly stupid.

  48. Jeff

    The other thing about Walcott is that people who are impressed with him only look at the handful of things of note that he’s done over the course of his career so far. They don’t look at the other 99% of the time when he is marked out, injured, tired, can’t be asked, wrong pass, gives it away, scuffs the shot, blames others, falls over easily, runs down blind alleys, misreads the situation.. need I go on?

  49. dennisdamenace

    Jeff – Walcott’s pay is just indicative of a failing wage structure at the club.

    A wage structure that prevents us from attracting/buying top quality players, NOT the actual fee.

    Meritocracy does not exist under Wenger’s management, except for himself, the £8m a year man.

  50. Jeff

    What is also astonishing is that we don’t put up any kind of fight when it comes to transfers. We will only buy someone if absolutely nobody else bids for them. We are so terrified of paying over the odds, but we are not at all perturbed with buying and keeping nearly a dozen or so high-wage players who not only give us nothing but stop other people coming in because of the wage costs.

    Would it not be better to sell 12 useless players, save the wages, and bring in maybe 3 world class players and pay them what has been saved?

    Oh but that would be too simple and an admission of past mistakes. We can’t have that, can we? AW’s ego is his and our worst enemy.

  51. Jeff

    DM, of course I agree. I have always been very critical of our wage scheme and it is probably the biggest factor in determining who comes to the club. The decision is so easy for a player to make given what they know about us.

  52. dennisdamenace

    70+ professional contracts, a wage bill of around £125m AFTER the offloading of Nasri & Fabregas…….

    It all stinks of financial mismanagement.

    Is it such rocket science as to make the conclusion that;

    1. There are far too many professionals contracted at the club.
    2. There are far too many professionals being paid top top dollar for at best average abilities, and at worst just being bit part players.

    Noticeable though that this wage structure prevents us from offering (for instance) Mata the reputed £120k per week he wanted, but doesn’t prevent Wenger from drawing his £154,000 a week.

    That alone stinks.

  53. Geoff

    Yes Dennis but when we say it we are Wenger haters. No one at board or press level have ever questioned his purchase of Park and the fact he played him twice.

    He should have paid for that out of his own salary.

    He is untouchable, non-accountable and fucking greedy.

  54. IvoryGoonz

    Id like to know how much money in merchandise sales and Tv rights did Park pourchasse bring…
    Thats the reason.
    So was it worth spending 3m to get 2m in shirt sales and from Korean market, but freezing one of the 25 man spot? F* balance sheet