Site back up: Robin leaving – it’ll be ok, here’s why

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Afternoon everyone, apologies if the site went down for you. It was a memory problem I’ll get sorted next week.

We’re back up and running. Here is the article if you missed it.

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  1. Sam-Gooner

    Pedro what happened suddenly that you are so sure of RVP leavingz?? Surely a Mirror article is not enuf to convince you!! or are you holding up something?
    Whatever stats you through up,it WOULD be very difficult to replace Robin but again we have sold our best players one by one each summer (and held on to the dross) but still managed top 4.Always remember Wenger targets top 4 unlike the fans.Top 3 is a major achievement for him(a trophy) as he claimed after the end of this season that this was one his greatest years as managers!!

  2. incesc

    the whole part about theos wage demands is skewed by what man city are doing.

    milner is supposedly on 120k and johnson on 9ok a week

    van rapist is off to citeh just to get paid more. They dont need a striker, they have 6 of them and we have 1.

    football is broken, one team is on a completely different playing field to everyone else.

  3. Jon

    Sam-Gooner – Top 3 might not be a trophy – but its better than winning the Carling Cup or the FA Cup – or indeed the Europa Cup.

    Who had the better season – Liverpool or Arsenal? Who has the happier fans?

    And for the record – Wenger NEVER claimed this was his greatest season – others did, including George Graham. Get yer facts right and talk sense or dont talk at all!

  4. Kemp1886

    Can’t make up my mind about Van Persie.This summer is the right summer to sell him because I can’t imagine him repeating the season that he just had,especially after euro 12.Just keep thinking about how buggered Bergkamp came back after world cup 98.Plus we did flog Van Persie last year when he should have been rested.I wouldn’t mind selling if I believed that we would invest the money wisely. However,there comes a point where you can’t keep selling your best players.As the post says,Arsenal fans can’t keep having this every summer.It hurts me what Wenger and the board are doing to our club.

  5. Curdy Dunt

    Just in terms of the comments regulary posted I thought Id give my 2 cents…

    If we sell the following players:
    Bentner for 3.5m
    Denilson 1.25m
    Squilaci 0.001m
    Fabianski 0.00009 m
    Djourou 0.00002 carrots

    We’d also release a total of 600k per week in wages which we can re invest in really good players. For example – lets say Bendtners wages of 60k per week and Fabainskis of 50k per week – that would be 110k per week. I figured that out by adding the two numbers together.

    Addition is a mathematical operation that represents combining collections of objects together into a larger collection. It is signified by the plus sign (+).

    So we could then go and get a player whos really good and say “hey, would you like 100k per week?” and hed say “yes thanks” and then wed get him to sign a contract and hed play football for us.

    We’d then have 10k per week left over. We could invest that in something like an equity hedge fund – so, say we invest 70% of the funds in long stocks and 30% invested in the shorting of stocks the net exposure to the equity markets is 40% (70%-30%) and the fund would not be using any lettuce or cheese – this would mean Denilsons wages could be invested in wheat and corn crops in Indonesia, whilst still maintaing a gross exposure of 110% (80%+30% = 110%), which would leverage 10% of Djourous long stock optinons in Middle Eastern fig rolls.

    That all may simple in lay mans terms – but in reality what we’d also have to do is bring in Stadium repayment plans and future investment in tea ladies and uniforms for the 2 girls who work part time in the club shop. If we were to sub let our pre existing indentures at 33% over a long term coefficient of (hold on I just need to look up more nonsensical words so I sound like I know what I’m talking about…) …ok Im back….anyway where was I?…so lets say we indenturise the co-efficiency of a sub prime tea lady unifrom and leverage that against the oncoming upward 26% of the total percentages of the pro forma invoice which we would have sent to ourselves prior to the tax ombudsmans letter of intra marital subsidary proposals of intermittent liability decuctions.

    Again – “Simple!!” I hear you all screm…but wait – give a moments thought to the long term grass seed need for future long stock optionalised garden maintenance AND the need for window cleaning low yield wipes at 2%.

    If we could do all that at 3% over the next low yield 5 years at a rate of 324 days per year (not including high interest pro forma leap years) then we could finish 4th next year 100% guaranteed. Maybe.

  6. Jim24

    Don’t read too much into the Mirror article. Its written by Matt Law who recently switched from Express to Sunday Mirror and this article was probably written to make his sensational debut at Mirror. Besides, I highly doubt RVP would be thinking about his transfer situation right now over the Euros. We’ll only know about all our transfer targets (if any?!) and Robin scenario after the Euros.

  7. Mike Monday

    Ha ha ha funny, it’s become the best record that arsenal can do when the let go there only best talented players in every single season.the question it Arsene wenger or chief evan or is it the owner that doesn’t release the money??????


    Pedro,honestly I don’t consider RVP leaving our club,for the following reasons to say the least
    1 He’s not a Cashley Cole type
    2 Nor he’s a Cashly Nasri type
    3 He’s not not so stupid not to consider what Arsenal did to him when spending so much time injured

  9. useroz

    however you look at it, AFC is a poorly run plc…

    wenger simply mis-manages our finance and would have been sacked and publicly shamed if we were a corporation

    this is the worse example of corporate and business governance

    imagine a large portion of ‘investor’ money being paid to substandard stock, year on year, with no signs of stopping…

    wenger OUT

  10. Harry Redknapp

    from what i hear nasri chose man city for the money but did not leave arsenal because of money. i understand that a year before he left he discussed a new contract and plans with arsene wenger, then he told wenger fine i will sign a deal when all these promises are kept. a year later they came back to the table and he said im not interested not one signing or promise was kept. i can see van going the same way

  11. sam

    yup very confusing!
    this team needs a serious upgrading and clearance and wenger wants us to believe he’s doing a great job thats why he called 3th place a success. we are not tottenham thats proof that he’s no longer capable of managing a big team we came out 3th with 19 points behind league leaders and had to rely on a dodgy goal to qualify for the champions league. a winner should have admitted failure and promised improvement. that means coming hard on defenders and bringing some discipline then axing lame ducks from the starting lineup. at least bring in new players and order them to fight for their place in the team. nope, wenger will never do that. we will see ramsey, walcott , djourou and possibly arshavin next season and they will be picked ahead of everyone with no competition whatsoever.
    clearance is laughable coz almunia doesn’t count, his contract expired plus 6 kids who meant nothing to the first team. how many players did arsenal transfer listed? zero.
    meaning there is a possibility we will still be paying bendtner, vela and co. and the number of loanees could increase to world record 30.
    if this is not mismanagement i dont know what is it.
    still confusing because i don’t agree with van persie, he has no right to dictate who we should buy, had we signed someone better and kept him on the bench because of his fitness, he would have scored less goal and richer club would have ignored him. coz someone of the game he was crap, like wigan defenders just targeted his left foot to make sure he doesn’t use it. he’s not henry he can bog off, the only fear here is what wenger will do with the money. he doesn’t replace superstar with a new one like spending the fee on the benzema/neymar/cavani of this world. he will go to car boot sale for replacement.
    its going to be a very long summer

  12. graham okeeffe

    I wouldnt mind us brining kalou,drogba on a bosman and woudnt mind seeing us put a bid in for nathan dyer. Dyer has theo pace, is more direct scored 5 goals in a side that is half of what we are and has yossi/miquels workrate. He also wouldnt break the bank in terms of monthly wage and has to be cheaper than most euro imports etc. Sell theo,sell RVP, offload/cancel contracts bendtner,denilson,squillaci,park,chamakh,fabianski.,asrshavin,diaby.Buy another quality frontman,defensive midfielder,right back (jenkinson needs time and we need a decent back up to bacara assuming he recovers in time for next season). Bring afobe into the squad and play him at least in the tin pot cup and look at replacing the departures with a few decent 26-28 yr old proven squad players of decent quality (they dont need to be world class just premiership class)

  13. sam

    iffy the goon!
    thats not the point, 10 millions or whatever he still has no right to blackmail arsenal. ryo,coquelin,chamberlain.podolski and wilshere will start the season like new signings if we add 2 or 3 squad players and we are set.
    wtf does he want us to sign? personally i don’t worry about signings. its the selection coz the weirdo one picks bad players coz he loves them.
    i watch ryo playing for japan oh we have new ronaldo. why is he not even a squad player?

  14. sam

    graham okeefe!
    sorry no kalaloo
    park chu young is better and can’t even get a game
    if wenger signs him coz he loves him then we have another problem
    drogba’s going to china

  15. saminator

    please, please, van persie is not demanding to go because he wants to go or
    because of money. he’s simply telling the arsenal to match his ambition…buy quality players to fight for the title!!!1

  16. wengerafc

    What are the odds on Incesc and SDE having a punch up ? Who gives a monkeys left testicle about Carvalho and his CL trophy. The message from all fans should be- Arsenal, go sign some big names this year and put the ‘ THE’ back into The Arsenal. Otherwise Kroenke and Gazidis should go an annoy some other football club and its loyal fans, preferably thousands of miles away from The Grove !