Kagawa is on the radar | Steve Bould quotes as expected | Positive Arsenal vibes about the summer

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Good morning Grovers! It’s a quick post from me today as I’m literally melting away at my desk.

The devastating news today is that we’re not one of the clubs Eden Hazard wants to play for. The young Belgian winger has stated that he’s only interested in moving to Chelsea, City or United. Those are this weeks clubs of his dreams… so I’m guessing we’ll see him move there shortly. I can’t believe that anyone is going to pay an untested player £200k a week off the back of 3 good seasons in Ligue One… crazier things have happened though. Like Nandos inventing a breakfast roll… yes people, it’s true. A BREAKFAST ROLL. Check it out.

In news of a more tea lady like nature… I had an interesting call yesterday. I know lots of people were jumping on the back of Steve Bould after his comments in the press about the squad only needing minor tweaks. This to many felt like we’d be getting more of the same. Well, I think we firstly have to realise he’s coming into a new job. If you were in the real world taking over a department from someone who had been there 43 years… it’s doubtful you’d go in and tell the team half of them were useless and everything was in a right royal mess.

He’s fully aware that certain players aren’t cutting the mustard, he knows that certain processes aren’t being undertaken that could improve us and he knows there’s loads of work to do. He’s just easing his way in. The last thing he wants to do is slate players that he might have to call upon next season if he can’t move them on.

On the player front, we’re working on bringing players in but from the sounds of it, we’re working far harder on moving them out of the club. We have a ridiculous wage bill, we can’t bring in loads of players without thinking about what we’ll do with the ones we have to pay right now. Moving on Chamakh is going to be tough. If you look at the French league, Montpellier have just won it with a top earner on £15k a week. Chamakh is taking home £75k. What are the chances that he’d leave to take a pay cut of £60k? The only hope you have is a club in a better league taking an interest. It’s the same for a number of other players, who’d take Squillaci on £50k? He’s too old and too poor. Who’d take Denilson? He’s useless. We know that. I think the only way we’re going to get around the contract issues off a lot of these players is to do deals… realease them and take the hit. Give them an early bosman. What they lose in basic they can make up for in signing on fee.

These players are still capable on some level… just not at the top. Which unfortunately is where we’ve pitched their salaries. You have to hope and pray that we’re not going to make the same mistakes with players moving forward. Potential is not a good way to guage a contract.

Talking of future players, I’ve heard nothing on M’Vila. Though I’m sure we’re sniffing around. The hottest lead I can give you is that it does sound like we’re working hard on a deal to bring Kagawa over. The midfielder is super talented and he’s full of goals and assists. He’d be the perfect addition to our midfield and he’d be the perfect addition to our marketing portfolio. Isn’t is sweet how Arsenal fans always look at the business value of a player when we assess talent.

Jack Wilshere should be fine for the start of the season. His issue was around a recurring problem he’s had for years. That’s sorted now. The foot is strong like a bull. He’ll be fine for the start of the season. We’ll also have a fit Arteta and Mertesacker. There’s no hope for Diaby… but you all knew that anyway. We have the core of a strong squad. If we bring in 3-4 players and shift on 6 in the process, we’ll be a far better outfit come the new season.

I’m positive about this summer. You should be to. Things sound very different to this time last year. It does all come down to the will of the club to move on players who offer no value other than a big smile.

That’s the post out of the way.

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  1. SDE

    Any AKB’s left?

    You mean now currently on this blog?

    Probably watching Barca,& salivating @ the thought of prizing away 1,or 2 of their players..Pseudo scouts for wenger..”We are only 2 signings away from quality…!!That’s all…!!”

    Don’t know how 2 signings of quality can miraculously overturn a 7 year deep rooted problem..

    The funniest AKB is keyser…Well if you’re in a good mood,he’s vastly entertaining..
    If you’re in a bad mood,you need a pack of paracetamols for the headache he brings on& his annoyance.

  2. SDE


    Thanks Jamal….I’ll need it…
    Actually prefer one-2-one sports,rather than team sports..Sports like tennis,swimming,athletics,squash..
    No hiding place,or shirking of responsibilities like the arsenal team…

    Anyway,what position do you play?

    I used to play as a CM..,but was also pretty agile as a GK

  3. Gary T

    For just about every other club summer is a time of excitement and anticipation with regards to new signings. With the “top” clubs it’s a time to progress and show intent for the forthcoming season with the addition of quality players to strengthen.

    For us however it’s an annual skinflint exercise in trying to get by with the use of minimal resources which will only be possible through further shafting the fans. Not a fucking chance of the obscenely rich owner and parasitic board putting their grubby fat fingers in their cavernous pockets though.

    Self sufficient is all well and good if you want your shares to look after themselves but it aint going to win shit in today’s world of football. A couple of weeks into it and I’m already pissed off with it!

    4th richest club in the world…………my hairy fucking hole!!

  4. SDE

    Leeds Gunner

    Quite funny that your last post…Had me laughing!!

    Sad but true..What can we realistically offer any player of quality that thinks about coming to Arsenal,relative to the other options,i.e. Man Utd,Man City,Chelsea..

  5. dave


    I know that they are their and I used to get frustrated at their comments,

    I’ve had a run in with Keyser and I think Mayank (if I’m wrong on that one – apologies).

    I just don’t get their logic / reasoning. One minute you are discussing football then they twist your argument into nonsense.

    Honestly, I feel sorry for them now.

  6. iffy the goon

    strange that lg didn’t pick up on theo’s fam staying away from the olympics cos of racists. Must be a bunch of lunatics in ukraine. Trust sepp blatter to sanction the euros in such a hellhole

  7. SDE

    “I just don’t get their logic / reasoning. One minute you are discussing football then they twist your argument into nonsense.Honestly, I feel sorry for them now.”

    The culprits are keyser,mayank,incesc,daledegooner,off the top of my head..
    Yep,you are right,the twisting of one’s argument into nonsense by them is funny when one is bored…

    On a slightly different note,Barca have a bad season& win 4 trophies this season & the manager resigns.

    Arsenal win didley squat for 7 seasons,finish 3rd this season& by large this season is considered wenger’s greatest achievement.On top of the fact that there is talk of wenger having his contract renewed prior to 2014..

    Only at Arsenal!!!

  8. sam

    did someone say arshavin might come back?
    then why are we looking for new midfielder? we might as well bring back denilson and bendtner.
    after being humiliated by barca i really hoped wenger will spend summer plotting revange. nope, we got humiliated again my milan.
    now just wondering who’s gonna spank up next season
    i am not anti wenger but i lost hope that we will win anything under wenger. if he cannot substitue his playmaker for giving passes for 80 minutes you have to ask yourself if this coach really wanna win. a playmaker should be a good passer of the ball. if thats not happening then the team will struggle.

  9. Ric

    SDEMay 25, 2012 21:17:10
    That post should be saved for posterity and put up as a welcoming sign.

    Hi you have reached le grove, you are an Arsenal fan, you’re pissed and you don’t really know why. We won’t make you happy but you’ve just taken the first step to grasping the full gravity of our situation…

    Phase 1… (and so on)

  10. sam

    and clueless wingers who can’t go pass defenders

    its so painful to watch arsenal these days

    can we bring back quincy owusu abey?

  11. Gary T

    Just how knackered will RVP be if Holland progress in the EURO’s? It’s a concern if we do manage to hold onto him, so what are the chances of him staying relatively fit for a second season in a row? Pretty low I’d guess, which is a worry when you consider how much this team depends on him. Podolski could also be shagged out when the Krauts inevitably do well after having played a whole season also.

    Same goes for most successful club teams but then most successful club teams have a squad that can cope whilst we fucking well do not. Reinforcements are required this year more than ever, not that we’ll get them mind.

    The writings on the wall, even the daftest of cunts can read it, yet just watch our custodians stand by whilst we flounder.

  12. Ric

    kwik fitMay 25, 2012 23:20:20
    So who’s going to win the euro’s then?

    Germany or potheads, feat RVP?

  13. kwik fit

    Apparently Sagna said “how well M’Vila will settle in at Arsenal.”
    We’ve got him but Arsenal ruin the excitement cos they leave it until its officially announced.

  14. Gary T

    Kwik, I’m about to go to bed so did Sagna really say that about M’Villa? It would make the world of difference to my mood when I get up for a middle aged piss in a few hours you understand.

  15. Gunner2301

    Pedro great post as usual. I think you’re way too optimistic on Kagawa. Ferguson scouted him in person and how often does he do that? (I can’t remember Wenger doing that but if SAF turns up to watch you himself you have to be impressed) So we are starting the 400m with Man U already round the 2nd bend as we just get out of the blocks. SAF means business this Summer the City things pissed him off just watch what squad he assembles for next season.

    On Bould not sure what to read into those statements, things could go either way and worse case we see no change at all. Maybe he can figure out a way to improve the defence without compromising the high line? It remains to be seen.

    I read this today and the wage bill we all know about but what jumped out for me was the use of 1 star player to carry the team and that’s been the case since the invincibles were broken up. For a big team that is appalling and Wenger is not worth his wages for reducing the team to a 1 man show. Pedro I hope the AST have some hard questions to put to Gazidis about this whole affair.


    SDE this has to be the post of the day, I tip my hat to you, cracked me up 😆
    “Yep Wenger sure loves the club,in the same way like how Gaddaffi loved Libya,Saddam loved Iraq & Mugabe loves Zimbabwe..”

  16. SDE


    SDEMay 25, 2012 21:17:10
    That post should be saved for posterity and put up as a welcoming sign. Hi you have reached le grove, you are an Arsenal fan, you’re pissed and you don’t really know why. We won’t make you happy but you’ve just taken the first step to grasping the full gravity of our situation…Phase 1… (and so on)

    Thanks Ric…lol

    Did you experience similar phases?

  17. Gary T

    Ahhhhh, thanks mate your a wonderful man.

    Was afraid my last thought was going to be of that lumbering oaf Gus Ceaser ffs, what a shit fucking player he was.

    Goodnight Gentleman.

  18. Curdy Dunt

    lads anyone whos still talkin about arsenal at midnight on a friday needs to get fucking laid….seriosuly lads get your shit together…………………………………………… noooo tiddels!!!!!!!!1!!! lick the testicle I put the cat food on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tiddles is such a retard…I miss m goldfish…I shouldnt have fucked her brains out – should I mr sock?

    “Nnnnnghhh …why u awrays arsk meh surch seliosth quasthions?”

    Sorry mr sock.

    I mean…solly.

  19. SDE

    “So we are starting the 400m with Man U already round the 2nd bend as we just get out of the blocks.”

    How goes it?
    Quite funny your comment above..So true..lol


  20. sam

    costa rica-guatemala tonight kickoff 3 am
    one more cap for joel campbell and he might reach 15 before the new season

  21. Curdy Dunt

    Ooooooh loooooky looo – its past the midnight hour – its time i check m’bank balance n see if i got paid….if i did im headin off to swords….if i didnt….mr sock ure comin to bed…

    “whaa yuh alwayrs arsk meh tuh duh tayngs may no wahhhanna do? im sayck of yuh shexual advrances…and ah hate tha way yuh neverrrr gerrr involved in d interrrrrectual debates of re-glove.co.uk….it tluuury sickens me yuh cuntfrap…” whispered mr sock under the moonright.

  22. Curdy Dunt

    “Wha yuh ask that furrkin arsshole if he make paahtay? If yuh wann parray or paahtay or whatever way is phonetically collect to make fun of Azerbaijani transvestites yuh talk to me ok, klik flit?” wondered mr sock as he wandered down the pebbley path of underage dolphin love.

  23. kwik fit

    It has started to become sick in term’s of M’vila will not say that he has signed for us. Even though every one knows he’s signed but Wenger will not allow it to be announced. . He will delay the announcement so much that the enjoyment of a new signing will be completely gone.

  24. kwik fit

    Eden Hazard: REVEALED! The club with the best chance of giving him what he wants

    The 9 iron cos i can stick it up my own arse…you know what I mean?

  25. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    DJ Kwik on the Graveyard shift spinning the disks for the lonely gooners!

    Tiarnan pops up in his latest party costume..

    Things are getting back to normal here!


  26. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Love Scouting for Girls Kwik… You’ve got da musical moves..

    One for you..

    You gotta pump up the vol and lay back and take in all 10 mins of this!

  27. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Dr Mengele passed briefly through Kincasslagh on his way to Brazil in ’45 and his genetic legacy was the O Donnels!

  28. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    And when I’m not watching The Arsenal I’d rather like to be a Wild West Hero..

  29. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Kwik aint blinded by the light.. he see’s through all the BS from The Toupee’d one!

  30. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    The Rats!!! Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock

    I’m not disconnected…

    Kwik putting me UNDER PRESSURE!

  31. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    You’ve got a good heart Kwik… here for the gooners late into the night!

  32. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Sam leave the dancefloor with that pint glass please and your curry supper is all over the front of your shirt

  33. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    If you wanna get kissed Kwik.. You’ll have to move fast.. There she goes…

  34. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    And if you miss her.. No worries Kwik.. Stay strong and remember boys don’t cry..

  35. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    The Jam and Sweet! 😉

    There’s gotta be a new order down Ashburton Grove way

  36. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Get it now gooners.. Kwik and Thomas won’t be here tomorrow night..

    We love to boogie on saturday nights..

  37. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    And when you saw this you said.. fuck me, look what they’ve done with my Yazoo!

  38. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    It’s been real Kwik.. Gonna grab some Zzzz’s

    Last one of the night for you.

    So how can you tell me you’re lonely,
    And say for you that the sun don’t shine?
    Let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of London
    I’ll show you something to make you change your mind

  39. David Andreassen

    If it’s true that Manure arenegoriating a 12 million pound deal with Everton for Baines Gunners should stop fckin about with that Spuds lovin Verm wnnabe cunt Vertongen and take that 10 mil, add another 5 and throw them at Everton with a card sayin pretty fckin PLSSS!

    A proper LB would bring a helluva lot more to our defence than a pale Verm copy for a back up CB.

    Together with a old goalie to bring out the best of Scesz and another DM and some Bould coaching would actually give us a proper chance of shaving 15-20 goals of our stas in a single season…




    Penetrate that if you will!!

  40. David Andreassen

    Whoever it was commenting that Giroud would just be another Camack might wan’t to actually see the players play for at least a game before passing judgement.

    Giroud is not even close to Cham in terms of playong style. For instance he’s a runner, something Cham never was. He also scores most of his goals with his feet and also got a wicked shot on him, none of which is something Cham is known for.

    If your gonna wine, atleast try and sound like you know anything at all about what the fck your goong on about.


    Pedro May 25, 2012 18:01:20 Ric… Wenger will leave the club in a cracking position.
    Infrastructure, cash in the bank, young players coming through…
    Are you crazy of just le senile in disguise?
    A cracking position? outside the champions league and probably not even in europe. Mid Table mate Cash in the bank of wenger and the wig and PHW
    Get real mate no one believes the AKBs anymore

  42. gambon


    Uncle Tonys daughter moved to Australia to avoid his sexual advances.

    She couldve just told him she wasnt a bloke and he wouldve been long gone.

  43. Samir

    Where the fuck are our signings? We need them early to get RVP to sign for fuck’s sake! Wenger you useless cunt!
    Clear out the shit ASAP…Or release them and buy:


  44. David Andreassen

    Sell Song? Only a desperate gooner would actually suggest selling the top assist makermof the season…especially when our most important player aka the one on the recieving end of those passes is doubting wheter or not to resign.

    What’s wrong with hos attitude? Think he has a great attitude, mostly doing a great job and on top of that the rest of the team claims he’s the joker bringing the fun into the changing room, not to mention his years of Arsenal experience.

    I can understand the frustration on some occasions during seasons past, atleast during the last one, but to put the defensive failings on him as an individual when it’s mostly down to tacticall failiures is just dafyåt and makes you sound like younstarted watching football last week.

    Song ofc needs to stay, tactics need to be adjusted and most of all we need to be ADDING to the core squad, not exchanging one proven for two new players..none of whom are proven in the EPL.

    Add Mvila to Song, adjust the tactics by rotating the middle triangle so that the base is towatds our own goal and not the other way around, and we’ll be much better of in my not so humble opinion..