Anzhi offer Robin £300k a week | Why Spurs weekend demise is brilliant | No news on Arsenal target M’Vila

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Welcome to Monday. Did everyone have a super weekend? I hope so… I truly hope so.

Onto football.

First up. It’s two days on and I’m actually starting to think I’m enjoying Spurs being out of the Champions League more than the bother that Chelsea won it. Sure we’d like to have been the first London club to win it, but then again I’d like to have been the first guy to take Megan Fox out to the movies. Sometimes life’s a bitch. Much in the same way I don’t have much chance of courting A-list superstars, realistically, whilst we’re still trying to sell in the self-sustainable dream, we don’t have much chance of winning the worlds premier competition.

So that’s why I’m enjoying the Spurs demise. Reasons to enjoy the outcome…

  • Spurs fans thought Arsenal would have to qualify. We don’t.
  • Thursday’s can return to being Spursday’s
  • Bale and Modric won’t sign new deals.
  • Ade won’t take a 50% pay cut / City unlikely to loan them players again after Redknapp pushed for a Balottelli suspension last  year
  • According to someone I spoke to, Harry isn’t happy at the Spuds
  • Spurs need Champions League football to fund a stadium move
  • Final point and this is the most pertinent one. THEY DIDN’T DESERVE TO MISS OUT!

Ahhhh… that made me feel a whole lot less hateful about today.

On the Champions League final. There were some points I’d like to make. Experience won them that game… but not just experience. Winning mentality. We simply don’t have that drive in our team. We don’t have enough players who absolutely live to win. Another point, Chelsea defend as a team. Drogba and Torres were both back helping out when they were trying to hold on. We’re lucky if we have 3 defenders back helping when we’re holding onto a lead or trying to see out a game.

I spoke to Geoff this morning, he told me of a couple of Arsenal news points. Firstly, we’re chasing a 14 year old. Normally the sort of statement that would have you horrified outside of the game of self-sustainability. Apparently we’re after Foday Nabay (n0 spelling mistake there). He plays for Birmingham. He’s done some stuff for the under 16’s when he was 13. Blah, blah, blah….

I understand you’ve got to snap up the best young talent. The shame of it with Arsenal is that it generally seeems to take a higher priority than signing the players who can help us now. I’m sure every football nerd under the sun will tell me this guy is the new Messi… simple fact is, the chances of that being true are incredibly slight.

Not content with that, Arsenal have submitted planning permission to expand The Armoury. Absolutely terriffic eh? They’re making the shop even bigger so they can hoover more money from us! Truly, this is magnificent news. A bigger shop. I wonder how much that’ll cost? Not that spending money on expanding money making opportunities ever comes with a ceiling. Remember the WM Club?

On the transfer front, there doesn’t seem to be too much bouncing about. Eden Hazard banged in a hatrick last night for Lille. He’s leaving them this summer, he has at least 4 clubs who are his first choice. So who knows where he’ll end up. One place you can guarantee it won’t be is Arsenal. It’s amazing that we won’t do battle for someone who is young and clearly extrememly talented. Arsene Wenger’s concept of value is still in 1998 but obviously not when it comes to selling. He’s the most modern of the lost when it comes for asking for inflated transfer fees that are ruining the game. Unless you’re selling Cesc.

Another piece of light entertainment on the news front was the story that Anzhi are willing to offer £45million for Robin to head over there this summer. They’re also gearing up a £300k a week contract. I’m pretty sure that he won’t be heading over there, but it’s sweet that they’ve put in a bid. A bit like the time Spurs stated an interest in Rivaldo.

No news on M’Vila. He said he’d announce his future after his team spanked Dijon 5-0. Did he do any such thing? No. Do we want a liar in the team? I don’t think so. Let’s promote internally for that defensive midfield position.

Finished… have a great day!

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  1. zeus

    Drogba confirms Chelsea exit
    The Ivory Coast international has told his team-mates that he has decided to quit Stamford Bridge at the end of the season as the club “is looking at putting together a new team”


    Torres stays then.

  2. Dan Ahern

    Don’t forget Torres just came out and said how disappointed he was that he wasn’t involved in the final (thought he would start) until the end and wasn’t selected to take a penalty. He said he doesn’t know his place in the team. Just because Drogba leaves doesn’t mean Torres is suddenly cool with everything.

    Most likely it depends on what they do with their managerial situation, and who Abromavich adds to the team this summer.

  3. ashgooner

    Don’t be so sure about ljajic, I’ve watched the kid a couple of times, reminds me of kaka, …………..I’m not an AKB nor am I an incurable optimist but this kid’s got talent. Watch him someday when you are less busy, or there’s always youtube

  4. Gunner2301


    it’s still going to make it difficult for him after coming out and saying what he said there is obviously a cliche and pecking order at the club and he’s basically exposed it. I can’t see them letting him feel comfortable there so he is best moving on. Hopefully we should be on the case because he has talent just needs the right club.

  5. Dan Ahern

    Gunner2301 – Yeah good point, he’s aired his feeling not only with the manager, but with the other players. Potentially a very awkward situation. I’d be sniffing around. Of course, we should be after better targets. Torres is miles ahead of our current backups, but let’s be honest, he’s been pretty lame for the past few years. (I mean, arguably he was better at 18 than he is now. Strange.) Good player but something off about him. Arsenal’s not the best place to go with your confidence problem.

  6. Gunner2301


    If he came to us he would be told to express himself (no have to worry about tactics) he’d not be under pressure (who is at Arsenal) he wouldn’t be judged harshly as the manager would give him countless opportunities even if he was playing badly. I’m sure it would click for him and as soon as he finds his confidence and his scoring boots with top quality players feeding him I think he’d be fine, he should be hitting his peak now. 15-20mill would be a fair price.

  7. Dan Ahern

    P.S. If he’s being a baby about not being guaranteed a start, I have a feeling he wouldn’t be very keen to sign for a team that (right now at least) has RvP and Podolski.

  8. higz

    Not sure Dan. Wenger seems to have a knack of convincing players it will be better here. Like gallas saying he hated playing lb at Chelsea and we bring him here and play him lb for first few games. Then getting benayoun when he prob would have played more often at Chelsea than he did with us (he only got near our team in last 3 months)

    That said Torres is a dream compared to who we are likely to sign. Which is no one or Wes Brown.

  9. Ric

    Gunner2301May 21, 2012 21:05:44

    Robins Choco

    This lack of tactical awareness and preparation is costing us over the season. All managers have worked us out and it’s just a matter of how effective they are at exploiting our weaknesses. I remember Allardyce commentating one of our matches, but he said if I was playing Arsenal I would be doing X and targeting Y, we always used to get the better of them by exposing the left back.

    Everything he said happened during the game and it played out just like he said.That’s why we can’t continue with Wenger he doesn’t have the tactical brain we need to outwit opponents when skill is not enough. Average managers have outdone him time and time again. He is always at a loss looking for someone else to blame for his own inadequacies.

    I’ve been YELLING about that damn leftback for near on TEN bloody years!

    I was a F%¤#%”&G Teenager when It first dawned on me, and I went: Oh so they sit back and wait for the leftback to do an overlap, and then just double up to swarm the overlap point. Aaah. And watching Arsenal was never the same again. I hate you Wenger I really do… I mean still! STILL! TEN YEARS DAMNIT!!! NO CHANGE!

  10. Gunner2301


    That’s why Clichy looked so shit for us. Every team was exploiting his runs knowing it was the weak link. I think statistically Clichy was one of the most targeted or any defensive player in the league. He worked for his money believe me. That being said if other managers were aware of this, why didn’t Wenger do anything about it? We saw Clichy exposed time and time again. Now at City he looks like a different player, no coincidence.

  11. Dan Ahern

    Gunner – Haha, true enough. I wouldn’t make room for him though. RvP’s more natural left if anything, but Podolski’s got that covered. Maybe let Podolski play AM, have RvP left, Torres center, and Ox right. … Nah, what’s the point? RvP center, Torres on the bench. Sorry.

  12. Dan Ahern

    BTW I’ve just finished wanking to some Christian Eriksen highlights. I’m actually hoping we’re using all this Vertonghen talk as a smoke screen to go in there and pilfer Eriksen. We could even be nice and offer up Denmark’s best player for Denmark’s second best player, whaddya say?

  13. ashgooner

    I couldn’t agree more. And everyone seems to either ignore or forget that we have no quality left back who can actually defend and we have no back up to sagna[jenkinson,not worth talking about]

  14. Gunner2301


    Cole was always the shit anyway. Best LB in the World for me for how long. We made a major mistake getting rid of him, but that’s history. Clichy is more interesting because we get to see how decent he can be and when you look at the other players that seem to be fucking up in our team you begin to wonder if they would fair better at another Club.

  15. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Am I the only one who’d keep Bendtner? If we sell chamackh and park we’re left with podolski, van persie and afobe/campbell.. Do you think we’d sign another striker if van persie stays?

    However, I get the feeling Bendtner isn’t that popular with most of the team. He and Ramsey get on well as is documented, but I feel he still has alot more to offer us and we shouldn’t be so quick to cut our losses based on what i’ve seen from him in an arsenal shirt.

  16. Gunner2301


    Look better having left the Club. Fabregas you can understand, but then again with Messi stealing the show he’s still getting his share of goals and assists.

  17. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Gunner2301 – to be fair, Arshavin and Vela are in their small team/league comfort zone, Fabregas has returned to his boyhood club headed by “THE” player of his generation and clichy now plays in a team that knows how to defend.. Don’t get too carried away there…

  18. Gunner2301


    Why would you keep Bendtner he’s a 1 in 3.5? Striker. Plus he doesn’t want to play for us and doesn’t want to be third or fourth choice. Yes he’s better than Chamack but I don;t think Bendtner is ever going to achiev his hyped up status. We need someone with a better attitude who doesn’t mind being understudy. I’d rather have one of the up and coming youth like Campbell take that position, Bendtners had his time and didn’t cement his position.

  19. ashgooner

    Christian eriksen has said he wants to stay on at ajax to continue his development [get this], he says he’ll ONLY LEAVE AJAX FOR AN ELITEe CLUB. Arsenal are not, at least not anymore. Tragic, aint it?

  20. Gunner2301


    In the case of Vela, Clichy and Arshavin they are being played the right way at the Clubs where they are now, which wasn’t happening at Arsenal.

    Do you really believe we are getting another striker? Due to your Pato statment. I can’t see it. We’d be lucky to get another quality transfer. Podolski might just be the Summer highlight.

  21. Thomas

    Wasn’t the point of moving to Emirates to become a bigger force in Europe. To compete? We are a much worse team than we were when we left Highbury. Every year is the same shit. We are missing a few players to really have a chance to win something and then we sell our best players. Year after year. We get into CL every year but have zero chance of winning it. Our defense is getting worse for every year. 49 goals conceded in the league, 69 in total this season. Fucking pathetic. We have a manager who says he shouldn’t have to answer questions regarding certain players or our pathetic defense. What an arrogant cunt.

  22. ashgooner

    Am I the only one who thinks we should sign Ben arfa?? [Or at leats try] . When on form he’s as good as hazard and even better. Other clubs haven’t realised how good he is, I don’t think he even realises it too. Perfect signing and would cost only a fraction of hazard or even eriksen. ………………………….I miss the good old days when you could dream and know it’s possible but wenger has killed that too. WENGER OUT !!

  23. Cesc Appeal

    Dan Arhen

    Why not try for both Erikssen and Vertonghen, include Djourou, Diaby and Chamakh in the deals plus cash.

    Get’s three wasters off the books and we land two great players though I got to say I’d prefer Hummels, guy is a effing tank!!

    Oh crap…there I go, using logic again.

    Hold on, think like Arsene, buy Ajax’s 16 year old CB who is ‘next Vertonghen’ for £100 000 and then bump Diaby, Djourou and Chamakh’s wages up with the money we would’ve used for transfers.

    Ahhh, post 2005 Arsenal 🙁

  24. Ric

    Gunner2301May 21, 2012 23:19:57
    RicThat’s why Clichy looked so shit for us. Every team was exploiting his runs knowing it was the weak link. I think statistically Clichy was one of the most targeted or any defensive player in the league. He worked for his money believe me. That being said if other managers were aware of this, why didn’t Wenger do anything about it? We saw Clichy exposed time and time again. Now at City he looks like a different player, no coincidence.

    None at all my friend.

    But as I said; Ten years! Wenger is undoubtedly aware of this hole in his design, I mean he has to hasn’t he??? How can he not? Although I must say I can’t seem to remember him ever countering the threat in any way though. I’ve seen him get a little pissed on the sideline, even a little redfaced when the the opposition finally manages to counter one in. But It’s almost worth going back to study the games and see how many of the 49 goals against this season, came as a direct result of the leftback being exposed as part of Wengers grand total football “wannabe” design.

  25. ashgooner

    Not exactly, he gave that answer when he was quizzed about rumoured interest from us . Go figure

  26. Dan Ahern

    JamalMay 21, 2012 23:33:36
    Why not play Denmarks best 2 players together?It’ll be like a Messi-Xavi partnership


    This is a joke, right?

    ashgooner — too bad if he’s said that, that really does preclude us in a lot of ways. but, we are definitely still a massive club, bigger than Ajax, that’s for sure

    Forget who — I’d keep Bendy maybe as a 3rd option, but he doesn’t wanna be here and Wenger apparently doesn’t want him to play CF anyway

    Cesc Appeal – lol, they’re not fucking retarded. But yeah, both Vert and Eriksen would be quite nice indeed.

  27. Cesc Appeal

    We need to find a team who has never watched Diaby play (lol, don’t think I even need to crack there) or Chamakh, or Djourou or the other dross.

    Then leave a note somewhere on them saying

    ‘hahahaha, cannot believe you went for this deal, enjoy suckers’

  28. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Gunner2301 – I just personally think Bendtner still has something to offer and that we haven’t seen the best of him yet. The recent comments about returning to the club and his delusions of grandeur are also both hilarious and frustrating at the same time. He’s had a taste of leading the line this season and I can imagine he doesn’t want to come back and play 2nd fiddle. But, then he has to accept he’ll be playing for a 2nd rate team on lower wages then he currently gets now..

    We shouldn’t be taking less than £6-7m for him ideally with a 20% sell on clause, but his wages are ones only the clubs playing in europe can afford unless we loan him out again, which would be bonkers on so many levels.

    The thing is, who comes in if we sell Robin because the fan base will be baying for blood. Giroud (for those that have actually seen him play)won’t cut the mustard and is currently an everton/newcastle level player, nor will parading Podolski as his replacement either…. If we sell for £25m plus it would have to be Cavani, Neymar, Torres or Llorente. But as we only go up to £15m that’d get you Kevin Doyle and some change for a packet of fags and milk.

  29. ashgooner

    And here I am thinking the gooners here are thinking with their heads screwed on tight!! Wake up guys, we aren’t a topteam anymore we’re also also rans. Eriksen?? Hazard?? TORRES?? [What you fellas smoking?] No offense cesc and co

  30. ashgooner

    And here I am thinking the gooners here are thinking with their heads screwed on tight!! Wake up guys, we aren’t a topteam anymore we’re also rans. Eriksen?? Hazard?? TORRES?? [What you fellas smoking?] No offense cesc and co

  31. Cesc Appeal


    we have zero chance of signing these guys because we don’t even join the race. Can’t win a race you don’t run.

    All my eggs are in the Usmanov basket. Just hope he decides to make some omelettes soon

    That was a metaphortastic comment for 1am

  32. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    ashgooner – we’re still a top team and we can attract top players. The only problems we have;

    a) we quite like taking outrageous sums for our top players but wont pay these sums to get top class players. Always relying on selling on at a profit and reinvesting in a cheaper alternative hoping we can turn it into a top class player we can sell on .. Rinse. repeat…. We’re a football club not a fucking equity and debt consolidation firm.

    b) squad parity r:e wages… We like to pay everyone in the first team squad at an equal pay grade with 2-3 top earners who get between 80-120k p/w. That means we pay all our dogshit in excess of 40k a week.. Diaby, denilson, santos, rosicky, almunia, squillaci, vela, bendtner, djourou, park, chamackh & ramsey are all on stupid sums and just getting rid of 3 of these basically pays for a neymar/torres/cavani.

  33. Dan Ahern

    Very nice, Ric.

    Hey, for real though, if we can spend 15m on the Ox, surely we can splash around that figure for an area we’re desperate in (CAM). Eriksen’s only 20, and I’m sure he speaks Dutch (Eh, van Persie? Eh?).

  34. ashgooner

    Fellas, don’t know how true this is[really hope it’s not], heard David dein is liverpool’s new director of football.