Spurs play Europa league next season… hilarious.

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A short post from me this morning. There’s not much going on in the world of Arsenal. There’s a lot going on in the world of English football.

Firstly, Sam Allardyce has made a return to the Premiership with West Ham. They took out Blackpool in the play off final  yesterday. It wasn’t convincing, but it was to be expected. Blackpool defend like us… they lost despite being the better team. What can you do? I have a soft spot for West Ham. Most of my pals support them, so it’s a welcome derby.

The most horrible news of the evening related to Chelsea. They beat Bayern Munich on penalties. It was pretty upsetting I have to say. Regardless, the game was fun to watch from a neutral stand point.

The silver linings are as followed…

  • Spurs now have to play tier two European football next year. Hilarious on every level.
  • England rule europe. We make sure those top 4 places don’t reduce to three. Brilliant.

Chelsea winning that trophy is horrible. Watching their fans have a great day out is even worse. But we can but aspire to those sorts of days out in the future.

Outside that… I have nothing.

Have a good day!

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  1. Alex James

    Hope Utd don’t get Hazard. He would not make a major difference to City or possibly Chelsea but he would to Utd. Imagine him on the wing at OT. Frightening! Have a feeling that Ferguson will spend pots to ensure Utd do not fall too far behind. Never mind, no doubt our master strategist has a plan. The problem is that it will not be based on spending significant sums.

  2. Cesc Appeal

    Was Auclair the one who said we had or hadn’t signed M’Vila….I’m already losing track?

    Being an Arsenal supporter in the transfer windows is tragic!

    And Arsenal’s surprise signing is…..John o’Shea!!

    ‘I think he brings great experience and mental qualidddy to the squad.’

  3. Goon from BD

    Hazard is gonna end up at Che***. They can pay Lille and him while he would also get more playing time.

  4. incesc

    clearly the m’vila story was made up by arse to hide the fact from barce and citeh that we were actually signing a 14 year old from birmingham.

  5. Cesc Appeal


    they’re clever like that.

    Arsene Wenger eating Le Food at Des Lunch:

    ‘Clearly everyone will expect me to sign some really good experienced players because Arteta has worked out really well. And i need the talent to keep RVP sweet.

    So I’ll sign a 12 year old from Souchaux, that’s the last thing anybody will be expecting. I can’t 3wait to see the look on their faces. When they do that thing where they all piss themselves and laugh hysterically to hide the fact that they are quaking at the thought of our young mentally strong team backed by our self sustaining club.

    Arsene, you old dog.’

  6. Zeus

    Auclair was another who was telling us Gervinho was the reason Lille won the league last year when we signed him.

    It’s almost as if he was trying to convince himself of forehead’s quality.

    Are u lot sure we have the same wages as bayern munich?

  7. Cesc Appeal

    Is it true does anyone know that The Emirates was built with the intention of one day expanding it to an 80 000 seater? Or close to that.
    I read theres room enough for adding ten more rows or steps creating 10 000 more seats on the upper tiers, and spreading closer to the pitch creating 4 000 more seats?
    Would be a good idea one day.
    If we have a decent enough team to play in it!!

  8. Cesc Appeal

    Goon, but I had no idea until i just did the conversion that their wage bill is lower than ours! And their starting eleven consists of Ribery, Schweinsteiger, Robben, Gomez, Muller, Lahm,, Neuer etc

    We have Van Persie and I suppose you can add Arteta to that company

  9. zeus

    Bayern has 24 players to our27 in the first team squad.

    So we have more in quantity and less in quality and our wages are still higher if Cesc is to be believed.

    *resigned exhale*

  10. Pat

    Gambon, are you every right you useless cunt? Shame the rubber was torn and you came to exist.

    Rosicky and Modric play the same position. Rosicky played higher up than normal this season because Ramsey is useless.

    Modric is absolutely useless. Without Rosicky this season, we’d be on par with Liverpool. Song has more assists than that hobbit has had the past 2 seasons combined. You were also the one calling Bale world class ahhahaha.

    Get a fucking clue you bellend

  11. Cesc Appeal

    zeus i dont know if im right i think i am

    157 million euros converted by 0.805 euro to pound ration works out at £126 Million

    Swiss Ramble was the source for their wages

  12. Goon from BD

    They do have the 3rd best starting eleven imo but after that there is basically nothing.The thing is…. our pay structure is just awful and we have plenty of useless players doing fuck all as well. Another thing is I remember reading somewhere that German players earn good money from sponsors or something. Is the tax lower in Germany in comparison to England? I haven’t much clue about finances to be honest.

    bdw, that comparison is pointless as Bayern is in Germany and Bundesliga is different. Our wages are the fifth highest in England I think and Bayern have the highest in Germany. They didn’t win anything this season as well I think.

  13. Cesc Appeal

    We could easily chop off £30 Million of ours by getting rid of the dross and then stop paying stupid wages to average players
    A guy like Ramsey should be on something like 15k a week, not 50k!!

  14. Goon from BD

    I read somewhere that Bobby fucking Zamora earns 60/80k a week.

    need some sleep…its 6 in the morning!

  15. Cesc Appeal


    I think to be honest our wages are such a mess.

    Diaby 60k a week, Almunia 60k a week, Ramsey 50k a week, Denilson 50k a week, Bendtner 52k a week, Vela 40k a week, Squillaci 60k a week, Djourou 55k a week, Fabianski 40k a week, Chamakh 70k a week, Park 50k a week

    Wouldn’t surprise me if we cave and give Forrest his 100k a week, joke.

    Too man youngsters on too much

    Too many average/crap players on too much

    Too many players who don’t play on too much

    Get rid of this parity shit, pay players what they are worth. None of the players on that list should be earning half of what they are!

  16. Goon from BD

    *at my place!

    Cesc-Its a big mess and it will take some time to fix considering not many are stupid enough to buy this crap on high wages. It will take 3 windows to get rid of all of them I think.

    anyway, im off

  17. gnarleygeorge9

    home & away

    I never watch the show, but I loved your comment:

    “for the record wenger has been an utter cunt at times over the last 7 years and driven me mad but I would rather watch his teams for a 100 years than sit next to a cunt like you for one game “.

  18. The Poldi Prince

    Cesc, that is about 700-800k per week down the toilet.

    That is Messi, Ronaldo, and Robben.

    Fuck me, this is so depressing.

  19. Gunner2301

    Gooner from BD

    If Bayerns squad is small ours is tiny if you factor in that Wenger doesn’t like to play players outside the first 11 and including injuries suspensions etc you will probably never see him play more than 18 different players in a season. So what are the rest for? He will even play players out of position in order not to play squad players.


    Good one. I hear there’s a position available at the IMF 🙂