Patrick Vieira tells it as it is. Deal with it people | Robin and Theo stall on Arsenal deals

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Contract Rage

This is what makes me laugh about project youth. Loyalty swings one way.


  • Put players who aren’t ready into the first team
  • Sacrifice trophies
  • Persist with players that aren’t ready for 200 games
  • Pay players that aren’t ready based on potential

Then when they come good… those players do one. Apprenticeship done. Scrap that… how can it be an apprenticeship when you’re getting paid more than most seasoned pros?

This whole Robin and Theo debacle is absolutely ridiculous. I mean, I don’t even care if Theo leaves. He has a vastly inflated idea of what his value is. Don’t get me wrong, that’s been inflated by giving him a £60k a week contract when he was barely worth £25k. The point is, if Arsene wants him to sign on, you’d expect him to sign on. Wenger, rightly or wrongly, has put his neck and career on the line in the hope that Theo would sign on again. Now he’s supposedly going to the Euros without penning a deal.

If he does that, he’s effectively putting himself in the shop window. Classy stuff.

The Robin scenario. Well, this one is slightly easier to understand. You only get one career. Robin has always wanted to compete with Arsenal. He hasn’t won any trophies in his career yet. Nasri and Clichy left and landed the big one in their first season. Cesc went away and bagged three. All will be classed as his mates. What’s he getting at Arsenal? How much investment do we realistically need to compete with City? We need to shave 20 goals of our conceded tally. We need to make up a minimum of twenty points in the league stakes. It’s a daunting task and one that feels like a 4 year plan over a 1 year plan.

Patrick Vieira upset a lot of fans yesterday with the comments below.

‘It will not only be City who would like these kind of players. I don’t think you have so many good talents like Van Persie who have just one year left on his contract. There will be a lot of teams who will want a player like Van Persie.

‘It was a shock for Arsenal to lose Nasri and Fabregas and if they lose Van Persie, it will be a drama. If Robin decides to leave, that means maybe next year it will be Walcott and the next year maybe it will be Wilshere. It will be difficult for Arsenal to keep all their top players. But if they keep Robin, they will send out a positive message to all the clubs around them.’

I think firstly people need to get over this Patrick Vieira thing. He’s being paid by Manchester City now. His loyalty is to them. His job is to comment in colour of sky blue. Not make untrue comments about how amazing the situation is with Robin Van Persie. We had the chacne to sign Paddy for Arsenal, we didn’t, so he went and worked on another project. It doesn’t make his comments any less true.

If he goes, it’s another slap in the face of Arsene Wenger. The only way he’s going to get round this problem is by making a splash in the transfer market. Signing 4 big names. Sending out a message to the rest of Europe that we’re a serious player. If the worst happens and Robin does decides to leave, we have to replace him with a top, top talent. We can’t go out and sign a 21 year old from Ligue 2. We have to maintain the ‘now’ quality levels in the squad. Robin goes, Cavani or Giroud should come in. Theo goes, let’s go and make a splash on someone who can make a consistent impact on £60k a week. If we wen’t out and made some serious moves this summer… it would send a message to the rest of the squad. Everyone wants to play with great players. Why leave when you know you could be lining up with the cream of Europe next  year?

We can’t let this summer beat us again. We can’t let Robin and Theo wait all summer for offers. We have to set a deadline and actually stick to it this time. Last year, it was so obvious to everyone what the outcome would be. This summer is feeling pretty familiar already. Let’s make a decision now and start making enquiries on what we’re going to do about it.

Last year we were a rabbit caught in headlights. This year we can’t allow that to happen.

On the transfer front. I think the M’Vila story is stalling because we’re focusing out attention on one or two other high profile defensive midfielders in Europe. Watch this space. I think we’re definitely going to bolster there, but I’m not sure the Frenchman is the first choice.

Right, that’s my piece for today. If you want to hear my sweet, sweet voice, I did a piece for the Arsenal American Podcast with NorthBankLower yesterday. Check it out. I’ll also be coming at you next week with a podcast and we’ll finally be getting Geoff on over the next month for a chat.

P.S. One of my female pals was grabbed by a man posing as a Police Officer in Finsbury Park last night. He tried to drag her away. Please pass on this message to any north London ladies you know. The Police weren’t interested this morning when she tried to lodge a complaint, ‘Did you get his Police badge number?’ they asked. Top Policing.

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  1. Jeff

    You begin to realise how breathtakingly intransigent and intractable the policy makers at Arsenal are. Virtually rescued single headedly by our best and only super-player while languishing at one stage we languished in the bowels of the league at position 17, the board now turn to our hero and say, non! It is astonishing how deep the hole goes.

    Reminds me of how Wenger, so pathetically desperate for position 3, stooped to showing us his emotions in that final game by hugging and clinging to Pat Rice, whose expression was nothing more than passive indifference. Why, because of what he knows to be the truth.

    It is the utter futility of it all that depresses me the most. Our seasons are now so routinely predictable. Our game and tactics are so obvious and so easily thwarted. Take away our best player and we shall be a sitting duck.

    Our dilemma is this. We cannot win anything given the players we’ve got and we won’t buy what is required. On top of that, a mass exodus of the best players will take place leaving behind the ones whom nobody else wants.

    Can there ever be a clearer indication from the club that we are here to make money at any cost. As long as that happens, even position 10 will be good enough.

    None so blind as those who will not see.

  2. WengersSweeties

    Just reading back through AST and their financial report.

    Starting with £160m we must:

    Deduct £32m held in the debt service reserve account (for future stadium repayments)

    Deduct estimated season ticket advances (£65m) and estimated VAT payable (£13m)

    Deduct cash “trapped” in the Queensland Road property development (£4m)
    This leaves a useable balance of £46m. Adding to this the net proceeds of the summer transfers (£14m) and subtracting agent fees and contract renewal fees, Arsenal have in the region of £50m available “to spend or to save for a rainy day”.

    Is that right? we have about £50million to spend only?

  3. Jeff

    Oh and incidentally, if RvP has been gagged by Arsenal and ordered not to speak to the press about his future whilst at the Euros, there can only be one reason. Season ticket renewals close end of May. If they announce RvP is to be sold or won’t sign before then, who knows how many will refuse to renew. So the bottom line is money again. Pathetic.

  4. Dan Ahern

    I’d have a serious look at AC Milan right now. All their class veterans are heading out by the looks of it.
    Who in their right mind doesn’t want Seedorf in their squad? We just saw what bolstering your team with experience does this season.
    I’d take Gattuso too, he could be a player-coach. Okay, mostly a coach at this stage in his career, but our midfielders could do with Gattuso yelling his fucking head off at them in training. Song would probably quit.

  5. Keyser

    Dan Ahern – The only reason we’re discussing 150-200k a week for Van Persie is because of teams like Chelsea and Citeh driving prices up.

    He’s been fit for a prolonged period for the first time in years, if we were expecting an injury around last November as is his usual, well what about after him being fit for 18 months and then playing every game this season only to go onto the Euro’s ?!

    If we wanted we could pay him what Citeh were offering Kaka, 500k, but at what point do you say enough’s enough.

    Van Persie’s on 90-100k now, Theo’s last contract was what ? 60k, thats about half, Theo could get 60k at almost any other club in the Premiership, he could get more at about another 5-7 clubs

  6. Al

    old paddy vieira trying to take robin to city is he? what a cunt
    should never be let into the emirates again the fucking prick

  7. Keyser

    If Milan are getting rid of them, partly because they need to free up wage room, then it shows how far their legs have gone.

  8. incesc

    id give a shit

    hes much more productive than the rest of the attacking players bar rvp.

    losing him is another step back, because its not like we are signing hazard is it.

  9. Cesc Appeal

    Theo wouldn’t even be a player that needed replacing…obviously if some massive bellend gave us £20 Million for him we could get an infinitly better player but, I’d rather see Ox start over Theo anyday.

    Even when he has an off game he works hard to get into the game, Theo has zero work ethic.

    I’d rather see Ryo in there.

    I actually wish Theo would fuck off. Such an inflated opinion of himself, boring as shit and needs to stop writing these fucking autobiographies….you haven’t done anything you twat!

  10. SDE


    If we wanted we could pay him what Citeh were offering Kaka, 500k, but at what point do you say enough’s enough.

    Maybe you should address that question to wenger himself.. “At what point do you say enough’s enough”?

    The 4th highest paid manager in Europe & no doubt currently the highest paid manager in the EPL..With not a silverware in sight to show for it in over 8 years?

    You don’t seem to have a problem with Wenger’s wages-heh?

  11. Dan Ahern

    Keyser – Right, they’re driving up prices, but what are you going to do about it? Just give up your top players because you don’t want to pay market prices for them?

    The market changed. RvP is an elite player, and he’s extremely valuable to our team. Nobody said you should pay him 500k. You just have to pay him close to what he’s valued at, because we need him. All the teams that want him would pay him 150k+. And most strikers in his class would fetch that much too. That’s just how it is.

  12. Keyser

    SDE – Heh, now you want a sensible discussion ? Or you going to go off like a spaz, Ooh no economic crisis, no new stadium, no Champions league final, lalalalalala not listening, not listening.

  13. Ric

    Dan AhernMay 18, 2012 17:09:23
    I’d have a serious look at AC Milan right now. All their class veterans are heading out by the looks of it.

    I totally agree, I said the same thing the other day.

  14. Keyser

    Dan Ahern – I wasn’t disagreeing with paying Van Persie that, we can pay him that, just saying other teams can pay him that, and still offer other players similar.

    Van Persie’s going to ask for a healthy wage increase, but he can get that elsewhere anyway, he’s also going to ask what ELSE we can offer him, new players and so on.

    Also we’re paying the younger players what we are because we need to offer them something they can’t get elsewhere, it’s dictated by what other teams have done.

    It wasn’t like one day we decided to simply increase younger players wages for no reason.

  15. g0tch34ted

    Bouldy’s Left Testicle May 18, 2012 16:59:20

    @ g0tch34ted

    DUDE! Are you seriously retarded? Matias Suarez is an attacking player. He has never ever been a holding midfielder!

    Jesus, go read something.

    What the …

    MARIO Suarez is a DM …. so shush. 😛

  16. Cesc Appeal


    theo is lazy, you cannot argue that! I know you rate him (one of the few) but get off! He gives up on balls, never tries to chase down when he loses possession usually due to the fact he has the touch of a rapist!

    Theo would be decent player, if he was on a lower salary and came off the bench. As a starter and a ‘star’ of Arsenal he’s tragically bad

  17. Ric

    Top players are top earners no matter wichway you cut it, the best will always get paid the best, this will not change even with FFP.

    And although Nasri is a cumrag, what he said the other day was mostly true. Same with PAT#4 today, but I have nothing but respect for that man. A damn shame we didn’t hire him, guess he wanted to much money. As the entire rest of the human population seems to be doing according to Mr “I can remmember when I could get two players for 1K, but my 7 mill is fair” le Prof..

  18. kwik fit

    Vieira is correct in every thing he say’s about Wenger.
    The Summer of 2011 is about to become the summer of 2012 and this time arsenal fan’s should not accept it.
    Theo can do one as far as i’m concerned . Giving him a new contract is a waste.

  19. Josip Skoblar

    Theo should be used as Brian ‘super sub’ Fairclough used to be used. He came off the bench at the 75th minute of the game when everyone was getting knackered, then with his fresh legs and pace, he would score the winning goal! Apart from scoring those vital goals, ‘super sub’ was an ordinary player. Like Theo, he couldn’t dribble!

  20. Josip Skoblar

    I don’t understand why some here abuse Paddy Vieira. His comments are not anti-Arsenal. On the contrary, he seems to be sending a friendly warning to Wenger and Gazidis: ‘Sign him now before it is too late!’

  21. kwik fit

    RVP making a stance re new signing’s is exactly what Wenger need’s.
    His captain telling him to buy quality or he fuck’s off is what we need imo. RVP is speaking for Arsenal fan’s everywhere. I believe Robin has our club at heart. Will it cut ice with Wenger? If it doesn’t RVP should go with our blessing.

  22. kwik fit


    Agreed re Vieira but don’t see the benefit of theo even as a super sub. The word super and Theo should not be used in the same sentence. He’s had more than enough chances an 1 good game in 10 is simply not good enough.
    Come on The Germans tomorrow BTW!

  23. SDE

    Funny how some fans vent their anger@PV4 for daring to speak the truth!!

    PV4 is just stating what is already common knowledge amongst the fans,other than those fans who choose to bury their heads in the sand..

    The AKB’s should be venting their vitriol closer to home..

    The man in question is peering from his ivory towers, plotting his next big transfer sale of the century this summer!!

  24. SDE

    I don’t see the BoD & Wenger, succombing to RVP’s demands..

    Besides given the arrogance of the BoD & Wenger,RVP will just be seen as just a player,a commodity who has market value…A pawn in the game…

    The BoD have shown remarkable consistency over the years in selling their best players.. i.e. Vieira,Henry,Toure,Adebayor,Nasri,Cesc….

    Their loyalty is to the bottom line..

    Why should they break a habit of a lifetime with RVP?

  25. Josip Skoblar

    All agreed. I’ve totally given up on Theo (I was once a great fan). How can he dare ask £90,000 a week after his more than lacklustre performances this year? I’ll also support Bayern tomorrow. I could never stand Chelsea even back in the 1970s. I don’t like their style of play. Mind you Bayern are the German ManU or the German Juve, the most successful team in the land that everyone hates! I don’t care, I’m not German and I really like the way they play. Germany are strong contenders at the Euros anyway.

  26. Cesc Appeal

    So BvB win the league and cup, and in anticipation of losing Kagawa buy Reus.

    That’s it I’m a BvB supporter

  27. Dan Ahern

    I’m with you Josip, been feeling for a long time that Theo’s best as an impact sub.

    He’s absolutely worth 90k pw. If you only count the weeks he shows up.
    That would make it more like 20k pw.

  28. Dan Ahern

    Good news everybody, Kalou said, “Feyenoord can call me any time – they are the first name on my list. Let me win the Champions League final and then I will think about Feyenoord. Yes, I’m serious!”

    Sorry AW, gotta search for better.

  29. Cesc Appeal


    That is about what Theo is worth, 20k

    Take away his pace and he’s worse than average. No touch, no skill, average passing.

    Can Finish but without his pace he’ll lack the brain to get into the position.

    Can’t cross has no footballing sense for movement, will often cut in front of an attack making it so narrow it just ends up fading out.

    Even pundits who are pro-Theo have started to notice his total lack of onfield awareness.

    Ox will be ahead of him by mid-season.

    He’s like a little bull as opposed to a talentless whippet.

  30. tippitappi

    Sorry AKBs (not many on here) but Paddy is spot on, don’t forget
    he would have taken a job here but silly bollocks didn’t want him .
    Lets see now Henry,Flamani,Cesc,Nasri,VP, old wolly..but fuck him
    all their contracts ran down to the last year,
    and no doubt logic dictates Wiltshire should be captain next season and you know where that leads ……….this club is run like a hamster
    on a fucking wheel

  31. Dan Ahern

    Cesc – Yeah, what’s most deplorable to me is Theo’s shocking lack of progress in expanding his skill set, especially over such a long period of time.

    He’s still dangerous because of world-class pace. But he’s infuriatingly one-dimensional, and even more infuriatingly mentally checked out half the time.

    Ox not ready yet, but hey, maybe he will be sometime this season. He’s got heart, that’s for sure. The fact that Wenger trusts him in midfield gives me hope too.

  32. Ric

    But honestly though re: Theo, he is not being used right.
    Wenger is either; so confident with his total football drilling that he is not even bothering to exploit the natural abilities of these guys at the moment.

    (Re; why the hell doesn’t he eploit the possibility of link up play and cut back/cut across play. Situations that you naturally get when both flanks move at the same speed, as it more or less could if you play the Ox and Theo AT THE SAME TIME?!!!! We did this like once last year. )

    Or maybe he just does not see it, I mean he is old, and he hasn’t really changed formation for at least 10 years.

    Maybe all the side Eurosport and Fifa, business has just distracted him from it all a bit too much. In any case, I for one have completely lost confidence in Arsene as our manager. And I feel its noone to blame but him, because he is capable of it. Deep down I believe he knows what it takes to win. But its like he has paved the road ahead with honest promises. To players, staff, the board and himself. Promises he for one intends to keep.

    I think Wenger really has his master plan, but any deviation from it might jeopardise his ultimate goal which is instilling financial equity to the game as a whole, and Arsenal is his shining example. In many ways that is a good and honorable objective, and I apllaud his fortitude.

    But when the team suffers as a direct result of it, then the plan has failed. Some said Cesc was a sign of things to come and they were right, but Arsene was the one to set that trend, he did that with Cole, Henry and Campbell. In fact even before that he had been ruthless in his deposing of some of the Graham legends that probably should have been made permanent fixtures.

  33. Ja_Gunner

    Guys this might be a tough question….

    What would you rather have the invincibles 2004.


    Winning the league 3 years in a row…..2002,2003,2004 and the CL 2004

    Would you give up the invincible season for the latter?

    We have always been accused of retaining the league, and also never won the CL…so what are your thoughts?

  34. Josip Skoblar

    Theo on £20,000 a week, ha! Ha!
    Worse of all: Theo can’t dribble. Have you ever seen a professional winger who can’t dribble past an opponent?

  35. arsenal1886-2006

    “Brian ‘super sub’ Fairclough”

    I think you mean David Fairclough, i remember watching him playing for the ‘Pool. He really was a devastating sub, he was quick and tricky. Something Theo will never be.

  36. Ric

    Ja_GunnerMay 18, 2012 19:07:18

    Would you give up the invincible season for the latter?

    Seeing how Wenger has been coasting on the memory of one fantastic season these last years. Yeah I’d rather have that, and the feeling that we are champions. Yeah I want the expectancy of dominance back at Arsenal. But that was one hell of a season though…

  37. SDE

    Guys this might be a tough question….What would you rather have the invincibles 2004.OrWinning the league 3 years in a row…..2002,2003,2004 and the CL 2004Would you give up the invincible season for the latter?We have always been accused of retaining the league, and also never won the CL…so what are your thoughts?


    Not really a tough question..

    Simply option2…
    Winning the league 3 years in a row…..2002,2003,2004 and the CL 2004..

    Shows consistency & dominance on both the domestic stage if not on the european stage…& winning a CL,at least breaks our duck on the european stage…

  38. Jeff

    So, other than delusion stretched to the shores of mental illness, how does one look upon the ludicrous suggestion by AW that he believes himself to be capable of producing another “invincible” side? I mean, we have just shipped a record 49 goals; more than ever in our history, lost 10 league matches, and there is no sign of wholesale changes in the team either, let alone a rethink of the “high line” tactics that cost us dear this season.

    Is it simply “talk” to get those renewal juices flowing or is it a genuine statement ambition. The former methinks. Not least of all because I now rate AW as being the least ambitious manager in the EPL.

  39. arsenal1886-2006

    Well done Paddy V, now you can see why Wenger did not want him back at the club.
    He would never accept the sub-standard performances we have seen this season. He would have stood up to Wenger, and that would have challenged Wengers Dictatorial regime.

  40. Ric

    HPMay 18, 2012 19:18:53
    RicNasri actually denied what he said about us on his twitter

    all of it? Or you know “some of it”.

  41. Josip Skoblar

    You’re right! Thanks for spotting the error.
    David Fairclough. He was a red hair bloke playing for Pool in the late 70s. All pace and determination (Theo has the former but not the latter). Pool could not score against St Etienne in the old European Cup. They needed a third goal with 10 minutes to go. Comes in ‘Super Sub’ and within 2 minutes, bang! Goal! He did that week in week out for a few seasons. I wish Theo could be that type of impact sub, but I doubt he would deliver the goals.

  42. zeus

    The fact that Juve went Invincible sort of diminishes it for me. Though I can try to discredit them by saying that they bought it. In typical recent Juve style.

  43. SalparadiseNYC

    In my haste last night I told Patrick Viera to
    “Suck a fart out of my Arse”.. sometimes the truth hurts. After an evening of sleep I’ve come to realize his words we so painful cause they are TRUE.
    We will loose Robin this summer, a summer filled with the Doldroms of no money being spent on the quality needed to sustain this ship.. a windless summer.
    After careful consideration Arsene it is you that can do the sucking.

  44. HP

    HPMay 18, 2012 19:18:53
    RicNasri actually denied what he said about us on his twitterall of it? Or you know “some of it”.

    –Samir Nasri Official ‏@SamNasri19
    @piersmorgan you and me playing games and criticies each others it’s funny but i never said the stuff at the gardian or the french tv

    he even apologised, but don’t know if it was some or all of it

  45. Thomas

    Let’s be hones here. Out squad is weak. We have two worldclass player (RVP and Sagna). The rest range form decent to sunday league class.


  46. Dan Ahern

    v. Persie’s not lost yet. He’s just not an idiot. He saw first hand what happened last summer. Sure we have to pay him, but that’s not the only thing. He’s just going to wait until we sack up and buy good players to show that we want to actually win something. There’s no way he believes this current team can challenge for trophies. I mean, he played every game, nobody knows better than him.

  47. Thomas


    All shite players. How are they still in the squad? You could add Denilson and Bendtner to that list too.

  48. Mayank


    Anything specific that’s caught your eye? I’ve been seeing him play, off and on, for years, yet I can’t seem to remember much at all pertaining to his style. The only thing that comes to mind is he’s very quick to shoot with his left foot. Sorta like Arsh was.

  49. HP

    gilz what can we do about it?sadly most arsenal fans still think he is a competent manager

    perfect summer

    wenger goes out, we get a competent manager in

    transfer wise , offloading at least 5 dross players , squid,almunia,ramsey,cham,park at the very least

    we get in m’vila,giroud/suarez,vertonghen, belhanda and another creative mid

    and ofc retaining rvp

  50. SDE


    whats everyones idea of a perfect arsenal summer ??????????


    Usmanov buys out Kroenke & gets rid of the old guard..

    & Wenger resigns!!

  51. patthegooner

    I know not a lot will agree, but I actually think now is a good time to sell RVP. I think the past losses of Henry, Vieira, Fabregas were bigger as IMO they were all irreplaceable. IMO RVP is replaceable.

    Yeah he is good infact great, but we have had one good season out of him. He has a questionable fitness record prior to that and at nearly 29, he will now start to decline as a player. I honestly doubt we will have another season like the one past out of him. Finally RVP will never ever have a resale value again.

    I think if we can get 25+ for him, we should take it, and continue to rebuild with quality and quantity.

    As for Theo, it is a no-brainer in my opinion. Let him go. He is too inconsistent and again lets cash in and look at alternative players.

  52. BacaryisGod

    It came to me this morning, and so I want to be the first to make the below prediction play out. Please bear in mind that I’m more sympathetic to AW than most and to the Arsenal management structure in general.

    Here’s the reality though as this is the only way I can see things play out that would be a win-win for everyone.

    1. Van Persie continues to reject contract offer from Arsenal even if they sweeten it a little.

    2. Arsene spends the entire summer insisting Van Persie will not leave.

    3. As the window starts to close (sound familiar anyone?), Kroenke jets in from the U.S and tells Arsene that it makes no financial sense to keep RVP at the club and to sell him to either Real or Barca even if they offer a far reduced fee than Man City.

    4. Arsene takes a stand and he and the board come to a mutual agreement to release him from his contract.

    5. RVP is sold to Real/Barca/Juve

    Everyone ends up either getting what they want or at least avoiding the worst-case scenario.

    RVP gets a bumper pay packet, a fresh challenge and a better chance to win trophies.

    Arsene can leave having an unbroken streak in qualifying for the Champions League and claim with some validity that there was simply no way for him to field a more competitive team against the likes of Man City.

    Kroenke et al pocket a large transfer fee and 130k per week that they would have spent on keeping a player who likely would revert back to his more-injured self. Because they are not as emotionally invested in RVP as Arsene, they will still reinvest the RVP transfer fee to buy a couple of quality replacements. They will catch a huge amount of flak, but they are building a business model around increased sponsorship revenue and FFP and can go handle a couple of challenging years if the club can come out of it in the long run. Arsene can’t wait that long.

  53. Kushagra India

    Arsha is a totally different ball player than Pod. A more of dribbler, has a creative genius about him.But his laziness offsets all that. Pod is a direct runner with a license to shoot, relatively a limited player but more advanced than Theo.
    CAM should be our top priority now.

  54. zeus


    Just information relly. He’s got no bottle.

    Speaking of which, can someone explain the expression to me?

    Bottlers are chokers, so when some1 say ‘he’s got no bottle’, thats a good thing?

  55. SDE


    I think if we can get 25+ for him, we should take it, and continue to rebuild with quality and quantity.

    But evidence points to the fact that we don’t rebuild quality&quantity wise…

    The fact is,we’ve been selling our best players for years and continue to rebuild with poor quality & an ever expanding squad-quantity wise..

    If you don’t believe me…Take a look @ the current squad to date…

    How many world class players are littered in the squad?

  56. WengersSweeties

    Mayank May 18, 2012 20:17:47


    Anything specific that’s caught your eye? I’ve been seeing him play, off and on, for years, yet I can’t seem to remember much at all pertaining to his style. The only thing that comes to mind is he’s very quick to shoot with his left foot. Sorta like Arsh was.

    Wouldn’t say he’s like Arshavin, maybe some elements but he’s more like Van Persie and is quite direct. You must have seen him in the Euros and World Cups.

    I think he’s class and I don’t believe he’ll have any problems in our league either.

    The main worry is Van Persie. Having both of them playing would make us very dangerous, just Podolski wouldn’t be enough.

  57. Mayank

    WS and Kush,

    I know he’s a quick runner and direct player was just wondering if he has any attributes that make him top class. The Arsh comparison was with his shooting style, seemed the ‘goal out of nowhere’ type.

  58. BacaryisGod

    We really have been unlucky in the sense that players like Nasri and Van Persie have waited until their penultimate season to play out of their skins. The Guardian usually has pretty good inside information so this looks bleak.
    I personally don’t see anyone but City coming close to 250k per week.

    If Yaya is looking for a new challenge, how about we swap him with RVP?! No chance of course, because we couldn’t pay the 220k for Yaya. Maybe City will supplement it?!

    It does make me more confident in thinking Arsene will leave while claiming Man City have poisoned the well.

  59. patthegooner

    I know SDE but I am banking on Wenger at the point of change and that he would replace RVP if he leaves.

    And to be honest I don’t think it is a case of if, I think it is when. I was right with Cesc and Nasri last summer, and I think I am right again. If RVP wanted to stay, I personally think he would have signed by now and even if Arsenal were still confident of it, then I don’t think they would have put a media ban on him.

    IMO RVP is a goner not a gooner.

  60. frenchie

    one name i am happy to see will not be coming to arsenal: kalou. has made clear he wants to return to feyenoord.

    rvp wants names, not numbers. arsenal must how their intentions in themarket before he does anything.

    i am still hopeful.

  61. SDE

    “one name i am happy to see will not be coming to arsenal: kalou. has made clear he wants to return to feyenoord.”

    I think you underestimate Kalou’s talents..

    Granted in the past,he might not have been the ideal striker..
    But this season,he has improved dramatically…
    His touch is better,his finishing also better…
    His link-up play better,he has game intelligence & he is a team player..

    Would fit into, the wenger model..

    Having him, would be a better option,than what we currently have…

    Who would you choose b/w Kalou/Chamakh/Park?

    Besides he would cost nothing(ideal wenger signing)
    & brings far more to the table than chamakh,park&walcott for sure..

    That’s just my opinion..

  62. SDE

    How about RvP for Ade and A. Johnson?

    Is that a joke,or a suggestion?
    If a suggestion rather RVP, for Dzeko & A.Johnson/De Jong& M.Richards

    Ade is just trouble& the mother of all mercenaries..

  63. Radio Raheem

    SDE, yeah was partly joking…can’t see us paying Ade 160k/wk any way. The worry is I can’t see us paying big bucks for the kind of striker we’ll need if RvP left.

    Nah I don’t rate Dzeko that highly. Since Aguero is out of bounds Tevez is the only other decent striker they have good enough.

    Cisse must be worth, at least, £30m now and would probably demand £120k/wk…

  64. GUNNER786

    Knowing Wenger he will sign Del Piero on a free transfer to replace RVP.

    W E N G E R O U T

  65. SDE

    Cisse must be worth, at least, £30m now and would probably demand £120k/wk…

    Surely Cisse would be worth that kind of money..
    maybe not £120k p/w..maybe £90k p/w which would be at least treble what he is currently earning at the barcodes…
    And he seems a very down-to-earth,humble guy..

    I don’t think Cisse is that type of guy,to demand £120k…
    That said,his agent might be pushing for that kind of money you were talking about..

    You’re right about Dzeko,but he is far better than what we currently have in the shape of chamakh&park..

    Yep Tevez,is by far a better option…but not a realistic option..

    But the guy comes with baggage…+his agent will be making astronomical wage demands& creating all sorts of mayhem behind the scenes..

    So from a financial viewpoint,definitely out of our league..
    Given his histrionics off the pitch..another Ade we can do without…

  66. John

    Am I the only one thinking that although I respect Robin wishes to make a decide thats best for himself and playser want to win things. However Arsenal supported and struck with him through all his injuries were many other clubs would have chunked him.

    I think he owes the club even siging one year extenison as it makes zero sense letting him go for free.

    It will be like okay I’ll sign for another year that way I’m not a free agent next year and you have all summer to recurit some players which are needed and get rid of the crap proving we can compete cos lets face it we not even competing these days.

    If he does go he will be missed not all for his goals but he has been a very good captain and he will have to be replaced with quality I’m thinking Ba (if the relaese clause is what the papers are saying) and Giroud.

  67. zeus

    Am I the only one thinking that although I respect Robin wishes to make a decide thats best for himself and playser want to win things. However Arsenal supported and struck with him through all his injuries were many other clubs would have chunked him.

    Maybe if we chunked him and got someone who was consistently fit for Cesc to play off, we would have a trophy now.

  68. johnty

    taking De jong, Johnson and dzeko in part exchange for RVP would be a master stroke but Im afraid wenger wont an has never done it. The people to blaim for our limp attempts in the transfer market are im afraid to say it the fans. My self included we moan on boards like this but you all turn up and support the team. This is the problem. We havent had a proper summer of transfers for eleven years. 2001. We signed Sol, Van Bronc, Jeffers and Wright. all 26M of it. The club is an embarrasment but the fans are an even bigger embarrashment. Shame on all of you!

  69. Harry Redknapp

    1 things for sure, were the only fuckers willing to sign robin before the euros lol ,mr fucking glass legs

  70. Harry Redknapp

    lets be honest we would have won 2 titles if we had robin fit in the past, as good he has been for us he has also held a valuable squad place in arsenes heart and been useless to the cause

  71. frenchie


    that is like asking which of the three would i prefer: having my junk sliced off, mashed with a fork, or stomped on by an elephant.

    the answer is none of the above.

  72. Harry Redknapp

    ipersonally think if robin dont sign this week we should flog him this week, just stick afobe up front tell him go for it, get in the scoring positions any decent forward should score 15 to 20 in this team, then order gervinho and theo to wake the fuck up . we all know robins gone and we only have podolski now. arsene will be too busy with castroll and watching fuckin belgian bus drivers from the commentary box to actually fuck with the transfer budget anyway

  73. kwik fit

    Here we fuckin go then.

    Wenger “I hope to add one or two of quality, you cannot tell me to break the bank after we finish 3rd in the most demanding league in the world.’”

  74. SDE


    SDE-that is like asking which of the three would i prefer: having my junk sliced off, mashed with a fork, or stomped on by an elephant. the answer is none of the above.


    Well,I think you going to have too temper your expectation levels,as I cannot see Wenger,giving his recent track record, buying a world class striker…

    Poldoski aside,(which seems a replacement for RVP..), wenger’s back-up strikers aren’t exactly what one would call decent strikers..

    Even Kalou as a squad player,is head&shoulders above what we currently have sitting on the bench..

    Or would you rather have one world class striker to rely on for 60 odd games in a season..? & ends up injury-ravaged for the next couple of seasons?

  75. Arse&Nose©

    My predictive text changes ‘Diaby’ to ‘doubt’.
    It seems technology is soo clever that it even predicts how likely he is to start our next game! 🙂

  76. SDE

    Kwik Fit

    Wenger “I hope to add one or two of quality, you cannot tell me to break the bank after we finish 3rd in the most demanding league in the world.’”



    And people on here,were rejoicing at finishing 3rd place…!!

    Given wenger’s substantial loyal base,he knows he’s dealing with a bunch of retards…
    And the funny thing is,the retards don’t disappoint with their fanatical following of Le Senile…

    If anything the AKB’s are just as culpable as wenger,for enabling OGL’s twisted musings & actions…

  77. Gary T

    Media ban on RVP?? This ladies and gentleman is as good as admitting defeat. If he was going to re sign he would’ve by now or at least indicated as such. This just stops him, but not his agent, publicly courting every other cunt whilst away from the club. Are they seriously suggesting he’d be in hot water if he did say something, wtf?

    Even the most optimistic of fans must realise that the deadline would have to be the season ticket renewal deadline date of 31st May. Which, as it’s less than 2 weeks away, suggest that’s exactly why this pathetic ban has been imposed, it’s a classic “oh shit, now wadda we do?” move.

    Of course, if he now so much as hints otherwise publicly it will be the clearest of signs he is off elsewhere. If he even suggests “being flattered… etc” it should be interpreted as nothing short of a “come and get me” with a clear 2 fingers up to the inadequate proposals put before him by our now shamelessly predictable cheap & unambitious club.

    We are the new Ajax, as in the best quality feeder club in Europe. It has no preference other than profit, it’ll sell to any fucker, even if it’s our rivals. In fact we are more than happy to be complicit in the rise of a cash rich Arab or Russian rival by facilitating a smooth and orderly transfer of our best talents in exchange for filthy petro Dollars. Or even, as in the case of the golden child Cesc, wave the white flag when his DNA comes calling, what a farcical episode indeed.

    I feared it when it was announced so early and now I’m almost certain, Podolski is to be RVP’s replacement not partner. Poor lad is on a hidding to nothing!

  78. Jeff

    -We will be here come August and September, lambasting Wenger for not having signed A and B.

    -We will be here venting anger and frustration as to why either our keeper or our back four or our midfield didn’t do their job.

    -We will be here discussing why we failed to find the target as chance after chance came and went.

    -We will be here agonising over why the referee added 5 more minutes in which our opponents managed once again to undo our panic-stricken defence.

    -We will be here pondering the possibilities of what might have been had we been awarded that stonewall penalty.

    -We will be here again listening to Wenger going on about mental strength and how we will come out fighting in the next game.

    -We will hear once again, no matter what happens during the season, to hear that famous but infuriating cliché “judge me in May”.

    All of the above we have already seen 8 seasons in a row. Have we learnt nothing? It is no more than vain hope that keeps people wondering, guessing and expecting something “different” to happen in the coming season. But it won’t. You know it won’t. All the signs are there that it won’t. All the indications are there that we shall ride once again into the clutches of August with only a wing and a prayer. The only question is: how long will our luck ride with us?

    This season is the absolute last chance I fancy. Nothing short of a substantial overhaul of the squad and significant incoming talent will change the path that we’ve been on for the last eight years.

  79. HP

    1 or 2 quality signings

    1 =podolski

    2=return of diaby

    its unbelievable , bayern and utd out for 4-5 players and they have finished 2nd

  80. SDE

    That’s to good for you…

    I would suggest Russian Roulette in your case,with all chambers loaded & a JD bottle in one hand!!

    Knowing you,you would probably screw up,as you are just as retarded as the rest of the AKB’s…

    You redefine the term “AKB Retard”

    All in jest !!

  81. Jeff

    The problem with buying players on the cheap i.e. 8 to 12 million is that unless you are very very lucky, the player will be flop. Gervinho and Park come to mind. Mertesacker is not really a great defender and as for Djourou, well the less said the better. All in all, we have very little talent in the defence department and that is attested to by the enormous number of goals we’ve let in.

    Not only that of course but we play an insanely open game where you only need to catch us out once or twice and you can find yourself quite easily on a one-one-one with the keeper. How many times have we seen it? How many times have we despaired over it?

    But nothing ever changes. Why not? Will we ever answer this question?

  82. Harry Redknapp

    i think mertesacker coached koscielny and turned him into a good defender, good thing the season ended or another couple lessons from verm would surely have turned kozza back into a he-man jelly

  83. SDE

    What I fail to understand is Wenger’s transfer dealings every summer…

    In terms of,for example the selling of Cesc to Barcelona…

    Could he not have sold Cesc,along with player exchange(s) from Barca…?
    i.e. Afellay,Keita..Thiago…

    I would have included Abidal,but for his health condition..

    Nasri to Man City in exchange for Micah Richards/De Jong
    +cash..As a few examples..

    It just smacks of an obscene obsession with raking in as much cash as possible,with the bare minimum of investment outlay!!

    Wenger is part of this growing financial doping phenomenon in the game,that he so religiously abhors & protests in the public domain..

  84. SUGA3

    fuck me, he can’t be for real, can he?

    finished 3rd? all fine and dandy, but what about 19 point gap, 49 goals conceded and the 3rd place owed to one man alone, who is seemingly on his way out?

  85. SUGA3

    if the summer pans out in the doomish way, I will pretty much give up until Wenger, Gazidis and Kroenke are all out of my club…

    after the summer of ‘disappointed love’, the cunts at the top have got another chance in the shape of coming 3rd and beong able to attract players and all that, but if they choose to spurn this chance, I am done with them!!!

  86. Caribkid

    All dictators will clutch at straws and do the “spin” to justify their success, Arsene is no different.

    Sell Theo to Liverpool for 15M + Dirk Kuyt would be a great bargain.

    Package Gervinho and Arshavin + 5M to Fulham for Dembele and Dempsey.

    Package Denilson and Bendtner to Newcastle for Demba Ba. If they quibble, we can throw in Chamahk.

    Package Park , DJ and Squillacci to Norwich for Holt.

    Great deals all around, we get rid of our dross, huge salaries, get a few good players and put 10M in the bank.

    Shite, I just woke up from a beautiful dream 🙂

  87. incesc

    you should punch yourself repeatedly in the face in your dream, then get a bat and smash yourself in the balls. th

    dirk kuyt over theo

    fuck me

  88. gnarleygeorge9

    I’m sure Arsene & his band of crusty side kicks have done almost everything they can over the past 7 years to keep their stars. But obviously with the revolving exit door each Blighty Summer, there must be something they are failing to address in their efforts to stop the rot.

    With a player who is the reigning golden boot, the Captain;, the main man potentiallybeing the latest Gun sitting in the Arsenal departure lounge, their is one trump card that The Arsenal has to play, one that they have never used over the 7 year saga & one that can only mean WIN! WIN! WIN!

    Go out & buy some quality players. Not frigging kids for tomorrow. Some champs for today. Coz I bet our Talisman will stay if The Club stops being such a bunch of tight arse scrooges.

    PV4 is being up front you silly old bunch of crusty farts. DO IT!!!!!!!!!

    Blimey, I can see the bleeding obvious from 20,0000 kms away. Do it for the fans, do it for your own egos Arsenal Board, but whatever, DO IT!. Or step aside for some one that will do it 😉

  89. Moray

    How many summers have we sold our captain over the last decade? I’m afraid the writing is on the wall. This is what we DO.

    And if we haven’t signed anyone by the season ticket deadline, then don’t expect us to – bar one or two panic signings forced by the board and without medicals.

    I can’t face another summer like last. Or indeed another season like this one.

  90. Moray

    Also, we cannot give VP till after the Euros to decide.

    Whatever happens, it can’t work out well for the club. Let’s see. Either he gets injured and stays or leaves and it’s too late for us to buy anyone as the prices are all sky high after the tournament.

  91. pfft

    RVP will go. the problem is that he will probably go after a long and painful process just before the tradeline so we have to scrap again in order to replace him.
    I say sell him as quickly as possible so we may focus on scouting and buying players the rest of the summer.
    RVP will go. Just like Cesc and Nasri.

  92. pharo9ja–?ref_w=frontdoors&view=today&.tsrc=yahoo&.intl=US&.lang=en
    *jabber gets “mentioned” in the article. Dont we all wish he can make silent stan an offer he cant refuse.

  93. Jeff

    Moray, the prices going sky high after the Euros is perhaps the biggest reason for buying Podolski so early. If that was the logic behind that particular purchase and we don’t buy anyone else before the Euros it implies our business for the summer is done. If that is the case, RvP will leave and Arsenal will be in it up to its neck come mid season.

    Look at it this way. We have no defence and haven’t for a while – whether it is the personnel or the formation we use is immaterial as neither looks likely to change. But at least we had one forward who bailed us out. If he goes, we will have no attack either. Please do not expect Podolski to suddenly become a Messi for us overnight because it won’t happen. The EPL does not work like that. Nearly all newcomers struggle for a while until either they settle in, plateau out or are confined to the bench.

    Without a substantial influx of established and talented new blood, and I don’t mean cheap and cheerful or young and useless either; our season will be over before it begins.

    Each season we go out onto the pitch with nothing more than “hope”. We have lost that old feeling of confidence against the smaller clubs. We go out now knowing that anything can happen and anyone can beat us. On top of that, some of the players have grown so big for their shoes that against the smaller sides they often fail to put in a performance and just pass it around with no urgency and plenty of complacency. How many times have we seen it happen?

    All of the above will repeat itself again this coming season because we still won’t have the personnel necessary or good enough to win a title. He’s already told us it’s going to be a quiet transfer market so that pretty much tells it all. Our fate is sealed once again.

  94. Jeff

    With regard to Walcott having only a year left on his contract I think he was slightly put out by the fact that he wasn’t invited for a chat before he went off to the Euros. What does that say? It says Walcott fancies himself as a super player perhaps in the same league as van Persie. We all disagree of course and I for one do not think he is worth more than about 15k a week and certainly not 90k which is what he’s reported to be demanding. So that is perhaps why he wasn’t called in for a chat because as delusional as Wenger is, even he can see that Walcott is batting way above his station.

    He has proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he cannot improve any more and the inexplicable passes, blind alleys and slowness of brain will continue or get worse with the passing of each year. On top of that, the humility has also gone and he now firmly believes his own publicity. All of that put together means he can go with my blessing.

    But we have bigger problems at Arsenal. We need quite a few players (perhaps as many as 6 and we need to shed about 15) to have any chance of a title so in the overall scheme of things, Walcott going or staying is probably immaterial.

  95. Moray

    Jeff, I agree on Podolski. It looks like we are losing the guy who singlehandedly ensured we finished in the top half of the table, and we are replacing him with an untried German who is a different type of player to RVP. Again, we will fail to strengthen throughout the team, again we will struggle to clear out the dross (and what is the point getting rid of the dross on inflated salaries if we continue to offer new inflated contracts to players like Djourou and Rosicky?) and again we will be surprised when Wilshire and Diaby fail to recover sufficiently from their long-term injuries.

    When Wenger falls, I suspect he will fall hard. And it could irreparably damage the club.

  96. fanboy

    Looks like I’m the only one who has faith in Walcott – as a CF that is – he is obviously not a winger

  97. Jeff

    Fanboy, it’s really a question of being able to use the players you’ve got wisely and to get the maximum out of them given their limitations. If a club like Arsenal wants to win trophies and titles, it cannot do it with primary selections like Walcott and Ramsey. Players like those must come second – i.e. as backup should there be an injury or used as rotation to rest first-team players.

    What we have at Arsenal are too many second rate players pretending to be first rate ones because we don’t have any choice but to play them. It happens all the time in the commercial world. I’m in IT consultancy for example and in any collection of say 50 people in the office you will have about 5 or 6 who know what they’re doing and the rest do the donkey work (and often get that wrong as well) because that is all they are capable of.

    At Arsenal, we have pretty much got rid of the 5 or 6 that know what they’re doing and just kept the ones who cannot do the job properly without making mistakes and putting the delivery in danger. It’s not their fault. It is the management who are calling the shots and if they happen to be just as clueless as the people on the ground, you’ve basically had it.

  98. Moray

    Jeff, right, it seems Wenger cannot differentiate between those contributing and those holding the team back, neither by giving them playing time, nor by salary and compensation. This is one of the reason our best players leave. Although, Wenger has admitted himself selling our best player/s every year has been part of our strategy for some time.

  99. fanboy

    I hear you Jeff. It all boils down to Wenger trying to teach a young dog cat-tricks. If he had let him play in his natural position I’m sure he’d be one heck of a striker and probably worth his pay rise.

  100. Gary T

    RVP’s farcical “media ban” doesn’t apply to his friends, his team mates or any other close contact he may choose to chat with. Be prepared for a horrible couple of weeks folks, well, until season tickets renewal deadline anyway.

    Cameron & Smegg couldn’t learn a thing or two from our board on how to lay spin whilst completely fucking a once good thing. Shaft & cut everything from everyone apart from those actually running things, sound familiar? Oh and be damned grateful for being so lucky…….my arse!

  101. Hunter

    I am sick to death of reading ‘will he’ or ‘won’t he’ leave or stay in the RVP saga,to be honest its got to a point where I don’t really care!.RVP dosen’t inspire me with confidence one way or another,theres no such thing as ‘loyalty’ when you are talking about massive wages being offered.Lets face it would anyone turn down three or four times their salary as an increase,NO of course not.RVP has given us one injury free season,admittedly he has been fantastic but his medical track record isn’t good.If he wants to go to Citeh and sit on the bench for a good portion then thats up to him.At the end of the day he will get paid handsomely win a medal or two and just like that mecenary Nasti stick two fingers up at wenger and the BOD.Ok so his wife and kids are settled here in London,Manchester is only a train ride away so thats not going to be a problem.I can’t see him going to Real,they have quality there already,Barca a possibility with Cruyfs influence and their style of football as well as Fabregas as a connection,OR he will stay,get a massive salary increase,be adored by the legions of fans for his loyalty.As for walnut,well he is just a complete waqste of space,overated.overpaid and overplayed!!!Not one sign of improvement in six years in my opinion.If we can ship him out,we should asap,how can we pay 90 grand a week for someone who is only a bit part performer,when he plays its like we are playing with 10 men,other than his pace he has NOTHING to offer(ok scored a few goals this season) certainly not a starter and Hodgson is mad to pick him for England too.I would just like Arsenal to stun everyone in one foul swoop and announce 3/4 major signings and of course RVP to stay.If we could do that it would shut them all up,media,AKB’s and the dissgruntled fans(like me).The longer we are kept waiting the worse we will all feel,a summer of disscontent looms!!!

  102. DwanGoon

    Top notch article, top notch analysis, top notch fan.

    Arsenal have some of the best and most talented fans in the world, as seen in youtube.

    What we are short of is the club’s ambition.

    Tell me someone who doesn’t want to buy the new attractive Arsenal jersey with stellar names behind it. It is easier to name fans who are holding back in their “silent” protest against the management.