No deal for Robin. WHAT! | Some Arsenal options | Oxlade-Chamberlain travels to Euros

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Sign it Robin... no wait?

Well, well. Failure from the Arsenal Directors. A day after the contract talks have taken place, I’ve seen no evidence of a signed deal.

What’s up with that?

What are we paying you for Ivan?

There are various rumours flying around the web about how the talks went. I believe none of them. It looks like this is going to drag on. Like a dog, caught under the wheels of a bus. A bus that’s traveling at about 2mph. Through soft mud. On the never ending bus route.

This summer is probably going to be painful. As painful as every summer for the last 15 years. But we can deal with it right? I mean, seriously, is there a group of supporters in the world more adept at seeing their top players leave every year than us? I doubt it. How do Liverpool do it? Oh yeah… they tend not to have top players. Oh… and now they don’t have a top manager. King Kenny has left. With that, so has Theo’s only option of a £190k a week deal. Bad luck Theo, best reconsider the offer Arsenal have put to you.

I honestly don’t think there is a manager in the game I like less than King Kenny. He came back to Liverpool like God himself, blew £100million on a set of players that everyone could see were absolutely garbage, had an absolutely rank season, backed a racist… then got his just desserts. Bad luck Kenny.

Back to Robin, the rumours seem to point to his future being based around this summers recruitment drive. I like that. That makes Robin a fan of the club. If he leaves because the extent of Arsene’s summer is 2 signings. Good for him. Why should he hang around and fight for a trophies in a squad that is wildly under resourced to even challenge for the Carling Cup? He shouldn’t. Arsene should give him the tools to win the Premier League. We have the money to make a go of it… there’s just a question mark over whether we have the manager with the balls to do what’s right.

There are plenty of players available this year who could help us kick on to the next level. Belhanda, Javi Martinez and Kagawa all look awesome players going forward. All will be available. In defensive midfield M’Vila is available, Yanga-Mbiwa just had a stormer at Montpellier and Etienne Capoue at Toulouse has the raw ingredients to make it big.

In defence, Vertonghen is still up for grabs and in the last year of his contract at Ajax. He’ll no doubt secure a move away from his club this summer. Then there is Giroud. The guy looks incredible. We’ve been watching him. If we don’t move now, we’ll lose out. There’s also Cavani who bangs goals in for fun in Italy, he terrorises defences and he has that nasty South American edge about him that would do our front line wonders should the worst happen with Robin.

Then there’s Eden Hazard… how long have we been banging on about that guy on here for? Now it looks like he’ll end up going to United or City. He’ll be a big miss. We’ve been talking about him for 3 years. If you want insight into the best players in Europe… there’s no where better to get it than the Le Grove comments section. The best scouting network going.

Roy Hodgson picked his first England squad of his career. He went bold. He went for Oxlade-Chamberlain. This worries me slightly. Though the Chamber-maid is obviously talented. I can’t help but think he’s being geared up for a fall by going to the Euro’s. He managed 6 starts last season. He played a stormer against Milan. Bar that, he was very hit and miss. Why wouldn’t he be? He’s a kid. The press over here won’t be that kind if he goes out there and bombs amongst mainly, pure mediocrity.

That said… the England squad needs someone explosive and unpredictable out there. It was hard for Roy not to pick him. I just hope we come back with a player that is the hype… not a broken player everyone casts off as a failure. He’s more than capable of surprising people. It’ll be a more interesting tournament for his inclusion… no doubt. It’ll also be interesting to see if Theo can raise his game. He’s played well in spurts this year, but he doesn’t often turn up in the games you need him to. He’ll have to for England.

There’s some pictures of Lukas on the Arsenal site for you to look at. Other than that, have a super day.

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    I liked this comment on Arsenal Truth (the only truth on AFC).

    “As a person who first went to Highbury in 1958, it is interesting to note how little as changed in the wider sense. As a ten-year-old, I listened to my father banging on about Alex James and Cliff Bastin as I savoured the treats dished up by occasionally good players such as Jackie Henderson and Joe Haggerty. Arsenal were regularly knocked out of the cup by the Rotherhams of this world, as my father’s cigarette smoke and language grew bluer by the minute. But there remained something grand about the club, with its art deco ground and the title “The Arsenal”. Then I noticed strange little things happening, like Cliff Jones chose Spurs over us; and the biggest calamity of all, Denis Law who was set to sign went to Man City. Man City I ask you!

    Despite all the bad times, the club carried on in its serene way. Forget the Man Utds and Liverpools, they could never match the grandeur of Arsenal. The biggest club in the biggest city in the world. Then after the in and out successful years under Mee, Neil and Graham came Wenger. The man lifted us into something I had never witnessed. A team drawing plaudits from the Man Utd biased media. It felt wonderful to dig out my old scarves and say welcome back. This is the problem now. My expectations grew so large that the reverse into my world of the 1950s has come as a shock.

    I can see no prospect of overtaking the Manchester clubs or Chelsea, and I worry every time we play Spurs or West Brom! This is why I say Wenger and the American should go and to take with them the Hendersons and Haggertys in the current team. The only shining light is that the club remains majestic and will go on and on. It would be nice to a hefty trophy haul during those years though.”

  2. AA23

    you talk fucking bollocks
    so in 2004, during an unbeaten season and with the best team the premier league has ever seen, your “spurs mate” said…
    “You can’t see what he is doing can you? He will run you into the ground and leave”.
    such an obvious lie.
    do you think we are idiots on here?


    AA23. Lol, because that is something I would make up almost 10 years later wouldn’t I? Fck me, you must be really stressed and bitter tonight AA. What for I don’t know, but I’m sure you have your reasons. Spurs fans have said far more dopey things than that to me other the years.

    Imagine being a Spurs fan around that time, I’m talking a big Spurs fan of almost 50 years and having to watch Arsenal conquer all with style in the EPL. I’m sure if I were in the same position I would say dumb things. The mad thing is, he said it with such venom (which is why it sticks in my head after all this time) that he really believed it.

    I also remember almost getting into a full blown row with him after he taunted me when we lost to Chelsea in the QF of the CL that year. I almost lost it – see easily done when you are hurting.

    I don’t lie, especially under an anon name on here. What would be the point?


    Nicked this off LadyArse but whole heartedly agree. I would even go further and do all it takes to get Gary Neville on the Arsenal coaching staff.

    “G – Gary Neville – Not strictly Arsenal related but worth a mention nonetheless. Just snaffled by England to join the coaching set-up Neville astounded football fans all over the world who had previously hated him with a passion by actually being a fair, unbiased and bloody good pundit. The best on TV by some distance and thankfully his contract will allow him to carry on in this role otherwise we’d have had to put up with even more of Jamie Redknapp and his inability to find trousers that actually fit.”

  5. paul mc daid

    PATRICK VIEIRA,thank you for telling Arsene,Ivan the Clown,Mr 1%,Stan the Wank and our clueless board to get the finger out and sign Robin urgently,well played big man,a true legend,still fighting the good fight even when not on the payroll,which is a disgrace, and another reason why it is time to reign in the losers that are destroying our great club.

  6. Lurch LeRouge

    bollocks Kush

    the real Tiarnan wouldn’t hide behind coded veils of secrecy mimicking the secretive goat fucking organisations he used to rail against!

    no, I suspect this wee mortal impostor seeks truth in Bieber records played in reverse!

  7. Rhys Jaggar

    ‘RobbieMay 17, 2012 09:11:44
    The press make me die. How have they got this knowledge of what was said at Arsenes house yesterday??!! From what I gather, the only people present were Robin, arsene, dick Law, Ivan the terrible and Mrs Wenger making the the coffee and croissants. I really can’t see any of those people sneaking off for a sly fag half way through and telling he massed media of the content of the talks behind arsenes wheely bins!!!In all seriousness, I think cesc was promised talent and the club didn’t really deliver. Of course robin will ask for the same. This time I have a sneaky suspicion hell get it.’

    There are three solutions to your question:

    1. The Press made up a pack of lies to create mischief.
    2. One or more of the parties briefed the Press beforehand and told them what to write.
    3. Sky or other parties are using satellite technology to bug Arsene Wenger’s house during the talks.

    Given how Sky know so much going on at training grounds, it wouldn’t surprise me if 3. was true, although I have no evidence to support such a contention.

    If it is true, time to put 24/7/365 on the Murdoch family and broadcast their sex lives, if they have any, on the net for global consumption.

    There should be boundaries in life and bugging someone in their own private sanctum during private negotiations is one of them. It’s out of order, off the scale, and not to be tolerated……..

  8. on-the-edge

    Will someone buy Wenger, the genius. Here’s the pitch: buy him but with just a 5 year contract. Because he has a history of delivering damn well first 5 years of his contract. Any club who has huge debts, any club which is trying to get to 3rd and 4th from 8th/10th of a league….Wenger is the best bet.

    Buy him maaaaan!!!

  9. on-the-edge

    Q: Why doesn’t any club ‘snatch’ Wenger away from Stan, his boyfriend?

    Ans: Other clubs are scared Stan will come stalking Wenger. Buy their club and turn blind eye to every other mess in the club except Wenger’s ass

  10. Jeff

    With regard to the van Persie situation, we can infer quite a lot from what has and has not happened.

    1. He took the trouble to attend the talks with the intention of negotiating or discussing his future with the club.

    2. He came away without signing a new contract.

    Without knowing what was said during the conversation, we can be certain that whatever the management told van Persie, he was not satisfied. The most important thing we can speculate about is what van Persie actually wanted in order to sign.

    Van Persie is 28. He has been with Arsenal a long time and has for all intents and purposes made his name. He must have more than enough money (even with the wages Arsenal give him) so I really do not think his biggest priority is money. If he was younger (say 22), I would be inclined to think that money would be a sticking point. So assuming it wasn’t money, what was it?

    I really believe RvP is trying to do himself and the fans a huge favour by using the obvious leverage he has in forcing Wenger’s hand to change this insane policy of being afraid to spend big on individual players and keeping useless ones at the club’s expense, thus thwarting the chances of having two or three super players (like himself) coming to the club and giving us a chance of a title or two.

    Do I think Wenger or the management will buckle? No I do not. Not for van Persie, not for anyone will they change their tactics. Offering him extra money and bonuses is just papering over the real scourge and nightmare from which we shall not awake until this era passes. I fear we will lose van Persie, perhaps not this year but certainly the next.

    However, if we force him to stay for the final year of his contract, his playing enthusiasm will not be there and we will have half the man we had this season. The signs were already there that he wasn’t playing with a full heart in the final few games and it will continue unless Wenger can somehow appease him and that won’t happen either.

    Brace yourself my fellow supporters for another year of torture and torment as we once again start to drop out of competitions one by one with only the trophy of 4th left to play for and without van Persie or his form, that too will be a thing of the past.

  11. boomergooner1727

    especially for the price, does anyone else think wenger speaking japanese could play to our advantage in his signing? of all the names we’ve been linked with he is one i would really really really like to see in red next year. poldi, shinji, yann and vertonghen would be a solid summer although i’d like one more striker. cavanni and giroud would both be excellent signings.

    and as for ox in the euros, i doubt he’ll even get THAT much pt. that being the case, if it’s a really poor showing i cant’s see much blame will be thrown his direction.

  12. on-the-edge

    @JeffMay 18, 2012 06:42:18…VERY WELL SUMMED UP.

    while we lose RVP’s enthusiasm next year, i cringe at the thought of what that is going to rub off the other players. here is what:
    a) all other players will be resigned to not winning again. If you dont have to win a trophy, you dont HAVE to win every match. Thats why we have won ONLY about half the matches and and have lost close to 15-18 matches this season.
    b) There will be hardly any team-spirit. There is NOTHING TO ACHIEVE. when they start they have already lost the season or the title. Just remember how easily Wenger gave up FA cup this year. He could not make the guys put up a decent fight for it , at all.
    c) Players will only play to showcase well to play for their own skills – no team spriti. They will try to get driven by self glory. Older players will try to play their contracts out. Younger ones will try to get a new deal from other clubs next season.

  13. gambon


    Even the players now see Arsenal as a creche.

    Earn way more than you deserve while you learn, then once you are top class and you hit the earnings & ambition ceiling its time to move on.

    RVP, Theo, Song will all leave this summer.

    Next summer Sagna, Vermaelen, Jack.

    Arsene has moulded us into a joke of a club, on a similar level to Feyenoord & Atalanta.

  14. the goon

    Arsene will say this in regards to our defence:

    Along with Man City and Everton, Arsenal have conceded the least second half goals (23) this season,

  15. Dream10


    Don’t insult Feyernoord. They are not stupid enough to have a wage bill comparable to Man United, who should have won the title and claim “We cannot compete on wages.”

    I believe I read somewhere that difference in wages between Man Utd and Arsenal is 10m pounds. WTF

  16. goonerboy

    I don’t see an era of grandeur-during the Hill-Wood era the club has always been run like an elite gentleman’s club by a few arrogant upper class twits. The team has usually been starved of money and achievement on the field has been cyclical and there is a very strong pattern of developing top players from scratch then quickly losing them as soon as they mature- George, Brady, Stapleton Fabregas, Nasri. Perhaps GGs greatest achievement was being able to keep hold of those he developed.
    Growing your own has been a very convenient policy for those owners and Directors unwilling to invest in the team to make it properly competitive.

    Nothing has changed-the move to the Emirates has not made the team more competitive-because from the start success on the field has been incidental to this Board- a very second to increasing share value.

    Selling our best players and buying inferior cheaper ones has been seen as sensible only by people who have never run a business or are able to treat the club as a hobby because they sit on a pile of inherited wealth.

    We all know that this club has absolutely no intention of offering RVP a competitive salary- that is within 10% of what 6 other clubs in Europe are prepared to offer him.
    The club have also no intention of investing in sufficient players to give a realistic chance of success- no matter what money could be available.
    RVP’s departure is inevitable this year. Each year we should ask who is next- because each year we will be less competitive as a result.
    The answer is in our hands- if and when RVP goes- all shit needs to break loose.

  17. Doublegooner

    Morning Grovers,

    Waking up this morning with a feeling that those cunts will win tonight & for us this is just the continuation of another dogshite summer.

    I’m sending out an email today to all the Grovers who’ve contacted me.

    Geoff has seen the email already & given me his full support.