Arsenal can free up £61mill + £600k p/w in wages | Avenging the loss of Juan Mata this summer

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Sorry pal, I don't care if you beg, it's military service for you...

So the big, fat, exciting news that had us all glued to whatever social network was talking about it was the story of Yann M’Vila. The journalists finally caught up with the story and suggested the deal was going to be struck at £17million. Julien Laurens, who apparently has a a direct line into M’Vila said the deal was going ahead. Matt Spiro (who told us all how average Park was against the grain last year) also confirmed he was coming. Then the Telegraph, then the Mail (haha! I know, I did reference them). Then Phillipe Auclair waded in and said that no offer had been made and he was unsure one would as he’s too expensive, violent and in poor form (what a reference). Where this story goes today is anyone’s guess.

Sadly, I have no steer on this one. All I know is that we’ve been in talks about a big name Ligue One star since February. I’d be quite surprised if we didn’t land him. He ticks all the Wenger boxes bar the price. It’s also interesting that we have a defensive midfielder who has performed quite well this year… yet we’re replacing him with someone else. I wonder why?

The Daily Mail (sorry) are saying that he is set to hold talks with the club about his future, he’ll be seeking assurances over his place in the team with the imminent purchase, perhaps, of someone 4 year younger. Now, some are suggesting that Song is going to move into a more advanced position next season. That won’t have come from anywhere within the club. Probably people picking it up from me communicating it as my biggest fear for the last 4 months.

Anyway… from what I’ve been hearing, that’s unlikely to be the case as we’ll be looking to fill that creative void left by Cesc this summer with, errr, a creative player. Not a free creative player either. A top notch one.

It’s clear to me that Jack Wilshere isn’t a Cesc Fabregas. He can be creative, but he loves to be in the thick of it. He’s like a half breed between Makelele and Cesc. I’m just not sure he’s the type who’ll grab us 20 assists a season. I might be wrong, but for me, he sits smack bang in the middle of the park. Not in a more advance role. Alex Song is not better in the middle of the park than Jack Wilshere. He’s certainly not good enough to be our creative force all season, so I wonder what the coach has in  store for him if he’s looking elsewhere for the creative spark next  year?

Again… Darren Dein is his agent, Real Madrid stories emanting in the press, clear the air talks are in the Mail… M’Vila is nearly in. It all looks very interesting doesn’t it?

Our forward line is going to be interesting next season. One thing we haven’t had for a while is proper experience. I’m sure Wenger noted how a 34  year old veteran of the Premier League came into the side and scored some important goals for us last season. If he keeps hold of Robin Van Persie, I think the vibe is quite strong for Clint Dempsey. He’s 29, he works incredbily hard and he’s got to that age where he’s found his shooting boots.

The key to having a good strike force is to have a mix of skillsets. Clint Dempsey will put his head on anything, he’ll hussle in the same way Adebayor used to and he’s more than happy to let fly from distance. He has that last twenty work ethic that can lift a team. Very similar to Rooney in that sense. Outside him, I’m not sure what we’ll do. Giroud looks like one of the hottest strikers in Europe at the moment, but with all these other big dollar moves we’re looking at I wonder if he’d be in budget? Joel Campbell could be a nice third option, but is he too raw like Afobe?

Like I said the other day… for all the Chamberlain hype, it’s clear he wasn’t ready this year. Let’s not make a similar mistake with Campbell and Afobe.

I think if we know Robin is off the year after (a very big if that he’s not off this year), we need to be signing our 2013 man now. We can’t buy in someone next summer and just hope they’ll come good straight away. There’s a fine balancing act to this summers dealings. I just hope we get it right for once. We haven’t managed to in well over 7 years now.

We also need to show the same desire to bring players in as we will to boot them out. Let’s not haggle up all summer and screw our plans. Get rid of them early doors.

  • Vela £8million
  • Denilson £3million
  • Bendtner £6million
  • Almunia £freeeeeeeeee
  • Fabainski £3million
  • Mannone £500,000
  • Squillaci £500,000
  • JD £4,000,000
  • Diaby £4,000,000
  • Song £25,000,000
  • Chamakh £5million
  • Park £2million
  • Andrey £5mill (Update, not considered in the sums)

That’s £61,000,000 you could recoup at bottom of the barrel prices (bar Song, but he’s had a good season), plus another £595,000 a week you free up in wages. Factor in the £50million you have from the summer… well, you can work it out. That’s a great summers rebuilding you could manage with plenty of freed up squad places.

I know people will say that these players won’t leave on the salaries they’re on. Well, that’s only true if we’re charging too much to let them go. If wages and transfer fee are counted as one with football clubs… we might have to budge on our valuation. There’s no financial sense in not moving on a £12million Bendtner fee if you’re going to have to pay half his salary over the year. Move them on.

As for the Vertonghen story. Here is the issue as I see it. He’s in the last year of his deal. He thinks he should go for a pittance. If he goes for half his price, he’ll want double his salary. That’s not going to work at Spurs as they have a strict structure in place. That’s unlikely to happen at Arsenal. However, he’ll get what he wants at City or United. I also don’t believe it’s his dream to play for Spurs. Didn’t Hazard say something equally as bizarre a few months ago?

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Anyway, as you can see, I’ve once again solved all of Arsenal’s problems this summer in under 1000 words. How would you make it happen for us next  year?

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  1. Bush Gooner

    Rob The Goon

    Typical wenger, ive lost count on the amount of players ‘he could of signed’.I remember when benzema went to madrid and wenger had the cheek to say ‘he didnt know benzema was available’Damn, wenger really has scarred me mentally with all his retarded comments and spin!!!
    lololol soo true.

  2. Mark

    M’Villa, Wilshere and Arteta would be ideal midfield as M’Villa and Arteta are both disciplined enough to not bomb forward along with Vermaelen and Gibbs causing a counter attack against us leaving 3 on 3 as usual. Plus Wilshere is a grafter and puts his foot in. There is enough creativity there without sacrificing defensive responsibilities. I’d still keep Song as he’s always fit and he has got a lot of good qualities. This season alone Park, Diaby, Chamakh, Almunia and Squilacci have cost us a total of £7.6 million since August without contributing a thing. Chamakh and Park have a goal each, Almunia hasn’t played and Squilacci and Diaby never make the squads. That figure doesn’t include the likes of Bentdner, Denilson, Vela, and Arshavin who all went out on loan and not to mention Djourou who costs us at least 5-10 goals a season.

    Buy big established players Wenger. And buy players who care because none of the above give a toss about playing for us!

  3. Samir


    Wilshere will obviously need a bedding in time next season…So he won’t be a starter!
    If Bould can sort the defence mentality out…That team could do some damage!!

  4. Norgun

    Afc won’t splash any cash as long as Kroenke is here. You guys need to wake the fuck up. Podolski is Arshavin’s replacement and M’Vila is Song’s. As simple as that. If you haven’t worked out the system yet, you really haven’t been paying attention. Stop day dreaming….

  5. IvoryGoonz

    Good day Grovers!
    Long time no see… Kept quiet without proper internet, but getting settled, finally… Here’s how I see the new season.
    Thanks to Wenger, I’m again gonna have to spend 2 months on the new FM once it’s out , just to find out how to get rid of every player on Peter’s list… Cause it’s the same list as ast year and the year before… So to me, the only purchase necessary at this stage is a new manager. I know we got. A new coach. And one I rate. But even if we now have an assistant who got better clue at defending than Rice, I refer to the goal conceded by Rice in a certain final, it surely aint gonna have much impact on recruitment policy.

    So here’s my 75 centimes d’euros:
    Bring Dein back or let Usmanov invest.
    Aside of that, as not much has changed, still waiting end of transfer window…

    Here’s some other advices on coach. There’s still David Court and Liam Brady available for first team coaching. How about training really set pieces and shots?
    Just check the comparison between us and Barca in matter of coaching first team and youth, and maybe we can finally get his Youf project working…..
    Later folks!

  6. toniboy

    My point being to sell one of the better ‘fit’ midfielder s would be wrong. I like Rosicky and he shows grit but I think he should score more be more ‘Lamps’ like. Like I said before Song’s indiscipline is cos of lack of options offensively and I think M’Villa is better than both Rambo and Denilson (and most likely Diaby) so they can make way for consistency and competition.

    In front, I’m not sure about Dempsey but I know we need people to take shots on goal…Sessignon seems good cos he holds up play well and can be direct. I still think Defoe is a good option cos he’s never afraid to shoot.

  7. Arsenal Toujours

    Hi Robthegoon – yeah exactly – the one guy who said anything sensible they browbeat mercilessly and yelling and screaming at him – he left and never came back – same as me!

  8. Bergkamp63

    The real problem is that there is either no competition for each place on the field or we don’t actually have anyone whatsoever for that place, let alone competition !!

  9. Radio Raheem

    Vertonghen would be an upgrade on Lescott…Lescott shouldn’t be a starter at a big club

  10. Bush Gooner

    Wenger is not addressing the defensive issues we have right now. We need another CB/LB player, and a good backup RB.

    Gibbs has been shocking this season and has looked well out of his depth with his overall positioning and defending (Norwich game). Anyone with a footballing brain knows that conceding 47 goals this season will not get you the EPL.

  11. Jonny Martin

    Typical rubbish that comes out of Le Grove.
    Someone has been playing too much Championship Manager.
    As if its that easy to sell 13 players and get exactly what you want from them.

  12. OzGooner

    It’s a shame that we’re not getting vertonghen, I realise it’d be a completely radical jump in formation but I really think that we’d benefit from a swap to a 3-5-2 formation, Mertesacker, despite all the haters, started to hit form, and I think he’d have been a brilliant anchor for vermaelen/koscielny/vertonghen to play off. In any case, there’s a reason I’m not a football manger

    Regarding the M’Vila rumours, I’d love to see it happen, but he’s the same age as lecoq and pingpong, and I doubt that we’d get him without shifting one of our dm’s. Considering that lecoq recently signed a new contract, and that I can’t see pingpong leaving us, the only way i can see him coming is if we sell Song. This, and what I have heard (from my incredibly limited sources) regarding Song’s, ahem, less then exemplary loyalty/love for our wondrous club, leads me to believe that he probably will end up being sold, hopefully for around 20 mill, if Yann comes, so in essence, making us a slight profit (which just goes with what Wenger would do)

    TBH, I’d be happier if these french rumours you heard to be about Gourcoff, typical wenger signing, I could really see Wenger turn him around, and make him realise his talent.

    I think Chamakh should stay, so my most ideal list would be something like

    Ins: Vertonghen, Gourcoff, Podolski, P.Robinson (the goalie)
    Outs: Lansbury, squidward, Bendtner, Arshavin, Almunia, Flappyhandski, denilson, Park
    Promote: Afobe, Vela (to arshavin’s spot), Martinez, Mannone, Bartley

    So our team would be something along the lines of (3-5-2, cause I like the way it looks)

    Vermaelen/Vertonghen MertesackerKoscielny (Djourou, Bartley)
    Sagna/jenko Song Arteta/wilshere Santos/gibbs

    Mad I know, but what’s the point of dreaming if you don’t dream wildly? And for those that say we lack width, Jenko/Sagna are our best crossers, embarassing as it is

  13. Bergkamp63

    Sczesny has become so complacent (where have i heard that before !!), he is not afraid of losing his place and doesn’t practice on his weaknesses.

    His kicking for starters is atrocious.

  14. Phil

    good list of departures, but can’t see Wenger following through to that extent. Just doesn’t seem in his nature to have a mass clean out and by definition acknowledge the mistakes he has made.
    25m for Song is a little extravagant, but not going to bother playing numerical semantics as your total seems pretty fair.
    although the generally high level of wages will make it hard without accepting a lower sale price.

  15. TT

    Do City even need Vertonghen?They have the best defence in the PL, are still fairly young.They need to replace Savic but not sure Vertonghen is the man to do that.

    Vertonghen is ten times the player Savic is and better than Lescott IMHO.

    City have the best defense in the PL because they are being trained in defending by a able defensive coach. Anyone that can make Clichy look half decent knows his stuff unlike the Best Manager In The World that we have..

  16. Bergkamp63

    Jonny Martin,

    I think the general consensus is we don’t actually care what we get for them as long as they are gone !!

    Giving away 13 players shouldn’t be that hard ? It only difficult if you are unrealistic in your valuations given the contracts they are on. There inlies the problem.

  17. Jamal

    Hahaa, Arshavin leaves on loan and wins the Russian league with Zenit and here we are 7 years and counting

  18. IvoryGoonz

    Ref. Giroud, little input, he had declared he would consider moving if they didn’t qualify for CL.
    Now they are.
    So the real questions are:
    -how much is his release clause,
    – is it in Wenger’s bracket.

    Other point about Montpellier, as I mentioned to Pedro already and on here last year. The gem player of Montpellier is Mapou Yanga Mbiwa. It’s one thing to score lot of goals, but without a solid defense, it gets you third, not the title… It’s. against lousy teams we lost lethal points for the title. Mapou can play anywhere at the back.
    Also, we need to get rid of Gibbs. Sorry but he’s not good enough., and he’ll never have Clichy or Cole’s stamina. Pace maybe, but opponent’s wingers are quick too… So ideally for me, Vertonghen and Yanga Mbiwa in, with a back 4 Sagna-Yanga-Vertonghen-Vermaelen.

  19. Gooner63

    Its a bit harsh to go on about waiting and not signing players like Hazard

    Its never gonna happen – Hazards wages are way to high for us

    Thats why we are getting in and signing those that fit our structure

    Podolski and Mvila will be excellent signings for us.

    If theres other players out there that are not gonna want 100k+, then we may have a chance, else, dont even dream about them.

    I think wengers looking to change the system a bit – having mvila as cover for the defence, so that our 5 more forward players can interchange more, we were caught out so often last season on playing the same way and having little effect, or getting caught on the break.

    Now it seems we are looking at being more solid at the back and getting front players who can all score and also be able to change position.

    For example – gervinho is crap when he comes in from the left – podolski loves to do that. Ramsey and rosicky not the best at going beyond rvp (like cesc used to) – Dempsey(if its true) – loves doing that – mvila will shore up any gaps left by players getting in the box.

    So i would be hoping for another AM if we get Dempsey – as its not really a role wilshire does. Get diaby out – ramsey on loan.

    Eriksen pleaseeeeee


    Sagna – Koz – Verm – Baines


    Wilshire Eriksen/dempsey

    Theo – RVP – Podolski

  20. Jamal


    i agree fully, we need a LB so Yanga Mbiwa and Leighton Baines would be the two that id opt for.. we probably wont buy any defender though because Lord Wenger wants to concede 50+ goals next season

  21. TT

    JamalMay 9, 2012 12:24:44
    Ivory,i agree fully, we need a LB so Yanga Mbiwa and Leighton Baines would be the two that id opt for.. we probably wont buy any defender though because Lord Wenger wants to concede 50+ goals next season

    LOL 50 + is a new trophy….

  22. Cesc Appeal

    Why does everyone have Walcott as a starter?
    If we signed Dempsey, I’d start Dempsey ahead of him. Hoilett the same, Matias Suarez the same. Walcott brings nothing to a game except pure pace. Which is based used late on in a game coming off the bench. The fact that the media have propelled him to these levels were people think he’s a great player is ridiculous.

  23. kapslock

    David Ornstein‏@bbcsport_david

    Arsenal not close to signing M’Vila. Many complicating factors (CL place, fee, off-field issues etc). No way a done deal #afc #bbcsportsday

    FOR FUCK SAKE. Knew it

  24. Norgun

    Why do people keep on yapping about X,Y, Z’s wages are too high for us? With a more reasonable wage structure there isn’t a player out there we couldn’t afford!!! When you have a socialist wage structure paying crap players such as Bendtner, Denilson and Diaby 50k/w ++ of course you cannot afford the ones that actually deserve high wages!! Why can Bayern afford Riebery and Robben? Because they don’t pay squad players the same!!! Hazard should play in Afc next season. Sadly our club is too fucked up…

  25. Santos

    My dream list this summer…….


    Gambon’s usual OUT list

  26. Bush Gooner

    Cannot believe what I am hearing today. Keep Chamakh and Bendtner? Wenger has brainwashed you into thinking that dross is still good enough to have a squad number at Arsenal.

  27. Bergkamp63


    It’s the pheromones of mediocrity that Arsenal have been giving off for the last 7 years !!

    4th place feels like winning the EPL & CL !!

  28. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Good Afternoon Grovers,

    Pedro’s valuations aren’t far off, but wages for some of the more marmite esque players will pose a problem. Ideally most should fetch a good price in regards to the fact they are internationals/ex-internationals, have a good deal of top flight and Champions League experience. But, it never works out like that. The key is getting them off the wage bill and we can always take a fee hit to help subsidise their departures with sell on clauses for the younger ones.

    The worry is how ruthless will Wenger be and how many of the more ‘wished’ departures will he end up keeping.

    In regards to song’s valuation £25mill is about right. The age is good, the injury record and experience levels are very good. If he goes for less (if indeed he does) than what we outlayed for M’Vila fingers will have to be pointed.

  29. Bush Gooner


    David Ornstein‏@bbcsport_davidArsenal not close to signing M’Vila. Many complicating factors (CL place, fee, off-field issues etc). No way a done deal #afc #bbcsportsday

    FOR FUCK SAKE. Knew it
    Just goes to show how costly and important the loss to Wigan, QPR and the draw against Norwich could be. Knowing Wenger’s track record with transfers he wont buy him then turn round and say Diaby is like a new signing FFS!!

  30. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    I’d keep Bendtner personally. He can be used as a target option and has the technical ability to play in our for 4-2-3-1 up front or on the right if there is a spate of injuries. I think his attitude is a bit poor, but he’s certainly managable in my opinion.

  31. Bush Gooner

    Arsene nose best

    Sagana Vermaelen. Koscielny. Gibbs
    Song. Denilson. Arteta
    Gervinho. Bendtner. Padolski
    Your kidding right?

    I would say 5 out of that lot I would keep. The rest of the dross I am not remotely interested.

  32. Zinc

    £8 million for Vela? Is that a joke?

    More like:

    •Vela £2million
    •Denilson £2million
    •Bendtner £5million
    •Almunia £freeeeeeeeee
    •Fabainski £3million
    •Mannone £500,000
    •Squillaci £500,000
    •JD £2 million
    •Diaby £2 million
    •Song £25 million
    •Chamakh £5million
    •Park £2million
    •Andrey £5mill

    £29 million without Song because I don’t think he’ll leave this summer but perhaps next summer. We’re not buying Vertonghen and M’Vila isn’t 100% yet so let’s wait and see.

  33. Samir


    With that line up I can see us challenging on all fronts! But first of all we need to get rid of the deadwood:


  34. Bergkamp63

    Robin’s Choco Leg SpecialMay 9, 2012 12:58:55
    I’d keep Bendtner personally. He can be used as a target option and has the technical ability to play in our for 4-2-3-1 up front or on the right if there is a spate of injuries. I think his attitude is a bit poor, but he’s certainly managable in my opinion

    I agree, we should keep Bendtner but instead of as a target option I would go for target practice,

    Down at the local rifle range !!

  35. Jamal


    This team could challenge Barca’s status as the greatest ever club team. This team has future Ballon D’or winners in Denilson and Chamakh

  36. Samir


    I agree…It’s just a shame Wenger the deluded fool does not give any of them a chance 🙁

  37. DUIFG

    Spot on Blanco, we are in dreamland for thinking these players are worth anything, lets write them off for free and get all of the hangers on off our wage bill.

  38. arsenal1886-2006

    See silly season has started already. Apparently Wenger looked at Vertonghen and did not like his style, he kept stopping the attackers from scoring. When it was pointed out to Wenger that this is what defenders do he replied “our’s don’t”.

  39. f4phantomphreak

    as there been anyone in the press that has asked AW why he purchased Park, then not played him for the season other than the odd match here and there?? I was wondering that, and what he may pf said about it, can any other gooner out there refresh me on this question?? Arse all the way, Marco Andretti #26

  40. Stevethebrightongooner

    Reality check people …

    Vela £8million / £5million
    Denilson £3million / £2million
    Bendtner £6million / £5million
    Almunia £freeeeeeeeee / Free
    Fabainski £3million / Free
    Mannone £500,000 / Free
    Squillaci £500,000 / Free
    JD £4,000,000 / £3million
    Diaby £4,000,000 / No buyers (with that injury list, seriously?)
    Song £25,000,000 / £15million (absolute top price surely?)
    Chamakh £5million / £2million
    Park £2million / £1million
    Andrey £5mill / £5million

    Total – £38million maximum

    I’m basing this on my gut feeling for the type of teams who would be interested in these players … the lower the team, the lower the price in this financial climate and lets face it, they’ll be lucky to transfer to a mid table Premier League team and most will likely end up at below top level european league teams, who may sell for high prices but rarely return the favour. Also they will still have to factor in paying somewhere close to their Arsenal style ridiculously inflated wages.

    So not a very enticing transfer list for anyone looking to buy really.

    I think quite a few of these will unfortunately be staying until the end of their contracts, to get on the out of contract / free transfer gravy train.

  41. Observer

    Day dreaming all around…everyone is trying to humor themselves and feel good. I believe that what these blog sites are mainly meant for.

    Hey Alisher Usmanov, all are praying for the day you will come and return our Arsenal back to us. Please don’t disappoint us.

  42. Stevethebrightongooner

    Obviously the flip side to my last comment is we stand to make a fortune in saved wages in the long distant future!

  43. Rob The Goon


    Havent got a clue, all I know is that we stole Park from lille right at the last minute….

  44. Cesc Appeal

    Coquelin Kos Verm Gibbs
    Oxo Song Rosicky Gervinho
    Chamakh Van persie

    That should be enough to shut out West Brom on Sunday and come away with a 1-0 2-0 sort of score. But Song has to be disciplined and stay BEHIND Rosicky at all times.
    Chamakh played ok with a strike partner last week, if he can hold it up and nod it down to Van Persie it will mean we’re not SO reliant on RVP’s movement to produce a clear cut chance
    If he goesd 4-3-3 again and starts Ramsey to prove his stupid myopic little point (a la Denilson) I’ll lose my effing mind!

  45. Cesc Appeal

    f4phantom, because of trying to get a leg up in the Asia market. Park is South Korean captain and I’d bet our merchandise sales and subscriptions have gone up ten fold since the purchase.
    Perhaps that’s why a lot of people are saying we’ll see Ryo a lot more on the scene next season if Park is sold

  46. Arsenal Toujours

    Everyone seen this stat?

    Home Penalties

    ManU – 9
    City – 7
    Arsenal – 0

    English football corrupt? Nah, ask ‘Arry.

  47. gambon


    Last season we got more pens than Man Utd

    So they were all biased towards Arsenal last season, then changed this season?

  48. Cesc Appeal

    I think the reason for less (or no) pens is that rarely have teams come to the Emirates defensively this year, they know what they have to do against us and we don’t really have any tricky wingers who surge into the box and warrant a last gasp tackle from a defender.
    The first i remebered seeing in a while was when Ox raced past three-four players against Ac Milan and then two of them took him down to stop him going through on goal…penalty.
    Then Wenger dropped him the next week

  49. The Poldi Prince

    Sam gooner,

    Giroud wouldnt sit on our Bench. Having capable reserves means squad rotation, and presumably less fatigue during busy periods.

    IF we went to the end of all comps, we play about 60 games. Giroud would start 20-30 and be brought on regularly as a sub. This would be the perfect bedding in process before the inevitable RVP departure.

    It is ludicrous when a team brings a forward in and expects them to click right away.

    As for all the people wanting to keep song? He has 10 assists, but has directly lead to more goals than that. And between him, and our uber- adventurous CB, we have managed to concoct one of the worst non-relegation battling defences. Pound for pound anyway.

    Ship song while his value is high. Get a DM that wants to play there, and not one that wants to go galavanting around. We would get 15-20mil for him. Take it please.

  50. TT

    There is a difference between more and non Gambon.Though I don’t think its bias more like they are more inept this year than last.

  51. Cesc Appeal

    Poldi Prince this is what some people don’t get. ‘We have Van Persie, we don’t need another big priced striker.’ These will be the same people crying when RVP gets tired, or injured and we end up sending on Park.
    As I’ve said on here before, you want to test the credentials of a title contesting side look at their bench before even a single ball is kicked

  52. Gunner2301

    Pedro great post. Not sure of your valuations though Song 25mill 😯 He’ll be going into the last year of his contract won’t he? I’d say 12mill max if he does go. I believe Aluminium and Flappy are end of contract so will be released. I would welcome Vorm, good keeper who I feel is better than Chesney and he may well come if he believes Chesneys place is not cemented and he has a chance to take the number 1 jersey.

    We should just wait and see who Wenger brings in/gets rid off because it’s a long Summer and there’s no point going stir crazy over it. I don’t anticipate he will do much more than he has in other windows. Wenger has since we have been at the Emirates always kept things to the bone in terms of players, he’ll do the minimum necessary to remain in contention and not what is required to get us over the hill, so don’t expect a lot of changes.

    Departures also likely to be disappointing especially those with longer contracts who have plenty of time to sit around and wait, like Diaby who I believe Wenger will hang onto to give a full season even if it’s in 5 years time so he can say I told you so.

  53. Arsenal Toujours

    and after the MU dives, and the penalties, and sending off’s, and the Ballotelli let-off, and the absurd off-side mistakes, then passing it off as sheer / mere incompetence starts to wear really thin … and the smallness of the size of the refereeing panel is just a recipe for suspicions.

    As W.G. Grace said “No-one came here to watch him umpire the game”. Should be hung in every referees room – and anyone with the slightest knowledge of the England – India cricket corruption would be a fool to think it’s not happening in football, everyday.

    Over-riding a referees wrong decisions will go a long way toward thwarting it.

  54. Alexander

    Has anybody seen the arsenal away kit? It’s all red and blue stripes… What are your thoughts about it?

  55. nir

    I think we shouldn’t sell Song. He is an amazing player for us. I would also keep Fabianski, he isn’t bad as 2nd choice. I would get M’vila and get another solid defender, if we do that we can contend next year. I think we should sell Gervinho because to be honest after the ACoN he hasnt been the same player. I would also sell Gibbs or Santos, and get a solid left back!!

  56. Gunner2301

    Every big team needs 3 quality strikers. Either we want to be an exception or we’re not a big team. Sitting on the bench and rotation is part and parcel of the game if they’re not happy move them on and bring in someone who is more realistic about how modern day squads work.

    A top manager should be able to deal with these contentions within a squad it’s part of managing a big team. So I understand why Wenger tries to avoid this by having only 1 viable striker at a time and no competition, which makes selection a piece of piss and less team dynamics to deal with. It’s no wonder the players are exhausted come February and have nothing left in the tank. You’d think being the highest paid PL manager he’d want to earn his money, but obviously not.

  57. Robin Van Hurley

    Give me:




    That is all we need to win the league. Vertonghen would be a luxury purchase. Left Back is the only other position I would look at, and I would ask Sir Chez to pull his finger out.

  58. Nick

    if we get 25mill for song he would still have cost us millions !!!!
    The amount of time we have put up with him playing like a prat and just like the other’s puts in one half acceptable season by their own standards [still below par for arsenal]and fucks off at the first opertuninty alla flemini nasri and the rest of the money grabbing shit bags! Not that I care just hope wenger gets his militant streak back he fucked off the invinceables for dropping a bit of pace but stands by sub standard feckers like song only to get shit on.

  59. Arsenal Toujours

    Gambon – I’m never going to question your football knowledge – it’s truly exceptional.

    But no-one sees everything … and soemtimes prior beliefs can cloud judgement

  60. gambon


    I dont doubt that refs are absolutely incompetent, that big teams tend to get favourable treatment at home, and that teams that hound the ref (Utd) will get more decisions than teams that dont (Arsenal).

    However I dont think there is any bias

    If you look at the stats it hardly paints a picture of bias.

  61. Chris Doyle

    I belive Clint Dempsey is a great guy to have it at Arsenal. He will be a huge success playing behind Robin and Poldoski, and they can score a lots and lots of goals together. Also, there is a need for new No.1 goalkeeper, as our present
    No. 1 is an actor of high class without doing anything for real. He is not mature, and is a complete joker at times and dont even realize that how stupid mistake he’s made.

  62. arsenal1886-2006

    “Alexander May 9, 2012 14:29:46
    for me it’s like a mixture of barselona and milan colours.”

    Just a shame that the squad wearing it is more like a mixture of Rochdale and Exeter.

  63. Nick

    All the targets we are ment to sign were people we were linked with last year mvilla podolski dempsey del piero hoilet maybe this year we will get em most of our negotiations seem to go along the lines of get the player to want to play for us offer low and wait for contract to run out putting pressure on selling club to take lower offer with threat of losing said player for nish… gerviniho chamack even arteta

  64. Arsenal Toujours

    Gambon – how could such a small roster of professional referees be “absolutely incompetent” instead of “absolutely competent”?

    At what point does “absolute incompetence” become something else?

    Also – you are looking at things from a team vs. team point-of-view.

    Massive gamblers don’t care about this or that teams results – they only care about making sure what they’ve bet on happens.

  65. CedarBayDave

    Alexander – I like that away kit better than the home version for next year, but that is not a hard one to beat IMO.

  66. Robin's Choco Leg Special






    ———————Van Persie


    Robinson, Vermaelen, Coquelin, J.Martinez,Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gervinho, Bendtner

  67. tomb

    The new away kit looks abit like Crystal Palace kit. I think we could have done better but hey its Arsenal….

  68. emeka nwigwe

    Shouldn’t we give Song more respect than he is getting? In the absence of any creative AM he stepped up from his more defensive role & has created fair enough chances upfront with his sublime passed to RVP. Now everyone is calling for his sale. I’m so disappointed. Why don’t we call for Wilshere’s exit? He’s not contributed a thing this season & may likely not on time next season. Who’s more of a dead wood?

  69. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    my worry is that spurs may get revenge on lassagne dgate this weekend… we will possibly blow out to WBA… they will roll over fulham, newcastle not sure /….. cant see any other outcome….

  70. gambon


    So could you explain where you stand on it?

    Because most of the arguments i see seem to be so incoherent its ridiculous.

    When UTD get a penalty i see people saying the refs all help UTD, when its Chelsea I see them all say Chelsea get all the help, when its City I see they get all the help, ditto for Liverpool.

    Are you saying one team is being helped?

    Are you saying every single ref hates Arsenal, and Arsenal only?

    There is no consistency in the arguments being made, just silly reactions during every game.

    Also i notice how nothing is said when Arsenal get decisions, as we did against Norwich, or when Drenthe scored a perfectly good goal.

    You may remember we nearly won the champions league with an awful & blatant dive.

  71. Cesc Appeal

    Or you can look at it that had Wenger done his job last summer we’d be about 9-12 points better off easily and we’d been just on the outside of the City-United clash looking in on it, not looking over our shoulder

  72. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Two cup finals coming up..

    One game, one result, winner takes all.. opposition = West Brom… If we can’t go and beat these journeyman in a game that is so important to us then most of the squad should be shipped out! Us grabbing 3rd will cause a large amount of grief up the road in the account dept of Twitchenham Hotspuds.

    The other cup-final is for the spuds.. This is so important to them. With no CL revenue this year dear old ‘Arry has been selling to keep the books straight.. (Yeah, I know, keeping the books straight and Harry Redknapp in the same sentence!).

    They’ve done reasonably well, and spent all their money… (Something I wish we would do)…But there’s no more in the well and their wage bill has rocketed and they need the CL money to keep up.

    So ‘Arry coming out with statements like” “the club needs to be bold this summer” in the transfer market is putting it up to Levy. Levy is a prudent chairman and does not spend what he does not have. To his credit though he has also spent what they have had. He does not take big risks. They may be able to stretch to 7-8m but this is the top of their capacity. The books aint going to be easy to balance this year for them and going forward they won’t be a NET spender until the win that qualifying game in August if they get 4th.

  73. Nick

    everton and fulham are both capable on their day and each club still has positions to play for each one worth about 500k thats a big deal for them wouldnt rule them out could win but i fancy them both to draw.

  74. Azed

    You guys should please stop putting Diaby on the OUT list. Wenger would rather leave than sell Diaby.
    When Diaby talked about winning the Ballon D’or, who do you think told him he can win it?
    There is a higher chance of Wenger signing Neymar than selling Diaby.

  75. freddy

    does anyone think we could go 343 or 3421 next year ??

    lets be Honest Santos & Gibbs aren’t defenders they both leave us exposed they are more Wing backs as such

    Napoli use this system very well

    Kos Mert Vermalen interchangeable (Vertonghen? JD Song)
    Sagna Song M’villa Santos Arteta Diaby Rosicky Le-Coq Gibbs
    RVP Podolski oxo Theo new signing ?? Chamakh


    Kos Mert Vermalen
    Sagna Song M’villa Santos
    Arteta Jack (Theo-OXO-Rosi-Diaby)
    obviously the team could be changed any which

  76. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Bit weird, but i like the away kit for some reason. It looks good on van persie…

    What’s with all the blue in our kits though. Major marketing fuck up there.. Fire the lot of them..

  77. Arsenal Toujours

    Dear Gambon – with all due respect (and I mean it) – you still think the debate is about this team vs that team and the overall results …

    Think England or South Africa vs India at the cricket – it’s not this team vs that team – it’s this event or that event, decided by a referee, and that is bet on by massive crime syndicates.

    This is what explains “massive incompetence” rather than “massive competence”

    You are a football purist – it’s just not pure anymore.

  78. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    freddy – re formation change… NO

    we go 4-4-2 when we’re desperate and play 4-3-3/4-2-3-1 come rain or shine otherwise..

    Wenger needs to stop playing with 1 upfront against everyone at home for me… It gives them the imputus to sit 10 behind the ball, press us high up the pitch and hit us with counter attacks….

    We shouldn’t play with

  79. gambon


    With respect you are completely avoiding my questions.

    Explain your thoughts on refereeing/corruption?

  80. ritesh

    M’Villa is an overhyped player. Song much better in all areas of the pitch.

    We don’t need a creative midfielder like Fabregas, the team works differently now.

    But we do need more midfielders as Benny out, Diaby has been unreliable, Wilshere will have setbacks, Ramsey still learning and Rosicky cannot play all the matches.

  81. gambon

    “M’Villa is an overhyped player. Song much better in all areas of the pitch. ”


    MVila is statistically a better passer, tackler & interceptor.

    When youre a DM these stats are absolutely vital.

    MVila also isnt a fat cunt like Song.

  82. Nick

    i think refs are influanced one way or another via the media and their own opinions who in any job isnt?

    When wenger moans over every thing he loses respect imo not that he is always wrong!!! players on the pitch get petulent as well and have stroppy hissy fits that dont endear them to officials walcott has been stand out moaner this term cringe worthy at times.

    Plus the media start bandwagons for players teams managers ect these reach the top and they advise refs acordingly on how to deal with games players situations ect. So I do belive some situations are delt with by refs in a biased way but not a corupt heres one of arrys envoples type of bias imo

  83. gambon

    “We don’t need a creative midfielder like Fabregas, the team works differently now. ”


    Backtracking on your statement that Ramsey was better than Cesc?

  84. ritesh

    It would be naive to believe corruption does not exist in football Gambon.

    It would also be naive to expect someone to have proof and voice it out even if it does occur sometimes like in the Barca / brazil guy connection.

    And even if you come up with proof, the powers that govern are so strong, they will just ignore it.
    Just pay your ticket and enjoy the rant 😉

  85. Gunner2301

    Arsenal Toujours

    The bigger the team/game the more pressure on the Ref when a decision has to be made. Just like players under pressure they can bottle it sometimes and it’s more magnified in their case when they do bottle it. In order for things to work you need the Ref and the linesman to do their jobs, between them they should be able to work out what’s happened if the are paying attention to the game.

    Players and fans can put additional pressure on the Ref to go either way with a decision and we’ve seen this time and time again. You need strong players to argue their case and get in the Refs face a bit, we used to do it before project youth and there is probably a strong correlation between a decline in the decisions we used to get at Highbury and what we get at the Emirates.

    It’s a case of those who shout the loudest gets the most and we aren’t shouting anymore. I’ve seen perfectly good cases for penalties and freekicks that we don’t appeal for or if we do it’s a token gesture. That won’t be resolved until we get 1. Players who are winners therefore they want every decision to go their way 2. Strong characters who will challenge the decision and make a case.

    I’ don’t expect change anytime soon.

  86. Gunner2301

    of course there are betting syndicates that try to influence games through refereeing decisions, but it’s up to the authorities to get to the bottom of the bad decisions to see whether there has been any influence. It’s normally through betting companies that this comes to light anyway and I’m sure if Refs were influencing games for betting syndicates as a matter of course it would have been picked up. Bookies don’t like to pay out they have very robust systems for spotting these patterns, I should know I used to work on them.

  87. gambon

    If refs are being paid to influence games surely all teams would be affected equally, its not like these guys would be stupid enough to only bet on one team every time.

    Therefore there isnt really much of a problem.

  88. Arsenal Toujours

    Gunner2301 –

    The best slave is the one who thinks he’s free;’

    and how come they had to suicide that Soth African captain in a plane crash rather than let him testify?

  89. Gunner2301

    Arsenal Toujours

    I don’t doubt that. Just like in any walk of life there are powerful people who control things and the art is to make everything look like random events that aren’t orchestrated or controlled. It’s everywhere there’s not much you can do about it, apart from highlight the blatantly obvious events. It doesn’t mean that anything will be done about it. How many times will cases be forwarded to the Police Complaints Commission? Nothing is hardly ever done, nobody is hardly ever held accountable.

  90. TT

    There are countless law enforcement agency’s out there that closely monitor betting patterns and raise a warning flag when they see something suspicious. Not to mention betting companies whose interest it is in that the game stays clean.

    If football was as corrupt as some people seem to think it would have been highlighted long time ago by both the police and the betting companies.

  91. Arsenal Toujours

    Gambon – genius about football; clueless about corruption.

    Hansie Cronje – what would Jesus bet on?

  92. 2pistolz2cannonz

    Alex Song ain’t going anywhere the only thing coming to Song is a new contract and rightly so he’s had a very good season. Song to play just ahead of M’villa with Arteta or Rosicky just ahead of him it’s about increasing size and power ! podolski left Persie central Dempsey / Gourcuff right . Size and POWER

  93. desperate gooner

    Your Comment Here

  94. gambon


    SO Cronje being involved in Match Fixing proves that Man Utd get all the refs help?

    Pretty big stretch?!

  95. ritesh

    This discussion is ripe for an illustration of prospects theory of Kahnman. Why are the middle classes always ripped off even when they are aware of how things work.

    On this bright note, have a good evening.

  96. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Refs are not ‘bent’.. IMO..

    They are human and the make mistakes.. They also buckle to pressure and intimidation some times and are weak when it comes to a big call.. Like give that Pen decision if fav or against a big club.

    We conveniently ignore the 50/50 decisions in every game that go in our favour. Everyone mentions the pen (not awarded) against Norwich.. what about the one they did not get in the first half? Or that we were fortunate to keep 10 men on the field?

    I’m pretty sure that some refs buckle in the OT cauldron.. but to say it is corrupt is off the mark.. Yep it’s infuriating to watch and to see some refs make crap calls is annoying. I would perhaps agree that the bigger teams do get some calls in their favour.. Just go down the league and ask Coyle, Martinez and Steve Keane… These guys have real gripes at refs, a hell of a lot more than any manager of the top 4-6 clubs! (including us)

    The biggest travesty of referring decision making that I have seen in recent times was that prick of a Norwegian (?) ref who denied the Chavs against Barca at Stamford Bridge a few years ago in the CL. That to me is still quite inexplicable but is it part of a widespread corruption? Did some betting sundicate make a killing?

    Bookies are more adept than the CIA and MI5 at spotting trends and if anything is amiss they certainly will notice it well before the FA, UEFA or FIFA!


    Never a truer word spoken. Get this fkin brain washing maniac out.

    arsenal1886-2006May 9, 2012 03:45:28

    JOPPAAAAAAAA.I am totally with you on this, hence the name. I feel that Wenger wanted to build a club in his image, he tried it at Monaco and got fucked off by the owner. He wanted to destroy any legacy left by previous managers and owners and have his name forever associated with the building of Arsenal into a great team, never mind that Herbert Chapman had done it before and if not for the second world war we would probably be talking about Arsenal in the same way we talk about Man Utd.I feel that Wenger resented the past and that is why his image is plastered everywhere, if he was a leader of a country he would be a Kim Jung il or Saddam Hussein, he is a raving lunatic who believes that everybody must do it his way as the alternative is failure. Our trophy cabinet is testimony to his continuing insanity, AKB’s point to the stadium and say “that his is legacy” No! That is Robert McAlpines legacy and the architects, it is also the fans, the ones who pay extortionate prices to watch a slow dirge every other week with a squad that is abysmally weak and short on fight, with the exception of a handful of players.

    He can take credit for the fact that he has built a squad incapable of doing the basics let alone trying to entertain, yet he blames referees, officials and just about everything else for his own shortcomings. The young players he brings through cannot wait to leave when given the chance, and the dross he can’t sell won’t leave because of the high wages he pays them. The Arsenal we knew was from 1886-2006, this is Wengers Arsenal now.
    I suppose in a way he should take credit for the Arsenal of 2006-2012, it is a club that is run not in the football sense but in a pure business sense. Success is generating profit at any cost, even if it is detrimental to the success on the pitch where a clubs success is surely to be judged.

    The Stadium is akin to the Emperors new clothes, it was built to generate money in the long term not the short term and not for the benefit of the playing side but the business side. The fans will become accustomed to supporting a club who place pride in profit over trophies and will go along with the charade until the cows come home. Some fans are severely deluded into believing that funds are going to be released for players, the only funds to be released will be due to sales of the best players, or player in our case, and then only a percentage with the rest going to shareholders and so called investors.The fans were sold a pup and some believe it to be a prize winning poodle, while others are aware that it is a bastardised scabby mongrel.

    Good night all, sweet dreams.

  98. Sensible old chap

    Whoever says we have van Persie so we dont need another big striker is a fucking idiot who obviously doesn’t watch enough of us. Our key players ALWAYS get injured so we need as much quality as we can get

  99. CH 30

    If M’vila comes in.. I don’t understand why Song have to go? Have we not been complaining about the lack of qulity in the squad this season?
    IF we would see a line up next season with both. I would think M’vila will be the DM and Song would be a box to box player.

    I hope M’vila comes in, and I hope Song stays. How briliant would it not to be to have a midfield and be able to rotate with,

    I also think Dempsey would be a very good signing for AFC. Much like Arteta, not the biggest name you would think of but very useful for the team. (agree with you comments in the blog about Dempsey)
    Dempsey could be our main ACM. As well as our backup Striker or Lukas as Striker and Dempsey on the left.

    One more comment on Song! How can he be so bad as some of you claim if a club like Real M is interested in him? If that logic would make sense they would want Park, Chamakh and a few others too right??

    And even if he is a DM and we moves forward, should not the others in the team be smart enough to cover his run!
    What aboute Ramsey who couldn’t be arsed to make the run in the Norwich game! That’s a disgrace if any!

  100. Jimmythegun

    The Song hate really makes me laugh!

    He is far from a perfect DM, but he has been one of our top 3 most consistent performer this along with RVP and Arteta.

    I thought Saturday summed it up quite nicely – yes Song can take some blame for leaving space between the midfield and the back four, but he didn’t cause Szchez to parry the ball into his own net for Hollohan’s goal, he didn’t make Gibbs run away from Grant Holt and towards Kozzer for their second and he didn’t…ok, the third goal was his fault but you get the picture.

    Here’s a trivial little game – Alex Song is a better DM then ??? is at their position:

    Alex Song is a better DM than Szchez is a goalkeeper
    Alex Song is a better DM than Gibbs is a leftback
    Alex Song is a better DM than Santos is a leftback
    Alex Song is a better DM than Walcott is a winger
    Alex Song is a better DM than Gerv is a winger

    Right, I’ve even bored myself now, but you get the picture. There are far more players in the current team who have more of a detrimental effect on the team than Song, I just can’t understand the obsession with him as the epitome of what is wrong with Arsenal. Can’t understand those that value him at £25 mill either I must admit.

    All I am saying is there are far bigger issues to address than Song and whether are interest in M’Vila means he is out.

    He’s a good emergency centre half an all and plays that position with a lot of discipline – who do you think is telling him to bomb forward FFS?

  101. gambon

    “name 5 better ?”

    Firstly hes not even a DM cos he doesnt know how to defend.

    5 better?

    Diarra (Lass)
    De Rossi

  102. Azed

    2pistolz2cannonz May 9, 2012 16:11:29

    He is top 6 Easily name 5 better ?
    De jong

  103. CH 30

    I agree Song is not the best DM out there by far. That is why I really hope M’vila comes in. But I don’t see why Song need to go? Play him as a CM, when the team needs to rotate. At least he have shown that he can win tackels, and we can make decent passes forward. And I would use him as a emergency DM when
    injuries hit us.

  104. Gunner2301


    Great post you pulled back there, which would have gone unnoticed. Bravo arsenal1886-2006May you took the words right out of my mouth.


  105. Rhys Jaggar

    I wrote an email to Gooner MS just before the 5-2 Derby win with almost an identical headline……

    Slightly different players out, although most were the same.

    Maybe Ivan read my email like he read your post this week?!

  106. Thomas

    When the opposing team attacks there’s often a huge gap between midfield and the back four – where Song is supposed to be but he is too far up in the field thinking he’s a playmaker. He is supposed to make it difficult for the opponent to attack and find passing ways. Can’t stand his jobbing on the pitch. Not to mention all the silly freekicks he gives away around the box.

  107. Nick

    There are plenty of players i would like to see leave before song but i thought the whole angle was song and dein fucking about for more money or a move away or both 😐 ! that midfield position imo is the most important as attack and defence are hindred by it. As long as we get someone in song can stay as back up challange by all means.

  108. Gunner2301


    Once you got to this statement “He is far from a perfect DM” then you should know what the problem is. Yes there are others performing worse, but he is a candidate that there is an opportunity to move out if indeed M’Vila is coming in. Why would we want Song sold? Apart from him not being good enough for a Club aspiring to be champions of the PL and possibly Europe.

    He doesn’t know how to play his position properly and by keeping him we are perpetuating a blotation of the squad. Let me give you an example. Gibbs not quite good enough so we get Santos, not quite good enough so in fact we need a 3rd player at LB to play LB properly. Had we gone for a Baines, Enrique, Cole type player that’s LB covered with 1 player.

    So in Songs case because he can’t or doesn’t want to play DM we need to fork out again for M’Vila to cover what he’s supposed to be doing? There are arguments that Song is doing or assissting where the midfield isn’t. Then equally I would say the problem of players not performing their jobs in their positions is spreading and accepted amongst the team and we need to redress that.

    Either they play their positions or fuck off we don’t need them. Barca are the best for a reason every player knows their position well and plays it knowing they are but one piece in the jigsaw of the whole team a vital cog in the machinery if they don’t turn the machine don’t work.

    So what we have at Arsenal are a collection of cogs that don’t amount to a working machine because they are not moving in unison.

    The other more pressing reason Song must go is because Arsene will not be able to resist making him into Cesc so he can claim that he created him and with Song being a willing candidate for AM he needs to go before we sustain another few years of Eboue like performances from a player who doesn’t quite fit. We do that quite well having players that don’t quite fit.

  109. Bergkamp63


    Which means he will probably get a big fat pay rise and an extended contract !!

  110. Gunner2301


    Agreed and pointed out the same failings in Songs play myself. We should start cutting our losses on these “not quite right for their position” type players and get the right players in. We don’t need jack of all trades anymore as we’ve been used to, we need the masters in each position with backups that are flexible.

  111. Gunner2301


    Of course he will along with Walcott, they’ll just be announced under the cover of our next signing and brushed under the carpet.

  112. zeus

    gambonMay 9, 2012 15:46:26
    “M’Villa is an overhyped player. Song much better in all areas of the pitch. ”HahaMVila is statistically a better passer, tackler & interceptor.When youre a DM these stats are absolutely vital.MVila also isnt a fat cunt like Song


    To be fair, Denilson was playing as a DM, and he had fantastic stats for his passing.