Arsenal can free up £61mill + £600k p/w in wages | Avenging the loss of Juan Mata this summer

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Sorry pal, I don't care if you beg, it's military service for you...

So the big, fat, exciting news that had us all glued to whatever social network was talking about it was the story of Yann M’Vila. The journalists finally caught up with the story and suggested the deal was going to be struck at £17million. Julien Laurens, who apparently has a a direct line into M’Vila said the deal was going ahead. Matt Spiro (who told us all how average Park was against the grain last year) also confirmed he was coming. Then the Telegraph, then the Mail (haha! I know, I did reference them). Then Phillipe Auclair waded in and said that no offer had been made and he was unsure one would as he’s too expensive, violent and in poor form (what a reference). Where this story goes today is anyone’s guess.

Sadly, I have no steer on this one. All I know is that we’ve been in talks about a big name Ligue One star since February. I’d be quite surprised if we didn’t land him. He ticks all the Wenger boxes bar the price. It’s also interesting that we have a defensive midfielder who has performed quite well this year… yet we’re replacing him with someone else. I wonder why?

The Daily Mail (sorry) are saying that he is set to hold talks with the club about his future, he’ll be seeking assurances over his place in the team with the imminent purchase, perhaps, of someone 4 year younger. Now, some are suggesting that Song is going to move into a more advanced position next season. That won’t have come from anywhere within the club. Probably people picking it up from me communicating it as my biggest fear for the last 4 months.

Anyway… from what I’ve been hearing, that’s unlikely to be the case as we’ll be looking to fill that creative void left by Cesc this summer with, errr, a creative player. Not a free creative player either. A top notch one.

It’s clear to me that Jack Wilshere isn’t a Cesc Fabregas. He can be creative, but he loves to be in the thick of it. He’s like a half breed between Makelele and Cesc. I’m just not sure he’s the type who’ll grab us 20 assists a season. I might be wrong, but for me, he sits smack bang in the middle of the park. Not in a more advance role. Alex Song is not better in the middle of the park than Jack Wilshere. He’s certainly not good enough to be our creative force all season, so I wonder what the coach has in  store for him if he’s looking elsewhere for the creative spark next  year?

Again… Darren Dein is his agent, Real Madrid stories emanting in the press, clear the air talks are in the Mail… M’Vila is nearly in. It all looks very interesting doesn’t it?

Our forward line is going to be interesting next season. One thing we haven’t had for a while is proper experience. I’m sure Wenger noted how a 34  year old veteran of the Premier League came into the side and scored some important goals for us last season. If he keeps hold of Robin Van Persie, I think the vibe is quite strong for Clint Dempsey. He’s 29, he works incredbily hard and he’s got to that age where he’s found his shooting boots.

The key to having a good strike force is to have a mix of skillsets. Clint Dempsey will put his head on anything, he’ll hussle in the same way Adebayor used to and he’s more than happy to let fly from distance. He has that last twenty work ethic that can lift a team. Very similar to Rooney in that sense. Outside him, I’m not sure what we’ll do. Giroud looks like one of the hottest strikers in Europe at the moment, but with all these other big dollar moves we’re looking at I wonder if he’d be in budget? Joel Campbell could be a nice third option, but is he too raw like Afobe?

Like I said the other day… for all the Chamberlain hype, it’s clear he wasn’t ready this year. Let’s not make a similar mistake with Campbell and Afobe.

I think if we know Robin is off the year after (a very big if that he’s not off this year), we need to be signing our 2013 man now. We can’t buy in someone next summer and just hope they’ll come good straight away. There’s a fine balancing act to this summers dealings. I just hope we get it right for once. We haven’t managed to in well over 7 years now.

We also need to show the same desire to bring players in as we will to boot them out. Let’s not haggle up all summer and screw our plans. Get rid of them early doors.

  • Vela £8million
  • Denilson £3million
  • Bendtner £6million
  • Almunia £freeeeeeeeee
  • Fabainski £3million
  • Mannone £500,000
  • Squillaci £500,000
  • JD £4,000,000
  • Diaby £4,000,000
  • Song £25,000,000
  • Chamakh £5million
  • Park £2million
  • Andrey £5mill (Update, not considered in the sums)

That’s £61,000,000 you could recoup at bottom of the barrel prices (bar Song, but he’s had a good season), plus another £595,000 a week you free up in wages. Factor in the £50million you have from the summer… well, you can work it out. That’s a great summers rebuilding you could manage with plenty of freed up squad places.

I know people will say that these players won’t leave on the salaries they’re on. Well, that’s only true if we’re charging too much to let them go. If wages and transfer fee are counted as one with football clubs… we might have to budge on our valuation. There’s no financial sense in not moving on a £12million Bendtner fee if you’re going to have to pay half his salary over the year. Move them on.

As for the Vertonghen story. Here is the issue as I see it. He’s in the last year of his deal. He thinks he should go for a pittance. If he goes for half his price, he’ll want double his salary. That’s not going to work at Spurs as they have a strict structure in place. That’s unlikely to happen at Arsenal. However, he’ll get what he wants at City or United. I also don’t believe it’s his dream to play for Spurs. Didn’t Hazard say something equally as bizarre a few months ago?

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Anyway, as you can see, I’ve once again solved all of Arsenal’s problems this summer in under 1000 words. How would you make it happen for us next  year?

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  1. Albo

    There’s no WAY anyone is spending £4 million on Diaby. The only way he’ll leave is on a free. Unbelievable talent, but no way anyone is taking a punt on his fitness.

    Diaby makes me sad. The guy could absolutley have been the next Yaya Toure. All destroyed by Dan Smith…

  2. Kashmaster

    Can’t get rid of Chamakh. Still clearly a good player. It’s no coincidence that when he came on, RVP managed to bag two goals against Norwich.

  3. Goonerfied85

    Morning all,

    Good post Pedro.

    I read somewhere that Hazard dropped the biggest hint of where he will be playing next year by saying he will definitely be wearing blue.

    Good news is our new kit has blue on it.

  4. gambon

    We TURNED DOWN a £10m bid for Diaby last summer.

    No more retarded “we cant shift our players” comments.

    “We cant get the full value we want for our players” would be acceptable.

    We got £1.2m for Traore, £4m for Eboue, of course we can shift our deadwood.

  5. gambon


    Still think Vertonghen isnt Spurs bound? Its as good as a done deal.

    City with Hazard will be absolutely ridiculous.

  6. MattR

    Would love to see that kind of ruthlessness in the transfer market in terms of getting rid of players. And quite frankly those players should want to leave for their own integrity, otherwise they’re just another Wayne Bridge happily collecting vast sums for doing nothing.

    Who do you think the creative midfielder will be? Read something this morning that quoted Hazard as saying he’ll be playing in blue next season, which rules us out of signing him. Erikson has said he’s staying at Ajax for another year and Gotze is staying at Dortmund. Gourcuff maybe? Who else is available?

  7. Prateek B.S.

    Is affelay the creative player we are going to sign ??Quality player but injury prone. Really hope it’s kagawa ,but he is very close to joining mufc according to rumuors
    If we sell song(very unlikely IMO) , then we have to buy Biglia.

  8. Bush Gooner

    Nice post Pedro.

    But song for £25M? More close to 15M. Do not think that we would get that much for him. When it comes to defending he is not as disciplined as M’villa. But I would say that Songs assists are very good for a so called defensive midfielder

    Song – 15 Assists
    M’villa – 5 assists

  9. Goonerfied85

    Man City will have quite a few players of that creative mould if they get Hazard.

    Silva, Nasri can create & Hazard.

    Gambon I’d still take Wesley Sneijder if the price was right but we know if won’t be for us.

  10. gambon

    I dont overly agree with your list.

    I’ll go with:

    Almunia £free
    Fabianski £2m
    Mannone £1m
    Shea £250k
    Hoyte £free
    Djourou £5m
    Squillaci £1m
    Denilson £2m
    Diaby £4m
    Lansbury £2m
    Arshavin £7m
    Vela £7m
    Bendtner £7m
    Chamakh £5m
    Park £2m

    A few kids £5m


    I think we should keep Song. We need competition, and with Diaby & Denilson leaving (and hopefully Ramsey on loan) we need the bodies in midfield.

  11. Gooner63

    Arsenal are reported to be lining up a move for Swansea goalkeeper Michael Vorm as back up for Wojciech Szczesny.

    Gunners boss Arsene Wenger is on the look out for a replacement for Manuel Almunia will be on the move in the summer when his contract expires, while Lukasz Fabianski will also be allowed to leave.

    So whats with all this buying in players with some quality – has wenger been removed and we have someone else managing behind the scenes

  12. Bush Gooner

    Vertonghen for £8M is peanuts. I really do not understand why the maniac didn’t go in for him earlier. Lost out on another quality player….

  13. Leedsgunner

    Whether or not we shift our deadwood along is as much based on how much Wenger and his poodle Ivan decides to dither and hold to what they believe is the fair valuation of the player. It seems not to matter to them that hundreds of thousands of pounds are being sucked out of the club EVERY WEEK by these fringe players — money that could be used to pay our key playuers whaqt Man City/United are willing to pay them and/or used to obtain useful transfer targets. For all the talk of the supposed feted “sustainable business model” what is sustainable about throwing our good money after bad? Do you want to give me answer Arsene? Ivan? Anyone?

  14. Rory Jamaica Davis

    Hummels Dempsey vertongen an… Neymar! Remember gunners wenger said neymar would be his dream signing i say drop the 40+ mill it would take and do it. I was hoping he would have done the same with aguero we need a world class player to restore our brand because the whole world knows our dirty secret now and it’s that we are a selling club rvp will leave unless wenger does this mvilla podolski Dempsey are all nice but looking at man city roster and what they will surely add the game has changed we are all chasing city now arsenal needs and deserves world class players and the way you do that is to stop scouring ligue 1

  15. SQ17

    What manager in the right mind would spend £4Million for Diaby? There is more cheap able bodied player who at least can get into the pitch three times a month, and cheaper
    Patient zero of swain flu…
    Only Wenger is willing to pay a good for nothing midfielder
    It’s been how many season again? Eduardo is getting the boot why the hell Diaby is always safe? What a waste of wage that cnut

  16. Rich

    If some1 was silly enough2 take diaby off our hands I would pay4 his flight
    I think your valuations are a bit high
    Squillaci has a yr left on his deal, if he is on 30k a week that’s a
    Commitment of 1.5mill I can’t see any1 making that sort of deal?

  17. Bade


    Some Turkish team, I believe it was Galatasaray

    I read the same thing Gambon said, we turned down a 10m’ for him last season

    Surely we won’t get the same price now, but 4m’ is effectively much more for us, as he’s out of the payroll

    By the way I though we’ll free up more in wages, about 750k weekly, no?

    Anyway, 600k a week means another 30m’ free a season

  18. RockyPires

    add in
    Lansbury 500k
    Bartley 200 k
    Pedro Boetho – 500k

    All add aup to a few million

    For me Robinson,a left back of substance,M’villa if reports are true,Gourcruff, Dempsey and Podolski are all good signings.

    I hear big Samba is not happy in Russia hows about a Arsahvin-Samba swap?

    We need to change our formation become more solid need to make the midfield into a diamond

    Sagna______Kos____Verm____New LB


    You will not have your first choice 11 all season but if you have sufficent cover then we should be fine for battle for top 2 places.

  19. JD

    Gambon you’ve a habit of stating “fact” with nothing to back it up. “We turned down a bid of £10 million for Diaby” is the latest in a long list of ” revelations.”
    Please answer the question asked . . . who offered 10 million for Diaby????

  20. John

    I think he has been brought into take the pressure off Wilshere and give the midfield a chance of rotation and give Wenger different options and a chance to rest players and pick a starting eleven depending on the opposition.

    So away in Manchester or Stoke it could be M’Villa & Song, At home against QPR Song & Arteta, At home against Chelsea or another park the bus team Song & Wilshere for example, In the cups M’Villa & Wilshere.

    I think this signing spells the end of Diaby.

  21. Sam-Gooner

    I doubt we will get 25 milion for Song.Also why will anyone pay3 million for a reserve striker.
    Bendter is worth more than 6 million…
    its the high salaries these players are sitting on that’s creating the issue.

  22. adi

    The diaby bid was from turkey…. apparently from galatasaray. Was there really a bid? I doubt it.
    Exciting creative player? I’m crossing my fingers for dries mertens

  23. johnty

    It was alleged that Chelsea offered 10M for Diaby a couple of years ago. Arsenal response was to give him a 4 year 66K/W contract. Rosicky played one good game against spurs and gave him a new contract. When will arsenal learn. Even wilshere now, hes damaged goods if has a set back next season get rid. Doesnt matter how good a player is if hes injury prone then get rid.

  24. chopper4001

    We all know who we should be getting rid of. Tbh, I’d be happy with just half of that list off the books.
    As for purchases, in an ideal world we need a creative spark, a dedicated front man, a versatile defender (or just a good LB) and a reserve goalie.
    Goalie; like the Vorm rumour. Good keeper and could even push for the no.1 shirt.
    Defender: I’d love to see us spend some money on Leighton Baines.
    Front man: Giroud is a good shout, but I’d like to see an attempt to bring Dzeko in. I wanted the transfer when he was Wolfsburg, and now he’s got some PL experience. Bosnian manager has told him to leave too.
    Creative spark: G Stars blathering about Cesc and Barca yesterday has got me thinking. We’ve got a first buy back clause haven’t we? With Pep gone and Cesc maybe out of favour, why not? He’d fit in the hole perfectly and with a midfield of him, Arteta and MVila, and front three of RVP, Pod and Wally we’d be formidable.
    Other than that, I’m not sure. Gourcuff is probable I guess, and I like him. He’d suit the PL I think. Erikson? Bit young. Same with Holtby. Both would be signings for the future and we need an AM to compete with Tommy R for a place now.
    Missing out on Vertonghen is a kick in the teeth.

  25. digitilly

    Sell three back up GK’s? we’ll need to replace them with another 2 / 3 GK’s, and it will surely cost more that 1mil they’ll bring in.

    Otherwise, I agree with the list – maybe give Diaby one more year. Spend some money Wenger.

    I’ve seen this movie before .. about 8 times now.


    Because Arsenal’s home kit should be a simple red body / white sleeves – it’s simple and beautiful. It doesn’t need to be fcked with. But people have to fck I guess – cannot just leave. If they make a change they feel it will bring in all that extra £££.

    Are they getting rid of the abomination of an away kit? I hope so, cannot stand the 8-2 kit.

  27. Leedsgunner

    Does anybody know how Arshavin is doing? Is he hitting form? I hope so, we need to recoup the money we paid for him and invest in a proper creative midfielder who is hungry to play and to perform. Such a tal3ent… such laziness!

  28. adi

    Dries mertens(PSV): 27 goals and 24 assists this season.
    Judging by reports though, its gonna be holtby or sessegnon

  29. tomek10

    there a euro-wide recession on. no club has any money apart from the ones run by sugar/oil daddies. we’d be lucky to get half the money you’re quoting let alone being able to manage to get rid of them all. Vela for 8mill for instance?? maybe 5 yeas ago… but maybe revise that to 800K and we’ll probably need to sell to Sociedad or another…

  30. Sam-Gooner

    @JD : I heard a rumor early season we had turned down an offer from a Turkish Club(cannot remember name) for Diaby in the range of 6 million.

  31. The Poldi Prince

    As I put on the end of yesterday’s post:

    Dempsey or giroud
    De Jong as experienced CDM cover for next to nothing
    Eriken or hazard

    Agree with gambons outs and valuations. Except song should go.

    Would be net spend of about 25million. Not bad for a complete overhaul and an upgrade in nearly every position.

    We would upgrade starting positions of LW, CDM, CAM, LB.

    Would also upgrade bench ST, CF, GK and CAM.

    It’d definitely allow squad rotation, and competition for positions.

    Imagine a bench of Ba, giroud, gourcouff, rosicky, mertesacker, Robinson, gerv, hoilett, Gibbs.

    Pretty bloody handy compared to the shit we have now.

  32. Sam-Gooner

    @Poldiprince: Why on Earth will Giroud come to be warming the benches.
    anywats James Sanderson of younggunsblog tweeted he is off the munich

  33. Jake

    I really dont think we need to sell that many player and buy 7+ players. That is not possible. If we do that we might end up like liverpool.
    Players needd time to settle.
    Just bring in M’Vila, Belhanda, Vertonghen and maybe Hoilett and sell a couple players

  34. Jay

    Finally someone says Ramsey on loan! I absolutely don’t think he should be sold even if its been a pain seeing him play….Diaby will be nothing more than an empty slot so lets sell him! also Park,Fabi,Denilson,Vela,Djouru,Squillaci and worlds best striker bendtner. I think if M Villa is brought it wont be to replace song…and as for Vertonghen absolutely fantastic player how did we let him go to the spuds! Am I the only one who watches Joel Campbell play? That kid is very very talented he is a very smart player can’t wait to watch him play for us believe me this kid will become a world beater under Wenger. Who thinks we should bring Ryo back?

  35. adi

    I agree with the sell list(except song). Bring in:
    Yanga m’biwa(montepellier defender, plays across the back 4)
    Another striker/winger, ideally mertens. Probably could look at matias suarez/yarmalenko/hoilett(last choice)

    6 in, 12 out. Get rvp and theo to sign, and we’ll have a title challenging squad

  36. Jamal

    Morning, Good post Peter

    Id put Vorm on par with chesney if not better because he doesnt make silly errors

  37. Bolly

    Good post @Nathan Dale and hope it shuts up all the retards moaning about blue on the new home kit. There is no future without history.

  38. Alex

    “Arsenal striker Park Chu-Young is probably breathing a huge sigh of relief after it was revealed he would not have to join the South Korean army to complete his compulsory military service for at least another ten years.”

    Park is not going in army soon, so Wenger my give him another chance… as we know Wenger like to do that (giving 2nd, 3rd … etc. chances)

  39. RockyPires

    Jussi is a good call too for reserve goalie but I think the addition of Robinson would add some of that imaginery british steel. ah no to be fair he is a strong charachter and would be a massive addition to the squad. But Jussi I wou d be more than happy with.
    in terms of loans only top young players should be loaned
    Gnarby – he will make a top player loan him to Pompey or some Div 1 team.
    Ramsey – Loan to Southampton/Blackpool
    Ozokaup to Wigan/ promoted team
    Ryo another loan to EPL side
    Miquel and Henderson to championship/EPL teams
    yennaris to Championship

    Other than that sell the Murphys,Eastmonds, Hoytes etc off the books

  40. Duckster

    Totally agree with Jake that Wenger will only make a few adjustments to the squad.
    We saw how long it took for last Summers signings to bed in at the club while at the same time getting to grips with the pace of EPL.
    And as it stands he’s knocked one out already my guess is that he’ll only add 1/2 more & a couple of young prospects depending on how successful he is at moving on the unwanted.

  41. Moray

    when are our sponsorship deals up for renewal/review?

    if next season, then it would explain why we look like putting our hands in our pockets.

  42. Jamal

    These would be my ideal signings:

    GK – Michel Vorm (5-6m)
    LB – Leighton Baines (6-7m)
    CB – Vertonghen (outbid the spuds, offer 10m same as kozzer)
    CDM – Yann M’Vila (17-18m)
    RW – Hoilett (free)
    ST – Giroud ( 15-16m)
    55+m spent

    Hazards unfortunately out of bounds now.

    Get rid of the dross, 45m+ for them

  43. Al

    Vela unfortunately will never go for 6-7 mill.

    I would get:

    Keeper (vorm, free gordon, free adler for example)
    new left back and play gibbs on the left (his real position)
    hoilett/dempsey/another attacking player
    joel campbell third choice striker, very good prospect just watch his goal v spain.

  44. gambon

    Lallana is a top player, was the best player in League 1 and now cutting it in the championship.

    That said, he is hugely unproven at the top level. No caps. no PL football, not sure if hes even played for the England U21s

    I am well up for replacing Ramsey however for me there are much better raplacements.

    Sigurdsson for a start.

  45. Oluwatosin

    Song should not go anywhere.

    Quite obvious you are biased against him and he’s really come decent this year – you need to realize that. he has more than earned his first team place for the next couple of years..!

    Ramsey should be sent out on loan immediately and I’d love to see Vorm in the Arsenal jersey.

  46. Solomon

    Song is a defensive midfielder and that should be his primary role and not converting himself to a craetive midfielder. I know some people will say but he created some chance for RVP, yes he did and that was nice. We must also remember that due to some of his slow response in the defence we conceded some stupid goals for which we are paying now. I dont want him to leave but he need good competition. Mvila will make him to improve his game.
    Hmmm Diaby, the guy is good except for this injuries. But i believe that he will get over this injury problem soon. We must remeber the injury days of RVP and Rosicky. Lets hope Diaby can stay fit for the entire season next season. We can let go the two goalkeepers and bring in Vom. mamone can be number 3. But we must start rorating the goalkeepers in order to maintain their self confidence.

  47. Bush Gooner

    Paper quote on M’villa signing..

    “Surely Arsene Wenger has seen something in this player which made him folk out that much for a 21-year old. He is expected to take over the holding midfielder role from Alex Song, who loves venturing forward.”

    So Song will be our new attacking midfielder?

  48. Ben Donnelly

    We turned it down or Diaby turned it down? Istanbul is nice but perhaps not for a black French footballer. Anyone else here been to a Fene’ match? It’s rowdy and very intimidating.
    Still not overly pleased our record signing will be a destructive player, for the free flowing gunners it seems odd and a little wrong however good m’villa is supposed to be.
    Would love Dempsey at Arsenal much needed fight and grit, like a more capable Hartson or Kevin Campbell and look what that gives us in Arteta, he affects games through determination as much as skill.

  49. Dream10

    Morning Gooners

    – Doubt that Diaby will be sold. Wenger and Blanc rate him highly, so he will get his chance

    – TV5 has been a defensive liability this year. He scores goals, but his defensive displays have been detrimental. He’s like the Steven Gerrard of centrebacks.

    – Buy Mats Hummels before ManUtd or Barcelona or any big team buy him

    – We have a stockpile of midfielders who cannot defend or attack.

  50. Walking Wounded

    Mornin’ All

    Your list is interesting, but if we go to extremes, and let all go for free, except Song who we should keep, we only need replace these with
    1 experienced GK who is willing to be a number 2 (Jasskalenein)
    1 Defender (Vertonghen please) with Song being a more CB/DM role in the squad
    2 Mids (M’Vila and one other)
    2 CF (Podolski plus Dempsey/Hoilett)

    Squad will be trimmed as will be the wage bill and from the savings and existing funds pay for these changes.

    I love this time of year, when managing is easy

  51. pav

    why do people not rate song ?…i know for a so called DM he leaves the back 4 exposed..but when he pushes up the field someone like arteta , ramsey etc should fill in the gap ..cant be just one persons job to keep a good shape and be repsonsible against the counter attack

    if we didnt have song this season alot of RVP goals wouldnt have happened i.e. liverpool away ..think its a bit shortsighted to say hes rubbish

  52. LeMassiveCoq



    Sagna______Kos____Verm____New LB

    what you suggested looks like the makings of a big, strong, skillful team (ala.. The Invincibles)….With Miachi, The Ox, and Theo as speedy options, and rotating the midfield three with Arteta, Coquelin and Frimpers….I think that is possibly a title challenging team if Steve Bould can sort out the defence….

  53. Dream10

    Dempsey not a good fit for us. He needs a team built around him. He is not Ronaldinho in his prime

  54. zdzis

    Huge on simplifications, as usual.
    Theoretically, Song and M’Vila can coexist. In a defensive-minded setting, we need two players who are born DMs, but capable of creating something as well. The 17m price tag isn’t that bad. Wenger paid 15m for Arsh. That was 3 years ago. I also think we’re moving toward a more versatile midfield-attack relationship, with the midfield core capable of switching roles between one another, and the attacking trio also moving about from one wing to another. Again, it’s something Barca do, and I don’t think Wenger wants anything else.
    I don’t know about Fabianski, but it seems he’s set to leave on a free this summer. Transfermarkt says his contract is due this June.
    Diaby? Theoretically (again) 4m is quite the amount. He has a talent of a 10-15m-rated player and an injury history of a 1-3m player. So if he leaves, it’ll be for about 5-7m. You should remember that players with dramatic injury records often do quite well (and avoid further injuries) after moving to the continent. Has something to do with not playing against Stoke, I gather.

  55. zdzis

    And Dempsey (I forget): definitely a bad idea. Average player, don’t think he’d settle for bench-warming. Also, do you seriously think he can deliver anything at all at Arsenal?
    And, coming back to the 20-assist-man: you really think we need such a player? I rather think we need 4-5 players capable of getting 10 or more. If Walcott, Song, RVP, Gerv and Wilshere can deliver 10 apiece, it should be enough. I’m more concerned with our defensive issues. We definitely need a midfielder who can provide better cover for our defense. If it’s M’Vila, I’m okay with him.

  56. Walking Wounded

    I honestly believe that there is only space for one of Coquelin and Frimpong, and I think that le Coq will get it, but if he proves his fitness we should get upwards of £5 million for Frimmers. But I do not want him to go.

  57. gambon


    Frimpong will go on loan once fit. I would expect Coquelin will be a squad member next season as MF & RB cover.

    I dont think Frimpong will make it.

  58. nuudles

    With Poldi & Mvila we would have a good starting 11: Chezzer, Sagna-Kozzer-Tommy-Gibbs, Mvila-Arteta-Jack, Theo-RvP-Poldi. Still feel we are lacking a bit of depth in crucial areas on the bench, most notably GK, CF (maybe Wenger sees Poldi as RvPs main backup), AM (Rosicky is a good squad player but not getting younger and his final ball is often not good enough, Diaby is never fit).

    Based on Wengers comments the other days about Jack & Diaby fit would be like new sognings (ha), I dont see him going for many more players, unless the board goes over his head. He must surely realize based on the last 5 or so games that our squad is not quite there yet and I dont think Poldi and Mvila would get us there (although Poldi, Mvila, Jack and Diaby might get us there, but then again we always have at least 2 vital players out a season so we still need more).

  59. Sadam Mahessar


    Are you kidding me? Baines for 7m? He is English, young and settled at Everton, he is going to cost minimum 15m for sure.

    I would not sell Song, bring a goal scoring mid.

  60. Walking Wounded

    gambon – hope you are well.

    You are kind of agreeing with me!

    With Steve Bould and Neil Banfield being promoted, who is taking over the youngsters?

    I wonder if the youth team and reserves are going to be merged and run as one team?

  61. Sadam Mahessar

    Most of you said even Arteta would be a bad idea but look at the amount of influence he has had, majorly due to the fact that he had been in EPL for long, senior professional and has an attitude to die for.

    Dempsey is the same as Arteta, same attitude, same hunger, would love an opportunity at a big club and bring great amount of experience for players like Wilshere, M’Vila, Ramsey, Chambo and others.

    Definitely a signing.

  62. Frimpongballs

    Is everyone high on drugs in here? Putting valuations on Squillaci’s head? Half million and 2 million is everyone in a fucking dreamland? We need to pay the cunt to leave. Fact.

  63. reggie 57

    Have we actually signed Mvilla yet?
    I wont believe it till l see him wearing the famous red and blue shirt…

  64. Dream10

    I think Song will go if M’Vila arrives. After a career year, his stock is at an all time high. Teams will offer him six figures a week (PSG, Juventus etc). Don’t think he will be able to turn it down.

    Arteta, Song, Diaby and Ramsey are all continuity players.

    Sigurssdon has been terrific.
    Eriksen is sensation

  65. gambon


    Arent we joining this new european development league this summer?

    The reserves are becoming pointless. Players like Chuks Aneke absolutely tear up the reserve league at age 17/18, then go to League 1 and struggle.

    Our reserve team is basically an U19 team anyway, the ever presents are Martinez, Miguel, Angha, Yennaris, Ozyakup, Ansah. The U18s and reserves are virtually the same squad so may as well do away with one of them.

  66. nuudles

    Gambon, Im South African (Africans would say Im not African), and even though Song has won us many games he has cost us more than he has won. I wouldnt be too sad to see the back of him. He has talent but I HATE the way he looks like he doesnt care. In my eyes he would be a decent CM if he plays the Arteta role AND he gives possesion away less frequently. But to do that you need discipline and I think he proved he doesnt have that discipline.

    I would much rather get Mvila. I would even go as far as to say I would rather play Le Coq over Song. He is obviously not as strong but Song always tries to show just how strong he is and then he gives the ball away.

  67. Jamal


    How much did spurs get scott parker for ? how much did chelsea get cahill for?, Both English players,…

    And Baines isnt worth more than 10m btw

  68. gooner-pak

    y would city pay over the top for players after they win EPL and will guarantee CL football. i thought the whole paying ridiculous wage was to get heavy weight players in team. paying sort of premium to players
    but y will city continue to pay this sort of wages. i dont get it

  69. Rob The Goon

    Great post…but song for £25M….highly unlikely.

    I really dont think that wenger would sell all of those players in one transfer window. If he does….excellent!

    It seems that everyone is going off song now…what happened???

  70. AussieGooner

    1ST CHOICE 11






    2ND CHOICE 11







  71. Geoff

    Nuddles, I’m English and because I’m from London some would say I’m not, even though we fund the country.

    Anyway, I would sooner play Coquelin instead of Song, in fact I would sooner just not play Song at all as I think he costs us more than just games.

    He slows the whole team down.

  72. Byron

    Diaby is a tough one! The club has invested sooooo much in him taht they dont want him delivering elswhere but he maybe a owen hargreaveas who never returns. I would keep Chamack especially if we buy Depsay as we then can have a different style against the likes of Stoke.

    Sell Arshavin, Diaby, Bendner and Denilson (if anyone want him) The squid-no one will buy sam as Mannone

  73. nuudles

    Dream10, Eriksen would be fantastic but he said he is staying at Ajax another year, said so this week.

  74. AussieGooner

    1ST CHOICE 11






    2ND CHOICE 11







  75. blanco

    what makes Vela worth £7m or Denilson £3m or Bendtner £6m as we could not sell them last summer and had to send them on loan. Realistically these players are worthless. Be lucky to recoup £3m for all 3. And forget about selling Diaby or Djourou Wengers love children. We could even see the return of Denilson. Until Wenger goes do not expect much, sorry nothing at all that resembles sound football judgement. I am fed up off all the gossip as Wenger just stick 2 fingrs up at the Arsenal fans and treats us naive children.

  76. leon

    i feel this is a very opimistic post i think delinson will go out on loan as i dought many clubs will meet his wages he no near as bad people make though he decent squad player for asmaller club.i feel evon if we get m vila this team will need to change its tactics its clear everyone is given free licence to just bomb forward including the defenders sorry i have my doughts wenger will do much in the summer

  77. Rob The Goon

    I heard on an arsenal podcast that Jack wilshere has been fit for 3 weeks and hes supposed to be furious with AW.

    Reason being – AW wont allow JW to train with the first team because AW doesnt want him to go to the euro’s.

  78. daniel

    We wont sell Song as we need the dept also he can play CB. He will complement perfectly with M’vila.

    Also we dont need Vertonghen as we have a composed CB in Miquel waiting on the wings, why spend needless money. We have Kos, Vermaelen, Mertesacker who are excellent CB’s (one bad game does not make you totally bad). Also as mentioned earlier we have CB cover in Song and with Mvila coming we can do that without losing out in midfield even with injuries.

    This means we can sell Djorou who have become a nervous wreck at CB (dont know why), use the money we get, maybe £5M add more to that and get a creative midfielder which we sorely lack. We have propects in that position Gnabry, Chamberlain and Eisfeld but they need time, 2 or 3 yrs to mature so i thgink the best thing to do is to get a KAKA age 31. It remains a position that i have no idea how Wenger will fill but its clear we need as Ramsey is not that tricky type we need there to open up teams, as Cesc used to do with his vision and nasri with his dribles (in the last six mnths of his stay only)

    There is talk we have precontracted lewis Holtby – a good player withg vision but im not sure he’s ready or even better than Chamberlain.

    Anyway those are my thoughts

  79. nuudles

    Geoff, agree. Le Coq is fast, reads the game very well, has a fantastic range of passing and he is way more dosciplined than Song. Yes he will probably make less killer Song passes but if we are honest Song tries so frequently it would be surprising if he didnt get one right every so often. Not saying he is just lucky, just he only has one play and most of the time it just leads to him giving away possesion.

    I agree with you that he just slows everything down, and if we have Jack and Arteta playing we have less need for our DM to make the killer pass.

  80. gambon


    Vela who is storming it in Spain with a shit low level club?

    You dont know what youre talking about.

  81. Chris

    I struggle seeing Arsene spend £17.7mill on M’Villa unless they were offloading Song. Aside from his assists this season his general play & especially defense are very poor. If Arsenal can unload the 8-10 players that they don’t need then I would guesstimate that they will realize £50-60mill. Song and Arshavin will probably fetch £20-25 & £5-10mill respectively. RVP will probably fetch £20-40mill depending whose in and how much they want him e.g. Juventus, Real, PSG etc.

    The strike force will in all probability have to be completely replaced if RVP stays include Podolski as the 2nd striker. Now yes there are strikers there in Afobe & Campbell but neither has any Prem experience & both are very young (expect both to get Premiership loans next year). The top choice for me is Luuk De Jong he is probably available for £10mill. Giroud has a release clause of just over £10mill so also a possibility. The strike team could be RVP, Podolski, De Jong & Ba. Podolski should be £5.45mill (relegation clause), De Jong/Giroud £10mill & Ba £5mill (Ba has a degenerative knee condition so using him an impact player best option for him & Arsenal). Left Wingers Podolski, Gervinho, Miyachi Right Wingers Walcott, Chamberlain, Narsingh. Personally both Gervinho & Walcott are replaceable my main issue with both is production or lack thereof. And also they are just not good enough at getting to the byline and putting in decent crosses for our strikers. Luciano Narsingh & Shinji Kagawa should have been priorities this. Narsingh is available for £5mill & Kagawa £ 7-14mill. Why these two? Very simply they are two of the best wing/attacking mids in their respective leagues. And both average double digit goals & assists, Hoilett is also available on a free and is most likely to come in at Right Wing.

    The key thing I am hoping to see is a new back line next season RB Gregory Van Der Weil £5mill or Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa £7mill, CB Vertonghen £10mill, CB Willy Boly £2mill & LB Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa (he can play across the line).
    Arsenal are also said to be interested in Michel Vorm but as a quality number two the best available is Rene Adler and best of all he’s free.

    Attacking midfield is an absolute priority

  82. TT

    Le Coq is a far better prospect than Frimpong and more versatile IMO. People like Frimpong because he talks the talk but on the pitch I have never seen this talent all are raving about.

    All frimpongs supporters are English FAT! 😉

  83. doyin nigeria

    I dont really see what people see(saw)in ramsey? He’s not a fighter, cant play a killer pass, dismal in front of goal, doesnt track back to name a few!

  84. Rob The Goon


    We really need to sort out our defence before we even consider our attacking options.

    Signing a defensive coach should be up there with our priorities.

    We have good defenders but none of them seem to know their job!!

  85. GUNNER786

    First the title, now this… Manchester target Hazard will choose City over United

    Looks like the Belgian dazzler has made his decision on where he will be playing next season – and Fergie’s not going to like it at all!

    Eden Hazard is going to rub salt into Manchester United’s wounds by snubbing the chance to join the Red Devils – and opting for noisy neighbours Manchester City.

    City are poised to wrestle the Premier League trophy out of Sir Alex Ferguson’s clammy grip – and now it looks like that’s not the only prize Roberto Mancini is going to pinch off the Old Trafford gaffer.

    It seems that the title brings with it certain perks – and one of them could be first dibs on the cream of Europe’s young talent. Of course, City’s bottomless wallet doesn’t hurt when you’re out shopping.

    All Europe has been on the hunt for Hazard, and the 21-year-old Belgium flyer looks like he’s made his mind up on his preferred destination: the Premier League… and Manchester City.

    Hazard is set to leave French club Lille this summer and the winger claims he will be heading to the English top flight.

    Ferguson and Mancini are fighting it out for the £25million-rated youngster and the player claims he will be wearing BLUE next season.

    “I have already said that my wish is to go to the Premier League,” Hazard said. “It’s the blue that I’ll be wearing next season. Definitely the blue.”

    Hazard has certainly got the skills to catch the eye.

    Hazard will win the CL for City and no doubt Wenger will come out and say we could’ve had him for £10 Million.


  86. Dream10

    According Younggunsblog, Olivier Giroud in talks with Bayern Munich. He has a €13m release clause apparently. Probably CL and title bonuses involved as well.

  87. gambon

    Giroud – Munich
    Vertonghen – Spurs
    Hazard – City

    We are back to the old Arsenal, snoozing while everyone else is doing good deals.

  88. Rob The Goon

    Hazard will win the CL for City and no doubt Wenger will come out and say we could’ve had him for £10 Million.



    Typical wenger, ive lost count on the amount of players ‘he could of signed’.

    I remember when benzema went to madrid and wenger had the cheek to say ‘he didnt know benzema was available’

    Damn, wenger really has scarred me mentally with all his retarded comments and spin!!!

  89. gunnerfanatic

    Song should remain by all means possible, more competition will make him an even better player next season.

  90. doyin nigeria

    Pls what happend to Hamsik?..he was the next big thing last season. Quality doesn’t just disappear..ryt?

  91. Arsenal Toujours

    Hi Rob – jesus – I’d rather shove a knitting needle down my knob rather than listen to those cock-sucking AKB turds!

  92. Bergkamp63

    A rush of blood on that Song valuation Pedro !! about half that £25m would be about right.

    GK’s for No2 Gordon (available on free this summer), Robinson (one year left on his contract), Vorm ? Not sure any would wan’t to be No2 though ?

  93. Well-endowed gooner

    You need to understand that the player has to agree as well. London is an attractive city for a cashed-up young buck with partying and high tea on his mind! Think about all those English slappers he could meet, and all those cups of tea he could be having with the Queen.

    Why swap that for a cold apartment in Bursa? Or Kiev?

  94. Rob The Goon


    true, but while i’m at work its either talksport or those AKB’s…theres only one person on there who talks sense but he hasnt been on recently

  95. toniboy


    Ok, let me ask you this…of the midfield options we have who has been our best player over the season apart from Arteta?

    *We’re not sure Jack will be the same yet….

  96. Reid

    You can’t just sell players cause you don’t want them. Their wages are so high at arsenal they ain’t going nowhere seriously. I wish people would get this in there heads. Also I don’t know where your valuations are coming from

  97. Bush Gooner

    Wenger still has not learnt his lesson from last season. When he dithered and refused to pay the money for Mata the chavs got him. Same scenario is happening with Hazzard. I bet him and Garibaldi are scouting the french league for a Hazzard equivalent.

    But seriously, Wenger needs to go now.

  98. TT

    All messing a side I can see Giraud going to Munic and Hazard was never going to join Arsenal for tuppence a week when he could get 200k + a week in Manchester.

    Still don’t believe that Vert is going to spuds simply because he can do much better than thator for that matter Arsenal. I would not be surprised that Utd come in for him or even city.

  99. Bergkamp63


    True but trying to be realistic, we are not going to anyone the likes of Neuer who’s calibre we should be looking at if we are to replace Szesny.

  100. gambon

    Do City even need Vertonghen?

    They have the best defence in the PL, are still fairly young.

    They need to replace Savic but not sure Vertonghen is the man to do that.

  101. Alex James

    It would be a bad move for us if Vertonghen goes to Spurs. This would leave us an injury away from having to play JD. And Vermalen can be iffy too. As for Dempsey, he is a good player for the Fulhams of the world but not of the quality that Arsenal should be going for. Such is my distrust of Wenger that I no longer believe anything until it happens. I certainly do not think that he will pay out over £20M on players, even if he can sell the dross on. He is probably sitting in his counting house right now chuckling and repeating “Diaby, Diaby-he is the answer”!

  102. Tormentd

    Please sell Wally to Juventus. 7years of this boy who could has been a project that hasn’t worked. You cant teach a sprinter how to play football.
    The End.