Arsenal can free up £61mill + £600k p/w in wages | Avenging the loss of Juan Mata this summer

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Sorry pal, I don't care if you beg, it's military service for you...

So the big, fat, exciting news that had us all glued to whatever social network was talking about it was the story of Yann M’Vila. The journalists finally caught up with the story and suggested the deal was going to be struck at £17million. Julien Laurens, who apparently has a a direct line into M’Vila said the deal was going ahead. Matt Spiro (who told us all how average Park was against the grain last year) also confirmed he was coming. Then the Telegraph, then the Mail (haha! I know, I did reference them). Then Phillipe Auclair waded in and said that no offer had been made and he was unsure one would as he’s too expensive, violent and in poor form (what a reference). Where this story goes today is anyone’s guess.

Sadly, I have no steer on this one. All I know is that we’ve been in talks about a big name Ligue One star since February. I’d be quite surprised if we didn’t land him. He ticks all the Wenger boxes bar the price. It’s also interesting that we have a defensive midfielder who has performed quite well this year… yet we’re replacing him with someone else. I wonder why?

The Daily Mail (sorry) are saying that he is set to hold talks with the club about his future, he’ll be seeking assurances over his place in the team with the imminent purchase, perhaps, of someone 4 year younger. Now, some are suggesting that Song is going to move into a more advanced position next season. That won’t have come from anywhere within the club. Probably people picking it up from me communicating it as my biggest fear for the last 4 months.

Anyway… from what I’ve been hearing, that’s unlikely to be the case as we’ll be looking to fill that creative void left by Cesc this summer with, errr, a creative player. Not a free creative player either. A top notch one.

It’s clear to me that Jack Wilshere isn’t a Cesc Fabregas. He can be creative, but he loves to be in the thick of it. He’s like a half breed between Makelele and Cesc. I’m just not sure he’s the type who’ll grab us 20 assists a season. I might be wrong, but for me, he sits smack bang in the middle of the park. Not in a more advance role. Alex Song is not better in the middle of the park than Jack Wilshere. He’s certainly not good enough to be our creative force all season, so I wonder what the coach has in  store for him if he’s looking elsewhere for the creative spark next  year?

Again… Darren Dein is his agent, Real Madrid stories emanting in the press, clear the air talks are in the Mail… M’Vila is nearly in. It all looks very interesting doesn’t it?

Our forward line is going to be interesting next season. One thing we haven’t had for a while is proper experience. I’m sure Wenger noted how a 34  year old veteran of the Premier League came into the side and scored some important goals for us last season. If he keeps hold of Robin Van Persie, I think the vibe is quite strong for Clint Dempsey. He’s 29, he works incredbily hard and he’s got to that age where he’s found his shooting boots.

The key to having a good strike force is to have a mix of skillsets. Clint Dempsey will put his head on anything, he’ll hussle in the same way Adebayor used to and he’s more than happy to let fly from distance. He has that last twenty work ethic that can lift a team. Very similar to Rooney in that sense. Outside him, I’m not sure what we’ll do. Giroud looks like one of the hottest strikers in Europe at the moment, but with all these other big dollar moves we’re looking at I wonder if he’d be in budget? Joel Campbell could be a nice third option, but is he too raw like Afobe?

Like I said the other day… for all the Chamberlain hype, it’s clear he wasn’t ready this year. Let’s not make a similar mistake with Campbell and Afobe.

I think if we know Robin is off the year after (a very big if that he’s not off this year), we need to be signing our 2013 man now. We can’t buy in someone next summer and just hope they’ll come good straight away. There’s a fine balancing act to this summers dealings. I just hope we get it right for once. We haven’t managed to in well over 7 years now.

We also need to show the same desire to bring players in as we will to boot them out. Let’s not haggle up all summer and screw our plans. Get rid of them early doors.

  • Vela £8million
  • Denilson £3million
  • Bendtner £6million
  • Almunia £freeeeeeeeee
  • Fabainski £3million
  • Mannone £500,000
  • Squillaci £500,000
  • JD £4,000,000
  • Diaby £4,000,000
  • Song £25,000,000
  • Chamakh £5million
  • Park £2million
  • Andrey £5mill (Update, not considered in the sums)

That’s £61,000,000 you could recoup at bottom of the barrel prices (bar Song, but he’s had a good season), plus another £595,000 a week you free up in wages. Factor in the £50million you have from the summer… well, you can work it out. That’s a great summers rebuilding you could manage with plenty of freed up squad places.

I know people will say that these players won’t leave on the salaries they’re on. Well, that’s only true if we’re charging too much to let them go. If wages and transfer fee are counted as one with football clubs… we might have to budge on our valuation. There’s no financial sense in not moving on a £12million Bendtner fee if you’re going to have to pay half his salary over the year. Move them on.

As for the Vertonghen story. Here is the issue as I see it. He’s in the last year of his deal. He thinks he should go for a pittance. If he goes for half his price, he’ll want double his salary. That’s not going to work at Spurs as they have a strict structure in place. That’s unlikely to happen at Arsenal. However, he’ll get what he wants at City or United. I also don’t believe it’s his dream to play for Spurs. Didn’t Hazard say something equally as bizarre a few months ago?

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Anyway, as you can see, I’ve once again solved all of Arsenal’s problems this summer in under 1000 words. How would you make it happen for us next  year?

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  1. The Poldi Prince

    Exactly cesc.

    We should be after Ba AND giroud.

    Too many people with small club mentality.

    Let’s take a few examples.

    Rooney, welbeck, hernandez.

    Torres, drogba, sturridge.

    Balotelli, dzeko and aguero. (tevez)

    Benzema, higuian, kaka.

    Look at what we have.

    RVP ( 29 and on the way out), chamakh ( a very good lower league player) and park. With bendy and vela never to return.

    We have the worst strike partnership amongst the big euro clubs.

    We have room, and NEED, for two more high quality strike partnerships. Ba is a bargain, and could play alone or with another striker.

    Giroud is the big powerful CF with good technique and vision, as well as good finishing.

    Mark my words, will be worth 25+ in a couple years. Strike while we have a chance.

  2. Gunner2301


    Agreed, but you know Wenger doesn’t see sense and can’t see the problems on his own doorstep let alone noticing quality on somebody elses.

    I can’t wait till we get another manager. Wenger can’t last forever and he’s gradually waring me down.

    Night guys.

  3. Ranj

    3rd place finish is what matters more than anything else. Otherwise Spurs finish above us & no Champions League football next season. Nuff said.

  4. Goon from BD

    Jopaaa- Not really. You need to look at our games against Dortmund in the CL group stages. I can tell you with confidence that we are more than capable of beating them and beating them well. But I think that Atletico could tear us apart.

  5. telarse

    Gunner 2301,

    Cheers, for your comment but I am genuinely scared of Song’s power over Wenger.

    I think, I’ve always thunk and I will always think Song’s a lumbering oaf!

    It’s not his fault it’s Viera’s and Flamini’s and Petit’s and Parlour’s and even Nobby Talbot’s cos they all learned me that a DM is about energy and tackling and running yer nuts off for 90 minutes.

    I should probably not be as critical of him or Denilson or Arshavin or any other player who I think looks shite as I don’t know what Wenger’s instructions are and I do believe these players and all the rest are doing what they’re told to do.

    Anyway, I hope Chamakh starts with RvP.

    P.S. Were you in “It ain’t half hot mum”?

  6. Alex James

    Kroenke or Usmanov? Say what you will, the former represents stability in the overall management sense, whereas I can’t help thinking the latter would be of the ‘fire the manager’ style. But would this matter? Real Madrid and the big Italian clubs do this regularly and look at their phenomenal success records. If I were a Chelsea or Man City supporter, I would be worrying about life after the current owners.Neither has a large fan base, and I doubt whether either would survive financially. Given the Arab Spring implications, at some point the current regimes will fall and that will leave a number of clubs very vulnerable. Chelsea’s owner is to a large extent dependent on what happens in Russia, and I wonder whether Usmanov is similarly exposed. Food for thought?

  7. Goon from BD

    Humanimal- I apologize….. Felt really sorry for the kid and the Bilbao fans. They are amazing!

  8. Gunner2301


    I think standards have dropped across the board. The start of it was getting rid of the old guard who would have passed the experience and traditions to the younger players, then more or less keeping them out of the coaching setup. What Wenger has done has been done deliberately to remove any dissenting voice, so the players view him as an all powerful God or father figure.

    P.S. Were you in “It ain’t half hot mum”? – What does that mean?

  9. Jeff

    I have a feeling it’s going to be another summer of doom and disappointment with the expectation of new signings and we’re in danger of being taken in by another false dawn. Why does it take so long for us to sign anyone? Where is the bottleneck? Is it Wenger dithering and procrastinating endlessly? For all the thinking he does, why then do we have a huge number of useless players at the club?

    Why can’t we offload them? Even at knock down prices, we could make a killing on the savings from wages alone and then we can afford some proper talent. This futile policy of buying cheap and developing hasn’t worked, won’t work and will end up burying us if we don’t sort it out. How many more years of failure is it going to take? I don’t see 3rd and 4th as success. I see it as failure.

    Many people who support other teams (sometimes in other leagues) tell me that there are lots of clubs who would gladly take our place. They shut up very quickly when I tell them that our wage bill isn’t that much less than Man U, City and Chelsea. I tell them we spread it thinly over many clueless players who have become an albatross around Arsenal’s neck. We can’t seem to even given them away and because it’s “so cosy” at Arsenal, they aren’t keen to leave of their own accord either.

    I’ll tell you one thing. If this wages lark isn’t sorted out, it won’t matter who’s available on the market. They won’t come because we won’t be able to afford their wages. How stupid has the club, owner, manager been in locking us into long crazy contracts with players of dubious quality, marginal skills and questionable worth? Talk about a rock and a hard place.

  10. Jeff

    And it’s no good getting rid of one or two players. We’ve got a shedload we can throw out; we’ll need a skip.

  11. Gunner2301


    It won’t be resolved until a new manager with new staff comes in and insists that half the squad are got rid off because they are useless. I don’t even think Bould would change that much he’s the one who put Gibbs through FFS. He would just cover his own mistakes like Wenger has. The problem Wenger created isn’t easy to solve and he being the architect cannot be the one to solve or dismantle it. It has to be someone else who is not so close to all those bad decisions.

  12. Gunner2301

    Getting rid of Wenger would move this Club on leaps and bounds. The required major surgery could take place with no sentiment attached to it. Whereas now all Wenger is doing is putting butterfly stiches onto gaping wounds. Partly due to sentiment partly due to covering his own bad judgement. Djourous option to extend his own contract is an indication of how fucked up things are at the Club. I’m not even sure Rooney could do that. What has Wenger done?

  13. Jeff

    Gunner, I don’t think there is any other logical conclusion we can reach. It’s been going on for so long now where we’ve accumulated so much rubbish that to get rid of the quickly would be an open admission of failure. The question we have to ask is this. Is Wenger capable of overturning the growing mistake compounded over many years of betting money on a policy of doom? I don’t for a moment think he is capable.

    Every year, we rely on CL money to throw away at the “great project” which gets us so far but no farther. There is nothing to make me think this year will be any different. I think Podolski is simply an insurance policy against RVP leaving because he must be fed up with it as well. Will we achieve 3rd or 4th without van Persie next year? Without teams like Chelsea, Liverpool, Newcastle and Tottenham handing it to us on a silver platter (like they did this year) I don’t know how it can happen? We have lucked out big time.

    What we are experiencing is the very definition of a complete and utter nightmare from which we simply cannot wake up.

  14. Gunner2301

    Jeff agreed

    The only way Wenger will do or try to do this is by slow evolution so nobody will remember the project youth failure and overpaid players so we won’t see a mass exodus as there rightly should be.

    I don’t think Wenger had it in him to instill a winning mentality and that’s what we need above all else. He isn’t capable of making the difficult decisions needed in management when they are required. If he did we wouldn’t be seeing what we are now. Could you see SAF putting up with this year after year? Successive years of conceding more? SAF benching Berbatov is like Wenger benching Song for leaving the defence exposed or RVP for missing opportunities Wenger would never have the balls to do it.

    That’s why we need change it won’t happen quickly though. Unless the fans force change on the Club.

  15. Dan Ahern

    Good news everybody. Hazard’s revealed he’s moving to the Prem–and the team he’ll go to? “Definitely the blue,” he says.

    Arsenal just released our new jerseys. COINCIDENCE?

  16. telarse

    Gunner 2301

    1970s TV series about a British Army concert group who were all known by their ranks and serial nos i.e Gunner 2301.

    Christ I feel old!

    Thanks for that.

  17. leon


    as a arsenal fan i always try to stay positive and some people your comments might seem extremly negative but i cant realy disagree with your comments bringing some top signing would help but would solve ander lying problem which is sloppy aragunt complaicent mentality of team, i dont see any disciplin or organization in the team no real leadership

  18. Jeff


    Every angle you look at it, there is a huge elephant in the room that nobody with influence is acknowledging. Every angle is wrong.

    1. Players. We have one super player, about 3 very good players and 5 okay ones. We play them week in week out until they get injured and then on come one of the ones that we consider to be pretty useless.

    2. Tactics. We always play the same old predictable 443 style. We never change against anyone and everyone knows exactly how to play us. Why do we never change our formation? Why do we always wait for minute 67 before making substitutions when it’s usually too late.

    3. Wages. It is unsustainable structure where rubbish players can earn as much as a really good one. We therefore reward mediocrity and punish talent.

    4. Transfers. We get raided for our best talent, while we look to replace them with cheap alternatives and the results speak for themselves.

    5. Why do we have so many injuries and why do they all take ages to return? Every year it’s the same. Since we have such a shallow squad anyway, it mucks us up big time.

    6. Owner has no interest in football or the club. He leaves it all to Wenger.

    7. No accountability, no collective responsibility. Players who make mistakes or do not perform nearly every week are guaranteed a place the next time. What’s that all about?

    Every aspect of the club seems to be fraught with problems that apparently only a handful of people can see. What is going on there?

  19. leon


    i agree with most of your commenst when it comes injuries i dont have it that bad manu have alot worse its just with them well they care a fuck if all have to carried out on stretchers so be it just as they win but thats manu not the most talented but by far far way one of the most resilient and rufeless i have ever seen

  20. Cesc Appeal

    Eden Hazard does seem a bit of a dick, and it does seem like he’s flirting with most every club going but i honestly believe he would like to play for Arsenal.
    I wouldn’t be shocked however to find out that our CEO/Board aren’t doing anything to pursue him.
    Yes Manchester City can offer him a gazillion pounds a week but we should still be making the effort. A Fabregas style deal of £90 000 a week topping up to £130 000 with bonuses could be achieved by just shifting Squillaci and Almunia for crying out loud!
    I’m not saying I expect this to happen but if i was charge that’s what I’d be doing. Apperently the figure being banded around is £25 Million, I’d offer £30 Million just suck it up £100 000 a week plus bonuses weekly boom done. Either he takes it or not. I tried.
    Perhaps we go into a minus this year and join the other 17 teams in the league including United, Chelsea, City, Liverpool etc. But if you came out of the window with M’Vila, Podolski, Hazard, Vorm/Given/Jaaskaleinen/Schwarser a quality CB and a decent LB (Baines, Santon etc) and posted a slight minus given our huge reserves of cash and the selling of dross who the fuck would complain? Not me!

  21. Cesc Appeal

    If Liverpool can afford to spend £35 Million on Carrol we can afford £25-30 on Hazard. Just like they spent £16 Million on Henderson we can spend £17 Million on M’Vila a far better player….we are the 4th richest club in the world, it’s time to start acting like it!!

  22. Cesc Appeal

    Jopaaaa paid a visit? I’m in one of the films, fifth guy from the left….really ripped abs??

  23. ben

    What about wenger playing a 4,1,2,1,2 next year szchez in goal, sagna and gibbs as wing backs who play as proper wingbacks and allowed to push on, with verm and kos/mertersacker in the centre, then m’villa just ahead of them acting as a makelele, with wilshere and song as a foil just ahead, but as they are also box to box players with a built in defensive reflex will control the centre and flood the heart of midfield (which wenger did this season bringing yossi into the picture), then ahead of them van persie, who can play in a more creative role distributing to podolski and walcott ahead of him-we would be restricted to a narrow formation but the strength in the middle would just push teams out to the wings consistently and with m’vila helping defend the high ball I see us being strong, and in possession having that distinctive flair with serious pace upfront being picked out by wishere, song and van persie…..sick!/a serious title challenging formation…

  24. goonerboy

    Getting rid of Wenger? Most people writing on here would get rid of him in a heartbeat.
    The club is deluded about Wenger-why is he still held in such high regard? Are the Directors blind-cant they see how clueless this team is defensively despite numerous changes in personnel? Wenger is totally in denial about this teams shortcomings-he’s had years to sort the defence out-and in fact its got worse since Gallas left. Players are only one factor-how the team is structured and how they are required to play are massive factors-just look at Chelsea since AVB left-and the Wenger pattern of play has been well and truly tumbled. Watching this team conceding soft goals week in week out is painful.
    I don’t think the key reason for our lack of success over the last 7 years is the manager-it is the lack of ambition at the club that indulges an idealist like Wenger-that sees crap defending week after week and listens to his embarrassing excuses blaming everything from refs to pitches to the nasty opposition for the reason we don’t win games like Norwich-when the real reason is we are crap defensively throughout the team. When they argue that he hasn’t become a bad manager overnight-they are of course right-his teams have been under performing for years.

    Although they are years apart in age AVB and Wenger have a lot in common-a lot of knowledge about the game- arrogant, idealistic and not learning from experience when a style of play does not work.

    How anyone has any faith in this guy to sort it out I do not know.
    In truth Wenger should pay RVP his salary-because without him we would be hovering just above the relegation zone.

  25. zacharse

    Anybody else think it might be nice to see maxi rodriguez in the midfield next year? pretty much the only guy i’d consider snapping up from lpool

  26. Limpar's Wand

    Yeah, Wenger’s terrible. We can’t defend, we have average players on massive wages, predictable tactics, no motivation time after time.

    But wait… some FACTS. We’re 5th in the wage table for 2010/11. We’ve made a PROFIT in that time, We’ve sold some of our best players (2 captains). All in all, it seems like Wenger is one of the only things keeping it all going. There’s just no investment. It’s that simple.

    It makes me laugh, because I too moan about all those things! But I have some perspective. The club just isn’t ambitious. There’s no good blaming Wenger like it’s his fault we’re not winning the league. He’s got one arm tied behind his back. We pay good wages, but there are 4 clubs willing to spend more. Anything better than 5th is a success.

    Maybe that will change when we come to renegotiate our commercial deals – we could probably make at least 50m a season more. I hope so. But until then, we just can’t compete with the top clubs in the market, hence the players we buy (and miss out on). Just stop dreaming. You make it sound so obvious, yet you miss the fundamental point. The game’s about money. Until we start spending more, we can’t expect to be the best.

  27. Matt Lewan

    I think patience is needed here. If we can hold onto our position in Europe’s elite for another year – I think the future will be spectacularly bright. Arsenal have a number of sponsorship deals expiring in 2014 – deals that were made in difficult circumstances. When a company ‘knows’ you require their cooperation, your position is weakened. Once these deals expire, we will renegotiate at probably something 3-4 times their current value. This will see us through to 2019 when our 100 million stadium / shirt naming rights deal expires with Emirates – 6.7 million a year for stadium AND shirt rights. Again – a deal that made in a weakened position. When this deal is renegotiated – I would imagine our shirt sponsorship would reach 12 – 15 million a year alone. This is a long term project – not 5 or 7 years, but 15 – 20 years. Arsenal will be such a powerhouse – more so than Manchester United, more so than Real Madrid or Barcelona. This stadium will be a cash cow – and although I live in Australia – I salute most of you gooners whom fork out and support our club by seeing them through this ticket hike. Arsene deserves more respect for the work he is doing – keeping us in the same company as Europe’s Elite on a very tight budget. Patience people – we will one day harvest the fruits of Wengers labour!

  28. El Tel

    Morning Geezers,

    I am buzzing this morning as I will be heading to The Grove in a few minutes to play on the pitch today.

    I am old and fat but I have the opportunity to have a kick about at the home of football.

    Have a grat day you lot.

  29. dennisdamenace

    Well well well, here we go again eh, for M’Villa read virtually every other poor sap that’s been “linked” to us either to only go to a rival through absolute inept negotiating or was never on the cards in the first place, but was just after an improved deal.

    The question is why would a player now use us as leverage for a better deal, after all what’s the likelihood of us really buying more than one semi-decent player? Unless of course it’s a replacement or he’s under 18……

  30. dennisdamenace

    Buenas días gg9……. how’s it hanging?

    I shall be safely outta the country for Sunday’s brown trouser day, i have zero confidence in our boys i’m afraid…….

  31. gnarleygeorge9


    “Bollywood superstar Vidya Balan will be Richmond’s special guest at its Round 7 clash with the Sydney Swans at the MCG”. Thats my other footy love.

    Sabeel said she is not to be missed 😛

  32. gnarleygeorge9

    Saggy scrotes? For a moment there I thought u said socrates. It sounds like its gone beyond saggy economically in Greece 😉

  33. dennisdamenace

    gg9 – I’d be a bit worried if were you fella, Greece is well and truly fucked, and they will all end up in Oz dossing with their in-laws and extended families…..

  34. dennisdamenace

    Oh, and for the record Attwood is an Arsene Wenger arse licking wanker of the highest order… ANY Arsenal Football Club supporter puts ANY manager BEFORE the club is an utter cunt in my eyes……..

  35. Arsenal1Again

    Lol at the 25Million for Song.

    Squillaci signed a two year deal so he out of contract and goes on a free.

    Song is rumoured to have had his head turned. We will not get more than 12Milion for him. I think he will be found out as asoon as he leaves Arsenal, just like so many others before him.

  36. Alex James

    Jeff Thank you for the link about Usmanov. It confirms my gut feeling that Kroenke is the better bet looking at the long term. Albeit at times of acute depression over the way the club is turning it is easy to wish for an Usmanov regime, as he would undoubtedly spend large amounts of money. Clearly, it would be difficult for Kroenke if Usmanov found his way onto the board. Hence, I can’t see any agreement between them coming to fruition. Our salvation I guess remains in getting new sponsorship deals and increasing our Asian and African fan bases. There is still the question of Wenger though in this connection. If he had his way, we would still be training in Austria, instead of showing the colours in touring. And, as is well known, sides finishing fourth or fifth do not motivate up and coming generations throughoutbthe land to support the club, a la Man U and previously Liverpool.

  37. Scravaldio

    Forget about m’vila apparantly the rumour that he had agreeed a deal with us was started by his agent to push his wage up at Inter. As usual when it sounds too good to be true with Arsene then it probably is. Personally I think he would be perfect but again as fans we can look forward to another summer of. Well we need to sell players first and the fact that we’ve priced the players out the market so they will never sell, well cest’ la vi. I think its Usmanov time as we need someone who wants to win trophies. You know your in a bad way when the only person at your club talking about winning trophies is the secondlargest shareholder. Its embarrasing how mediocre we’ve become.

  38. Chris

    Mixed bag from you the last few days, Pedro.

    Of course, you’re right Arsenal could free up millions in transfers and consequent wage reductions BUT can you seriously imagine a man with a monumental vanity like Wenger,, in effect, admitting his buys have been so poor in recent times? No……neither can I!

    The next day you were enthusing over the (apparent) Bould appointment but once again, cast your mind back, just a few months when a journo suggested to Wenger that he need a “defence coach”. What did Wenger do? spat the dummy and ranted to the effect that he knows everything there is to know about coaching and needs no help from anyone. Be careful what you wish for! I’m fairly sure Bould’s terms of employment will be entirely based on Wenger’s “my way or the highway” management style.

    Still, you do seem to have recognized the usual about face of a typical Arsenal summer with Wenger already “having a big enough squad and ,anyway, having no money to do anything about it” (This before he even knows whether we shall have CL money or not!) So, I’d say it looks like same old, same old….once the season ticket renewals have (hopefully) rolled in.