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A Saturday early kick off. Actually my favourite time for a game because it gives us all the rest of our day back. If we win, it also takes the pressure right off. We can watch the FA Cup final knowing we’re only one more game from finishing the season in 3rd. Talking of the FA Cup… playing it at 1715 on a Saturday? That’s a bit rough eh? Not that I care for scousers… but apparently there are only 3 trains that go back to Liverpool after the game finishes. A hotel room is about 2
months dole money… the FA just ruined the Liverpool economy for the summer. Harsh.

Onto football matters. I’ll start with Frimpong, who, once again has dropped a massive social media clanger. He posted a picture of a tribesman with his head blown in half, naked and dead. It’s one of the most horrific images I’ve seen posted online  by a ‘celebrity’. I have no idea why he felt the need to do something like that. Sure, nasty things happen in Africa. Sure, we’re sanitised in the West, but come on… making a political statement with no call to action and no warning what you’re about to see is out of order. Kids follow his feed.

He really needs someone to moderate his output in general. It flips between the down right cringe worthy to the x-rated grotesque. You should not be more famous for your Twitter offering than your on the pitch skills. Take a leaf out of Scezney book and switch it off… He should also have a word with Sagna and Alex Song about their charity efforts. A boy raised in London preaching about what goes on in a country he no longer lives in feels a bit rich to me. Why not tie yourself to a Charity over there and use your huge following to boost its profile. Sure would look better than selling some t-shirts with the word dench on them.

Just my opinion of course…

Moving past that, Wenger takes on his 900th game in charge today. Quite an achievement in a game as brutal and cut throat as the one we’re in today. He’s had a turbulent season this year, there were training ground rumours that he’d offered his resignation after the Fulham game earlier in the year. No questions over his future like that right now. He’s made the right moves bringing the team up the table and it looks like he’s moving in the right direction with the transfer strategy.

He said he’ll move players on this summer. We’ve struggled to move the dross on previously, but I don’t always think that’s because no one is interested.., I think it’s because we have unrealistic valuations of players who have failed for us. We need the squad spaces. Sell the at whatever the market values them at. The on cost of having to pay another years salary and having to sacrifice a space for a nothing player isn’t worth it…

The boss also said that he doesn’t think Robin will leave but he’s not sure if he’ll sign a new deal. Again, I don’t really mind if he stays and goes on a free at 30. It’s not ideal, but we know we’ll get another amazing season from him and to be honest, with his injury record, the chances are he’d be a bit of a liability after he crosses that threshold.

If Robin is planning on moving next year, we need his replacement this summer… and that isn’t Podolski for me. We should be looking at Giroud or someone like that for this summer so there isn’t a long bedding in period next year.

The game today is going to be a tough one. Make no mistake, Norwich on their day can give anyone in the league a game. They play attacking fast football and they have players who can finish. They outclassed Spurs when they beat them at the Lane a few weeks ago. We can’t afford to be their second North London scalp of the season. Their style of play falls right into our hands. We need to take the game by the scruff of the neck, we need to strap those finishing boots on and we need to give the home fans a very good reason to cheer this afternoon!

Hopefully it’ll be a bit of carnival atmosphere there today. I can’t say I’ve enjoyed being a season ticket holder this year. I’m not sure whether that’s because I have to write about it after the game which tends to double the pain, or because it’s just been so inconsistent and horrible at times. It feels like the fans have turned a corner this year. We’ve been united in disappointment and we’ve started to find out voice. We’ve been outside the top four… we’ve sat behind Spurs for large parts of the year… like a Christmas Carrol we’ve been shown what could be. I don’t want that. I don’t ever want to go back to being a crap club again. So let’s hope that all the upset we suffered this year is going to be used as lesson for the club this summer.

Finally, this is probably going to be the last home game we’ll see Pat Rice at the club. He’s been a mainstay at the club for over 46 years now. He’s won trophies as a player and an assistant. He leaves as a bonified legend of Arsenal. He deserves a song today and a huge amount of respect for the loyalty and service he’s given is. Hat tipped to that man… good luck in your retirement Pat. Hopefully we’ll see you doing some punditry every now and then!

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Beer time… have yourselves a wonderful day.

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  1. Cesc Appeal

    Some AKB’s will try anything! Walcott is a perfect Arsene player, no balls, no heart, very limited skill, but zero temper, easy to control, forever young, can’t think for himself.
    Song, Diaby, Walcott, Djourou, Ramsey, Gervinho, Chamakh, Almunia, Squillaci etc all retarded players!!

  2. SDE

    Colonel Mustard
    Ramsey is maybe 2 years away from finished article. he should be bedded in along side experience and learn slowly slowly.

    What bedded in,a bit like Walcott..

    Reaches 200+ games & realise he’s crap&we struggle to offload him,like the so-called other talents that are the finished article currently at arsenal.


    Admit it,if ramsay were at Man Utd under fergie..either he would have stepped up,or been bombed out by now..Not given another 2 years to fulfill his potential..

    Think of players over the last few years,who fergie’s bombed out for not cutting it over a short period..


  3. kwik fit


    Those guy’s have a blinkered view and are not capable off taking an opinion that differs from their and master’s.
    I like the banter but The guy that runs that site will bin you if you annoy his little inbred’s.

  4. Cesc Appeal

    SDE we’re in a moment of serious transition, maybe not straight away but it’s begun. In a season the minority/majority has reversed. Now its Arsene Out that is the majority.
    He’s destroyed the image of the club this year and we are now looking at the very real prospect of Europa League football. his one Holy Grail looks to be gone so….what’s he good for?

  5. HP

    RVP is gone guys , why would you play europa league when he can realistically win CL with barca/real/juve/bayern/city

  6. Goon from BD

    Gunner2301- I’m not knocking him just stating ze truth that he is positionally/tactically clueless. Only Benitez has been able to get the best out him in a team by playing him with Mascherano and Xabi Alonso behind him with hard working players running on the sides. Cesc is thought to be the same and I have noticed that these players are usually of impatient characters so can’t stay in their positions,try to do all on their own etc. Vermaelen is the same and I’m just stating a flaw. Being a good footballer doesn’t make someone great for a team.

  7. SDE

    and yeah SDE we missed walcott and arteta, for me the season ended when they both got injured

    Well if that’s the case,that you believed walcott&arteta being injured,ended the season for you..
    Then in short,does that not tell you how shit we are…& the lack of quality in our team..

    So I wonder what you would say if RVP,got injured?

    What contributions has Walcott made this season?
    More so in the big games..?Man

    & if so,where was walcott against swansea,west brom,..?

    In fact did walcott not start in all the games where we lost all 10 games..?Where was his influence..?

  8. useroz

    DoublegoonerMay 5, 2012 16:33:56

    I was at the game. I cant tell whther they walked around after the game..But they fucking did for 90 minutes.

    LOLLL… cant agree more… at least before ramsey came off!!!

    Wenger OUT and please take diaby with you and drop him at the door of WHL on your way to the airport

  9. Jeff

    It does go to show one thing though. AW has learnt nothing from the last 7 years and whatever or whoever he blames for decline, the buck must stop with him. Everyone is very quick to lavish superlatives upon him when things are going right so why should he equally take the blame when they’re not? It’s madness.

    For the income, stadium size and wage bill, we have underachieved for the 7th year running and our slow demise continues. The one thing that has been constant in all of that is Wenger. He has to take the blame and therefore he has to seriously consider his position as manager of the club. What part of that does he not understand?

  10. zeus

    I know Stoijakovic is Wenger’s choice. I’ve been trying to see youtube comps of his japan side, but hardly any.

    I do remember him doing an interview and saying that he would do things differently toWenger though, He thought defense was a big problem that needed rectifying. This was in 07/08 I believe.

  11. SDE

    Cesc Appeal..

    what’s he good for?

    Bugger all..

    But I hope this swing in sentiment from a minority view to a majority view is a long-term held sentiment..Not just a knee-jerk reaction..

    ‘Cos some of these fans will suddenly start spouting to give wenger another chance,if we happen to qualify for CL by default..

    I’ve never resented a manager so much as I do wenger..
    And this resentment has been growing year-by-year..
    Since 2008…when we had that capitulation at B’ham..
    Gallas having a strop on the pitch..

    Anyway I don’t intend to watch arsenal,or buy any arsenal merchandise until the BoD & wenger are gone..

    I’ve been on a 2 year boycott..& will continue too..
    I hope the majority thinking,is a boycott of some sorts..

  12. useroz

    Cesc AppealMay 5, 2012 16:49:53
    Danish Gooner, becuase Wenger does not practice defending! 100% true, look it up. He doesn’t do tactics, doesn’t show the defenders tapes of their opposition, doesn’t do defensive drills. They have no clue how to position themselves, or how to break up play. Not entirely their fault they are so shit.
    Wnger has to go, PHW has no business at the club, Gazidis has organised some of the worst Comm deals in history and Kroenke is an American with less footballing knoweldge than a turd i just splashed into the bog just now.
    The club is fucked, totally and utterly fucked. A run of a few good weeks in Feb and Podolski means some small minded Arsenal fans think Wenger knows what he’s doing, he doesn’t.


    who could argue with this? it’s pathetic and corrupt… take OUR club back

    Wenger OUT

  13. Gravy

    Yet another sports franchise ruined by the “for profits” Kronke Enterprises, with the help of an out of touch deluded Wenger.

    Was standing at the top of Avnell road the other day, Highbury to my right down the hill and the Emirates looming ahead of me. The sad sight of what is left of a once proud club dwarfed by what is now the symbol of how wrong a direction they took.
    On my right I had memories of good, great but often crap players (Gus Ceaser etc) scrapping for everything point, the place was loud, proud, intimidating and ours. In front of me I had the sight of a massive concrete & glass corporate greed bowl that has served up some of the laziest, overpayed, unenthusiastic dross you could ever imagine.

    We were sold a vision, we were sold the promise, we were sold the future of football. WE WERE ACTUALLY SOLD A BIG FAT FUCKING LIE!!!

    This season should be a watershed, severe surgery is needed both on and off the field. It’s simply not working and waiting for new spoonsorship negotiations to come round will be too late, if it’s not already. If Uzminov is to make a move then now’s the time to do it, I hope for the sake of this club he does as Stan will leave us mid table. To be brutally honest wed’ve struggled to make top 10 this year without the likes of RVP to carry us. If we think we got a bad deal off Emirates now just wait and see what ALDI offer us in a couple of years.

  14. jack

    Im not surprised at all at todays performance, different day, same shit, same manager, same comments on LG and the torture rolls on. If we scrape 4th a lot of the fans on here will be back up Arsenes arse again.

    Instead of calling for Pedro to post wenger out articles. Pedro should be telling his buddies in the AST to call for his head, as they have more clout than LG. Why does the AST not be calling for his head after performances like today (of which there was plenty) . Didnt Pedro once say in a post that the AST will only make a judgement of Arsene and performances after the season is over. well, dont hold your breath, the majority of them are happy with the. status quo.

    so lets stop being like wenger , repeating the same thing and expecting different results.

    we dont deserve CL and i hope the spuds and the geordies get 3rd and 4th.

    I might be a doomer, but im a consistent one.


  15. Gunner2301


    I disagree. Ramsey wouldn’t be the best player in his position in the Championship. Its time we faced facts. We can of course give him the customary 200 games to find out, but for 50kpw I’d rather have a finished player, He’s not worth the money he’s drawing out of the wage bill. If he was at Man U he’d be on loan on 12kpw at best. I don’t see what qualities you see that makes you think he’ll be as intelligent or productive as Lampard?

  16. iffy the goon

    So nasri wins the pl, while arsenal get 4th nicked by chelsea and end up in the europa league. Then Nasri is graceful enough not to speak about any of this while he’s polishing his shiny pl medal. I’m going to stop folloing that bastard on twitter so i don’t have to feel the agony of his gracefulness

  17. Gunner2301


    I’m one of the few that has been calling TV for most of this season and said the TV Kos partnership wasn’t productive and they were too similar in style. I tend to call it as I see it.

  18. Jeff

    You feel there is so much potential at Arsenal. So much that can be done to remedy this horrible situation we have if only those in control could shift their focus from the fixation they have with turnover (which is important but not at the expense of being beaten by any club who considers it as the highlight of their year to beat us) and get back to playing for the sake of winning.

    The owner is hopeless, the directors are (for some reason) powerless, Gazidis just wants a quiet life and Wenger just seems to carry on business as usual almost as though nothing needs to change.

    This year, for the first time, if we do go out of CL and lose the extra revenue, I really doubt Wenger would go and I also doubt he would be sacked. But will he change his ways? I don’t think he will. So all in all, we have another gloomy season to look forward to with all of the obligatory sweating over being beaten by lower clubs.

    It’s very simple. We don’t like coming 4th. We would like to be serious contenders for EPL and CL. If this manager cannot deliver that (and he’s had enough chances), it must surely be time for a change.

  19. Jamal

    I dont blame the players that have left the club, i dont see how anyone can, football is all about success and success is something that we arnt gonna have for a long time, well not with that cunt as our manager

  20. BOOZY

    messi 69 goals – it would be cruel if he doesnt get 70.

    Only positive from today is rvp one step closer to winning the pichichi.

  21. Doo Woop

    We have 3 big problems, unsolvable in short term:

    1) Our objective is not arsenal success, but Wenger filling his pocket
    2) The team has no winning mentality (thanks to the relaxed-casual-no-reponsibilities atmosphere created by Wenger to his spoiled little children)
    3) Complacency. Team think they are too good for some shit, like playing Norwich at last home game of the season


  22. colonel mustard

    r/e Ramsey I dont dispute the limitations but the abuse is a bit much. Lampard was not much better at that age.

  23. Bade

    fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

    Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck



  24. Bade

    Even if we finish 3rd

    Arsene should fuck off

    Enough is enough

    I can’t just watch anymore of the same shite

    And the mentally ill bastard was saying today that with Jack and Diaby (meaning only with Jack) we are right there with the others1


  25. Bade

    If any AKB bastards approaches me now I will truly harm him

    So fuck off all of you with your wanking bastard and just don’t bother responding to me


  26. LJB

    Villa fans have taken out a full page ad in the Birmingham mail calling for Mccleishs removal.Could we not do something similar? if everyone who says they want Wenger gone chipped in,we could raise the dough.Hell i was made redundant in feb and am still on the rock ‘n roll,but i’d chip in a tenner,maybe 20 if my 3 month overdue housing benefit ever arrives.

  27. Doo Woop

    for sure diaby and djourou will be occupying a spot in the first team that could have been used for a decent footballer

    is this sign of intent? No, this is sign of “I want to fill my pockets, not winning” from Wenger

  28. Bade

    Don’t put it on Ramsey, the whole team were shite, bar Yossi and Robin

    I’d kick’em all to whomever will take it

    The rebuild should be from the manager and down

    Arsene, you fucked up you little beggar

    Arsenal is a proud club and now we’re being a bunch of beggars

    All day long asking favouts from all the other EPL teams

  29. Doo Woop

    wenger is always complaining about how mad it is to ofer footballers mega wages, but never heard any complain about mega wage for managers


  30. Bade

    Again, 3 points out of the last 12, or 9 out of the last 21

    This is unacceptable

    January and start of February we were 1 point out of 12
    Now April and May we’re 3 out of 12

    We’ve conceded this season 47 in the EPL alone

    Fucking 47 goals!!!!!

  31. Bade

    Song was responsible for at least their 1st and 3rd

    SZCZ was awful, had an Almunia in the first

    Vermaelen is becoming a left footed Squillaci

    What the hell is going on here?

    This is The Arsenal!

  32. kwik fit

    Ever since Pedro has gone all mainstream we have been in a state of free fall.
    Will the old Pedro please come back before it’s too late.

  33. Gravy

    We don’t get Champions Lge we lose over £30M. We just about break even with it now ffs! The whole club is a fucking shambles from top to bottom. Fucking Yanks!!!

    We lose £30M and Kronke will not help out in the slightest. Wouldn’t be surprised if he were checking out Podolski’s receipt right now to see if we have a 2 week cooling off or returns period. Getting the guys at his wife’s supermarket to somehow re brand Chamack & Park no doubt.

    We lose that sort of revenue and RVP will be sold to the highest bidder, no question. Actually, that’s being a bit naive, with our sales team he’d be sold to wherever he wants to go and that team will pull our pants down and give us whatever they fucking well want, just like with Cesc.

    Where is Uzminov? What’s he fucking waiting for?

  34. Gunner2301


    The point is Lampard wasn’t getting paid 50k when he was at the same level so it probably didn’t matter. When so much money is going out of the Club it should be on young players who are exceptional. I would say the Ox and Wilshire fall into that bracket not Ramsey. You have your opinion though and youre entitled to it.

  35. colonel mustard

    Wegner £7 million a year …..Messi €9.2 million euro……roughly same I think…..wonder who is earning his salt….hmmmmm

  36. Ricky

    That’s shocking form bade! Im not even looking forward to next season. That’s how shit we have become.

    Thank god for the massive fight tonight cos I was really losing interest in sports all together.

  37. colonel mustard

    Im not disputing Ramseys form just he is an easy scapegoat for all the woes. im uncomfortable with it. The manager as it goes should be where “the buck stops”

  38. Lordbergkamp

    That’s 4th place “secured” today. Scum or Toon into 3rd. Chelsea will win CL and that means us in the Europa.

    Our usual end of season collapse (decided by the super-French lack of backbone in our manager and players) means we will throw away a total lock on 3rd.

    RvP will leave – all because Wenger has total shite beyond the 1st team.

    He’s a fucking liability now.

    Capello in now I say!! At least all the “can’t be arsed” wankers (far too many to list) would be sold and let go…


  39. BOOZY

    messi 70 goals – i saw it live.
    i was there when a certain lionel messi scored 70 goals in a season – THE GREATEST.

  40. Gunner2301

    Doo Woop

    Nobody not even Chelsea or City are paying teenagers what we are paying them. Wenger might complain about City financial doping the league but Arsenal are doing exactly the same with young and yes i’m going to say it shit players, who are way overpaid leaving no other option either they come good with us or pull us down with their shitness or we make a loss on them.

  41. Voetstoots

    Been on waiting list for season ticket for 8 years now… Oh, well, at least I should now get it soon as everyone else is losing interest

  42. Cesc Appeal

    only good thing is now is the perfect time for Usmanov to buy, clubs losing its prestigem lower price can pull that wig right off of Kroenke’s fucking head

  43. zeus

    Messi on 72 goals. In-fucking-credible.

    To think it could be more if the cL was still to play for.

    Still haven’t seen it. Could’ve watched the game but barca is sooo boring winning by big margins I couldn’t be arsed.

    Didn’t even take stock of the fact he could break the 70 barrier today.

    He’s been scoring in increasing amounts over the past few seasons, I’d be very surprised though if he was able to beat 72.

    A word for CR7, sorry dude, in any other era, you would stake a claim as the world’s best, must be hell to do all you do and still be a distant second to Messi.

    Will watch the barca highlights in a bit.

  44. Gunner2301


    It was a general statement not a slight on Sagna. He has been one of the most consistent. i wasn’t aware he still had screws in. Maybe that’s been his undoing?

  45. simon mcmahon

    Kronke , sell up to someone who want to take the club to the next level ,!! USMANOV IN!!

  46. colonel mustard

    40 goals is unreal….but to add another 32 in the modern era is just unreal and he is not a flat track bully its goals against all kinds of opposition…..breathtaking…

  47. Arsenal Toujours

    1. We have to sell RVP to compensate for the lost CL $$$

    2. Only the fans care about winning / losing. For the Board, Management and players it’s only about cashing in … and we are the fucking idiots who fund it all out of our own pockets.

    3. We count wins and trophies; they count money.

    4. We had Chamakh and Park on the bench and we are 4th wealthiest club in the world.

  48. BOOZY

    i hope rvp gets 40 goals this seasons, that would be just legendary.

    i’ve always argued with my friends that if rvp was fit for a full season he’ll easily get 30 goals, he would have surpassed henry’s record if he was always fit.

  49. gats

    Has anyone read what those cunts over at UNTOLD have written? Those guys are a bloody disgrace, they have their heads so far deep in the sand its untrue. These cunts are coming out with all sorts of consipracy theories. That cunt Walter over at Untold is one of the biggest AKout there. No matter what its never wenger or the teams fault, its always the bloody refs fault. This guy has gone insane like wenger. Im preety sure his even probably sending his shitty ref watch stats to them as well.

  50. SDE

    the send -off Pepe is getting at the nou camp is quite touching…

    there was a montage at the nou camp of pepe’s glorious years..

    followed by a speech by the man himself

    then players throwing him in the air& catching him

    then they are dancing in a circle around the half way line,holding hands..

    And now a guard of honour..

    I suppose if this was wenger leaving, based on today’s performance alone, his resignation would be met with a spectacular fireworks display,a chorus of boos & probably 60,000+fans offering to drive him to France for free..

  51. GUNNER786

    This time next year we will be in the bottom half of the table.

    Wenger is not going anywhere because Arsenal FC is his drug.

    Wenger is an Arsenal addict.

  52. Gunner2301

    First Wenger wants to talk us into thinking 4th is a trophy. Now he’s going to convince us that injured players are his second wave of signings? Is that what we pay him for? Cunt

  53. SDE

    yeah I had a look at the untold site..thought it was the funniest thing ever..what with there theories on match-fixing,or nobling of referees..everytime arsenal lose,or draw against supposed inferior teams..

    It’s up there with pedro’s comment that this season has been progression..

  54. finestcuts

    From being in the driving seat to becoming passengers and hoping that Tottenham will yet again slip up, that Newcastle will run out of steam, and that Chelsea will lose the Champions League
    is a poor position to be in.
    Now our expectations realistically are Europa League football. Every season we end on a low, a pattern that repeats itself from 2008.
    Wenger always says, judge me in May. well it is May and I’d like to see Wenger retire and for us to recruit Pep Guardiola.
    RVP, our one man team pulled us through another shocker, just to be let down by some calamitous defending for a third goal.
    You’ve got to fancy Tottenham to beat Villa tomorrow, putting them in the driving seat.
    And you can see the WBA players giving Roy Hodgson a last hurrah with a draw next week. I kid ye not, that will be a tough game and judging by our form have no right to believe we’ll bag 3 points at the Baggies.
    Lets be lucky,finish above Tottenham, and scrape a CL place.

  55. GUNNER786

    SDE May 5, 2012 22:06:39

    I suppose if this was wenger leaving, based on today’s performance alone, his resignation would be met with a spectacular fireworks display,a chorus of boos & probably 60,000+fans offering to drive him to France for free..



    SDE are you new to Legrove?

  56. reggie57

    I cant get my head around how wenger signed talent like pire’s,freddie,henry,paddy,etc and now he signs garbage like gervinho,chamakh,etc wtf has happened to him!! is he a nutty professor or has he totaly lost the plot!!

    answers to lord wenger care of broadmoor!!

  57. GUNNER786

    reggie57 May 5, 2012 22:16:44
    I cant get my head around how wenger signed talent like pire’s,freddie,henry,paddy,etc and now he signs garbage like gervinho,chamakh,etc wtf has happened to him!! is he a nutty professor or has he totaly lost the plot!!

    Answer = David Dein

  58. finestcuts

    No director of football anymore Reggie, no one to keep Wenger in check. Lets not forget that Wenger had inherited players during his years of success. He has been unable to build a title winning team from scratch.

  59. SDE

    Relatively new,as in been posting on here for a month or so..
    But been following the blog for about 2 years..

  60. Cesc Appeal

    We’re going to go the way of Liverpool, still regarded as a ‘top club’ but no one fears us. United, Chelsea, City, even Spurs (who will replace us) will see us as three points in their title chase.
    Arsene, Ivan and Stan have done one of the best jobs in the history of sport of lowering expectations.
    Look at the shit Pedro was going on about. We’re happy with the champions League now we might not get that.
    Moved to a brand new 60 000 seater stadium and we’re by far a worse team for it. Never in the history of sport has such a fuck up been had. Our board and Wenger are utter disgraces without an ounce of integrity and belong a few miles further down the road in WC1

  61. zeus


    I know the team is full of cunts, and the first time that they didn’t try to con the ref they were knocked out with ease by the Chavs, but they do have some very classy moments in them.

    Sounded like a good send off, that is right up there with offering Abidal a new contract even though it was clear he needed surgery.


    I knew LadyArse had been influencing Pedro but wasn’t sure how or why. Going through some tweets today and sure enough there both Pedro and LadyArse were chatting away. Now she is an out and out AKB and it sure has rubbed off on Pedro this season. I even commented that these recent posts read like a LadyArse blog.


  63. reggie57

    Do you think if the chavs move into the battersea power station that they would make the same fuck up’s as us? ie not reinvesting in the team?

  64. finestcuts

    There’s also a stat which is relevant to winning the title. Every team that has ever won the title has had at least one English defender. Top quality English defenders are very important. Shame we missed out on Smalling over 6 mill(what would you prefer, that we spent an extra 7 mill on Smalling or….got Squillaci?). Being raised and trained in England from an early age has certainly proved to be a factor when it comes to defence.

  65. zeus

    The beauty about what this could be, is that Wenger’s bullshit signing of Podolski (quality player) was nothing more than a ploy for season ticket renewal.

    He would then go get paid for doing commentary for French tv or al jazira(sp) and posture as if he was gonna buy anyone else.

    We all know the only way these cunts act, is if we get malled 2-8 by other teams. I suppose the Europa league is on a bigger scale of capitulation.

  66. finestcuts

    Zeus, Podolski is a crucial signing, because if we get Europa League football, he might not have signed for us afterwards…..and if we get Europa League football, RVP will leave, simples.

  67. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    hand on heart do we deserve champions league? no this is the worst collection of players we have had since 1982…. no europe next season… arsene please go your work is done

  68. zeus


    Agreed. Though not with such authority. Do find it a bit curious no one else was in for him.

    And his team was relegated today.

    Think RVP could clear the 40 goal barrier in a season.

    Just imagine if we had players who could lighten the goal scoring burden, he would be liberated knowing all would not fall in his shoulders.

    Messi’s tally this season is like Bolt’s 9.4 seconds which he’ll run at the Olympics. After that, no one will come close to doing it. Unbeatable.


    I was staying away but the last two sickly cringy Pedro posts made me comment again.

    We were lucky today. It’s a conflict of interests when watching Arsenal recently. Because obviously you want them to win but then on the other hand part of me thinks if we finish outside top 4 then the pressure will eventually force Wenger’s hand.

    As it happens I think we will finish top 4 and that Bayern will beat Chelsea.

    What we saw today from Arsenal bordered beyond bad/belief.

    And as for ladyarse – I cannot stand her blog.


    Agree Zeus.

    Ronaldo must be gutted because and any other period in football he would of picked up at least one world player or the year. I think he has over 60 goals!

    72 will never be beaten.

  71. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    i would like to finish 4th…..
    i would love chelsea to win the champs league….

    no problem with that have you?

  72. finestcuts

    For sure Zeus, the amount of points Robin has won us this season is uncountable, he really is player of the season. Europa league is a class below Van Pers, at 28 he can’t hang about. Would love it if he did of course.

  73. Gunner2301


    If things don’t change this Summer I might just call time on it until Wenger leaves at least. I’ve had enough of the same old same old year in year out.

    LadyArse is probably gonna ride of Pedro noteriety to get into the spotlight as he’s a media whore now. Bless him. Lol


    RSPCA – I was pleased when Chelsea beat Barca because I wanted Wenger to be exposed for what he is – an out of date manager. Or simply that his current philosophy is failed.

    Arsenal don’t deserve CL football. I’ve said all season long Spurs are a far better team – not sure what happened with them for me they are a better side.

    Who knows? Europa League might do us a favour, certainly more ours and Wenger’s level.


    I’ve noticed a change in his writing and have commented many times this season on it. Fortunately I still have Geoff to fall back on and he is posting tomorrow.

  76. Gunner2301


    i’d rather we missed out on Europa what would be the point? Apart from taking our attention away from the league. If we drop out of the top 4 we shouldn’t be in the Europa league either that way we only need to focus domestically. I wonder what excuse Wenger would make for failure then?

  77. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    this squad assembled by wenger aint even good enough for the johnson paints trophy let alone the europa….. oh and word to the wise sczc… shut your mouth during the season , use your hands to stop the ball going behind you and in 5 years you will be in the top 200 0f eoropean goalkeepers …. that means your rubbish… answer that son.


    I know it’s cool in this country to run belittle anything other than the EPL and CL but I have enjoyed the FA Cup and in particular the Europa League. The game last week between Athletic and S Lisbon was fantastic football.

    I wish the English clubs would take it more seriously. Having said that, it should be a straight knock out.

  79. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    my arsenal is dead whilst that ego manic is still in charge,,, we need fresh breath in the company… wenger grab your toothbrush and do one….

    soon…. oh lil jack tweet how happy you are….. sczc tweet how good you are….

  80. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    i hate this current squad of players and management….gutless all of them… every time thay have a chance they bottle it……most would not get in to a championship squad,,,

  81. incesc

    finestcuts says:

    “He has been unable to build a title winning team from scratch.”

    erm he built the entire invincibles squad from scratch mate bar bergkamp

    by all means knock his record over the last few years but in his hey day the guy was brilliant for us.


    Good stuff from Goonerboy

    “What’s saddest is that I honestly don’t expect anything from this Arsenal team anymore. They are serial bottlers, competing for qualification in a competition that we undoubtedly won’t win again. If we can’t even be confident of them to beat the likes of Wigan and Norwich at home, what is the point of qualification for the Champions League, other than a pay-day for the club before an inevitable defeat. That is, when you think about it, quite sad. Especially when the pay-day for the club doesn’t seem to benefit the fans in terms of reasonable ticket prices.

    In the build-up to today’s FA Cup final, they showed classic action from our wins in 94, 98, 2002, 2003 and 2005 and it pained me. It reminded me of Arsene’s statement that Champions league qualification is like a trophy. It’s not. Winning a trophy is like winning a trophy. Yes, Chelsea have a huge amount of cash, but can we really not make a bit more of an effort in the FA Cup? Just one trophy would mean a huge amount to the fans, but we seem further away from this than ever.

    Yes, I’ll be happy that if we qualify for the Champions League once more – but this will be tempered by the fact that we haven’t really progressed as a club this season. A big summer is coming up, whatever way you look at it, and I am increasingly convinced that we need a change of leadership, of some sort, at the club.”

  83. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    incesc….. his hey day is ls in the time of black and white audio less movies in modern times…. the man is a fraud …. earning a shed load each time out mind you.

  84. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    jopaaaa,,, man this season sucks, you think you have turned corner, then bang the mothers get you again,,,, so now the best thing is conmplete failure. me thinks start from scratch get rid of dross cos we aint got the money. see what what happens from there. there are too many non arsenal players tehre earning good dough.

  85. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    incesc…. when was the last time you got up eaqrly on a sunday to see a clun parade?….thought so…. fella we need trophioes not cash.

  86. incesc

    wenger was a great manager that should have bowed out 3 seasons ago.

    he isnt good enough anymore and he went off on a tangent that failed miserably with his youth project.

    but its a bit dumb to start picking apart the great stuff he did, a bit sad as well.

  87. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    hatred of the club must be a high topic… why be the richest club with the empiest shelves….


    But the mad thing is and I keep saying it if Wenger used tactics he would get far more out of the players.

    It’s all too easy to just say we are poor and they are not good enough but many of the players when played correctly do well.

    E.g. Just look at when we went to two up front today. Chamakh suddenly looked a very capable player. But Wenger insists on the same formation week in week out and will only change things when his hand is absolutely forced. It makes me wonder if Chamakh had more chances in a two up front scenario how much better he would be?

    The defenders are not bad defenders, Wenger just doesn’t know how to teach defending. I mentioned earlier, would TV5 make the mistakes we saw today if he were playing for Man U? I doubt he would.

    Even at this late stage Wenger still has it within his powers to change things for the better. But it means he has to admit his current set up is wrong and I just cannot seeing him doing that.

  89. Gunner2301


    Cole was already at the Club and Campbell was already established and had Wenger not got him for free I doubt he would have been at the Club. Toure was converted to a CB so he was a player that was bought to be a midfielder but didn’t work out there so Wenger rather than get rid played him elsewhere similar with Lauren.

    However Wenger tried the same with Eboue and it didn’t work out, trying the same with Walcott it’s not working out so moving players to other positions have been hit and miss for Wenger so those two happened to come good at the same time otherwise the defence would not have been what it turned out to be and it wasn’t due to coaching as we know Wenger doesn’t care about that so it was due to the personnel.

    If he’s done it before he should be able to do it again or not? So why has he failed for so many years? Maybe he wasn’t as instrumental as you think and a lot of different factors came together at the same time to produce that year.

  90. incesc

    how are we going to win trophies like the champions league if we arent even involved in it?

    if a we are looking for a new manager and we will be soon, can we get klopp for example if we arent in europe and dortmund are?

    and how can we keep rvp if spurs and newcastle win?

  91. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    incesc, he was great, a pioneer in a new way of managing players…… however others have caught himup…. and overtajken him, graham was a good manager, terry neil was good, bertie mee was good, don how was good they all knew when the time was up as did the fans this french ego mental person dont.

  92. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    who cares about keeping them by bein in aphoney postition, the CL wont happen, we would do best by being out of it for a few years then coming back stronger wiser…. we have not learned anything in 16 years so why stay in it other than foer the dough?


    I think the thing is Incesc that Wenger is so obsessed with this project that it has blinded him. The fans at Arsenal now come a long way down the list on what is importance. For Wenger to say 4th place is a trophy and he would be happy to finish 2nd for twenty years – it’s just madness.

    I think he should go now. He doesn’t want to change his ways/tactics etc and clearly what he is doing now isn’t working.

    He should be pissing over Redknapp and these other managers but he isn’t and it’s sad to see.

  94. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    in the summer we have a delivery of dead wood from travis perkins fron around the world… dennilison, bendtner, aa23, lansbury, enough wood to make decking out off.