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A Saturday early kick off. Actually my favourite time for a game because it gives us all the rest of our day back. If we win, it also takes the pressure right off. We can watch the FA Cup final knowing we’re only one more game from finishing the season in 3rd. Talking of the FA Cup… playing it at 1715 on a Saturday? That’s a bit rough eh? Not that I care for scousers… but apparently there are only 3 trains that go back to Liverpool after the game finishes. A hotel room is about 2
months dole money… the FA just ruined the Liverpool economy for the summer. Harsh.

Onto football matters. I’ll start with Frimpong, who, once again has dropped a massive social media clanger. He posted a picture of a tribesman with his head blown in half, naked and dead. It’s one of the most horrific images I’ve seen posted online  by a ‘celebrity’. I have no idea why he felt the need to do something like that. Sure, nasty things happen in Africa. Sure, we’re sanitised in the West, but come on… making a political statement with no call to action and no warning what you’re about to see is out of order. Kids follow his feed.

He really needs someone to moderate his output in general. It flips between the down right cringe worthy to the x-rated grotesque. You should not be more famous for your Twitter offering than your on the pitch skills. Take a leaf out of Scezney book and switch it off… He should also have a word with Sagna and Alex Song about their charity efforts. A boy raised in London preaching about what goes on in a country he no longer lives in feels a bit rich to me. Why not tie yourself to a Charity over there and use your huge following to boost its profile. Sure would look better than selling some t-shirts with the word dench on them.

Just my opinion of course…

Moving past that, Wenger takes on his 900th game in charge today. Quite an achievement in a game as brutal and cut throat as the one we’re in today. He’s had a turbulent season this year, there were training ground rumours that he’d offered his resignation after the Fulham game earlier in the year. No questions over his future like that right now. He’s made the right moves bringing the team up the table and it looks like he’s moving in the right direction with the transfer strategy.

He said he’ll move players on this summer. We’ve struggled to move the dross on previously, but I don’t always think that’s because no one is interested.., I think it’s because we have unrealistic valuations of players who have failed for us. We need the squad spaces. Sell the at whatever the market values them at. The on cost of having to pay another years salary and having to sacrifice a space for a nothing player isn’t worth it…

The boss also said that he doesn’t think Robin will leave but he’s not sure if he’ll sign a new deal. Again, I don’t really mind if he stays and goes on a free at 30. It’s not ideal, but we know we’ll get another amazing season from him and to be honest, with his injury record, the chances are he’d be a bit of a liability after he crosses that threshold.

If Robin is planning on moving next year, we need his replacement this summer… and that isn’t Podolski for me. We should be looking at Giroud or someone like that for this summer so there isn’t a long bedding in period next year.

The game today is going to be a tough one. Make no mistake, Norwich on their day can give anyone in the league a game. They play attacking fast football and they have players who can finish. They outclassed Spurs when they beat them at the Lane a few weeks ago. We can’t afford to be their second North London scalp of the season. Their style of play falls right into our hands. We need to take the game by the scruff of the neck, we need to strap those finishing boots on and we need to give the home fans a very good reason to cheer this afternoon!

Hopefully it’ll be a bit of carnival atmosphere there today. I can’t say I’ve enjoyed being a season ticket holder this year. I’m not sure whether that’s because I have to write about it after the game which tends to double the pain, or because it’s just been so inconsistent and horrible at times. It feels like the fans have turned a corner this year. We’ve been united in disappointment and we’ve started to find out voice. We’ve been outside the top four… we’ve sat behind Spurs for large parts of the year… like a Christmas Carrol we’ve been shown what could be. I don’t want that. I don’t ever want to go back to being a crap club again. So let’s hope that all the upset we suffered this year is going to be used as lesson for the club this summer.

Finally, this is probably going to be the last home game we’ll see Pat Rice at the club. He’s been a mainstay at the club for over 46 years now. He’s won trophies as a player and an assistant. He leaves as a bonified legend of Arsenal. He deserves a song today and a huge amount of respect for the loyalty and service he’s given is. Hat tipped to that man… good luck in your retirement Pat. Hopefully we’ll see you doing some punditry every now and then!

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Beer time… have yourselves a wonderful day.

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  1. OPG

    Some things never change 5 games ago people were talking about a maximum of 79 points but now 12 points less atm, a collapse of epic proportions again under Wenger.

  2. useroz

    Dan AhernMay 5, 2012 15:22:13
    I’ll give player ratings a shot…
    1-10 scale

    SZCZ 1.5
    Sagna 5.0
    Koscielny 5.5
    Vermaelen 2.0
    Gibbs 5.5
    Song 4.0
    Ramsey 2.0
    Rosicky 4.0
    Bennayoun 6.5
    Gervinho 3.5
    van Persie 8.5
    Coquelin 4.0
    Oxlade-Chamberlain 6.0
    Chamakh 5.0


    watched the full replay and this is probably right

    may give rosicky a bit more credit for the POST -RAMSET era of the 2nd half

  3. Gunner2301


    The fact that Wenger wouldn’t have the grace to just walk is shameful really. True banker or politician style. Hang regardless and hope it all goes away.


  4. Gunner2301


    I’d give Rosicky a 6 he was as lively as Benayoun. He did have a clear opportunity to shoot on the edge of the box but decided to pass and we got countered which is his main failing, but i think he deserves more.

  5. Jeff

    That’s the difference between managers who have integrity and those who blame external forces for failure. With Wenger it’s the pitch, the ref, the diving, teams parking the bus, injuries and key players leaving but never him. Never once has he come out and said: yep that was my fault I got the tactics wrong, I’ll get it right next time by doing x, y and z. No. Evidently the tactics are always perfect, the match plan is second to none, team selection is spot on, formation is the best possible and it’s just a continuous run of bad luck that keeps us out of trophy contention. Which is more likely?

    A person who cannot admit his own mistakes is a person who cannot correct them and is therefore heading for a fall. It is only a matter of time.

  6. Doublegooner

    Senile uncle Untold Tony is blaming the ref again !!!

    I ‘ve just posted that the Ref was disgusting & that he wouldnt have looked out of place wearing a Red & White shirt !

    Thank fuck hardly anyone reads his nonsense.

  7. Jeff

    The referee along with the linesmen were was utterly imcompent but I don’t think they were unfair.

  8. kwik fit

    I know that Gambon is an ardent Song supporter so I do not wish to offend but Song really has to go.
    The DM position is crucial to any team and Song just doesn’t cut it.
    M’villa and Le coq are the pair needed .

  9. Jeff

    Jamal, it’s hard to imagine what Wenger says in the dressing room at half time. With other managers it’s easy to tell because they wear their hearts on their sleeves when interviewed and on the pitch. With Wenger, you can see he goes absolutely berserk when things don’t go our way but in the interview, he’s calm and collected; almost as if it’s two different people. Maybe it is but neither one of those people is looking like they can manage a football team at the minute and he must be getting close to chucking it in.

  10. Doublegooner


    I’ll be sending an email to all & sundry. Lets see about getting a meeting together.

    It would be good if Geoff gets involved. He’s got the marketing brain.

    This annual failure can’t go on.

  11. Alex James

    Sitting here thinking. How is that Newcastle were broke last year but have managed to create a winning team, whereas we are the fourth or fifth richest club in the world but have managed to accumulate a bunch of Championship players? No matter whether it is Wenger or the board behind things, the fact is that the team has no collective heart. The crowd are giving their all but where is the response? Do they not care about getting in the CL, never mind winning the Premiership? Do the players not realise the enormous privilege in wearing the shirt? Would any of the Norwich or Wigan team players for example not rush to join us if the opportunity arose? Of course not! The sad thing is that we have been saying this all season. And the disgrace of hammering at OT will stay with me through the few years I have left.

  12. Thomas

    2007/2008 31 goals conceded
    2008/2009 37 goals conceded
    2009/2010 41 goals conceded
    2010/2011 43 goals conceded
    2011/2012 47 goals conceded and counting

    You can’t make this up


  13. Doublegooner

    Me thinks one of my wishes could be happening.

    ‘One Song’ could be moving on. wink wink nudge nudge say no more.

    Now lets hope Wenger’s next.

  14. Gunner2301


    From what i understand Newcastle are due to be in profit either this season or next. Probably this season with their good form. Despite what some might say Ashley has done some positive things despite his bad start and has benefitted them on the commercial side as well as sorting out family seating and a lot of off field issues according to one of my mates whos a Newc fan. In short they are not badly run and can still spend on decent players.

  15. OPG

    It’s crazy how out of our hands now nevermind 3rd a top4 place since the turn of April sort of like the title race they’ve made things needlessly frustrating and sort of excitingly close..
    The club is in some respect paying for last summer and January but it’s mainly Wenger and the players not being able to motivate or prepare them well enough.

  16. SDE

    Thursday nights on channel we come..

    I wonder if we are in the europa league next season,whether wenger if he’s still there,would be eating a huge dose of humble pie..?

    Wonder what players would be left at the club?
    Would there be a mass exodus?

    The likes of song,chamakh,fabianski,vela,bendbtner,AA,Walcott,etc..voluntarily jumping ship..

    That would be funny..

  17. Jamal

    Thats probably why most of the players consider him as their “father” figure, they know he’ll never criticise them

  18. NYgooner

    First time comment for me.
    What a shambolic end to another season. Capitulation and deja fucking vous. Still on my way home from game and am not surprised by our display. Used to it.
    Board and Wenger out.

  19. Doublegooner


    When I initially muted a protest, I thought it was better to target Kronke.

    Now the seasons looking like it will end in a damp squib, it should be Wenger & Kronke.

    How long are fans can keep thinging ‘Give him one more year’ !!

    My nephew has just come up with a banner for WBA”


  20. gambon

    Chelsea will certainly overtake us next season.

    We are fucking shit.

    Everyone talks about Chelsea in crisis and they still win a trophy, and are in the CL final.

  21. Gunner2301


    Thing is none of those on the list deserve CL football. It’s only Wenger who is debuting sub standard players in the CL, the ideal shop window. Where would they go and on what wages? That’s what’s keeping them with us and lacking ambition because they’d rather the Arsenal comfort zone and massive salaries than to challenge themselves or compete for a place.

  22. Geoff

    Grovers, I am spitting feathers whilst writing tomorrows post, enough is enough and there will be no match report from Pedro, tomorrow the Empire strikes back.

  23. SDE

    Drogba -The Beast scores in another FA Cup Final..

    A club,with a caretaker manager-RDM in charge for 1 month,possibly winning one of 2 trophies this season..

    AW-a manager at a club for 14 years,unable to end a 7 year trophy drought & even win a basic Carling Cup..,let alone finish in the top 4 this season..

  24. gambon

    37 – “We need to improve the defence”
    41 – “We need to improve the defence”
    43 – “We need to improve the defence”
    47 & counting

    So tell me, is this a competent manager?

  25. Doublegooner


    I’ve got the same ‘2nd heart’ in my chest as Fabrice & trust me my ticker has to last out longer than Wenger.

    This cannot go on.

    Can I have your email or drop me a one liner & if you do it will stay confidential.

  26. gambon

    “tomorrow the Empire strikes back”

    I cant wait for a good AKB free post.

    This has to be the beginning of the end for Wenger the Wanker.

  27. SDE

    Andy Cap has just scored–Game on!!I’m suddenly awake..

    But then he did turn CREAKY the box..

  28. Jeff

    One obvious factor to consider when criticising players who we know to be good players is that they don’t suddenly become bad players. If your heart is not in it and all your doing is going through the motions it becomes difficult to produce form.

    I just don’t see that burning, ineffable passion that causes everyone to work together, run for the team, chase for the manager and bust a gut for the fans. With the exception of a few players, all I can see is what you sometimes see with colleagues at work who are seeing out their notice period; playing with no future and no hope. All we are doing, it feels to me, is producing the minimum required. That sort of attitude never wins anything.

    So, you have to ask why that is. Why are the players not motivated, why are they playing as though it doesn’t matter? Well I think there are many factors at work. If you can clearly see that the manager is making the same mistake week in week out, selecting under-par players, never changing formation and always complaining to the 4th official and making the most implausible excuses, it makes you lose respect. I believe that is the greatest thing that is wrong. The players have lost respect for Wenger and subconsciously are sabotaging any success that comes our way.

  29. LJB

    Can’t wait Geoff.Double,posted a couple of things on Untold,very mild or they would block it,(under the name Basil) and got dogs abuse from some cunt. Atwoods a fuckin hypocrite;his loyal followers have probably forgot him mentioning that he protested for the removal of Neill,but i haven’t.Might be time to remind them,ummm untold baiting,one of my current favorite pastimes,the only joy i get out of Arsenal at the moment.

  30. follow the money

    Right on Geoff. This cannot go on. Thomas’ post documenting the goals conceded the last five years tells the story. Wenger needs to admit failure with certain aspects of his project–the defence especially–or leave for the good of the club. And if he won’t we need to force him out. Arsenal fans unite!

  31. Doublegooner


    One of my aquintances was very vociferous in getting Neill removed. Neill even mentioned him in his autobiography. This bloke up until 3 years ago hadnt missed a game in 40 years, home & away, including most pre-seasons.

    He detests Wenger & Konke.

  32. HP

    Good luck Doublegooner, sadly I cannot join you but hope you do well

    its sad that wenger has so many fans thinking top 4 is enough for this club

    its sad we get excited by 18yr olds when we should be looking forward to good experienced signings in each window

    wenger has changed the mentality of the fans into believing we are not good enough for trophies

    best of luck mate , I hope the asshole gets fired but sadly I can only see that if we finish 5th

  33. zeus

    2007/2008 31 goals conceded
    2008/2009 37 goals conceded
    2009/2010 41 goals conceded
    2010/2011 43 goals conceded
    2011/2012 47 goals conceded and countingYou can’t make this upWENGER OUT!

    I remember that season we conceded 31, Chelsea and utd only conceded in the low 20s I believe. That season utd went 10 games without conceding if memory serves.

    Pity that now we would bite someone’s hand off if they told us we would only concede 31 in a season.

  34. colonel mustard

    FA cup means nothing – ya right Wegner…..f**kwit……winning breeds winning! we can’t even aspire to cup finals.

  35. BOOZY

    who wants to bet against chelsea making it a Champions league and FA CUP double.

    Cashley cole would be kissing the day he left arsenal.

  36. colonel mustard

    just a quick one. Why the hell was’nt there a camera view from on the line for Carroll header.

  37. BOOZY

    i’ve said few times – peter cech is a legend, you win titles with that type of keeper – i think chezney can be like him too.

  38. zeus

    Anyone ever been at the new wembley.

    Is Alan Davies correct that it’s the worst experience at a football stadium.

  39. Demon

    People go on about vermaelen being a good defender but the numbers dOnt lie, we ship more goals year up on year. It doesn’t help that we dnt Have a consistent back 4 year upon year.

    It makes me sick watching terry lifting the cup.

    Fack u wenger akbs n stan u cun*

    I’ve predicted this scenario 4 the past 5 years.

  40. colonel mustard

    you change your manager you get motivation….de Matteo is cool as a breeze. just let the players get on with it. they realised they are playing for their careers and redoubled effort. Meanwhile our coasters…..


    Wenger is at fault though Demon for the way he sets a team up.

    i.e. Would Verm be as bad in a Ferguson side? Of course not. Wenger is an outdated baffoon.

  42. LJB

    Double, its the hypocrisy of Atwood that grates;all his bollocks about how he is a “better,more loyal”fan and criticising us as AAA or “Doomers” ,but when he wanted a manager gone,that was different somehow.Prick.

  43. colonel mustard

    even by some miracle we scrape CL football, the response from Kronke, board and Wegner is going to be interesting. do they know what fan sentiment is now. appalling start and end to season. supporters meetings will be blood bath this year as it really is ” TOLD YOU SO” again…

  44. follow the money

    It might be fantasy to hope a deluded and petulant fool like Wenger can finally wake up, admit his mistakes and get on with fixing them, no matter what it takes, but that I think is what we have to hope for because Stan is not going to sack him. Our defence is sickening. The goals conceded is sickening. We have good players, it’s a mentality and tactical problem

  45. Gunner2301


    Since Klopp took over Dortmund in 2008 here’s his record

    2011-12 Borussia Dortmund Played 34 conceded 25 position 1st
    2010-11 Borussia Dortmund Played 34 conceded 22 position 1st
    2009-10 Borussia Dortmund Played 34 conceded 42 position 5th
    2008-09 Borussia Dortmund Played 34 conceded 37 position 6th

    Since taking over in 2008 he’s obviously addressed their defensive issues. The seasons they won the league they beat their rivals by 7 & 8 points in successive years.

    Wenger is history Jurgen Kloppp is the future.


  46. zeus

    on dropping two points…
    It is more than frustrating because we were very poor in the first half, not switched on. The quality of our first half was absolutely not at the level we wanted in a decisive game like that. in the second half we did very well. We created at least 10 chances but again not only did we not take our chances, but on top of that we gave them a third goal in a situation that was absolutely unbelievable. In the end we got punished for our mistakes.

    on conceding the third goal…
    It was five or six mistakes in the same goal.

  47. leon

    looking at the game arsenal do have fear few good pacy players and can attack along the flanks and it seams to playing counter attacking game playing much more direct.inm y view verm is a good defender but he is not on the same level as vince kompany and this team does need a real leader and organizer and from what i seen verm is not it but i dought wenger address anything at all is will be same old speech as usual

  48. follow the money

    Did you guys see the way Wenger behaved after the whistle? He was going to go straight down the tunnel but then he went over and slapped Lambert’s hand. What a punk. Newsflash Wenger: Arsenal don’t deserve to win games like this with the shambolic defence you have assembled. It’s your fault! Wake up!

  49. Geoff

    LJB he asked me to have a photo done with him, how’s that for being hypocritical?

    I said no by the way, he’s a creepy old boy, a bit like Quentin Crisp.


    Forgetting the result. I think that is the best match I have seen this season.

    Positives from today:

    Stevenage into the play offs.
    Geoff posting.
    Pedro not posting.
    Chamakh looked AAWWWEEESOME.

  51. Gunner2301


    Love the banner by the way. If that can be pulled off at West Brom that would be wicked. Sadly it might be appropriate because I’m not sure of us winning that one at all.


    Geoff, speaking of Quentin Crisp. I was once an extra in the film Orlando. In going to find a room to put hang my coat up I got lost (was filmed at Hatfield House) and ended up walking in on dear Quentin. I didn’t know who or what he was but he did greet me with a lovely big hellloooo.

  53. follow the money

    Chamakh don’t get me started. What prem team has a striker in the lineup every week that hasn’t scored a goal all season?

  54. gambon

    Positives today…..Crawley promoted to League 1!

    In an ideal world Wenger, Atwood & Ramsey will get in a minibus, fill it with black mambas and grizzly bears, hook the exaust up to a hosepipe that is fed into the bus, then drive over beachy headwith C4 on a timer just to make sure.

  55. zeus


    I dont see Klopp leaving BVB until after the next WC. Him and Goetze for that matter.

    Its defenders for me this summer. Fuck everyone else. We need to snatch one of these stupendously talented young players out there though. The boat has sailed on Hazard, CHRISTIAN ERIKSEN is still very young and has a very high ceiling.

    Either way, Kompany and Kompany types in this window.

    I thought Mertersacker’s lack of pace would mean Wenger would try to compensate by making the back line play a little deeper, but even when he was around, he was on the halfway line.

    Pfft. Wenger out.

  56. Goon from BD

    Chamakh scored against Blackburn I think.

    Sell Ramsshit….he is useless and a fucking liability. Next Steven Gerrard eh? All he can do is get the rare good goal like Stevi G but his positioning and tactical intelligence is worst than Stevi G and has no other quality. Complete waste of space.

  57. SDE

    Is there any coincidence b/w wenger’s terminal decline in management since 2007/8 & when he was caught knocking up that french rapper..?

    Do you think he lost his focus,with that rapper..?

  58. colonel mustard

    look Gambon, there is a good player in Ramsey, he has lost cofidence therefore does’nt need abuse. He need the manager to rest him so if he is out of form he need time on bench. Utterly all wrong with Arsenal lies with the £7 million pound dear leader and his complicit board. tactically that bloody high line when your leading…..why??? ffs look how Chavs ran down clock today. professional and organised plus some cuteness in experience to boot.

  59. gunzsp

    im not going to lie, but aside from robin, chamakh and gervinho looked decent
    Shows just how shit the team played.
    I would go 442 next week, and you never know, some dodgy lasagna may well be served up in shite hart lane next week 🙂

    anyway, we may as well prepare for the europa league, a competition we can actually win

    too bad when we do get into it, we will do a liverpool and lose our best players, and sign dross
    i cant wait to see the back of this team

  60. BOOZY

    if wenger was chelsea manager today, sturidge would be leading the line, with romeu and miereles would anchor the midfield, and he would have lost.

  61. Goon from BD

    There is no good player in Ramsey. He is garbage.

    You know what? i don’t give a fuck anymore really. We get into the CL to make money and I don’t get to see any of it so fuck it.

  62. SDE

    Can’t wait till Pedro posts..

    The other day,he said I have a poor grasp of the game…

    This coming from the man,who cited in one of his earlier posts-sometime last week that this season is progression…


    The best joke of the season-Pedro..

    I’m splitting my sides..PROGRESSIVE SEASON..

  63. zeus


    Why doesn’t OGL set up a defensive strategy and be done with it.

    Are we pressing high up the pitch?

    Are we getting everyne behind the ball?

    Are we man marking?

    Are we usuing zonal marking?

    Set a target, let the players know what is expected of them and hold them accountable when they mess up.

  64. colonel mustard

    Goon for HD….

    Ramsey needs coaching. he is a Lampard type player…its there but need cuteness in how you play and coach players like Rambo. We dont need a scapegoat. Vermalean was poor but no witchhunt from the Grovers there. You have to look to Wegner and he knows it.

  65. SDE

    if wenger was chelsea manager today, sturidge would be leading the line, with romeu and miereles would anchor the midfield, and he would have lost.

    Can’t stand sturidge..Worst striker out there…
    Selfish beyond belief..Wants all the glory…Shoots from anyway on the pitch given half a chance..& thinks his drogba.torres& eto rolled into one..He’s a prick..

  66. SDE

    Colonel Mustard
    Ramsey needs coaching. he is a Lampard type player…its there but need cuteness in how you play and coach players like Rambo


    Ramsey has a soft centre..No mental strength…like most of the squad..
    Wenger has a penchant for soft-centres

  67. Gravy

    Gentleman, we now need to stop “hoping” that we’ll sign the likes of a Vertognem or a M,Villa, already an unlikely prospect today just pissed all over them there fireworks.

    Even if we somehow jammed it to 4th and the Ch$vs don’t win the final, we’d will still have a qualifier in August to go through. By that time any fucker of note will be signed up elsewhere. Scraps again anyone? Those kind of guys would already been offered better money elsewhere so Chmps Lge was our only card worth playing since the allure of playing for us or Wenger is no longer of any worth.

    We can’t challenge for shit so the likes of Podolski is as good as it’ll get my friends, that’s it, our marquee signing has already arrived. And let’s hope he’s fucking good because after todays fiasco he’ll be playing up front alone with the prospect of help from Chamack because there’s no way RVP will stay around for Europa nights. Nor should he be expected to. He as with Cesc before him has been sold as much bullshit as us fans, this club has no ambition to win things and it never will.

  68. BOOZY

    i remember our last FA cup final, when arshavin was clearly our best player, wenger rewarded his form with a place on the bench. he does it all the time.

  69. incesc



    come on, we desperately missed him today. Hes not a world beater but he makes and scores goals. Rvp was isolated for the entire first half

  70. reggie57

    When the fuck is someone gonna bitchslap that cretin of a manager of our’s!! why is it so hard to shake hand’s with some one ffs! lambert should have nutted the cunt!!

    No class Wenger that’s why your time is up !!!

  71. SDE

    walcott?come on, we desperately missed him today. Hes not a world beater but he makes and scores goals. Rvp was isolated for the entire first half

    Are you serious..?We missed walcott?

    Most bizarre thing,I’ve heard..
    Against a relegation struggling team & conceding 3 goals@ home..given that this is norwich’s first time in the EPL…against a rookie manager..

    You must be on some mind-bending substances..

  72. colonel mustard

    SDE – Ramsey is maybe 2 years away from finished article. he should be bedded in along side experience and learn slowly slowly. It easy to witch hunt players. As I said we are forgiving of favourites. Verma has been poor recently, Song, Gervinho appalling since ANC patch but its all back to Wegner not providing quality at start of season and especially leadership on pitch. Van Persie as captain is not great as he can’t see game behind him. We are devoid of leadership in this squad. Why the hell did’nt anyone slow the game down. withdraw the high line and play to run down clock.

  73. Gunner2301


    I agree I’m thinking Klopp tying in with the end of Wengers contract. He however will be intent on Dragan Stoikovich probably and I wouldn’t be surprised if Wenger took him on as assistant after Pat goes to prime him for when he leaves. If that happens it would be the worst thing and basically Wengers influence would remain with us.

    A Kompany clone is absolutely necessary and as you say our line is too high. Wenger will not change this and it makes you wonder a player like Mertesacker would probably be just about ok and not outstanding in a deeper line but why on earth buy him when you have no intention of playing deeper? Just to expose him even more and make him look like a cunt? I can’t see any other reason.

    Goon from BD

    Don’t knock Stevie G if we had half his mentality in this team we wouldn’t be considering Europa league. At his peak he’d have probably made a best of Europe squad. Can you ever see Ramsey in that company?

  74. SDE

    That’s what I thought,but opted to watch Barca instead…
    At least I can watch tippi tappi with an end product..
    Unlike the cheap imitators at the emirates stadium..

  75. Goon from BD

    Colonel- Ramsey doesn’t need coaching. He needs a brain,sense of how to control a ball, not run all the fucking time like a fuckwit and not try stupid tricks and backheels spoiling the flow. He doesn’t have Fat Frank’s close control or intelligence. He does have movement to get into positions to score but he is too slow in the head to take advantage.

    Vermaelen was poor and is poor in positioning,too eager to challenge and too attracted to the ball. He is extremely overrated because of his hard man personality, is a good footballer and scores goals. He isn’t that good a defender as people say he is. His problems aren’t anything new either because he was just like this since he signed. He is a good footballer with a great attitude but he lacks discpline and actual defending skill other than a few tackles,headers. Mertesacker is a much better actual defender. We need a good partner for Kos who is an immensely talented defender.

  76. incesc

    what do you want him to do?

    get down on his knees and suck his cock?

    and yeah SDE we missed walcott and arteta, for me the season ended when they both got injured

  77. kwik fit


    I’m sticking up for you on A cultured left Bollock.
    Those fuckers are all bum chum’s reading from the same hymn sheet compose by professor Wenger.