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A Saturday early kick off. Actually my favourite time for a game because it gives us all the rest of our day back. If we win, it also takes the pressure right off. We can watch the FA Cup final knowing we’re only one more game from finishing the season in 3rd. Talking of the FA Cup… playing it at 1715 on a Saturday? That’s a bit rough eh? Not that I care for scousers… but apparently there are only 3 trains that go back to Liverpool after the game finishes. A hotel room is about 2
months dole money… the FA just ruined the Liverpool economy for the summer. Harsh.

Onto football matters. I’ll start with Frimpong, who, once again has dropped a massive social media clanger. He posted a picture of a tribesman with his head blown in half, naked and dead. It’s one of the most horrific images I’ve seen posted online  by a ‘celebrity’. I have no idea why he felt the need to do something like that. Sure, nasty things happen in Africa. Sure, we’re sanitised in the West, but come on… making a political statement with no call to action and no warning what you’re about to see is out of order. Kids follow his feed.

He really needs someone to moderate his output in general. It flips between the down right cringe worthy to the x-rated grotesque. You should not be more famous for your Twitter offering than your on the pitch skills. Take a leaf out of Scezney book and switch it off… He should also have a word with Sagna and Alex Song about their charity efforts. A boy raised in London preaching about what goes on in a country he no longer lives in feels a bit rich to me. Why not tie yourself to a Charity over there and use your huge following to boost its profile. Sure would look better than selling some t-shirts with the word dench on them.

Just my opinion of course…

Moving past that, Wenger takes on his 900th game in charge today. Quite an achievement in a game as brutal and cut throat as the one we’re in today. He’s had a turbulent season this year, there were training ground rumours that he’d offered his resignation after the Fulham game earlier in the year. No questions over his future like that right now. He’s made the right moves bringing the team up the table and it looks like he’s moving in the right direction with the transfer strategy.

He said he’ll move players on this summer. We’ve struggled to move the dross on previously, but I don’t always think that’s because no one is interested.., I think it’s because we have unrealistic valuations of players who have failed for us. We need the squad spaces. Sell the at whatever the market values them at. The on cost of having to pay another years salary and having to sacrifice a space for a nothing player isn’t worth it…

The boss also said that he doesn’t think Robin will leave but he’s not sure if he’ll sign a new deal. Again, I don’t really mind if he stays and goes on a free at 30. It’s not ideal, but we know we’ll get another amazing season from him and to be honest, with his injury record, the chances are he’d be a bit of a liability after he crosses that threshold.

If Robin is planning on moving next year, we need his replacement this summer… and that isn’t Podolski for me. We should be looking at Giroud or someone like that for this summer so there isn’t a long bedding in period next year.

The game today is going to be a tough one. Make no mistake, Norwich on their day can give anyone in the league a game. They play attacking fast football and they have players who can finish. They outclassed Spurs when they beat them at the Lane a few weeks ago. We can’t afford to be their second North London scalp of the season. Their style of play falls right into our hands. We need to take the game by the scruff of the neck, we need to strap those finishing boots on and we need to give the home fans a very good reason to cheer this afternoon!

Hopefully it’ll be a bit of carnival atmosphere there today. I can’t say I’ve enjoyed being a season ticket holder this year. I’m not sure whether that’s because I have to write about it after the game which tends to double the pain, or because it’s just been so inconsistent and horrible at times. It feels like the fans have turned a corner this year. We’ve been united in disappointment and we’ve started to find out voice. We’ve been outside the top four… we’ve sat behind Spurs for large parts of the year… like a Christmas Carrol we’ve been shown what could be. I don’t want that. I don’t ever want to go back to being a crap club again. So let’s hope that all the upset we suffered this year is going to be used as lesson for the club this summer.

Finally, this is probably going to be the last home game we’ll see Pat Rice at the club. He’s been a mainstay at the club for over 46 years now. He’s won trophies as a player and an assistant. He leaves as a bonified legend of Arsenal. He deserves a song today and a huge amount of respect for the loyalty and service he’s given is. Hat tipped to that man… good luck in your retirement Pat. Hopefully we’ll see you doing some punditry every now and then!

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Beer time… have yourselves a wonderful day.

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  1. oli

    Nice and political today, I like it. Frimpong needs to sort it out. Definitely could use another Benzema still off the table? If so, who else do people think would do…

  2. ian

    When pat rice played in the 70’s I remember “pat rice tasty goal” would greet him as the players came out. No announcer shouted the names of the players.

  3. kurt f

    Arsene Wenger speaking in today’s Mirror:

    “Our next step is to bring Jack Wilshere and Abou Diaby back, and then, if you look at our squad, I don’t feel we are behind anybody else.”

    Suddenly all my optimism for the summer has vanished. It seems despite all the lessons of this year (and the previous 5) once again the man has learned nothing.

  4. vcc

    If RVP does not sign a new deal he should be sold. Knowing our luck if he decides to leave on a free he will probably miss the most part of his last season through injury.

  5. goondawg

    I just don’t understand Wenger’s thinking, if he really was close to losing the plot after Fulham, why doesn’t he just purchase some marquee signings i.e not underage kids,not bargain basement dross, and just blows some dollar on proper key signings that will assure the best for the club. It won’t be a kenny situation, as I believe Wenger can get a team playing really good football when he wants to, it’s just his transfer acumen that rankles with me. He just refuses to spend over 15M and in this day and age, that is suicide on the trophies front.

  6. Santos

    Top 10.. At least I avoided relegation. 3-0 to the Goons. I hope we sign players to keep RVP for longer. What if we got AVB as our Number 2?

  7. bergkamp10

    frimpong is useless!! lets get bouldy up to replace pat!!
    i am bored of rvp saga now and not too bothered either way we won nothing with him but he is are best player and only goal threat… but no player makes a team
    up the gunners… heres to change!!!

  8. David Duffield

    I agree with the Giroud comment. Like LK6 took a season to bed in, so bring him in now so next season he hits the ground running. need to get rid of a lot of deadwood though 10 players at least at last count.

  9. GoonerT1m

    Great post!…no word on the end of term booze up?

    wise words about being a crap season, 3rd if we do it is scant consolation for being behind a team like totnum, sincerely hope the club finally wake up this summer.

    slaaayters grovers, see you at the game!!

  10. Spud

    Santos, i dont think AVB would take a number 2 slot personally, unless there was a promotion date built in to his contract to take the top spot.

    On the striker’s front Benzema would be amazing, and a good relationship with French players in general easing the move but i very much doubt Real would let him leave, not if Higuain is going this summer.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a triple swoop over in the french league for:
    1) M’Vila – Gives song direct competition from a more proven player than Le Coq or Frimpong

    2) Yoann Gorcruff – Re spark that man’s career as he has so much talent just not hit it huge yet, also takes the pressure off Jack in the attacking part of our 4-3-3, and i expect he’d do a pretty good job in the Arteta ‘pivot’ role

    3) Giroud – seem’s a bona-fide goalscorer and ‘technical’ player, very wenger-esque and would also have a season to bed in if the reports about RvP are true

    What does everyone think to those?

    I think todays game will be won by Arsenal either way. A confident and irresistable 4-0 thrashing, Or a pretty nervy 2-1.

  11. gilz

    good call on the van persie over 30 situation, if hes injured for the majority of next season they`ll all be saying we should have sold him on bla bla.
    the main signing for next season will be no. 2 , personally id love bergkamp there with the option of no. 1 when the boss goes.
    id love AW to go out and buy some 1st class starting 11 players but i still cant see it, we`ll prob get one more player at 5/6 mill , a kid , and a freebie !! you know the norm .
    i`d love a 3-0 win today but i know were gonna make it a struggle as per norm this season !!
    also i drunk 9 cans of beer last night and my ass needs a beer shit so im off

  12. colonel mustard

    Yip our current form is woeful. we will make hard work of it rest assured. Troubling remarks from Wegner yesterday. If he his counting Diaby and Wilshire as signings we are back to square one. Honestly Wegner is no longer a winner. Im going to say it he is too old – too old for this game now. bar red nose who is cute enough to surround himself with good opinions managers are younger and far more motivated to succeed. 7 million to coast along.

  13. Chika

    Its n0t all about wenger..we need a more ambitious board..
    If RVP refuses to extend,sell him&re-invest.

  14. Spud

    Any Oxford Utd fans on here care to look at Martinez on his loan spell? Is he a viable number two any time this decade?

  15. Prince Scorfield Adeshyna

    Am not sure wenger has learnt anything from the past. How can he be telling us we are not behind anyone else when we have no trophy 4d past 8yrs. He will soon say jack and diaby are new signings so need to visit d market 4any proven player. Just sick and tired of this man.

  16. Pollux

    Im afraid it could be 1-2 defeat. Europa next season. Our only consistency is we always crack up when it matter most. Wenger out! Crony pat rice out!

  17. gambon

    Utterly pathetic, you can tell from the way Wengers talking that RVP is not gonna sign, keeps on saying “hes not out of contract this summer”.

    If we lose him we may as well change our name to Fulham, sell the emirates and give up the pretence of being a big club.

    Its fucking ridiculous that wenger doesnt seem to care that we are a pathetic selling club.

  18. gambon


    Having a 19 year old as backup to a 22 year old would be ridiculous.

    We should be in the market for a vastly experienced keeper.

  19. John Chembo Jnr

    Great post, spot on about frimpong that was really irresponsible 1 thing he should realise is that even though he is only 20 he is already a “role model”.On the striker front i would love for us to get the BVB guy is it lewandonski?

  20. gambon

    With Pat retiring it gives us a great chance to bring someone in with new ideas.

    However I guarantee you it doesnt happen, wenger will never bring someone with a voice into the club, and he would feel far too threatened by Bergkamp or Adams for example.

    Ive heard on numerous occasions that Pat Rice just basically put cones out and collected bibs….Wenger wont delegate any authority at all.

  21. arsenal4ever

    Giroud replacement for RVP? Oh Pedro you really sound like a Wenger lover now. Higuain or Cavani it has to be. No trophies under Wenger. Wenger and Frimpong out!!!

  22. Patrick

    Looking for a couple of tickets for today. Will be heading down to the ground anyway, as some of the group have tickets.

    I’ll take any spares.

    Paddy – 07955548025

  23. Vin7ven

    Au revoir Pat, truly an Arsenal Legend although i think you took the easy money fella. The new number 2 will be foreign, nothing wrong with that, and to all intents and purposes most of us will have to go on wikipedia to check him out. Loads wrong with that!

  24. CP

    Exactly Kurt F,

    Pedro that’s the line.

    How an earth does it look like he is making the right moves in the transfer market Pedro when he indicates that he will clearly be stalling in it?

    AW: “I don’t exclude it but we have to respect that [25-man squad] number,” said the Frenchman. “That is a big problem for every club and before you go out on the transfer market you have to see how you cope with the 25 players.”

    Ridiculous, the excuses for a risk averse nature are getting worse. Pathetic.

  25. Bade

    Excellent read

    Someone should tell Frompong to read LG today and man up!

    He’s embarrassing himself & the club

    I like his row love to the club, but he should grow up a bit

  26. Maciek

    So Diaby and Jack are like new signings. So, aside from Poldi we aren’t signing anyone?

    I told you so. As long as Wenger is in charge, nothing will change.

    I hope we will end up outside the top 4. Maybe that will teach our board something.

    We won’t spend the CL money, so who cares.

    Wenger, please F***K OFF!!!!

  27. kay

    wanker is a prick… i told you after podolski was signed… there will be no signings after that… wanker is a cheat.. wanker out..

  28. Hitman

    Looks like Pod is going to be our only signing. Wenger has no intention on challenging next season.

    Looks like we could finish outside top four next season . Cant see Chelsea or Spuds or even Newc not investing to improve.

    Funny if Wenger’s last season did not involve CL action. What a way to sign off – a failure.

  29. @K_Swiss147

    “We have bought Lukas Podolski and our next step is to bring Jack Wilshere back and Abou Diaby back. Then, if you look at our squad, I don’t feel we are behind anybody else.” Is Wenger right?

  30. Geoff Wood

    Great post Pedro, I especially like the 2 weeks dole money comment, funny and true, you only needed to see all the benefit areas that voted for Labour yesterday so see that.

    As for Frimpong, what a cunt, perhaps he ought to find out how many countries in Africa haven’t got those sort of problems, they all have, look at Mugabe the mad cunt, look at Sudan, that’s what happens.

    Don’t post dirty cultish pictures, do something about it.

    Perhaps he should donate half his massive pay cheque to supplying tools for those countries to farm or build rather than killing each other because they are from the wrong tribe, fucking moron.

    As for Pedro’s poll, listen to Sky Sports this morning, listen to the importance of the FA cup.

  31. kay

    If RVP goes.. I blame you wanker!!!
    And to ppl who are saying sell RVP and invest..
    RVP might be sold but there won’t be investments…
    Fab and nasri sales investment??? replacement??

    Walnut will be the one replacing RVP.. Wankers mentality..

  32. Spud

    I just can’t see us signing another keeper this summer, so just looking at our available options. Working with what we have so to speak.
    I dont think Chezzer feels at all threatened by Fabianski – Hoping for someone to keep pushing him as he is going to be a top quality keeper. Maybe an ambitious young upstart can put a few decent Carling Cup performances in and push for a spot in a couple of years time.

  33. Hitman

    Blackburn’s Robinson as no 2 or no 1 for next season?

    Chesney – needs competetion. He need an epereince keeper to show him some tricks. Too many errors

  34. bayo

    I have made up my mind not to disturb myself about what arsenal does again. I have never seen anyone in my life whose thinking pattern is so crazy and senseless. Imagine, wenger saying we have podolski already coupled with wilshire and diaby would make us win the league..Is he alright or does he need a psychologist to check him up?
    Diaby has not been fit for almost 3 years and its not like he has been anything outside useless. Why put extra pressure on wilshire after a season off. Something is really wrong somewhere before a manager would come out to say that carefree statement after 7 years of failure.

  35. Spud

    Robinson isn’t a Number 1 anymore (not for arsenal’s standard), but No. 2 could be a good shout. Experienced head – Masses of PL experience, try and get him on a tiny contract – or pay to play type thing.
    Can’t help but look at Friedel over at the spuds. Turned out to be a decent signing for them this year, how long before his hip’s go though?

  36. arsenal4ever

    have we to miss out on top4 before this wanker Wenger finally fukks off? Podolski will be his only bigger signing. Diaby and Jack are new signings. Enough of this french cretin who once was great.

  37. Mwas

    At last Wenger admitted that great players like playing alongside other great players. Since invincible, it has taken him that long to realise. Not forgeting departures of Henry, Fab, na$ri, etc. for the above reason. That is why you find every player dreams of playing for Real or Barcelona. Back then, it was the dream of every player to play for Arsenal. A few years later, Hazard is even contemplating to play for Tottenham Hotsh*t. That is how far we have depreciated in attracting players.

  38. @K_Swiss147

    Team news

    Arsenal: Walcott (hamstring), Diaby (thigh), Arteta (ankle), Mertesacker (ankle), Frimpong (knee), Wilshere (ankle)

    Norwich: Drury (groin), Whitbread (hamstring), Ayala (knee), Tierney (groin)

    Errrm… What is wrong with the ankles of our players? And the groin of Norwich’s players? Haha…

  39. Alex James

    Mirror statement doesn’t surprise me at all. Hopefully, the Mirror has been economical with the truth over what he actually said. The real concern is whether Wilshere and Diaby will ever be fully fit again. The former’s injury has gone on for a long time and the latter – well, what more can one say about him? I remain worried about our ability to beat Norwich. They are just the sort of side that will relish our ability to concede sloppy goals, after dominating play without scoring. We need a big one from RVP today. For sure, I will not be able to face any sort of lunch with such an important game going on.

  40. kapslock

    Lol@ Wenger waiting on Diaby’s return. The guy is a fucking twat sometimes, and it seems the Podolski signing is a way of getting people’s hopes up. To be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if this summer went in he same direction as last. Hope not though.

    On Frimpong – I do like him because he obviously loves the club but he’s a moron. He needs to get off Twitter asap and focus on his football. He’s nowhere near the finished article. Send him out on loan next year.

    Pat Rice will always be a legend, great man, so much passion and love for the club. Here’s to 3 points for him today. COYG

  41. Chika

    Alot of folks still blaming wenger.

    The reason David Moyes has not been sacked is the same reason Wenger has not been sacked.They are both performing what their respective employers expects of them.
    Listen guys,there’s no smoke without fire!!
    Blame the board not wenger.

  42. Ricky

    If wilshere & diaby were guarantees to come back fit & on form then u can maybe say we could do well next season.

    However we all know that’s not the case & it’s just an excuse not to admit the deadwood are he’s mistakes.

    Not sure what to expect from the next two games but I won’t be suprised if they bottle it like always & end up 5th.

  43. gambon

    Wenger is such a cunt

    Trying to suggest we can compete once Jack & Diaby are back. Well Arsene:

    1- Diaby has been unfit for 6 years, why the fuck do you think that will change
    2- You have ruined Jacks career, who knows if he will play again
    3- Even with both of them we still concede way too many goals, and we still have embarassing strikers
    4- As always you are completely ignoring the fact that our rivals will all strengthen, so whatever gap Wilshere and Diaby close will instantly be opened again when City & Utd sign players that are much better than Diaby.

    Lets face it, we have all realised that Podolski is an RVP replacement.

    Yet another example of strategically weakening the team.

    Every year we sell good players and replace with weaker, while paying these weaker players more than the guys they replaced.

    Its just absolutely pathetic management.

  44. kay

    David moyes is not given money..
    wanker is given money and he refuses to spend sighting reasons which is stupid (expecting diaby to be fit)..
    Probably he went after m’vila and bid 12 million last week and rennes said f**k off..

  45. gambon


    The board gave Wenger £50m to spend last year.

    What did he do?

    Spent £55m then sold £75m worth of players.

    He also bloated the wage bill from £120m to £140m AFTER selling our 2 best players.

    Its pretty clear whos fault this all is.

  46. RGG

    “So let’s hope that all the upset we suffered this year is going to be used as lesson for the club this summer”

    Hear hear. Problem is that quote could have been used to sum up our last 5 or 6 seasons! Don’t have much faith in lessons being learnt.

    Poldolski is our summer signing because we need 2 new strikers badly so Wenger will buy only one. He won’t touch the midfield or defence – maybe get a free like Hoilett. Unless RVP is sold or Jack suffers yet another setback that will be it.

    We can all pray this summer will be different but we all know what Wenger’s like.

  47. Muniain for Arsenal

    Why the hell was Diaby given a contract extension till 2015, what was the thinking behind it? Our Manager has completely lost his mind, so fuking frustrating!

  48. Geoff

    Chika it’s not the board, Wenger is such a big name he doesn’t have to tow the line, the blame for keeping shit overpaid or permacrock players, no one else.

    As Gambon said, how many years do we have to keep faith with a player who is always injured.

    One year he’ll come good and then Wenger will say I told you so, wanker, he is killing this club.

  49. Ricky

    Agree gambon!

    I to have question marks over jacks return.. Wenger should be made to pay that 7m a year to that boy as compensation for fucking him up.

    Tbh I don’t even care to much about what happens today. It’s not like it’s going to make a difference to where we finish next season.

  50. kay

    when newcastle qualify for the champions league.. they will definitely buy more players to meet the demands of a long season..
    Chelsea have already brought marin and will buy at least two more players..
    spuds are shit..
    so that theoretically rules out finishing top 4 next season even with jack and diaby back..

    @Gambon.. wanker doesn’t want a trophy.. board are happy with it..
    Middle finger for fans.. end of story..

  51. Dennisdamenace

    What’s the point of the ECL and the ECL money?

    The fuckers never spend it, except to re-reward our perennial failures with ever more grotesque wages, and in that I include Wenger…..

    £8m a year to stumble across the line just to make enough money to keep rewarding himself and his failures….

  52. gnarleygeorge9

    I spose while people are blaming Arsene Wenger, they are leaving David Cameron alone 😆

  53. kay

    Already he doesn’t give a shit about the two domestic cups..
    We are not going to win the league with the two mancs clubs spending the strenghtening..
    Champions league is for us to get humiliated again and again against the top dogs..

    So what are we winning?? FORWARD??? my arse..

  54. Bergkamp63

    I’m pretty confident on todays game but if for some reason it’s not a win, I can see a barrage of boos coming to mark Wanker’s 900th game (about 400 too many for my liking !!).

  55. Chika

    Kay and Gambon
    i understand your points,but my question is:why has the board refused to sack wenger?

    Fans might consider wenger a failure but unfortunately,the board treats him like a lovely bride;now thats the issue!!
    Why do you think Roman Abrahamovic sack his coaches??(even during the season) -AMBITI0N!!!


    I found some of this post cringe worthy as I did yesterdays post.

    Le Grove is moving way too mainstream under Pedro. A lot of the comments seem out of line with the substance of the blog these days.

    It doesn’t read much different from LadyArse.

  57. kay

    Pedro.. probably you should have compared Arsenal and Chavs in the poll..
    By any chance if they win FA cup and champions league and finish 6th..
    We finishing 3rd without anything..
    I’d be gutted..
    No Polls please… enough of all the dreaming and ifs.. so on.. It hurts..
    Wanker Out..

  58. atid

    I think we will go with this as our squad next season. This assumes that almunia benayoun squillaci botelho denilson eastmond hoyte murphy park chamakh bendtner vela all find new clubs either permanent or on loan. if they do then the squad below has only 21 players under the 25 man rule so room for 4 more players.

    gk – szcesney fabianski mannone martinez
    rb – sagna jenkinson
    cb – vermaelen koscielny mertesacker djourou bartley
    lb – gibbs santos
    dm – song coquelin frimpong
    Cm – wilshire arteta ramsey
    am – rosicky diaby lansbury
    rf – walcott gervinho chamberlain
    cf – van persie.campbell afobe
    lf – podolski arshavin ryo

  59. kay

    Board is
    Gaz – wankers slave.
    PHW – mentally retarded.
    Stan – no soccer knowledge and a businessman.

    What to expect from these morons.. wanker belly dances and mesmerizes these fellas in the board meetings or what??

  60. Bergkamp63

    We need a decent back up GK someone with experience.

    Craig Gordon is available on a free this summer I think ?

    Unless we are dreaming in which case buy Neuer and use Chesny as back up (Like that’s ever gonna happen !!)

  61. gambon

    So the day after Wenger confirms Diaby is out of the euros he also says he will be like a new signing.

    The guy is mentally ill.

    Surely his and Diabys relationship is a bit weird/sexual?

    We’re talking about a thick version of Owen Hargreaves.

    Just cancel his contract for fuck sake.

  62. atid

    If we were to bring 4 players in i would go for an experience versatile.defender who can play both full backs like isla of udinese. i would go for someone who can play dm and cover another position like vertonghen as frimpong is likely to miss 2012. i would go for another player like dempsey who.could play am to cover diaby who is clearly not fit for the season and i would also go for hoilett

    isla vertonghen dempsey hoilett u will get all 4 for under 20m and their versatality is like signing 8 players. these signings are far more realistic than the likes of hazard mvila martinez benzema gotze etc.

  63. Geoff

    Don’t worry Joppa, I’ll write one soon, unlike Pedro, I don’t need to sound like a reasonable journo, I can be a real fan and tell it as it is.

    He’s going today, me I gave up my seasons until Wenger goes or spends the transfer budget. I am a principled blogger!

  64. Arsenal Toujours

    Truly – what the fuck is Wenger talking about?

    The only way any of this makes sense is if the Board, the Management, and the players treat the Arsenal Football Club as a giant cash machine – they’ve stolen our club, for sure.

    An extended contract for Diaby? How on earth?

  65. kay


    Keep dreaming.. no ones stopping except that bloody wanker..
    With him in charge fans can’t even dream..

  66. Mayank

    So apparently Podolski will be playing on the right. Is that a negotiation tactic for Walcott or are we moving to a completely cross-free system?

    Now I know righties on the left have been very good for us but lefties on the right as well seems to lack balance.

    Anyway, both Park and Chamakh have made the bench finally. Make sure to applaud them for a great season during the lap of honour.

  67. Bergkamp63

    We should all protest outside the stadium if it all goes tits up over the next 8 days.

    Get the media involved.



  68. kay

    Fans were so happy discussing transfer rumors over the week..
    millions of dreams smashed in one interview by wanker..
    poor fans..

  69. Simon mcmahon

    Can’t believe that it looks like we go into next year looking at that permacrock diaby wasting a squad place. It’s a disgrace that this man is being considered to be around again next year . Wenger is taking the piss out of all of us. And frimpong fucking grow up , you enjoy the lifestyle of a premiership footballer , without earning it. Having an opinion is one thing but you showed a complete lack of class and education, shame you have acted like a moron, just another young footballer with more money than brains,following so many before. As said on the blog talk to song and Sagna, show some class , and remember what what was said by a true gooner legend remember who you are what you are and who you represent.

  70. kapslock

    Kagawa to TV Osaka ’12th May will be last game for Dortmund and then I will start a new chapter in Manchester United. ‘

    Good signing for United. Exactly what they need. Bastards

  71. Bergkamp63

    13 Szczesny
    03 Sagna
    05 Vermaelen
    06 Koscielny
    28 Gibbs
    07 Rosicky
    16 Ramsey
    17 Song
    30 Benayoun
    10 Van Persie
    27 Gervinho
    21 Fabianski
    11 Santos
    20 Djourou
    15 Oxlade-Chamberlain
    39 Coquelin
    09 Park Chu-Young
    29 Chamakh

  72. gambon

    Fucking hell, UTD are signing Kagawa?

    Not only do they get a far higher profile Jap than us, they get an awesome player.

    Hmmm, so UTD sign Kagawa, we have Diaby possibly, but probably never returning.

    Wenger = Cunt!

  73. Mayank

    Kapslock, it seems the source for the Kagawa thing is twitter. Don’t think its true. Wouldn’t be too surprised if he went to Utd though.

  74. Jamal

    I fucking hate wenger, he’ll leave when were a mid table club so no manager will be able to eclipse his “records”.

  75. kapslock

    Yuh a bit dodgy Mayank but I imagine he’s off there. Has always wanted to play for United.

  76. Ricky

    Fergies a smart manger.. He strengthens even when he doesn’t really need to just to give competition in places & freshen things up.

    He moves on with the times while le senile is stuck in the late 90’s.

    In twenty years time fergie will be rememberd as one of the best managers ever while wenger will be rememberd for being the stubborn bastad that had to be pushed out the door because of years of failure.

  77. Kingsley okoro

    Old shit,wanker the most annoying being in my life,if u cant manage a team why not take a sabbatical,as for todays game i dont care if we win or draw or even loss as long as RVP score i have join kay in the anthem saying WANKER OUT PLEASE.

  78. Dennisdamenace

    Why the fuck wasn’t Wenger at the Football Writers awards to support his player?

    Wenger’s utter arrogance is AFC’s biggest problem.

  79. Bade

    So the Mancs are fighting for the title and 17 points ahead of us, and yet they strengthen their squad, while we’re counting on Diaby coming good, after feeding him with 10m’ of salary with zero return…..

    hmmmmmm, what a management

  80. Samir

    Arsenal Team

    Szczesny, Sagna, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Gibbs, Song, Ramsey, Rosicky, Gervinho, Benayoun, Van Persie.

    SUBS: Fabianski, Santos, Djourou, Coquelin, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Park, Chamakh.
    Norwich Team

    Ruddy, R. Martin, Johnson, Holt (c), Jackson, Hoolahan, E. Bennett, Lappin, Howson, Naughton, R. Bennett

    SUBS: Steer, Morison, Surman, Pilkington, Fox, Wilbraham, Ward

  81. gambon


    Once a player is confirmed as world class he loses interest.

    Hes now looking at which kids he can sign to replace RVP and spend 5 years building them up.

    Wenger is good at going on about financial doping and how much he wants to keep x, y & z, but make no mistake he loves the process of selling all his best players.


    Its not a coincidence these guys all left far too early.

    RVP is absolutely certain to go.

  82. Paulinho

    You know when Wenger starts talking bullshit about a player having a year left and it being “the decision of the club” that he will most likely sell the player.

    He came out with the exact same stuff last summer, all this defiance and then did exactly what everyone thought he would do.

    If Wenger was constipated he would be speechless.

  83. RockyPires


    Subs; Robinson,Mert,Ox,Theo,Gerv,Verthogen,Coquelin

    That squads looks strong enough to compete with Manc s in myopinion.

  84. BOOZY

    I dont think there is a recognized defensive midfielder in the united setup, they have more accomplished attacking midfielders than us, but they still get kagawa – yet arsenal with 3 defensive midfielders are busy chasing a 18mil pound defensive midfielder, while allowing a less than 10mil pound attacking talent go just like that.

  85. Arsene's Nurse

    Oooooh Yes. Sooo pleased to be wrong. Benny – 32 today and scores. Magic. Great movement from the others to pull the defenders out of position.