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A Saturday early kick off. Actually my favourite time for a game because it gives us all the rest of our day back. If we win, it also takes the pressure right off. We can watch the FA Cup final knowing we’re only one more game from finishing the season in 3rd. Talking of the FA Cup… playing it at 1715 on a Saturday? That’s a bit rough eh? Not that I care for scousers… but apparently there are only 3 trains that go back to Liverpool after the game finishes. A hotel room is about 2
months dole money… the FA just ruined the Liverpool economy for the summer. Harsh.

Onto football matters. I’ll start with Frimpong, who, once again has dropped a massive social media clanger. He posted a picture of a tribesman with his head blown in half, naked and dead. It’s one of the most horrific images I’ve seen posted online  by a ‘celebrity’. I have no idea why he felt the need to do something like that. Sure, nasty things happen in Africa. Sure, we’re sanitised in the West, but come on… making a political statement with no call to action and no warning what you’re about to see is out of order. Kids follow his feed.

He really needs someone to moderate his output in general. It flips between the down right cringe worthy to the x-rated grotesque. You should not be more famous for your Twitter offering than your on the pitch skills. Take a leaf out of Scezney book and switch it off… He should also have a word with Sagna and Alex Song about their charity efforts. A boy raised in London preaching about what goes on in a country he no longer lives in feels a bit rich to me. Why not tie yourself to a Charity over there and use your huge following to boost its profile. Sure would look better than selling some t-shirts with the word dench on them.

Just my opinion of course…

Moving past that, Wenger takes on his 900th game in charge today. Quite an achievement in a game as brutal and cut throat as the one we’re in today. He’s had a turbulent season this year, there were training ground rumours that he’d offered his resignation after the Fulham game earlier in the year. No questions over his future like that right now. He’s made the right moves bringing the team up the table and it looks like he’s moving in the right direction with the transfer strategy.

He said he’ll move players on this summer. We’ve struggled to move the dross on previously, but I don’t always think that’s because no one is interested.., I think it’s because we have unrealistic valuations of players who have failed for us. We need the squad spaces. Sell the at whatever the market values them at. The on cost of having to pay another years salary and having to sacrifice a space for a nothing player isn’t worth it…

The boss also said that he doesn’t think Robin will leave but he’s not sure if he’ll sign a new deal. Again, I don’t really mind if he stays and goes on a free at 30. It’s not ideal, but we know we’ll get another amazing season from him and to be honest, with his injury record, the chances are he’d be a bit of a liability after he crosses that threshold.

If Robin is planning on moving next year, we need his replacement this summer… and that isn’t Podolski for me. We should be looking at Giroud or someone like that for this summer so there isn’t a long bedding in period next year.

The game today is going to be a tough one. Make no mistake, Norwich on their day can give anyone in the league a game. They play attacking fast football and they have players who can finish. They outclassed Spurs when they beat them at the Lane a few weeks ago. We can’t afford to be their second North London scalp of the season. Their style of play falls right into our hands. We need to take the game by the scruff of the neck, we need to strap those finishing boots on and we need to give the home fans a very good reason to cheer this afternoon!

Hopefully it’ll be a bit of carnival atmosphere there today. I can’t say I’ve enjoyed being a season ticket holder this year. I’m not sure whether that’s because I have to write about it after the game which tends to double the pain, or because it’s just been so inconsistent and horrible at times. It feels like the fans have turned a corner this year. We’ve been united in disappointment and we’ve started to find out voice. We’ve been outside the top four… we’ve sat behind Spurs for large parts of the year… like a Christmas Carrol we’ve been shown what could be. I don’t want that. I don’t ever want to go back to being a crap club again. So let’s hope that all the upset we suffered this year is going to be used as lesson for the club this summer.

Finally, this is probably going to be the last home game we’ll see Pat Rice at the club. He’s been a mainstay at the club for over 46 years now. He’s won trophies as a player and an assistant. He leaves as a bonified legend of Arsenal. He deserves a song today and a huge amount of respect for the loyalty and service he’s given is. Hat tipped to that man… good luck in your retirement Pat. Hopefully we’ll see you doing some punditry every now and then!

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Beer time… have yourselves a wonderful day.

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  1. colonel mustard

    Wegner biggest failure was not adding to the very very good team with Cesc Helb Adebayor etc of a few seasons back, that was an exceptional team that just needed a keeper and a few experienced player ironically like Arteta. he almost had it but stuck to his very very stubborn ways. everything else since is history with Cesc, Nasri etc. etc. all departing due to the belief the never ending youth project would never bear fruition.

  2. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    mind you incesc… we would all love to see a clunge parade at the end of the season yeah?

  3. Gunner2301


    ok Wenger is a tactical genius can convert any player to any position and is a defensive mastermind. Actually I’m sure I used to see Maureens ring piece twitching whenever we played Chelsea.

    Don;t tell me Wengers gone shit because David Dein left.

  4. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    maybe wenger should go when we dont quailify for a top three place… wrote i his new contract…just athought…..

  5. incesc


    less booing at a clunge parade probably


    i 100 per cent agree, he got obsessed with project youth and trying and failing to prove you can do it on the cheap.

    ive wanted wenger gone for years because he lost touch with reality and went from a trailblazer to a has been because he refused to spend and move with the times. Because he had a personal vendetta imo.

    but wanting him gone because he isnt as good as he once was is different to people saying he was never that good and he inherited a team, or sol campbell was good before wenger bought him ffs.

  6. sixx pac

    @zeus 9.4? stop it. Pedro, you used to balance Geoff’s writing style quite well in that you were a moderate in contrast to Geoff’s perpetual negativity. Now you do really sound like Attwood, Yogi and Lady Arse. You’ve sold out man

  7. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    wenger has gone into decline because others have sussed and caught him up and bettered….all across europe we still have the orignal by its not as good as the latest model// we should do a mick jagger and change every few years.


    Yep Colonel . The 07/08 season was the beginning of the end for Arsenal. That was a very good team, top of the league had Man U on the run so what does Wenger do?

    He fields a poor side in the FA Cup at OT and we get spanked 4-0 (could of been 8! Don’t worry though they would concede 8 a few years later). Man U got their confidence back, we lost all ours and they went on to win the EPL and CL. It has not been the same ever since. All he needed to do then was strengthen but he wouldn’t and then he didn’t in the summer or winter or summer and here we are now, a pathetic shadow of our former selves.

  9. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    maybe the arsenal should come out togirls in skimpy cloths and roller skates…. what was the scoe again people would say…..

  10. Xenon

    I’m not an AKB but I had always admired Wenger for the success he brought and always respected him for being a visionary that he was. But , honestly, today I’ve lost all hope. I don’t see him being a visionary anymore and I don’t think he’ll bring success to us anymore either. I even stood behind the manager after results like 8-2 and 4-3….even after 4-0 milan and 2-0 Sunderland.but today I’ve realized that…even if he is a flawed genius to some or a senile cunt to others…faith in wenger is for the delusional now…he is too proud to change his ways…and honestly….arsenal will be crap as long as he is in charge…he has created an us against them mentality to hide behind a shield but now its apparent that the legend of wenger is over..he isnt going to win anything for arsenal with these group of players.

  11. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    joppa… dont forget 2008 was the nasty eduardo tackle, shocking as it was no leadership at the top to steer the team we should not have crumbled like that… title was in the bag…. oh and gallas was he right?

  12. incesc


    wenger was a genius in some respects yes.

    he put lauren at right back kolo at centre back. got a huge shift out of gilberto who was fairly limited imo, helped to mould henry into the best striker ever seen in england and pulled paddy out of AC Milans reserves.

    what he has done since has been mental. but then again as a COACH he has got squads with players like denilson, song, diaby, eboue and almunia into europe. no mean feat. As a manager of a club he is has been awful for 7 years.

  13. reggie57

    same here iv wanted wenger out for a couple of years he has totaly lost his way and no one can tell him where he has gone wrong!! not that he would listen anyway!!

  14. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    xneon… good on you lad speak your mind dont be one of tne 60,123 the club turn out!


    I always rated Gallas, but I’m not sure what went on that day. But leadership at a club comes from the top down. Was Wenger leading his men? Who knows?

    All I know is that he is very stubborn and it has cost us.

    On a side note, I think the game today was an amazing game!

  16. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    incesc he has not been awfull,,, no sir he has been shocking and in any other club where money was not the guvonor he would be sacked.

  17. zeus


    Where u been? Yes. 9.4 seconds for Bolt, Olympics 2012. Believe it! *naruto voice*

    I want to defend Pedro………finding it hard though.

  18. Gunner2301


    Never liked Gallas never wanted him to be captain, but I understood his frustration because the others were not as committed. He was the wrong player for us I think too much baggage and I didn;t like the way Gilberto was treated of the back of all that.

  19. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    if wenger had balls he would have campbell and adams training the youths…. but he wont he is scared he may lose his 8m a year contract…..merde.

  20. follow the money

    It’s criminal for a team consistently in the top four to not try and do what it takes to win something. Criminal

  21. Doublegooner

    Morning Grovers..

    Geoff is writing a bombshell blog in the morning.

    Gut feeling he’ll be finally calling for Wengers head.

    I’m restoring the Protest Meeting Call, started earlier this year.

    You’re all welcome to get in touch…

  22. incesc

    no im saying campbell was great and wenger got him, and wenger was great for doing so.

    and i wish wenger had sent the last 7 years signing players like campbell.

    thats the problem.

    i have no problem knocking wenger with arsenal fans these days because he has been a cra manager for a long time but i will defend him against non arsenal fans who dont appreciate how great he once was

  23. AA23

    Messi’s 72 goals in a season is pretty amazing…
    …but Ronaldo’s 60 goals in a season shows it for what it is
    a shocking league
    both great players, absolutely no question of that
    but when you are routinely putting 3 or 4 past every single team you play against it means little
    It will get beaten one day and it will be a Madrid or Barcelona player that beats it, they may as well play against cones 36 times a season
    Scottish league with dough.
    Wenger out

  24. Doublegooner

    There are so many slagging Ramsey, & today TV & Chesney fore their poor performances or saying Ramsey is shite blah blah .

    I personally feel for Ramsey although I dont feel he’s Arsenal material.

    BUT,,,,Can we honestly say Wenger is managing any of the players correctly ??

    My answer has been a BIG NO for years.



  25. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    vermalen has made plenty of mistakes this season, but cos he scores a few people forgive him, howeve he aint a good defender he is ok, ramsay has room for improvement… did sagna break leg?

  26. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    if cheseny was to spend as much time training as he does on twitter he would be a semi good keeper.

  27. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    i agree wenger out…. please psg psg psg psg psg psg say it enough and it may come true……

  28. Gunner2301


    Like i said Campbell was free. I doubt we’d have got him otherwise. I’m not saying Wenger didn’t do well with flair players but he has not had much success defensively. His opportunity to build a total defence of his own with project youth has failed and his efforts since have seen him floundering to find the right players.

    He seems intent on doing everything opposite to what the experienced players are saying he should be doing just to make a point. The stats say his defensive setup has been wrong for years, yet he ignores it and seems to think he can buy another player, then another player to make it right.

  29. leon

    incesc i will say wenger has been great at signing attacking players verm kos and merstaker are good defenders but world class not real leaders and organizers not sure if he signed sole cambell but if he did he will only one,he came in with world defenders and gearge graham was all about disciplin and being very well organized.i think the real question is how successful would wenger have been without the likes adam and dixon keon ect the fact once these players left arsenal went down hill so was wenger realy that good back then i never realy thought about like that until now

  30. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    so why is he still not learning? still making mistakes because he is not be managed…

  31. arsenal1886-2006


    I want city to win the league so Nasri can give a big “Fuck You” to the AKB’s who said he was leaving for money and was being disrespectful to Wenger.
    Will be well made up for Clichy as well, I always liked him.

    How long before the OX and Jack are joining them?

  32. incesc

    fuck off seriously

    adams dixon and co left and arsenal won the league unbeaten with the best team i have ever seen.

    since wenger has been shit but come on, he was a great manager back then.

    that is undisputed

  33. LJB

    Double,ru responsible for that cheeky little comment on Untold about a petition? Made me piss,but they will probably be planning one already!!

  34. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    wenger was once a football god now he is a middle age cheating phoney scarec of being sacked…

  35. sixx pac

    the fuck did my comment go? Zeus Usain wont run 9.4 or 19.00. I can confidently say thats impossible lol.

  36. incesc

    i guess for me

    this place has always been the best place to talk about arsenal because it isnt a bunch of idiots saying Arsene knows best and not understanding how he has declined and lost touch and the reasons why.

    but if it turns into a place where everyone just says arsene is shit and always has been it loses credibility imo. Its just the opposite of untold where they say arsene is brilliant cant do no wrong.

  37. Gunner2301


    We can go over the footballing and non footballing reasons why Arsene should go. We have on here listed numerous valid failings without just coming out and saying he;s plain shit.

    If you look at what’s happened in the last 7 years, how can you not look back on his previous years and think to yourself maybe he wasn’t the person you thought he was and maybe he was influential but not in the ways we were thinking and I would quote Adams here where he said Wenger is not into defence or tactics and George Graham was better in that department but what Wenger brought was eating and training right to get them into a good physical condition and flair players with good technique.

    I’m not doubting what Adams is saying and if this is true doesn’t that put a different spin on the glory years? Even more so now when Wenger has had license to create a team for himself and it has ended in total failure and the defence has been getting progressively worse. Any manager that cared about defence wouldn’t allow that to happen. So you then need to ask why is it happening? Maybe the answer is that Wenger after all these years doesn’;t really care about defence and never did.

    If that;s the case how did the invincibles go undefeated and logic has to tell you given what Adams has said and what we have seen since, that Wenger may not have been as influential in those areas as we once thought.


  38. leon

    i feel wenger had yes inhereted a great defence but the reason why they were so very successful is that they had great deal of leaders in the team,i think what has happend is they have gone so long not winning anthing they have no clue what to that plus thier no real leaders in the team.yes wenger brought in a new striker but does that change anything this team has conceded 47 goals which mainly due to lack leadership and organization now unless wenger realy a massive turn around i dont mush changing next season

  39. incesc

    “doesnt that put a different spin on the glory years?

    how can you spin a league title unbeaten differently you idiot?

    seriously, should we take the title away from our own fucking team and manager (give it to man u?) because wenger set up a team to attack attack attack and it was devestatingly brilliant?

  40. Gunner2301


    Wenger will cite

    Ramsey captain of Wales
    TV has captained Belgium
    TR7 captain of Czeck Republic
    Benayoun captain of Israel
    Park captain of South Korea
    Arshavin captain of Russia

    He hasn’t got a clue what the captaincy means anymore. it;s a bargaining tool. We haven’t had a captain since Viera.

  41. LJB

    Double,yeah am in nottingham, will email u 2morrow,gotta go to bed now got mutha of all headaches,always get them when Arsenal stress me out .I def will tho,time for action has arrived.See u 2morrow!!!

  42. Gunner2301


    Whos talking about taking away titles? I’m talking about giving credit where it’s due and i can assure you it doesn;t all belong to Wenger. You sound like an AKB that’s been so badly let down an you have no choice but to admit Wengers time is up. Suck it up and get over it. The Club was here before him and will be there when he;s gone so stop fretting, and instead of coming online and calling me an idiot, sign up for Doubles protest and I’ll see you down there. Cunt!

  43. Cesc Appeal

    Ramsey’s on £50 000 a week, Diaby £60 000, Almunia £50 000, Squillaci £40 000, Denilson £50 000, Bendtner £52 000, Park £40 000, Chamakh £70 000, Djourou £50 000
    That’s £460 000 a week we could easily save. £1 840 000 a month. That’s 22 080 000 a year we could save…

  44. follow the money

    Gunner2301 it’s true. Wenger’s “We have leaders all over the pitch” is nonsense. Right now we have no one like Adams or Vieira or Keown or Campbell in his prime. Wenger is the captain of this team. It’s his project. He built it, he signed the players. He is the captain and no one questions him. And the team on the pitch garner more respect than him in fact. Wenger’s refusal to shake hands when he loses and his petulant behavior on the touchline is embarrassing to the club. Us fans aren’t surprised when we collapse, play terrible first halfs, can’t hold onto a lead, give up goals from defensive blunders and goalkeeping errors. The only one who is surprised is Wenger. He needs to grow up, be a man, admit his failings and fix the defence or he needs to go, before he embarrasses Arsenal more than he has. It’s sickening and I completely understand why opposing coaches come here and have their teams play like madmen and then roll over for United,i it’s because Wenger is not respected by other coaches.

  45. Zacharse

    Wengers comments on Ramsey from anybody read them?
    He’s standing behind his mental strength…ya the mental strength ofa retarded golden retriever.
    We all know that Wenger says things like this before he throws them under the bus, but then again his inconsistency and poor judgment are the only reliable aspects of his managing for a while now. If the arsenal has the mental strength of ramsey walcott gervinho and djorou we’re all in more of a heap of trouble than we even know

  46. incesc

    i might sound like an akb to you but you but at least i sound like an arsenal fan.

    i loved george graham and those days, i hate the control arsene has now at my club, i think he is outdated and his teams are a reflection of how little bottle he has now.

    But like i have said time and time again he was a great manager and to belittle what he once did is as shortsided and stupid as them lot over at untold ,that say he is untouchable

  47. Zacharse

    In a perfect world, which players besides vermaelen should have been better rested by this point in the season. I for one think he’d be flubbing a lot less had he gotten a break some time ago. Our weakling midfield doesnt really help thos issue

  48. Cesc Appeal

    It goes beyond who’s an AKB and who’s not. It’s just the realisation that its time for a change at the club. At most levels. That’s all it is, it happens

  49. incesc

    honestly though

    like you i want wenger gone

    it just gets my back up that you say wenger was never any good. thats my argument.

  50. leon

    gunner the names you have mentioned may be captains of thier contries but they not showing to much leadership to me i dont see much organization at the club

  51. Gunner2301

    well this we can agree on

    “i loved george graham and those days, i hate the control arsene has now at my club, i think he is outdated and his teams are a reflection of how little bottle he has now.”

    I stopped going to matches 3 seasons ago because I didn’t believe in Arsene anymore and what he was doing (long before many cottoned on). So I’m not one of these johnny come latelys let’s criticise Arsene because he’s going through a bad spell. My protest is already being made in not paying for anything to do with the Club, which any fan will do for the greater good if what he’s seeing isn’t right.

  52. Cesc Appeal

    gunner2301, agreed. I called this spell a few years back, could see from the transfer activity what his priorities were, a lot of my friends said I was a hater and that ‘Le Prof’ knew what he was doing.
    They’ve all come round now. Sad, but Rome had its era, so has Wenger

  53. El Tel


    The children will be sleeping now Pal. I think you need to transfer a large number of our fans on your great once Arsenal supporters blog before it ends up like our team at the moment(struggling).

    I always check in to Le Grove even though I rarely write these days as more and more imposters and children have infiltrated the site.

    Like Geoff I am totally pissed off and I bet you are too. I believe now is the time for the Club to change Manager and have said this for many years but the hatred coming from so called supporters of our great Club is sickening.

    It also draws out all the little Englander shitters who have to mention the French whenever they want a pop at Wenger .

    I can never hate Wenger in fact I feel sorry for the Guy. He is taking the rap for poor Management at Boardroom level and we really have been unlucky with players injured and shit Refereeing.

    The Ref yesterday could have cost us £30 million by the seasons end so if its just money our Club are interested in then they should sue for that shove on RVP. How the fuck was that not given and the Young Pens for the Mancs were?

    Wait a minute I think we know the answer to this don’t we. I want to say well played to Norwich just like Wenger did in the interview after the match, yet people on here only want to talk about the penalty decision that Wenger correctly complained about.

    Wenger sits in his seat and gets slaughtered He throws a tantrum and also gets slaughtered.

    My reason for wanting him out is because He can’ t progress at the Arsenal anymore as the red top readers have jumped on him like all the Arsenal haters inside and outside the FA have done.

    We may not have played well today but in the highlights I got to see we looked like we should have beaten them.

    The Bar codes won’t have it easy tomorrow and if they do manage to win thenthey deserve a shot at the CL. The Spuds have an easy match but like us the games they expect to win have tripped them up in the past. Villa are a traditionally big team who need to win to help them avoid relegation.

    Later today we will all have an idea on the outcome of our season.

    I don’t think the Spuds players are better than ours I just think they have had a couple of easy matches like we all said they were weeks ago.

    I don’t for one minute think Podolski is the answer to our prayers and I also don’t blame just the defence for our goals conceded over the season. Without it sounding like a dig to the footballer of the year. Its all well and good that He is scoring goals to save our season but maybe he could play like Dogshit when we are up against it.

    That prick was defending for the team in the last 20 minutes of the cup final and apart from a couple of break aways so were all the Chavs attacking players.

    Our defenders for sure are to blame for getting caught out of position but the midfield and even worse the strikers are ball watching when we are attacked.

    Does this mean I want RVP gone? No it doesn’t that would be foolish but I believe that players like Chamakh and Park would have scored more goals if RVP was injured. Like the Wrighty days It seems that if RVP doesn’t score then we don’t but that changes when Anelka and then Henry came along with others also getting goals.

    We focus to much on RVP and apart from His individual genius others are looking only for Him. This makes plan ing to play us that bit easier and like some have pointed out so one dimensional.

    Where do we go from here?

    For me as an Arsenal fan I will always be positive no matter what. I will always be angry and unhappy when we lose and when we don’t compete but I won’t resort to sick chat and wanting harm to anyone.

    I absolutely hate Almunia but apart from some name calling I never wanted him to break a bone or die.

    This sounds crazy but with a Manager who instills some dicipline and basic tactics in defence we can really be challenging. George Graham for a year before Guardiola or Jurgen Klopp takes over. George would put some tactics into these players and with the individual skills they have keep them in the hunt for trophies until we can get a long term Super Manager.

  54. Gunner2301


    I totally agree. Maybe he thinks because he can reel off those names then it must be that we have leadership and theres nothing wrong in that department.


    i’m not saying he was never any good but his success isn’t solely down to his management if you recognise that then we are on the same ground. If it was solely his he could re-produce it like Maureen has his formula repeating it but he hasn’t been able to.

  55. El Tel

    LeonWenger will citeRamsey captain of Wales
    TV has captained Belgium
    TR7 captain of Czeck Republic
    Benayoun captain of Israel
    Park captain of South Korea
    Arshavin captain of RussiaHe hasn’t got a clue what the captaincy means anymore. it;s a bargaining tool. We haven’t had a captain since Viera.

    Wenger never gave these players the Captaincy of their National Teams but you can blame him for this too if it makes you feel better.

    Do you know Wenger? Seems like you do as you claim He will cite this quote.

    Wenger has been fighting ever since He took over at the Arsenal. He was the first Foreign Manager to be truly successful in Blighty and He is detested by many for being French.

    He Did build theInvincibles wether you Guys like it or not and I might be wrong but we did go 10 consecutive matches in the CL without conceding. TA wasn’t any part of this at the time.

    Please don’t call me an Arsen Knows Best as I want him to go too but lets not tell fucking lies and abuse the Bloke. He has Arsenal in his blood as much as any of us and thats why He gets slaughtered for moaning. If He didn’t care why moan?

    The fact is the Mancs had an Empire built which is close to falling and the Chavs then Citeh just got incredibly rich. If we could afford an Aguero I believe we would have signed him, if we could afford a Torres we would have tried for him too. We can’t and never will unless FFP comes into play or we get an Usmanov as owner. If Usmanov does take control do we know for sure He would throw money at the team like Abramovic or the Sheiks? Lets hope so as otherwise forget blaming anyone at the Club and just accept what we can play for.

  56. leon

    in my opinion verm is very good defender but he is not great organizer or vocal leader,song is a good dm player one of the best in europe but is not great vocal leader either.i feel its a 50/50 things you have good vocal leaders and organizers in your team but also you must have a amanger who has good tactical nouse and have the right mentality right now this has neither realy

  57. Gunner2301

    El Tel

    Are you for real? You want to criticise RVP who’s kept us from being a mid table team for not defending? He;s too busy fucking scoring that’s why.

    You say this

    He is taking the rap for poor Management at Boardroom level and we really have been unlucky with players injured and shit Refereeing.

    Then you say this

    My reason for wanting him out is because He can’ t progress at the Arsenal anymore as the red top readers have jumped on him like all the Arsenal haters inside and outside the FA have done.

    Really? You’re a contradiction.

    Then this?

    George Graham for a year before Guardiola or Jurgen Klopp takes over. George would put some tactics into these players …

    Yes it does sound crazy.

    You sound very confused.

  58. El Tel

    Glad to read you late night bloggers are true Gooners. Forget calling each other names as it gets us nowhere.

    I said four years ago to my Uncle that Wenger should be sacked and He in a drunken rage couldn’ t believe what I was saying.

    Wenger lost my respect when He chose Almunia over Lehman. He then called the Clown world class.

    I do respect though what Wenger did for us and I do believe that He is Arsenal to the core.

    Other Managers don’t hate Wenger because of an hand shake. What bollocks. Wenger was and is a Gentleman but the Piss Head and his many Pals got into Him thorugh the media and the fact that all His disciples are playing a role in the EPL.

    I don’t hear people slagging off the Jock yet the Jocks hate us more than the French. The day He fucks off the Glasgow the better.

    Planning the wat to destroy us on a golf course with that cunt Allardyce is unacceptable for me but this happened Guys. The they don’t like it in their face attitude sprang from there.

    It was like war talk again. Never heard of any other Managers getting together to discuss the destruction of Mancunts. Wonder why?

  59. incesc

    El Tel

    “Wenger sits in his seat and gets slaughtered He throws a tantrum and also gets slaughtered. ”

    this makes me laugh too.

  60. Gunner2301

    El Tel

    Obviously you don’t do your research before you open your mouth and put your foot in it.

    Who said that Wenger gave them the captaincy? We were talking about lack of leadership and organisation and I said Wenger would give you a list of captains currently in the team to demonstrate that we do have leadership when it;s obvious that we don;’t.

  61. Zacharse

    El Tel –

    I agree with almost all of what you say. I think the difference is that i’d rarher have RvP tracking back in the last 20 rather than all game. Like verm, hes not had a real breather this season, better he keep fresh legs for his braces n hat tricks than blow steam on ramsey gervinho song and walcotts poor possessions. Tge defensive problems are midfield. Songs notorious imaginary friend, gervinho n ramsey: not good enough for arsenal. Chez- growing pains/ arrogance. When Arteta is fit and god forbid Wilshere, weve got a midfield that keeps possesion and fights intelligently for it when we dont. Im pretty sure our hot and cold streaks can be easily explained by Artetas health, tired/missing= we lose. The attacking game we play gets a foot up the ass when he’s missing, no matter what legendary CBs we have in, their high line gets thrashed when ramseys in the middle, song gervinho etc

  62. El Tel

    The thing is Zacharse, when Merteseker played we settled down at the back but most on here slagged him off too.

    Fair enough if He was shit but He has played many games for Germany. TV on the other hand rarely gets slagged off for showing passion towards the Club. He is very poor defensively if the past ten matches are anything to go by.


    I don’t need to research, I remember Wenger saying He has many Captains, but isn’t this a fact. They are Captains of their Country to which He has no control over.

    We do have Leadership if these Captains are chosen by other Managers. If its having a dig at Wenger for stifling those leaders then I agree with you but the fact is they are leaders of their Nations.

  63. El Tel


    Why So funny.

    Do you not see the point. Whatever He does is not good enough for many.

    Do you honestly think the bloke wants to fuck his reputation up? Especially if He is as arrogant as most believe.

    Fergie is arrogant Wenger is not. I wish Wenger was more arrogant as this might make Him change his recent actions or lack of.

    I am not on here to fight you Guys to prove a point. I am just trying to be more radical with my thoughts.

    I love the Arsenal and have since I can rememeber. I am fifty years old and have an Arsenal art deco design tatoo on my arm even though I haet tatoos.

    I don’t want to prove anyone wrong I just want to read fair comments.

    Wenger has lost his Mojo but He did have a Mojo to lose. To say He has always been shit is ridiculous. The Invincible season could take many more life times to do again and He built that team and coached that team. This makes it all the more reason for us guys to want him out as His own high standards have dropped alarmingly. Was this all his doing?

    For me no it wasn’t. The Board the Move and the Chavs being bankrolled with a fist full of Roubles was the real problem.

    Does it mean I want Wenger to stay. No way, He has had His turn, its time the Arsenal got back to where we belong. Challenging the very best teams in the World and not being cannon fodder. No pun intended.

  64. Bade

    So so so

    Arsene said January massive fail was due to lack of fullbacks

    Back then we had 1 point out of 4 games

    In the last 4 games we had 3 points out of 12, having our fullbacks fit and playing (until Sagna got injured during 1st half)

    So Arsene, January dismal was down to lack of Fullback

    What was the cause to our current shame?

    We paid for our mistakes?


    Significantly there’s someone that pays fuck all for his mistakes

    Arsene Wanker his name

  65. Bade

    Our last 4 games were 3 at home, and 1 away

    We managed 0 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, conceding 5 goals and scoring 4 on those home games

    Fortress? Don’t make me laugh

  66. Bade

    I like Yossi, really do, he’s a top player, a role model

    But when a club dubbed as big club, you can’t accept that your second most important player after the captain is a 32 on loan!

  67. Bade

    Mistakes Arsene?

    Those are the same mistakes, over and over again

    Our biggest mistake is keeping you our manager for next season

    You will just bottle it like you always do

  68. Bade

    Just look back at how many negative records we’ve broken this season

    Most humiliating defeat in our first division history, 2-8 to our fierce rivals

    Most humiliating defeat in our European history

    Most goals conceded since Arsene managed us, 47 and counting

    How many lows we should see with this nutty before he fucks off ????

  69. zeus

    All of Messi’s 68 goals (minus the 4 today which makes 72) for the season.

    All in 7 short minutes. Brilliant player. The variety of the goals……….
    penalties, freekicks, tap ins, screamers, left peg, right peg, dribbling, poacher………….its just endless.

  70. Bade

    Mistakes Arsene?

    And what’s exactly your role there? You’re the manager, you should sort it out

    Let’s see, 5 years and we’re conceding more each year, constantly. This is no improvement

  71. Bade

    Learning from mistakes?

    Against QPR Song didn’t track back Diakhete, he scored from around our penalty spot

    Yesterday day, Song didn’t track back and we conceded almost from the same spot twice, and there was another chance where Kozzer saved us

    Learning? Where the hell is that

  72. Bade

    And the mist pathetic thing, after a whole season where we were promised for the biggest comeback in football history, the Diaby comeback that never came, our nutty manager still talked him up in the press yesterday as “new signing” alongside Jack!

    The man played 177 minutes the whole season!!!

  73. Bade


    I’m sick of losing sleep at nights

    I’m sick of losing concentration at work days after days

    I’m sick feeling my stomach eating itself

    Fuck off Arsene

  74. Bade


    Anything less than magnetic post to ask for Arsene’s head is unacceptable

    Otherwise we’ll label you as soft, and soft is the last thing I can think of when I remember those hammering posts

    We can’t bare it anymore

  75. follow the money

    May is here and we are judging. You have FAILED Wenger. Goals conceded has been getting worse for five seasons running now. This is obviously something you cannot or will not fix. It can’t go on. Please leave

  76. James Taunt

    Just when I thought we were going to make it, Arsene’s Arsenal bunch go and cock up things. Norwich tactics were superior and we never looked like a CL team. In the end, we do not have enough good players. Missing one individual, Arteta, should not be making so much of a difference, but because of Arsene’s clouded vision, we do not have a backup. Ramsey and Gervinho were again unimpressive and then Wenger brought on Chamakh.

    We can say good bye to CL this year, and if by the looks of things next year would be even tougher.

  77. Doublegooner

    James Taunt:

    Morning fella.

    Just woken, like most of us, feeling so empty.

    I believe Geoff will be writng a no holds barred blog later calling for Wengers head.

    I’ve been rallying for a LG Protest meeting & many of the bames have all emailed me.

    Are you UK based ?

    If so do get in touch.

  78. Moray

    How depressing! We got one point out of 9 from our last three home games. I thought this year we would avoid the perennial end of season crash, but it has happened again.

    We went into the season without sufficiently replacing Nasri and Fabregas and that cost us as we became over-reliant on the injury prone Arteta and Song and Ramsey kept giving away the ball in key positions, we went into the season with Jenkinson (untried) and Santos (untried) as back up to our wing backs and paid for it, we handed Djourou a new contract and paid for it, and we started the season with no real back up to Chesney, and his erratic performances also have cost us.

    Terrible mismanagement. A team constructed on the cheap by an extremely rich club . Someone must be called to account. Time for a change, and perhaps finishing outside of the CL this year with speed this along.

  79. Moray

    In fact, we had simply to hold out for under 10 minutes against Norwich AT HOME to more or less guarantee CL for next year and we failed to do so…and is anyone really surprised?

  80. Doublegooner

    James T:

    Thanks mate. Feel free to email me anyway but put down youre overseas. Hopefully when I kick off the emails you’ll be kept in the loop.

  81. Bade


    I barely could have a sleep yesterday


    Kids like you (no offence) will never understand it

    I’m furious and talking to myself, I’m losing my composure, all thanks to the wanker

  82. Bade

    By kids I mean all the Wnger boys, that never knew anything about the Arsenal bar Arsene’s era

    I lived the Arsenal way before, and this man is ruining my club

  83. Bade

    How many dismal are we going to take?

    Blimey, even if we finish 3rd, that nutty manager will think it’s improvement and we’re soooo close to winning something

    Fuck me. how blind a man can be

  84. Bade

    A team that can’t win at the last home game of the season, against a non interested new promoted Norwich side …. How can that be acceptable

    We needed the points not them

    Norwich, a team that lost at home 6-0 to $ity, then 3-0 to Scousers, pipped us to a 3-3 draw …..

  85. Hunter

    As Pat Rice leaves once the season is over,I would love him to write a book ‘My time with Wenger’, i would really love to know what he really thinks as for me every time I see him either at the games or on TV he just sits there folded arms and solemn face.Is he actually as ‘YES’ man?,he clearly isn’t a defensive coach as the goals against column show season after season they have got worse.The other thing that irritates ma no end is the smirk on Szeny’s face everytime we concede a goal,its a though it was never his fault,well after seeing the replay of the first Norwich goal I can’t say I am that impressed at all,get the feeling he thinks he is something special….well he isn’t and perhaps we should make that a priority position to fill asap,along with at least five to six new signings in the ouitfield as well, oh to be a gooner!!

  86. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    nope thw morning after dont make it any better….. stilll we have to get on with it….please if we do qualify for the europa can we play the kids? then we can focus on all three cups do a trble!

  87. elwood

    In ghana the support base of arsenal has dwindled to the extent that cinima halls do not telecast arsenal matches, on the contrary the c.halls are filled to the brims when the likes of man u, chelsea and even mancity play. Chelsea arguebly commands the largest support in africa now, their replica jers eys are all over shops , it a sad spectacle to know that if you do not have a pay cable in your home you can hardly watch arsenal matches bcos operators of cinima centres and even tv stations ndo prefer to telecast chelsea vs wba to arsenal vs ttottenham. Most arsenal fans have shiffted camp chelsea and those who truly appreciate the