Lukas Podolski: An early sign times are changing at Arsenal | More to follow?

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Good morning Grovers! I’m in jubilant mood this morning because Arsenal have satisfied my lust for new players well before the transfer window opens. Superb eh? An actual signing… before June 1st. Are we learning lessons or are we bracing the fans for a departure? I think we’re learning lessons… get your business done early. Show the rest of the squad you mean business and actually build the club up again.

Lukas Podolski is a superb signing on many levels. Firstly, it’s not often we buy a forward with goal scoring pedigree. Generally, Arsene Wenger picks his strikers based on physical attributes, then technical attributes… then we pray to the footballing goods they learn how to find the net. Sometimes it works… Thierry Henry and Adebayor spring to mind. Other times, it completley bombs. Chamakh and Kaba Diawara certainly drop into the latter category. Wenger had this to say on his new man…

‘We are delighted to secure the deal for Lukas and see him as an important part of our future. He is a top-class player, a very good finisher and a proven performer at club and international level. He is a very strong player and will provide us with good attacking options.’

Podolski comes with pedrigree. He can play centrally and he can play on the left. He’s powerful and he’s very fast. He’s not a tricky skillful wideman. He’s someone who represents brute force. He’d rather take the straight line than the dancing into space route someone like Messi takes. He’s a German Gareth Bale. Except hopefully he’ll score more goals, stay on his feet a bit more and obvioulsy he’ll be playing for us next season as well… Gareth probably won’t be for Spurs. So not too many similarities!

An injection of quality like Lukas will boost team morale, increase competition and give us more depth. His stats are very impressive as well. In the last two seasons for Cologne he’s played 63 times, scored 33 goals and bagged 13 assists. Even for Bayern Munich, a team everyone said he tanked at, he managed 32 games in his last two seasons, scored 19 and landed 12 assists. In 60 appearances over two seasons Theo has managed 22 goals and 16 assists.

Hopefully his arrival is a signal to the fans that the rumours this year are not to entice us into handing over our hard earned cash for another year of mediocrity. When I was told way back in Jan that we’d be making two signings from Germany and we’d be making a big move in France it looks like part of that has been complete.

Who is the big name from France? I have my doubts it’s Hazard. Question now is whether we have the clout to take M’Vila from Rennes against the competition of Inter Milan and Bayern Munich. You’d have to imagine than our French connection and the bright lights of London would sway a 21 year old Frenchman that London was the best place to be for his career and development. If we tie up that deal sharpish,  I’d feel 100% more confident about the summer. I still think we’ll snare Hoilett and I wouldn’t be shocked if we snapped up Kalou and Holtby. All we’d be missing then would be a top quality creator.

They exist out there. Marvin Martin seems to have gone right off the boil this season but we knew there was interest there last year. You’ve got Eden Hazard ripping it up with Lille still (14 assists and loads of goals), though he is more of a wideman. Eriksen of Ajax looks very gifted but his stats don’t impress hugely this season. Valbuena of Marseille has 11 assists, at 27, he’d be of the right age. There is also Giroud who has weighed in with 8 assists of his own! Pretty damn good… even though he’s a forward.

Anyway, the point is this. There are players out there at the right price if you’re looking in the right places and you have the desire. Doing your business early is a possibility as well. It’s nice to see we’re making the right moves now… let’s keep the momentum going this summer. Well played Arsene and Ivan.

So… who’d be on your shopping list this summer?

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P.P.S. I’d talk about last nights United vs City game but it was such a let down, I can’t be arsed. Watching Fergie lose his rag late on was pretty funny… what a petulant brat of a man he is.

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  1. Muniain for Arsenal

    If you had to choose between M’Vila and Eriksen/Belhanda, who would you bring to Arsenal?

  2. Bergkamp63

    MAN CITY GF 88 GA 27
    MAN UTD GF 86 GA 33
    ARSENAL GF 68 GA 44

    Podolski will help with one aspect (no wonder RVP looks knackered), the other still needs fixing.

  3. andy

    praying the whole night for a chavs draw and a scum loss tomorrow – in this case we need only 1 win out of our two games 😛

  4. andy

    bergkamp this comment is completely irrelevant … you can´t compare a whole team with another team without a centre forward … and although all of us pray RVP to stay and know how much he has done this year you should recognise that a centre forward at AFC HAS to score 20+ goals – otherwise he´s not good enough for us. so stiting on 28 goals is of course wonderful but saying without his goals we would have the same amount of goals scored like wolves is simply irrelevant

  5. Bergkamp63


    I knew someone would completely miss the point, they always do !! Congratulations !!

    It’s to point out the fact that Wenger’s buys have been a total failure. The likes of Gervinho, Chamakh, Park who were supposed to be chipping in with the goals haven’t !!

  6. andy

    bnsb me too 😛 but I would really prefer to go into the last game knowing newcastle has to score 20 goals to beat us 😛 of course winning both would be the perfect solution here 🙂

  7. arsenal1886-2006

    vertoghen could be a midfield enforcer like yaya, we miss quality there.


    I would stick Vermaelen there instead, he likes to bomb forward too much for a centre half and seems to be more attack minded than defense.
    Now to get shot down in the flames, I see him as a Petit type of player, he would shield the defence whilst also giving a threat up top when needed, hammer of a shot and great in the air. I also believe he would speed up our midfield play.
    This would mean that Kos, Per or Vertoghen could stay back and do their defensive duties, this would also cut down the times we get suckered on the counter.

  8. DB10

    Arsenal have reportedly completed a deal to bring the Belgian International to The Emirates.

    “Agent_ITK also got Podolski to Arsenal & Bendtner to Sunderland moves spot on, months before deals
    were confirmed. #ReliablyInformed”
    “Arsenal Have Signed Vertonghen”- Reports

    “…..Arsenal have agreed a deal in principle with Ajax for defender Jan Vertonghen, according to very reliable sources. (via @MickTheGooner )”

    “Just waiting for confirmation of Arsenal signing Jan Vertonghen from Ajax, fee agreed #AFC”-(via @Fourth_Official)…..

  9. andy

    bergkamp that´s true but how much game time did they get? OK gerv got some time but chamakh and park didn´t get enough – OK they are not enough but if they had played 30 games you can bet they would have scored some goals there, not 28, but maybe 15? and gerv doesn´t play CF and in a system like we play with one CF this guy has to score most of the goals of course

  10. Leedsgunner


    I know that a lawyer’s role is to draft contracts but they will often negotiate on the terms and the price too… or at least I did on the transactions I work on. Again the fault for overgenerous contracts for average players have to firmly be planted at Wenger’s feet for allowing that culture of mediocrity to not only be established but actually be rewarded.

  11. andy

    goondawg in some games he didn´t play CB really – he was positioned as CB but played more like a very defensive DM 😛

  12. Gooby


    gourcuff is always injured and marvin martin vanished a bit this season, don’t trust any of them. However i rate gervinho, if he keeps working hard he’ll eventually be the star he was at lille. It’s just my opinion though. 21 games this season 10 as a sub, 4 goals and 7 assists. Changing half the squad every year never worked and is never going to work.

    I’d like, if wenger decides to spoil us with a big name: hazard or javi garcia

  13. Bergkamp63


    Just because players aren’t playing as out and out strikers, they are still expected to contribute to the goal tally.

    Lampard has been contributing 20 goals a season from Midfield ? Walcott & Gervinho who play on the left & right are both expected to score goals in our set up. As for Chamackh, you could play him like Denilson and he wouldn’t hit his girlfriends vagina let alone the back of the net !!

  14. arsenal1886-2006


    Not yet, but something tells me he would thrive in that role. He still gets to defend, yet he also has more of a licence to get forward. He also has the speed to make a quick recovery if he is caught upfield.

  15. inDiaby

    L’Equipe reports Yann M’Vila spent last night in police custody after allegedly punching a 17-year-old at the weekend.

  16. arsenal1886-2006

    I also meant to add that Vermaelen moves the ball quicker than Song, this will suit Podolski who is pretty direct. We might actually counter attack at speed they way we used to.

  17. telarse

    I just hope Spurs etc slip up cos we can lose to both Norwich and West Brom and I don’t want us needing a point out of the 3 Coldplay games!!!

  18. gnarleygeorge9

    Podolski 😛

    That will be enough 4 me to keep my Austar account 4 next season.

    And as 4 all those other names bandied around on here. Arsenal has money to spend, we all know that 💡 I reckon good times r just round the corner for long frustrated/suffering Arsenal supporters.

  19. Gee

    Can’t help but wonder if only wenger had’ve been more decisive on his other transfer targets such as mata and hazard instead of alerting the likes of twitchy and abromavic who probably haven’t even heard of some of their signings before wenger brings them to their attention, subsequently pushing up their value and ruling ourselves out in the process. Keep hush arsene then swoop with a REASONABLE offer. No messing about !

  20. Marrrfooo

    All hail Poldi!!!

    That’s one off the shopping list ticked. Can we please also have:

    Yann M’Vila @ Rennes
    (competition for Song and for double-hard-nutter-2xDM on-the-pitch-at-on-time-lockout-option)

    Jan Vertonghen @ Ajax
    (who wouldn’t want a near-identikit Verminator?)

    Younes Belhanda @ Montpellier
    (a far cheaper and less moody Hazard-ish type. Let’s face it, once Hazard’s price was north of £20m – which I think it did about 12 months ago) we were out of that race pretty much for sure).

    Olivier Giroud @ Montpellier* possible
    (this is assuming we ditch 3/4 of Vela, Bendtner, Chamakh, Park-Chu Young (No) – I’d actually rather keep Super Nik out of those three – but it’s hardly a great situation to be in).

    Also – please exchange the following at the till – we don’t even have to recoup anything – the saved wages would afford us to pay for even a Hazard-grade wage player):

    Also, no more loans for Miyaichi – get that boy around the first team.

    Think same for Lansbury – it’s now or never for him.

    No more loans for Joel Campbell – or if we do loan him, make it a Prem side – get him around the first team.

    Get Benik Afobe a Championship/League One-level loan (that he actually plays in!) – and get him around the first team. He has ability to burn I hear…

    Get Damien Martinez a good loan – I hear Bob Wilson is mad for this guy – last guy he was mad for was a certain unspellable yet tall and cheeky Polish chap you tend to see hovering between the sticks these days 😉

    I don’t ask for much do I…. 😛

  21. Marc

    Belgian gooner here. A few comments re Jan Vertonghen (JV) and Arsenal.
    Like Vermaelen JV is left-footed and thus a left centre-back. Both dislike playing left-back. They would substitute rather than complement each other. . JV is a brainy and stylish player who loves going forward and who scores frequently. He has played in midfield earlier in his career. In my opinion, it does not make sense for Arsenal to buy him as a defender, rather as a midfielder. It will be either JV or M’vila, not both. Personally, I would prefer Fellaini in the team, but doubt it will happen. His price tag will by now be too high.

  22. Fed

    I would still fancy sticking to arshavin and rosicky as the creative guys behind RVP … if andrey gets his form back that is.. his talent is unquestionable. his playing position just ruined his form of the past few years, that guy just isnt a defender and playing wide you have to defend too.

    those 2 guys are some of the greatest talents of their agegroups and would offer 2 different but certainly worthwile aproaches to the attacking play with rosicky being much more about the passing while arshavin is much more like podolski.. then again both are not only very purposefull and patient on the ball but they also want to go for it on the brake if a chance is presented.. much needed qualities for the position! (unlike some rambo who wonders around the pitch totally clueless =D )

  23. demon

    as much as i like mvila, i would prefer we saved the cash and gave coquelin a go as hell be world class, the boy has everything,

    i would much like the cash spent on an attacking mid- kagawa or ericksen and
    a better winger, robben or ribery as both are having problems at bayern.

    podolskis ok but i would have prefered a benzema, higuain or cavani as they have skill and power whereas podolski isnt as skillfull as them.

    vertonghen would be a great signing but i would love a tall powerfull cb to compliment our short cbs……yes i kno we have mert but hes not the answer, he would be killed by messi and co running at him as hes to slow to turn.

  24. arsenal1886-2006

    I have not really seen much of Vertonghen, he sounds fairly similar to Tommy V.
    One question for you, if Vertonghen goes to midfield then what will he add to the team, is he similar in playing style to Tommy?

  25. Sadam Mahessar


    Vertonghen is no midget, Mert is tall. I don’t really think getting bullied or height has been our problem this season at all. All we have lacked is creativity and spark in front of the goal, Podolski adds something to it, Kagawa/Eriksen and Giroud/Suarez would seal the deal for next season.

    M’Vila would be a great enforcer in the midfield but I would want to wrap up Vertonghen, Suarez/Giroud and Eriksen/Kagawa first.

  26. AJ

    arsenal1886-2006 May 1, 2012

    JV isn’t much of a DM. Vermaelen would be more suited to that role.

  27. Keyser

    “All we have lacked is creativity and spark in front of the goal”

    Exactly, someone who also pulls the strings, we’ve gone 7 season with Fabregas slowly becoming the centre of everything to having no-one, not Nasri, not Wilshere.

    We’re relying on Rosicky and intermittently Benayoun to cover for it.

    All this talk of who we’re signing worries me, it’s an absolutely massive last couple of games for us, tomorrows games also go pretty far to seeing where we finish, we really need to finish 3rd to give us and Wenger the best possible chance of sigining who we need.

    Hopefully tommorrow Bolton do us a favour and from the other game..

    ..I’m thinking Draw of Newcastle win ?!

  28. Keyser

    I don’t see Vermaelen being pushed forward, Koscielny’s probably better without the ball anyway, but if you look at both of them when they were pushed to fullback you saw how uncomfortable with certain things they were, it’d take time for them to learn to adapt if at all to not only being under more regular pressure both defensively and going forward.

    Our wide players had to work twice as hard to cover their respective sides.

    At the back you generally know who you’re up against, it carries more risk, but you get to see the attack play out before you make your move, that said we could probably change to a back 3 at times.

  29. AJ

    So Podoloski comes in place of Almunia for sure, on the 25 list that is. We have to free up more spots, one more spot may free up if we discontinue with the services of Benayoun. Other players that may leave include Arshavin, and why can’t we terminate Squillaci’s contract? Those would be two more.

  30. Jamal

    Glad Podolski’s signed but i cant see Wenger signing Hazard, M’vila and Vertonghen seem likely and keen to play for us so get them in

  31. Paulinho

    Don’t really get Verthongen signing. Overkill with Vermaelen there.

    Wouldn’t mind it if we were going to sign him on top of others like M’Vila but you know Wenger won’t.

  32. Goon from BD

    Prinz Poldi,Vertonghen,M’vila,Kagawa and Dempsey. Make it happen and we could be looking at the best summer after the worst in the space of a season. All those players are the best individual performers of their teams,with attitude to go along with the quality,at the right age and most importantly exactly what we need. Arsene and the board can still be happy that they are going to spend a fortune on only one player and we will be happy that we will have a great squad. Just be fucking efficient.

  33. Marko

    Can”t believe people are already giving up on Gervinho he just needs to get the African Cup of Nations outta his system and have a decent pre season and he’ll be fine. He’s our best attacker after Van Persie and next season expect big things from him

  34. Cesc Appeal

    Podolski done, the agents who called Podolski as being done a couple of months ago are saying the same about Vertonghen. Numerous sources claiming we are at an advanced stage of talks with Rennes having agreed a fee between £17-20 Million for Yann M’Vila.
    Still need a bright spark player, someone’s already said on here both Ribery and Robben are having serious problems at Bayern and could go on the ‘cheap’.
    We could have a punt at Cristian Tello or Thiago Alcantara whilst Barcelona are in a transition. I hear great things about Tello and both players are keen on more football.
    Add to that a couple of cheapo’s like Kalou and Hoillet and it will be the best summer ever as an Arsenal supporter….IF it happens. Not necessarily these players but of their ilk.
    For me Podolski, Vertonghen, M’Vila, Tello/Thiago/Ribery/Robben, Hoillet, Kalou represents a brilliant summer and at a total of £50ish Million (take off whatever we can make with sales of dross) it’s not out of our reach by any means.
    In fact £35 Million (Fabregas), (£25 Milion) Nasri would have been reinvested! Perfect.

  35. Cesc Appeal

    Walcott is leaving? Is this a solid rumour or just wishful thinking?
    Because we could seriously get £25 Million out of Liverpool! £5 Million away from Hazard territory!

  36. Lurch LeRouge


    Hope your right about Gerv, right now he’s little more than a squad player. For a forward of his age and pedigree I’m shocked at the lack of composure in front of goal.

    I know he played mostly on the right against Stoke but it had to be his worse performance this season. Dreadfull.

    With Ox and Poldi he’s not going to get many opportunitys to impress if he doesn’t hurry up.

  37. goondawg

    Arse&Nose© May 1, 2012 14:32:06

    Walcott is leaving, but who will stump up the cash to buy him?!


    According to whp? You?

  38. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Good afternoon grovers,

    Podolski’s signed (well done Pedders) and for me, that is a fantastic signing. You need different options to suit different situations. Podolski is direct, powerful and has played at every level in the game. A great option on the left or up top with van persie in behind…

    I agree with the sentiment we shouldn’t be on signings at this point with 3rd not wrapped up, but a favour from chelsea and bolton tonight will put us in pole position if we can get a result against norwich… We mustn’t get complacent now though and the news of signings can only alert the squad that some are playing for their futures. It should envoke a positive reaction.

    Vertrongen rumours are circulating and that is another top, top signing. Again, you need a squad that meshes different options and experience. I feel Arsene’s more recent squads are all very one dimensional and lack options when we have injuries. It’s definantly a move in the right direction.

    If we bring in Podolski and Vertrongen and can grab Giroud/M.Suarez, a back up keeper and a creative player in midfield (Hazard/Kagawa).. We’ll have improved the competition for places and have a good blend of youth an experience.

    I’d absolutely love M’Vila, but his price tag coupled with a central midfield overload doesn’t bode well for a quick move. It’d take a shift of dross to accomodate that and I don’t feel Wenger will bring him in with everyone still there.

    An ideal scenario;

    2nd GK

    Almunia, Fabianski & Mannone
    Benayoun (loan return)
    Ramsey, Frimpong, Afobe, Miyaichi, Campbell, Miguel, Shea (loan)


    GK: Szczesny/no.2/Martinez

    LB: Gibbs/Santos/Vertrongen
    CB: Koscielny/Vermaelen/Djourou
    CB: Mertesaker/Vertrongen
    RB: Sagna/Jenkinson/Coquelin

    DM: Song/Coquelin/Vermaelen
    CM: Wilshere/Arteta
    AM: Kagawa/Rosicky

    RWF: Walcott/Oxlade Chamberlain
    LWF: Podolski/Gervinho

    CF: V.Persie/Giroud/Podolski

    I’d be happy with that!

  39. goondawg

    Not as long as we get good cashflow exceeding the region of 20M with english talent ridiculously overpriced.. I think Ox is better, but I also like the idea of squad depth.

  40. Arse&Nose©

    walcott can go to liverpool for £25m

    trouble is I can’t shake off the feeling that he will turn good elsewhere.

  41. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Ebecilo and Ozyagup need some first team involvement during the summer friendlies otherwise they’ll look to move on. Wenger does like to hoard players..

    One thing i will say against Wenger is that the new u19 Champions league might make him sign minimal players and promote from within the reserve/youth team set up dependant on performances.. It does has unmitigated disaster written all over it…I’d be fearful of that if anything…

  42. Khalid Mahmood

    Walcott is leaving?

    I wish he was……sell him to the redneck (Kenny) for £25m and chuck a couple of quid on top and u get Hazard!!!!!!!!1

    I’m getting a nervous excitement/tingling feeling due to the Vertoghen rumours. He would be our 3rd choice CB. Mertsacker would be my 4th choice and Miquel 5th choice.

    Get shot of JD & Squillacci

  43. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    I’d keep Theo in all honesty….

    He’s starting to have a bigger impact in the bigger games, but he still is worryingly inconsistent. The final ball is marginally better, but with teams that sit deep and the ball at his feet, he looks clueless.

    He’s still best used as an impact sub or in a game where we will be given space in behind…

    I’m indifferent to him overall, but do want an english identity with Arsenal…

  44. gambon


    Ozyakup needs a season long loan, then its decision time, either put him in the squad or sell. I wouldnt mind at all if we just sold him now.

    As for Ebecilio, no way does he need first team games. He needs to prove himself at reserve level first.

    Ozyakup, Aneke have both shown they are amongst the best at this level, Ebecilio hasnt.

    As for the likes of Hoyte, Botelho, Eastmond, Watt, Wellington……they need to be moved on asap.

  45. gambon

    My thoughts on Theo are the same as on Gervinho/ Hoilett,

    We can bring in Hoilett at the expense of Theo/Gervinho and make shit loads of £££££.

  46. Arse&Nose©

    walcott in a team that plays to his strengths (long ball over the top in front of him) could be a regular scorer.

  47. gambon

    What about Walcott in straight swap for Suarez?

    Walcott is a liverpool fan, Suarez is to good to be 8th in the PL.

    VanPersie, Suarez & Podolski???


  48. Arse&Nose©

    Liverpool would never give up suarez
    but he is just the type of cunt to go on strike and force a move if someone can tempt him.

  49. Khalid Mahmood


    Ozyakup is a player I like…..a CM with good passing ability. But like you say he needs to go on loan for abt 2yrs because at present our CM options are Arteta & Wilshere… he’d have to wait or make Wenger notice him.

  50. andy

    Gambon wants racist at arsenal 😉 the rumour wasnt abt racist but mathias suarez from anderlecht

  51. Goon from BD

    I say keep Walcunt for another season but don’t give him a contract. If we do well next season then we should absolutely break the bank for Gotze to replace him and Gervinho if he is still shit. We need as many players who can get on the scoresheet as possible next season and too many changes in first team players won’t do us any good.

  52. goondawg

    People forget Walott is steadily improving, he has changed from the timid boy that first came from Southampton ranks, and his stats aren’t horrendous. It’s his overall play and ability to disappear in games that needs to be sorted. A stepover or two cant hurt either..

  53. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    Gervino was a shocking buy… yet again the cheap option was prefered by the club!…

  54. Arse&Nose©

    Walcotts stat’s make him look good but watch him in games and you’ll see how many moves breakdown due to his rubbish passing.

  55. chenks

    M’Vila would add something new – our current ‘holding’ MF, Song, tends to neglect his ‘holding’ job from time to time… That said, it would leave M’Vila, Arteta, Wilshere, Song, Ramsey and Rosicky, all fighting for three positions without mentioning, Coqelain, Frimpong, AOC, who can all play CM. You would have to expect another loan spell for Coqelain and Frimpong.

    Maybe a back-up GK would be a sensible purchase. An injury to Szczney is not something anyone wants, but if Almunia, or Fabianski were forced to play a sustained number of games we would have only ourselves to blame.

  56. goondawg

    I think Gervinho is like the opposite of Walcott, with that it’s his end product that lacks any productivity.. But I dont understand why people are so quick to get shot of him, he can beat his man, has pace and skill, I’m putting this less than impressive first year down to adaptation and getting a better feel of the Arsenal team, coincided with his crappy ACON campaign. I really thought we had a special player in his debut when he came and scored two quick fire goals. Pray that he returns to those goal scoring exploits. And doesn’t become a dud signing like Chamakh. Gerboue can play some form of Wengerball at least. Chamakh looks utterly hopeless judging from his multitude of 5 min cameos.

  57. Khalid Mahmood

    My conclusion after watching Walcott over the last few yrs is sell him…..he seems to be missing the final pieces of the jigsaw and he needs to leave Arsenal to a team which suits his strengths…….running into empty space

    from that money you could some serious money

  58. Josip Skoblar

    Yes, it’s too early to write Gervinho off. I saw him play fantastic football and scoring at Lille. His partnership with Hazard was good. He just seems to be low on confidence. True, he should have scored much more for us, but I like his trickery and he can beat his opponent. Theo can’t do that and we’ll never do that.

  59. Goon from BD

    chenks- Actually…M’vila is similar to Arteta with the potential to be better than him. A physically stronger Busquets.
    And Suarez is extremely talented but I think he is mentally ill. I don’t have any problem at all with him for diving(wish some of the fuckwits in our team would do this more….only RvP and Arteta go down easily at times to get fouls),handling the ball or whatever but biting players and calling r***** names is just mental. But not a bad idea to have a rapist, racist,Ballack slapper in the front three eh? 😛

  60. RCB

    BBK … yeah and what the fuck is podolski going to say to wenger when we get relegated next season.

  61. Khalid Mahmood

    I believe Gervinho has more in his locker than Walcott overall as a winger

    If we got shot of Walcott….I wouldn’t mind Gerv & Oxo rotating on the Right

    Podolski & Hazard on the left? 😉

  62. BillikenGooner

    2 must wins, for the team we’ve seen that last few seasons?

    I’m less than confident.

  63. Leedsgunner

    Hazard’s coming to Arsenal is as likely as AW announcing that he’s left his wife to marry Katie Price… it is never going to happen.

    From what the press reports say, as fabulously gifted he is as a player he seems to have a few attitude issues (ie. a prima donna) and which coach willingly takes it on? (I know Balotelli is a rare example). Despite scouting him extensively AW has dithered and delayed — the best chance of Hazard coming to Arsenal was two seasons ago when Hazard first began to really impress himself in Lille’s first team. He was ripe for the taking then. It’s too late, players these days are so easily turned by easy money offered by Man City and the like even if it means sitting on the bench…

  64. Pavlos Pavlidis

    I really hope mr Wenger has had a plan even since last summer. I mean buying ‘experienced’ players instead of upgrading younger players? I’ve had the feeling he did his best just to survive this season and boost the squad with some real quality this summer. If that’s the case I think we ‘re in for big surprizes this season. We will finish third with an incoplete squad. Imagin what we’ll do with a boosted one.. GO GUNNERS!

  65. SDE


    Arse & NoseWhat?! Harry’s annoyed at being the FA’s bitch? Why? I thought he liked dogs?

    ‘Arry does..Just of the female variety!!

  66. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    it was not the fa that led harry a dance, it was the media who went into a frenzy saying it was a certainy, harry reads the papers like you and i….he put two and two and together and got 5!

  67. SDE

    RSPC Arsenal

    harry reads the papers like you and i….he put two and two and together and got 5!


    But I thought, ‘Arry,could not read!!
    Then again,probably looked at pics of himself in a FA suit,in the papers&started dreaming of the job ahead..

    Levy&’Arry must be quite pissed right now..Probably blaming each other for ‘Arry not getting the Job..

    Expect a fallout from those two,anytime soon…

  68. Leedsgunner


    I know that ‘Arry admitted he wrote like a toddler — I wouldn’t be surprised if he couldn’t add either.

  69. sly nija gunner

    Robin’s Choco Leg SpecialMay 1, 2012 15:19:15
    I will add M’Vila 2 ur list of INS

    I totally agree with ur list of OUTS

    What is killing arsenal is the conflagration of dross Arsene ve inundated
    us with. this majorly are the offshoots of his malignant youth project syndrome

  70. Bergkamp63

    Hodgson = Nice bloke but Steve McClaren written all over it.

    No players coming out backing him either.

  71. SDE


    Hodgson = Nice bloke but Steve McClaren written all over it.No players coming out backing him either.

    What other choice,was there?

  72. Dan Ahern

    Hey there Grovers. This is fucking fantastic news.

    Who’s most critical to sign next? Should we show RvP another attack option (CAM?)? Bring in Tommy V’s buddy to show improvement all over the pitch? Go for the biggest name we can?

    I’m actually really excited to see who we sell, too.

  73. SDE


    In terms of an English Manager with an international & european track record?

    Steve Bruce?

    Alan Curbishley?

    Alan Pardew?

    Sam Allardyce?

    Harry”I can’t read,or write” Redknapp?

    Peter Taylor?

    Ray Wilkins?

    I think given the above list,Roy was the best choice..There was no alternative by a long stretch..

  74. Leedsgunner

    People are being unfair to Hodgson. He is a decent no nonsense manager who will do the job done without the cheeky chaapy banter and smile that ‘Arry lays for the press. Who cares if the players don’t back him as of yet? It’s not a popularity contest… I don’t care if people below me don’t like me — all that matters at the end of the day are the results. That was Ericksen/McClaren’s big mistake they were both so far up the players arses they couldn’t make the tough selection choices (based on form and and not reputation) and tough choices on tactics. England, overhyped, overblown, and in the face of decent opposition, run over. Give me club football any day.

  75. arsenal1886-2006


    Good to hear no players coming out and backing him, means they are shitting themselves over selection.
    No cosy little club with Hodgson, I think some people may be surprised.

  76. SDE

    Well either way,I think Glen Johnson is screwed,given his outburst on twitter about Roy,when he was sacked by liverpool…

    Heard Jimmy Bullard this morning,saying he was a good manager,but his training was boring..As they did the same things,over&over again..i.e.repetitive..

    Well,did not George Graham marshall his defensive with the same repetitive drills..And look how our team turned out under his regime..Winners…

    I for one,hope Roy does well..He is the man for the job @ this moment,given the paucity of english quality managers currently.

    Yeah,he might be old school..but overall he’s been consistent..Besides what other english manager has got an english club to a UEFA Club final,in recent history..

    Some folks have short memories..

  77. arsenal1886-2006

    Harry needed the England job to keep the Revenue off his back, they haven’t finished with him yet.

  78. Bergkamp63

    Roy Hodgson has certainly got more international experience than the rest of those managers but like McClaren, what has he done domestically ? Players tend to have more respect for their Managers if they were either legends as players or have proven themselve at the highest levels in Management.

    Who said it had to be English anyway ?

    I might have a short memory but not short enough to know that he bombed at the only 2 big clubs he has ever managed !!

  79. SDE

    Harry needed the England job to keep the Revenue off his back, they haven’t finished with him yet.

    Whether it’s a joke intended,or not..I can believe your comment..
    Oh levy,will be having a few irons in his fire,whilst ‘Arry watches over his shoulder nervously…

    CL for ‘Arry this year..?

    Oh how the chickens have come home to roost..
    The cockerel at white lane will be crowing loudly more than ever ,come the end of this season,if they fail to make CL…

    As usual the Spuds will implode..more so if Chelski win the CL& Spuds finish 4th..

  80. SDE


    I wasn’t implying you had a short memory..
    That was directed at the peeps,that believe Roy was the wrong appointment..

    Secondly, I was in full agreement with what you said in your earlier comment..

    Thirdly,I was saying english,as we were led to believe that the FA were simply looking at english managers,given the countries sentiment to all things foreign,with regards to the national coaches position.

    Left to me,I would have picked the best man for the job,irrespective of nationality..

    But within the FA’s criteria of looking at a core english group of english managers,if that is to be believed.Then Roy was the best man for the job..

  81. SDE

    “Glen Hoddle was not on that list ?”

    He was on my thoughts to include in the list..

    But did not think,the FA would sanction such an appointment..
    In terms of going back to re-appoint a former manager..
    As they are always talking about going/looking forward..not looking back..

    To be fair,I would have “considered him for the role”,given that I believe he might have learnt from his lessons of yesteryear..

    His problem,I believe was arrogance & man management..
    Tactically he seemed to be up there..

    But apart from his soccer school in spain& punditry,he’s been of the radar for sometime in the management game..

  82. Josip Skoblar

    Auclair is not the right pundit for Arsenal… Pretentious chap who gets it wrong so often. 🙂

  83. Bergkamp63


    Personally I think the FA have made another mistake (they are very good at that), the job should have gone to Harry. The likes of Rooney came straight out with voice of support for him which speaks volumes and for all his faults (can’t use e-mail, Text messaging, phone, pen & paper), he does magage to get the best out of what he get put in front of him ?

    I think he blotted his copybook over the tax issue plus he did not do himself any favours shortly after one of their losses (to Everton ?) in an after match intervies which would not have gone down well.

    If he had to be English Alan Pardew has done better than him domestically but maybe too young for the old farts at the FA (Farts Association !!)

  84. frenchie


    hence my “hmmm?” he does refer us to andy brassell’s tl. i would view that, but droid o/s is a cunt with all things twitter.

  85. Josip Skoblar

    Apparently, ‘arry didn’t get the job because his missus did want to go and live in the Midlands. She wanted to move out of their luxury mansion in Bournemouth. Fair enough, Mrs Redknapp.

  86. arsenal1886-2006

    I heard that Rosie Redknapp is mortgaged to the hilt and the bank refused another extension.

  87. SDE

    If he had to be English Alan Pardew has done better than him domestically but maybe too young for the old farts at the FA (Farts Association !!)

    In terms of Pardew..To be fair,I think people’s assessment of him is based on this season..Which I believe is a flash in the pan..An outlier..Next season I believe he will struggle to maintain this year’s achievements,one way or another..

    But if you look at his record at Charlton& West Ham
    Games 90
    Won 28
    Drawn 26
    Lost 36
    Winning ratio;31.11%

    @West Ham (with Tevez & Mascherano)
    Games 163
    Won 67
    Drawn 38
    Lost 58
    Winning ration 41.10%

    Compared with Roy of the Rovers

    Games 110
    Won 68
    Lost 14
    Winning ratio:61.82%

    Games 41
    Won 21
    Lost 10
    Drawn 10
    Winning ratio:51.22%

    Inter Milan(’95-’97)
    Games 86
    Won 38
    Lost 25
    Drawn 23
    Winning ratio:44.19%

    In total when you take Pardew’s winning ratio over all the other clubs he’s managed..his winning ratio is somewhat 42.86%..
    Mindful of the fact,there’s no european,or intl pedigree/experience..

    Compared with Roy’s 43.04% winning ratio over all the clubs he’s managed..

    Factor in,Roy’s european cup finals with fulham 2010, inter milan 1997
    & his international management..I think he edges it for me..

    His stats might not be overwhelming,but it stands out in light of the available english competition..

  88. SDE


    & Harry’s Stats@ west ham read:

    Games 327
    Won 121
    Drawn 121
    Lost 85

    Winning ratio: 37%

    Given he has managed mediocre clubs,(i.e. Bournemouth,Southampton,Portsmouth)
    with maybe the exception of spuds,his winning ration reads..40.76%

    With no international managerial experience& no forays into UEFA Cup Finals like Roy..Just on Harry’s stats only,
    it’s not really that impressive…

    And let’s not forget the huge outlay of funds Harry has had to invest vs Roy..And what Harry has returned in terms of his investments..

    I think it will need more of Harry’s silver tongue & perceived man management to convince me-Harry is the man for the job!!

  89. Dan Ahern

    arsenal1886-2006May 1, 2012 19:04:18
    I heard that Rosie Redknapp is mortgaged to the hilt and the bank refused another extension.


    This just in: Redknapp turned down after stipulating that if he were to take the job, Rosie Redknapp must be in change of all England’s transfer activity.
    “Honest, she does a triffic job with the books.”
    –“Harry, you realize there are no transfers when it comes to the national team.”
    “Great bunch of lads, that. But I’m 2 away from a championship, you’ve just got to give me the funds.”
    –“…Thanks very much, we’ll let you know.

  90. Stu

    Great news abot Podolski. I just hope he isnt being brought in to replace VP obviously.

    Got a txt this morning saying that Vertonghen said we have made a bid for him. Nothing on sky about it, any links to that story going?

  91. zeus

    Hahaha. Mvila attacked a 17 year old man.

    Why do the press always call teenagers adults. My parents were still responsible for my survival when I was 20.

    Woy the new boss, Redknapp screwed.

  92. arsenal1886-2006

    Dan Ahern.
    I know they are jokes but they also show ‘arry for what he is. The media love him because he is a soundbite manager, he gives the press what they want.
    Feed the dogs and they won’t bite you.

  93. zeus

    Hahahaha. Stuart Pearce.

    What is funny is his bigging himself up, beating his chest, ‘Wenger can’t veto my decision to pick Jack Wilshere.’

    Where are you now Pearce. Idiot.