Lukas Podolski: An early sign times are changing at Arsenal | More to follow?

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Good morning Grovers! I’m in jubilant mood this morning because Arsenal have satisfied my lust for new players well before the transfer window opens. Superb eh? An actual signing… before June 1st. Are we learning lessons or are we bracing the fans for a departure? I think we’re learning lessons… get your business done early. Show the rest of the squad you mean business and actually build the club up again.

Lukas Podolski is a superb signing on many levels. Firstly, it’s not often we buy a forward with goal scoring pedigree. Generally, Arsene Wenger picks his strikers based on physical attributes, then technical attributes… then we pray to the footballing goods they learn how to find the net. Sometimes it works… Thierry Henry and Adebayor spring to mind. Other times, it completley bombs. Chamakh and Kaba Diawara certainly drop into the latter category. Wenger had this to say on his new man…

‘We are delighted to secure the deal for Lukas and see him as an important part of our future. He is a top-class player, a very good finisher and a proven performer at club and international level. He is a very strong player and will provide us with good attacking options.’

Podolski comes with pedrigree. He can play centrally and he can play on the left. He’s powerful and he’s very fast. He’s not a tricky skillful wideman. He’s someone who represents brute force. He’d rather take the straight line than the dancing into space route someone like Messi takes. He’s a German Gareth Bale. Except hopefully he’ll score more goals, stay on his feet a bit more and obvioulsy he’ll be playing for us next season as well… Gareth probably won’t be for Spurs. So not too many similarities!

An injection of quality like Lukas will boost team morale, increase competition and give us more depth. His stats are very impressive as well. In the last two seasons for Cologne he’s played 63 times, scored 33 goals and bagged 13 assists. Even for Bayern Munich, a team everyone said he tanked at, he managed 32 games in his last two seasons, scored 19 and landed 12 assists. In 60 appearances over two seasons Theo has managed 22 goals and 16 assists.

Hopefully his arrival is a signal to the fans that the rumours this year are not to entice us into handing over our hard earned cash for another year of mediocrity. When I was told way back in Jan that we’d be making two signings from Germany and we’d be making a big move in France it looks like part of that has been complete.

Who is the big name from France? I have my doubts it’s Hazard. Question now is whether we have the clout to take M’Vila from Rennes against the competition of Inter Milan and Bayern Munich. You’d have to imagine than our French connection and the bright lights of London would sway a 21 year old Frenchman that London was the best place to be for his career and development. If we tie up that deal sharpish,  I’d feel 100% more confident about the summer. I still think we’ll snare Hoilett and I wouldn’t be shocked if we snapped up Kalou and Holtby. All we’d be missing then would be a top quality creator.

They exist out there. Marvin Martin seems to have gone right off the boil this season but we knew there was interest there last year. You’ve got Eden Hazard ripping it up with Lille still (14 assists and loads of goals), though he is more of a wideman. Eriksen of Ajax looks very gifted but his stats don’t impress hugely this season. Valbuena of Marseille has 11 assists, at 27, he’d be of the right age. There is also Giroud who has weighed in with 8 assists of his own! Pretty damn good… even though he’s a forward.

Anyway, the point is this. There are players out there at the right price if you’re looking in the right places and you have the desire. Doing your business early is a possibility as well. It’s nice to see we’re making the right moves now… let’s keep the momentum going this summer. Well played Arsene and Ivan.

So… who’d be on your shopping list this summer?

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P.P.S. I’d talk about last nights United vs City game but it was such a let down, I can’t be arsed. Watching Fergie lose his rag late on was pretty funny… what a petulant brat of a man he is.

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  1. Bush Gooner

    We need to cement 3rd spot before we can lure players to us with guaranteed CL football. Had we cemented third spot 2 weeks ago I think that we would be more active in the market IMO.

  2. andy

    I am Austrian and to be honest I never liked podolski – but he is effecient – that´s his main strength. he doesn´t handle the ball really well at times and he prefers to stay forward instead of running back. but he has the best left foot in Germany so … good signing all in all.
    I still think we have a chance of signing belhanda of montepellier. he´s really good. although it´s the same here like with many other players from french – you don´t know what you get if you buy them. you can buy them on the cheap and get a great one but you can also buy them on high costs and get completely sh*t. that´s the bad thing about buying in less good leagues like france – you never know what you get. that´s the reason it´s better to buy from germany as you know there´s a certain level

  3. Big Mitch

    Would love to see M’Vila come in and a decent replacement at full back. In my opinion we shouldn’t have got rid of Eboué, never thought I’d say that! I also think Gervinho needs to step up to the mark, been disappointed with him tbh this year. Get Jack back fit and we’ve got an exciting looking team.

  4. Pete

    Kagawa would be the prefect for Arsenal, he can play on the left and is creative enough to play behind RVP. Would be gutted if we don’t go for him.

  5. Muniain for Arsenal

    Kagawa would be the prefect player for Arsenal, he can play on the left and is creative enough to play behind RVP. Would be gutted if we don’t go for him.

  6. andy

    geoff hoilett would be a great signing IMO. he is talented, he has shown he is capable of playing at a certain level in england, he will join on a free and he won´t be too unhappy to sit on the bench quiet often … kalou – I am with you here. hope not

  7. Bush Gooner

    Wenger will get them for 10M. Thats his mindset.
    We should not be looking at these players if we want to mount a serious challenge next season.

  8. Crazy

    Podolski, Vertonghen, M’vila, Belhanda, + a striker and Joel Campbell returning. That would be amazing

  9. Albo

    In terms of a creator, we could actually do worse than some of the EPL guys. Cabaye, Hoilett, and Sigurdson all look capable of stepping up a pay grade or 2 to me…

    John Cross seemed pretty confident we would get Vertonghen to replace Squillaci which would be fantastic business.

    Talk on twitter is that RvP might see out his contract. Have to say, of the 3 options (he signs, he leaves or he sees out his contract) that’s the second best as far as I’m concerned. He’s 29 and in his final year so resale value isn’t going to be huge. He’s more important to us on and off the pitch than the money we would get for him IMO…

  10. AfricanGonner

    I wud luv it if we got belhanda/Sessegnon & Mvila, we dnt need Vertonghen,we hve enuf defenders. wat we need is a defence coach to drill them(NoHomo).
    i really think we cud win the league n a cup if Wenger wud just spend wisely.
    Eriksen has 8 goals n 20 assists HOW IS DAT NOT IMPRESSIVE???

  11. Muniain for Arsenal

    Our only realistic chance of getting Belhanda is this summer because every big club will be after him next season. Hopefully Wenger won’t make the same mistake he made with Hazard.

  12. Sadam Mahessar

    I think one of Kagawa and Eriksen will come to us, the other would go to United. They are both England bound for sure.

    M’Vila and Vertonghen are Arsenal bound to say the least.

    Oliver Giroud is a player I would love watching in the Arsenal jersey.

    Hoilett and Kalou, please NO. I hope Wenger has learned his lesson well.

  13. steemo

    Podolski is a great signing. I have a hard time believing we will shell out cash for the likes of Hazard and M’Villa. I think Fellaini would be a decent signing. Has premier league experience is a beast in the middle of the park and could probably teach Song a thing or two, and his height would be a welcome addition during set pieces…..but he as well may cost too much as he recently resigned. Capoue or Sissoko from Tolouse wouldn’t surprise me as likely signings. Kagawa would be a solid creative signing, but again can’t see us getting into a bidding war so we will likely opt for Gourcuff and pray Wenger can resurrect his career. Vertonghen would be ideal for Wenger as he could play all over the back and we all know how tickled Wenger gets playing a player out of position.

  14. Sadam Mahessar

    African Gooner

    Vertonghen provides cover and great competition for places in the squad, will bring out the best from Kos and Verm too, and I am pretty sure he will start at least 19 of PL games. He is absolutely massive at set pieces too and we all know Verm and Mert are injury prone, Vertonghen and Kozzer can form a great partnership with M’Vila shielding them.

  15. Pollux

    Yes! More of podolski pedigree type of players! Not just average players who will be contented to warm the bench with fat wages. So fuck off with the Kalou and hoilet would be drosses. Author is completely mad to suggest this. We definitely need a utility player to cover for injuries. Vertonghen will be really ideal. If fabianski and mannone are leaving, we need a backup keeper as well. I don’t see why we will go for a playmaker. Wilshere is penciled in for this role and he will alternate this role with rocky next season. Looking forward to next season but 1st, maximum pts from next 2 games to ensure CL participation.

  16. useroz

    As much as signing top players, we must rid of deadwood to free up the cash and set the right expectation…no mental strengths because there’s no need for it …just look at how much we pay the dross!!

  17. bankz

    kagawa would be perfect as an AMF.he has stalled on his ccontract negotiations so that could be the motivation we need to get him…get some of the guys on loan back(Campbell& Miyachi);get M’vila & Vertoghen,,Holiet on a free & we are good enough for the campaign next season.

  18. Sadam Mahessar

    And also the thing with Santos, Arteta, Podolski and now hopefully Vertonghen is that they all want to play for Arsenal rather than money, they have massive respect for the club and fans, are experienced and very solid in what they do.

    We all know we would rather have Arteta than Nasri from last season because he at least wants to be here, respects the shirt and gives it his all for the 90 minutes he is on the pitch, he doesn’t take anything for granted.

  19. Leedsgunner

    Heard snippets of the so called “big” game yesterday and I could not help thinking how many potential Arsenal targets there were on the pitch last night…

    Yaya Toure – wasn’t he on trial when he was 18 or something? I believe he wanted to come here but we couldn’t sort out his work permit situation quick enough so he became impatient and left for someone else. What an absolute monster he was last night. The Toure brothers could have been legends at our club.

    V. Kompany – I think he was being scouted around at the same time we were scouting… wait for it, the defensive maestro that is Johann “I must learn from my mistakes” Djourou. Not the best day at the office for our scouting staff. Another star name to add to the “Could have” list with C. Ronaldo, Y. Toure and most likely Eden Hazard. A Belgian as well, we should have grabbed him and the Verminator as a duo. Imagine that…

    Phil Jones – we offered 8M, Blackburn wanted 10M. Ok he didn’t have the best game last night but what a prospect much better than the forementioned Johann and much more perferable to Squillaci, the water boy (wven if it is evian).

    Ashley Young – self-confessed Arsenal fan. A diver admitted but I see him as a Theo Walcott with more of an end product, and less ego.

    Samir Nasri – I hate him but he is the creative player that we so need right now it’s unreal. Money grabbing turd, but a turd with a footballing brain. Would he have stayed if he felt he wasn’t the star of the team but in more of a balanced squad? Probably.

    I hate the thought of him gloating over AFC if he wins the league with City. The most arrogant bench warmer this side of Paris.

  20. Arse&Nose©

    Nasri was briliant at keeping the ball yesterday, but never finished his chances when he could score.
    He hasn’t become a better player at city, but his flaws are less obvious because he is surrounded by better players.

  21. JasonE17

    If we get Vertonghen and M’Vila on top of already having got Podolski and if we can keep RVP, that would provide us with a core of Chesney, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Vertonghen, Mertesacker, Sagna, Song, M’Vila, Wilshere, Arteta, RVP, Podolski in the squad. If we can get in someone a bit more creative for the midfield, together with the likes of Rosicky, Oxo, Ryo, Gervinho, Walcott. How can we not challenge for titles and trophies? Do that Arsene and ship out the dross then we will be back to the glory days!!!

  22. AfricanGonner

    Sadam Mahessar

    Wen u put it like dat then i agree with u,but i hve a sneeky feelin Barca wil b in for him coz they dnt hve any def except Pique n Puyol. I wud rather get a creative mid coz we dnt hve a playa who puts up big numbers in terms of assists, Rosicky doesnt do dat even though he has been playin well n Wilshere is more of a deep playmaker like Alonso n Arteta. belhanda/Sessegnon r both gud dribblers wit an eye 4 a pass, wit RvP’s intelligent runs we cud hve a great attach. with M’Vila protectin the def.

  23. Josip Skoblar

    Valbuena, no thanks, I never liked him. I am more and more impressed by the Giroud boy. He scores great goals and he is also a poacher. Great technique and he has the physicality which is suited to the English game.

  24. leon

    sorry but i smell a rat i just get the feeling that he got this new player only in the hope that rvp will sign a new contract early and if he does i highly suspect that if rvp does a new contract early any more signings will not happen

  25. Leedsgunner

    All well andbringing in new signings but the deadwood has to go… easier said than dome thanks to the “wonderful” contracts most of the deadwood are on — with no thanks to the legal team at the People’s Republic of Arsenal. Well done to the legal staff. That what happens when you draft contracts after reading “Sports Contracts for dummies.”

  26. Muniain for Arsenal

    DarrenArsenal1 on twitter is quite certain that we’re after Erkisen, would be one of Wenger’s best ever signings if it does happen.

  27. Bush Gooner

    If we get rid of the dross and reinvest the cash we can get at least 5 quality players. So the likes of signing Ericsson, Giroud, M’villa, Vertogen and Hazzard may not be a remote impossibility, but that all depends on Wenger and how ambitious he is.

  28. Josip Skoblar

    RTBF radio (Belgium) announced this morning that Eden Hazard had firmly decided to come to England next season. So that definitely rules out Juve, Inter, Real and Barca. Good! The sports commentator said that only 3 clubs could possibly sign him: City, ManU and… us.

  29. Big Dave

    Watched Hazard play the other night , he is quality shame he is off to City most likely .

    Pleased with Podolski, but not at the expence of Rvp.

    Is Vert next on the list

  30. AfricanGonner


    If Heskey n Bridge can stil get contract offers im sure our dross can get sumthin sumwhere, problem wil b the wages.

  31. skandibird

    AfricanGonner; what’s this problem with writing your comments as if you’re sending a text?

    Anyway, everyone, stop this ‘love in’ about Kagawa, he will not sign for Arsenal, if any PL team it will be for ManUre everyone knows that. The word on the ‘street’ is that AFC are likely to sign ; M’Vila, Verthongen and Lewis Holtby but no others have been mentioned. Would most be happy with them?

  32. Leedsgunner

    It’s amazing how one definite signing convinces some on here that all is great at Arsenal. Have you seen the League table table lately? Seventeen points behind the league leaders…. and with nothing in the trophy cabinet again. Let me repeat that, nothing again.

    Arsene always says “Judge him in May” doesn’t he? Well it’s May 1… and well Arsene what have you achieve this year? Nothing. Granted we are not 17th in the league like in August 2011 but what do you want, a trophy for pullung us out of the gutter that we shouldn’t have been in the first place? Ok, well done Arsene. That’s your trophy. Pathetic. Some people are so easily pleased and forget so quickly it’s unbelieveable. We are the Arsenal. WE DESRVE, NO WE DEMAND BETTER THAN THIRD.

  33. Greenmount Gooner

    Pedro 9:36
    Greenmount Gooner, we don’t abuse each other on here. It stops people dropping comments.

    Fair enough, although ol sausage does seem to abuse everyone on here who disagrees with him. I just thought I’d try to even things up a bit.

  34. andy

    josip – be realistic. hazard won´t join us … he will get 200+ at city, 150+ at utd and 80-100 at arsenal. he will join city

  35. Ian Selley

    M’Villa just has the sort of face we need. Facially he is a winner!

    He looks tough and uncomprimising, not the sort of chap to dish out hugs and dance moves on a football pitch. Lets just make sure we get him.

    Oh, and Vertonghen

  36. cashmoe



  37. Wavy

    What if that’s it? Just P odolski!
    The excuse being ‘We tried and tried. but we just couldn’t get anyone else to sign.’ – Sound familiar?

    However, I believe Vetonghen is another ‘done deal’ but everything is on hold until the end of the season – AND we have secured a Champs League place, mmmm?

    The french connection – well who knows – could be Le Frog or Hazard or M’Villa or Sarcozy!! Le Chef will surprise us all!! Does that sound familiar, too?

  38. Sadam Mahessar

    Strong news coming on Vertonghen front from twatter.

    African Gooner

    Barcelona aren’t in for him, their manager is set to leave so I don’t see them doing any harm to our business the way we are doing it right now.

  39. gary

    Leeds gooner where did you expect us to be in may, winning the league? cause that aint gonna happen next year or the year after cause the money, city, chelsea and manu have spent and will spend means its very unlikely. Me personally, if we can mount a challenge i’ll be more than happy. I’ve said it before we’re not going to spend 30 mill on a player whether wenger or pep or whoever is in charge

  40. goondawg

    Is it likely that Arsenal will double swoop Ajax for two of its star players in Eriksen andVertonghen. I can see why Wenger would be in for the young dane though, prefect age and good range of passing, he’s a sucker for a player like that, especially now Ramsey’s gone off the boil. Add in M’vila, and let’s not forget Wilshere to return from injury. We have a good foundation to work on.

    Also lol at the first two comments on that armchair piece.

  41. Sadam Mahessar

    Ajax will see a mass exodus from the club, Van der Wiel has been allowed to talk to Chelsea.

    Erikssen and Vertonghen very likely to be at the Emirates in 2012-2013

  42. nishanth

    3 signings
    Experienced Keeper-Sorensen/ Jaaskelainen
    Striker-Dempsey and promote Afobe
    Midfield- Capoue/Mvila/Nzonzi

  43. bayo

    Arsenal does not need the bulk load of players people mention. If we have vertoghen, Mvia coupled with podolski we are good to go. We have some other good players to complement them.

  44. gambon

    Podolski for me is close to the perfect signing.

    A proven striker, perfect age, and not someone that will just sit waiting for RVP to get injured.

    He is good enough to play instead of RVP and versatile enough to play with him. He is also an enormous improvement on Gervinho & Walcott.

    HOWEVER…….our recent signings have all been good players at the right age (Mertesacker, Arteta, Benayoun, Podolski) none of them are superstar “marquee” players (Think Toure & Kompany).

    Now we need a couple of these kind of guys to support RVP.

    FINALLY………….Its officially time to rejoice the death of Wengers crazy project youth.

  45. gambon


    Vertonghen, Podolski & MVila and we’re “good to go”?

    What does good to go mean?

    Finishing 3rd or 4th again? Thats not “good to go” at all.

  46. bankz

    Leedsgunner…….there’s something called “picking out the positives”……We ‘ve signed a top player,lets celebrate that & hope for the best..We are 3rd on the EPL log,lets try & build on that…we could as well have been 6th or 7th behind Chelsea but we arent….I’m pretty sure Wenger knows his time is fast ticking & would do everything to finish off his Arsenal race on the high..he would get more players..
    Just for the records,Nasri & Cesc wanted out…I still Wenger for that coz he hoped they would change their minds just like we all hoped & still hope even RVP changes his…they left late & getting replacements were difficult and that resulted in a disastrous start to the season…that is one thing I’m optimistic about not happening again… please be a lil’ bit more optismistic.

  47. cashmoe

    @ Gambon

    i support u on the marquee signing bit


  48. Bade

    I’m not holding my breath Pedro, at the moment at least

    Last season we wrapped up the Gerv deal quite soon (no so soon though), and we had the OX as well, then…… We all remember what happened

    I truly share the hope that this signing is about a change of policy (more true, going back to roots policy), but the way our club acted each summer, prevents me from cheering or hoping too much

    We have a little time between end of the season and the Euro to sort our squad out

    Don’t be ridiculous to think that we will be able to make any signings of note after the Euro, the mega inflation expected wou

  49. Bade

    *Don’t be ridiculous to think that we will be able to make any signings of note after the Euro, the mega inflation expected would hamper us

  50. lee

    Does any1 agree that gervinho is just another chamakh, a year from now and he probably won’t have scored anymore goals. And to think of the time , money, and effort it took to sign him. I’m not sure I trust wengers judgement on signings anymore

  51. Adam

    LeedsGunner, AW manages the budget on players. That is well known. The lawyers document a contract but they do not say what the player earns. Like when you buy a house. You get the lawyer to make sure the transfer happens but the lawyer does not get involved in the price.

    Also, in relation to your previous post, you name some good names and you could add some more ( Ronaldo is jot a bad example) but all of the top quality young players have every club looking at them – the fact is that we have not been able to compete in the transfer market over the past few years with the stadium build.

    Whatni hope is that we have turned the corner in terms of debt vs cash and can compete against other clubs (except City and Chelsea of course), but I suspect that thrill be no dramatic change – just a slight one. Realistically, we are not going to enter the 25 million range.

    I think Podolski, RVP, Walcott must scare the shit out of any team. I don’t see any change to our back four but maybe Vertonghen to replace Squillaci and push JD to 5th choice. Even that I fear is doubtful.

    Sorry but Song is too good to be pushed to the bench, and m’Vila is too expensive to buy for the bench… Arteta, Wilshere? M’Vila will not happen.

    Attacking mid.?. Wilshere has never played there at senior level and after his injury, too risky. So maybe, Rosicky keeps the gig for one more year and see whether Ramsey and Wishere make the step, or we add one in this position. I would add, though that is hard on Rosicky after his year.

    So any purchases are really likely to be at squad level. Maybe a striker but it will only be at Kalou level because he will not see much playing time. Or Benndtner back as third choice (LuLu on the left or in place of RVP as second choice)? A second keeper we need, so there is a possibility – back in for Schwarzer?

    if Arshavin goes (i think he will) and OxlAde is sent on loan to get game time (i think he should to Southampton) then another Benayoun type loan deal might happen.

    I doubt much else will come, or is required.

  52. Ricky

    About bloody time to!

    Who was it at arsenal that said we can’t buy players before the window opens? Wasn’t it arsene himself? & all the akb’s jumped on the bandwagon but to be once again proven wrong.

    My interest now is to see what formation we will play with LP. I hope he doesn’t put him in that arshavin role on the left cos there he will be heading down the the same route as the Russian.

    Hopefully we can bag vertonghen, a creative midfielder like hazard & maybe a good solid LB that can stay fit & defend.

  53. DarMaestro The Gooner

    I’ve got a feeling that Podolski is going to be a cult hero at the Emirates. The guy is top-class. Now Arsene needs to get players like Hazard, Kagawa, Sessegnon, Hoilett etc to really give us a better attacking MF option bcos Arteta, Song, and Wilshere play a bit deeper. We also need to get rid of the mediocre and pretty awful players; the likes of Squillaci, Diaby, Chamakh, Djourou, Almunia have no place in a new and improved Arsenal side.

  54. cashmoe

    @ SABEEL


    from a “slow connection”?

  55. gambon


    Yep, Eisfield, and that will always happen.

    However, when you look at:

    Santos (29)
    Mertesacker (26)
    Arteta (29)
    Benayoun (31)
    Podolski (27)

    We are bringing in players of the perfect age and experience.

    We just need a couple of Yaya level players, and some defensive coaching to take us the next step.

  56. Bush Gooner

    Arsenal does not need the bulk load of players people mention. If we have vertoghen, Mvia coupled with podolski we are good to go. We have some other good players to complement them.
    I hear that but what about the dross that we will have to replace like Bedntner, Park, Squillachi, Denilson, Vela, Landsbury, Almunia, Chamakh, Diaby, Arshavin? That is 10 players that can free up a large chunk of cash for us to bring in at least 6 quality players including Vert, M’villa, podolski and I agree that the rest of the squad will be able to compliment each other .

  57. Leedsgunner


    I expect what every Gooner should want from Arsenal at the every season… the best from the team. If one accepts mediocrity as the norm one can always find excuses to make that the new standard to shoot for. Sure Man City and Man United have spent more than us. That can either be an excuse to accept mediocrity or the motivatoin to change and make things better. I’m noit asking for our cluib to spend billions to compete. What I’m asking for is the club to spend the money it has and the resources it has so that we can compete.

    Let’s get rid of the deadwood so that we can spend the big money we need to to get top players in terms of transfers and wages. We are nowhere ruthless enough. What are Almunia, Denilson, Bendtner, Vela, Maannone, Chamakh, and Diaby for just a selection doing on our books? THey should have been shipped out long ago. Their continual presence says we tolerate mediocrity. For all his faults Rednose would have had them out ages ago. We are not ruthless enough.

    Let’s revamp our scouting structure so that we can pick up good fresh talent like Demba Ba, or Papa Cisse or Clint Dempsey on the cheap. I know hinsight is a wonderful thing but I thought we had the best scouting system in the world? I thought we were the masters of the French market? Why then did Newcastle steal a march on us? Answer? Complacency and indecisiveness.

    Imagine what a difference Cisse/Ba’s goals would have made to all those games we lost and drew. Imagine if we brought on Ba (instead of Park and Chamakh) in the second leg of the Champions’ League against AC Milan when we needed to score another goal to push the game to extra time and penalties? We could’ve won the game!

    Wecan accept that we are no better than third, throw up our hands at Man U and Man City and concede the title to them every year in September.., blaming their money as an excuse. If that is to be, why bother at all trying?

    I’ll tell my boy, “Losers look for excuses. Winners search for solutions.” Why can’t I expect the same from the team that I love?

  58. Sadam Mahessar


    I think Podolski is up there as one of the marquee signings if you ask me, he has huge respect from the footballing world, its not only the AFC fans that are excited to see him in the Premier League, I have been talking to my friends who are all fans of Chelsea, United, Everton and they believe he will bring something new to Arsenal and the league. German players are always exciting, direct, fit and strong in combats.

    Even Vertonghen in my opinion is a marquee signing, host of clubs were after him, people around Europe rate him higher than Vermalaen, and that’s saying something.

    M’Vila will be a bigger signing than Podolski and Vertonghen, not because of the quality, but because of the money we invest in him which would seriously send out a huge message to our competitors around England and Europe.

  59. BOOZY

    why can’t arsenal fight for hazard?

    why cant we offer him 150k per week and persuade him that arsenal suites him better.

    why cant we get kagawa, vertoghen while are at it.

    wenger should know that this would be his last season.

  60. cashmoe

    @ adam realy good analysis der

    maybe mvila so we can move song up the field ?


  61. Leedsgunner


    I note your points, and appreciate them. Thanks for telling me what lawyers do. Where were you when I needed you? You could ahve saved me a packet. Sorry for all the negativity in my posts today… so disappointed and annoyed that we’ve come to May and there’s nothing to show for it.

    I guess I’m still a bit raw about what what my little lad of 4 said to me last night. He said he wanted a Man U shirt. When I asked him why? He said they win things. When I asked him why not an Arsenal one. He said his friends tell him that they don’t win things anymore. (and, no he’s not getting a Man U shirt… I don’t believe in child abuse.)

  62. AfricanGonner

    Many reports “on twitter” that Arsenal have agreed fee 4 Vertonghen . Great signing if true,but i dnt trust twitter rumours,always sellin dreams.

  63. gambon


    We can of course get Hazard. Now heres the problem…..if we get him it would mean:

    – Giving up on Diaby
    – Shifting deadwood like Denilson, Squillaci
    – Cutting down the number of kids (also known as deciding who is better out of Coquelin/Frimpong, Campbell/Afobe, Gervinho/Walcott)

    Any other club would MUCH rather have Hazard than 10 overpayed kids, however Arsene is a different kettle of fish.

  64. LiLJackDub

    A Very Good Signing to help the offense indeed! Now let’s spend the rest of our summer and money fixing the defense please.

  65. Lurch LeRouge

    good read,

    ditto on Kalou, we’ve enough frustration with Gerboue and TW14. Hoilett or Moses yeah possibly maybe cause their younguns, think I’d rather a brit though to meet the HG regulations.

    I would like Yossi tied down and Diaby delisted before we get too ahead of ourselves.

  66. gambon


    Hoilett is “home grown”

    I would get him to replace Gervinho.

    Makes perfect sense. Hes better than Gervinho and free so we get a better player and make c£10m out of the deal.

  67. Bush Gooner

    why can’t arsenal fight for hazard?why cant we offer him 150k per week and persuade him that arsenal suites him better.why cant we get kagawa, vertoghen while are at it.wenger should know that this would be his last season.
    Its called lack of ambition. Hazzard would be a good signing but I would question his motives as well. He could stay with us and have a blinding 2 seasons then we all know that the Barca’s and the Citeh and the Madrids will be tapping him up. Then next thing he is gone.

  68. Gooby


    I think this squad has it all, pace, power, character and creativity. Still believe wilshere will be moved up the field at some point because he’s too good .

    If we throw hazard in the mix we will be very hard to beat next season, but i don’t believe we will

  69. BOOZY

    matiaz suarez is the cheaper option.
    gonzalo higuain
    edin dzeko

    And a masterstroke wenger could pull would be taking kevin gamiero from psg, he’s had a torrid season, and is not liked by ancelotti, he could come to arsenal to become our own luiz suarez.

  70. Moray

    Hey, does anyone have news about ticketing for the summer tour in Hong Kong? Has anything been finalised yet? I fancy going to see the shiny new team with all the new world class signings…

  71. Josip Skoblar

    Bush Gooner
    I’d rather have Hazard two seasons at our club than no season at all. We would not lose any money with him.

  72. gambon


    Hes much better than Gervinho.

    Im not his biggest fan, but the deal is a great bit of opportunism. Better player,younger player and serious profit on the deal.

    If wenger isnt thinking of doing this deal hes quite fankly an idiot.

  73. BOOZY

    – Giving up on Diaby
    – Shifting deadwood like Denilson, Squillaci
    – Cutting down the number of kids (also known as deciding who is better out of Coquelin/Frimpong, Campbell/Afobe, Gervinho/Walcott)

    this would do more than enough to secure his services, i don’t know why we sound like idiots when we make suggestions like this – as if there is something else we don’t know.

  74. BOOZY

    i’d definitely take hoilett – very good squad player, can play on either side of the striker, or behind the striker, highly technical and industrious, and for the first time we have a free player who is actually good.

    people forget tevez and mascherano once played for westham.

  75. Lurch LeRouge


    I know what you mean with Hoilett, he’s guilty of vanishing regularly but theres a degree of that which we can factor to the simple fact that the rovers are shit. The other degree is age and he doesn’t have much competition for a starting berth.

    I’ll stick my neck out and recon he’s capable of matching Valencia under the right manager.

  76. gambon

    Our squad is clearly big enough, its all about replacing players with better.

    Park/Vela………………Walcott (See what I did there)

  77. gary

    Leeds Gunner

    Fair points mentioned.. for what its worth i think we will buy a couple more decent players and challenge (with a bit of luck with injuries)

  78. cashmoe



  79. Bergkamp63

    At the risk of pissing on the Arsenal bonfire, Podolski is a nice start but I will reserve judgment as to how successful this transfer window is when our business is finished.

    There is an AWFUL lot of trimming to be done to our squad size and make up.

    As for HOILET THE TOILET & KALOU THE LOO, they both hold something in common, Shit !!

    We need to move our expectations to a level befitting our club. Like I said yesterday, the gap is currently in the 20 pt region and 6 other clubs are going to be strengthening this summer.

    If we don’t make another 4 signings of the same or better calibre as lPod, we will be scrapping for 4th again.

    It’s not dooming, it’s just being realistic.

  80. Mark Beasley

    Let’s hope Podolski is the first of a few quality signings. Like Pedro says, the players are out there. Not forgetting that we have to dispose of the odd nine too.

    I guess AW may see Podolski playing on the left, but if you’ll permit me to dream, I’d love to see Hazard in our team. He may see himself as a no.10 (don’t they all), but he has made his name on the left. It’s not as if we play a rigid formation anyway!

    I cannot see a return to 442 with Jack in the side and I want Jack in the side. We don’t have a physical pairing like Petit/Vieira or Gilberto/Vieira so I’d like to change from our supposed 4141 formation to a 41311, employing a disciplined defensive midfielder (they all want to be no.10s too!).

    I’ll leave it to AW and his scouts to decide if M’vila is the man for the job, but someone who is quick, strong, tall, determined, etc. would be nice.

    So a front six with a spine of M’vila, Wilshere, RVP & Podolski sounds good.
    Hazard left, Ox (another no.10) on the right long term, though maybe Arteta initially. The full-backs would provide the real width overlapping the midfield three, but perhaps when one commits, the other could sit.

    Vertonghen would give us four decent centre backs. An experienced keeper as back-up would be good. Then it’s just the left back. Is Santos good enough? Is Gibbs going to stay fit long enough? Perhaps the solution is better coaching rather than new players.

    Beyond that, there should be enough quality in the loanees / youth set up to cover any shortfalls.

  81. Sensible old chap

    I really don’t get people who say we only need 2 – 3 players and that’s it. Have you actually watched arsenal over the past 7 etc years ????? We always have constant injuries and have total shit to replace the first teamers – so it makes sense for us to buy lots of quality players. I’d say we need at least 5 ppl in.

  82. Josip Skoblar

    He played part of the cup final against Quevilly on Saturday. Totally out of form, the shadow of what the great player that he used to be…

  83. sir henry norris

    GeoffMay 1, 2012 09:20:04

    These 2 players are not for a team who want to be surefire title contenders, Please, please no more mention of these 2 mid-table players.

    Vertonghen? Nice player, may do well, may do very well but when and where would he play? Granted Squilachi is probably on his out of the club but we currently have 5 central defenders,

    Anyhows, welcome to our club Lukas Podolski, He will need to improve his game but yeah he defo has the capacity to do so. Hes play reminds me of RVP…

  84. cashmoe



  85. gambon


    We got £4m for Eboue

    We TURNED DOWN a £10m offer for Diaby.

    Lets not pretend we cant sell them. Its a question of if Wenger wants to.

  86. Bergkamp63

    There is always a market for all of our players we need to shift, It’s just a case of Wengers pride that will prevent what’s needed to be done and to what level.

  87. Bergkamp63

    I would much rather Arsenal focused on the one area for a change that’s been piss poor for nearly 10 years !!

    And most of us know exactly what that is.

  88. cashmoe




    OO I KNO AL AIN !!

  89. Arse&Nose©

    vertoghen could be a midfield enforcer like yaya, we miss quality there.

    btw Flamini is rotting in the AC reserves.

  90. Vincent

    According to mickthegooner, Arsenal have agreed a deal to sign Vertonghen.
    Vamos Wenger!!!! Now please M’Vila…

  91. andy

    wtf are you talking about hoilet? he is a decent player and would be a nice squad player … there are quiet a lot top teams in for him and you don´t want him? some of you talking nonsense all day long

  92. andy

    arse&nose I don´t think vertonghen would be the belgium player who will play DM if all are fit 🙂 maybe you know another one love going forward? 😛

  93. AJ

    From what I know, Vertonghen is a weak DM. But a good left CB. If we get him we can always play Vermaelen DM.

  94. Bergkamp63

    If we make 5 more signings, they should be DM,LB,RB,CB & back up GK.

    That’s a clue as to where the problem lies !!

  95. Arse&Nose©

    Man city play with two dm’s
    so do our youth teams

    I think vertogn and song as dm’s would be a much more solid line up against top teams.

  96. The Wise One

    Vertonghen,eriksen/kagawa/mvilla, giroud/suarez = VERY good summe


    “Yann M’Vila to Inter has legs. Big papers in France say he’s their top target, while Téléfoot say they’ve bid €20m. Arsenal quiet.”

    We’ll find out how much we really want this guy..hope we match the bid

  97. Bush Gooner

    Josip Skoblar
    Bush Gooner
    I’d rather have Hazard two seasons at our club than no season at all. We would not lose any money with him.
    Very true.
    But we should be a club that retains the services of its players over and beyond the length of their lucrative contracts. Not sell them to local rivals for pittance. It was so easy for us to sell cesc and nasri as they wanted to win things as they didnt want to play with the garbage like denilson, bendtner and park, etc. BUT I still dont understand as to why wenger didn’t get rid of them in the same breath?

  98. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Podolski is a great signing for the reasons Gambon highlighted earlier.. Experienced, will knock some under-performer down the ladder etc..

    I’m reminded of what Wenger said when he lost his babies last year.

    “What’s tough is the feeling that something’s coming to an end,” he said. “You had a project with players you took on at 18 and who leave at 23. It’s not what you dreamt about.”

    “For the first time since I’ve been here I lost young players who were reaching maturity,” he added. “I suffered, because it’s painful to lose key players you have invested a lot in, it was painful that results weren’t good enough.”

    Although he did sign The OX, Eisfield and Jenkinson, there are clear signs of a shift in purchasing policy. The next 2-3 signings will confirm or bust that notion!

    I expect there will be a lot of activity coming up with more going out than actually coming in.. However, the inward bound ones will give us a clear signal in the direction we’re heading!

  99. kapslock

    Kalou? No thanks. I’d take Hoilett though, good player, still young and has Prem experience.

    Rumours flying around that we are definitley in for Vertonghen. Get in Eriksen, Hernanes or Hamsik type player. M’Vila and Giroud. That would be a good summer.

    And for fuck sake get rid of that cunt Diaby.