A point worked out but Arsenal still not good enough by a long way

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We went to Stoke with a pretty experienced line up. We were at a disadvantage as we didn’t have Theo or Arteta. We slipped Gervinho into the starting 11 and played Benny over the over side. Midfield consisted of Aaron, Song and Rosicky. The game got off to a typically thuggish start, Whitehead, who looks like an inbred version of Noel Fielding, smashed through Song early on. He was shown a yellow though which made a nice change. It also put the brakes on violence escalation process that usually happens in Stoke games.

Our first tasty piece of movement came when Van Persie played Yossi into the box, the Israeli managed to angle his shot across goal, he just didn’t have the power behind it. Robin was given an opportunity to head us into the lead when Rosicky played a superb cross into the box, the Dutchman’s near post header was tipped wide.

Then it happened… like it always seems to. Stoke power down the other end, whip in a pretty decent cross and who steps up to head home? Peter f*cking Crouch. The header dropped into the bottom corner. The keeper didn’t even move for it. I’m still a bit perplexed as to why he didn’t dive for the shot, but there you go.

Were we going to bend over? No. We slipped straight back into some nice pass and move. Keeping it intricate being mindful that there needed to be some end product. Ramsey was first to test out his shooting boots whistling a shot just wide of the upright.

Next, Yossi chased down a lost cause, won the ball,  turned and played a pass inside his man, Rosicky took over, picked out Robin at the back post where he was on hand to tap in. A goal that combined hard work and great skill. Super stuff.

We continued to press a resolute Stoke. The best chance of the half after the goal fell to Gervinho. Sagna whipped in a superb cross, some how the Ivorian managed to miss the ball completely. People were saying he was worried about the keeper… I’m saying he’s just not that good.

The second half opened and I was hoping for more of a reaction. We needed the three points regardless of what was going on at Newcastle. I’d rather we pushed for a gap than sat back marvelling at how bad others have been.

It never really came. There was a potential penalty call which looked like loose legs from Yossi. Robin Van Persie had a diving header well held and we really didn’t make much use out of the countless freekicks we had around the box. Thomas Vermaelen, as much as I love him, shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near those kicks. He’s like the fat kid at school that wows everyone because he can kick a ball hard. You’re a pro footballer Thomas, concentrate on hitting the target.

One of his shots caused a bit of controversy when it hit the hand of Walters. It was definitely a handball, but getting decisions like those these days is a big ask. Especially from Chris Foy.

Sagna saved our bacon in the 91st minute. Stoke fired a corner into the box, Chesney made a bit of a mess of it but the Frenchman was on hand to fire the clearance away.

We earned a point. We played some nice football. But simply put, we need to be looking at that as two points dropped, not a satisfactory one point gained. We’re not West Ham fans here.

After Thoughts….

Many people have been celebrating the 1 point we earned at the Britannia on the basis of what other top 6 teams have done. For me what the opposition do against teams bears no relevance to us. No one seems to be mentioning that QPR, Sunderland, West Brom and even the continental fairies Valencia have gone there and won.

For me, there should be no get out out of jail cards. So what if the other top 6 teams have had problems. That’s excuse making. The simple fact is, we needed to win that yesterday and we didn’t.

We’ve take 8 points out of the last 18. That’s pretty shoddy. Again, forget the opposition and what they’ve done. It’s irrelevant. Wenger said he’d use the last few months of the season to assess the quality of his team. On what we’ve seen, we’re still a long way off. It’s not an attitude issue this year, which is heartening. It’s just a quality issue.

Yesterday we simply didn’t have that extra ten percent you need in a tough game. There was no Cesc killer pass or a bit of Nasri magic we could call upon. Gervinho to all intents and purposes is now looking like a bit of a duff signing. He may come good next year after a summer off, but he’s regressed as the season has gone on. Is that African nations fatigue or is it a touch of the Chamakhs? Chamberlain hasn’t made the impact we’d hoped for. Undoubted talent, but still very raw… then outside that we’re really struggling.

As it turns out, our one point was good enough. Wigan did us a huge favour by smashing Newcastle, so third is still in our hands. What’s disappointing is the fact it should have been tied up. Wigan, QPR and Stoke are all three pointers if you cut away the ‘on their day’ nonsense. If we want to kick on in the league next year let’s hope the players don’t check the form guide to see who they can drop points to.

My big concern is that we stumble across the line for third, dripping in sweat, blood and tears. Then the manager looks at the table and says,

‘If we hadn’t had the first three months of the year, we’d be 10 points better off. So actually, we don’t need any players this summer. I only need to find an extra 5%.’

Then we’re back where we started. Looking at it in the cold light of day, we’ve actually had 3 slumps. One in August. One in January and we’re in one now. We’ve not been good enough this year. I’m happy we have a platform to work from. But only if the boss sees it as a platform. We really can’t afford to go into next year hoping and praying Ramsey is going to come good, that Jack can be a one man goal creation machine and that a couple of risky signings might explode onto the scene.

‘What do we have that is good enough now’ should be the only question Wenger asks over the summer.

We did create chances yesterday, most of the good stuff coming from two players on the back 9 of their careers. Yossi and Rosicky engined away in midfield and helped craft some seriously intricate play. The reverse passing and pivoting on a sixpence was impressive. We just lacked finishing power. We lacked the ruthlessness you need to be competitive.

I must say, I did like the fact that we didn’t allow ourselves to get bullied yesterday. I’m not sure why Wenger felt the need to challenge every decision. The players weren’t. There were a few risky fouls… but overall, we got stuck in, we weren’t intimidated and we played some nice soccerball.

We got to the last 15 and it looked like we’d run out of ideas. You knew we’d run out of ideas when Wenger threw on Chamakh… you knew exactly what our squad limitations were when the final throw of the dice was bringing on a left back.

Still, this matters not. We’ll still finish a point ahead of Spurs if we beat West Brom and Norwich. Both teams should be routine 3 pointers, therefore that means both are banana skins. Norwich is definitely a game we should be taking no prisoners in. They actually play football. If we can’t beat the at the game Arsene Wenger trademarked as his own… well, I don’t want to think about that.

Also a word for the Stoke fans. Disgusting. Booing Ramsey? Come on. How can a whole stadium all do that in agreement. Utter classlessness. Still, when you’ve eaten in a Stoke service station which I have on many occasions, you’ll understand why they are how they are. A shambles of a place and a shambles of a fanbase.

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  1. kwik fit

    All I seen Keyser was Martinez shaking his head in disbelief.
    Anyway wenger’s online antic’s is doing our club no favours. The more tense he gets the more he loses control. Every season is the same. How are the players supposed to play with confidence when the manager is shitting himself on the sidelines?

  2. Keyser

    Mark Hughes ? Ahahahahaha.

    Kwik Fit – Martinez was probably shaking his head half an hour later, with the stadium empty and one of the cleaners asking if he could lock up.

    He took the Biscuit.

    Have you read the reports, it doesn’t even say refused it says failing, probably like when you miss a high five.

  3. Eyeball Paul

    Although I resent paying what I do for Sky, it’s things like Lineker that really make someone appreciate what they have done for football broadcasting.

    I can’t imagine any presenter on Sky acting in such a childish manner. The sooner the BBC is privatised, and these muppets have to justify their inflated salaries, the better.

    All Gary Lineker has done is show eveyone what an embarrassing, boorish, unprofessional, lightweight no-mark he is. His expression at the end of his “impression” looked like Mussolini.

  4. incesc

    Bergkamp63April 29, 2012 15:17:34

    Don’t be twat all your life,


    wenger is hugely frustrating i agree, but the fact that he is a bad loser doesnt bother me one bit. And i couldnt care less if he shakes mark hughes hand or not…

    when you think of everything wenger has done for english football and arsenal, a few graceless moments in the heat of the moment are irrelevent for me.

  5. kwik fit


    Your attempting to defend the indefensible. Wenger is slowly in self destruct mode and someday he will explode on the sideline in front of our very eyes.
    Having said that Lineker has no right to take the piss. Only Arsenal fans have that right.

  6. Keyser

    Kwik fit – People usually say that when they’ve got nothing to left say or can’t articulate a response.

    He didn’t put a nick in the plastic bottle and then tear it slowly across the middle, leaving jagged edges ready to shank Martinez.

    Martinez danced around and Wenger got tired waiting.

    Think about it all the things Wenger’s supposedly done and you’re saying that was ‘Indefensible’ who’s losing what here ?!

  7. kwik fit

    Whats the difference between Torres and Carroll?

    The difference is that Torres was never shit, just lacked confidence. Whereas Carroll has confidence, but actually is shit.

  8. Lurch LeRouge

    Solid post Pedro.

    We fucking stank in that second half. Poor work ethic. Not interested in any pathetic loser excuses. Stoke were there for the taking, they weren’t even that physical FFS.

    We used to get a tougher game out of that fat walrus cunts Bolton.

  9. Kushagra India

    incescApril 29, 2012 15:33:01
    Bergkamp63April 29, 2012 15:17:34
    Incesc,Don’t be twat all your life,hahawenger is hugely frustrating i agree, but the fact that he is a bad loser doesnt bother me one bit. And i couldnt care less if he shakes mark hughes hand or not…when you think of everything wenger has done for english football and arsenal, a few graceless moments in the heat of the moment are irrelevent for me.
    have u got a new Girlfriend…………

  10. Keyser

    With Torres, and people saying he’s back, he’s the most expensive player in Premier League history, the question wasn’t whether he’s back or not, it’s where the fuck did he go in the first place.

  11. Keyser

    Thought we were pretty poor in the first half, in the second we had more control of the game and just couldn’t break them down ?!

    Didn’t think you weres erious yesterday Lurch.

  12. Lurch LeRouge

    I was Keyser. Don’t know, feel like a watershed somehow.

    I enjoyed Rosickys, Benayouns and Robins game for stretches but became angry when they started flagging and the squad didnt pick up the slack and maintain the intensity.

  13. DaleDaGooner

    kwik fit, i disagree, Arseal fans shouldn’t make it alright for cunts in Stoke and Lineker …the problem is, we are becoming the most self deprecating fans…..We call our players shit to the oppositions face and they laugh at us even harder…..we may be in dire form because of Wengers stubbornness, but look at it this way, other teams are shit along with us, the table don’t lie, for all the crap games and losses, we are third, I see Wenger is realizing his as stupid and naive to think his methods will work….I like to believe he has Arsenal at heart…

    That being said, lets leave the moaning till after May, we have 2 games to win.

  14. andy

    well as I told before I didn´t see the game just the highlightpack and I didn´t see any chance for stoke except of the goal and the clearance of sagna while we had 5 chances + goal … for my part I think going to stoke and hope for 10+ good chances is a little bit unrealistic as they are defending quiet well and if you go there and have a guy like foy as ref you have to be happy if diaby is the only guy limping after the game … but, I didn´t see it, just the highlights + stats of the game …

  15. Cesc Appeal

    Usmanov is pushing for a rights issue this summer that could generate anything between £100-200 Million extra for transfer funds. This would also mean he has a greater share of…well….shares and no doubt will be seated on the board which is looking more and more likely anyway.
    If this did happen of course I think most Arsenal supporters would think FINALLY but the guy did suggest this about three years ago and was totally shut out.

  16. Lurch LeRouge

    We had more control in the second half because they sat off us. Our counters were incredibly slow and ponderous. It made no sense, Crouch was isolated and their midfield could hardly think fast enough to keep up if we’d continued asking questions but for 30 min we just floundered IMHO.

  17. Cesc Appeal

    The guy also donated £3 Million to the restoration of the Cutty Sark. Seems to me to be a proud Londoner and avid supporter of AFC. He has never given up on the club even though up until yesterday he had had nothing but doors slammed in his face.
    With Wenger The Great giving him his blessing it appears the board are going to cave and hope to feed off of the gravy train of commercial deals and cash he can bring to the table, like the little money obsessed piglets they are, I’m surprised it’s taken them this long.

  18. Lurch LeRouge

    I’ve also got this theory that our midfield slow the game down because they don’t trust the substitutions so as to preserve their own reserves to see the game out.

  19. Keyser

    I was surprised with how far high up the pitch they pressed in the first half, they’ve got literally nothing to lose and this is where the ‘Why, god why’ comes in, it’s not like Wigan fighting against relegation, Stoke reallyw anted something out of it.

    The intensity dropped in the second half and I think they also tired, they went back to the style you’d have expect them to start with, 3 big men up front and just sit back and punt.

    I think ponderous is what you’d expect, a win would’ve been great but a loss ? I think that would’ve taken it out of our hands, so we tried to create the opening but were wary of conceding.

    In terms of the fans and sitting watching it, there’s always the feeling we can still mess this up, we could’ve had 3rd sealed by now, still two games to go. Then maybe having to wait for a Champions League final.

  20. DaleDaGooner

    I hate to keep saying this, as i like Ramsey, but our midfield is painfully slow when he has the ball, we need someone else with some magic, he should be a sub when we are up and need to slow the game down. We need someone to match Rosicky’s verve and guile, with an eye or a clinical finish…I’d like a player in the mold of Aguero to play in the hole. Not sure Podolski fits that, and i think Wenger will try to force feed Ramsey on us next season as well….oh and Denilson is wanted back….God help us

  21. Lurch LeRouge

    Bender and Shava like a godsend. Devil you know and all that…. Yes please. Gervinho? What the fuck is that all about I ask you!? Urgh.

    Thing is Keyser we’ve not excelled at defending control of a match for what 4 seasons? How this squad has the temerity to stop going for the jugular in lieu of our defensive record I can’t comprehend.

  22. Keyser

    To be honest when you’re using words like ‘Godsend’, ‘Tmerity’, ‘Comprehend’ I don’t really think we should be surprised at what we’ve seen from this squad this year.

    If you look solely at Stoke, they’re hardly a team you’d be able to continue any regular gameplan against, we got a point more than we’ve got in some games there.

    It leaves the pressure on for the last two games.

  23. gats

    Gervinho and chamakh have to be the worst signings in not just aRSENALS HISTORY BUT IN PREMIER LEAGUE HISTORY. seriously i CANNOT REMEMBER FOR A LONG LONG LONG TIME 2 MORE SHITE players than them. The contribute fuuck all to the club

  24. Bergkamp63


    I have been going to watch Arsenal since Liam Brady, Alan Sunderland, Frank Stapelton et al were playing and I have seen some shit players down the years but I can’t actually disagree with you !!

  25. Lurch LeRouge


    You’re assuming the role of devils advocate again but computer says no.

    Your point is valid based on the result, but during the game the result is undefined but my criticism is levelled at the performance not the result so I can’t assimilate your stance I’m afraid.

    I get it that our destiny is still in our hands, it doesn’t lessen my frustration going on 4 years now that we don’t have the cojones to kill games off.

  26. Phil

    Thought we had endeavor, just lacked flair.
    The bench completely lacking .
    Other than RvP I can’t see where the goals will come from to keep third.
    If Wenger doesn’t strengthen the squad, he should just resign. he can’t seriously think he can win anything next year without serious help.

  27. Lurch LeRouge


    I don’t even know where to start on the subbs anymore?

    At 55min it was clear we were knackered and bereft of tactical nouse. They stood off us and OGL just watched it happen for 20 minutes before reacting!?

  28. Radio Raheem

    Midfield dictates play.

    Song is one paced and so is Ramsey.

    So, our urgency comes from Rosicky (and Benayoun). The problem with that is he (or they) physically drop off at the 55-60mins, or they seem to in last 2 or 3 matches, leaving us looking lethargic for the rest of the match.

    Hope this changes in the next match.

  29. Kushagra India

    Bergkamp63April 29, 2012 16:09:07
    Kushagra India,you offering !!
    oh sorry for raising false hopes that was for incesc>….due to his praise of Wenger and all that…

  30. Bergkamp63


    On the money !!


    On the money !!

    I said earlier, the Ox (although nowhere near ready as yet) only needed a pulse to be better than the subs actually used !!

  31. Keyser

    Lurch LeRouge – I’m looking partly in context of what sort of season we’re at, I can’t believe you’d be expecting any particular performance because I doubt anyone has any real idea of how we’d perform from game to game.

    Stoke’s a tough game regardless, but yesterday I was genuinely surprised that they tried to go at us from the off, gave us little space and pressed us from the word go.

    They were always going to tire at some point and then they reverted to type taking Etherington and Pennant off who’d worked very hard.

    Then you’re left with a shotened period of time trying to break down a stubborn defence on a narrow pitch.

  32. skandibird

    Does anyone know if the proposed sale of RvP’s house is just to move elsewhere in UK/Hertfordhsire OR is he ”leaving” all together? RightMove showing loads of internal/external pics of his house
    Robin van Persie
    Recently selected Arsenal captain, Robin van Persie, put his five bedroom detached home on the market for £1,395,000. The Dutch footballer and his wife Bouchra have lived in the Goffs Oak, Hertfordshire (a popular area amongst footy stars) property since 2006 and have recently installed a top of the range kitchen and luxury bathrooms. The property offers everything you’d expect from a footballer’s pad, including state of the art interiors, electric security gates, a games room and even a small football pitch in the garden.

  33. Bergkamp63


    Once they started to tire, would that not be the point in which to bring on a more attack minded player rather than a left back & shitmackh ?

    It’s not like we are likely to beat them in the air ?

  34. Radio Raheem

    Although, Gibbs played well yesterday I’ll advocate Santos starting instead. Santos creates different angles when attacking that Gibbs doesn’t. Gibbs runs in straight lines whereas Santos provides variety in this regard running in field sometimes and staying wide at others. He brings an unpredictability that Gibbs lacks. He’s at a technically higher level to Gibbs and would combine better with Roasicky I feel.

    Starting Santos at LB would ease the burden off Rosicky, albeit leaving us slightly open at the back.

  35. andy

    why not playing santos and gibbs together? 2x bad positioning will maybe end up that one is positioned well everytime 🙂

  36. Keyser

    Bergkamp63 – Santos is quite good on the ball without having to worry too much about defending, and Chamakh actually did ok.

    Blame the quality of our subs bench, but I don’t think anyone there was going to offer much more, don’t tell me the OX ? He gets crowded out quite easily, he’s learning, at other times hangs onto the ball too long.

  37. andy

    skandi and kwik … rvp´s house is on sale for half a year .. as far as I got it he found a place which suits him more. don´t be that afraid guys 🙂 he will sign on for sure

  38. Lurch LeRouge


    Everything you’ve said doesn’t explain the pace of distribution from Szczesny through to RVPs movement in our attacking third or Gervinhos ABSOLUTE reluctance to test his marker for 20 minutes.

    We’re talking about a game at a point of the season where the scruff of the neck is exposed raw and there for the taking but we’re afraid of conceding?

    I don’t see it sorry. If that’s our mentality then our manager doesn’t build enough hunger, but that’s another conversation. Of is it?


    Usmanov named 2nd richest man in Britain today. Funnily enough Kronke wasn’t on there.

    Usmanov wants control, I suggest we give it to him. Fck the self substainability bollx (which really means let us line our pockets) and get Usmanov in.

  40. andy

    stop overhype the ox … best thing for him would be a loan next year to a good epl team like everton as he needs some game time. I wonder how ryo will do

  41. Radio Raheem

    Yeah andy that’s an option we could have used yesterday. i was actually going to put this, 442, up yesterday then realised I was Le Grove


    Sagna Koscielny TV Gibbs
    Yossi Song Rosciky Santos
    RvP Chamakh*

    *le Grove favourite

  42. Keyser

    “We’re talking about a game at a point of the season where the scruff of the neck is exposed raw and there for the taking but we’re afraid of conceding?”

    Exposed raw ? They reverted to what they’re actually quite good at, you only have to look at games from throughout this season to find the answers you need, even if you don’t buy the idea we were nervous of conceding, then you could literally take any instance from games this season to see that maybe we’re just not that good.

    Pace of distribution from Sczcesny ? He’s done some shocking things this season.

  43. Bergkamp63

    RVP has been tying to sell his house in Hertfordshire because he has recently bought a new house in LONDON !!

    I thought most of you guys knew that anyway ?

  44. arsene nose best

    wenger’s job is to get us into the cl with the stupid way the club does things,at the end of the season when we don’t qualify for it,what happens to wenger, surely he should get the sack because he has failed.

  45. Radio Raheem

    Haha Keyser the doomer king…sign of the times huh

    Lurch, with Diaby back on gardening leave I hope Coquelin gets some playing time in the next 2 matches. He’ll give us some pace in the middle. Ramsey just kills our game with scoring the goals he’s been threatening to all season.

  46. Radio Raheem

    I might be doing some dooming later in the summer simply because the quality of dooming has been poor for a long long time now.

  47. Gunner2301

    On that point we don’t have a good free kick taker and haven’t had since Thierry left. Shocking really because that’s more opportunities left on the table.


    I called for it. I want the pressure. I want Chelsea to win the CL.

    I want this Arsenal team and Wenger exposed for what they are. If that means missing out on CL – BIG FKIN DEAL. I’ll let Pedro cry over that one.

    Not good enough. USMANOV IN.

  49. Radio Raheem

    Yeah Richards for me too…and I’ll put both above Glen Johnson if England had a creative midfielder. So, Glen’ll start

  50. SDE

    By 10pm on Wednesday, we are going to have them both breathing down our necks !!

    And hopefully Usmanov breathing down the neck of Kroenke,urging him to sell up…& us breathing down the neck of wenger,wanting him out!!

  51. kwik fit

    Sorry Lurch but Hoilett was absolute shit today. Mind you Blackburn were very disappointing.For a team that had to win they just defended
    . Steve Kean for England.

  52. SDE


    I called for it. I want the pressure. I want Chelsea to win the CL. I want this Arsenal team and Wenger exposed for what they are. If that means missing out on CL – BIG FKIN DEAL. I’ll let Pedro cry over that one.Not good enough. USMANOV IN.

    Sad,but this needs to happen..Wenger will continue to plod on,as usual with the same stance..
    Already he’s talking about there not being big movements in the market this coming pre-season…

    The man has not learnt,nor will he…
    Same crap he said last season pre-season..about everybody playing their cards close to their chest,citing reason for no activity in the market..

    The man,thinks this is some kind of twisted game to be playing every season with the fans..Trying to play the fans like violins…

    Well the games will backfire in his face,sooner or later..

  53. Radio Raheem

    Lurch LeRougeApril 29, 2012 17:46:48
    Recon KSE would sell if AW pulled the plug. Risk reward assement out the window.

    Think KSE will do some numerical abracadrabra and appoint someone like Lee Clark as Wenger’s replacement since that’ll make ‘moneyball’ sense

  54. Lurch LeRouge


    Yeah been off him a few months now, flashes but less consistency than Theo and not homegrown.

    Moses seems to be stealing his thunder and that young lad from Sunderland McLain is it?

    Also quite like Dwyer (sp?) from the swans.

  55. Dan Ahern

    JOPPAAA: “It looked like two equal sides playing yesterday.”

    My god, you’re right.

    And Pedro – nail on the head. Post title says it all, really.

    Is anybody else actually tired of this season?
    I hate to say it, but aside from rooting for RvP to break the goal-scoring record, at this point I find little joy any more. Only thing I’m really looking forward to is the transfer window.

  56. SDE

    Think KSE will do some numerical abracadrabra and appoint someone like Lee Clark as Wenger’s replacement since that’ll make ‘moneyball’ sense

    No RR, the idea is for Usmanov to make Silent Stan an offer he can’t refuse..Some financial abracadrabra from Usmanov,& Kroenke &the rest of the BoD along with wenger disappear…And Pepe brought in!!

  57. kwik fit


    Mc Clean or Sturridge look good . Moses also has been on fire but not sure if it’s just because Wigan as a unit are playing so well.
    Also like Sinclair of Swansea.

  58. SDE

    arsene nose best
    basically,we need a new manager,and he needs to spend in the region of around 200 million to get us back on track.

    That’s just fantasy..You mean a new owner..The rest of the changes will naturally flow from this..

  59. Swedish Gun

    Kyle Walker the best RB in the league just ahead of Richards

    I love Sagna for his heart and effort but his poor ballcontrol makes him a tad overrated

  60. Radio Raheem

    Lurch LeRougeApril 29, 2012 18:07:51
    More like Gary Smith, that’d be Jopas choice at least.

    Gary Smith, Tony Adams or Stuart Pearce??? uuuhhh tough decision Joppaaa

  61. Cesc Appeal

    I think a lot of our players would actually play much better as well under a new, fresh, stricter, more tactical manager who utilizes what they are actually good at. I’m thinking of players like Song, on his day he’s a very good DM, but Wenger fills his head with this rubbish that he’s suddenly going to be our new Cesc Fabregas. He can ping the occasional super pass, but not on a regular basis that means he has the title playmaker.
    Maybe even Theo Walcott would do better under someone new but i think he’s a bit of a lightweight and a serious decision needs to be made as to whether we give up on Theo and move him on because he just isn’t improving. His weaknesses when he was 18 are his weaknesses now.

  62. SDE

    arsene nose best
    s.d.e- for arguments sake, we get pep,how much money would u say he will need to spend?

    That’s why we would a new owner,in the form of usmanov..As kroenke & the BoD will not sanction big spending..
    This won’t happen under kroenke& the BoD,even with the appointment of Pep as manager..
    So it’s usmanov&pepe armed with a war chest!!

  63. incesc

    well we need 2 strikers, a CAM of top quality and a back up keeper.

    and also ideally to replace gervinho.

    so thats 100 million right away imo.

    if pep came and brought one player from barce who would we want? messi not included

  64. Zacharse

    i couldn’t watch the game but seeing that ramsey was starting in the center, i couldnt help but see that as one of the primreasons we did not win. He doesnt have consistency he loses the ball all the time and how can the team gel when he is in thete. Did others see this yesterday? Im over him, send him to france arsene

  65. arsenal1886-2006

    “Abou diaby has suffered 31 seperate injuries since having his leg broken in 2006”

    His contract signing hand is injury free, so that is a relief.

  66. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Dial…. Maybe so…

    But are you sure there’s a direct link to his broken leg, or trying to establish one?

    Diaby was not an olympic athlete when we bought him. He played only 10 games in two seasons for Auxerre, mainly due to Injury… So he was injury prone when we bought him first day.

    One thing for sure.. He is consistent..

    110 games for Arsenal in 8 years.
    10 games for Auxerre in 2 years.

  67. Radio Raheem

    Podolski is an upgrade on Gervinho


    yeah we’ll need that kind of change to do the football manager stuff we all like. the only concern is whether Usmanov will be a Mandaric or an Abramovich

  68. SDE

    aresene nose best

    With a new owner & a manager in the form of Pepe

    DM..£15-£25 million(replacement for song)
    GK-£7 million(competition for sczech)
    LB-£10-£12 million(gibbs track record& defensive prowess dubious)

    2 Strikers..£30 million
    RW-£15-£17 million(replacement for walcott)
    2 CAM £15-£25million(replacement for ramsey &arteta)
    Reason for arteta,he’s a short-term option & his injury record over the past 3 years,makes me think,he will not last 1 full season..
    That’s about roughly £135 million outlay.

    Get rid of the dross…Walcott,Squillaci,Djourou,Vela,Bendnter,Ramsay,Denilson..etc,etc.Bring in £40 million

    Net spending would be about £80 million..Can’t see wenger,or kroenke sanctioning this kind of spending & radical overhaul..That’s why a new owner-usmanov & pepe need to come in & shake this club up…

  69. Bergkamp63

    Swedish Gun,

    Sagna has been a tad overrated since we signed him !!

    Hate to say it but him being a decent average player makes him look world class when he is surrounded by shit !!

    France haven’t exactly been invincible during the last 5 years and neither has Arsenal !!

  70. Ice

    In the name of Geordie , Eddie Kelly,Peter Storey, Stroller, Raddy, Ray Kennedy, Rocky, Paul Davo, Tony Woodcock, Ado, Tommy Caton, Stevie Williams, Bobby Harding, Jon Samuels, Charlie G, even Charlie Nick call it a day Arsene…..

    These kids can’t cut it and you have lost your mojo ages ago

    Song versus Peter Storey?

    Your havin a laugh!

  71. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    I’m for sticking with a player who’s injured, but there comes a time when enough is enough!

    Diaby was at Auxerre for 4 years.. from 2002-04 he was in the youths..

    2004-06 Senior and then we signed him..

    He made his debut for the first team in Aug 2004…
    After making his debut for the club, Diaby spent the rest of the season either playing on the club’s reserve team or dealing with injuries.

    2005-06 Season.
    Diaby featured early on during the campaign, but as the season wore on, he struggled with injuries, which subsequently, led to the player failing to gain the confidence of Santini.

    It seems to be well established that players pick up more niggly injuries after coming back from a serious one.. but in Diaby’s case there is a very strong case to be made that the guy’s body just cannot take the vigours of the game.

  72. SDE

    yeah we’ll need that kind of change to do the football manager stuff we all like. the only concern is whether Usmanov will be a Mandaric or an Abramovich

    That’s the risk you take..Nothing ventured,nothing gained!!
    But with Usmanov,valued at £18.1 billion,I doubt he will do a Mandaric,more an Abramovich..
    Manadaric could get away with that nonsense at Portsmouth..Don’t think you can try that crap@ Arsenal…

    Either way,I’m not sure what some arsenal fans are scared off..Are they scared of change,that will bring about winning?

    Or would they rather continue with the status quo..?
    Those that advocate the latter,seem to mirror the sentiment of the BoD..Accepting mediocrity..

    Only difference b/w the BoD & the fans,is that the BoD are laughing all the way to the bank at the fans expense..

    And the fans are paying for this expensive joke!!

  73. kwik fit

    Agreed Thomas

    We should ask …..what would fergie do?

    He would buy out his contract and wish him luck and ask him to close the door on the way out.
    But then again fergie wouldn’t have sanctioned the purchase of an injury proned player in the first place.