A point worked out but Arsenal still not good enough by a long way

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We went to Stoke with a pretty experienced line up. We were at a disadvantage as we didn’t have Theo or Arteta. We slipped Gervinho into the starting 11 and played Benny over the over side. Midfield consisted of Aaron, Song and Rosicky. The game got off to a typically thuggish start, Whitehead, who looks like an inbred version of Noel Fielding, smashed through Song early on. He was shown a yellow though which made a nice change. It also put the brakes on violence escalation process that usually happens in Stoke games.

Our first tasty piece of movement came when Van Persie played Yossi into the box, the Israeli managed to angle his shot across goal, he just didn’t have the power behind it. Robin was given an opportunity to head us into the lead when Rosicky played a superb cross into the box, the Dutchman’s near post header was tipped wide.

Then it happened… like it always seems to. Stoke power down the other end, whip in a pretty decent cross and who steps up to head home? Peter f*cking Crouch. The header dropped into the bottom corner. The keeper didn’t even move for it. I’m still a bit perplexed as to why he didn’t dive for the shot, but there you go.

Were we going to bend over? No. We slipped straight back into some nice pass and move. Keeping it intricate being mindful that there needed to be some end product. Ramsey was first to test out his shooting boots whistling a shot just wide of the upright.

Next, Yossi chased down a lost cause, won the ball,  turned and played a pass inside his man, Rosicky took over, picked out Robin at the back post where he was on hand to tap in. A goal that combined hard work and great skill. Super stuff.

We continued to press a resolute Stoke. The best chance of the half after the goal fell to Gervinho. Sagna whipped in a superb cross, some how the Ivorian managed to miss the ball completely. People were saying he was worried about the keeper… I’m saying he’s just not that good.

The second half opened and I was hoping for more of a reaction. We needed the three points regardless of what was going on at Newcastle. I’d rather we pushed for a gap than sat back marvelling at how bad others have been.

It never really came. There was a potential penalty call which looked like loose legs from Yossi. Robin Van Persie had a diving header well held and we really didn’t make much use out of the countless freekicks we had around the box. Thomas Vermaelen, as much as I love him, shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near those kicks. He’s like the fat kid at school that wows everyone because he can kick a ball hard. You’re a pro footballer Thomas, concentrate on hitting the target.

One of his shots caused a bit of controversy when it hit the hand of Walters. It was definitely a handball, but getting decisions like those these days is a big ask. Especially from Chris Foy.

Sagna saved our bacon in the 91st minute. Stoke fired a corner into the box, Chesney made a bit of a mess of it but the Frenchman was on hand to fire the clearance away.

We earned a point. We played some nice football. But simply put, we need to be looking at that as two points dropped, not a satisfactory one point gained. We’re not West Ham fans here.

After Thoughts….

Many people have been celebrating the 1 point we earned at the Britannia on the basis of what other top 6 teams have done. For me what the opposition do against teams bears no relevance to us. No one seems to be mentioning that QPR, Sunderland, West Brom and even the continental fairies Valencia have gone there and won.

For me, there should be no get out out of jail cards. So what if the other top 6 teams have had problems. That’s excuse making. The simple fact is, we needed to win that yesterday and we didn’t.

We’ve take 8 points out of the last 18. That’s pretty shoddy. Again, forget the opposition and what they’ve done. It’s irrelevant. Wenger said he’d use the last few months of the season to assess the quality of his team. On what we’ve seen, we’re still a long way off. It’s not an attitude issue this year, which is heartening. It’s just a quality issue.

Yesterday we simply didn’t have that extra ten percent you need in a tough game. There was no Cesc killer pass or a bit of Nasri magic we could call upon. Gervinho to all intents and purposes is now looking like a bit of a duff signing. He may come good next year after a summer off, but he’s regressed as the season has gone on. Is that African nations fatigue or is it a touch of the Chamakhs? Chamberlain hasn’t made the impact we’d hoped for. Undoubted talent, but still very raw… then outside that we’re really struggling.

As it turns out, our one point was good enough. Wigan did us a huge favour by smashing Newcastle, so third is still in our hands. What’s disappointing is the fact it should have been tied up. Wigan, QPR and Stoke are all three pointers if you cut away the ‘on their day’ nonsense. If we want to kick on in the league next year let’s hope the players don’t check the form guide to see who they can drop points to.

My big concern is that we stumble across the line for third, dripping in sweat, blood and tears. Then the manager looks at the table and says,

‘If we hadn’t had the first three months of the year, we’d be 10 points better off. So actually, we don’t need any players this summer. I only need to find an extra 5%.’

Then we’re back where we started. Looking at it in the cold light of day, we’ve actually had 3 slumps. One in August. One in January and we’re in one now. We’ve not been good enough this year. I’m happy we have a platform to work from. But only if the boss sees it as a platform. We really can’t afford to go into next year hoping and praying Ramsey is going to come good, that Jack can be a one man goal creation machine and that a couple of risky signings might explode onto the scene.

‘What do we have that is good enough now’ should be the only question Wenger asks over the summer.

We did create chances yesterday, most of the good stuff coming from two players on the back 9 of their careers. Yossi and Rosicky engined away in midfield and helped craft some seriously intricate play. The reverse passing and pivoting on a sixpence was impressive. We just lacked finishing power. We lacked the ruthlessness you need to be competitive.

I must say, I did like the fact that we didn’t allow ourselves to get bullied yesterday. I’m not sure why Wenger felt the need to challenge every decision. The players weren’t. There were a few risky fouls… but overall, we got stuck in, we weren’t intimidated and we played some nice soccerball.

We got to the last 15 and it looked like we’d run out of ideas. You knew we’d run out of ideas when Wenger threw on Chamakh… you knew exactly what our squad limitations were when the final throw of the dice was bringing on a left back.

Still, this matters not. We’ll still finish a point ahead of Spurs if we beat West Brom and Norwich. Both teams should be routine 3 pointers, therefore that means both are banana skins. Norwich is definitely a game we should be taking no prisoners in. They actually play football. If we can’t beat the at the game Arsene Wenger trademarked as his own… well, I don’t want to think about that.

Also a word for the Stoke fans. Disgusting. Booing Ramsey? Come on. How can a whole stadium all do that in agreement. Utter classlessness. Still, when you’ve eaten in a Stoke service station which I have on many occasions, you’ll understand why they are how they are. A shambles of a place and a shambles of a fanbase.

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  1. Bade

    “The keeper didn’t even move for it. I’m still a bit perplexed as to why he didn’t dive for the shot, but there you go.”

    Don’t be ridiculous Pedro, he was in a middle of balls scratching, would you want him to stop this pleasant activity only to shove a ball out?

  2. Pedro

    Jack, we’ve already ascertained that actually the Champions League does mean a lot to the ordinary fan. 90% of ordinary fans in fact.

  3. Bade

    “We earned a point. We played some nice football. But simply put, we need to be looking at that as two points dropped, not a satisfactory one point gained. We’re not West Ham fans here”

    Fuck me Pedro, that’s the sentiment we need to clarify

    Bang on the money

  4. kwik fit

    We all have our problem’s with wenger but Gary Lineker on MOTD last night was bang out of order taking the piss just like the stoke fans.
    Complains should be made to the BBC to oust that former spud bastard out of his role .

  5. Sustainable model - my arse!

    Pedro you are right we were just running out of ideas. Yes Theo was missing but most of us have been caning him all year anyway. Diaby and Jack are not the answer, who is to say Jack will not have a Ramseyesque season when he comes back. We desperately need a n offensive midfielder and world class winger and decent back up striker this summer, no excuses, no Diaby/Jack are like a new signing bollocks. We have nothing to offer on the bench and some of those playing regularly should be squad only players. No less than 4 quality signings or its more of the same next year.

  6. andy

    didn´t see the game just highlights but I saw quiet a lot of good chances for us and stoke had … nothing? the handball of walters was ridiculous – vermaelens shot would have been unstoppable. yellow card, freekick again.
    although you are right pedro I have to say I would bet more money on an away win at old trafford than at stoke … a point at stoke is a point won in my opinion although – of course – drawing against 12-20 teams isn´t really good but there are certain places you have to be happy with a point.
    I told you 2 weeks ago we need 8 points from our last 4 games to be 3rd for sure and — it happened 🙂 I still think we don´t need to win our last two to be honest … one win and a draw will be enough I think

  7. andy

    jay stoke fans don´t have enough money to buy cars … they walk … so they have to watch out for their shoes 😛

  8. jack

    Yes Pedro. my point exactly.
    Most fans have settled for cl spot and are happy with that.

    But as you suggested in your post, Arsene has got what he aimed for and will probably decide no change is needed.

    My point is that no CL spot may get the biggest change that is needed for the realists. that is WENGER out.

    why do the fans that want wenger out, think it is a step to far to miss out on cl spot to get the clown out.

  9. kwik fit

    We the Arsenal fan’s are the only ones that are aloud to take the perverbial out off Arsene Wenger.
    Former spud TV presenters are not . Red card To Lineker!

  10. reggie57

    Lineker is a disgrace the way he took the piss out of wenger bet he wouldn’t do the same to ferguson!!!



    Stoke fans: Utter c**ts

    Tony Pullis: Biggest c**t of them all.

    Wenger: The most stubborn c**t of them all. Not getting in to the whole Ox sub thing.

    It is as clear as day (despite league position) that this team just isn’t that good. It looked like two equal sides playing yesterday.

    Like you say say attitude doesn’t seem to be the problem which is good. I certainly CAN see Arsenal dropping more points I’m afraid. Reasons:

    Well Norwich were superb at WHL. Top 3 EPL performances of the season.

    Hodgson DOES tactics, Wenger DOESN’T. Tricky games.


    It’s not even a question of Wenger OUT any more. Most important thing in the next few seasons is that the BoD is replaced and USMANOV comes in. Wenger will be going anyway in two years. We need Usmaonv in for when that time comes.

  13. Bade


    Don’t know if it’s down top my horrible hangover yesterday or what, but I find myself agreeing with every bit of the post.

    Fantastic post really.

    PS, Who’s that Jack you were referring to? Urghhhh, the hangover influence must be still on

  14. Caribkid

    Well said Pedro and my sentiments exactly. If we get stuck with the old Arsene adages “like a new signing” and “injuries decimated us”, we will be right back to extending the 7 year drought.

  15. gazzap

    Linekar completely embarrassed himself with is piss take of Wenger. I think looking like a prick on national television is enough punishment for the spud twat.

  16. bankz

    I tink it was a point gained…….over the years its been proven dat d britannia staduim hasnt been a good hunting ground 4 us….no mata d form dose stoke thugs might be in..dey alwaix seem 2 love crushing our ambitions(b it a loop 4d title or one 4 a 3rd place finish)& it became more obvious wit d fans booing Ramsey & digging it wit Wenger yest’day….tho wit a more decent refreeing we might av earned a penalty yest’day & wit more luck Gervinho should av scored(just dat it wud take more dan luck 4 him 2 score now)…he really needs 2 start practicing hitting d target…..going tru d game a 2nd time on TV & my opinion is we had a pretty decent game inspite of d airial onslaught,d defenders held deir ground xcept 4d goal which I blame partially on Ramsey losing d ball & none closing in early enough 2 prevent d cross coming into d box…..just sitting back & hoping d spuds drop sum points 2day…..care less about d Chav’s….deir luck is about 2 run out.

  17. gazzap

    The Ox is better than some of us are making out on here. I mean you have to compare him to the players he might come on for. Can he be any worse than Gervinho? Or Chamakh for that matter?
    I understand why Wenger needs to take it easy with a young player after he fucked Wilshere up but I think 15 mins of Ox wouldn’t have killed the lad.

  18. Bade

    And if you weren’t aware of it:

    “Diaby out for the season and will miss Euros after sustaining a new hamstring injury at Stoke. (TF1)”

    What a surprise eh!

  19. Bade

    I think SZCZ “earned” mentioning

    Again he was below par

    But I think he’s another blatant example why do you need competition in the squad

    I bet his form would have not dropped so much, had we offered a decent keeper as his no.2

  20. Doublegooner

    I wa there t that Cunt Pit yesterday.

    The team, manager & ll the fans are vile, scummy inbreds.

    Playing us is like their cup final.

    I ctually wanted to thump a couple when we were walking back to the car.

    BTW: Any news on Diaby’s injury ?

    Just think it’s only just over 3.5 years before he’s due for a testimonial !!

  21. kirk

    Wigan beat: man utd, liverpool, us, newcastle

    QPR beat: chelsea, us, tottenham, liverpool

    Stoke beat: tottenham, drew with chelsea, united, city

    I recurring theme is emerging. Of course we shouldn’t adhere to the form guide but its quite clearly that playing those teams are not easy, arsenal should have on a normal day beaten teams like that because that is what’s expected, but all those teams have shown they are hard to be beaten.

  22. Bade

    We might finish 3rd this season, which is great as it secures our much coveted CL spot regardless of what the Chavs do in the finals (I reckon they’ll lose it).

    But without a serious makeover of the squad and the management, we have no chance of winning the league or the CL.

    I fear Arsene’s latest comments about “the surprise of lack of activity in the summer transfer window in Europe” are no more than another brick on the wall he’s building towards another drought transfer window

    It wasn’t the first time he mentioned. He already talked about general recession, about us having a good run throughout the season, about the players we missed due to “unlucky” injures.

    Many things tell me the man isn’t a changed man. He needs to go with his dross in the summer.

    Let’s get it over with this despising season

  23. Doublegooner

    Hey Grovers

    Everything will change next season with Neil Banfield as No 2..

    Don’t expect any major changes from football’s biggest spin doctor. Just more lies.

  24. The Wise One

    Yeah..this Diaby situation is getting ridiculous now. I feel for thee guy but what is the point of keeping him on contract when he can only play 90 mins in a season?

    Also a quick shout out to Gibbs…He has been playing really good latey

  25. BacaryisGod

    The obvious link to our recent form is Arteta’s injury. That player is underrated. It shouldn’t have had the negative impact that it did, but to be fair we’ve been pretty poor since he limped off against Wigan.

  26. Pedro

    Glad you enjoyed it Bade.

    I’m all for taking positives out of the season… but these dropped points just reek of us lacking quality.

    We do have a good base to work from though.

  27. Squirrel

    Pedro what the other teams do does have a relevance on us,if we draw games and they lose then we move further clear,a point at stoke for us is about as good as it gets unfortunately.
    Also Lineker taking the piss out of Wenger is because that’s how everyone sees him now,a total joke character.
    Just reading what Pardew said after yesterdays defeat to Wigan,can’t see Wenger saying that.

  28. kwik fit

    I think that’s the first hamstring injury that Diaby has ever had. He was extremely fortunate not to have one before so I suppose he was due one at some point.

  29. Arben

    Pedro do you think fans got the right to complain about Lineker behaviour to the BBC can you bring us a link ,those biased people should not get paid from our license money, Lineker is a fucking disgrace including Stoke fans

  30. Danish Gooner

    I believe we are missing at least 5 or 6 top,top class players to be able to compete.First of all,once again we played with the famous handbrake on ,i dont understand why we cant express ourselfes more freely when we come up against a team of Cloggers like Stoke,run in to channels,deep penetrating runs etc,but then again some of our passing is borderline pub passing(Song,Diaby)and in slow motion so that might explain it.Having watched the 2 CL semies i cant help but feel overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the project lying ahead of Wenger,apart from a very defensive Chelsea, Madrid,Barca and Bayern played some breath taking attacking football.Football with precision and razor edge sharp execution,when i look at our lot i feel sick to my stomach watching players like Diaby and Song and Gervinho and Rosicky slowing every bloody move down and passing too often to the wrong player.Our play is so littered with faults and bad habits that i just cant see us progressing no matter what is instilled during the summer.Bayern,dont just suddenly start collapsing defensively and neither does Real or Barca,Bayerns to defenders Alaba and Gustavo risen from south american obscurity stood like giants at the santiago Bernabeu and they didnt put a foot wrong for 120 minutes,would anyone put the same faith in Kozzer and Verminator,i very much doubt.Bayerns midfield were a brutal passing machine with Schweinsteiger completely outpassing Alonso.Basic fact is that wenger have talked for 7 seasons now about our ability to do the business but as i see it will be a monumental summer in the transfer market before we even can begin to come close.


    Teddy, by the matches we have seen this season it’s as clear as day we are miles behind and the manager should go. I’m astounded people think otherwise.

    Norwich and WBA, certain we will drop points in one of those games. Lucky for us everyone else is poor too.

  32. Radio Raheem

    I’m a big Diaby fan but if this latest reported injury is true then I think we really need to find a way of severing our contract with him. Potential great player but shame injuries won’t let that potential blossom.

    It’s got to the point where we are better off a man short than to be teased so often. I’m sure the medical staff will be pleased with the less work load. Attention may then be diverted to others in a less perilous situation.

    It’s the hope that kills ya!

  33. Maciek


    If we can’t win against the likes of Norwich and WBA we don’t deserve to be in the Europa League, let alone the CL.

    And that just shows how s**t we really are. One injury to Arteta and we can’t even win against Wigan and Stoke and we fear that we will lose against WBA or Norich. A joke of a Club.

    Yet, still many people here claims that aside from new nr 2 and Podolski we don’t need any major signings.

    Well, I tell you that we need a new left back (Santos and Gibbs can’t defend), someone like Javi Martinez or M’Villa, a Hazard type of winger, another striker (Mathias Suarez), another cd (Verthongen) and a playmaker (Kagawa). And of course we must get rid of the dross( and we do have many average at best players). Many things needs to be done, sadly nothing will change.

    And if we lose the 3rd and 4th spot Podolski and any other quality player won’t come. But why should they? To play with Diaby, Denilson and Chamakh for a poor manager without any chance ofg winning a single trophy?

    A JOKE OF A CLUB and that situation will last as long as PHW, Kroenke and Wenger are in charge.

  34. Pedro

    Maciek, it’s a bit extreme to say we’re a joke of a club.

    We’re 3rd… we should be higher to the top… but we’re by no means a joke of a club.

  35. teddy

    Joppaaaaa, wish it is that easy… I’m all for wenger being ousted from the club or better still, him doing a Guardiola but we all know that aint gonna happen soon. This season has been a shambles regardless of what anybody would say. Guess who should be blamed?!

  36. kwik fit

    I think the statistics when Arteta isn’t playing are quite frightening.
    Can remember a PL game were we have won when Arteta wasn’t playing(exclude wigan).
    Either he’s a lucky charm or a very important link in the arsenal team. I go for the latter.

  37. Matchy

    Chmak is a good player but he will be a bad player if he stays at arsenal.

    with 10 mintues to go chamak came on but what for?

    whats the oint if chamk played the while game or90 min because chmak best asset is his heading ability but how many times does the team cross the ball?

    when chmak came on the last few minutes did arsenal changed their approach in attack?? they went through midfield and thru midfrield and thru midefiled.

    whats the point of chamk being on the field?

    when u put a player like chamk on the field the point and focus of attack must change. … corss the ball. balls pump forward fast towards chmak. used his height and headining ability.

    if not then arsenal is just making chamak a good player to a bad player.

    Gervino cannot cross the ball nor can walcot.

    Last but not least. Ramsey is just clueless as ever. Denilson is 10000 times better.

  38. f4phantomphreak

    talk about stumbling across the line, wow, will we make it?? I’m glad I got Formula 1 and Indy car to watch and not this mess of a squad AW as put together, or not put together I should say…

  39. Seduwill

    Good Post as usual.

    Can’t help but think this latest slump is down to fatigue. We’ve hardly had a change to the first 11 all season. I’ve been worried all season cos I look at the first 11 and think “great, but if this doesn’t work out, what have we got coming from the bench?” Take that a step further and what have we got in the rest of the squad?

    It seems no surprise to me that the players that are really firing at the moment are Rosicky and Benayoun – players that haven’t featured quite as much – this season or over the last few.

    We need depth and we have done for years. Blaming failure on injuries is a cop out. Look at scum united and what they’ve achieved over the last few years, also look the key players that have been missing for extended periods of time.

    We need a clear out. We need some top quality, but we also need quality through the squad. Unfortunately I just can’t see it happening…especially if we finish 3rd….

  40. Maciek


    We are 3rd most successful Club in English League history and one of the biggest Clubs in the world- and we should be run like a big Club.

    Hill-Wood, Kroenke and Wenger are to blame. We should be aiming higher. Almost 60 milion supporters around the globe, a fantastic stadium, 50 milion to spend in every transfer window and a fantastic history-that’s a marvelous springoard to aim higher and to fight for better things that a 3rd place and a semi-final of the C.Cup.

    So, to some extent our board and our manager have made us a joke. We just need a major overhaul.

    Thanks for your response. I appreciate your opinion. Have a great Sunday!

  41. SDE

    Portsmouth is a joke of a club, Rangers (in Scotland) is a joke of a club etc.

    I would take it the sentiment”we a joke of a club”,in terms of claiming to be a big club….
    But with the manager wenger,happy to sell our best players& replace them with at best,average players..
    And claim each season,we have the quality to challenge for all the titles..
    When to be quite frank,we don’t even get a sniff,of being remotely in touching distance with the top 2 clubs in the epl,or the heavyweights in the cl,let alone with the average teams in the domestic cups..
    Into double figures in terms of defeats this year,and conceding more goals than ever almost 60-in all comps I believe..
    In that sense we are a joke club!!!!

    I suppose it’s all relative..

  42. Ricky

    Good post pedro.

    It looked like our bottlers was playing out for the draw in the second half.. There was no eagerness to get the ball forward.

    After crouch scored we turned it up & started to look decent & as soon as we got the equaliser it was back to tippy tappy bollocks, looking for the perfect pass.

    Gervinho is now officially part of the dead wood! He’s been shit since the season started & looks to be getting worse as the season goes on. Don’t know why we always end up with these bullshit players!

  43. finestcuts

    The only questions Wenger needs to ask himself are:

    A) Is there room for improvement? (YES)
    B) Which players should I bring into the team to make this happen.

    As mentioned by Wenger himself, and a point made many weeks ago, we have too many players who are surplus to requirements. The club is bleeding around half a million a week in wages….so say around 20 million a year plus on players. That’s around 4 star players wage packets. Even if it was half of that it shows that we really need to sort this out once and for all.

    I flirted with the idea of bringing Bendtner back, but he’s not committed to the club. We need his type out and sharpish. There are many other good strikers on the market which are better than him, such as Lewandowski or Llorente.

    These last few games have shown us, that we’re short of options and we’ve known this all season. We must have competition for places.

    Also, I think we should bring Benayoun into the middle in Arteta’s absence. He played this position behind Gerrard at Liverpool so he’d slot straight in. Give Oxo the last two games, yes he’s raw but he can make a difference and I’d rather some raw talent on the wing than to be lacking in the engine room, and Rambo or Diaby just don’t cut the mustard for me at the moment, Arteta’s absence sticks out like a sore thumb.

  44. SDE

    R.Madrid 2-0 Sevilla

    Benzema on fire…

    I reckon if benzema came to arsenal,wenger would mess him up!Especially during the early years..

  45. SDE

    R.Madrid 3-0Sevilla

    Benzema again…2 goals..

    Makes you wonder if we were in real madrid’s position,having been knocked out of the semi-final of the CL..
    Would we have the mental strength,to turn our attentions to trying to secure the PL title,or would we have collapsed like a deck of cards?

  46. useroz

    Wenger OUT, and take your babies with you.

    Poor movements yesterday, no capable MF to drive the attack (Rosicky close but not good enough) and the worse was gerv and obviously chamakh… these are not strikers or even capable forwards… cannot shoot, cannot hold, cannot dribble and cannot defend so what are they for?? We waited a whole SEASON to sign these people…can you believe it?

    Ramsey was shocking… i don’t care how much he ran; watch a replay and you will see Ramsey walked at times and not chased down balls he lost! Did you recall Ramsey making runs (forward i mean), make astute passes (forward i mean),,, again, what’s he for then? Many of us probably could last 45 mins losing possession and making an effort to chase (but no pace…oops) and generally making 3 to 5 yard passes!!!

    That’s what wenger gives us who pay various amount of cash week in week out… if AFC wanted this a business, we will use business rules and demand results, ie trophies. Someone mentioned during the past 7 years we missed out on 20 something major trophies and 10s of minor ones… so Wenger failed and he should get out…. Imagine the Barclays top guys doing this (his on less than Wenger per annum), he’d have been sacked years ago.

    3rd is NOT a trophy and not success… 7m manager must produce much more! If you think you cannot take this pressure, Wenger, then get out and we still thank you.

  47. GOONbubba

    Absolutely spot on post. Gervinho is total shite, cant see him preogressing. Stoke is by far the most depressing town in England

  48. John

    Podolski is a good start but more is needed especially in midfield and up front. In the defence we only need one more versatile center half like Vertonghen. Our bench lacks depth that some of the players starting to day would bring, if we had better quality starting player. We do need more strikers and some people need to stop listening to Adrian Durham because Podolski is a top player and same with M’Villa ask the question are the better than Welbeck, Nani, Valencia and Carrick or Barry, Milner and Tevez. Yes, Yes and Yes.

  49. Ichiban

    Has anyone else noticed arsenal play with the handbrake on for like 80% of our games these days? Especially when the game is level. Only one or two players in the team seem to be moving about (rosicky, rvp) and then TV actually has to make a run from defence to help our static attacking force.
    Van Persie is looking more and more isolated. Podolski couldn’t come any sooner

  50. sensible old chap

    30 goals for benzema this season: you can forget him ever coming to us.

    We simply need to terminate diabys contract, simple as.

  51. Pk

    Stoke fans are cunts!

    ” It’s not an attitude issue this year, which is heartening. It’s just a quality issue.”

    I agree to that one, the addition of Arteta and Benny has been vital for that change. And it’s a lot les of a problem to fix the quality of the first 11, than the attitude of the whole squad. if we can build on this new attitude this summer with cutting the dross and replacing them with 2-3 decent squad players with the right attitude (never die mindset). Add 2 world class players to that and were competing again.

    But it’s never that easy is it. We need the board to put pressure on Wenger to deliver (Otherwise he won’t buy). I really don’t think they do shit on that front. And that’s why getting in some new/old faces on the board is the most important change that could be made for the long term prospect of the club. Usmanov and Dein would be perfect.

  52. Byo

    Great lyrical synopsis, as usual.

    “Joke of a club”?
    Everyone will agree you constitute the jokes here. And one hopes you don’t get a heart attack while you are at it.
    Are your comments ever related to the blog, or you just blather about the same every day?
    Why not start a blog of your own.

  53. arsenal1886-2006

    So Wenger is upset about the Stoke fans calling him a “French Twat”.
    I would like to see him try to disprove it in a court of law.

  54. Bade

    Ronaldo is a ridiculous talent, really

    43 goal already this season, with 3 more games left

    Last season he scored 40 or 41 goals (there’s a debate about it), that was anyway a new record, as no one ever scored a 40+ goals in La Liga

    So to make a long story short, he’s now scored 43, smashing the unbelievable record he’d set just a season earlier, and he can still improve it.

    Someone tweeted that the last time any player scored 43 goals a season in a league, was about 80 years ago, by an Everton legend. Probably Ronaldo will score even more this season.

    The guys is a phenomenon, as much as you might dislike his character you have to acknowledge his unique quality

    For me, he overshadowed Messi this season

  55. Bade

    The media hailing Messi, but since he came to La Liga, Ronaldo’s smashing records like there were peanuts

    Smashed the goalscoring record, twice already

    Smashed the record of the quickest to reach 100 goals

    I reckon he’ll be the only ever player to score more than 40 goals in a league season for 2 (or maybe 3?) successive seasons

  56. The Legend That Is Dennis Bergkamp

    Disappointed with yesterdays result. We had the lions share of possesion, created some chances, but overall we dont have enough QUALITY. For all the skill that RvP has, he cannot do it on his own. We need another striker, and that by the way will cost money, a lot of it, so Wenger, you need to go out there and spend it. We miss Arteta, everyone knows it. That boy is class. With the Usmanov story going around, i think its only a matter of time before he’s on the board and running the show. How does this sit with fellow Gooners ? I’m sure we’ve all ripped the piss out of our Chelski friends when Roman took over, so what will be different when it happens to us ? Personally, i don’t have an issue with it. It’s like its almost become the norm these days and i aslo think he really wants this club to be the best in the world. This is a Sunday sit on the couch hungover ramble so apologies. Finally, whether we finish 3rd or 4th, is it a case of Groundhog Day ? The same thing season after season ( we’ve had the usual season ups and downs which has been great), but it could of been oh so better. I really want the Arsenal to fucking win something…and soon !

  57. Cesc Appeal

    and Bade we had a chance to sign him when he first came over here, he and his mum met with Wenger three times

  58. Bergkamp63

    “A Joke of a club” No,

    A laughing stock of a Manager, Yes !!

    I’m sorry to say that Wenger has brought this amount of respect from fans & football pundits upon himself. He has conducted himself in an appalling manor over the last 4 or 5 years, you don’t see the likes of other top managers refusing to shake hands with their counterparts or kicking water bottles around when a decision doesn’t go their way.

    And as for his tactics & substitutions, he is even more embarrassing. I know the Ox is nowhere near ready but to bring on the likes of a left back in Santoss, Diaby the crock and shitmackh when we need to win a game is quite frankly beyond belief.

    The only thing Oxlade-Chamberlain needs to be better than those 3 is a pulse !!

  59. Bade

    Indeed Cesc

    They met the king of dithers, so no surprise Red Nose snapped him when Arsene was still pondering the deal

    What a fucking miss

  60. Adam Bucci

    don’t want to alarm anybody but we could still end up in 6th place. of the four teams in contention, spurs have the easiest run-in and it could very well come down to the final whistle on the last day.

  61. tippitappi

    I think the attitude against certain teams is still very much a problem with this side its like a running ulcer throughout the team and untill some new players who don’t look at the oppositions status to decide what effort to put in and shake up some of the others its not going away any time soon I think we will get 3rd now whatever happens but as you say the problem is wenger will highjack the situation for his own selfish ends and you know the board will be happy to stay passive,still on wenger why DOES he continue to make a complete arse of himself at that shit hole he really does the team no favours at all and is it true he’s not sure now if chamakh will be gone in the summer

  62. jack

    the chavs and the spuds will both win today, and the momentum will be with them to continue winning. I suspect Arsene was thinking exactly the same when he was making himself look like a clown at Stoke.

  63. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    It’s not about yesterday’s result really is it? It’s the amount of times in a season this happens. Poor average performance against a ‘smaller’ team.

    Saying that it’s a decent result in a place where results are hard to get is only acceptable in the wider context of a good season.

    Prediction! Next season’s champions are going to fuck up against a smaller team. Guaranteed. But they won’t do it as many times as we did this season.

    Isolating this game against a ‘tough Stoke team at home’ is fine if we are generally thrashing such teams. It happens, shit happens, Wigan won at OT, Wolves come back from 1-4 down yesterday! We can look at City and UTD’s fuck-ups.. fact is both are heading for approx 90 points… We are maxed out on 72 if we win the last 2.

    This is the problem. Steel in defence (as a team), resiliance, grind out results when playing under-par, creativity of world class players in attack and the fact is we are lacking in all these requirements.

    Solution? Eh.. NEW PLAYERS! (Insert Manager if appropriate!)

  64. CG

    They shouldn’t have booed AR, we shouldn’t have booed Shawcross. It just makes us look bitter especially as AR is back on the pitch (and being booed by Gooners for being rubbish, equally despicable but that’s another story). It was a bad tackle but people break their legs all the time, not just footballers.

  65. ml

    even if chelsea win today and against newcastle they will be two point behind

    cant see them beating liverpool away

  66. goondawg

    It may well be a point gained, but fucking hell I despise Stoke and would love to see them go down a division or two. Fcking inbred boorish fans with their abuse aimed at Ramsey was a disgrace to humanity, and their even more classless manager saying he did not even hear the abuse levelled at Ramsey because his concerning issue was the Arsenal away supporters raising their voice at the thug who snapped his leg in two which saw a year bit off his career span. Oh no poor fucking Shawcross!!!

    I plead with Wenger, after hearing that disgusting vitriol aimed at him, (hate him or love him, gooners have to stick with their own. especially when an alien stoke race of inbreds are chastising) to take a long hard look at the squad that so bereft of quality we fail time and time again to grab 3 points against this uncultivated sides. Instead of holding out on the piggy bank for another rainy year, and papering our quality-devastated squad cracks he opts to spend to send the likes of Stoke tumbing down. How I dream that our 6 points can shoot stoke into oblivion one day.

  67. Cesc Appeal

    everyone knew all along it would take one shock of confidence and euphoria for us to see the real el nino again. Amazing player, too good to be kept down for long. When there were whispers that Chelsea would accept a £25 Million fee from him to get him off the books I thought that would be a bargain.
    With some reinforcements Chelsea could be a real force next year, and we’ll either be with them (Usmanov and new manager) or also rans struggling for fourth (Wenger).

  68. Kushagra India

    Messi at his worst is still much better than Ronaldo who has the ability to drift in and out of the big games mostly out…against Bayern he scored 2 goals but was peripheral for most of the time…Gr8 player but no way near Messi…

  69. K.C.

    I’m sorry but Wenger is embarrassing to watch on the sidelines. He resembles a spoiled 12 year old when he get’s upset and throws his proverbial temper-tantrum. He’s definitely not helping our cause with the officials with this behavior.

  70. Kushagra India

    U need the whole team consisting of Benzema Alonso etc etc playing ball for Ronaldo but Messi plays ball for the team. Ronaldo wont win u the cup on hiw own but Messi certainly can..

  71. Cesc Appeal

    Manager wasn’t working at Chelsea (AVB) Chelsea acted even during a crucial period of the season and appointed a new man (RDM). Look what it’s done for the teams belief and confidence, like magic water believing that the manager was the problem does make you a better player once they leave.
    The same can easily be argued for us, the manager is stale so the player’s are getting stale. Look at the energy and pace (all be it hit and miss at 18) that AOC can bring to the game but Wenger doesn’t play that style and will try to break him into a Nasri, loads of technical ability zero heart or passion.
    Need a new, classy manager who’s up on modern tech and tactics

  72. kwik fit

    Watching Bartley in the old firm derby and we can forget about him in our list’s of back up CB’s. He’s out of his depth against lesser scottish league players so he has no chance playing in the premier league.

  73. Keyser

    Cesc Appeal – AVB was brought in to change Chelsea’s style, Abramovich probably thought he could do that while keeping them in the chase for the title, the players are too old to change so you could argue they submarined him, they’ve gone back to the team they were that was becoming stale.

    Maybe with new energy that they’ve needed since Duff and Robben left they won’t have to change afterall.

    The Ox thing ? What are you on about ?!

  74. incesc

    the thing that gets me about stoke is their whole attitude towards us.

    ramsey had hes leg horribly broken, i think shawcross was reckless but obviously he wasnt trying to cause that much damage.

    but instead of stoke and their horrible manager apologising and acting properly they spent the whole time attacking wenger and acting like shawcross was the victim.

    now they boo the player that had his leg broken, and abuse our manager. Its mindless and moronic

    if a young player of an opposing team had his leg badly broken at the emiratel i guarantee he’d get a big cheer if he recovered and came back to out ground to play.

  75. Cesc Appeal

    The ox thing….Wenger clearly doesn’t care for the fcat that he’s a fan favourite, cleaerly doesn’t like the fact he’s quite tempremental (screaming at Ramsey against City). Yesterday was the perfect game for his style either to start or come on as a sub. Instead we got £60 000 a week worth of fibre glass come on, a manikin and Santos

  76. Keyser

    Is Bartley playing centre-back today ? Thought they’ve been using him in midfield ?!

    Any Scottish gunner reporters ?!

  77. incesc

    and personally i like it when wenger is passionate on the sidelines and that hes a bad loser.

    better than when he sits on the bench and looks lost.

  78. Keyser

    Cesc Appeal – You said Wenger doesn’t like energy and pace it’s not his style ?!

    The kids 18, he was shit against Chelsea, though they were sitting back and doubling up, and he misplaced every pass he made when he came on against Wigan, he’s 18, moved upt wo divisions, and has been used at times because we’ve had to.

    We’ve been shit this year at times, we’ve looked on our last legs, like we should be put down, ie around Christmas, but Stoke away isn’t especially a game to hold anything up against.

    Stoke aren’t really a small club, they’re backed by Bet365, you see all the green around the touclines ? Well that’s because they brind the touchlines in to make the pitch smaller and easier for them to play to their gameplan.

    UEFA make them move the touchlines because unlike the FA they’re not stupid, At home with a lenient ref they can be quite physical and imposing which is why none of the top teams have won there this year I don’t even want to be mean about Stoke, they’re doing what they have to.

    At times though it’s like Linekar last night.

    “WTF was that ?” You’re just left wondering WHY ? God why ?!

  79. Kc

    I do not think any of the other top teams had come away with full points this season. Also, please, Pedro, read Pulis comments on Arsenal’s performance. We have improve considerably over the past few years against this sort of team. Moreover, how many points have MU and MC ollected over the last few games? Every teams performance drops with stress etcetc, which I am sure you are not blind to. So my point is stop slating and criticising for the sake of doing so.
    Be objective.

  80. andy

    yeah I read it too ml … with a calf injury 😛 177 minutes playtime in 5 subroles this season – what a tremendous stat … we can sell him for a bunch of onions

  81. Keyser

    Kwik fit – Heh, come on that’s a bit unfair then.

    Are you watching ? He’s a bit slow to turn and chase back ? Gets caught square on ? not sure how quick he is, like Jenkinson when he gets caught out but he’s actually decent when he’s got time to make up yards.

    If we played him like we do Mertesacker, sit deeper, play with two players holding, giving him time I think he could be quite good, it’s just whether we can afford to accomodate that.

  82. AJ

    Finally we come down to selling most of our team. The youngsters are second rate, the first team is second rate, manager is third rate. Big replacements needed.

  83. Keyser

    If it wasn’t for barcelona’s laboritories and genetic engineering, Messi could have been playing for us alongside Cesc.

  84. jack


    Maybe the OX was told by Wenger to try 3 feet passes like ramsey etc and stop running towards the goal and shooting like he did against Milan. He will destroy the OX, as his confidence is gone already.

  85. Bergkamp63

    Too many fans obsessed with other teams supporters, players, style of play, tactics, Managers & pundits.

    The only thing we should be concerned with is what happens on the fucking pitch and wether or not we win, lose or draw and how Arsenal’s manager conducts himself. The rest is totally irrelevant.

  86. Keyser

    Ox was played in midfield against Milan, obviously he wouldn’t have been told to stay up front or run down the wings.

  87. incesc

    and to be honest as a football fan yes i am bothered about stoke, i think the represent a lot of whats wrong with english football right now.

  88. geekpie

    jack – the mere thought, they have no relevance to my life. excpet for a chuckle or two whilst skimming through the sports pages.

  89. BOOZY

    incescApril 29, 2012 14:41:09
    whats wrong with the way wenger conducts himself?

    were do we start.

  90. jack

    Isnt it funny how the winning streak the Chavs are currently having gets rid of the tiredness and fatigue that was supposed to prevent them from challenging for cl,fa cup and top 4. All we heard on the posts on here was that they were too old and could not cope with all the games they had to play. I remember reading that it was a good thing we are out of the cups as the Chavs would be too tired to challenge. We always look tired and lethargic.

    nothing beats winning

  91. kwik fit


    JD’s better and that’s saying something.

    The more I think about Wenger’s antic’s especially against wigan the more I feel he is disrespecting Arsenal FC. Unable to shake Martinez hand at the end of the game. Come on Wenger that was totally out of order. Nothing wrong with not enjoying defeat but there are thing’s that must be done no matter how hard. For disrespecting Arsenal he deserves the sack. Will it happen of course it fucking won’t.

  92. goondawg

    BBC Sport’s David Ornstein reports that midfielder Abou Diaby will miss Arsenal’s final two matches of the season with a calf injury. The Frenchman finishes the campaign with five substitute appearances, totalling 177 minutes.

    Well ain’t that just perfect!

  93. Keyser

    The only thing we should be concerned with is what happens on the fucking pitch and wether or not we win, lose or draw and how Arsenal’s manager conducts himself. The rest is totally irrelevant.

    Goal Diff the same now !! 6-0

  94. Keyser

    Kwik fit – Did you watch Martinez after the game ? He hugged everyone, then started high-fiving, shook his coaches hand, his waterboys, and then jumped around.

    How long was Wenger going to stand there just soo the cameras can catch the awkward moment when he has to shake his hand ?!

    It’s bollocks, maybe they had a drink afterwards, in the papers Wenger has definetly talked him up and generally backs most managers.

    It’s like the Caldwell thing, he pulled his hand away twice and then tried to grab Van Persie.

  95. Bergkamp63


    Don’t be twat all your life,

    He whines on about other clubs behing too physical, he whines on about teams playing too defensive against us.

    he complains about a lack of quality players being available during transfer windows.

    He complains about injuries and lack of squad depth when we have 78 players on our books.

    He complains about refereeing decisions being the reason for his failures.

    He shows a lack is dignity in defeat.

    the list is endless !!