A point worked out but Arsenal still not good enough by a long way

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We went to Stoke with a pretty experienced line up. We were at a disadvantage as we didn’t have Theo or Arteta. We slipped Gervinho into the starting 11 and played Benny over the over side. Midfield consisted of Aaron, Song and Rosicky. The game got off to a typically thuggish start, Whitehead, who looks like an inbred version of Noel Fielding, smashed through Song early on. He was shown a yellow though which made a nice change. It also put the brakes on violence escalation process that usually happens in Stoke games.

Our first tasty piece of movement came when Van Persie played Yossi into the box, the Israeli managed to angle his shot across goal, he just didn’t have the power behind it. Robin was given an opportunity to head us into the lead when Rosicky played a superb cross into the box, the Dutchman’s near post header was tipped wide.

Then it happened… like it always seems to. Stoke power down the other end, whip in a pretty decent cross and who steps up to head home? Peter f*cking Crouch. The header dropped into the bottom corner. The keeper didn’t even move for it. I’m still a bit perplexed as to why he didn’t dive for the shot, but there you go.

Were we going to bend over? No. We slipped straight back into some nice pass and move. Keeping it intricate being mindful that there needed to be some end product. Ramsey was first to test out his shooting boots whistling a shot just wide of the upright.

Next, Yossi chased down a lost cause, won the ball,  turned and played a pass inside his man, Rosicky took over, picked out Robin at the back post where he was on hand to tap in. A goal that combined hard work and great skill. Super stuff.

We continued to press a resolute Stoke. The best chance of the half after the goal fell to Gervinho. Sagna whipped in a superb cross, some how the Ivorian managed to miss the ball completely. People were saying he was worried about the keeper… I’m saying he’s just not that good.

The second half opened and I was hoping for more of a reaction. We needed the three points regardless of what was going on at Newcastle. I’d rather we pushed for a gap than sat back marvelling at how bad others have been.

It never really came. There was a potential penalty call which looked like loose legs from Yossi. Robin Van Persie had a diving header well held and we really didn’t make much use out of the countless freekicks we had around the box. Thomas Vermaelen, as much as I love him, shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near those kicks. He’s like the fat kid at school that wows everyone because he can kick a ball hard. You’re a pro footballer Thomas, concentrate on hitting the target.

One of his shots caused a bit of controversy when it hit the hand of Walters. It was definitely a handball, but getting decisions like those these days is a big ask. Especially from Chris Foy.

Sagna saved our bacon in the 91st minute. Stoke fired a corner into the box, Chesney made a bit of a mess of it but the Frenchman was on hand to fire the clearance away.

We earned a point. We played some nice football. But simply put, we need to be looking at that as two points dropped, not a satisfactory one point gained. We’re not West Ham fans here.

After Thoughts….

Many people have been celebrating the 1 point we earned at the Britannia on the basis of what other top 6 teams have done. For me what the opposition do against teams bears no relevance to us. No one seems to be mentioning that QPR, Sunderland, West Brom and even the continental fairies Valencia have gone there and won.

For me, there should be no get out out of jail cards. So what if the other top 6 teams have had problems. That’s excuse making. The simple fact is, we needed to win that yesterday and we didn’t.

We’ve take 8 points out of the last 18. That’s pretty shoddy. Again, forget the opposition and what they’ve done. It’s irrelevant. Wenger said he’d use the last few months of the season to assess the quality of his team. On what we’ve seen, we’re still a long way off. It’s not an attitude issue this year, which is heartening. It’s just a quality issue.

Yesterday we simply didn’t have that extra ten percent you need in a tough game. There was no Cesc killer pass or a bit of Nasri magic we could call upon. Gervinho to all intents and purposes is now looking like a bit of a duff signing. He may come good next year after a summer off, but he’s regressed as the season has gone on. Is that African nations fatigue or is it a touch of the Chamakhs? Chamberlain hasn’t made the impact we’d hoped for. Undoubted talent, but still very raw… then outside that we’re really struggling.

As it turns out, our one point was good enough. Wigan did us a huge favour by smashing Newcastle, so third is still in our hands. What’s disappointing is the fact it should have been tied up. Wigan, QPR and Stoke are all three pointers if you cut away the ‘on their day’ nonsense. If we want to kick on in the league next year let’s hope the players don’t check the form guide to see who they can drop points to.

My big concern is that we stumble across the line for third, dripping in sweat, blood and tears. Then the manager looks at the table and says,

‘If we hadn’t had the first three months of the year, we’d be 10 points better off. So actually, we don’t need any players this summer. I only need to find an extra 5%.’

Then we’re back where we started. Looking at it in the cold light of day, we’ve actually had 3 slumps. One in August. One in January and we’re in one now. We’ve not been good enough this year. I’m happy we have a platform to work from. But only if the boss sees it as a platform. We really can’t afford to go into next year hoping and praying Ramsey is going to come good, that Jack can be a one man goal creation machine and that a couple of risky signings might explode onto the scene.

‘What do we have that is good enough now’ should be the only question Wenger asks over the summer.

We did create chances yesterday, most of the good stuff coming from two players on the back 9 of their careers. Yossi and Rosicky engined away in midfield and helped craft some seriously intricate play. The reverse passing and pivoting on a sixpence was impressive. We just lacked finishing power. We lacked the ruthlessness you need to be competitive.

I must say, I did like the fact that we didn’t allow ourselves to get bullied yesterday. I’m not sure why Wenger felt the need to challenge every decision. The players weren’t. There were a few risky fouls… but overall, we got stuck in, we weren’t intimidated and we played some nice soccerball.

We got to the last 15 and it looked like we’d run out of ideas. You knew we’d run out of ideas when Wenger threw on Chamakh… you knew exactly what our squad limitations were when the final throw of the dice was bringing on a left back.

Still, this matters not. We’ll still finish a point ahead of Spurs if we beat West Brom and Norwich. Both teams should be routine 3 pointers, therefore that means both are banana skins. Norwich is definitely a game we should be taking no prisoners in. They actually play football. If we can’t beat the at the game Arsene Wenger trademarked as his own… well, I don’t want to think about that.

Also a word for the Stoke fans. Disgusting. Booing Ramsey? Come on. How can a whole stadium all do that in agreement. Utter classlessness. Still, when you’ve eaten in a Stoke service station which I have on many occasions, you’ll understand why they are how they are. A shambles of a place and a shambles of a fanbase.

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  1. tippitappi

    Two winnable games to finish 3rd and there’s panic and lack of belief it can be achieved there was a time where six points from these two games would have been taken as read and rightly so but alas not now thats the result of the slow rot under wenger

  2. follow the money

    Pedro is right, we’ve had three slumps. And that is the problem, the top teams don’t have slumps, they have maybe a few poor games each season but immediately after a poor game they are back to their best.

  3. jon

    We have not won since we lost Arteta 3 matches ago. Remember our slump in January, when we lost many matches with Arteta out injured? Arteta is very important because he can concentrate 100% in 90 minutes, is tactically and technically sound. Right now I would say it will be hard to maintain our top 3 position unless Ramsey or Song can step up. Wenger really need to buy 2 more midfielders this summer – one defensive and another offensive one. Hopefully we can ger Yann M’Vila and Mario Goetz! (although he has just signed a contract extension with Borussia Dortmund)

  4. OPG

    Man if there were more games I’d believe there was a threat of dropping out of the top4 but they’ll probably stumble over the line now, this continues the trend from last season with the amount of points needed for 3rd in the low 70’s at times it’s been in the 80’s.

  5. arsenal1886-2006

    “Psg lille in 20 minutes for those who want to watch hazard if they haven’t yet”

    City’s summer signings don’t really interest me…

  6. arsenal1886-2006

    We are like Paula Radcliffe, pissing ourselves before we cross the line.

    Wish we had as much passion and commitment as she has.

  7. Pedro

    SDE, you’re going to have to tone down the agression in your comments… it puts people off commenting and it makes for a bad atmosphere. Speak to people in a normal way.

  8. patthegooner

    Woy Hodgson Approached for England Job!!!!!

    I know he was in the running but didn’t see them going for him over Fish lips.

    I think he is a better Manager than what happened at Liverpool and maybe International Football could be better suited to him. I think this would spell the end of Gerrards International Career.

  9. Ja_Gunner

    This is how we should line up next season to be succesful…


    Hazard, Podolski, Mvila, Sorenson or similar, Ba or similar

    I wont even bother to list the outs..they are too many…
    Playing 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 on some occasions…

    GK………………………………..Szcezney, Sorenson, Manone/Martinez
    CB…………………………………Verm, Koscielny, Mertersac, Djuru, Mikel
    FB…………………………………Santos, Sagna, Gibbs, Jenks, Coquelin
    Mid………………………………Song, Arteta, Wilshere, Mvila, Ramsey, Coquelin*
    Wing forwards………….Podolski, Oxo, Gerv, Theo, Hazard*
    Strikers……………………….RVP, Ba, Podolski*, Theo*
    Second Striker/CAM………….Hazard, Rosicky, Benayoun*

  10. SDE

    Kwik Fit

    Shame about ‘Arry not taking the england job..Would have loved it..Then he would have been found out tactically against the top managers in the world..
    Can’t understand,why the FA would even contemplate employing a manager,whose only track record in winning anything of note,is 1 FA Cup,in 30 years of management & 2 (1 cl & 1 uefa)european cup campaigns over the same period…

    Given the lack of credible english managers-Roy Hodgson’s recruitment seems logical,what with his track record of managing european clubs & the switzerland job..

    I suppose wenger,could put the FA in a dilemma..
    By throwing his hat into the ring!!It would certainly relieve us arsenal fans of one dilemma..

    Do we stick,or twist with wenger?

  11. zeus

    So Harry have imploded Spurs season because he wants the Englerland job and the FA have opened talks with Woy Hodgson… hahahahaha

  12. Kethees

    Wenger: “At the end of the season I think you will have big surprises because there will not be a lot of movement in football”.
    Got it????

  13. zeus

    Should be making serious moves for Kagawa btw. He’s turned down Dortmund and has his mind set on a move abroad it seems.

    Him and Christian Ericksen along with Rosicky sharing the AM role.

    Hazard is a pipe dream.

    Anyone with the actual stats for Ericksen this season. Wikipedia has 20 (18 in the league) assists, while ESPN has 0 assists (in the league).

    I know its Wiki, but its never that far off.

  14. kwik fit

    Just wish hodgson’s approach was kept hush hush until the end of the season. Spud’s may just find their pre ‘arry for england manager frenzy.
    FA making a complete horlicks of the whole situation as per usual.

  15. zeus


    Lots of people looking at his failed trial at Liverpool though. If he can’t handle that pressure, how is he gonna handle the pressure from a country who expects to win every tournie?……….as if their Brazil or something.

  16. SDE

    Ja Gunner
    This is how we should line up next season to be succesful…BuyHazard, Podolski, Mvila, Sorenson or similar, Ba or similar

    Sounds good..But who will sanction these buys..?
    And what with the price tags of some these players& possibly a bidding war..

    Bidding wars & hefty price tags-on the buying side
    for wenger,are like turkeys voting for christmas!!
    They would rather avoid such events at all costs..
    Leaves a pungent smell in their beaks!!

  17. WengersSweeties

    3rd place should have been sewn up by now… Q.P.R, Wigan, Stoke!! the amount of points we have dropped is totally unacceptable and inexcusable considering we have no other competitions to worry about.

    Wenger really has decayed this club with his stubbornness and his policy of making money for himself and this board.

    For a top club like Arsenal to have hit a third bad patch in a season without rectifying the mistakes is a sackable offence.

    I have ZERO faith in him to turn this club around and be successful again, we get worse and worse season after season. We can’t help but concede goals, we still have no answers on how to break teams down and we still have no options on the bench…

    If someone gave me this choice:

    1) Lose out this season on a Champions League place but Wenger will leave/or sacked.


    2) Arsenal achieve 3rd

    I would take option 1 all day long because I know to move this club forward we need to get shot of this lunatic

  18. kwik fit

    Today has been a total fucking disaster for Steve Kean. Firstly his blackburn side get beat by the spud’s then he find’s out that he’s not getting the England job.

  19. SDE

    Lots of people looking at his failed trial at Liverpool though. If he can’t handle that pressure, how is he gonna handle the pressure from a country who expects to win every tournie?……….as if their Brazil or something.

    Most managers,through their careers,will experience ups& downs..Some successes,some failures..
    I mean as an example..Lets take wenger’s track record over 14 years..Some amazing highs,punctuated by some unbelievable disappointments..

    If people are judging Hodgson,through the prism of his time at Liverpool,then they are rather short-sighted & nonsensical in their thinking..

    Either way,if you look at Roy Hodgson’s career in totality,what with managing european clubs & at international level..He brings far more to the table than Redknapp ever will..And besides ,he’s been far more successful than Redknapp..
    Makes you think,from this perspective..why all the noise for redknapp..?It’s illogical..

    Funny how the media & some crazy fans,conveniently overlook,the fact that he relegated S’ton& then ran back to portsmouth their rivals..Took over & allegedly left them in a financial straitjacket..
    And how every club he’s been at,has somehow coincidentally been financially bankrupt when he exits..?

    You ask yourself one question..What’s he been doing for the best part of 30 years in management?

    All the top coaches in 30 years,have some silverware to stick on the table..

  20. arsenal1886-2006

    wenger wont get sacked if we get 5th

    But could his ego take a battering in the press.
    Would RVP stay? Would Podolski sign for a team in the Europa League?
    Would Messi really sign because he is desperate to play alongside his idol Chamakh?

  21. zacharse

    who on here believes
    a) if Ramsey starts in the center, we will not win/play well
    b) we should undoubtedly get rid of him

    players like him weaken the resolve of the side, like when Andrey came in in the man u home game. how can we have the 6th sense, the luck to take opportunities and win when the players feel held back by certain teammates. how does wise arsene not do something about this. even if the ox is off his game a little bit, he doesnt have the low ceiling of talent and play that ramsey has.
    send him to france

  22. Lordbergkamp

    This year has all the hallmarks of usual end of year slump (we’re going well)… finish 4th… chavs win the CL… we get dumped into EL…. Wenger professes himself disgusted…. refuses to sign any more players as “we we’re nearly good enough last year”…

    Repeat for the next ten years… “our expectations should be top-4, not winning the title”…. “Money and big signings cannot win the title!”…

    Man City win 4 consecutive titles by spending 4 trillion pounds and signing the entire Barca team….


  23. zeus

    Viera is watching Hazard take on PSG now.

    Have to say, overall, a little disappointed with Pastore’s season.

  24. Jamal

    3rd spot is in our hands, all we have to do is win the next two game… two easy games on paper which we should win, but this is the mighty Arsenal were talking about after all,,

    The great entertainers haha

  25. SDE

    The question is,would he make a dignified exit,by tendering his resignation if we were to finish 5th?..Highly unlikely..
    He will spin finishing 5th as the new 4th baloney,which is a 1st in his mind..

    The point is Wenger,thinks,talks & acts like a dictator..Displaying all the behaviourial patterns of one..

    He will never quit voluntarily & like a dictator,will continue to deceive his followers that all is well,and not to listen to any rumblings of discontent..

    Whether we finish top 3,or 5th is irrelevant to me now..
    Clearly at best we have remained stationary,at worst we are regressing..A top 3 finish will not mask,the ever growing cracks in this team..And it’s as clear as the blue sky,no matter how you dress up..
    In order to have wenger deposed,we need to fight fire with fire..
    That means,a boardroom struggle of seismic proportions..with Usmanov embarking on a buyout of the BoD..to retain majority control..which will be a long-drawn out affair..
    Shaking the BoD up & replacing wenger..
    That I believe is the only way forward..

  26. arsenal1886-2006

    Can’t believe some folks still think we will get Hazard.
    You sound like the bloke in the pub who arranged to meet some bird at
    8 o’clock, it’s now 11-30. Well guess what, She dumped you for a bloke she met with a flash motor, loads of cash and a successful career.
    You see that lanky ugly skank in the corner all on her own, yeah that’s right the bird from Morocco, well that is as good as you are gonna get.

  27. Gunner2301

    Hodgson is a good shout for England. Even though they won’t win anything he’s solid enough to keep them ticking over.


    Hodgson at Liverpool would have probably pulled things round just like Wenger because he has carried on past the sacking point. If you ride it out long enough it will inevitably turn good again. The players weren’t behind Hodgson not as bad as AVB but nonetheless they should have given him a chance.

    For Wenger to come out and say there will not be a lot of movement in football this Summer? How the fuck does he know? Just like previous Summers he’s lining up his excuses. If he doesn’t bring in decent players RVP will be off and I will not blame him. How many years have players in their final year been lied to by Wenger only to see dross or at best average players brought in.

    Looks like Wenger was too scared he’d miss Eboue so he brought in Gervinho. That’s what you get when you pick the 3rd or 4th best players in a team in an inferior French league. What did he expect?

    We as fans need to consider whether Wenger can take us any further and if the answer is no, what are we going to do about it.

  28. Gooby

    vieira and ferggie’s borther are both watching lille psg, having a close look at hazard i suppose.

    digne is another interesting one along with sakho.

  29. Gunner2301


    Regardless of all the plaudits. Usmanov is no fool. He’ll see past the whole “Wenger is a great developer of young talent” and actually count the ones he has produced. He will look back over Wengers statements where he lauds 4th as a trophy and will understand why the team have under performed given this is the mentality of the manager. He will ask himself If I had that attitude would I have achieved the success I have? He will conclude NO and also conclude that Wenger and his loser mentallity is not compatible with a team that wants to be associated with winning and challenging for the top prizes.

  30. incesc

    how does hazard fit in at man citeh?

    i guess if he goes straight there instead of playing for us for 2 seasons and going there it cuts out some of the annoyance for us

  31. arsenal1886-2006

    I think that Hodgson suffered the same fate at Liverpool as Villa-Boas did at Chelsea. He wanted to shift the old guard and sweep the place clean and start afresh. Player power shifted him.

  32. SDE

    usmanov might really love wenger, and give him a massive new ciontract…

    I wouldn’t think so…If the fan’s discontent is at an all time low,by the time he hypothetically gains majority control..And besides,I’d think he would wish to create a legacy for himself,as the man that brought back success to Arsenal& align himself with the fans.

    And to do that with a fortune rumoured to be £18 billion,I think he would want a clean sweep of the decks& hit the ground running..Like Roman @ Chelsea,when he first arrived..I also think,he might wish to unsurp Roman,by making Arsenal a force to be reckoned with on the world footballing map..As football clubs to these oligarchs,is like who has the best & biggest toy..It would be more of an egotrip for these guys..

    Rather than for stan,who ultimately sees arsenal as a business,like the rest of his franchises.Making the bare minimum investment,in order to get a required ROI..
    Just thinking of the cash register..The bottom line..end of..
    Then again I might be wrong about Usmanov!!

  33. arsenal1886-2006


    It’s true though, we have been so brainwashed that even though we know it will never happen we still think it will, if that makes sense.

  34. reggie57

    I just want him to leave now!! cant see where the club is going!!whats it all about? does anyone have any answer’s?also is it the same morrocan bird that used to drink in the zetland?


    Exactly Arsenal1886. Well I for one am not falling for it. The question is how or what can we do to show support for Usmanov?

    Fans may not realise it but the power really is in their hands. Example….

    If say 40,000 fans suddenly didn’t turn up for a home game at the Emirates because they wanted change. What do you think would happen? That’s right, change.

    Now it’s very unlikely that will happen of course but it is possible.

    I’m thinking some kind of show of support for Usmanov. Ideas of how to do this are much appreciated. Could be an armband, a badge. This BoD needs to go, Arsenal need to be taken to the next level. If Ambramovich can do what he has done for Chelsea then imagine what Usmanov could do.

  36. SDE

    “We as fans need to consider whether Wenger can take us any further and if the answer is no, what are we going to do about it.”

    I think arsenal fans that advocate wenger remaining,have me thinking one thing & one thing only?

    They are scared of winning..
    & have unfortunately been brainwashed into thinking..this is as good as it’s going to get!!
    So let’s accept this level of mediocrity..

    Just the other day day,they mentioned officially that we are in a double-dip recession..When that happens..you know the economy is in a really bad shape..

    Well according to Pedro in his post,we’ve had 3 slumps..

    I’ll translate that in economic terms..
    We’ve had a “triple-dip -recession” under Wenger,over a course of 1 season..

    And people are still scared of change & winning!!

    And some on here call me a pessimist!!lol

  37. arsenal1886-2006

    Wengers mistake was dismantling the squad after leaving Highbury. You need to build some history in a new place or it will feel that the stadium is jinxed, footballers are superstitious and psychologically imbalanced at the best of times.
    Wenger wanted a clean slate and a legacy that would be all his own work, it was selfish and egotistical in my opinion.
    Well Arsene, you left your legacy at Highbury where you were a legend, but you forgot to bring a football team with you.

  38. SDE

    reggie 57
    I just want him to leave now!! cant see where the club is going!!whats it all about? does anyone have any answer’s?also is it the same morrocan bird that used to drink in the zetland?

    Simply support behind Usmanov..
    My stance changed on friday with pepe resigning..
    As in, I realised it was hopeless me directing my ire at wenger..Wanting him to leave..Highly unlikely with the BoD behind him..
    Wenger,will happily take the flak for the board,for whatever length of time..

    Fans chanting wenger out,will not change a thing so long as the BoD,are in control..Wenger&BoD are complicit in what I call the “Emirates version of the Italian Job..”

    For a changing of the guard,drum up support for Usmanov..If he’s in control,the changes needed will be a natural ordering..

  39. Gunner2301


    I would more say they are scared of change. Wenger and the board have got everyone so mixed up they don;t know what to believe, We have money, We don’t have money, Wenger has it and won’t spend it blah blah blah. All in the name of keeping the fans confused. If the fans are confused they won’t think or spend so much time unravelling the maze, inside the enigma, inside the riddle it leaves Wenger and co to do what they want with little opposition.

    Why else do you think the fans are lying down and sucking up this shit? So they make it look as if without Wenger with limited finances we would be fucked and isn’t it always better the devil you know in those situations?

    That’s another thing Wenger talking up this recession like it’s his comfort blanket. Joker that he is. Another smoke screen.

  40. arsenal1886-2006


    Usmanov could publicly announce his intention to invest transfer funds if they are Matched by Kroenke. Kroenke will poop his pants at the thought and will be exposed as someone in it for the money and not on pitch success.
    It could be a big PR coup amongst some wavering fans.

  41. SDE

    I’m just thinking..If the AKB’s are insistent on wenger remaining,as they are a significant number of them..
    Do you think if we call for a change of owner,that the AKB’S might go along with that?
    That would be one way of garnering a large support base for usmanov?
    Pitching the AKB’s,so as to have a sizeable united front on matters such as reinvestment into the team..blah,blah..
    Then we could take this to Usmanov,blitzing his companies..,via emails..possibly some kind of document/report highlighting the decline of the team & the changes needed..,armbands,t-shirts with usmanov’s name emblazoned on them,with some slogan..
    He would definitely have his ears to the ground,maybe prompting an aggressive stance in terms of a takeover bid..

    Or will the AKB’s go along with whatever they are spoon fed from Wenger&the BoD,or could not care or less who the owner is?

  42. SDE

    Usmanov could publicly announce his intention to invest transfer funds if they are Matched by Kroenke. Kroenke will poop his pants at the thought and will be exposed as someone in it for the money and not on pitch success.
    It could be a big PR coup amongst some wavering fans.

    That could be one tactic..but it would take a multitude of strategies to remove these obstinate oafs on the BoD…
    But I think maybe the hiring of a PR company to call the BoD into question,on a whole raft of things-a la Magnier’s style on Fergie to such an extent..that as you mentioned,the negative feedback on Kroenke& the BoD might force their hand..

    The problem with this strategy,is that it might alienate Usmanov,as the BoD out of spite might decide they don’t want his type on the board..No matter how lucrative his offer..

    Maybe it should be a tactic considered further down the line,if the board decide to park the bus & refuse all friendly overtures from usmanov..

  43. reggie57

    Cant see any change!!not unless there is a mass boycott of the emirates and there’s too many wenger lover’s for that!!

  44. kapslock

    Hazard on french tv after his great performance against PSG: “I want to play in England (next season). That’s what I’ve decided.”

    Supposedly he absolutely smashed it tonight against PSG. Vieira there watching tonight. Must be City bound. Really fucks me off.

  45. GUNNER786

    Hazard on the scoresheet AGAIN!

    We have no chance of signing him now that the big boys (City and Utd) are interested.

    Nice one Wenger

  46. SDE

    Cant see any change!!not unless there is a mass boycott of the emirates and there’s too many wenger lover’s for that!!

    That’s why,one will need to focus some effort on getting these AKB’s on board,by supporting for a change of ownership..If the emphasis,is on “wenger out”,it would be a tall order..

    If it’s at “usmanov in”,with the emphasis on reinvestment into the team..it won’t seem so revolutionary for the AKB’s.Change in the beginning albeit at a slow pace to begin with..

  47. reggie57

    Wenger never had any intention of signing him anyway!! and why would he waste he’s talent surrounded by sub standard player’s!!!!

  48. arsenal1886-2006

    Sorry SDE I should have made myself clearer. The scenario would be if Usmanov was a board member. Imagine them trying to remove him from the board for offering to invest in player transfers. I believe this is why that have not wanted him near the club for the last couple of years, fans would be asking why other board members have not offered to do the same. But he has been persistent and is becoming quite a high profile character not just at Arsenal but in the media. He can no longer be ignored.
    Certain members of the board know they are finished if he comes on board and that is why they have been fighting him all the way. What they are doing is in their interests and not the Football Clubs, they should all be strung up.

  49. zeus

    Kagawa and Ericksen with Hazard money.

    If Chamakh and co are still atthe club in August, I’m not watching a single game next season.

  50. reggie57


    As soon as you mention Usmanov’s name to some on here he’s called a fat russian gangster who happen’s to be a rapist! they hate him with a passion that the team never show’s so wont hold my breath on that one.

  51. arsenal1886-2006


    A couple of big signings and hopefully a few trophies and they will be queueing around the block to kiss his arse.

  52. SDE

    As soon as you mention Usmanov’s name to some on here he’s called a fat russian gangster who happen’s to be a rapist! they hate him with a passion that the team never show’s so wont hold my breath on that one.


    Wenger&the BoD certainly have the AKB’s by the short & curlies..

    Oh well,I suppose I’ll just sit &wait patiently on the sidelines,moult,grow old,vegetate..And then leap for joy& do a jig when wenger decides to go…

    Then again,maybe I’ll just migrate& start a new life..And won’t have to concern myself with wenger for a while..
    Out of sight,out of mind..

  53. reggie57

    Dont bother me what he’s done!! you dont make that kinda dough by being a good boy! all i wanna see is us back on top again cant ever see this happening with the current set up!!

  54. arsenal1886-2006

    “The AKBs are very loyal to Wenger. They will never switch allegiance.”

    Then hopefully they will switch clubs when he goes elsewhere, or form a suicide pact.

  55. Gunner2301


    Wenger showed us where his ambition lies. Instead of Hazard he gloats over Gervinho. Then instead of going back for Hazard he fucks up the relationship with Lille by stealing Park from under their noses and then doesn’t play him. Maybe we only got Park to sour the relationship with Lille so there was no option of going back for Hazard, ever!

    On Usmanov, there’s no hard evidence to any of the claims. You think Abramovich hasn’t done any dubious shit to amass the wealth he has? don’t let his innocent dopey face fool you. What we should focus on is what is best for the Club and if there is no hard evidence to prevent Usmanov to be a fit and proper person then rumour, inuendo and conversations in the barbers seat mean fuck all.


    I also thought that fans calling for a change of ownership might work. It would definitely seperate those who are up Wengers arse but are not so keen on Kroenke. First of all because they believe Wenger is a god they wouldn’t even contemplate that he would be for the chop also and in their warped mind anyone coming in would have to keep Wenger. Wouldn’t they?

    The only problem with this is that the Board and Kroenke would try to paint it as Usmanov being behind it all. So any such move would have to be carefully planned and publicised in the right way, before anyone got the chance to hijack it.

    There isn’t a group that I know of aimed at getting Kroenke out. Maybe there should be one?

  56. SDE

    How unlike Arsenal fans to take the moral high ground. Sarcasm by the way.

    It’s messed up..isn’t it..
    And wenger is the holier than thou Choirmaster,in charge of the church kitty..The champagne swilling socialist that probably has an art collection that is the envy of the qatar royal family..

  57. reggie57

    Is there anyway we can get a petition up and running to voice our dismay with what is happening to the club….

  58. Gunner2301


    DoubleG was trying to get a meeting together. Not sure how many contacted him. Thing is we can’t do anything until the time is right. Things are not as bad as they could be therefore you couldn’t attract those who normally jump on Wenger when results are going bad but applaud him when they’re not.

    We have to see where we are at the end of the season and I suppose see who he brings in. I don’t think anything will change, but in order to convince those that are prepared to give Wenger the benefit of the doubt, things would have to go to the end of the transfer window, that or if RVP was sold and looking as if he wasn’t going to be replaced.

    In short, there’s not much we can do for now, and it’s better to see the outcome of the window in order to get the best level of support.

  59. GUNNER786

    Reggie my main man, we need to sort out a demo fast to get that leach out of our club.

    I cannot bear the fought of another barren season.

  60. SDE


    I also thought that fans calling for a change of ownership might work. It would definitely seperate those who are up Wengers arse but are not so keen on Kroenke. First of all because they believe Wenger is a god they wouldn’t even contemplate that he would be for the chop also and in their warped mind anyone coming in would have to keep Wenger. Wouldn’t they?

    The only problem with this is that the Board and Kroenke would try to paint it as Usmanov being behind it all. So any such move would have to be carefully planned and publicised in the right way, before anyone got the chance to hijack it.

    Yep,I believe splitting the AKB camp,to be one such move..
    At least to get some sizeable numbers on board..With the emphasis on change of owner,the focus shifts entirely..For sure in their warped mind,wenger being kept would seem a no-brainer..

    That said,the down side is the BoD,trying to sabotage the campaign..

    Yes it would have to be planned& orchestrated..But I suppose this summer would be a good time to get this thing moving..Whilst wenger is playing the fans like violins,bringing bargain basement buys in,
    intimating that “clubs are holding their cards close to their chest”,etc,etc..
    This would be a good time to capture the dissenting fans,not happy with wenger’s activity in the transfer market..
    It’s strategically hitting Kroenke’s franchises,maybe talking with some of the disgruntled fans in the states,joining fans in protesting kroenke out..
    At least we would have something in common with them..
    Or speaking with some US journalists,voicing our dissatisfaction on Kroenke & the BoD,besides he has form..

    Just some ideas,maybe redundant ones..But at least it,gets some ideas flowing..

  61. Gunner2301


    Good ideas, It might be worth talking to other fans i.e. Pool, Blackburn who have had a sustained campaign against the manager to no avail i might add that cunt is more stubborn than Wenger. At least they seem organised. Like I said Double G has already got the ball rolling to an extent. The next step is probably a meeting as he proposed but at the end of the season most likely.

  62. Spurs_idiot

    oh no you din’t !!!!! Im not a an Englishmen or anywhere near from Europe…but i must say i love noel fielding…..dnt get me wrong…His stand-up’s are shit but i love him in the buzzcocks and i like weird things xD !!!!! anyway im not pissed u put noel fielding in ur article just excited that i can finally be mentioning him in a football forum xD

  63. OPG

    Kagawa and Hazard on the move? Wouldn’t want to see them in the PL cause it’s likely it’ll be for another big club with the money and ambitions but they’re worth it.

  64. Jon Gunner Fan

    I would like to see attacking midfielder Kagawa here at Arsenal. We really cannot depend on an unfit Wilshere for next season – it s too risky. If something happens to Rosicky, (remember his injury history?) then we would be in deep trouble without any attacking midfielder.

    Kagawa is one of the most underrated player and would not cost a bomb. I heard he is stalling on his current with Borussia Dortmund and is more likely to leave since he is into his last year of contract after this season. However, it seems like Man U is more interested in getting him than us.

  65. Santos

    While I was taking a long morning walk, I pulled a Diaby. I’m so gutted right now. Abou would see as a normal thing though. What a CrockStar!!

  66. Geoff

    Morning, it shows how far this country has come when the people’s choice is a bent tax dodging twitchy spiv.

    Hodgson for me, Englands needs a moral compass, we already have John Terry, Redknap is not what we need.