Yann the man we need in the bag | Diaby to miss another Arsenal game | Pep for next year anyone?

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Friday here, at last… the weekend can nearly begin.

Firstly though, we have to get through this post. Top of the agenda is transfer talk. Yann M’Villa is hot on the feeds this morning. Some are reporting we’re at an advanced stage with talks, others say we have to be careful because Bayern and Inter are sniffing around. So a bit of a mixed bag! I told you months ago that we were in for a big name in France and we were in talks for that name back in early February. It sounds like Dick Law was chasing this man…

If he’s good enough, we should go for him. Whether he’s £25million or £28million, if Bayern Munich can afford him, so can we. If Inter can afford him, so can we. Simple fact is, if Arsene trusts his instincts and this player is as good as everyone in the game thinks he is… then he’s not a risk at 21 for that price. He’ll have resale value etc…

It makes the news that Inter are courting Alex Song interesting. His agent said he’s interested in playing in Italy, but he tempered that by saying Arsenal were unlikely to sell one of their most important players. Obviously… as we don’t have a history of doing that. I’ve never been a huge fan of Alex Song, but I guess the simple fact is, he is an important player for Arsenal. 11 assists is about 4 times the amount of assists Alex Hleb ever managed in a season. He’s always fit… and he is the love child of Arsene Wenger.

A match made in forever heaven… sorry Geoff.

The key to this summer is not the hemorrhage players that are important to the set up. I can’t remember the last time we came out of a summer transfer windown with more players than we started… excluding ridiculous teenage purchases. I still wonder what our trophy cabinet would have looked like had we bought Arteta, Benayoun and Mertesacker two years ago. I hope we’re not sitting here next year wondering what could have been if we’d signed a DM, a creative midfielder and a striker.

Onto team news…

Rosicky is back! Hoooray!

Diaby is crocked… booo!

Honestly, the man has the worst immune system and muscle make up in the history of sport. He’s a 26 year old antique! A badly rusted Swiss watch you’ve just dropped in the toilet. He really should go in the summer, we can’t waste a squad space on him next year. Let’s get him fit and move him onto West Ham.

The Diaby issue leaves us with the probable midfield line up of Rosicky, Song and Ramsey. I’d imagine Benny will come back into the fold in the front three alongside Gervinho and Robin. Chamberlain really didn’t impress in the Chelsea game… he might be good to come off the bench if we’re struggling.

Arsenal.com do an incredible job of taking 4 lines of Wenger quotes and turning them into 920 stories. I sifted through the rest of the talk and there wasn’t really much to report on.

Pep Guardiola has left Barca. He’s not going to go anywhere for at least a year which does leave open the tantalising prospect of him joining us when Wenger hangs up his spectacles. Imagine that eh? That’s why it’s important we’re in the Champions League. We might not invest in players now… but the next guy in is going to want to overhaul the squad. If it was Pep, I don’t think too many would be upset.

Have a great weekend everyone, I’ll be back with a robust match preview tomorrow!

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It’s Friday, let the jokes roll…

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  1. gambon

    Gael Clichy has improved cos he is working with a manager that understands what the word “defence” means.

  2. Kemp1886

    I don’t post very much but dont need to,Wenger looks like Mel Gibson’s Jesus Christ after the maulings that gambon gives him.AKB are sick in the head,all lies,excuses and spin.Can’t wait until we are free of him.

  3. SDE

    A&N, is just a clone of Keyser…
    Like Diaby was supposed to be a clone of Vieira.

    Just a badly rusty swiss watch(to use pedro’s analogy) dropped down the toilet!!

  4. BOOZY

    I would absolutely luv if wenger went to barca – and gazidis better not hinder this move if barca comes knocking.

  5. frednerk

    Watching Barcelona,Chelsea game the other nite,picture went a bit fuzzy,tapped the side of the telly Drogba fell over.

  6. Bergkamp63

    Tippy Tappy football !!

    When was the last time we played Tippy Tappy football ? I can’t even remember ?

    Since the start of this season and probably the tail of last season, all I remember is Slow Crappy football !!

  7. Cesc Appeal

    ‘I hope we’re not wondering what could have happened had we signed a DM, a creative midfielder and a striker.’
    Pedro, you have been an Arsenal supporter and awake during the last seven transfer windows right?

  8. colonel mustard

    “Wenger is one of the few managers who could continue the work done by Guardiola at the Camp Nou but, when asked if he fancied the job, the Frenchman replied: “I’m happy here.”

    of course you F***kin are. 7 million reasons with no pressure to win.

  9. Norgun

    Just to make my argument clear here as some of you seem to lack a bit of mental zzztrenzzz:
    -Pep has had fantastic success with Barcelona
    -Wenger has been a massive underachiever with Afc in the corresponding period
    -Barcelona has had a “once in a generation” spine in that period
    -Pep was made for Barca, growing up in the club, playing for the club, loved by the fans
    -Wenger out
    -Do I think Wenger would have had the same success as Pep at Barca, hell no.
    -Do I think Pep will have anything close to the same success outside his comfort zone in Barcelona and without Messi, Xavi and Iniesta, hell no.

  10. Cesc Appeal

    colonel mustard, exactly can you imagine being a stockbroker at a fortune 500 company or something, being led to your plush office in a huge skyscraper, on £7 Million a year plus bonuses and endless perks.
    ‘So what are my goals boss?’
    ‘I dunno, just break even i guess….lunch is at 1….then golf.’

  11. kapslock

    Diaby is a fucking disgrace. He should feel ashamed that he’s taking £60k/pw. Get rid of the useless cunt, Wenger fucking love child.

    I can’t believe people would not have Guardiola. I’d take him in a heartbeat. Gazidis should be on the phone now getting him tied up for the start of 2013/2014 season. The guy is a great manager.

  12. gambon

    Of course Pep wouldnt win 13 trophies in 3 years.

    Would he improve the defence? Yep

    Would he improve the attack? Yep

    Would he say fourth is a trophy? No

    Would he terrified of spending money? No

  13. Bergkamp63

    Bob Diamond 6.7m a year at Barclays

    Wenger 7m a year at Arsenal

    What does Bob Diamond know about football = nothing

    What does Arsena Wenger know about Banking = more than he fucking should do !!

  14. SDE

    Would he play ramsey,djourou& song? No

    And would he collect £7million for not winning trophies for 7 years..& losing 10 matches in one season?

  15. Cesc Appeal

    gambon, i’ve kinda come to the realization that to argue about what we should/should not do is fruitless and exhaustive right now with Wenger in charge. He’s never going to change, he’s as old as Methuselah and will never change.
    The exciting part will come when Arsenal supporters (even Pedro) finally have enough of the endless shite he spews about ‘the quality just not being out there. ‘our injured players will be like new signings’ and turn against him.
    When you’re Alisher Usmanov, and your wealth is £18.1 Billion and continues to grow year on year….you get what you want, one way or the other.

  16. Cesc Appeal

    Maybe we should all start wearing ‘I’d rather be red than dead’ T-Shirts to the Emirates with ‘I heart you Usmanov S.O.C’ on the back

  17. colonel mustard

    gambon – also can you imagine the players reaction if they saw Guardiola introduced as their manager at Colney. They would sh**t themselves and you will would see a 200% increase in work rate and concentration. Arsenal needs change. we are stale under this regime. Im still giving Wegner for acquiring some excellent players. he deserves that but its a CHANGE we need. A fresh broom.

  18. SDE

    Cesc Appeal
    When you’re Alisher Usmanov, and your wealth is £18.1 Billion and continues to grow year on year….you get what you want, one way or the other.

    That’s why,Usmanov really needs to make that call now..
    And really sit down with Kroenke& the rest of the BoD.
    And name his price..

    Only with Usmanov in charge& if he is serious..
    He can really take Arsenal to the next level…
    Besides he would probably take great satisfaction from hiring Pepe& sweeping all before him-in terms of trophies,whilst Usmanov thumps his nose at Roman!!

    The billionaire’s game,about who gets the CL First!

  19. Cesc Appeal

    SDE at the moment I think he’s embroiled in some massive takeover of a comms giant or something? I Pray once he’s conquered that he’ll come back for us. Kroenke will sell up, Usmanov could write him a cheque that would make his wig fall off.
    He’s tried before, like with a shares issue a couple of years back trying to generate £200 Million worth of new shares he would have bought p to give the club huge funds for the transfer market and then obviously put him a massively strong position.
    But Gazidis/Hill-Wood/Wenger saw the gravy train derailing with that idea and refused to even listen. Honestly this kind of incompetent amateurishness would not be tolerate elsewhere.

  20. geekpie

    pep – no thanks. i suggest he won’t travel well like AVB. some managers aren’t suited to the premiership and i think he may be one of them. he would probably make exceedingly good cakes in italy or france. But in blighty a soggy ginsters would probably be his fare.

  21. chris

    The Tuesday Club were talking about the people out on loan (who are sadly mostly underperforming and/or keen to leave).

    All the same for a team that since RvP has stopped banging them in is desperate for goals and has no decent backup striker that Wenger is even prepared to put out on the pitch, it’s interesting to note there are at least 6 strikers out on loan:
    Arshavin, Bendtner, Vela, Afobe, Campbell and Wellington

  22. SDE

    Cesc Appeal

    I know,but every owner has a price..
    He must surely sense this opportunity to make a stupendous offer to the cranks,that even a madman would think twice about turning down..

    If you saw my earlier post,about the spin-offs from Usmonov’s takeover,and what it would do to him & Arsenal..Unbelievable..
    I’ll resend the post again..

    That board are just short-sighted & petty…

  23. Arse&Nose©

    It was all Arshavins fault, he controls Clichy’s feet with a remote control.

    Just how Guardiola controls Messi’s feet and makes him score 63 goals in one season.


    Actually thinking about it. The No.1 priority is getting Usmanov in. Forget Wenger for the minute, he is perfectly happy keeping the ship afloat. If we get Usmanov in we will be a powerhouse.

  25. Cesc Appeal

    SDE yeah, he’s on the board of Gazpron, owns a chunk of Facebook, Twitter, about to takeover the aforementioned Comms company. His friends are scary in themselves, the President of Russia for one.
    The commercial deals for one thing would be immense, plus….who in Gods name is going to want to get on his bad side.
    I’d prefer that everyday of the week, I couldn’t care less if he’s has shady moments in his past, or is a bit of a ‘gangster’ better than a bit ‘shit’ which is what we currently have at all levels. Except Steve Bould….he can stay 🙂

  26. SDE

    Cesc Appeal

    Here’s my earlier post

    “This is a perfect time for Usamonov,to create a legacy for himself..
    Get in there, make Kroenke an offer he can’t refuse!!
    A share buyout that Kroenke would be mad to turn down..
    Once in,he begins to serenade Pepe,making him an offer he too can’t refuse a la Roman style,with carte blanche to have complete autonomy over players he wants..

    Pepe signs & the likes of xavi,iniesta & co follow Pepe to the emirates..As we sweep all before us,CL,EPL titles,etc,etc..

    The glory years return..Usmanov is feted,Pepe is feted..

    And soon enough,we’ll be looking back asking Wenger who?
    I know it’s good to dream..
    But I’m afraid this board will countenance any offer from Usmanov,just out of petty spite..

    Rather than doing what is good for the long-term health of the club..

    What these short-sighted geriatrics failed to realise is that
    success on the level that Pepe has achieved for Barca,will increase their money pot that they cherish so much exponentially…

    Just think of the commercial&sponsorship contracts..The markets that would open up for us..i.e.South American Markets../Latin Markets..

    Merchandise Sales..

    Companies would be spazzing over themselves to be associated with us..New generation of kids,would start supporting us..

    Our fanbase would increase..

    If this BoD are as money hungry as they claim to be..Surely the opportunity presents itself to maximise their revenue streams,by pushing the boat out for this guy.

    Or at least disappearing into the sunset & allowing Usmanov to come in,& show some intent,albeit serious intent.

    The BoD,along with Wenger,should all be carted off to the looney-toon house..
    They are so out of touch with the times,its unbelievable..”

  27. Cesc Appeal

    Arse&Nose…i know. But at least he’s won more in his time there than any other time in Barcelona’s history.
    Better say than having a shit season and controlling Van Persie’s feet to scrape into the Champions League because you’re a manager with all the foresight of Stevie Wonder and all the back bone of a tadpole

  28. karaul

    Wenger about Guardiola – “”It comes as a surprise to me because first of all when you make a big decision after the disappointment of the last week, it’s not maybe the right moment to make this decision”

    hahaha. so theres no way arsene would leave after big disappointment

  29. Bergkamp63


    KSE UK Inc. (wholly owned by Stan Kroenke)

    41,581, 66.83%


    18,467, 29.68%

    Usmanov bought another few shares this week but at the current rate they are coming onto the market, it will take another 9-12 months for him to get his hands on the 30% required for him to bid for the club.

    Suck it up boys for at least another season !!

  30. SDE


    “Actually thinking about it. The No.1 priority is getting Usmanov in. Forget Wenger for the minute, he is perfectly happy keeping the ship afloat. If we get Usmanov in we will be a powerhouse.”

    I agree 100%…As I alluded to in my earlier post..
    Wenger is just a side note now..a salad dressing to a 4-course meal..
    The meat on the bone,is really overhauling the BoD,with a Usmanov type figure,ready to align himself with the ambitions of the fans& taking Arsenal to the next level..

    And I truly believe,Usmanov,or any other Oligarch,or billionaire with a credible track record,with the long-term interests of Arsenal at heart,not just on the financial side,but on the sporting side..will seize this opportunity with gutso..

    Forget,about Usmanov,being involved in some other deal..These guys get to where they’ve got to by being not 1-dimensional..They’ve always got several plates spinning at once!!

  31. gazzap

    M’Vila is a top player but I imagine if we buy him and Podolski for £35m the pair, then surely we wont buy anyone else. Would that be enough? Not to win the title.

    I dont know. I’d be a lot happier with another creative midfielder coming in. I look at that position now and all I see is Rosicky. Hardly the future is he?
    Ok So the Ox might have a future there but next season? surely too early.

    Does wenger play Wilshere with M vila and Song? Not creative enough for me.
    What about young Coquelin, does he play at all or does he leave? I imagine if a space is available in the midfield it would go to Arteta.
    For me our wings still need work. Walnut and Gerv are poor. Is Ryo really going to be ready? Doubtful.

    What about the back 4. Do Mert and JD carry on in the squad? Bit weak for me.

  32. Cesc Appeal

    I don’t think we have to worry about Usmanov being in it for the profit. What you can earn at a club is small fry compared to what he earns through his various MNC’s he owns or has shares in. A stake in Facebook with the company being valued at $50 Billion. As just one of the businesses in his portfolio it makes you realise Arsenal is more passion than profit.
    I don’t understand the people who don’t want him in. He’s a fan, he’s been patient, deliberately he hasn’t been overly aggressive and stormed into control. I’m sure everyone would prefer a peaceful handover in the boardroom as opposed to the courtroom.
    The day Kroenke gets total control is the day Arsenal dies. The American seems to know little if anything about ‘soccer’ and has zero passion listening to him waffle on about how great Arsene’s anus smells.
    They must have a great PR department that filters everything for them because i seriously doubt they have any idea how much discontent there is out there.

  33. SDE

    My gosh,
    Pepe doing a press conference,with the players sitting in on the conference…


    Arsenal..It’s now,or never…
    This is the time…

    Usmanov in,Pepe in..
    Kroenke-buyout,Wenger out,Gazidis Out..PHW out!
    At best to apease Kroenke,a minority stakehold!!

  34. SDE

    That is loyalty of the players to pepe with winners @ the press conference.

    At arsenal loyalty with losers!!

  35. SDE

    Wenger might get a similar reception albeit a muted one,if he decides to do the decent thing& resign…

    At least we would remember him for the first 7 years of his reign,not the last 7 years..

  36. Bade

    Come on Arsenal – Barca

    You’ve done those deals before

    Swap Pep with Arsene

    We will wave those adds on you owe us for Cesc

    Anyway you’re not going to win anything in the next 5 seasons!

  37. arsenal1886-2006

    Guardiola, will he ever manage again? Personally I feel that we may have seen the last of him as a manager. If it is stress related as some people in the Spanish media have speculated, then that is something that will continue to plague him if he decides to come back.

    I have seen some strong people destroyed by stress, as I am sure have most of you, it can be a soul destroyer and lead to more serious illness down the line if you do not manage it properly. The world of football management is a pretty lonely place if things are not going well and the pressure builds fairly quick.

    I hope it is not stress related and is more a case of a clever man knowing when to take a step back and assess his situation. Time will tell I suppose and we all wish to see him back in the game.

  38. Cloggs

    Razor Blade hhmm freudian slip.. Sorry Bade.


    Wenger won’t resign.. that’s the problem.. even worse, he will be happy to accept a new deal when offered and I’m affraid the buggers (PHW and the cowboy) could do that.

  39. Bade

    Tito Vilanova Barca’s new manager

    If you wonder. indeed. He’s the man Jose poked in the eye ….

    Hahahaha, Cesc you’re fucked and dusted

  40. Bennydevito

    When Rijkaard was in charge of Barca and Pep had hung up his boots he stayed at Arsenal as Wenger’s guest. He got showed around the ground and the training facilities and was given hours and hours of footage of our games and discussed with Wenger in great depth tactics. The system Pep brought in to Barca was a system he developed from the Arsenal blue print tweaking what Wenger had already created. So I suggest that people who think Pep is God and Wenger knows fuck all are somewhat off the mark… just saying.

  41. Bade

    Jose can already see the retained La Liga next season

    He’ll bring another world class DM, RB and CB, then no one will stop Real from a “Barca season”

  42. SDE

    Sign of a great leader..leading a team to glorious battles,sweeping all before him & knowing when to go out,when he feels he can longer get the best out of his troops.

    Whilst his troops& his superiors, give him a guard
    of honour..

    Pepe-He came,he saw, he conquered..!!

    Whilst Wenger,-he came,he saw,he capitulated at every turn!!

  43. Cloggs


    Barca ain’t Arsenal, Pep was on a one year contract.. if things go wrong there you’re dead meat, despite what you have accomplished in the past.

  44. Bade


    Frankly, I can understand him

    He’s occupied the mindset of the fan base, even Le Grove fall to his rhetorics

    If he was monitoring the Le Grove and saw the poll’s results the other day, so why should he change anything really. Why should he? He messed up hugely, yet he seems going out stronger and stronger.

    He will keep playing on the edge of a CL spot, the fans will be kept happy. He knows they moan, but a spell of 7 straight wins will make him untouchable again, and no one would even dare to demand a trophy, as FA, CC can’t match the virtual reality we get in the CL. CL and EPL we have no chance to win anyway.

  45. Bergkamp63

    I can’t beliieve the guy has 1 bad week in 4 years and feels he has to leave ?

    Can you imagine if he were at Arsenal and had only 1 bad week in 4 years !!

    Sign him up !!

  46. SDE

    When Rijkaard was in charge of Barca and Pep had hung up his boots he stayed at Arsenal as Wenger’s guest. He got showed around the ground and the training facilities and was given hours and hours of footage of our games and discussed with Wenger in great depth tactics. The system Pep brought in to Barca was a system he developed from the Arsenal blue print tweaking what Wenger had already created. So I suggest that people who think Pep is God and Wenger knows fuck all are somewhat off the mark… just saying.

    Difference is Pepe delivered the trophies,wenger deliverd bugger all,in his last 7 years..

    Does that not tell you..that Wenger is past-his sell by-date..
    Time for him to move on!!Pepe took his blueprint to the next level..Wenger failed to match that!!

    Pepe-New School
    Wenger-A relic of the past!!

  47. Cesc Appeal

    Arsenal are favourites to be the destination for Pep 9/4. While Wenger is favourite to replace him at 3/1!

  48. Bade

    Arsene is the only case in modern top clubs football history, to maintain his job after failing for 7 successive years to win a trophy

    Never happened and I suspect will never ever happen again, in any other dubbed “big club”

  49. Cesc Appeal

    If stress is the cause of Pep leaving then he really should come to Arsenal. The board expect you to do sweet f all for your pay! N pressure or stress at all Pep

  50. the holy san

    we should be in for shinji kagawa. would be the perfect addition for the arse; and more or less cheap (15mil euros). he has not decided yet on his future, although dortmund is offering him a new contract….

  51. Bade


    Are you crazy? Now if there was a slight chance of Jose leaving, with Pep’s departure it’s gone

    Jose knows for certain he can win La Liga again next season, and could have another decent shout at the CL with the best team in the world (strengthened)

  52. gambon


    Pep watched Arsenal videos.

    Of course he did……to learn how NOT to concede a stupid amount of goals, how NOT to miss chance after chance, how NOT to make pathetic substitutes after 67 minutes, how NOT to fail to give any player on the pitch specific tactics and finally how NOT to run players into the ground.

  53. SDE


    I’m advocating a change of the BoD,more so Usmanov buying out Kroenke..& having a massive clearout on the sporting side of the club,if he is serious& ambitious..

    Then Wenger’s day’s @ Arsenal will be numbered!!

    It will be interesting times,over the next year…

    For me,now it really is about an owner buying out kroenke ,the rest will take care of itself..

  54. The Legend That Is Dennis Bergkamp

    Mertesacker…now there’s a name i’ve not heard for a long time, is he going to be Diaby MK II ?

  55. Pedro

    Bade, Wenger looking at the poll will just realise that most people have a brain and don’t think Liverpool’s situation is better than ours.

    I don’t think he’ll look at this season and think he can just keep the status quo…. hence M’Vila and Podolski….

    You seem to really struggle with the fact that to survive as a club we need the champions league. It’s bizarre?

  56. arsenal1886-2006

    Stress is not something that is just related to a high pressure job, it is something like can strike you in any job and at any time regardless of any external pressures. It is more often than not bought on by internal pressure within the person themselves.
    And let’s just say he did come to Arsenal and we started to lose games and end up mid table, do you not think the fans would start to let him know?
    I hope the media speculation is just that, speculation.

    And if this is just a break, then he will come back in time to take over the seat at United. He is a manager of a big club and will want to continue managing a big club, and you do not get bigger than United.

  57. Cesc Appeal

    Pedro, not give up the club, I rekon the money he’ll get from Alisher will help him get over it…..out of curiosity who would you rather have?

  58. Miguel Figo

    L’Equipe says that Blanc is a strong contender for the Barca job. I thought Fergie wanted Blanc to succeed him when he retires.

    No one talks about our No. 2. Is Pat Rice retiring at the end of the season?

  59. Bergkamp63


    Mourinho has just recently bought a big house in London for his family as they love it here and he has made no secret of his wanting to come back !

    I doubt he gives a fuck about winning a 2 horse race in Spain if truth be known !!

  60. gambon

    “I don’t think he’ll look at this season and think he can just keep the status quo…. hence M’Vila and Podolski….”

    We havent signed either?

    Are you sure you didnt mean Eisfeld?

  61. BOOZY

    So pep has resigned – top man, i’m sure abrahamovic’s men are at work as we speak.

    Mancini says hazard would be perfect for city – well that done and dusted then. 40mil and 200k per week, only madrid can change his mind, and i think madrid needs him.

  62. Arsenal Toujours

    “Believe me, if somebody can understand [the pressure on Guardiola] it’s me!” smiled Wenger.

    Guardiola – 4 years – 13 trophies.

    Wenger – 7 years – nothing.

    Oh yeah ….

    Wenger wouldn’t last 6 months at Barcelona.

    Please let’s get rid of him.

  63. Cloggs

    Ayup, it’s the classic Arsene-Arsenal fuck-up that resides in the minds of many.
    Add to that these magic spells of “4th is a trophy” and “we’re fucked if he leaves”.
    and you have the picture.

  64. Bade

    Pedro mate,

    That poll was truly telling it at it is

    Pedro please take this argument to a higher level, you’re looking under the spotlight.

    Amazingly, I do get the money thing. What I don’t get is the mix up you made, and still do, between simple means, like CL money, and Goals, like winning trophies.

    CC, FA are legitimate goals, CL spot never a goal by itself (Of course, unless you’re a mid-table club). Even your “promotion” to one specific direction in that poll suggested so

    We need the money to survive, to lure great players, to be able to compete

    It’s all nice, except you’re the one seem to struggle with facts really. Just look at our last 7 years and please tell me, out of all those nice plans you had for the money we DID have from CL, what was truly accomplished? I’d say Zilch, hence why I see the same pattern going this summer.

    As for the Podolski deal, let’s hope he’s not Robin’s replacement. As for M’villa and all the other rumours, weren’t we linked every summer window with various players, some turned out as wind ups, some we managed to fuck up in the last minute (Cahill, Mata and Schwartzer springs to mind without digging the memory out even).

    I do hope you’re right in the end, but we had several years (I’d take Fynn’s words, since 2008 to say the least), at least, of massive revenue we didn’t use, we lost almost all our big and better players, and we never signed anyone of note (bar AA).

    What we DID DO with the CL money though, is to fatten Denilson, Diaby, Djourou, Almunia, Bendtner, Vela …..

    Now read my post and tell me where did I get facts wrong?

  65. Cesc Appeal

    Does anyone else think that indecisiveness might might be a French thing? Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo, the French hierarchy in WW1 and WW2, during the Spanish Armada when they were in Port in Northern France and diddle over what to do and got their arses kicked. In Vietnam (the little known war) they were indecisive yet again. It took them 100 years to finally mount any kind of real resistance to the English occupation of France despite having seven times the population of England and being backed by the Italian states.
    Now we have le dictateur in charge at Arsenal and yet again he’ll lose because of indecisiveness, I apologise to any French Arsenal fans on here…..but not really

  66. gambon


    Wenger can understand the pressure on Guardiola???!!!


    This is the guy that said “fourth is a trophy” AND “i will take second for the next 20years”


  67. Cloggs

    “….. CL spot never a goal by itself (Of course, unless you’re a mid-table club)…”


  68. arsenal1886-2006

    Mourinho has just recently bought a big house in London for his family as they love it here and he has made no secret of his wanting to come back !
    I doubt he gives a fuck about winning a 2 horse race in Spain if truth be known !!
    He will come back to Chelsea to make it a 3 horse race league.
    He now owns 4 houses in London, and Abramovich has been showering him with gifts since he left, including classic cars.
    That is how you repay someone who has helped build a club.

    Wenger i hear has been given a garden shed and an Austin Allegro by Kroenke for his work since Kroenke took over.

  69. Pedro

    Bade, that’s not what the poll was about is it?

    It wasn’t… ‘should 4th be our only goal’. It was, ‘if you had the choice right now, would you take 3rd and Champions League or league obscurity and two cups.’

    … and let’s not look at the last 7 years… we’ve only been able to spend since 2008 onwards… and yes, I know he hasn’t and I’m fully aware it’s a ridiculous situation. But venting the same stuff because you ‘know’ it’ll be the same seems kind of pointless and very repetitive.

  70. Bade


    I don’t agree there, Jose is building his reputation as a top manager, he wants the glory of CL with Real, the best ever club in Europe (achievements wise)

    Unlike our Senile, he doesn’t compromise, me thinks he won’t leave Real before winning the CL, unless he’s sacked before of course.

    He’s a winner in his soul. He won’t accept that he failed to win the CL with two top clubs (Chavs and Real), and even failing to make the final with both.

    And now that Pep’s out of his way, he can see the treble in clear sight for next season. So I’ll be amazed if he left all of that, just to come back and manage Chavs, as there’s no chance he’ll manage the cash stripped Spuds, also they’re way below his level

  71. SDE

    The basic fact is,over 7 years we as a club,have done the bare minimum..to think that finishing in the top 4 is now seen as some tremendous achievement,to pat ourselves on the back
    and say yeah..well done..!!

    Whatever have been the calamities over the years,with dross signings,dross players on the books..

    Breaking records this season for the wrong reasons,seeing Song as a progressive DM,seeing Arteta-who’s past his peak,as some sort of Xavi,or Iniesta,in essence as the saviour of our season..

    The fact remains,our standards have dropped over the years without a shadow of a doubt- from say the standards set by the vieiras,bergkamps,henrys,pires etc,etc

    Let’s be realistic..new signings, or whatever will not mask,or improve the inadequacies that still exist in wenger’s make-up..
    His lack of due diligence on opponent’s weaknesses,tactical formations,zonal marking..

    And that is just one flaw,amongst many..

    In short,let’s look forward with a young manager who took wenger’s blueprint to the next level & delivered tangible results-via trophies..13 out of 16..2 CL Trophies,etc,etc..

    A man who’s not pre-occupied with value for money,bargain basement purchases,FFP,stadium debt, financial doping,P&L Statements&Balance Sheets,along with Bank Stipulations to reinvest 75% of the funds into player purchases.
    Or in Wenger’s case reinvesting it,in terms of awarding pay rises& contract extension to dross..

    Or whatever external constraints that prevents wenger to ending our 7 year drought..

    Let’s just leave the financial aspect to the people that are responsible for that department,& just focus on the sporting side..
    Namely raising of standards & the winning of trophies..

    Surely winning trophies translates into financial success..
    One hand washing the other..Just more on a higher level with a manager like Pep at the helm & a new owner..

    Arsenal at this time,need a root & branch overhaul..

    The sentiment is stale & old school..

  72. Pedro

    Bergkamp… it is a cup. But using a bit of logic, you’d probably assume I’m not asking whether 8th and winning the Champions League is an issue.

  73. Pedro

    Bergkamp… we don’t have a defence?

    Sagna… best right back in the league, Chezzer, the best young keeper in the league, Vermaelen top talent, Kosielny, one of the best performers in the league. Only left back for the starting 11 is an issue.

  74. Pedro


    ‘Let’s be realistic..new signings, or whatever will not mask,or improve the inadequacies’


  75. Cesc Appeal

    Pedro surely you don’t think though that it’s too much to ask for Champo League and a cup.
    So 4th and the FA Cup…..if that’s too much for Wenger then surely he’s got to go.

  76. gambon

    “Only left back for the starting 11 is an issue.”

    Well, no, the stats say there are about 7 teams that defend better than us.

  77. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Afternoon all,

    What a result for Bilbao yesterday. Excellent game…

    The M’Vila stories, are just that, stories. Podolski isn’t even official and there’s a lot of question marks over a lot of the squad and loanees.

    Llorente is what Chamackh was supposed to be remotely close to replicating. If you don’t buy the real deal sometimes you end up with exactly what you paid for. Top player and would be a great target man in our current formation or in a 2 with Robin playing slightly deeper in the number 10 position.

    Denilson’s been sent back with his tail between his legs, but we can get rid of these players. It just means we’ll have to take a hit in transfer fees as their wages are champion’s league wages and most of the clubs who’ll take our loanees/surplus to requirements won’t be competing in that competition and won’t be paying them anywhere near the figures they’re on at Arsenal.

    When you really think about it Denilson, Diaby, Djourou, Fabianski, Vela, Bendtner, Chamackh, Squillaci, Arshavin & Park are all on 40k a week plus! Going to be hard to shift unless we take paltry amounts. Again, Wenger piss poor with money.

  78. Bergkamp63

    The only thing CL pariticipation gives Arsenal (other than the £40m which we have 4 seasons worth sat in the bank) is to make us more attractive to top players.

    Which we never buy !!

  79. Bade


    I did say since 2008, my memory still works 🙂

    under any other manager, I’d think of choosing the CL in that poll because he might have a higher aspirations for us, but under Arsene, it’s pointless.

    We don’t have to agree on that, but you can’t suggest it’s a moronic statement. Because you do agree that if Arsene stays and we face the same summer we had last year, all this CL spot money become pointless.

    I truly hope Arsene signs the needed players and take us back to a glorious days and refine his damaged legacy, but not believing him isn’t out of order, it’s even the more logical result when looking back at his recent history with the club.

    In the more grand scheme, I do believe 2 cups worth more than 20m’ for a club of Arsenal stature, because we all count trophies, no one counts CL participations. Not to mention the club stated we’re well prepared for the life outside the CL for one year.

  80. chopper4001

    I dont think there’s an Arsenal fan alive who wouldn’t want to see Usmanov come in, at least there shouldn’t be. David Dein would come with him too would he not?
    All this bickering about Wenger misses the point entirely. We seem to have been left with the worst elements of what used to be a board I was proud of. It needs a proper shake up, and why not by one of the richest men on the planet (who’s also a fan “apparently”)?
    PHW, embarresses both himself and us every time he flaps his chops.

  81. Pedro

    Cesc… I’m saying that’s a perfectly acceptable ask.

    That’s not what the poll was about though.

    It was about whether you’d swap with Liverpool right now.

  82. gambon

    The only benefit of the CL is that the next manager will have some serious money to work with when LeSenile retires.

    As far as being in it in 2012/13, well its pretty worthless.

  83. Pedro

    ‘In the more grand scheme, I do believe 2 cups worth more than 20m’ for a club of Arsenal stature, because we all count trophies, no one counts CL participations. Not to mention the club stated we’re well prepared for the life outside the CL for one year.’

    1) £40million for starters. Sure we can live without it for a year, mainly because that TPA fund will take care of it.
    2) How can you possibly say two cups is worth more than the prestige of being in the Champions League?

  84. Bade

    Pedro, last one

    As for luring top talents even if we’re out of CL, I’d say when Arsenal bought Bergkamp They were out of CL and were out of money almost (surely comparing to nowadays)

    Arsenal is a big enough name, one year or even more out of CL won’t make us less appealing to that destructive level you fear.

  85. Sangbaran Dasgupta

    HI Pedro,

    I am daily reader(as well as subscribe) to your excellent blog.Le Grove is a unique Gunner blog …one which seems more like a forum..something very close to all gooners’ heart around the world.Your posts are excellent and the no hold barred attitude is infectious.
    But for the recent months I have seen your main topic has been about how desperately Arsenal needs Yaan M’Vila.
    I understand he is an excellent prospect…but don’t you think you are dwelling in some day dream? 25 million quids for a 21 year old DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER!!
    IMHO that sort of money is way too much for a player in that position .
    Also he may be an awesome talent but if I am right he has no Europeon experience !!
    Wenger would never ever buy him at that price.
    We have all seen what experienced talent can do(read Arteta).
    I would love to see someone like Fellaini to join us.He is now of the perfect age and can play in mod CM and CAM. Also he is EPL ready.Remember however good Yaan may be he would take time to bed in(remember Henry)

  86. Albert O. Nyakundi

    Loosing Song in my opinion might be risky though with 15 Mil or there bout I wont be too upset. Thing is he has his moments which have been more inspiring this season.
    In my opinion Mertesacker is a tad bit too wobbly on his feet, Cahill would have been better to have. The Ox is the future and I believe he’s going to become one of the best in Europe if not the world. Rather him than Walcott just saying!! FURAHIDAY Enjoy!!

  87. SDE

    SDE… so Stan is just going to give up the club?

    I like the way,you just render some of my comments into simple issues..

    I’m not naive enough to think Kroenke will just give up the club,willy nilly..Like Usmanov,rocks up & say’s here is a cheque & bingo Kroenke says thank you very much & walks off..

    But what I do know,is that there will be a lot of in-house political & machevillian machinations going on in b/w..

    But it’s for Usmanov,to put Kroenke & other shareholders in a position,that even Kroenke will have to sit down & re-evaluate his position,in monetary terms..

    Is not Kroenke a businessman?

    With his achilles heels being the bottom line!!

    Granted,you look at his portfolio,with his franchises in the US & all and his record of being in it for the long-haul..

    It will be a long-drawn out affair..but if Usmanov,so much as touches the sides of Kroenke’s fantasy figure..
    You don’t think they will talk!!Or a deal trashed out..

    It would be interesting to hear your take!

  88. gambon

    Oh you mean world class players want world class wages?

    Sometimes senile old managers who cant win a thing want world class wages as well.

    Got ya!

  89. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Don’t know why people are having a go at Cesc cause they’ve lost to Chelsea and Guadiola has announced he’s quitting.

    He’ll still be successful there and Barca will go again next season with a new man at the helm. They are still the best club side in the world on their day and without Villa they really have lacked a proper centre forward because, neither Sanchez or Messi have real strikers instincts and lack any they also lack any sort of physical presence.

    It will be interesting this summer with Barca appointing a new man, Real maybe evening doing the same.. If we can make a move in the market early before the dust settles on the aftermath of the season and prequel to the euros, we should be in a position to really have a go next year..

  90. geekpie

    now that pep is going. you gotta feel for cesc. but don’t worry i hear the tapas bars of barcelona do a fantastic butterscotch angel delight. that’ll help with wiping away those tears. sob sob sniff sniff.

  91. Bade


    1. It’s 20 millions, you’re totally ignoring the return we can make from Europa League and the cups.

    2. “How can you possibly say two cups is worth more than the prestige of being in the Champions League?”

    This is exactly my problem with your view Pedro. There’s no prestige in being in the CL as a goal by itself mate. What the hell, are we Everton or Newcastle to celebrate being in the CL? Fuck that

    It’s a mid table club mindset.

    What is prestigious is to be in the CL with a true should to win it. We never have a chance to win it with Arsene, let’s be honest.

  92. SDE

    “PHW, embarresses both himself and us every time he flaps his chops”.

    Maybe PHW can take his loot & his collection of cuban cigars,
    & retire to Cuba-Havana..And swap war stories with Fidel,
    about the “invasion of the pigs”.

    In Fidel’s case the Americans..
    In PHW case,the Russian Oligarchs& the upstarts..

    And in chorus..say “We don’t want there type here”!!

  93. Bade


    I know he won it with Port and Inter

    I meant he did win it with Chavs, and now he failed with Real. That’s the two clubs I meant

  94. gambon

    If an actor is invited to the oscars 15 years running and never wins one, he realises he isnt a particularly great actor.

  95. Pedro

    Bade, it’s £40million. What return would we get on the Europa league? Fuck all prize money, fuck all interest in it at all…

    The Champions League is prestigious. I love seeing great teams come over. I don’t think there are many fans who hate the Champions League.

  96. Bade

    “Bade… different era. Totally different”

    Why so Pedro? I do realise there are differences but they don’t hamper us from signing big talents.

    We’re now a bigger club, value wise, than we were back then.
    More players now looking for the money than the legacy
    Arsenal is an appealing brand (still….)
    There are Enough gooners that are top players, and there are enough top players that would like the challenge of renewing glory days for big clubs in crises

    So we can afford to pay more for top talents to come us

  97. gambon


    Not when theyre in the company of Daniel Day-Lewis, Jack Nicholson & Sean Penn.

    If theyre in the company of Joey Essex & Keanu Reeves then yes, but thats like Arsenal comparing themselves to Fulham & Leyton Orient.

    I dont need to remind you that Arsenal have won 13 leagues, more than anyone outside of Utd & Liverpool. Lets not pretend we are some shitty club happy to get the chance to play Shaktar Donetsk.

  98. Bade

    Yes Pedro, sadly

    Mid table teams are in the CL for the sake of money and prestige of being there

    APOEL fans will be talking about their CL season as a big success although being knocked in the quarter finals.

    Mancs, Real, Milan, Barca, Bayern, will always look at CL knock out as a failure

    So of course it’s a matter of perspective.

    Top Clubs are there to try and win it. We don’t try to win it.

  99. Khalid Mahmood

    The gaps I see in our squad atm are:

    LW – Wenger has addressed that by signing Podolski and we will also bring back Miyachi to give him gametime and ease him into the role.

    CF – Would love Giroud/Matias Suarez/Dzeko…..these are realistic targets

    RW is sorted with Gervinho & Oxo

    AM – Rosicky….I think he’s played extremely well here…I’d love us to get BenArfa….he’s been sensational for the Toons this season. Both of these can rotate….and when Rosicky hangs up his boots in say 2yrs time we get Erikson from Ajax 😉

    DM – We’v got Song but I feel he needs competition because he’s very complacement at times. M’Vila will be brilliant here…..because he is a powerhouse. Coquelin can be sent on loan to Bolton/France.

    RB & CB…..I feel we can a defender who is versatile….someone who can play both RB & CB. Jenkinson is too raw imo and a loan spell would do him good.

    GK – We definately need a Sorenson type GK here because I feel that chesney has no competition and he needs that challenge to keep his position.

    So we need 5 signings and I think that would really help us get the title next year.

  100. Bennydevito


    It’s what I read at the time man, I know it sounds funny but apparently he stayed at the Emirates for a week. I’ll see if I can dig it out.

  101. Bergkamp63


    Like I said before we have 4 or 5 years worth of the £40m we get from CL participation sat in the bank doing nothing.

    Nobody is questioning the prestige of the CL and we all love seeing great teams come over, we just don’t like them coming over and constantly knocking us out of the damn thing !!

    What the point of of getting into a competiton to be able to attract the top players to enable you to win it if you never buy them when you do qualify !!

  102. Arse&Nose©

    Bennydevito is correct.

    Benny don’t expect others to remember they are into short term sensationalism.

  103. gambon

    I agree Bergkamp

    We couldve signed Alonso………we didnt

    We couldve signed Yaya…….we didnt

    We couldve signed Ribery……we didnt

    We couldve signed Villa……we didnt

    We couldve signed Mata………we didnt

    Does anyone really, REALLY, REALLY think CL football was a deal breaker when we were in negotiations for Koscielny, Ramsey, Walcott, Oxlade. Diaby, Eboue?

  104. Bade


    Of course the Europa league is significantly less money, but still it’s not 40 millions difference

    Villarreal made about 10 m’ for reaching the Semi last season

    We’re a bigger club ranked in Europe, so we’ll make much more

    In the CL we made the last couple of years less than 30m’ each year.

    So it’s closer to 20m’ than 40m’

  105. SDE

    The Champions League is prestigious. I love seeing great teams come over. I don’t think there are many fans who hate the Champions League.

    It’s the intent that we go with& the players that we have,or should I say the squad with have..
    For a manager to come up with “I’ll sign up for 2nd for the next 20 years” & “4th is a trophy” is quite frankly disgusting..Does not smack of ambition,or the will to win..

    Can’t ever imagine,mourinho,fergie,pepe,ancelotti, uttering those crazy statements..

    Do you honestly believe,on the sporting side at least..
    That we have the squad,to realistically make a serious attempt to make the CL final !!

    Just look at our bench against Wigan,let alone our performance against Wigan 2 weeks ago,as one example.

    What- its prestigious to qualify for CL,get bombed out in the knockout stages,just to make the numbers up,to see the likes of AC Milan waltz up to the emirates..See us beat them,but still get knocked out!!

    Collect the money & rehash the same model year in,year out..

    Well if that’s called success by your standards..fine..
    But by my standards,given what we’ve achieved in the past..no!!

    Let’s face it,there has been a severe dumbing down of standards by the BoD & Wenger..
    And a few signings here,or there will not change things under this current regime!!

  106. Bergkamp63

    I know, perhaps we HAVE got world class players, the trouble is because there is 78 fucking players sloshing around Colney, we can’t see them properly because there are so many !!