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Arsenal intern fu*ks up Denilson banner

Ahhh well, I had a feeling Chelsea might come away from Barca with a win. It seems caretaker managers have a bit of a record of getting to finals with those lot. They put on a resolute display, rode their luck massively, then took advantage of a keeping error. A huge win for them which tees them up for a final with either Bayern Munich or Real Madrid. Two great teams who’d tee up an opportunity for Chelsea to park an over paid bus in front of them in Germany.

This means third is now essential. If Chelsea win, 4th place lose their pass into the Champions league. How out of order would that be?

The last thing in life I want to see is John Terry win a Champions League final, but at least this ‘English football is dead’ argument can do one for a moment. Poor old Pep, three trophies this year already and people are asking if he’s taken Barca as far as he can?

It’s interesting that like Harry Redknapp, he wouldn’t commit past the summer. Seems to be a consistent theme in football. If the manager doesn’t commit, the players don’t. It happened to Fergie a few years ago. That’s why when Wenger goes I doubt it’ll be at the end of a contract. I think he’ll now stay for one more trophy then do one back to France or take on the England manager role… which I was told he didn’t categorically rule out a few weeks ago.

Talking of England managers. Stuart Pearce hasn’t ruled out taking Jack to the Olympics. He had this to say on Wenger’s reticence to let him go…

‘That’s his opinion. I can’t change his opinion, and it’s not of great concern to me. Will any manager get a veto over who I select? Of course not.’

The guy picks up a cheap suit in Primark and thinks he’s Jose… outrageous. I’ll tell you who’d veto him… Fergie. He’d ask him to fake a whiplash injury and that would be that. Complaints aside, a few exhibition games in the UK over the summer might not be the worst idea after a year off…

Theo Walcott could be back for the WBA game. That doesn’t help us out against Stoke or Norwich. I’m guessing Yossi will slip back into the squad for that game and I’d like to think Diaby will play over Rambo. The Welshman has bottled a few challenges of late and he’s in terrible form. The last thing we need to be doing is testing his resolve and courage against the scum of Stoke.

We really have some demons to lay to rest. They’re a well drilled team and crafty as they come… we need everyone on form and firing. I hate the fact it’s hammering it down with rain. The North West and the sunshine was appealing. The same place in torrential rain brings back horrible memories. Peter Crouch brings back horrible memories. I just don’t like Stoke. Especially as they know we have something riding on this.

3 more games and we’re done for the year. I can’t wait for it to be over… then we can sit back and analyse what went wrong and hope the early moves happen.

Our first signing of the summer looks close, Denilson is heading back to England with a big bunch of ‘I’ve missed you Arsene’ flowers. I’ve missed his stats, his blistering pace and that Brazilian swagger only Brazilian players have. Jokes aside, he’s coming back so we can flog him this summer.

That £10k bid still stands Ivan.

Hopefully he’ll have some suitors in Spain… the last think we need is his attitude lurking around our first team squad next summer.

It’s amazing how quickly that thousand pound ticket renewal comes along. This year has felt like a gym membership at times… except I actually go. Their have been some highlights but they’ve always been slightly muted by the fear of a low-light being round the corner. Still, at least it has been exciting. That said, I’d prefer my grand to be buying me United exciting next year.

Would it take 8 players to bring back United exciting? Probably not. If they’ve proved anything this year, it’s that hard work, fantastic squad rotation and tactical nous can win you the Premiership. They don’t have super elite players like their teams of yesteryear had… but they’ve got a fantastic will to win and a manager who has been incredible again. I hate to say it… but I’d rather United took the title this year.

How about you?

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Have a great day!

P.S. Check out a bit of a tribute blog to Pat Rice here, a nice gesture, but I’m not sure many would have him stay on past this summer. Time for a refresh.

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  1. Radio Raheem

    Radio RaheemApril 25, 2012 15:59:24
    gambon you could cite our ownership structure as another constraint

  2. SUGA3


    since you have no arguments to back up your ‘external factors’ bollocks, please spare yourself this, seriously…

    you are just withering and have been reduced to insulting me, that’s fine, sticks, stones and all that, I have told you a few times I was OK already, but since you are just a bit dim, I will repeat this once again:

    I AM OK

  3. Gunner2301


    Bayern have the same constraints. It’s whether you use that as an excuse as in our case or you operate within them efficiently so it doesn;t hold you back as in Bayerns case. I think I know who’s operating model I;d rather have.

  4. SDE


    ‘Do you think all their players have visas that only allow them to play in Germany?’

    If that was the case,what would be the point of EU Employment Labour treaty laws,in terms of freedom of movement..& restraint of trade.
    Last time I checked,germany was in europe..

    I think keyser does,what he does best..Cranking up the wind-up machine..

  5. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – Diverion tactics ? Nah saving you from going all childish like Suga does when he’s lost.

    Look at gambon, he’s long gone, while you lot were standing with your hands over yours eyes and ears, he was shouting ‘retreat’.

  6. Radio Raheem

    Gunner2301 do you think their ownership structure, one that involves a voice from the fans and expros, impacts on how they run the club?

  7. Radio Raheem


    They clearly don’t have the same constraints as you have shown. For one they got their new stadium for free and we didn’t…

    If Germany’s top players only want to play for Bayern or Dortmund do you think this is an external factor i.e. beyond the control of Arsenal?

  8. Keyser

    SDE – If you want to join in feel free, don’t stir.

    I saw your post on Celtic, I was joking, do you want me to reply to it.

  9. Gunner2301


    Bayern have 147,000 members owning 84.5% Adidas 9% Audi 6.5% as well as other major shareholders. You want me to believe that our ownership model which is 1 owner and a board will be more constraining than theirs? Give me a break.

    Everything your saying and will say on this matter will always come back to one point and one point only.

    They CHOOSE to spend their profits and on high quality players, We do not.

    Everything else is just noise and excuses.

  10. SUGA3

    and we are back at that nonsensical point regarding them getting a stadium for free:

    – one pile of money to pay off the debt
    – one pile of money to pay wages, which happens to be on par with theirs

    do you see where this ‘logic’ of yours is flawed?

  11. Keyser

    “Bayern have the same constraints. It’s whether you use that as an excuse as in our case or you operate within them efficiently so it doesn;t hold you back as in Bayerns case. I think I know who’s operating model I;d rather have.”

    Yeah. the Bundesliga’s

  12. Radio Raheem


    I hope you now understand what I mean. You and Suga get close but you fail to extend yourselves beyond the point that contradicts your pre-conceived ideas. You need to push yourselves

  13. Radio Raheem


    Does being risk averse mean anything to you? If you are paying off a mortgage you might be less willing to buy another car than if you weren’t. Bayern might have similar wages but spend a lot more on transfer fees. Can you make the connection?

  14. SDE

    “Robben, Ribery, fucking Kraut”

    You forgot to add ex-players to that for e.g.
    Lucio(Brazilian @inter),Ze Roberto,Pizarro,&Gustavo(current)

  15. Radio Raheem

    Radio, Bayern have 147,000 members owning 84.5% Adidas 9% Audi 6.5% as well as other major shareholders. You want me to believe that our ownership model which is 1 owner and a board will be more constraining than theirs? Give me a break.

    Do you think if 1500000 Gunner2301s owned 84.5% of Arsenal we would be hoarding profits???

  16. Gunner2301


    How have they got their stadium for free? Have you read Swiss Ramble? Obviously not.

    They had a 30mill Euro annual debt to service on the stadium (eerily similar to us) They used the money received from commercial deals and Adidas who bought shares to pay down the debt so they will pay the stadium debt off early.

  17. SUGA3


    what are you on about, if I can afford both, I will do both, the new car is an asset, yes?

    to say that we could not afford to push the boat out to get these few players that would make the difference between being genuine challengers and also rans is simply laughable!

    it’s all about getting shot of the likes of Doodoo, not giving the dopey cunt a new contract, a payrise will not turn him into a Maldini all of the sudden, will it?

    we have been through this discussion numerous times on here, all these years we have been paying cunts like D******n and Bendtner stupid wages, sell them, combine what you are paying them, chuck some wonga on top and you have got yourself a tidy player you can actually use!

  18. Gunner2301


    I don’t need to retreat. I’m Rambo who brought you the Swiss Ramble article to shut you and Radio up. It’s alright using diversion tactics to go off topic so you don’t have to reply but you could have at least waited for half a page of posts so it didn’t look so obvious. 😆

    I’m still waiting for you guys to reply to the article, but you can’t you”re stunned. Changing topics, Nothing to say. Ready for Coco, slippers and bed now?

  19. Gunner2301


    Don’t bother its diversionary tactics to move us away from the core issues. They don’t have anything to say now. They’ve been silenced until they can come back and address the points I listed about us v Bayern which they were so happily engaged in until the link was posted “Then there was a deathly silence” 😯

  20. Radio Raheem


    I gave you a clue there. Arsenal are risk averse in a way a club owned by 150000 Sugas wouldn’t. That is a constraint.

  21. Keyser

    Retreat ? gambon’s gone, you’ve been captured and are serving time in a dank dreary Guantanomo cell shouting obscenities at the guards, I’m off to listen to the Tuesday Club.

    Gary Neville, Gary Neville, Gary Neville, Gary Neville.

  22. SDE

    SDE – If you want to join in feel free, don’t stir.I saw your post on Celtic, I was joking, do you want me to reply to it.

    I know you were joking,I was just being quirky like your views..And I’m not entering into the debate,cos’ it’s all over the place..
    All I will say is,Gunner2301 has been consistent& logical in his arguments..& Suga has more,or less said the same thing,just in a more-“in your face kind of approach”..

    So don’t really have anymore to add..

    If I did,I would lose my you,as it clearly shows you have..As you & RR,are just muddying the waters,& you in particular are sitting in front of your cauldron,with wenger’s beak and stirring the pot!!

    So not entering thank you!!

  23. Gunner2301


    You were the one saying we had constraints like we are David Blaine or Kris Angel on stage in Las Vegas

    The only constraints we have is ourselves. Bayern proves that but you don’t want to accept it why?

  24. Radio Raheem

    Gunner2301 I understand that you do not want to answer my questions. It will expose your erroneous beliefs.

  25. SUGA3


    it is not an ‘external factor’ though, is it?

    with the same money, a club owned by 150000 Sugas would beat the pussy-footing Arsenal about 7 times out of 10 and you know it 😉

  26. SDE

    I gave you a clue there. Arsenal are risk averse in a way a club owned by 150000 Sugas wouldn’t. That is a constraint.

    Just on another slightly different note..Talking of risk averse and all that..

    Are you risk averse?risk neutral?risk-loving?

  27. Gunner2301


    Oh dear. If you notice all you’ve been asking is questions all night. You don’t have any answers. Maybe with all the OWNAGE tonight you;’ll be asking me where you live next so you can get home, like someone with alzheimers. Don’t worry i’ll call you a taxi mate, get you home safely.

  28. Radio Raheem

    Gunner2301April 26, 2012 00:49:43

    I said that early this afternoon but it’s taken a while for you see it. But if it isn’t the only constraint we have as I have shown.

  29. SDE

    SDEThey’ve been OWNED AGAIN TONIGHT, It’s getting a bit boring now. Put the kettle on.

    I know..great stuff Gunner2301…

  30. Gunner2301


    Keyser and Radio are RISK AVERSE that’s why they’re changing the topic. They;ve been OWNED OUTA HERE. Gone silent. I think i’m in the sisteen chapel it’s so quiet.

  31. Radio Raheem

    Gunner2301 questions are an easy way to direct you to the right place . You clearly weren’t asking yourself the right questions so drew the wrong conclusions. I was only helping.

  32. Gunner2301


    You haven’t shown anything. Good god. I post an article to settle an argument that you and Keyser were bringing and you conveniently step over it like it’s dog shit on the pavement and walk on expecting us to discuss something else? Well not until you address what we were talking about. I listed out the differences between us and Bayern and why those differences exist backed up by a Swiss Ramble article and you guys just curl up pull the duvet over your heads and say nothing? Please.

    If you don’t intend picking up the argument from there because that’s where I am then you might as well get your hot water bottle, bedtime, discussion over.

  33. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – I don’t think you’ve read the Swiss Ramble post, heh. It’s embarrassing you’re basically getting people to hold your hand now, look at SDE trying to join in.

    “Especially when Christian Seifert, the Chief Executive of the German league, has proudly boasted, “The Bundesliga pay less than 50% of turnover in players’ wages.”

  34. Keyser

    “given that the North London club is the poster boy for financial probity in England.”

    Also that articles from 2010, ffs.

  35. Radio Raheem

    Gunner2301 you’re fantasising there.

    Suga – external factor

    If Germany’s top players only want to play for Bayern or Dortmund do you think this is an external factor i.e. beyond the control of Arsenal?

  36. Gunner2301

    Guys just in case you forgotten heres what I posted on page 3 and theres still no response

    Keyser, Radio Read and learn. think the answer we are looking for in Summary is as follows
    1 . Bayern spend their money on top quality players – While Arsenal do not
    2. Bayern can pay their top players top dollar – While Arsenla don’t want to
    3. They don’t hoard profit (barely making a profit each year) – While Arsenal do
    3. Bayern don’t spend money on lots of average players and would rather have fewer high quality players -While Arsenal do
    4. Bayern are financially sound and run well – So is Arsenal the difference being Bayern don’t straight jacket themselves with this constraint – Arsenal does
    5. Bayern have the best commercial deal in the World – Arsenal dont and are slacking

    PS. Arsenal v Bayern was a good comparison to make as Swiss Ramble wouldn;t have done an article otherwise.

    When you;ve read the article and gather your thoughts you can send me a postcard or even write a letter if you don’t want to say anything in person. It often works.

  37. Gunner2301


    I think your repeating yourself. Alzheimers all over. We answered that one on page 2. Where’s Keyser gone? Left you in it on your own? It’s getting late if you want I can say I need to go to bed so it ends here.

  38. Keyser

    Haha you don’t even read your own articles, our wagebill was lower than theirs anyway you nutter, they also made drastic reductions that year to get it to that point.

  39. Radio Raheem

    Gunner2301 you haven’t answered any of my questions simply because you cannot. I am certain of my arguments so do not resort to insults but you? Lol

  40. SUGA3


    at the moment, they have Ribbery and Robben, last time I checked, neither of them is German and neither of them has any special affiliation with BM…

    who would you rather have out wide, these two or shit Gervinho and fucking shit Walcott?

  41. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – When you read your own article and understand it then you can post a proper reply.

    What did I tell you yesterday, I get nothing out of proving you wrong, it’s pointless we both waste time and go nowhere with the discussion.

    That quote is all I needed really.

    “Craziness is the very antithesis of the German model with the Bundesliga strictly regulating its clubs. In order to obtain a licence that allows them to play in the league, clubs have to submit detailed information about their budgets and expenditure and in effect prove that they are financially stable. There are strict rules controlling the level of debt that each club can have and the amount of money that can be spent on players’ wages”

  42. Radio Raheem


    Those two are obviously not German how about the other members of their squad? Believe or not 2 players don’t get you to the final and contest for a league. ..

    We both know who I’d prefer this is why the constraint in ownership structure matters. This is what you need to understand

  43. Gunner2301


    You know something. You can cite something as being crazy when somebody is imposing something on you as in Bayerns case, what do you call it when you impose it on yourself, as in our case? I dunno Schizophrenia? Multiple personality disorder?

  44. Keyser

    “Some English supporters might wish that a similar system had been in place in England, as their clubs have been financially embarrassed – and worse. The Bundesliga’s Chief Executive beautifully summed up these clubs’ willingness to gamble on their future, “It’s a completely crazy thing to burn billions of Euros so that one club can win the Champions League. In Germany we call it the rat race. No matter how fast the rat is running, it’s still one piece of cake”

    Here’s another quote from Seifert,

  45. SUGA3


    it does not matter one fucking bit, the only thing is that the ‘cuntstodians’ have sold out to the bum club collector of an owner, joy of the LA Dodgers fans after someone else denied that toupee wearing wanker the opportunity to buy that ‘franchise’ says it all…

    Kroenke OUT!!!

    #UzbekiSpy #CampUsmanov

  46. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – Those are quotes from the Swiss Ramble article they pretty much sum up why the comparison isn’t valid.

    Even then that article is dated 2010, our wagebill was lower than Bayern’s backthen do you understand that point ? So basically your article has zero relevance to the point you were making.

  47. Gunner2301


    Like I said whatever you come out with it boils down to Bayern are prepared to spend their profits on quality we only want to hoard our profits. Repeat again and again until it sinks in.

    You haven’t even told us what these constraints are? You mean the Yankee who doesn’t want to spend his money and invest? The bad commercial deals? The Yankee commercial director we got in who’s going fuck all? The Yankee CEO who doesn;t have a clue? A manager who has lost the plot?

    Yes there are many constraints, but as I said all these are self imposed WE ARE DOING THIS TO OURSELVES BY CHOICE – YOU KNOW ITS A BIT LIKE SELF HARMING, GET IT?

  48. SUGA3

    I just hope Arsenal fans have a pair of bollocks each and once another shit summer happens, Kroenke will be driven out in the same manner Gillett & Hicks were driven out of L’pool…

    if not, well, I guess it will be true that we are nothing but a bunch of soft shandy drinking southerners 😆

  49. Radio Raheem

    The mistake you guys are making is comparing the top team from a regulated league with one in a liberal one without taking into account the nuances that different both environments. All you do is end up with the wrong conclusions like you have done. You should be able to look at a subject without your ‘AKB-Doomer’ lens on…you only succeed at being wrong

    Good night

  50. Keyser

    “You know something. You can cite something as being crazy when somebody is imposing something on you as in Bayerns case, what do you call it when you impose it on yourself, as in our case? I dunno Schizophrenia? Multiple personality disorder?”

    How about we get Swiss Ramble to answer that one.

    “given that the North London club is the poster boy for financial probity in England.”

  51. SUGA3

    as for the argument about the German players willing to play for Bayern, is it any wonder that English players are not that keen to play for us?

    and we can even leave he wage argument out of it, given the same contract, where do you think we come in order of preference for English players, assuming that they have pubic hair already?

  52. Radio Raheem


    Now you get it. Traditionally,ManU and Liverpool are the two top teams something that is beyond current Arsenal’s control (i.e. leaving wages out of it)

  53. SDE

    SugaI gave you a clue there. Arsenal are risk averse in a way a club owned by 150000 Sugas wouldn’t. That is a constraint.

    I would say that is more of a self-imposed constraint!!

    Yes,they might be risk-neutral from a financial view-point.
    As in an investor,deciding whether to invest in a risky asset-such as a growth stock(risk loving),or a riskless asset..-such as a govt bond(risk-neutral-averse).

    You can say bayern munich are a hybrid of a risk-averse-& a risk loving investor.Constructing a portfolio-that combines a risky stock,with a risk-neutral stock,that in essence negates,or minimises risk..

    In short,risk-neutral,like arsenal..but the difference is,in bayern’s distribution of their investments which happen to yield them a higher return,(see sporting success & financial stability)than say with the same approach applied by the management structure of the arsenal board…

    Whose portfolio consists of a bunch of junk assets,that are underperfoming,worth buggerall & are a drain..
    Massive draw -downs(a la wagebill)&poor returns in relation to the number of players & trophies..
    In short they need to be liquidated..

    That being the case,then the BoD,need concern themselves with a radical overhaul of their portfolio(players),their investment strategy(youth policy & acquisiton of mediocre players) & the firing of their investment manager(wenger) for getting paid silly money,for delivering bugger all returns(as measured by silverware)& not really maximising potential revenue streams if one really looks closely at the picture..
    The construction,distribution and deployments of their investments is a mitigating disaster.
    As it’s returning bugger all on the sporting front..
    So is it a constraint..

    Yes,but more importantly an incompetent,inept self-imposed constraint!!


    Either way germans by the nature tend to be conservative by their very nature…Just to point out..that german companies,or clubs on average run a tight ship,irrespective of their FA’s regulation,or not..That is inherent in them..They tend to be ruthlessly efficient..& cost-effective& very pragmatic in their fiscal spending.

    That said,they will make allowances and pay big wages for the right kind of player(s) that will enhance value to the club,or organisation..

  54. Radio Raheem

    Yes,but more importantly an incompetent,inept self-imposed constraint!!


    yup, but a constraint nonetheless

  55. SUGA3


    I could not care less if this club did not have a single Englishman in the squad, if anything, they are a drain on resources and just are not very good, however, they tend to get an easy ride from the refs…

    this is absolutely irrelevant, our first XI could consist of Omani national team if it happened to do the job!

  56. Radio Raheem


    You asked the question at least you attempted an answer to the question Gunner2301 avoided continuously

  57. Radio Raheem


    For the last time if top German players players prefer to play for Bayern and Dortmund there is nothing Arsenal can do aboutit!!!!!!



  58. Gunner2301

    Right Im off guys.

    My Quotes of the evening: –

    KeyserApril 26, 2012 00:21:31

    Surely people discssed Gary Neville’s Cesc noise today, didn’t check through the posts


    Radio RaheemApril 26, 2012 00:26:56
    Gunner2301They clearly don’t have the same constraints as you have shown. For one they got their new stadium for free and we didn’t…


    I’ll leave 2 cyanide pills on the table guys. This way it’ll be easier.

  59. SUGA3

    what a complete load of tosh, who do you think they are, a bunch of German Santas?

    what kind of wages do you think Schweinsteiger, Neuer or Lahm are on?

    I bet they earn more than their respective ‘counterparts’ at Arsenal, simple as!

    but on the flipside, try and find me a club where the equivalent of Squillaci is on 50K per week!

    as for the reasons why the English players prefer other clubs ahead of AFC, care to remind me what the team sheet in the pre-Wenger era was?

  60. Radio Raheem

    Schweinsteiger, Neuer or Lahm earn high wages but could earn more elsewhere….and if Arsenal offered them similar wages guess where they’ll choose???

    DO YOU GET IT????

  61. SUGA3

    nah mate, it is you who does not get it…

    Ribery wanted to come here…

    so did DiMaria…

    and David Villa…

    we had Yaya on trials…

    and I can be at it all night, but it’s simply pointless, nite!

  62. Keyser

    Leave his shovel alone Suga, he’s been shovelling shit all night, it stinks.

    Gunner2301 – Embarrassed by your own article,that you couldn’t be bothered to read, hope that’s a lesson to you mate, now slink off to bed.

  63. SDE

    Typical,comes out of his hibernation box,when the lions go to sleep..Scared of your own shadow..??!!

    And don’t bother with me,as I won’t respond!!

  64. SUGA3


    are you really that thick or just a bit of a cunting troll?

    since this site’s, ahem, constraints, make me unable to draw you a picture with crayons, as this is something you are bound to understand, let me reiterate the point we have been making this evening in the simplest possible manner:



    if you are unable t get this now, then all I can say that I can now only follow the rule that one should not argue with an idiot, due to the risk that the latter will drag you down to his level and then beat with experience 😆

    nightie nite, sunshine, this time I am really off so knock yourself out with your little snippets, these just make you look like a bit of a thick cunt, but who am I to prevent you from making that error?

    it’s amusing for some afterall

  65. Keyser


    Whoops, why doesnt it have relevance ? Heh.

  66. OPG

    Hmmm so Bayern came 2nd in their league but are in 2 cup finals themselves, Bundesliga is a league that is growing especially with a new TV deal recently.
    El Clasico seems to have taken alot out of Barca and Madrid but Mourinho should have made a couple more changes earlier maybe but Kaka was poor when he came on.

  67. OPG

    Unless Chelsea do the unthinkable I don’t think 3rd or 4th will effect the summer plans just what comes out the horses mouth though, the most important factor will be the deadwood being sold..
    End of the day we settle for top4 but I think we could’ve been more competitive to win things these past couple of years with a bit more ambition, though all I can see is the competition getting stronger for major trophies now.

  68. mjgooner

    Lets examine these Two models which have proved to be successful

    1) Spend well on quality experience players (Have the largest wage bill in your league) and achieve success – Barca, Real, Chelsea (2004/05, 2006/07)

    2) Spend less but wisely on young talented players (have a considerable wage bill, not the highest in your league) and achieve success – Dortmund, Montpellier

    We can all see that either of these two models can achieve Success – if that’s what you are after, but Arsenal (and Wenger, always trying to re-invent things) decided on a third option which is

    3) Spend a shitload on young players(Oxo, Walcott), pay a shitload of wages to average players(Djourou, Ramsey), and HOPE YOU ACHIEVE SUCCESS.

  69. gambon


    Keyser spent all night arguing then completely proved the point me & Suga were trying to make.

    Lack of intelligence? I think so!

  70. Geoff

    So Mertesacker told his German boss that getting injured for Arsenal was a blessing in disguise. As he’ll be fitter than ever for the Euros.

    Fuck Arsenal!

    Nice thing to say, I hope he enjoys himself, are you reading Arsene?

  71. Bush Gooner

    “Several media and journalists claim that Guardiola has decided not to renew his contract, ahead of a meeting with president Rosell today.”

    He wont be coming to Arsenal. Probably the chavs.

  72. Bade

    Shish Kebabing all night with friends, while watching the game and Pokering

    I vaguely remember what happened

    But that Ramos ball stunned me when it landed 3000 miles far from launching point

  73. Bade



    Though I thought Neuer seemed so bulked up in penalties, almost blocking the goal totally

    Very tensing to shoot a penalty with him on goal

  74. gambon

    I was thinking the same about Neuer

    Absolute monster in goal, it just look like it was impossible to beat him.

    Thats what paying for quality gets you. Take note Arsene.

  75. Bade


    They all learning the trade at Arsenal

    No accountability for anything, so why not please others on the expense of the side that doesn’t punish?