Podolski signs again? | Robin to Juve… do me a favour! | Diaby to takeover from Ramsey?

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Burger van girls, Copenhagen style

Well good morning to everyone. This is my first post back since vacating London on a 4 day bender scouting mission in Copenhagen. I took in the Koebenhavn vs Hoorsens game on the Sunday and I can report back that most of their players are very average. There was however, a very tasty looking left back. I can dig out his name, but I’m pretty sure it was Bryan Oviedo. He was quite short but built well. He has pace, a final ball and he scored a goal. A real talent. It’s not often a full back is clearly the best player on the pitch, but this guy was head and shoulders above everyone else.

On a different note, it was refreshing to get into the ground, middle section in the singing bit for about £13. You know what else was refreshing? You could booze in the stands and if you fancied it, spark up a cigarette. Everyone chatted amongst each other quite liberally and everyone stood up all game. I didn’t even notice the stewards. Also, it’s worth mentioning that this was a family occasion. There were kids all over the ground with their parents. It’s a shame we can’t have a similar attitude in football grounds over here.

I caught the Arsenal game on Saturday. I was pretty disappointed we didn’t take Chelsea out especially after hitting the woodwork twice. We played pretty well, but once again, when it comes to converting posession into chances, we’ve struggled this year. We can’t depend on Jack Wilshere turning into Cesc this summer. We need to go out and make sure we have multiple creative options come this time next season.

It was good to see Geoff losing the plot over that poll. I have to say, for a man who counts his heroes as Ghengis Khan and Alexander the Great, I’m not surprised a democratic poll offends him!

I’ve read a lot of short sighted views about wanting to win trophies over ‘playing in a competition we have no chance of winning’. Really? Is that the extent of people’s ambition? England never have a chance of winning the world cup. Does that mean people don’t want to enter it? That’s not a grass roots football attitude is it? I’d rather be watching my team play 3/4 of the year against the absolute best the game has to offer because I know that we’ll also have great players on show as well. Plus, who says we don’t have a chance of winning it? We’ve been knocked out by Barca twice. The greatest team ever. We’ve been to two semi finals and a final. Plus…we always make it past the group stages.

Anyway, enough of that. It’s pretty categoric that only the minority believe Liverpool’s situation is better than ours.

So, with three games to go, we should be looking to take maximum points. Will we do that? Probably not. We’re Arsenal. We like to keep things spicy until the end. Stoke, Norwich and West Brom should be points bagged. None of them are playing for anything more than a few extra places in the league… but we have to remember we are playing for something. Automatic qualification to the  Champions League. If we win out three games, we’ll have 6 more points than we finished with last year and we’ll have probably scored more goals than we did last year. Despite losing a shocking ten games this year, we’ll have progressed.

If the summer was better managed last year, who knows what we could be competing for right now?

One thing that was noted from the Chelsea game is that Aaron Ramsey was utter garbage all game. He lost the ball in possession at least 6 times from my count and that’s simply not good enough at this level. Diaby coming back into the fold is a good thing. He is capable of being creative and he’s definitely more composed on the ball than Rambo. Can he up his game over these last three fixtures and replace Arteta? Or will he collapse after 30 minutes? He owes us something for all this loyalty the club have showed him over the last 5 years… hopefully firing in some superb performances will do that.

Finally, Podolski has signed for us… again. Big news. Oh, and Juve are interested in Robin Van Persie. Really? Juve don’t resonate with me as the sort of club a player on top of his game goes to these days. Serie A is a dull league still tarnished by corruption. For me, only Madrid and Barca would be a move up for Robin. Well, those are the only two clubs I could imagine would be interested.

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That’s it for today. Have a good one!

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  1. Gunner2301


    Ok lets focus on defence.

    Chesney whilst promising, I don’t think is good enough yet. I haven’t looked at his stats but he needs to be saving us points over a season. If his mistakes are costing us points he shouldnt be there. If he’s already doing that then I’m willing to concede on this.

    CB – For me TV is a weak link. Marauding forward may help out the attacking players who are obviously not doing enough but he has been caught out a number of times at the back. He’s a good player but needs to be more disciplined.

    TV and Kos for me are too similar. I’d rather have two different types there Kompany would be ideal but we know that would never happen. So a taller more physical CB with either Kos or TV would suit me better. BFG I don’t hold out hope for. I think he’s decent but not setting the world alight I personally think he was the wrong purchase for us.

    We don’t have someone who organises the defence at set pieces or galvanises the defence. Even now they are playing like 4 individuals I don’t get a collective sense of a defence here. This has been a problem since Gallas and Toure were our CBs and hasn’t been addressed. For a team that plays our style we need someone and he doesn’t have to be a shouter but a good organiser.

    RB we are ok with Sagna and Jenkinson although I’d rather someone with more experience as backup. LB I don’t think either Gibbs or Santos are good enough. We should have got Enrique or Baines, but I think Wenger was trying to prove a point because that’s what most of us were saying.

    Defensive coaching – We need a change in the way our defence is coached. It’s obvious there is not much coaching going on. I’ve seen the defence switch from zonal marking to man to man and back in a single game. Not good enough. Bring in new defensive coaches and resolve this issue once and for all.