Robin does us proud, Arsenal finally win a trophy!

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Well done Robin, you got what your play deserves and finally won what we can claim as a trophy, the first since Thierry Henry won it in 2004.

I have to say you had it coming and I’m glad you weren’t pipped at the post by one of Mancini’s mercenaries.

Talking of which at least they have to try and beat Newcastle now, well one would hope anyway because I could easily see them getting our third spot.

I think that although Spurs and Chelsea can still overhaul us Newcastle are in the best position. I would think 6 points from our last two games will see us over the line and barring a disaster, we should manage that.

Winning at Stoke next week would all but guarantee that.

I was thinking about who we have fit left in our ranks that could help us do that this season and the return of Diaby would be a great asset at Victoria Road.


Sagna Kozzer Vermaelen Gibbs

Rosicky Song Diaby

Robin Chamakh Bennayoun

What Chamakh you all scream? Yes I would for this one, a bit of height in there for me is what we need. I leave Ramsey out as we don’t want him wetting the bed at the scene of the Ryan Shawcross horror tackle. So the inclusion of Diaby in there would be the right move.

I have always rated Diaby and he looked good when he came on against the chavs, my problem with him is he can’t stay uninjured for long, if he could he would be in my starting 11 every time. Lets see if he can stay fit for the run in, if he can he could make the difference, if he can’t it’s time to move him on.

If we qualify for the ECL, and by qualify I mean 3rd spot, then we should go into the market early and with intent.

That means no more bargain basement and no more unknowns.

Whatever happens this season cannot be considered anything other than a dismal failure. 10 losses and no trophies is unacceptable for a team like Arsenal. If any of you out there are crowing about the prospect of finishing third and Wenger’s greatest achievement blah, blah, blah then you have been conned big time.

I was thinking about what went wrong with Arshavin, the player who got 4 against Liverpool was rarely seen again, here’s my take.

I think Arshavin was a Gazidas buy, I think the board forced his hand and Wenger was never happy with that.

If my memory serves me right I also think all four of those goals came from the middle and the hole he loves to play in, he was forced out of position and with that his form went south.

Wenger was sulking and Arshavin paid the price, that’s only my opinion though and I could be wrong. (I doubt it though)

Either way we need to move him on with at least 10 others, with that money saved and received we could bring in Hazard, Verthnghen, Podolski and M’Via and those four would make the difference between us qualifying for Europe or winning in Europe.

I put Podolski in there as Pedro is convinced he’s coming, and I do like him, but I would prefer a Benzema.

The amount of players we have out on loan is scandalous and totally unnecessary, how many of our loanees ever make it? Very few I can tell you.

I would then seriously look for a left back and back up keeper with the change.

Talking of left backs I would even consider playing Santos as a wide man in the run in and move Bennayoun into the middle.

Lets face it, with three games to go we don’t have burn out to worry about do we!

Have a great day Grovers, tomorrow you’ll get Pedro the pollster back.

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  1. zeus

    Pep Guardiola has hit back at the critics of his Barcelona side ahead of a potentially season-defining Champions League semi-final second leg with Chelsea.

    Barcelona look certain to lose their La Liga crown to Real Madrid after suffering a 2-1 defeat in Saturday’s El Clasico meeting at the Camp Nou, and they must overturn a 1-0 deficit against the Blues if they are to return to the Champions League final.

    Guardiola has been criticised for his selection and tactics but, in a tense press conference, he launched into a long rant after a Spanish journalist probed him on his decision to field Cristian Tello against Madrid.

    “The press should attack me or the older players,” Guardiola said. “He played a f****** good game. I mean most of the dangerous chances were created by him.”

    He was curt in some answers and rambling in others during a lengthy press conference, which he brought to an abrupt end by walking out.

    Guardiola, though, earlier insisted he was not feeling the pressure due to the trust he had in his players to perform.

    “I don’t know if this is the most important moment of my career as a coach, but I have always faced these challenges with a lot of optimism as I believe in my players and team,” he said. “Whenever you have a defeat, the day after the match you feel a little low but afterwards you get faith in the facts and I am optimistic because I know them well and that we will work hard.

    “We try to cover everything that is important so we just try and do that. We will analyse the challenge and I think we have had other challenges over the years.

    “I cannot really tell you if this is the most important challenge of my life.”

    Barcelona’s chances have been boosted by the news Lionel Messi will be fit for the match. He had missed training on Sunday but returned on Monday in an open media session at the Camp Nou.

    “Well, Leo had a gastric issue,” Guardiola said. “The doctor saw him and he called us before the training session. He didn’t go to it as he didn’t feel well but now he is okay.”

    Gerard Pique could return to the side on Tuesday, and Guardiola denied that he had a poor relationship with the player.

    “There is no problem at all. He has had an injury for a long time. I have many players and can choose Javier Mascherano and Carles Puyol, who are a good combination in central defence.

    “We wanted to have the right players to face Benzema, Ronaldo, Di Maria, and that is why I decided to play with the players I have chosen so far.

    “I do appreciate Gerard because of his approach to life. Some players have only football. Pique has football and a bunch of other things. I’m not the one to change him – I like him this way.

    “The rest is just my decision, the fact he plays or not.”


    U can tell he is under pressure can’t you?


    Today. apart from commenting on here I watched the whole first series of the 1984 children’s series Chocky. Used to scare me when I was young. Have to say watching it 28 years later it’s still good. Not sure if any of you will remember it. Apparently Speilberg bought the right to it in 2008 and is looking at making a movie.

  3. arsenal1886-2006

    10-12 Mill on Walcott 5 years ago was idiotic based on his productivity to date. Back then that was equivalent to about 25 Mill in today’s market. We sure could have gotten a Kun Aguero or Falcao with that type of cash.

    Totally agree mate. Don’t mind Wenger buying kids but when there is no significant improvement, move them on.

  4. Keyser

    “Back then that was equivalent to about 25 Mill in today’s market”

    How the hell have you worked that out ?!

  5. Pedro

    Cesc Appeal… Gotze is your benchmark?

    Dortmund are a totally different club to Arsenal in a league that is run in a totally different way and you’re using him as the benchmark because before he was good… he earned £25k a year in a team that has a wage bill of £45million (Everton’s size).

    Simple fact is, people like Joppa can moan on and on about how hard done by we are… but once again, we’re in the top 4, we have the best striker on the planet and we’ve near enough been level pegging with City and United since September. August happened… we have to move on from that. You can’t keep referring back to it constantly. It’s done… we’re in third, not ideal, but it’s progress on last year.

    … and Joppa, my god, you really are the most negative person I know when it comes to Arsenal. It’s quite incredible you get out of bed in the morning.

  6. Pedro

    Joppa, most wouldn’t sack him. An opinion poll might be low… but people wouldn’t want him sacked.

    How many of you wanted Redknapp earlier on in the year? How clueless does he look now?

    Wenger isn’t perfect… but you can’t knock what’s gone on and where we are. I also can’t abide by this whole… ‘We are where we are because others have fucked up’… most ridiculous line ever. Isn’t that how a league works? Whoever fucks up the least wins it?

  7. arsenal1886-2006

    Guardiola doing a Keegan? Mourinho has got right under his skin, that is why he lost it.
    Just as people are lauding them as the greatest ever team along comes Mourinho and, BOOM!!!!

  8. Byo

    Do you really think anyone reads your long treatise here?
    I’m sure you can probably communicate the same points more succinctly.
    Except that you make the same points(i.e if there is one)incessantly.

  9. Pedro

    Keyser, not to mention if we’d thrown that money at them when we could have got them at 12mill they’d have been kids…

    It’s difficult to debate with people when they unravel their own argument in the same comment.


    So what you are saying is Pedro we just keep on as we are.

    How you can say we have progressed is totally beyond me. And if we have progressed – how bad must we have been?

  11. Pedro

    Joppa, if you finish 4th one year, then 3rd the next… that’s called progress.

    I much prefer the team this year. We have a solid foundation, we have better team spirit, we’ve ground out results. We’ve got a good platform to build on this summer.

    How you don’t see that as progress is beyond me?

  12. Keyser

    Pedro I have to admit I’m a little uncomfortable with what’s going on here, it’s like my parents going through their divorce all over again, with my mum trying to tell me they just want different things from life.

    WHY NOW ? What did I do wrong ?!

  13. Keyser

    Heh, it’s not like Keegan, Keegan was in front wasn’t he ? Barcelona are knakcered after several years of trying to maintain their levels, some players are getting on, others are showing their inexperience, also don’t think he’s been all that comfortable with being the sort of snide, conniving, media manipulator Mourinho is.

    Guardiola’s still got two games to get something out of the season.

  14. SDE

    Dumbing down of title ambitions

    Dumbing down of talent..

    Suddenly arteta is seen as the saviour.. arterta of 3 years ago-maybe!
    Now arteta is out for the season…people say we are screwed..Says it all really.

    Song is seen as a vast improvement-by which standards? Vieira standards,or Joey Barton standards..Nonetheless according to some,he’s improving year-on-year?Yeah right!

    Fourth is seen as the new 1st trophy

    Spending £5m on sub-standard players is seen as a sign of ambition

    Losing 10 games over a season& being 18 points behind the leaders,conceding 43 goals in the PL,& almost 60 goals in all competitions is seen as acceptable..’cos we are in 3rd place..
    No alarm bells ringing..why?”Cos we are in 3rd place..that’s all that matters-non?

    Suffering our heaviest defeat in the PL & CL,is seen as an abberation,cos why?
    We are in 3rd place…Qualifying for top 4,is where it’s at..!!What a joke…

    Talk about dumbing down..We have the highest season ticket prices in the league..And we pay for what..?To endure this catastrophe unravelling before our very eyes…What a privilege..

    Also seems,some peeps on here(who shall remain nameless) have suffered from having some kind of mental defect in their brain faculties..It worsens by the their master..”wenger”.
    Get more sense out of a mute kid…if you ask me.


    Well I don’t agree, I think Arsenal have been dumbed down totally.

    Yeah in some respects the defence looks better as a unit and can be built on but I thought Song was supposed to be a DM. We certainly need one.

    This 3rd/4th place is a trophy is just bollx.

  16. arsenal1886-2006

    Keyser April 23, 2012 23:09:21
    Aguero and Falcao moved fo 38 million, and Aguero’s on 200k a week plus.

    Walcott, Chamakh and Park out, Aguero in, wages covered and 20 odd million recouped from selling.
    I am dreaming of course.

  17. Pedro

    Joppa, when I say it’s a trophy, it’s said due the importance it holds to our future.

    It’s not an actual trophy, but in every way, it’s better than what Liverpool have ended up with.

  18. Pedro

    Arsenal 1886, we simply can’t afford to give players £200k a week, regardless of how clever your maths is.

  19. Gunner2301


    More conceded this year than last and more last year than the year before. Looks can be deceiving. We still haven’t solved our defensive failings believe me.

    3rd is a trophy is dumbing down to cover up the defensive frailties more smoke n mirrors.


    Pedro, didn’t you write this? You could be part of it now!

    There has been a lot of talk about the ‘Arsene Knows Brigade’ in recent weeks. I’ve had many e-mails asking me to point out how you can tell early on if your loved one might have been struck down with the disease.

    Here is the list of the indicators:

    Inability to think for themselves.

    They can no longer sit down the pub with their footballing friends and enter into a reasoned conversation. His/Her friends will be bored of their debating tactics… ‘Arsene Knows’ grows tiresome after 3 years.
    Positive support for anything Arsene: Yes, when your loved one sounds like a propaganda machine for, you know you’re in trouble. When you hear things like, ‘Trust in Arsene’ or ‘I am an ardent support of anything Arsene…’, you know that your loved one may think he/she is on the payroll at Arsenal. The sad thing is, they’re not…

    Acceptance of second best:

    If you get your meal at a nice restaurant and it looks good, but it is cold… you’ll find an AKB member won’t mind. They’ll accept anything as long as it looks good and the restaurateurs are relatively inexperienced. You will find they’ll even accept a price increase after the disappointment, as long as they are promised it will be better next year.

    Hours spent writing hate on blog sites: If your loved one gets so worked up by Arsene criticism that they start writing hate on fan sites that disagree with their mantra, you know they’ve been struck down big time. But hey, don’t worry, they would never have the guts to be that big time in real life… so don’t worry about the ‘Blog Tourettes’ rearing its ugly head in public… it’s a bedroom thing. Anonymity is a must for any budding AKB member.

    Everything positive is down to Arsene.

    You’ll be led to believe it’s ‘Arsene united’ down at the Emirates. Arsene built the stadium according to AKB’s, but he is not responsible for the corporate aspect of the Emirates. He is in no way responsible for the fact that ticket prices are now out of reach for many working class fans.

    Arsene doesn’t spend the money that is available to him, yet AKB’s will blame the board for not funding him. Mr Wenger is apparently responsible for bringing Arsenal out of mid table obscurity… well, by my reckoning, we finished 5th in Rioch’s last full season and in the last 16 years, we’ve only finished out of the top 5 twice? This list could go on forever, but the pattern is always the same. Wenger is a demi-god in the AKB’s eyes, he does no wrong and if he does… it’s just Wenger testing you as a fan…

  21. Pedro

    … and what I have to say is impressive about the people making all these absurd arguments is that you all have to name call?

    Generally the sign of a person who can’t articulate a proper argument.

  22. Pedro

    Joppa, like I said… people scared of dealing with facts name call.

    I wrote that… but I’ve always dealt in facts… AKB was literally for people who slammed down and argument with ‘Arsene Knows’… not someone who slams down and argument with legitimate base.

    You throwing that at me because I just showed you this year will most likely work out as progress, says it all.

    If you can’t enjoy where we are now, you really have to question what the point of being a football fan is?

    Anyway… I’ll be back in the morning with a post. Have a good one!


    OK Pedro is CL qualification (and having no chance of winning it) is better than two trophies then it’s not the game I love. Because to me you sound like an Arsenal accountant. That’s not football.

  24. incesc

    Picked up a standard at the station earlier and it had an article about diaby needing to step up now arteta is out for the last three games.

    came quite close to throwing myself under the train

  25. Pedro

    Joppa, if seeing your club go down the shitter for two cups is the game you love, keep it, you’ll only spend the next 7 years moaning we have no money and can’t get into the Champions League.

    Do you think we have a chance of winning the Euro’s this summer? Of course we don’t. Would you rather we weren’t in it? Of course you wouldn’t.

    It’s another absurd argument and embarrassingly defeatist. We’ve been to finals and semi finals and we’ve had plenty of chances to win it over the years.

  26. Pedro

    Joppa, if football isn’t about watching your team play against the best teams in the world, with some of the best players on show… then what is it about?

  27. Gunner2301

    Pedro we paid Henry almost that in his final season. We also were willing to pay Fabregas that. No doubt we would offer RVP the same if he performed next season like he did this and wanted to move on. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in bonuses signing on fee or other instrument. Money is money at the end of the day.

    More dumbing down propaganda from Wenger we can’t pay the wages. We can really it’s just the way we distribute it. If you get rid of the top 5 dross who have barely featured there’s 250-300k for someone. Get rid of half those on loan another 200k appears. We can afford it, we choose not to.

  28. arsenal1886-2006

    Just 2 weeks ago pundits were lauding Barca as unbeatable and Real were starting to feel the pressure and would be caught. Chelsea will do the same job on them as Real did at the weekend, Barca are tired and if there is one English team that can defend then that is Chelsea. If Chelsea take the lead then that could be it for Barca this season.

    I reckon Pep is praying that Mourinho goes back to England.

  29. Pedro

    Gunner2301, we paid Henry, out greatest ever striker that, but it was a bonus. We couldn’t sustain an Aguerro on £200k a week unless we did some serious restructuring.

  30. SDE

    Cesc Appeal
    SDE the eating of humble pie will never occur, there will always be an excuse, always be another day, always be another competition, always be another transfer window.

    Very true…These AKB’s never learn..

    It’s like the cheating girlfriend,who can’t help herself..Always looking you squarely in the eye,telling you that she promises to be faithful..And as soon as your back is turned,cheats on you with the next bloke she sets her eyes on…But you always take her back,’cos you’re one guillible sucker…And she always offer an excuse..she was lonely,we don’t spend time together,the bloke reminded her of you,we don’t spend qualiddee time together..blah..blah..
    Geez,the AKB’s won’t know what’s hit them,when they look back in 5-10 years time..


    Pedro, Arsenal will never go down the shitter – ever. But surely we have to be more bold in our approach, spend on quality not quantity. Perhaps let Usmanov help. Why not have the best of both worlds?

    Why cut off nose……….

  32. Pedro

    Joppa, Usmanov isn’t an option… unless Stan sells out. I’d love him in, is that a realisitc expectation right now? No.

    Absolutely we need some quality in… Podolski is a start, M’Vila and Giroud would also be great.

    We also need to clear the deadwood which is underway… Arshavin, Squillaci, Park, Chamakh and Vela will all be gone. I’d guess Nik and Denilson will also go.

    The key must is Robin…


    I amazed you are saying we have progressed when we still put in QPR, Wigan performances. Forget the minimal points positive because you can counter that with shipped more goals.

    I think the set up has to change, Wenger has to be replaced. New ideas, approach is much needed. We cannot progress until that happens.

    Would Ferguson, Mourinho still been in a job with Wenger’s results? That tells you all you need to know really. Why the loyal defence of Wenger?

  34. Pedro

    SDE, does your bird cheat on you because you always talk about AKB’s? And you take her back?

    This is embarrassing…

  35. SDE

    “Do you really think anyone reads your long treatise here?
    I’m sure you can probably communicate the same points more succinctly.
    Except that you make the same points(i.e if there is one)incessantly.”

    Can’t recall you saying anything of note recently..
    Actually can’t recall you saying anything period!!

  36. Pedro

    Joppa, sacking Wenger now wouldn’t work. He’ll go in the next two seasons anyway. He’d have gone this summer had it all gone down the toilet.

    Why would he now? He wants to go out with a bang… maybe he’ll make the moves this summer.

    You can talk about our shit performances against shit teams… but who hasn’t been doing the same?


    The highs (games where I have lost voice, jumped around).

    Chelsea away
    Tottenham home
    Liverpool away (in amazement really that we hadn’t been beat).
    Milan home

    The lows

    Blackburn away
    Man U away
    Liverpool home
    QPR away
    Wigan home
    Milan away
    Man U home
    Fulham away

    Just off the top of my head.


    OK OK, let’s just wait and see what happens in the summer. Agree nothing is going to change in the short term. I still think Wenger has become weak though and so have his teams.

  39. Keyser

    arsenal1886-2006 – In Spain, I regularly listen to Sid Lowe, it’s been noticable how Barcelona have looked fatigued and devoid of options at times, they’ve really struggled to break teams down at times though Messi’s really dragged them through it, Villa is a massive miss.

    I don’t think it really matters if Mourinho goes, you really think Guardiola would want a lesser challenge ? This will be Real Madrid’s 32nd title in I think 80 seasons of La Liga, it had to happen at some point, it’s Real Madrid, gwaan just realised the Chelsea games tomorrow and not Wednesday.

  40. SDE

    SDE, does your bird cheat on you because you always talk about AKB’s? And you take her back?This is embarrassing…

    Yeah Pedro,my bird Pedro,who’s a female cuckatoo,utters the words”In wenger we trust”..I’m trying to train her too say wenger out!!

    You see,she’s a sucker for the glory years,and can’t see past that Pedro..
    Maybe I could sell her to you..It would be music to your ears!!What with her incessantly tweeting “in wenger we trust” every morning .
    Yes it is quite embarassing Pedro!!

  41. Keyser

    I mean it’s just shocking, you bitch day in day out, Wenger OUT, Wenger OUT, Wenger OUT OUT OUT.

    Then all of a sudden, ‘I’d give it only 1-2 more seasons and be patient through it all’, wtf..

  42. BOOZY

    i bet pedro is in a bar right now getting wasted, when he wakes up tomorrow he’ll wonder who posted all this comments in his name.

  43. arsenal1886-2006

    I think we can pay 200k for certain players without too much dissent from other players. At United Rooney and probably Ferdinand are on close to that if not on it in Rooneys case, and the players accept it because he is an exceptional talent that can win seemingly lost causes. This put’s medal’s in their pockets as well as win bonuses.
    It can be done but Wenger is being myopic. Who knows, he might even change all that this summer as I feel he has given up on Financial Fair Play being properly implemented.

    Unfortunately the game seems to becoming more about financial outlay than enjoyment of the physical match itself. I hear kids talking about how their club is richer than someone else’s club, that cannot be right.
    We have all become locked in this money talk and it leads to greater expectations that are sometimes unrealistic, I am as guilty as the next man. Sometimes I find myself screaming at the box about the money that player earns when they cock-up, whereas years ago I would have been screaming encouragement.

    I feel that we all need to take a step back and reevaluate our ambitions and achievements.

  44. Gunner2301


    So selling your best players is the new progress? More dumbing down I’m afraid. How are you falling for this shit?

    We’ve been depending on 1 key player for years now as far back as Henry. That’s not progress neither is a squad so bereft of talent you need Chelsea’s cast offs or a burgeoning wage bill of 130mill with 1 world class player don’t see any progress there either. Attending Djourous testimonial in 2 yrs time is not progress.

  45. SDE

    Financial Fair Play I feel he has given up on Financial Fair Play being properly implemented.

    It was a convenient smokescreen for him to hide behind..Any excuse for him not to deviate from his normal modus operandis…
    Either way,man city managed to find holes in the FFP malarky,by exploiting a loophole..I’m sure there will be a new line this summer!

  46. SDE

    Chelsea’s cast offs or a burgeoning wage bill of 130mill with 1 world class player don’t see any progress there either. Attending Djourous testimonial in 2 yrs time is not progress.

    You forgot to add the current chelsea cast-off Benny is a loanee..On-loan till the end of the season..Out of curiosity when was the last time chelsea,or man utd took on loanees?

  47. Gunner2301


    they’re big clubs they don’t do that shit. And guess what? That wouldn’t sell one of their best players to a rival. Only we’d do that. The Club/Wenger would sell their own mothers if there was a profit in it, they are a bunch of classless cunts with no morals.

  48. arsenal1886-2006

    You could well be right. Without it like you say there is nowhere to hide.
    No matter what it will be an interesting summer. If we had, and that is a big if, a strong board then they would give him a timeline to make the required purchases. If he fails to invest and invest wisely then the game is up and a new man should be appointed immediately.

    I would be willing to forsake CL for a fresh start, and who knows? The new man might win something and take us to the next level.

  49. SDE

    arsenal 1886-2006
    I feel that we all need to take a step back and reevaluate our ambitions and achievements.

    After all is said,and done..With all the bickering,and hollering..The various factions on here,the pro-wenger camp,the neutrals,the anti-wenger camp.

    For me,it is sad that there has been not only a severe lack of ambition shown by the club,but a huge-scale of dumping down of quality type players at arsenal..
    Especially when you go back yesteryear from the bergkamps,to the vieira’s,to the henry’s,pires,lundjberg’s of this now the song’s,walcott’s,squillaci’s,djourou..etc.etc..

    But more importantly,what is incredibly sad,has been the lack of transparency from the board and the manager..
    The fact that mixed messages emanating from the club over the years till date has persisted..,as to whether we have money,or that we don’t for whatever reasons being pro-offered,i.e. stadium debt…blah,blah..
    I think irks many fans on here,me included…

    The pronouncements by wenger,of “judge me in may”,or “he will be active in the transfer market”,”going to the euro’s with a big fat chequebook”,
    only to turn around and do the complete opposite,doesn’t help build bridges,or foster a climate,or a huge wave of optimism with the fans who are passionate about seeing the club do well…

    I believe if the club had been transparent from the offing,and wenger had laid bare his cards on the table,by telling us fans..that finishing top 4 was the remit of the club & that winning a trophy would be an additional bonus..
    At least we as paying fans,might not be happy with the clubs policy on that front,but at least we would know where we stood & what the club’s stance was..
    Maybe some of us that want wenger out,would be more tolerant,than we currently are,as a consequence.

    To continue to fudge the issues,and be economical with the facts..I believe wenger and the BoD have made a rod for their backs..And I believe wenger has exhausted all credit available in the bank with the fans…
    No-one likes to be fobbed off,or feel cheated on,least of all the fans who sacrifice their hard earned money to watch a game 1ce/2ce a week.
    The least wenger & co,can do is be transparent!!
    Maybe that’s asking a little too much for some on here-non?!!

  50. Gunner2301


    Do you find it acceptable that we are not restructuring to allow us to compete like Wenger said we would be able to? Given that we could if only he could get over himself.

    The minute we don’t move players like Djourou off the wage bill and give him a new contract we are not looking to restructure and it appears that Wenget has learned nothing.

  51. SDE


    No I agreed with your post..
    I was just indirectly mentioning that supposedly as a big club with big ambitions,we could not even buy Benny,or even sell the club to him,in order to get him on on a permanent deal..Instead got him on loan,wenger’s preferred cheapo option.
    & that as a big club,I don’t see man utd,or chelsea..doing that crap..And people say,he’s changed and give him time..
    To be honest,that mata deal,till today grates with me…!!

  52. goondawg

    I think Benayoun was an excellent last minute stop-gap loan purchase. I too have been impressed with his work rate. Next year he could pave the way for a better, quality player we crave, and I’m pretty sure Chavs are kicking themselves for letting him go to us and help us secure a place above them in the league. We shouldn’t berate Wenger for picking up a player like this, cheapo on loan. It was a good deal, regarding his age etc, could have easily become a squillaci, almunia type player that we want to get off the books.

  53. Gunner2301


    I’m all for transparency. Like you say maybe we could be more forgiving. But when a manager lies to the fans how do you come back from that and he dies it willy nilly like he couldn’t give a shit if he contradicts himself 10 minutes later. Can anyone name another manager who lies to their fans like our manager?

    I can’t understand how fans can back him knowing he’s a liar. Someone explain that to me. Also why has he never addressed the division amongst the fans that he helped to create. Does the man not care? Is he oblivious or does it suit his agenda to divide and rule?

  54. Keyser

    “Also why has he never addressed the division amongst the fans that he helped to create”

    Heh, do you think it’s that bad ? I don’t think he does know, and what would he do if he did ?!

  55. Keyser

    ‘John Cross Mirro here, Arsene, what do you think about some fans calling others AKB’s ?’

    ‘Erm, some fans are calling others names ? Seriously ? grow up, sticks and st…’

  56. SDE

    Also why has he never addressed the division amongst the fans that he helped to create. Does the man not care? Is he oblivious or does it suit his agenda to divide and rule? he oblivious or does it suit his agenda to divide and rule?

    The divide & rule agenda,suits his and the BoD agenda..It’s an age-old sub-diversion tactic..Tried & tested over the centuries..
    Pit one camp against the other,infighting occurs,while the leaders simply milk the state coffers,whilst the masses are oblivious to the machinations going on,higher up the food chain..
    Crank up the PR Machine,telling them the same nonsense repeatedly,and before you know it,you’ve got a bunch of zombies & loyalists walking around regurgitating the same nonsense..

    I find it hard, to comprehend,whilst some people on here,are unable to take a step back,putting loyalists aside,and see what is really happening on the ground from an objective viewpoint..It’s not to say the facts are not there..
    It is as clear as daylight,not over 1 year,or 2 years..but over 7 years…
    but it’s always,not enough quality,FFP,stadium debt,…etc,etc..
    Is it plain stupidity,or just plain naivety?

    I always said football and common sense,with a modicum of intelligence,is a rarity in football..Not only with some managers,chairman,but also fans…

    It’s refreshing to read your posts..As your sentiments mirror that of mine..
    You should try and get Geoff,or Pedro,to allow you to do a post on here..
    It would be great!!

  57. SDE

    Can anyone name another manager who lies to their fans like our manager?

    Actually come to think of it-Redknapp,maybe that’s why he twitches so much!!

    Yeah,but you’re right about wenger..That’s what I alluded to ,wih him being economical with the truth..Which makes it even more painful,to watch all this crap,unfolding before our very eyes..It seems,that he has no respect for the fans..

  58. Rohan

    JOPPAAAAAAAAApril 23, 2012 22:47:13
    Gunner2301 you are exactly right. I just hope people see through it. The myth that Arsenal will become nothing if they fail to qualify for the CL makes me laugh.If we failed to qualify: Fan unrest
    Wenger leaves
    Boardroom changes
    Usmanov in
    New manager and backing.Come on, we have been patient for 7 seasons, what’s a couple more?


    I bet Liverpool fans said that in 08.

  59. El Tel

    Maybe if the great Mancunnited didn’t keep geriatrics on they would take loan player on.

    Maybe we have someone coming in this season who couldn’t sign last season so we signed Benny as a stop gap.

    Maybe Wenger really did know that Willshere was out for the season and signed Benny as a stop gap.

    Loaning players might OT be the done thing for you guys but it worked for us. Benny is one of my favorite players who I believe thinks it is an honor to play for the Arsenal.

    I think Wenger should have gone four years ago but to be fair the injuries are not an excuse at all. It is ridiculous how many of our players have had serious injuries.

    I also don’t see how over playing Willshere is the reason for having broken a bone.

    Sagna broke his leg, Willshere out all year, Diaby out every year, Wallnut out now and Arteta out too plus the BFG who is better than most of you guys think.

    Gibbs out,Santos out, Jenkins out., Coquelin out, Frimpong out, All long term injuries and none you can blame Wenger for.

    He has fucked up by loaning AA and signing duds like Park and Chamakh although I think they could be decent players if they actually got a run of matches. Ramsey will come good and if TR7 gives us two more years like the past three months then competition will be very strong.

    Who would have Modric over TR7? Yet Modric is touted at £50 million. Who’s kidding who here?

    Let’s hope RVP stays and we get a couple of really good players in to strengthen the squad then see what happens. If we end up challenging then things will be better but if things stay as they are then Wenger needs to go.

    I know we must wait another season but with even the great Barcelona starting to go stale and the Mancs and Chavs growing increasingly old we do have a chance to challenge on all fronts next season.

  60. mjgooner

    Anyone noticed the Similarities between Pedro and our ‘Lord Wenger’?

    When WENGER arrived he did all that was necessary to win titles, then GAINED THE TRUST OF THE FANS…………when he had this, he proceeded to reveal his true self (A stubborn man obsessed with himself).

    When Legrove started, PEDRO coined the term AKB, told the truth as it is, took on the evil/corrupt regime, then GAINED THE TRUST OF THE FANS………..when he had this, he proceeded to reveal his true self (A massive AKB)

  61. El Tel

    Klopp would be my choice to replace Wenger. Let’s see how Dortmund fare next. Season then snap him up at the end of it if He keeps them competing for the title.

  62. El Tel

    Wasn’t it Geoff who coined the phrase AKB? Pedro has always been reasonable when discussing the Arsenal and at least He is fair with his ideas.

  63. El Tel


    I think Wengers biggest problem is that He keeps us competing. It’s like taking sweets froma kid. Dangling the choccy bar only to snatch OT away when you get to touch it.

    It’s not ideal being third, it’s not ideal not winning trophies but as someone wrote earlier. The big titles (CL and PL) have only been won by very few teams.

    We happen to be one of those teams. For all the doom and gloom just take a look down the road at the Spuds. Them cunts must be suicidal.

  64. Byo

    Anyone who is not a pessimist understands where you are coming from.
    But some people are eternally pessimistic. But football is about optimism.
    They have never even run a Pop Warner (as we say in the US)team, not to talk of running a real club. But they know more than those paid to do the job!
    For me , this is just a game. There are more serious events in life to deal with daily.
    However, I enjoy reading some of the repetitively boring comments here daily. Really, I do. They make up my comic relief.

  65. mjgooner

    Is this season really an improvement on last season? Lets compare

    2010/2011 SEASON

    Position 4th
    Points 68
    Losses 8
    Goals conceded 43
    Points adrift of 1st positon 12
    Points adrift of 2nd positon 3

    2011/2012 SEASON (with 3 more games to go)

    Position 3rd
    Points 65 ( and counting)
    Losses 10 (and counting)
    Goals conceded 43 (and counting)
    Points adrift of 1st positon 18
    Points adrift of 2nd positon 15

    At the end of the day, the interpretation of the figures will depend on whether you are a “glass half-full” or a “glass half-empty” guy

    OR better still whether you are an AKB or Arsenal fan.

  66. mjgooner

    “They have never even run a Pop Warner (as we say in the US)team, not to talk of running a real club. But they know more than those paid to do the job!”

    Exactly what your Lord Wenger would say, I am sure you have never been in charge of a state or a country, but I bet you would have some criticisms of George Bush’s tenure as president of your country.

  67. Bade


    While I was asleep that Pedro was killing them all on here, and I thought he still was in Denmark

    What a nasty boy, didn’t even wait to this morning’s sugar coated…..

    Pedro my dear,

    As for 3rd being progress over 4th, don’t mug us please

    We’re being 3rd/4rd for 7 seasons now, the last time we got better than that was 2005 when we finished 2nd

    So in that matter (and we didn’t secure 3rd or even 4th this season yet) I think you should look at the bigger picture, not the small matter of being 3rd this season when last season we were 4th. It says nothing about our progress, and says much more about the quality decline in the league, to be honest

  68. Bade

    As for Arsene’s developing players skills

    I do agree some on here lost their plot (just like Arsene) when they try ti deny the obvious

    I never got why people try to undermine Arsene’s legacy, or to overrate it, as if he either the best even manager that was and will be, or the worst ever manager

    The two sides are truly pushing towards ridiculous claims

    Arsene developed player and he has much of gratitude and trying to deny it is a bit out of touch, just like the flip side of the coin, saying 4th is a trophy and Arsene is a massive success since 2005, because he’s not.

  69. Bade


    Why do you criticise moaning about the situation?

    It’s the most logical thing to do

    The situation is bad, truly bad. The sentiment of “we got from 17th to 3rd” is no more than a spin. We are The Arsenal, we should gun for higher aspirations and for me being pleased to get 3rd isn’t an Arsenal standard.

    Of course I’m happy with 3rd this season though, but that isn’t a complete joy. It’s like being happy when we win, even though being 10th in the table. Totally two different things.

    We all should remember that Arsene brought us to a situation where people are over the moon for 3rd. He literally brought us to the same aspirations level like Everton or Newcastle fans. We are The Arsenal though, and anything less than the best is a failure for us. Should be a failure at least.

    Arsene almost walk the walk deliberately. We all knew that would be the situation, and he’s the only one to blame for dragging us to the last summer mega demise. And it wasn’t the first transfer window he messes.

    Arsene should be accountable for that demise, but he never paid the price really. And I suspect he won’t pay the price this summer as well.

    I hope to be found wrong, but he’s not learning and his conduct says so. If he learnt something from last summer, we should have seen it in the January window when we needed fullbacks and he stalled.

    Why to think that he learnt his lesson last summer, if just the next January he showed us he didn’t learn? Because had he learnt, he would’ve brought at least LB on loan (I remember your vocal posts about that, hope you still remember too).

    For me, the summer buys where due to mainly two reasons. The slap on the face from the Mancs, and the Vermaelen injury. I really don’t want to think “What if”, what would have happened had we lost that game “reasonably” or had the Vermaelen injury happened two weeks later….

    You are entitled to trust Arsene again that he will change, and you can lambast the doubters as you wish, and you can point to the Podolski deal all day long.

    But doubting Arsene is the reasonable thing to do.

    And for me sacking him is the right decision as he must be found accountable to the fans, just like Ivan answered your question then.

    Reasonably, looking at his last 7 years makes me wonder, what the hell in the world is he still doing there? He truly transformed us to an also-rans team, just like the mind set of mid table teams who has a good spell.

    Because all we achieved in the last 7 years were 1 CL final, 2 CC finals. Never finished even 2nd in the league, never got to the FA cup final.

    Blimey, time to go Arsene

  70. bnsb

    Ha, ha Pedro has been suckered by Wenger’s rhetoric, a bigger scalp couldn’t be had, well done Arsene!

    A real realist sees both side of things, give credit WHEN due. Well done Pedro!

  71. Cesc Appeal

    I’ve only started commenting on Le Grove recently but I’ve been reading it for ages, love it. I swear to God Pedro was fire and brimstone a little while ago. I didn’t expect to be arguing with him against change in the club.
    Progress this year? Pedro are you serious??? 1 goal away from Le Prof conceding his most ever, worst defeat in 100 years, Wigan taking their first three points at Arsenal in decades, Liverpool taking their first three points at the Emirates…and so on and so forth.
    You can’t keep harping back to August you say…why the hell not? It was a travesty and worse it was an avoidable one. We as fans faced utter humiliation, our club was dragged through the mud. Wenger sat there. Remember Le Glorious Leader thought his squad was good enough before that.
    Pedro, what if that hammering had come a fortnight later??
    victoria per ingens prodest

  72. willie

    I remeber when a certain AKB, Jacob I guess, came on here and tried to school us about The Arsenal and how great we’d done since 2005…It was Pedro who showed him out of the door. Funny how things change…
    IMHO, we have not improved over last season- in fact, we are worse off- but I love this team better (mostly due to the fight in them compared to the disinterest shown by last year’s team). Last year’s team would never lose 8-2 to the mancs or 4-0 to Milan, but they sure as hell wouldn’t win 5-3 at chelsea or come back from 2 down to beat the spurs.
    It seems like the central question (though our opinion won’t really matter) is whether we prefer improvements to be made under wenger or wenger out…I’d suggest Pedro puts that to the poll. On second thought, it appears pointless because neither will happen this summer (no improvements and, definitely, no getting rid of wenger).