Robin odds on for Player of the year, today he will show the world why.

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So RVP is a shoe in for PFA Player of the year this Sunday and the Football Writers player of the year the following week. Today we need to see why Robin, do us proud!

Jack won’t get the young player as due to overuse he missed the season, Oxo won’t get it either so that only leaves Wayne Rooney, yes I know he’s not young anymore and on his second head of hair but the Mancs got knocked out of Europe (twice) and the authorities felt sorry for them, so they will give it to Rooney again.

The chavs do have Mata and Sturridge that would qualify as young but they will probably get to the ECL final and that’s reward enough, oh and the reason they beat Barca this week was because they had a plan B. You know what a plan B is don’t you? It’s something that we don’t have, and that’s why all we are playing for is 3rd place, which for the record really isn’t a trophy, despite Pedro’s research of last week. Oops I mentioned that yesterday didn’t I.

So as we don’t have a plan B then we need to revert to the only plan we do have, plan A, and plan A beats the shit out of the chavs plan B all day long.

I had a call from a chav friend yesterday and he was going to the Grove followed by a trip to Barca, funny enough this time last year I was with him watching us go out at the Camp Nou, so I wished him luck.

You know what though? I didn’t mean it, I hope Messi gets 2 hat tricks! And they get stuffed by us both.

It’s time for this team to stand up and be counted, if we don’t win this we could end up out of Europe, we need to beat the chavs and beat them comfortably, if not we will be on edge for 90 minutes (its only 98 if we play the Mancs)

Robin needs to show us why he is the double player of the year, he needs to play a captains role and he needs to lead like example, if he does that the team will follow.

The feeling yesterday was no one wants Ramsey to play, the jist of what I’ve read is Ramsey will start, I would sooner that than Gervihno because I think he really is hopeless. I keep wanting him to prove me wrong but he seems to be getting worse, I remember when Eboue used to play for us, I used to say maybe he’ll come good as Wenger rates him, but after god knows how many games he failed to impress, Wenger let him out the back door only to never mention him again, I suspect Gervinho, Chamakh, Squillaci and Park will follow at some point, my worry is how long it will take.

Don’t forget Ramsey is the captain of Wales, he didn’t get that being useless!

Either way I hope he starts without him tomorrow.

If he has a blinder I will be delighted but I can’t see it to honest, I would sooner see Oxo out there.

Whatever team he picks we need to be at them from the start, shut them down and chase after every ball, we have the firepower to kill them and the defence to keep them out, but with Sturridge and Torres I would play Gibbs as I think Santos is too slow.

We have four games left, but this is the one we need to win to put a gap in between us and Chelsea. They still have the Champions league to win, the Scousers have the FA Cup and we have nothing but third, lose this and we won’t have third either.

The following is a rallying cry for the game, and one that is paying tribute to Pedro and his trip to Denmark, yes I went there to watch us lift the Cup Winners Cup against Parma, those were the days before we got obsessed with the ECL, not to mention it was the last Euro trophy we won.

However someone other than me and George Graham went there once before and that is the story I will tell, this team needs to play with that belief.

When Nelson went to Copenhagen 200 years ago he went up against a bigger fleet and massive shore guns and he still smashed the combined fleet. He put the telescope to his blind eye (and disobeyed orders) what ships? He said.

He then sailed between their fleet and the big guns, risked going aground and went in all guns blazing.

Sound familiar? A blind manager that never sees things, going up against a team with big guns? It’s an omen I tell you, we should play with a swagger and give them nothing, keep the ball, make the passes count (Alex), shoot on sight and believe.

There are some out there that see a repeat of last season and believe we will choke, not today we won’t, this is a different Arsenal, today we will cement third spot!

A couple more weeks and the season is over boys, then we’ll have 3 months off, make today count and remember Nelson.

I apologise to any Danish and French Grovers, the story is an analogy and not meant to offend.

Have a great day Grovers, today we need to win, finish third and move on.

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    Spurs have played a massive part in letting Wenger off the hook this season. One can only guess what has happened at WHL but they should of had 3rd done and dusted. If that had happened Wenger would of been under huge pressure. Those c**ts from down the road can’t even get that right.

    Guy on TalkShite “It’s massive, huge achievement what Arsenal have done this season”

    Another guy “How can you call for Wenger’s head. I am renewing as soon as possible”

  2. SDE

    Ok peeps..El Classico is over..let’s stop with the bickering..
    and return to this poll..I mentioned earlier…

    See below.. lift the doom,or gloom let’s canvass some opinion about where you would rate Monsieur Wenger amongst the number of managers I’ve listed down below..
    May I add the list of quality managers is in no ascending,or descending order..That’s for you guys to decide.
    Just curious to know where you guys would place wenger in relation to the list…Feel free to rank accordingly..
    For some,where the names are not so obvious,I’ve included in brackets-previous clubs,or national teams to help,in your assessment.1)Guardiola(Barca)
    2)Mourinho(Porto,Chelsea,Inter Milan,Real Madrid)
    3)Capello(AC Milan,Real Madrid,Roma,England)
    4)Ancelotti(AC Milan,Chelsea,PSG)
    7)Van Basten(Holland,Ajax)
    8)Laurent Blanc(Bordeaux,France)
    9)Ferguson(Aberdeen,Man Utd)
    11)Joachim Loew(Germany)
    12)Del Bosque(Spain,R.Madrid)
    13)Trappatoni(Juventus,AC Milan,Inter Milan,ROI)
    15)Van Gaal(Barca,B.Munich)
    18)Mancini(Inter Milan,Man City)
    19)Benitez(Valencis,Liverpool,Inter Milan)
    20)Hiddink(PSV,Valencia,Real Madrid,South Korea,Turkey,Russia,Chelsea,etc,etc..)
    21)Allegri(AC Milan)

  3. goondawg

    We should buy Ribery, he just had got fined 50,000 euros after having a massive bust-up with Robben. I can see him moving..

  4. colonel mustard

    Maureen is a serial winner. full respect. our busted flush manager will be up to the same old shit next season leaving us short yet again. f***kin incompetent.

  5. Bade

    Just to say I told you so

    But I really told you so, that Real won’t lose this one

    And stated at the beginning of the season Real will win La Liga

    And Barca will bottle both La Liga and CL

    Jose, what a manager!!!!

  6. Geoff

    Joppa I’d sack him in a heartbeat, I haven’t been all season in protest, I won’t go again until Wenger goes, or spends money on decent players.


    I am open mouthed with what now is seen as acceptable for Arsenal. We are selling ourselves well short.

    I do not understand how getting away with it (mainly thanks to Spurs) like we have this season is seen as OK. The results have been terrible, the team performances shocking on many occassions. The progress zero. Yet to many we are doing well, (to many on here I might add).

    I’m going to have to stop commenting because clearly I am on a different wavelength to most others. I think it’s embarassing what we now see as acceptable and I think AFC are cunts for spinning us it.

  8. kwik fit

    I would love it, absolutely love it, if Real beat barca in the final in Munich with Ronaldo grabing a brace and Maureen sticking the middle finger up to the barca fan’s.

  9. SDE

    “There are another 52 candidate who’re better than Arsene”

    Like who..?Not all 52 candidates..but a few more additions..
    Name another 4,to make it a top 30 list,or possibly another 14 to make it a top 40 list.


    Wenger is like the poker player who always limps into a pot only to fold at the slightest raise. He keeps persisting until eventually all his chips have gone and he has to shove when holding Ramsey, Chamakh, Walcott & Diaby. (equivilant of 8 3 off).

  11. colonel mustard

    good on you Geoff, you are not falling for the Wegner confidence trick. We will not roll on until he is gone. he has lost the winning touch 4 years ago.

  12. follow the money

    today we saw what happens when Barca don’t have a ref in their pocket and the game is fair. I so love seeing Barca get beat. As for Arsenal, it’s true this season has been a shambles. The way I see it there are two ways we can improve and get some silverware. Wenger has to change, adapt, and turn down his “Arsenal as training camp” philosophy and turn up a “build a team for winning now” philosophy, otherwise we will be eternally stuck where we are now, the upper end of the table but never winning anything. Or Arsenal can sack him and bring in a new coach. Someone like Klopp wouldn’t be so destructive in the long run and might get us trophies. Mourinho would get us trophies but he would demand millions to buy players and leave Arsenal a shambles after a few seasons, like he did with Inter

  13. skandibird

    I thought we were totally totally shit to-day (on par with Monday night v Wigan), and, Yes, I was there BUT I left (unashamedly) 5 minutes before full time (first time by the way) because I just couldn’t stand watching that crap in front of my eyes any more. Wenger, as per usual, got his tactics totally totally wrong, any surprises for opposing teams? NO! And, Chelsea fielded a below par team, rested most of their so called top players, and, yet, we couldn’t beat them??????????

  14. SDE

    And Barca will bottle both La Liga and CL
    Jose, what a manager!!!!

    To be fair 13 trophies out of a possible 16..The man Guardiola has tried..over a 4 year period…
    It’s an amazing track record..
    And since AC Milan,I think,or Ajax,no european team since then has won back-2-back CL Titles..
    Credit where credit is due..for both Guardiola&Mourinho..

    That said,wenger should realise how far ,he is behind the chasing pack(new kids on the block)& call it a day…
    Let’s remember him for the glory years,not for the pile of terd he is currently serving to us on plastic disposable plate!!

  15. Bade

    1st step of three to complete the move of Pep to Arsenal was almost completed tonight

    The 3 steps are

    1. Real to win La Liga
    2. Barca to lose the CL
    3, Arsene to bottle it with Arsenal

    So La Liga now wrapped up nicely for Jose’s taking

    Anyone banking on him not doing so?

    The man is a genius, and a man of his word. Always said his teams peak on their 2nd year, and this Real team on course of winning La Liga and CL from the grip of the team dubbed the best ever, that was bolstered in the summer with Cesc and Sanchez

  16. gambon


    Keyser reckons Cesc didnt do enough for us, once again showing he probebly doesnt actually watch Arsenal, just comes here to argue.

    In his four seasons prior to leaving he averaged 11 goals and 19 assists per season, despite Wenger running him into the ground and playing him further forward than he wanted to play.

    The reason we didnt win anything was in one word Wenger, who was responsible for:

    – No replacement for Lehman
    – No captains
    – Senderos, Djourou
    – Denilson, Diaby, Song
    – No Henry replacement
    – No tactics

    Players like Cesc, Nasri, Gallas, Sagna were more than good enough, it was the shit wenger surrounded them with, and the injuries he forces on people that stopped us winning.

  17. Bade


    Sorry mate, but I’m not in the mood of managers naming

    Bar name Arsene as a sore loser

    Ans Pep as our next mnager

    As far as I know, he didn’t sign the extension for next season, or did he?

  18. Keyser

    Haha, knew the Zidane thing’d get you, this is too easy, gammy weren’t you going on about hatred earlier.

    I love Cesc, doesn’t mean you can’t criticise him does it ? How pathetic.

  19. HerveDeNerve

    Just in case you were in any doubt as to how the AFC board know that the sun shines well and truly out of Wengers ass!

    # Nett Spend 92 – 2011 Purchased Gross Sold Nett Per Season
    1 Chelsea £744,440,000 £228,475,000 £515,965,000 £25,798,250
    2 Manchester City £649,180,000 £175,553,000 £473,627,000 £23,681,350
    3 Liverpool £552,205,000 £325,970,000 £226,235,000 £11,311,750
    4 Manchester United £483,150,000 £305,840,000 £177,310,000 £8,865,500
    5 Tottenham £412,050,000 £243,217,500 £168,832,500 £8,441,625
    6 Aston Villa £305,190,000 £177,075,000 £128,115,000 £6,405,750
    7 Newcastle £345,345,000 £245,525,000 £99,820,000 £4,991,000
    8 Sunderland £230,015,000 £126,030,000 £103,985,000 £5,199,250
    9 Fulham £149,781,000 £58,095,000 £91,686,000 £4,584,300
    10 Wolves £97,619,000 £40,595,000 £57,024,000 £2,851,200
    11 Everton £218,245,500 £165,270,000 £52,975,500 £2,648,775
    12 Bolton £130,970,000 £79,670,000 £51,300,000 £2,565,000
    13 Stoke City £79,615,000 £26,130,000 £53,485,000 £2,674,250
    14 West Bromwich Albion £105,280,000 £66,167,501 £39,112,499 £1,955,625
    15 Queens Park Rangers £51,547,500 £22,404,000 £29,143,500 £1,457,175
    16 Arsenal £341,090,000 £319,474,000 £21,616,000 £1,080,800
    17 Wigan £90,965,000 £81,942,500 £9,022,500 £451,125
    18 Swansea City £14,002,500 £6,860,000 £7,142,500 £357,125
    19 Blackburn Rovers £195,462,000 £199,185,000 -£3,723,000 -£186,150
    20 Norwich City £31,770,000 £47,395,000 -£15,625,000 -£781,250
    Birmingham City £135,545,000 £76,575,000 £58,970,000 £2,948,500
    Blackpool £7,752,500 £12,985,000 -£5,232,500 -£261,625
    West Ham £195,982,000 £190,782,000 £5,200,000 £260,000
    Middlesbrough £193,985,000 £122,120,000 £71,865,000 £3,593,250
    Hull £28,320,000 £11,980,000 £16,340,000 £817,000
    Burnley £23,250,000 £21,170,000 £2,080,000 £104,000
    Leeds United £147,280,000 £143,945,000 £3,335,000 £166,750
    Portsmouth £116,600,000 £139,645,000 -£23,045,000 -£1,152,250

  20. jack


    I am with you in what you have been saying recently about Wenger, and have been for the last few years. I have said if not getting cl would see the end of wenger, so be it. I was told im not an arsenal fan to want us to lose. My point was seeing the end of wenger would in fact be the beginning of the Arsenal finally winning and competing again. Too many fans on here are swayed by short term results as Gunner2301 explained a few days ago. TBH some on here have settled for mediocrity and are happy with top 4.

  21. Keyser

    Guardiola and the team look mentally drained, dunno if he’d want another job soo soon, especially the mess at Arsenal, heh.

  22. gambon

    I literally dont see how you can criticise cesc.

    He came over, became the best player in the league, and got run in the ground for us.

    He was 100% right to leave.

  23. Cesc Appeal

    Hoping we’re going to have an Avengers Assemble moment this summer to save Arsenal FC. Usmanov as the incredible Hulk, Pep as Captain America, Dein as Tony Stark, Bergkamp as Thor (with really wavy Dutch locks) and Scarlett Johanssen because…..well why not.
    With Ivan Gazdis as Loiky (the bad guy). You remember, that sniveling little douche from Thor who you sit there thinking why the hell does this douche have so much power?! He’s obviously a douche!


    Cheers Jack. It genuinely bothers me what is going on at Arsenal. I can’t just switch off after games and dismiss it. I want more for Arsenal. We are a massive club that should strive to challenge on all fronts.

    I do not believe in Wenger any longer and I would like the board replaced.

    What does it matter to me if Arsenal make a profit? Football isn’t a just a business, it is about passion and emotion – something Wenger sides seem to have very little of.

  25. Bade

    Oh, and Cesc is a greedy cunt Gambon

    Right to leave or not, this is another debate. But to try and paint it like “wanting to go back home” is sickening. He’s a greedy cunt’ no home no shite was he thinking. If it was home he should have not gone out in the first place.

    But as I said, a greedy cunt

  26. Keyser

    I know you couldn’t, but then others would say would he have got a similar chance at Barca ? some others would ask should he have got the chance at Arsenal ? hmm.

    Also the run into the ground shit, every off season he’d say ‘I’m fine, I’m not tired, I’ve got soo much energy in fact that I’m going to play in tournaments like the Confederations Cup’.

  27. Bade

    Night chaps

    I never thought in a day we drew at home to Chavs I will be having such a good night

    I have the Spuds and Barca losses to indulge my night 😆

  28. gambon

    Explain ‘greedy’?

    Do you know what the word means?

    He took a pay cut to leave. Or do you mean he likes the salad bar at Harvester?

  29. SDE

    As far as I know, he didn’t sign the extension for next season, or did he?

    No,he hasn’t signed an extension to his 12 month contract..
    That’s why I like him even more..He’s hungry,and not complacent..13 trophies out of a possible 16…over a 4 year period.He’s not sitting on his laurels& thinking he’s the bee’s knee’s..
    If he came to arsenal- fresh challenge for him..He would want to prove himself big time-on a short term contract..and possibly with a 12 month rolling contract thereafter,keeping himself& his players on their toes..
    Rather than living in a comfort zone like wenger,and dolling out contracts to underachievers,whilst sipping G&T with PHW & Co.

  30. hitman49

    agree mate thats why i stopped posting.
    shit manager but no one wants to do f ull about it ?
    truely sad !

  31. goondawg

    Keyser – twas on the sports channel news after El Classico game.. Heard it was a proper bust-up between the pair, over something as menial as who takes the free kick..

  32. jack

    We all know you wear your heart on your sleeve and say what you think Joppaaa and want us to be where we should be, competing for the title and CL and winning them.

    But profit is all that matters to Arsenal PLC Joppa, and until Usmanov takes over nothing will change.


    Thnks Jack / Hitman. Maybe I have to calm down a little.

    Positives today:

    Stevenage won.
    Real Madrid won (pleased for my boy as he follows them).
    Millwall won.
    Spurs lost.

    Arsenal had 4 Brits in starting 11 (they just happened to be shite today!).

  34. Gunner2301

    I didn’t think it would come to this but I’m getting to the point where I don’t like watching Arsenal anymore. Same shit different day.

    Someone said they would accept wholesale changes and keep Wenger? Impossible there are too many things that would need to be changed Wenger would have to be Paul on the road to Damascus, so I’m not anticipating a conversion of that type from him.

    He has blinded himself to his own failings. We all thought last Summer that it was the transfer window of Wengers life and considering that situation we see what players he brought in and that was after being put under considerable pressure . So why is anyone expecting this Summer to be so different?

    We are better off with a new manager. With him would come new staff with new ideas, that’s what we need because clearly Wenger doesn’t have any. He would be able to look objectively at the players we have and get rid of most of them, because they are not good enough at this level. He could then address the ridiculous wage bill or bring in players that are commensurate with such a wage bill.

    Maybe we don’t need change at board or ownership level, as that would be much harder to achieve. We need a manager who can do better with the same resources Wenger has had. I believe Jurgen Klopp could be that manager, he is a perfect fit for us and wouldn’t need vast resources to be competitive.

    It’s time Wengers career was wound down, the longer he goes on the more damage he is doing. We have had a record breaking bad season, goals conceded are getting worse year on year, we are a selling Club in denial.

    Just to bring some cheer to another gloomy day. Let’s have a look at what we’ve been missing all these years.

  35. jack

    Articulate as always Gunner2301

    without you Gambon,Geoff,DDM, Bade, Joppa and some other realists, this blog wouldnt be worth reading.

  36. gambon


    Let me amend your post……

    “Articulate as always Gunner2301

    without you Gambon, this blog wouldnt be worth reading”

  37. Cesc Appeal

    Usmanov’s house in England is in Hampstead, so I’ve heard. What if we did a camp out a la St Paul’s Cathedral style until he buys the club. Stop the milkman from getting to his house, scare off the postman….he’ll be totally at our mercy

  38. dennisdamenace

    Fucking amazing, Wenger creates this abortion of a team/season then the usual mugs want to crawl up his arse for the wonderful job he’s done in rectifying the shit HE created……

    People need to remember he himself stated he was happy with the squad for the coming season, after we lost Nasri & Cesc……….them boom 8 fucking 2 and he runs around lidl on the last day of the sales buying what’s left, masterful, truly masterful.

  39. Gunner2301

    Goals like the one v Newcastle is what’s keeping me going hoping that we return to our former glory some day. It won’t be with this current manager though. The shame is even if we dropped out of the top 4, the board would not sack Wenger they would give him time and support him to get back up there.

    I’m afraid it’s up to Wenger if he leaves or not and if being out of the top 4 is a big enough embarrasment for him to call it a day. I don’t by any means see him doing the right thing, he will always think he can pull things around. Ivan said the fans will judge him so the fans would have to get him out if things get that bad.

  40. dennisdamenace

    Joppa – Mate, we go back a long way fella, but wake up and smell the coffee.

    Wenger keeps his job because he’s a money maker, pure and simple.

    There is absolutely no benefit to him, the board or the owner in buying top rated players, as it would eat into the profits.

    The club is geared up to maximise profits. And, this is at the expense of on-field success, unless of course you have been suitably brain washed into believing finishing 3rd/4th is actually success. 3rd/4th should be the bare minimum requirement for a club of our standing, the bare minimum for a club with 60+ professionals on their book, the bare minimum for a club with a £120m+ wage bill and the bare minimum for a club with a manager who ‘earns’ £8m a year.

  41. Cesc Appeal

    Cabaye telling Hazard to join Arsenal….this guy has been dangling in front of us for years now, if he ends up somewhere else…..
    Hernanes issues a ‘come get me plea’ to arsenal apparently….anyone know anything about him? Any good?


    Agree totally DDM. Just find it amazing the fans seem to accept 3rd 4th.

    As for Twitter I had to delete account. I just couldn’t stand the kind of crap that came from the likes of Reznuk and LadyArse and that sort of ilk. It was winding me up too much to the point I thought ‘I don’t need this’ and switched it off.

    I like LG because there are quite a few like minded on here who love Arsenal.

  43. Gunner2301


    Spot on. Arsenal has become another form of entertainment, like going to the theatre football is a secondary issue. We were fucked from the beginning Arsene has basically betrayed the fans to help the board and the dumbing down will continue until we accept participation in the PL as a trophy.

    Then we will just become a production line for selling on talent and making money for the board. It’s already started with the selling of our best players year after year. They know once we accept that without them being replaced they have us where they want us.


    That’s one of my fears which I used to go on about.

    “Where does the dumbing down stop?”

    Because clearly when we moved to the new stadium we accepted the cloth would have to be cut accordingly. But it now seems the club has continued on in this way where the manager actually said something along the lines of.

    “I’d be happy to finish top 4 for 20 years and not win a trophy” or words to that effect.

    We have to know where to draw the lines as fans and say sorry you are not spinning me that bullshit any longer. We demand a winning manager and a winning team.

    We cannot settle anything less and must always aspire to that or else the club is dead.

  45. goondawg

    Wenger will buy Kalou, as today proved he has the mental strength and quality that Arsenal are looking for to take us to the next level.

  46. Gunner2301

    Onto the captaincy issue, we haven’t had a proper Captain since Viera left, shocking for a Club of our stature. The minute they decided they would not replace quality with quality is when they started pimping out the Captaincy to keep players sweet. Wenger is a cynical twat. He doesn’t deserve to be managing this great Club any longer.

    Have you not noticed we have had so much shit going on since he decided to do this.

    – Lehman insulting Wenger in the press
    – Gallas debacle
    – Toure & Gallas falling out
    – RVP Gallas falling out
    – Nasri Gallas falling out
    – The crap with Ade
    – Fabregas sucking up to Barca and allowing them to use him
    – Wenger losing the dressing room last Summer

    The whole shit is exhausting. The lack of discipline and Wengers failure to tackle it is synonymous with the removal of the Captaincy from it;s rightful place and it being given to the wrong candidates.

    We don’t have anyone worthy of being captain in our team. JW maybe a future captain and if RVP leaves I’d give it to him, fuck the rest, at least Jack went a full season showing the kind of balls and desire required.

    Some might say Jack is too young (how old was Adams though?) but what would it matter if the captaincy isn’t being used in the right way at the moment. He would eventually grow into the role and I’d rather see someone with the armband who has the right attributes rather than it being given to someone as a bribe to keep them at the Club.

  47. Gunner2301


    That just shows what an unambitious cunt he is. He should not be involved in sports if his first and foremost thoughts aren’t coming first. What a fucking loser and the team has inherited his loser mentality.


  48. incesc

    i guess 2nd is an improvement on what we get now…

    it is very worrying that once a couple of players get injured we are fucked.

    arteta is the one none arsene wenger trained midfielder in the squad and when he drops out we are clueless.

    we cant win the next 3 games without walcott and arteta. Its gonna be a battle to get in europe

  49. incesc

    if this season hasnt taught wenger we need experience i dont know what will.

    verm, rvp, mert and arteta. only robin is a world beater but the other 3 have propery stepped up.

    people forget how young our players are sometimes, they go to drake concerts and crap like that.

  50. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – No, he was defending the position we were in, we were in one final, we were 2nd in the league, in the FA Cup and we’d just got knocked out by Barcelona, he’s saying if that’s cause for disappointment then he’d take it.

    That is what’s written right ?!

  51. goondawg

    “people forget how young our players are sometimes, they go to drake concerts and crap like that”


  52. Gunner2301


    As long as the fans continue buying tickets they will push the boundaries of acceptance and see how far they can dumb it down before it starts having an effect on ticket sales.

    You have to understand the mentality of these people. They will calculate how much they can raise ticket prices without raising the quality of the team and if they feel people will continue to attend they will increase prices because they know the waiting list is so long.

    I think this is the real plan and all this shit coming from Wenger is just to prepare the ground for the real plan. If you look at how the Iraq war was ramped up with propaganda and false information the same tactics are being used against us until we accept mediocrity. Bush and Blair say the same things over and over even if it’s not true and people start believing it, it’s a well known strategy.

    Same with Wenger telling us 4th is a trophy and muppets are already believing it. Ask yourself the question, when did Wenger become a spin doctor? When we moved to the Emirates, that’s when the lies started and that’s when the plan was put in place. All we’re missing is a sexed up dossier and we’ll be there.

  53. Keyser

    “arteta is the one none arsene wenger trained midfielder in the squad and when he drops out we are clueless.”

    Come off it, it shows how much we’d built the teama round a Fabregas/Wilshere type player, Arteta isn’t as good but he’s someone that gave us some continuity at least.

    Also Robin shows where Wenger wanted to go with the teamw e had last year, if we’d kept those players together and then added,w e’d have been absolute quality.

    I don’t think people have a clue how good Van Persie is, the sacrifices we’ve made to accomodate him and vice versa, it’s like Fabregas, you saw him develop size, strength, a proper shot, stamina, then goals, maturity so on.

    Van Persie’s played a fringe role, wide right, support striker, lone striker, and he’s gone from a figurehead role, with Fabregas, Wilshere and Nasri supporting him, to making the best of Walcott, Song and Gervinho, yet scoring even more.

  54. Gunner2301


    Yes that’s what;s written and he’d accept that because he’s a fucking loser. He;s looking at it from a financial point of view evidence of that is wanting to compete in the CL but not investing in the squad to enable you to have a chance of winning it.

    Being in it for 15years is a trophy he’s created for himself because he can’t win it and he wants to sell that to us as some kind of achievement because in the real world it isn’t. Wenger is no better than Tim Henman at the moment so why do we make him out to be different.

    Can you imagine Tim saying I never won a major trophy in 10 years but I always qualified for Wimbledon, I even made a semi-final once. Actually Tim is not even as bad as Wenger at least you could see he was trying and he wasn’t making excuses every year.


    That’s why Gunner2301 I felt it important to ask “When will Le Grove call for Wenger to be replaced?”

    The points raised on LG are a fair indicator of what the average Arsenal fan is feeling. Pedro tells us the club do take notice of what is said yet this season I feel Pedro has been very lenient with Wenger and the club, almost euphoric recently that we strung a few wins together, telling us it’s a great result for us this season – seeing how bad things could of been,

    For me, that is a bit of a cop out and doesn’t address the problems. Pedro says Wenger will strengthen this summer (he is confident of that). Yet this week RVP is having dinner with Barca.

    WTF? Or is not LG’s desire to get involved in that kind of thing?

  56. Gunner2301


    All you’re pointing out with RVP is how Wenger likes to keep the team starved of quality. His typical make do attitude. If RVP leaves then Podolski is his replacement. You prepared for him to carry us like RVP has done over the last season? Because it could be the reality come August. Will you be saying that Wenger has done the right thing then?

  57. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – No, someone’s obviously asked about fanunrest because we’ve gone 6 years without a trophy, he’s defending the position we were in, in one final, 2nd in the Premiership and still in the FA Cup, there’s plenty of things to bitch about, but at least save some of the bollocks.


    I don’t get the raving about Arteta. If Arsenal were as strong as they should be then Arteta would be a squad player. That’s how far we fallen. Someone had written his best was a few years back at Everton and I think that is right.

    We need better quality.

  59. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – No, I’m not, how do you come up with this stuff ? there’s been at least some good points this year, and Van Persie’s been one of them, there’s got to be room for improvement and he’s made use of it.

    Sorry the biggest one was developing (re-developing according to him) his right foot and game, to play as the key man in the front 3 he had to be able to score from both sides and when you look back to how left footed he was in the past, it’s amazing to think he could do that.

  60. incesc

    i really think we are clueless without arteta

    understated player but he always plays in the right areas, we were wide open today, we got lucky that chelsea were clueless with malouda and kalou.

    hes like gilberto.

    if you watch diaby, ramsey and even song they have the technical skills, but midfield is the brains of a team and they dont have artetas know how.

  61. Gunner2301


    I agree. I posed questions to Pedro about what he’d posted over the last few weeks and got no response. I think Pedro is prepared to give Wenger the benefit of the doubt and get behind the team even though there will be disasters and atrocities committed on the pitch, he’ll have a winge but come back round.

    You’re not going to get Le-Grove to back one way or the other. They don’t support the AKB stance but they wouldn’t facilitate or promote regime change at the Club as a policy. They are in the middle of most views and Pedro and Geoff by their natures balance this out.

    We have DoubleG who will organise a group if need be, and I don;t believe the time is right yet, but it will come, it’s inevitable. So I wouldn’t worry that Le-Grove doesn’t come out and call for Wenger’s head, we don’t need them to. I’m sure when Wengers position becomes untenable the posts even from Pedro will reflect this and those who want to act will have an opportunity.

    I can’t wait really. I;d like to see how the Club will handle organised dissent and I don’;t mean the black bin liner bollocks. Our time will come.


  62. incesc

    i agree though keyser we dont realise how good robin is.

    completely forgive his misses today, playing loan striker in this team all year has probably been incredibly hard.

    its a real kick in the balls hes leaving

  63. Keyser

    Yeah, but we’re like that for a reason, we’ve based our game on quick incisive passing through the midfield, or possession football, we’ve either sold or got any of the other ones injured, Benayoun might have been better today then against Wigan, bar him there’s Rosicky who was decent but can’t influence games as much as he could a few years ago on his own.

    He isn’t really like Gilberto he’s just a good all round player, we’ve got him too late in his career to be much more than that.

    Plus Chelsea have gone back to default, it’s not good enough to win them titles anymore but over 90 mins can be very hard to break down, hope Barca smash them.

    We are in a battle for Europe though, we have been since before the season started, we were battling to get into Europe then heh, and Van Persie’s been going for 18 months now.

  64. Gunner2301


    We don’t have the players to play possession football. Why do you think results are going the way they are? The amount of times the ball was given away cheaply today alone when players weren’t under pressure sums it up really. i’m not against playing that way but I am against trying to play that way without the right tactics and without the right players.

  65. Keyser

    incesc – Why do you think he’s gone ? Anything new ?!

    sixx – You’re always on too late nowdays. Though Le Grove’s a bit too depressing anyway.

  66. Gunner2301

    Not at this point in time obviously, but it will get that way. The majority of the fans are fickle and jump from position to position based on the last result. Do you really think Wenger could have another start to the season like he did last Summer without the majority calling for his head? Wait until he sells Robin and gives you Podolski in his place see how everyone swallows that.

  67. Keyser

    You’d have to look at why we had that start to the season, it’s not fickle fans, we’re 3rd right now, are you going to be as upset as you were if we were 5th, 6th worse ? No.

    We haven’t tried to play too much possession football this year, we’re a bit more efficient going from back to front, we basically sit Arteta and Song deep and hope we lose the ball as far as we can from goal as possible, which requires pacy aswell as hardworking wide players.

  68. Keyser

    We’ve still got the oppurtunity to lose out on a Champions League place and then Wenger’s got little left, Stoke will be tough.

  69. Doublegooner


    Good morning,

    I’ve not been posting much lately & nor have I forgtten about getting a meeting.

    I’ve been tied up with work & but also wanted to let the hullabaloo of everyone wanking off because we’d won a few games with many dopey fans carrying on like we’d won the CL.

    As I’ve pointed out to those fans. Lets see where we are come May 13th.

    This team & manager specialises in capitulation annually.

    I still think fans should get together very soon & let the club know that we are watching very carefully & will not put up with lies & inactivity in the transfer market.

  70. sixx pac

    I use to watch baseball Keyser. Not as fun without the steroids and the HGH. Not to mention the club i support hasnt won the world series since 1908!

  71. incesc

    hes agents have a massive amount of previous moving on players from arsenal

    when do players ever wait till the last year of their contract then sign on.

    hes in the form of his life living off scraps.

    dont see him staying keyser

  72. Keyser

    I get ESPN to watch the odd Arsenal game, but it’s pretty good because if I need media lockdown from Arsenal, I can watch stuff like PTI and the odd Baseball game as an escape.

    Usually it’s quite tedious, but today Boston 9-1 up in like the 5th/6th inning ended up losing 15-9 to the Yankees, don’t think it’s quite United beating us 8-2 but it’s probably pretty big headline wise.

    Sixx you went for the Cubs ? Heh.

  73. incesc

    newcastle play city, chelsea and everton

    there is hope.

    I did get carried away with our wins, but i do think we have a spine at last in the team, kock, ches, verm, arteta and rvp is a good base.

    for me, today exposed how shallow our squad is but its not all bad. The management are to blame if we dont make the top 4 but the team is growing.

  74. incesc

    and the idea that robin is waiting to see if we get top 4 before signing is ludicrous.

    hes played in the champions league all of his career

  75. Keyser

    He can go be a massive pay-off for him, but some people wanted him sold just a year and a bit ago because of his injury record so it’d be nice if he stayed for that, plus we’d obviously pay top dollar.

    At the same time he loves football, I could imagine him wanting to move to another league to experience it.

    If he did stay, it could mean the first of a new generation to finish their career with us, not many have done that recently. He’d get as much love as Bergkamp probably.

  76. incesc

    i do also think players moving to win trophies is similarly stupid. Especially when robins job is to win us stuff.

    as captain he has a huge voice at arsenal. coming out with criticism like cesc has a year later isnt good enough imo

  77. Keyser

    incesc – It is shallow, but if you forget the mess of a summer we had and look at the players we do have, they’ve had tons of pressure on them since day 1, I think it’s almost drained them and we’re just trying to get over the line now.

    Also fuck me, if you can’t enjoy last minute wins or quality winning goals at Anfield, then wtf are you watching for ? we’ve had a pretty shit season, but there’s been some good times too, those will count for nothing now if we don’t finish in the top 4.

  78. incesc


    my worry is he can move to another team where player around him make space and feed him rather than him having to voley in dodgey chips from song, and spending games surrounded by 3 players kicking him

    but its swings and roundabouts

  79. incesc

    ived loved the last 3 months keyser, we got hammered at liverpool, we were down and out vs spurs.

    great come backs.

  80. Keyser

    incesc – Good point, it’s like people saying ‘If I was him, I’d have gone’, bollocks to that, as a fan you have little control,you get frustrated, as a player they give you every possible thing you need to succeed, you can’t tell me Fabregas after his back heel to Iniesta wasn’t thinking ‘fuck, did I just do that’ and if he wasn’t then I have no sympathy for him.

  81. Keyser

    Who cares now, it’s like Real Madrid vs Barca, they’ve got ridiculous amounts of talent, half of them don’t even play, they bought Hleb and loaned him out for 3 years.

    People say why wouldn’t you want to play for them, well because I want to win something giving everything I possibly could not because I made 10 subs appearances from the bench.

    It’s infested football everywhere.

  82. arsene nose best

    i have got to the point where the current team and manager make me so angry i can’t even watch them no more,it’s a sad day for me this,it could all have been avoided if wenger made the correct choices,but yet again another year pissed up the wall because he hasn’t.He’s an egotistical stubborn maniac,who thinks knows best when clearly he doesn’t,he’s so out of touch with todays game,it’s the fans who have to suffer this shit,we pay the highest prices to watch an average team with a non existent squad,it’s just not good enough.

  83. Gunner2301


    Don’t worry about it mate. Whatever is planned will have to be done at the right time for the right reasons and at the moment, although my view is change is what is required regardless of results, in order to get popular opinion, we have to hit rock bottom first for a lot of people to see this. It’s a waiting game. It’s more important to act when the time is right than to call for action on a daily basis when it will fall on deaf ears.

  84. incesc


    cescs backheel was accidental and its sad that its brought up.

    more importantly he said he wouldnt leave before he won us a trophy and then left, haha

    is robin mr arsenal? i doubt it. was cesc? no.

    there is a bad culture at arsenal where they love wenger but pass on the buck and responsibilty elsewhere

  85. Emyoueffsee

    It wasn’t wengers fault the arsenal players played with the handbrake on again today.I’m sure in the next few matches they’ll release the handbrake and comfortably qualify for C.L which all ye gooners would have thought was a mere pipe dream 3 months ago.

  86. Keyser

    “there is a bad culture at arsenal where they love wenger but pass on the buck and responsibilty elsewhere”

    Heh, it’s widespread all over football.

    I don’t think it’s sad that it’s brought up, we slaughter players on here, heh like ‘Song’s didgy chips’ but when it comes to players that are popular.

    Koscielny was last year’s target.

    What annoyed me about Cesc was how he was hugging everyone before the game, and then he did that, makes you wonder.

  87. incesc

    you wonder about cesc?

    he carried one of the biggest teams in the world from 17 years old!

    when i was 17 i was off my head on drugs and listening to dodgy music.

    the more worrying thing is that he was put in that position.

  88. Doublegooner

    Any of you like Wretch 32 ?

    You’d have like the way he was singing ‘Tottenham Mind the gap’ at Wolves 2 weeks back 🙂

  89. Keyser

    fuck me dude, what’s the more worrying position ? Seriously did you think that through.

    Heh, that says quite a bit, you think he dragged himself up from the streets of Bogota or something ? Footballers regardless of their background, are fucking jammy, there’s 8 Billion or whatever people in this world, do you really think there aren’t others that could do what he could ?!

  90. zeus

    JOPPAAAAAAAAApril 22, 2012 00:31:01
    That’s why Gunner2301 I felt it important to ask “When will Le Grove call for Wenger to be replaced?”


    Hahahahahahaha. Some of us think really highly of ourselves don’t we?
    Alright then


    Hehehe. No one cares what a few bloggers in a comments section writes mate. We are but a small group of the massive Arsenal fanbase, and while the numbers have been turning, a large proportion of that fanbase still support Wenger, evidenced by the 60k that attend every home game.

    The majority of people want him to change, yes, but they still support.

    Do you think Pedro saying he wants Wenger to go will even make it into the boardroom?

    I know they say Gazidis has his ear to the ground, but how would that play out you think.

    ‘Erm, Mr. Kronke, we’re in big trouble. Peter Woods has said he has lost all faith with Arsene, and his few thousand followers agree. They want Arsene out.’

    “Peter who?”

  91. arsene nose best

    GeoffApril 21, 2012 10:21:42
    The basis of Pedro’s poll was to ask you all what you thought was more important, qualification to the Champions league or either of the cups. He then went on to talk about what we earn out of it, the players we attract and the players we would lose. Basically saying that only a cunt would prefer a cup.So it was like asking you if you would prefer to win the lottery or get cancer.The whole point I made was we lose all our best players every season anyway, we never get the best talent in because Wenger is too cheap, we stockpile the money so whats the point in getting it when we get humiliated every season in the ECL anyway, that my point was, what’s the point?At least with the cups we get a great day out in the sun.

  92. OPG

    Here we go again under pressure to get 3rd when it should be practically done and dusted thankfully Harry messed up in January otherwise could be worse I guess. Top4 is the objective anyway I think that’s achievable as long as they don’t completely collapse..
    In 09/10 we had a late season collapse but still ended 3rd, though didn’t change how much was spent, ended up with Almunia starting early in the season and signing Squillaci.

  93. zeus

    Think we can get Kaka?

    Surely it can’t do his ego any good to be a sub. Just thinking about what you lot were talking about getting Kaka.

    A pipe dream, but there certainly are push and pull factors for him maybe plying his trade away from the Bernabeu.

  94. follow the money

    nice video link Gunner2301. If I couldn’t see his head I would have thought it was Zidane, similar footwork, similar passing vision. Cool. Totally agree with you about the armband issue too. Wenger’s “we have a lot of captains” madness is just another example of his egomania, where he simply can’t do things in football the way they’ve been done for centuries and has to make up his own ridiculous method for awarding the armband so he can try and prove he knows better than every coach in the history of football. Urgh. He is maddening

  95. Bade

    Morning Gambon,

    Greedy isn’t always about the money, though he got that fat pay raise of about 10 millions to stay another year, did he not? So he’s a fat greedy cunt

    So he took another few millions in 1 year, as part of “loyalty” bonus, then the year after he left us wanting, and he “accepted” a pay cut that already was covered by that loyalty bonus.

    He left for the sake of winning trophies.

    When he left his “mother club” Barca, he did it for the sake of money and more first team chances, He even didn’t have the decency to fight for his place like many others that played with him there did. Stayed and fought.

    He left a club that gave him so many. First team football in an early age, earlier than Messi. Then a lot of money. Then gave him the captaincy.

    He left us to win trophies, which is legitimate. But he tried to say he wants to go “home”. What a load of crap. He’s one of the most talented players I ever seen but the most corrupted one as well.

    I assure you that “home” sentiment would have not been any issue for him had we been the club on fire in recent years and banging on 13 out of 16 possible trophies, while Barca were those miserable bastards with the nutty manager and the kids obsession fighting for CL spot and their manager trying to persuade his deluded herd that CL spot is actually a trophy.

    Of course a fat greedy cunt