Ramsey in midfield as we have to be careful with Diaby, aren’t we always?

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So the official line is we have Diaby back, but we have to be careful with him, correct me if I’m wrong but haven’t we been careful with him since he joined us?

He doesn’t seem to have any shame, he really ought to give his salary back, he sure as hell has never earned it. I expect whatever he earns, he’s had at least 3 pay rises since he joined us, I have to say, and awful waste of much needed money.

I like Diaby, when he’s fit and contributing, but considering how often that is, he’s a luxury we can neither afford nor depend on.

We bought him on the same day we bought Theo and Adebayor, since then Theo has played over 200 games, Ade has played for us successfully, Man City who’s fans loved him, Real Madrid and now Tottenham, so to have been waiting on Diaby for that long is a bit of a French compatriot’s indulgence if you ask me.

It’s Ok having a player that has had an injury and not replacing him because he will be back, but we have had him for a crazy amount of time and he never comes back, as I said, I like him but he has stopped us having a decent midfielder playing in the team.

This really is a Wenger thing, he won’t buy players when we need them because we have others coming back, Rosicky was out for seasons, Robin was out for seasons, Frimpong has been out for seasons, Jack has been out for a season, and don’t forget we also lost Ramsey and Eduardo we also out for long periods. This season we have now lost Mertesacker and Arteta.

Now regardless of bad luck, we seem to always be at least 4 important players a season down, then when they return they take weeks if not months to get their form back, so for me its time to build a squad expecting to have injuries, because history has proved we do, every year.

Saturday is now shaping up to be our whole season in one game, beat the chavs and we get 3rd, lose and we’ll be facing elimination from Pedro’s coveted Champions League spot, I say Pedro’s, but I mean yours too as I saw the poll that shows its importance to Grovers.

There is no Coquelin, no Wilshere, no Frimpong and no Arteta so it will be Ramsey, I think his injury has caused his loss of form, but if the crowd get behind him, this game could be the one where it returns in spades.

If we were playing 3 tough games against top opposition in the space of 6 days, Wenger would have the perfect excuse for why we bombed, well we are the team that has been rested, we are at home and after the week the chavs have had we ought to belt them.

What Arsenal will turn up then, the Arsenal that beat City or the Arsenal that lost to Wigan, well let me tell you, if the Arsenal that beat City don’t arrive we can kiss goodbye to Champions league football.

You have 24 hours to feel good about Ramsey, I do already but the crowd need to as well.

The alternative is to put Oxo in the middle, hmmmm, I like Oxo but Chelsea are a big strong team, I would give him a run out if I thought Ramsey couldn’t do the job, but I think he’s too young to start, bring him on for impact, but don’t wait until the 67minute, do it when we need him. Aaron, don’t let me down!

The defence needs to be at their best as we will be facing Sturridge and the in form Torres, think about that Grovers and get ready for tomorrow, I will be rallying the troops like never before, because tomorrow is our biggest game for years, tomorrow is about survival at the top table of football!

Have a great day!

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  1. Gunner2301


    Mate when I look at the situation I can say bollocks to Johnny come lately Wenger but when I see someone like Rice a stalwart of the Club from yesteryear going along with the bollocks and most of all allowing players who are not fit to wear the shirt to represent us it;s heartbreaking. Rice would have been better saying nothing and walking away. It vexes me that even he’s been turned and brainwashed and I wouldn’t have expected that.

  2. arsenal1886-2006

    Maciek. April 20, 2012 21:39:50
    Was Armstrong really THAT good?

    Armstrong was one of the last great wingers in my books. Could play with both feet, went past men like they were not there and worked his socks off for the team. Not a great comparison for a Gooner but think of Bale on a very good day (I know he is a spud but I would take him over Walcott anyday) well Geordie was better and with either foot on either side of the pitch. When he put in a cross it was 99/100 into the right area, his accuracy was unerring sometimes, as with most wingers them days. And when he cut infield he would breeze past players the same as when on the wing.

    I am surprised that his name does not come up more often when discussing the greatest ever Arsenal player. Arsenal should put more footage from pre 80’s games to remind fans of great players of the past.

    You missed out on a gem there Maciek and you Goondawg. But hey, you saw Bergkamp, Henry, Pires, Vieira, Van Persie, Adams, Bould, Keown and the list goes on. In twenty years or so someone young will ask you if Bergkamp was all that.

  3. reggie57

    Haha mullery’s up the waste(kingsland road) what a shit shop remember when it first opened!! all the arsenal fans used to take it in turns to put the yid cunt’s window’s in!!
    myself included!!

    Happy Day’s 😆

  4. arsenal1886-2006

    If you had a close member of your family going through a rough time and making all kinds of mistakes, maybe drink or drug related, would you turn your back and wash your hands of them? That is how Pat probably feels about the situation at the moment

  5. SDE

    “What’s your favorite player pre Wenger era?Do you think that GG was a better manager than Wenger?

    Reply..You’re probably not interested in my reply to your above question..but I could not help but volunteer my answer(s)..

    Reply:Favourite Player Pre-Wenger for me, I would say the late David Rocastle, followed by Michael Thomas,more so for the late goal against Liverpool to snatch the english champs title at anfield..followed by I would have said Ian Wright,but he is a right mouthy so,so& so..In fact I think he is a twat of the highest order..So in his place,I ‘d go for Alan Smith..

    GG was a hard act to follow..And wenger knew that..In the first 7 years of his reign,he kind of surpassed what GG did..Wenger did revolutionise arsenal in the first half of his reign..But the last 7 years,has seen us regress so badly under wenger…that I personally think GG is a better manager overall..He was a functional manager..Left no stone unturned..Was a winner..Ground out results..Got the job done..The team had mental strength..And even won us a european cup-UEFA Cup Winners Cup in 1994..
    Something wenger could not achieve in his 14 years at arsenal..UEFA 2000 Runners up & CL 2006-Runners up…In short,wenger would rather lose beautifully,than win ugly..All the qualities I listed under GG,are not evident in wenger’s squad for the past 7 years..
    Plus GG did not indulge players,or suffer fools gladly like the madman wenger..Was a disciplinarian in the fergie mould…

  6. arsenal1886-2006

    Thats the one mate. Ah the old days when a player retired and bought a pub or a sports shop. Now they buy the whole fucking street.
    You must have some great memories of the past players you could share with the younger Gooners as well

  7. goondawg

    Ha I’m just worried that the quality seems to be drying up around Arsenal of late.. in 20 years time I don’t want my kids saying Arsen-who?

  8. arsenal1886-2006

    That link i posted earlier has links to other games from that era, ESPN is good as well for classic matches. Check out some Liverpool from the late 70’s early 80’s, fucking awesome force at the time.

  9. arsenal1886-2006

    In 20 or 30 years you will only remember the good things, we all have rose tinted specs when it comes to our own early years following our great club.
    You will probably be defending Wenger to the hilt 🙂

  10. reggie57

    My all time favourite was big john radford!! great header of the ball could play on the wing could do it all,never really got the recognition he’s all round play deserved!!

  11. arsenal1886-2006

    Great player, used to dominate the meatiest of defenders. Is it me or were the players a lot more versatile back then? I think it is because they were actually footballers first and foremost and not the athlete come footballer type we see today.

  12. reggie57

    Was at that chelsea game in 72 fucking packed out could stand there with your feet off the floor doing a knee’s up mother’s brown!! not like now!! football is too sanitised for my likeing used to be the same old gang in the school boy’s who made the progression to the northbank etc,etc, can you remember the jungle in the schoolboy’s? im sure it was paul davis and his little mob?

  13. reggie57

    I tell you something they used to work their bollock’s off for the team!! not like the prima-donna’s that we have got now..

  14. Maciek

    Thank you SDE for your answer and for all of your answers guys.

    SDE, i like your opinions mate, and I’m always interested in reading them.

  15. goondawg

    Haha reggie57 just watched Radford score a quality header against Derby, great ball from George Graham as well.. And I see what you mean Arsenal1886 about Armstrong, can whip in a wicked ball (Also I don’t know anyone here who would balk at taking Bale over Walcott, Spud or not).. Thanks for advice, will look at some more vids of the scouse force after i’m properly done reminiscing of Arsenal’s past.

    SDE – RIP Rocky, wish I saw more of him play.. Legend..

  16. SDE


    No worries…
    Geez I forgot..Bergkamp!!For some strange reason..I was lumping bergkamp in with viera,henry,et al, as in being under wenger’s reign..Just remembered he was pre-wenger.Rioch signed him..and I mentioned this y’day..Duh..
    So my fav player is the same as before,but bergkamp would be top of my favourite player list ,followed by rocastle,thomas and alan smith..

  17. arsenal1886-2006

    Can’t remember the jungle term to tell the truth, we went into the north bank after a couple of times in the Schoolboys, it just looked too inviting. Regretted it a few times, but you soon figured that it was not a good idea to stand behind the stanchions.

    I remember one game I took my Aunt to, She was early twenties and I was mid teens. It was against middlesborough (80-81 I think) on a cold tuesday night with about 14-15,000 i suppose. She was a typical Dalston girl, fake fur coat, Black leather boots and basically dolled up to the nines. She loved it, she got touched up all game and loved it. Some of the older fellas were saying things like “you fucking her then son” , the embarrassment. She wanted to go to the next match, I said no chance.

  18. Gunner2301


    Mate I see where you;re coming from with the support, but you could look at it another way. Would you be prepared to see someone whoever that is regardless of what their issues are destroy what is near and dear to you (including your family)?

    In Rices case I believe he should be loyal to the Club first, he was there long before Arsene, but I acknowledge Wenger appointed him his assistant. His position is unique, when I see someone like him in such a position I’d hope he was safeguarding the Clubs interests ahead of any manager that comes in.

  19. arsenal1886-2006

    I can see where you are coming from, I guess i only want to think the best of Pat. He might see rocking the boat as doing damage to the club, if he had left the club in the past few seasons then the press would have hounded him to death to get a story about Wenger. By protecting Wenger in this way he might see it as service to Arsenal.
    One thing we do know is that he would not do a warts and all story to damage our club. I say let him leave at the end of this season and give him a fitting send off, he deserves it for his continual loyalty.

  20. Gunner2301

    Maybe and I used to be a big fan of Rice but just got disappointed because you would have thought if anyone could have influence it would be him, but what you;re saying makes sense.

  21. arsenal1886-2006

    Brady for me but I am biased. I cried when Brady left, when Cesc left I was not surprised though i was a bit upset by the whole saga.

    And when you said about Armstrong whipping in the ball, well that was the norm for him and other wingers, they were proper wide men, not wannabe strikers.

  22. reggie57

    Tell you who else was well underated in the 71 team was Peter Simpson would have won a whole host of england cap’s but had a certain Bobby Moore in front of him…
    Was another one who was ahead of his time!! very stylish really assured on the ball in other words fucking top class!!

  23. Gunner2301


    Brady left before I started supporting Arsenal but I saw a lot of him and I would say Brady above Fabregas. I think Fabregas talent was diminished by not having a better team around him.

  24. goondawg

    Right you are Gunner2301. my sentiments exactly, Fabregas deserved better,and who can really blame RVP if he wants to leave to pursue trophies and success elsewhere?

  25. leon

    i can only see rvp going 2-3 clubs real madrid barc or city.i do hope wenger plays more direct tommorow and use the pacy players he has and not concede any stupid goals

  26. Gunner2301


    Can’t see him going to Juventus. He would probably welcome the interest to help him put pressure on Wenger come the negotiations. If RVP leaves the blame lies squarely on Wengers shoulders. Money will not motivate RVP ambition will and if he sees Wenger making ambitious moves enough to make a challenge for the league next season he will stay otherwise he’ll leave. I think Wenger will try the usual massive signing on bonus and offer him 130k or something but RVP won’t be bought.

  27. goondawg



    misleading title as it says Arsene Wenger will plan on tying RVP down before he -jets of to euros and pre-training starts three days after our west brom game. If we stand to have a realistic hope of signing him, I reckon Podolski, M’vila will have to be finalised as soon as the transfer window opens to show this intent, will RVP trust in Wenger to be ambitious this summer round? and thus pen his name to the paper.. I hope so, but wouldn’t bank on it… This is going to turn out as farcical as the Cesc Saga I fear ..

  28. incesc

    the season ended when arteta got hurt

    champions league is gone, but its been a fun season

    i love arsenal but get ready for the chooooooooke

  29. zeus

    I just want a player that makes me excited to watch the Arsenal again. Is that too much to ask?

    Someone with sublime skills that makes you sit up and take notice.

    Don’t really care who. I’d have Hleb back, to admire his close control. None of the current lot excites me.

  30. BacaryisGod

    Zeus-if you’re looking for players with sublime skills that make you sit up and take notice, you might want to watch Van Persie, Wilshere and Rosicky a little more closely. I would have added Ox to that list, but his skills are more power-based than sublime. Arteta could easily make the list too, as could Koscielny.

  31. zeus

    Rosicky is playing well, yes, but he’s not the ‘sit up and take notice’ type for me.

    How can I watch Wilshere when he’s not even playing?

    I love RVP, but you know the way TH14 gave you goosebumps regularly, I don’t get that same feeling quite as much from RVP.

    I’ll take what I can get though.

  32. paul mc daid

    goondawg,Cesc is a great player but if he lives to be a hundred and ten he will never be as good as Liam Brady.

  33. Jeff

    Today is going to be a revelation. We will either come out with something to prove and therefore play like we played against City or we’ll adopt an attitude of “doesn’t really matter because we’ll be third maximum and fourth minimum anyway”. I hope it’s not the latter.

    Either way, we do still have some very big glaring problems to overcome. The number one issue for me and the biggest factor is the slow and gradual erosion of talent from the club. It is not difficult to understand that talent = trophies and conversely no talent = no trophies.

    Now it can be argued that we have some talent in the team and undoubtedly that is true but do we have enough of it to win cups and leagues? The clear answer to that question is also no. The next question is can any other manager do as well with this team? The answer to that is probably no too. Would any other manager try to acquire more talent and get rid of the dead- wood? Most probably yes. Would that lead to more trophies? We believe it would.

    That is the crux of the matter surely. It isn’t a question of Wenger’s ability to win football matches but his intransigence when it comes to staff turnover. He will not let go of the ones that add little value, he will not buy superior talent. We appear to be able to afford superior talent but we cannot afford their wages so they won’t come. We can’t afford their salaries because Wenger refuses point blank to let go or dramatically reduce the salaries of those with mediocre ability and everyone knows by now who these players are.

    So where does that leave us? Well, it leaves us with the situation we’re in; so far but no farther year in year out. I absolutely recognise and appreciate why people are so fed up with this vicious cycle of ups and downs during the season where we experience joy for winning 9 games on the trot after a disastrous start and just when our hopes and dreams are being fondled as we rise to the top, the balloon is burst once again with losses to teams like QPR and Wigan.

    If there is one word that best describes Arsenal’s endeavours in the last 7 years is “inconsistent” and that is never enough to win anything.

    Now one can argue that coming in the top four is better than winning the Carling cup or the FA cup. Financially speaking, that is probably true. However, what is very strange is for 7 years finishing in the top four, but not winning any silverware. That is against the law of averages.

    The only possible explanation for that is our inability to do well in “crunch games” such as semi-finals and finals. For one reason or another, we have simply lost the ability to win when it matters most. That, my friends, has to be down to the manager. Logically speaking if a team is good enough to finish in the top four for 7 years, they are good enough to win one FA or one Carling cup AND finish in the top four.

    So why aren’t we winning the crunch matches? That is the question that I have no answer for. We can speculate but it defeats the law of averages and logic hands down. All things being the same we should have won something in those 7 years. So I would like to offer it to the forum and ask why we always seem to fail in the semi-finals, finals and sudden-deaths.

  34. SDE

    “All things being the same we should have won something in those 7 years. So I would like to offer it to the forum and ask why we always seem to fail in the semi-finals, finals and sudden-deaths.”

    In one line,we are a bunch of bottlers..no mental strength..and that is transmitted down from the manager.
    Besides,he signs players and proceeds to wrap them up in cotton wool..He’s running a creche..And when you tell your players that finishing 4th is an achievement- season in,season out..Why should they go that extra mile,to deliver a trophy..?When there is no pressure to win any.
    It’s a culture that wenger has fostered at the emirates,when winning silverware is not the priority,but being seen as artisans features heavily in wenger’s make-up!
    Building a 10-youth-project ,on a budget(given his pseudo-socialist tendencies),playing tikki-takki football(problem is arsenal don’t defend from the front,like barca when the opposition have the ball),and being feted as the messiah..The trophies,are an aside..-a bonus..!
    He wants to be seen as the Picasso of the footballing world..Producing some masterpiece..
    Problem is,the deluded geriatric,has forgotten his canvas,his paintbrush,his colourings and most of all his mind!!
    Me thinks,time for a new picasso to start afresh,with a blank canvas,a fresh creative young mind,with lots of rich colourings to choose from!!

    This was supposed to be one line!!!!

  35. Jeff

    One thing is for sure. It is not a question of whether or not Ramsey can perform. It is a question of: will Ramsey perform today if he plays? I seriously doubt it. I can’t get out of my head that silly smirk on his face while chewing gum after fluffing his passes, shots, losing the ball and falling on all fours. The same with Walcott; after infuriating the crowd with his blind alleys, misconstrued passes and wrong decisions, he just looks like nothing’s happened.

    Anyway the problem is we just don’t have enough players with the “right stuff” to take the bull by the horns. Most teams simply sit back, mark us as tightly as possible and try to catch us when we fall asleep. Seen it too often but the hear-sinking feeling is the same every time.

    The point is, we should not have to rely on Ramsey and Walcott. We should not have to rely on Djourou. We should not have Squilacci or Chamakh sitting on the bench because that is equivalent to not having anyone at all. These players have proven over and over again that they simply do not have it. It isn’t their fault. It’s not something they do on purpose. If I suddenly decide I’m going to run in the 100m sprint against the top runners, what chance do I have?

    That is what we do week in week out. When our absolute best players get injured or banned, we suffer like hell because there is no credible back-up. It’s either the best or we lose. The one reason we have managed to overturn this season is the fact that Van Persie has managed to stay fit and play every match. If it wasn’t for that, we really would be languishing now in mid-table licking our wounds.

    The best we can hope for today is to beat Chelsea or draw and try to win the remaining matches. If we lose, we will rely on Tottenham, Newcastle and Chelsea dropping points with 3 games to go. Not a good place to be.

  36. Jeff

    SDE, I see nothing wrong in any of what you said. It certainly looks very much as you describe and what is also obvious is that Wenger’s achievements are certainly enough to keep any manager of any team in a job but is it enough to keep the manager of Arsenal in a job? That is what is so difficult for a passionate Arsenal fan to swallow and yet for many, in fact the most I would say, it is enough. Coming in the top four is sufficient; job done – on with the next season. It is a huge division of opinion that separates the AKBs from the rest and I don’t now how it’s going to end.

  37. Jeff

    In my last comment I should have said “it is enough to keep MOST managers of MOST teams in a job”. The fact is, not winning anything for 7 years would undoubtedly not be enough for teams like Man U, Chelsea, Barcelona and Real Madrid to name the obvious ones. So why is it good enough for Arsenal? Because the fans have lowered their expectations and the glory years have become the exception rather than the rule. The question we have to answer is this. Is Arsenal fit to be called a “big team” and considered in the same calibre or class as Man U and Barcelona? If so, we should find ourselves very very angry for the underachievement of the last 7 years and call for the manager’s head.

    If not, we should look to the achievement of finishing in the top four for 16 years on the trot which really is a big plus. That coupled with the new stadium and the various domestic league and cup wins in Wenger’s reign should make us happy and proud. And yet if you were a Man U fan or a Barcelona fan in the same situation, how much faith would you need to not call for the head of your manager? That is an even more difficult question, the answer to which we can only guess. But I would happily concede my opinion that the number of disgruntled fans would be much greater in proportion to the ones who were tolerant than those of Arsenal of today.

  38. SDE

    “in fact the most I would say, it is enough. Coming in the top four is sufficient; job done – on with the next season. It is a huge division of opinion that separates the AKBs from the rest and I don’t now how it’s going to end.”

    Sufficient for how long ..?Not for much I can assure you..
    When year -on -year our defense is leaking goals at an alarming rate.One cannot truly believe,you can win any silverware,where your foundations are built on sand..The defense is meant to be the cornerstone of any successful team,let alone a decent team.
    As they say,the devil is in the details..To ignore such a core,fundamental principle,is to do so at your own risk..

    Either way, the gap b/w us and the top 2 is becoming wider & wider over the seasons..(this season it will be20+points and counting).
    But the gap b/w us(3rd &4th) and the teams below is slowly becoming narrower & narrower..Look at the situation this season as it stands..with us,chelksi,spuds,barcodes battling it out for 3rd & 4th place..Do you not think next season,these teams in contention,and other teams like liverpool,even sunderland under o’neil will not strengthen?
    Whilst we continue to do the bare minimum to maintain the status quo of finishing in the top 4,by buying players(value products) of such calibre that would grace say a mid-table team,along with a porous defense,that worsens every year..
    In answer to your question..it’s just a question of time before we fall out of the top 4…So no,finishing 4th is not a success whatsoever..not even remotely..& the AKB’S need a reality check.
    And has the manager being a success this season..Definitely not,he’s just been lucky that we are the least worse of the teams battling for 3rd & 4th place..What with chelksi imploding,with their player power machinations,liverpool regressing under king kenny,despite the fact that they have a cup,and spurs finally realising that they have a tactically inept manager,who’s starting to panic.
    As sad as it sounds..Only a finish outside the top 4,over 2 seasons..will bring about a change in events.That combined with the BoD,suddenly in revolt will want answers & a sacrificial lamb(wenger) and change to ensure the gravy train is restored(CL Position..with silverware).

  39. Jeff

    SDE, I agree. Particularly where you say “As sad as it sounds..Only a finish outside the top 4,over 2 seasons..will bring about a change in events.” This is absolutely true when seen from a fan’s point of view. I think that if a club’s owners and controllers aren’t true fans, and every indication is that they are not, you are in big trouble.

    Unlike a true fan, their target is not a function of trophies but of profits. Are we making a healthy profit? Yes. Are we selling enough tickets? Yes. Are we shifting sufficient merchandise? Yes. Then what’s the problem?

    That is why, as you rightly say, this situation may drag on for a bit longer. Now I’m not saying it is impossible for Wenger to change his priorities and adopt the idea that trophies are more important than loyalty to underperforming players and profits but I am saying it is unlikely given history and how stubborn he is.

    He would rather suffer the pain of losing than the pain of spending. That must surely be the bottom line and as you say: how long could it last? We are all tired of being fed the same garbage year in year out where we are inundated by rumours of big signings only to see them eventually fizzle out and there is no evidence that this year won’t be the same.

    The situation we are in is therefore a potentially fatal combination of the manager having absolute power and the owners not giving a toss so long as the profits come rolling in. If it means no trophies, so be it; let’s play the music and dance.