Ramsey in midfield as we have to be careful with Diaby, aren’t we always?

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So the official line is we have Diaby back, but we have to be careful with him, correct me if I’m wrong but haven’t we been careful with him since he joined us?

He doesn’t seem to have any shame, he really ought to give his salary back, he sure as hell has never earned it. I expect whatever he earns, he’s had at least 3 pay rises since he joined us, I have to say, and awful waste of much needed money.

I like Diaby, when he’s fit and contributing, but considering how often that is, he’s a luxury we can neither afford nor depend on.

We bought him on the same day we bought Theo and Adebayor, since then Theo has played over 200 games, Ade has played for us successfully, Man City who’s fans loved him, Real Madrid and now Tottenham, so to have been waiting on Diaby for that long is a bit of a French compatriot’s indulgence if you ask me.

It’s Ok having a player that has had an injury and not replacing him because he will be back, but we have had him for a crazy amount of time and he never comes back, as I said, I like him but he has stopped us having a decent midfielder playing in the team.

This really is a Wenger thing, he won’t buy players when we need them because we have others coming back, Rosicky was out for seasons, Robin was out for seasons, Frimpong has been out for seasons, Jack has been out for a season, and don’t forget we also lost Ramsey and Eduardo we also out for long periods. This season we have now lost Mertesacker and Arteta.

Now regardless of bad luck, we seem to always be at least 4 important players a season down, then when they return they take weeks if not months to get their form back, so for me its time to build a squad expecting to have injuries, because history has proved we do, every year.

Saturday is now shaping up to be our whole season in one game, beat the chavs and we get 3rd, lose and we’ll be facing elimination from Pedro’s coveted Champions League spot, I say Pedro’s, but I mean yours too as I saw the poll that shows its importance to Grovers.

There is no Coquelin, no Wilshere, no Frimpong and no Arteta so it will be Ramsey, I think his injury has caused his loss of form, but if the crowd get behind him, this game could be the one where it returns in spades.

If we were playing 3 tough games against top opposition in the space of 6 days, Wenger would have the perfect excuse for why we bombed, well we are the team that has been rested, we are at home and after the week the chavs have had we ought to belt them.

What Arsenal will turn up then, the Arsenal that beat City or the Arsenal that lost to Wigan, well let me tell you, if the Arsenal that beat City don’t arrive we can kiss goodbye to Champions league football.

You have 24 hours to feel good about Ramsey, I do already but the crowd need to as well.

The alternative is to put Oxo in the middle, hmmmm, I like Oxo but Chelsea are a big strong team, I would give him a run out if I thought Ramsey couldn’t do the job, but I think he’s too young to start, bring him on for impact, but don’t wait until the 67minute, do it when we need him. Aaron, don’t let me down!

The defence needs to be at their best as we will be facing Sturridge and the in form Torres, think about that Grovers and get ready for tomorrow, I will be rallying the troops like never before, because tomorrow is our biggest game for years, tomorrow is about survival at the top table of football!

Have a great day!

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  1. ashvin

    Good post.Even if u hate the player wishing him an injury is just too much.Some people were actually hoping he breaks his leg.

  2. JasonE17

    Morning All

    Geoff, i feel your pain about Diaby taking up precious squad and salary space, but he still remains a prety decent player when on form. The sad thing is, it seems as though he will never play enough games to get that “form”. What a conundrum.

  3. Sam

    Must win must turn up must be committed on the pitch. The best thing for the fans to sing loud there’s only 1aaron Ramsey it’s a must to boost his confidence

  4. WengersSweeties

    Nice rallying cry Geoff – Good post.

    Can’t say I have your faith in Ramsey though…. Try to think of one single game when you have thought!! “That’s the Ramsey I want to see more of” I struggle to think of any.

    The boy is useless, offensively, defensively, he offers absolutely nothing. He is the Welsh Denilson in terms of the way he passes. The one thing he has going for him is he seems to run a lot. Whooopie!

  5. WengersSweeties


    This is the team I’d go for:






    ——————–Van Classy—————

    This to me is the best option. However, if Wenger ops with Ramsey I think it’ll slow our game down too much.

  6. firman

    gervinho quote from arsenal insider

    “We want to be among the top three. The whole group is very motivated and we are already happy to be where we are.

    “We can still do better with the four matches coming. We are fighting only for third place, we don’t think about fourth spot. Everybody is determined to fight until the end, from the players and the manager to the fans, to maintain third place. If we manage to keep it then everybody should be proud because we fought very hard for it.”

    third place trophy makes him happy

  7. NiXsKiX

    I don’t think so..
    Simple.. Axe him and get a fitter better player..
    I said the same about Van Persie last season and still stand by it..
    We’d have done much better if we had a half decent striker for the time when Van Persie was injured.
    Instead all we had was a Crapmakh.. I understand why Nik B and Vela don’t want to return to Arsenal. would you if a talentless piece of garbage was preferred over you? I don’t think so..
    Rant over…
    Happy thoughts..

    Megan Fox…

  8. CP

    Great post Geoff,

    I agree on the building a squad that can deal as best as possible with injuries.

    It’s funny, I heard on the radio this morning George Graham talking about the same thing at Arsenal, but he suggested that serious questions needed to be asked about the physio team especially if those injuries weren’t down to bad challenges.

  9. gambon

    Good post Geoff.

    Diaby should be sacked. Not sold, not kept, just sacked for being a joke of a footballer.

    Dont agree on Ramsey. I just dont see a good footballer there. Was excited when we signed him, but over time ive come to realise he just isnt very good. If he had gone to Man Utd he would not be there anymore.

    He should be in the championship still.

  10. stu

    well said about the squad situation

    i would start ramsey, but play him in the arteta role, but i would also start with oxlade on the left wing and let him run at boswinga

    if oxlade is good enough to start against ac milan in the champs league then he is good enough to start against chelski

    chelski wont be as tired – essien, torres, malouda, sturridge have not been as used so they will be fresh and either determined to prove a point that they should be starting in the fa cup final and champions league semi final or they couldnt give a shit about the club anymore

    what arsenal need to do is get at them – dont give them time, be physical and use our pace and high tempo – terry and cole are carrying an injuries – in their mind they will think that this is the last chance to win the champions league and maybe they might play with the handbrake on.

    c’mon arsenal we need the win!!!

    i fancy qpr to beat spurs

  11. goondawg

    The physio team is a joke, I’m pretty sure they were confident Wilshere would be out for three weels when he picked up that injury after red bulls, only now a season has passed, and we are still anxiously waiting

  12. Lurch LeRouge

    No Ramsey thanks.

    Sags —Koz—Verm—Gibbs

    Tin hat on, cigarette extinguished.

  13. Azed

    Happy Birthday mate.

    I don’t share your optimism on Ramsey, he’s like Walnut i.e not intelligent enough to play for the arsenal. I’d rather we start with one man down than starting with Ramsey.

  14. TT_

    In-form Torres? You what? Chamakh has a better strike rate than Torres for Chelski.

    As long as it’s not Drogba, we can’t play against him =[

  15. PerSantosPak

    great to read yours Geoff again, I fancy the popular Diaby to do a Van persie next season.. #fantasy

  16. Chuzikem

    “What Arsenal will turn up then, the Arsenal that beat City or the Arsenal that lost to Wigan, well let me tell you, if the Arsenal that beat City don’t arrive we can kiss goodbye to Champions league football.” <—– Geoff

    Sad but true….that's the typical Arsenal story!!!

  17. diabyearnshowmuch

    you can probably tell from my name i’m not a massive Diaby Fan, he has cost us about a million quid a game since he signed, we could have Messi for that. but we do have to accept injuries are a fact of life, look at Utd and Valencia, he’s been out for ages but has looked stunning on his return. Maybe Diaby will start tomorrow and we all be singing his name! We just need to sack the manager and everything will be rosey. Tomorrow will be fine, Kozzers back and he can spank the chavs on his own.

  18. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    a good feet on the ground post… we can all dream but at times we need to know the truth… nothing wrong with frank speaking…. unless its lampard!

  19. baccy

    it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out what needs sorting out at the club, big things need to be done for next season . frimpong , wilshere , arteta , mertsaker ,coquelin all the injured players need to be kept and sorted out properly by the medical team ! (except for diaby egg) 22 players in the first team squad including djorou(the clown) and the injuries + miyachi who will return next season . the reserve team / fringe player list includes campbell , afobe , aneke , ozyakup , yennaris , eisefeld etc which comes to 17 players , so 39 players at the club so far ….. finally the unwated players or players that will return from loan deals !!! squidman, almunia,fabianski,mannone,chamwack,park chu,pedro bot, mcdermott,eastmond,benayoun,gavin hoyte,rhys murphy,sanchez watt,henri lansbury,carlos vela,denilson,bendtner and arshavin , not forgetting bartley, wellington silva and galindo who wenger/ new manager has to decide what to do with next , thats another 21 players so it means there are 60 players in the squad minus any youth players ie first year scholars ……….. the transfers into the club need to be imo lukas podolski> 11 million , jan vertonghen or yanga mbiwa 10-15 million , a goalkeeper in his early 30s experienced back up ,cup rotator posssibly shay given? ,,,, sort out some left back cover for sick note gibbs and defensivley inept santos lol not sure who but there are a lot of left backs out their and finally an attacking midfielder to replace what fabregas gave us drive and determination …………… a player between 10 and 20 million should do it gylfi sigurdsson?? clint dempsey ??? holtby??? not sure but seem better options than the welsh dickhead and old legs ricky and defensive minded arteta and billong family ,,, if wenger doesn’t make changes there must be something seriously wrong ,possibly place him in a hospital in the dementia unit !!!!!!!!! i got a bit carried but we all love this football club and want them to succeed, we can’t look at the past just the future and with wenger im not sure we can take the next step up to winning trophies, and also consistently winning trophies, possibly send him upstairs (till the hospital section him ) COYG i fucking hate those chavvy diving cunts .

  20. Alexander

    Good on you Geoff!

    I like ramsay, he’s going to be big.
    He’s only 21 and had his leg snapped in half that put him out for a year.
    He’s like a 19 year old… If the Ox had played 35+ games this season he’d be a wreck too.
    Give the lad some support! Remember, he chose us over United.

  21. SDE

    “you can probably tell from my name i’m not a massive Diaby Fan, he has cost us about a million quid a game since he signed, we could have Messi for that. but we do have to accept injuries are a fact of life, look at Utd and Valencia, he’s been out for ages but has looked stunning on his return. Maybe Diaby will start tomorrow and we all be singing his name! We just need to sack the manager and everything will be rosey. Tomorrow will be fine, Kozzers back and he can spank the chavs on his own.”

    Better still, look at Man Utd & Owen Hargreaves..
    He was a player and some..but unfortunately the man’s injuries,meant his career at Man Utd was always going to be short-lived..What did Fergie do,bit the bullet,cut his losses and bombed him out..Another case in point..Alan Smith & Man Utd..after he broke his leg..was never the same again..What did fergie do?Eventually bomb him out,to Newcastle..It seems fergie,does not do sentiment, or rest on his laurels and indulge in excess wastage of wages & complacency..

    Having said all that,I do like diaby..he is a talent..It’s just a real shame that he has been a crock for so long..Wenger unfortunately,has to be decisive,and cut his losses with diaby at the end of the season..If he doesn’t,on this issue I can kind of sympathise with wenger..Only on this issue alone with regards to diaby..
    Still want wenger out!!

  22. SDE

    “The alternative is to put Oxo in the middle, hmmmm, I like Oxo but Chelsea are a big strong team, I would give him a run out if I thought Ramsey couldn’t do the job, but I think he’s too young to start, bring him on for impact, but don’t wait until the 67minute, do it when we need him. Aaron, don’t let me down!”

    Geoff,if Ramsey could not cut it against wigan on monday & was largely anonymous in that game,how is he going to cut it against a “big strong chelsea team”?

  23. andy

    Thinking about the fact two of our best players in recent weeks have more or less the same injury record as diaby has – rosicky and rvp … Btw there is still gibbs who was quite good also … I said it before i think diaby will be a weapon if we can get him fit for a season or so … I wouldnt sell him – wait one more season as we have jack, arteta, rosicky, song, rambo, coqu, ox who can play in the middle so right now we have enough players there to wait one more season imo

  24. jack

    Good to see you back Geoff. Ramsey is simply not good enough. We can’t keep saying Arsene out, and things will never change with him in charge then expect a useless player like Ramsey to change when he is actually getting worse every game he plays. I believe most fans expect the worst tomorrow, but live in hope we raise our game as we do against the big teams.

  25. Azed

    Ramsey chose us over untd cos we pay him what some EPL winners in untd don’t get.
    When it comes to wages, we are the man $ity of the EPL for under 21’s

  26. Thomas. it's up for grabs now...

    Give the lad some support! Remember, he chose us over United..

    Aaron choose us over Liverpool, Everton and UTD.

    Guess who was offering the fattest pay cheque? He also said when he joined that Arsenal was the club where young players get more games…

    Sound like Aaron was thinking of himself more there?

    We all want him to succeed and do well.. But modern players loyalty rests more with themselves than the club they are currently affiliated too! With sadly too few exceptions these days..

    it’s a league wide, modern day affliction, but let’s not get too enthused just because a player signs for us that we owe him anything, unless he delivers the goods in large buckets expected by a big club like Arsenal.

  27. chopper4001

    People forget that Ramsey was an important cog in the team that was winning before Christmas, playing out of position too. That run of games is what saved our season (if you consider it saved).
    He’s clearly out of nick, but him, Song and Arteta formed a pretty mean midfield (although it did coincide with RVP’s richest vein of form).
    I’m actually more concerned about Gerv playing on the left, because we’ll only win by scoring a hat full and he doesn’t bring anything to the table.

  28. Gunner2301

    Great post Geoff. I thought you were doing a Pedro impression, but I understand the need for a balance.

    It’s scarey that we have reached a point where theres so much hanging on this game. I hope the team puts on a display that we know they are capable of and don’t let the fans down.

    We should be looking to get Diaby fit and offload him. We missed out on Yaya Toure FFS I’m sure we’ll cope even if Diaby were to reach those levels in his career, these things happen. What I don’t like to see is the Club pretending to be paupers when they are doleing out massive contracts and increase those contracts when players are not contributing.

    I don;t really understand on what basis these contracts are being given. Ramsey got an improved contract when he returned from injury and still hasn’t proved himself. Diaby is the same. Rosicky out for 2 years and gets a new contract on his return. Theo hasn’t proved himself. Djourou new contract and hasn’t been able to break into the first time in 8 years how has progress been measured in his case? The amount of interviews he gives? Because it can’t be football related.

    There’s no money to bring in real players but there’s money to service the under achievers. That’s why we at least need new management as a minimum Wenger has fallen into a trap of complacency and rewarding complacency and under achievement. How can we ever move from this position where everything the man does is anti success?

  29. EL PIGE1979

    I would be tempted to go 4-4-2 tomorrow or as an alternative have Gibbs and Santos down the left hand side. Please Wenger no Ramsey. I think he is suffering with fatigue and a loss of confidence. Better to start with Diaby knowing if he gets an injury we have someone else on the bench. If he brings him on and then he gets injured that is more of a headache.

  30. Mark Thomson

    How about Wenger does something completely revolutionery and accept that we simply do not have the players fit to play his beloved 4-3-3 formation. Why not mix it up a little? Maybe a 4-2-3-1 or lets go all out crazy and play 4-4-2…
    Gibbs Koz Verm Sagna
    Song Rosicky
    Ox Walcott Gervinho

    An alternative to that would be to dump Ox or Gervinho and go for Chamakh up front and switch to 4-4-2. I still believe that given a consistent chance to play he can find his form of when we signed him.
    Either way i still think we will find what we need to a beat the chavs tomorrow and start building for next season.

  31. arsenal1886-2006

    I would rather have Ramsey in the team than Theo, at least Ramsey puts in some effort. I think that Ramsey is just low on confidence and these last couple of games will prove to be his resurgence or permanent demise.
    As Geoff said, come on Aaron.

    As for Diaby, I honestly believe that we will never see him in an Arsenal shirt again.

  32. chopper4001

    Mark T; We’ve effectively been playing 4-2-3-1 anyway. I wouldn’t trust Walcott to tackle back though. If you’re going proper left-field, maybe have RVP behind and Walcott in front. Get him running behind Terry and Cahill.
    Cant see it though.

  33. Sahara

    Diaby needs a VP type “stay fit for a season” miracle.
    His talent deserves it, and he owes us, big time.
    Maybe he’ll get it, and deliver a VP type season.
    Or a Rosicky like resurgence.

  34. Gunner2301


    Let’s be clear Ramsey chose us over United for the money. He’d probably be in 15k there instead of 50k with us. Oh and the playing time Wenger loves to throw at youngsters who aren’t ready because he’d rather that than spend on someone who can do the job. I agree with Gambon. Ramsey is a decent Championship level player nothing more. I;d love it to be different but i don’t think it is and I wouldn’t want to wait 200 games to find out I’m right.

  35. Gunner2301


    I know what you’re saying. But the team seems to be having problems to comprehend 4 -3 – 3 as it is and that’s predominantly what we’ve been playing let alone other formations. This game is too important for players to start getting confused about their role. I also disagree with Chamakh, too risky a game to give him or Park a chance if we were going to do that we should have done it in games that weren’t such a risk. I believe Wenger will just go with 4 -3 -3 with different personnel hoping they will just be able to play as he usually does. After all he doesn’t do tactics so why change anything?

  36. Gingah

    If diaby is fit, play him for as long as he can last! At least he guarantees us a bit physical presence against Mikel,Essien and Merrielles….even if its for 6mins…and then bring on Aaron…whenDiaby gets crocked!

  37. kapslock

    Diaby’s contract needs to be seriously looked at and changed to a pay-play basis. Ramsey is just not a good enough footballer for a team in the top 4. Mid-table? Yes. I think it’ll be a draw tomorrow.

  38. chopper4001

    Gunner2301, I think thats harsh. Apart from against Wigan and QPR we’ve been pretty imperious in most games and the “system” has worked. A poorly timed injury to Arteta and Sagna’s worst game of the season was the problem at Wigan, and a bad slip by TV5 let us down at QPR. Other than that we’ve been pretty good, and I wouldn’t change it.
    The injury to Arteta is a big loss though.

  39. Matchy


    Ramsay is not good enough. I will tell you ‘why’ just like all my posts here. I dont just say his is ‘shit’ i will say why he is shit.

    1. He cant beat players from his dribble.
    2. He cant tackle players
    3. His intelligence on the footballing field is lacking ‘hence his indecision’ and slow decision making.
    4. His lack of vision is indeed lacking for a ‘creative or attacking mf player’

    What he has going for him is:

    1. he is British
    2. he can job up and down the field all day (jog, not sprint)

    Now lets blend his attributes as above into the arsenal game.

    Arsenal plays and at its best when they play an ‘attacking’ and very ‘fast’ game or movements … (players movements) constantly moving at ferocious speed.

    So what is required in this style of game for his ‘position’ is

    1. VISION
    2. Quick, very quick decision making

    This is the two most important, forget about the other skills aspect.

    The two mentioned above are not teachable.

    This is the ‘last’ frontier for player development or to reached the pinnacle of team sports.

    And if you look at past world club or country champions they always have greater players or are visionary. They can see the game before everyone else.

    England … which player in england is great in this position ? none. Gerald, lampard all so call midfielders but they dont have that vision to create. They can run all day. And that why whilsire is so in demand. He can play this final ball.

    Lets say Ramsey is not geared for this creative mf then he cant play the ‘holding’ mf to.

    Again, his decision to attack, or stay on the balance of the team on the field is ‘none’. Again it comes down to vision. to see the overal picture and ‘decide’ what to do on the moment. Not being told what to do in at half time.

    And, finally,

    for arsenal to improve and to challenge they need to get rid of Walcott too.
    With Walcot in the team and they way the team ‘plays’ .. the team is not balanced. I have written countless posting on why this is so.

    If tommorow Wenger plays

    1. OX …. then it means Ramsey is in trouble with his future at the club, this will put a statement into ramsey’s head.

    2. if he plays Ramsey, he knows he is supporting the player, but he is taking a big risk.

    3. if he plays Diabe, it means he has no confidence at all in Ramsey. OX will be fine as he is young.

    So it all depends on. Wenger decides to go all out to attack chelse in the first half or he plays a wait and see game. It depends on what team chelsea plays tomorrow. If they select most of the players from their game against Barcelona, i have feeling Wenger will attack at all cost in the first minute.

    If he attacks he will risk it all and start Ramsey.

  40. leon

    i feel this a very dangerous game tommorow chelsea are playing alot better than the last time we played them defending alot better and arsenal will miss arteter ramsey is not in best form right now and just hope arsenal ccut out the mistakes because they can cause chelsea some problems also

  41. BOOZY

    ALEX FUCKERSON coming out to divert attention of another rigged season, and making ashley young ‘ the diver’ shoulder the blame – nice move.

    In all the years of diving man united players, i wonder why he is suddenly vocal about this one – maybe because the world are finally beginning to see the crooked system in the league – so they are suddenly making diving take the attention, in other to deviate from the real issue, which are corrupt refs handing united the league season after season – nice move.

  42. BOOZY

    if it wasn’t for the fluke final of 1999 and the terry slip.

    alex fuckerson cabinet would be

    12 league titles and 0 champions league.

  43. LiLJackDub

    Arteta was the heart and soul of our midfield. He will be missed desperately in these last few games. Ramsey is no more than an offensive midfielder. He simply doesn’t have the vision or skill to play box to box. Sticking him up front with Van Persie might work if VanP could stand it. Anybody else notice how frustrated Robin gets with him on a regular?

  44. arsene nose best

    dreading tomorrow,think we will get hammered,like when they done us 1-4 couple years back,they have really fucked up the chance of cementing that 3rd spot,these past couple of losses,with the chavs up and then of to stoke,the season for us is finished.WENGER OUT.

  45. Jamal

    the defence should be way more stable than it was against wigan because that clown Djourou is a joke… im glad kozzers back

    My team for tmoro:

    sagna koz verm santos
    song billong
    rosicky diaby
    OX Forehead

  46. Ekundayo John Ruben

    I think tomorrow match we don’t need ramsey because he always kill game for us he don’t know when he need to pass ball or when he need to move ball he was the one that always give our Rvp problem if u look against man city the last ball he was in possition to score or pass but he give ball away if we loose tomorrow match is not ramsey make us loose but wenger because he know the right thing to do

  47. Gunner2301


    We have talked about cracks being papered over all season and all you’re doing is highlighting a paper moment when we know another crack will appear. There are fundamental problems that will not be solved by individual result or big performances by individual players. We need wholesale change, the opportunities Wenger has had to do the right thing he has done the wrong things and brought in the wrong personnel to address the problems we have, in fact he’s just compounding the problems by adding players that can’t resolve the problems to the wage bill. I’d love to say we can maintain third or win the league next season, however I don;t see anything in Wengers actions to say he has even understood the issues or what needs to be resolved.

    “I’ll wait until the end of the season before I know what I’ll do in the transfer market”

    A statement from a man who hasn’t got a clue or shows he is aware of what problems exist.

  48. goondawg

    Frimpong may be an idiot at times, but he is right to voice his opinion that the inclusion of Parker in PFA’s shortlist of player of the year is “utter nonsense”, and perhaps now “Song wishes he was English”…

    Scott Parker – 20 games goals – 0 assists -0
    Alex Song – 41 games goals -1 assists – 14″

  49. freddy

    A bit harsh on diaby I feel we all see he has the talent to succeed at Arsenal his injuries have been due to that thug from Sunderland forget his name now who broke diabys leg since then he has been very injury prone. Don’t think anyone likes being constantly must be very tough on him aswell

  50. arsenal1886-2006

    JamalApril 20, 2012 13:09:16
    and bring walcott on when the chavs start to get tired.

    Maybe to can read them one of his children’s books to send them to sleep.

  51. chopper4001

    Gonner2301, Mate, I agree, cracks have been papered over for the past 3 or 4 years, and this season is no different; Walcotts inconsitencies, a proper left back, cover in almost every position, but when the 4-2-3-1 has worked, its worked well. In fact since the resurgence of Tommy R, and the partnership of Song and Arteta, that midfield triangle has worked brilliantly, probably one of the best midfields in the country. The problem comes when backing that up. Sure I’d love Schweinsteiger, Hazard and M’Vila, but we haven’t got them. Maybe we should get a change of formation next year (Pod and RVP up front in a 442?), but I say we stick with what has got us back into 3rd place at least for this season. We tore both the chavs and the Shit to pieces.
    With Arteta in the side granted, and I worry for tomorrow.

  52. elwood

    arsene would do himself, ramsy and the entire arsenal good if he starts ramsy from the bench. this is a must win match and we ought to start the game with the best eleven we have at the moment.
    sagna koz verm santos
    song rosicky diaby
    walcot OX
    RVP. if the manager think he needs to give diaby some time then gervino should start and not ramsy.

  53. fuckit4thwilldo?

    Alright chaps,

    i’m in Barcelona for the weekend, anyone know any good bars to watch El Classico in? i guess everywhere is going to be pumpin but i don’t really fancy an irish bar. Wanna get amongst it with the locals!

    Any suggestions?

  54. andy

    Drogba will miss the game i read 2 mins ago … Cant see terry or lamps playing – they will field a team of average players with not real confidence … We WILL win this in a pretty easy way i think .. I go for 4:1 with aaron at the score sheet and tina turner to die

  55. Bergkamp63

    The problem is with the 7 squads we have at the club !!

    7’s the key number here. Think about it. 7-Elevens. 7 dwarves. 7, man, that’s the number. 7 chipmunks twirlin’ on a branch, eatin’ lots of sunflowers on my uncle’s ranch !!

  56. Ricky

    Ramsey is a cert to start tomorrow wether we like it or not.

    The only thing that will stop le senile from picking him would be arteta making a miracle recovery over night or Ramsey himself picking up a knock.

    It’s gonna be a struggle over the finishing line.

  57. Gunner2301


    It’s pointless playing a formation if we don’t have the right players to play it and that’s been a big part of the prolem square pegs round hole that’s all we seem to see at Arsenal and a manager who is too stubborn to see what’s in front of his nose.

    I’m not convinced the formation has made any difference moreso certain players deciding to turn up when it’s mattered. If it was the formation how can the form be so erratic? Because certain players don’t perform that’s why.

    TR has been one of our best players because he’s chosen to be. Regardless of how he’d have performed over the last couple of months Wenger would have played him anyway like he has umpteen times and like he does with Ramsay.

    Get the right manager who understands the tactical side of the game and let him bring in players to support the various tactics required. Why do you think we have too many players that are similar? Because the manager hasn’t got a clue about tactics. Why do we appear to have no one that can change a game? Because the manager doesn’t understand tactics and doesn’t have the right players.

    Very little progress will be made with Wenger at the helm you can see that he can even ruin perfectly good players with his stubbornness. His time is up.

  58. useroz

    We bought him on the same day we bought Theo and Adebayor, since then Theo has played over 200 games, Ade has played for us successfully, Man City who’s fans loved him, Real Madrid and now Tottenham…

    So we can’t really blame walcott when he expects a pay rise when he sees diaby get 50K (or more) managing the sicky center!!! At least Walcott has been running track & field for 200 games!

  59. Ricky

    Just looking at the table & noticed we’ve leaked more goals then every team in the top ten except for fulham who are 10th & have conceded the exact same amount as us.

    I can see it getting very close to 50 conceded come the end of the season.

  60. Bergkamp63

    1) Man Utd GA 28
    2) Man City GA 27
    3) Arsenal GA 43

    No wonder there is a gulf between us and the top 2 !!

  61. Ricky

    My predictions for thr Next four games..

    Chelsea (H) 1-2
    Stoke (A) 2-2
    Nowrich (H) 1-0
    WBA (A) 1-1

    Could 5 points from the remaining fixtures get us the fourth placed trophy?

  62. chopper4001

    Gunner, Again, I’m not arguing with what you’re saying particularly, but I do think the current formation has been our best bet this season, certainly when everyone is fit, and will continue to be until the season is over.
    Wengers apparent lack of tactical nouse is further reason not to change it for what has become a cup final for us tomorrow.
    Poorly performing players is a problem, of course it is, biggest ever defeats in both th EPL and CL are big questions that need to be answered, but in the context of how we should play?
    We’ve got to stick with what we’ve got.

  63. andy

    Ricky there is a real possibility 5 points would be enough as chavs, ncastle have a far more complicated run in than we do – two days ago i wrote my predictions and i still think we can get third with just six points!

  64. Dan Ahern

    I’m with ya Geoff. Ramsey’s form has been pretty awful, but he’s really the best fit for the Arteta spot so we have to rally behind him and hope for the best.

    Here’s the lineup we should play:





    Yossi is the key bench player: comes on if Gervinho sucks, or can use his experience to cover for Ramsey if he sucks. Or, slide Ox back into Ramsey’s spot and Yossi goes to wing. He’s versatile.

    And Theo? Theo’s just better off the bench. Sorry.

  65. Ricky


    I can’t see the spuds getting more then a draw away to qpr tomorrow, Newcastle should bag all the points against stoke at home & I really can’t see us beating Chelsea tomorrow with that midfield.

    From then on they all have tricky fixtures.. Chelsea probably have the toughest schedule out of every team in Europe with the cup comps included.

    Newcastle have to play four tough games after stoke with 3 of them away & the only home game will be against city. The others away to Wigan, Chelsea & everton.

    The spuds got the easiest run in but have to play against 2 of the relegation battlers.

    5 points could actually be enough to keep us in the top four.

  66. Bade


    It’s Friday Joke, so cheer up

    My BB went out on crutches, so I find to hard to keep up with only PC usage

    Anyway, Big game tomorrow

    It’s should have not been that big, but the mega bottle we served last Monday made it so

  67. Bade


    Re Theo, don’t you forget that we have no players so we need to use him. Park and Chamakh don’t apply for me for the term, “player”.

  68. Bade


    Good post as always

    Diaby is a joke. Really

    The more farcical is when he comes good, three seasons from now, all those AKBs will be on the moon happy to find out how Arsene “Did it again”.

    Like a player supposed to bloom 8 years after he’s bought.

    Some things can only happen at Arsenal under Wenger

  69. Dan Ahern

    5 points is enough? You guys are deluded.
    Spurs have the easiest remaining schedule and a game in hand. They have to play QPR, Blackburn, Bolton, Villa, Fulham.
    Here are those teams’ places on the table, just so we’re all aware: 17, 19, 18, 15, 10.

    I’m FAIRLY CERTAIN they’ll get the 3 pts from their game in hand, which would put them 2 points behind us with only shit to play against.

    Newcastle’s in the same position: 5 back, game in hand. They play: Stoke (14), Wigan (16), Chelsea (6), City (2), Everton (7), so they actually have some competitive games. But we safely assume a game in hand is 3 pts for them also, meaning they’re effectively 2 back as well.

    Chelsea has a tough schedule, but even they have a game in hand. If they should beat us tomorrow, they’d be only 4 pts behind us with an extra game.

    And you feel comfortable with 5 points??

  70. Bade

    As for Ramsey

    Well, unlike some on here I do like the lad and believe we can make a top footballer out of him, but he needs time and we can’t keep fucking his confidence and playing him in a level that still beyond his reach

    We should loan him

    I do trust your senses Geoff

    Most of the times you made those “crazy at the time” hunches, you banged on the money. So I hope you’re right with this one too, but I can’t see it happening to be honest.

    I’d start the Ox and leave Ramsey for the impact. He’s done great when he played there against Milan and I don’t see the Chavs boys as bigger bullies than the Italians, albeit they’re in the form of their season now

  71. Bade

    So for the coming game we have NO Jack, Arteta, Le Coq, Yossi


    I have some weird feeling we might see both Gibbs and Santos playing, but I’m not sure this could be the answer

    If Ramsey play, then I’ll keep the OX on the bench as we need a powerful sub and Gerv or Theo can’t demonstrate that cause

  72. Leedsgunner

    Hey Geoff

    Good post… How was your op Geoff?

    On matters AFC I hope I’m proved wrong but I think Ramsey will not show tomorrow. Mentally he lacks the guile that you need at this level to be a playmaker… Our lack of depth haunts us again. Groundhog day or what?!

    I would be thrilled with a narrow win but I’m afraid we more likely headed for a draw or a narrow loss. Chelsea will come to the Emirates motivated… Eager to erase the 5-3 loss from ther collective memories. Go you gunners prove me wrong tomorrow!!!

  73. goondawg

    Chopper4001- from Wenger

    He is back in full training, but hasn’t played any minutes at all, so it would be a bit early to debut against Chavs.. Would be nice to see him on the bench, Most likely start Ramsey I guess, having to wrap up Diaby in cotton wool and all..

  74. chopper4001

    Ah OK, I thought you meant he was actually in the team for tomorrow. If fit, I think he’d be the perfect Arteta replacment, but Wenger wont play him.

  75. Ricky


    Blackburn & Bolton are fighting for survival.. This time of year is not a good time to be playing against them sort of sides.. They’ll put everything on the line to stay in the pl as we found out against Wigan.

    Newcastle only have one home game from their last four games & that is against city. The rest are away to Chelsea, Wigan & everton. Those games don’t look easy to me at all. They look favourites to beat stoke tomorrow but after that I wouldn’t be suprised if they picked up zero points until the end of the season.

    No point of going into Chelsea’s hectic schedule.. We all know they got a crazy one.

    Then who’s to say we’ll even get 5 points..? With our squad we’re capable of not winning a single game we have left.

  76. AW and GEJ out

    @ Dan Ahern, how can you have Yossi on your bench when he is on loan from the Shits? Wenger has cost Arsenal at least 2 of the last 5 league titles. He is more stupidly obstinate than clueless.

  77. goondawg

    Chopper4001 – I agree with you there, Coquelin is an able understudy to Arteta, and a future midfield axel of Wilshere-Coquelin-Ramsey/M’vila would be quite a formidable set-up

  78. goondawg

    Ricky, lol, quite pessimistic to say we stand to not even win a single game. We did humble Man city a week-ago. I like this “giant-killer” title we got going and hopefully it bears true tomorrow, it’s just the lax bend-over attitude when facing the lower league contingents that I can’t abide. Something Wenger needs to address.

  79. JJ

    A positive post from Geoff? Surely, it must be joke Friday…

    Btw – What gives you confidence about Ramsey? and
    How can you say that Torres is in form?

    Winning tomorrow guarantees nothing. We are more than capable of losing to Stoke, Norwich and WBrom.

    Oh, and Coquelin is in the squad for tomorrow.

  80. Dan Ahern

    Ricky – You’re right, tough schedule for Newcastle coming up. But not enough to take for granted. I think we’re in control of this, mostly because our last 2 games are Norwich (H) and WBA (A). But do I feel comfortable about it? Absolutely not. Especially considering the teams we’ve managed to lose points to, and the fact that we no longer have Arteta.

    (If we can get a point (or 3) out of Chelsea, and then have them go on to lose to Barcelona, I will feel much more secure though.)

  81. Geoff

    Of course its joke Friday, why on earth do you think I would be positive when we are facing a Champions League exit, unless of as a result they got rid of our egotistical up himself, fuckwitted manager manager?

  82. JJ

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we got 3rd, Tottenham got 4th and the Chavs won the Champ’s League? Melty face would get to gloat for about a minute until the sinking feeling set in.

    In reality I don’t care who wins the CL, as long as it is not Barca.

  83. andy

    Dan i never said i am sure we will be fourth if we can get five more points – i just wanted to point out that there are other teams with harder run ins than we have … But i completely disagree with your opinion abt spuds runin – they are on a low and they play against teams fighting for their lives – missing confidence paired with opponents fighting til they die ends often in higher disappointments for the “better” team … Dont get me wrong i wouldnt bet on it but some guys said recently we need four wins to secure cl … I dont think so – 10 poinzs will be enough for sure and i am really really confident we will make third if we can get eight points – 2 wins, 2 draws for third imo

  84. JJ

    Haha. Nice one Geoff. Btw – I agree that we need to get behind Ramsey tomorrow. Wenger will start him for sure. My personal opinion is that he is crap and does not have all these qualities that a lot of people thinks he does… but I can put that aside for now. He is more likely to play well if we get behind him.

    The problem is that he is positionally poor and plays with his head down. We struggle to play the pressing game with him because he can’t get close enough to close people down… hence all his running around.

    Arteta is a big, big loss… and we struggle to press without Benny in the lineup too. Rocky and RvP get isolated and then Song has to faux-Messi to help get them the ball.

  85. Herkules

    Mathematically and statistically speaking the chances of coming in at least 4th are very high… yes, we can all be pessimistic,and yes we all are upset with how the season has gone, but I think its overkill to feel as if we will be lucky to qualify.

    Either Newcastle or Chelsea would probably have to win all 5 of their remaining games to grab the 4th spot… and I don’t see that happening (winning 5 straight EPL games at any point in the season is a low probability event, even for the top teams).

  86. follow the money

    we have a chance. No Drogba who has been a terror against us. No JD either so hopefully no shambolic defending. Kozzer is back. We can do it. I have a feeling tomorrow is when RVP is going to begin scoring again. Come on!

  87. skandibird

    I know you’re married Geoff, but, should you ever decide or the situation arise, that you divorce, can I have first option, pleeeeaaase???? Mind you, I’ll need to divorce as well, only a minor detail……….

    Anyway, on to tomorrow, why am I feeling so bloody negative? Mind you I did the same against the game v Totts, and look what happened there….. 🙂 hopefully

  88. SpanishDave

    I think we will cave in. RVP is tired and hasn’t scored for 4 games from open play. We have lost twice in three games, We have no squad to back up our first choice players, We have not stopped shipping soft goals, and the focus has gone. If we fail at this late stage Wenger must call it a day,but he won’t

  89. Ice

    Just can’t stomach watching this kid Song in an Arsenal shirt. What a joke. Encapsulates the sad decline of Arsene Wenger as did the conversion of Paul Mariner from striker to centre midfielder at the demise of Don H and Terry N all those years ago. What on earth can Wenger see in this kid?

  90. arsenal1886-2006

    Dan Ahern.
    They have some great old footage on youtube. GG was not only a great manager but also some player as well.
    No rolling on the floor, stands packed with kids, Geordie Armstrong doing what great wingers do (watch the vids of Geordie Theo) and the kids running on the pitch to touch their heroes.
    Oh happy days.

  91. SDE

    ” Just can’t stomach watching this kid Song in an Arsenal shirt. What a joke.
    What on earth can Wenger see in this kid?”

    In Wenger’s deluded world,a potential superman version of Clarence Seedorf-Mark II!!

  92. goondawg

    Oh yeah cheers for that vid arsenal 1886-2006! Never saw Bob Wilson, Pat Rice, George Graham and co. play, they were a couple decades before my time (Wenger era’s the only one I know).. Had fun watching some great footage on youtube.. Did they really have just the one sub? Crazy to think nowadays… the fight and spiriit they played with back in the days really puts our lazy over-paid primadonnas to shame

  93. Confidentgoner

    This is the team I’d go for:






    ——————–Van Classy—————

    Thumps down to Ramsey. Prefer not to see him even making the bench. Gibbs ahead of Santos would help us solidify the left and hold Sturridge.

    On the right, Theo can always surprise critics, though I think he is an underachiever and should not get a new deal.

  94. arsenal1886-2006

    One sub that was rarely used, and a 16-18 man squad. Players used to play all season regardless of injuries.
    Could you imagine Diaby saying to Peter Storey, “i have a blister and cannot play”, Storey or any of the team at that time would have given him a proper injury to cry about.

    I was lucky enough to see this team from ’72 onwards. Started going to games in 1972 and stopped going when we left Highbury, mainly due to moving out the country (only to Ireland so not far) and a disability.
    They were great days, the players talking to the kids after games and the level of honesty in the game put’s modern football to shame.

  95. arsenal1886-2006

    I really feel for Pat, a true legend at Arsenal in my eyes. He will never speak out for fear of damaging the club he loves, we have afterall been a massive part of his life since boyhood.
    He will be hurting as much as any other fan at the current lack of fight at the club.

  96. Maciek

    Without Arteta we will lose.

    And besides we are bottlers, so 2:0 to chelsea and no champions league next season since we will also lose to Stoke and against WBA.

    It doesn’t really matter, Wenger wouldn’t have spend this 40 m pounds from the CL anyway, so the lucrum cessans isn’t important at all in this case.

    As for Robin. Good luck mate playing for Barca or Juventus. You deserve to win many trophies . Sadly, with our management and our stubborn coach, it’s impossible.

    Best wishes, Robin. Thanks for everything.

  97. goondawg

    Yeah I hear ya.. definitely see a decline of the take-no-shit kinda players in the Tony Adams or Peter Storey mould… They would bite Walcott’s head off for daintily jogging back instead of busting a gut. Wish we had players of that steel, instead of Wenger’s mollycoddled babies wrapped in wool. It’s true that the modern game is a disgrace compared to what it was what with corruption at every corner, and with the theatrics and diving.. Also what about the respect given to the fans that paid good money to see good football but instead subjected to players such as a 6ft2 beast such as Drogba falling as if shot, face clutched, at a gentle touch no less.. Or when teams time-waste after 10 mins (even though it is expected from relegation battlers) I still have contempt for them.

  98. arsenal1886-2006

    You missed terracing as well then. What a wonderful feeling as a kid, moving from the schoolboys and getting the bottle to go stand in the North Bank. The noise, the swaying mass, the dancing when we scored, the banter, the general feeling of all being in this together, and of course not being herded into sheep pens (blocks of seats) by wanker stewards.

    Watch games in Germany and other countries where they have terracing and see the difference between them and the seated fans. Scary at times but they are treasured memories I will take to my grave.

  99. Maciek


    What’s your favorite player pre Wenger era?

    Do you think that GG was a better manager than Wenger?

    Thanks for the response in advance.

    Take care.

  100. goondawg

    It’s always Pat Rice seen shouting at the players and urging them on, Wenger just sits moaning, or sitting on his hunches in brooding silence when things don’t go our way.. Patty deserves more respect than he is given for what he has done for the club and you can really tell he loves the club. It must pain him to see this mummer’s show that Wenger has put on.

  101. arsenal1886-2006

    Peter Storey would more than likely punch his lights out on the pitch, seriously. He took no shit from anyone, McLintock was the same.

    My favourite all time player for footballing skills was either Brady or Armstrong, pre Wenger and Bergkamp during Wengers time (a Rioch purchase by the way). But my first Arsenal hero was Bob McNab because he shook my hand as a 6 year old and told me I would be an Arsenal player one day (Fucking liar, I was shit). I went home beaming from ear to ear.
    A few days later I went to Mullerys up the waste and bought the number 3 to sew on my handed down Arsenal shirt.

    Ah the memories.

  102. arsenal1886-2006

    Sorry got carried away there. I would put Graham on a par with Wenger if not a little above. Would Wenger have survived without GG’s defence and Bruce Rioch’s Dennis Bergkamp? I think not, he is very good but he also got very lucky.

  103. goondawg

    Sounds epic. Haha definitely feels like sheep in a pen nowadays, what with all this controlling power that Lord Wenger’s disciples/stewards have! They refuse you the right to stand most games for safety reasons I guess for the kids and families, but it does suck up the atmosphere, reason why we lose so much ahaha.. They should designate areas for that very thing!

  104. goondawg

    Good question you raise about Wenger in regards to inheriting gg’s defence and a Bergkamp signing.. would we still have reached those glory heights on his intellect and managerial skill alone? On the last 7 years, I’d have to say no.