Vertonghen club begging again | Song to Inter? | Diaby puts in a shift… could he be the Chelsea answer?

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So last night went pretty well for Arsenal. I had a feeling Chelsea were going to do something against Barcelona and they did. They put on a miserable tactical masterclass and nicked a goal. They head into the Camp Nou with a one goal lead. We’ve been there before. We know what Barca can do to you. So they won’t be brimming with confidence. Still, what it does show you is that if you play with tactics in mind, you can take down any side. If Barca were in the Premier League I think they’d find things far harder than they do in Spain purely because English teams generally wouldn’t indulge Barca in quite the same way the Spanish clubs outside of Madrid do.

They’ll be tired from yesterday and my hope all along has been that their focus will be in Spain when Chelsea come to us on Saturday. Abramovich bought Chelsea with one goal in mind… that was the Champions League. I can’t believe the players aren’t aware of that and I can’t believe there massive bonus structures aren’t geared that way. I’m sure I read that the Champions League was worth £13million to the squad? I may have just completely made that up… so don’t quote in the pub this evening.

Still, I guess the flip side of the argument is that Chelsea just beat the best side in Europe. Now they’re playing Arsenal who have lost to Wigan and QPR in the space of two weeks. I doubt they’ll be too concerned about playing us at the weekend especially as it’s looking quite likely we’ll have Ramsey or Chamberlain in centre midfield. Still, Abou Diaby put in a whopping 45minute shift against the footballing giants of Oman. That’s kind of like putting a ninety in against Barcelona!

Szczesny has been speaking to Arsenal player and he’s made some encouraging noises.

“I’m 22 years old and I don’t think I’m an established number one. I still need to prove myself at this club.”

“I do feel confident, but if we had this conversation in a few years’ time and I’ve played 500 games for this club, I’ll feel like I’m an established number one.

I’m not quite sure he believes what he’s saying there. Some of his performances this year indicate that not only does he believe he’s number one, he also believes that there is no one at the club who can challenge that status. I mean seriously, who claims Fabianski is the best number 2 in the country? What a ridiculous statmement to make. We need a proper number two who can push him next season. Some of the errors he makes in a game stem from arrogance. His distribution from the back is nervy at best and you can guarantee that he’ll present a goal scoring opportunity at least once a game because of it.

It’s nice that he wants to play 500 for the club. It feels like he’s the long term solution but he needs someone to push him. He’s doesn’t have that at the moment. Nor do a number of other players at the club. Alex Song is a player who needs competition. M’Vila would be a good start, though the Daily Mail seem to think that’ll be at the expense of Songinho heading to Inter Milan. The story seems to have about as much credibility as the Robin to Manchester City / Barcelona rumours but there you go, tis the season for silly stories!

Jan Vertonghen rumours won’t go away because he won’t let them.

‘I have a few things lined up at the moment, but it’s difficult to say anything about that at the moment. I’ll see what happens, if something becomes concrete.’

He’s desperate for a move. I just hope it’s to Arsenal. We need 4 top class defenders next season. We always need 4. We’ve never had that. We’ll pick up injuries, they’ll all play at least 30 games, so we should just do the deal for the versatile Belgian.

Anyway, that’s all I have for you today. Geoff is taking over for the next 4 days as I’ll be in Copenhagen. If you have any good reccomendations, let me know in the comments. I like beer and good times.

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Have a great weekend!

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  1. Mayank

    WIltord, was a France, intl. with a .5 goal ratio signed for 13m in 2000.
    DB10, was a highly rated Dutch intl. in a rut with a .2 goal ratio signed for 7.5m in 1995.

    The only real big difference b/w them at the time they signed was the state the club was in when they joined. 12th placed Arsenal that managed to stay up after a bad season. Versus a Title winning and challenging side.

    If someon of Wiltord’s status had joined Arsenal in 1995 the hype would’ve been as much and DB10.

    It’s the careers they went on to have here that are the major difference.

  2. Mayank

    An equivalent signing to DB10 in today’s context would be signing Kaka(although DB wasn’t a former Ballon D’or) from RM.

    Wiltord would be someone like signing Giroud (maybe better).

    Can’t really say that it’s a cut and dry decision. Especially since the analogies aren’t perfect.

  3. AJ

    wenger wont even spend 13 million now that he did on Wiltord, when our club revenue was small and without the sustainable nonsense. What a joke!

  4. Bergkamp63

    Arsenal paid £7.5m for DB in 1995 which was 3 times the club record fee at the time !!

    That’s like us buying someone for £45m at the time we paid £15m for Arshavin !!

  5. Mayank

    Like I said B63, the biggest difference is in the context of the signings, not the signings themselves.

    7.5m in 1995 v 13m in 2000 isn’t too much of a mismatch. 2.5m to 7.5m v 7.5m to 12m is very different.

  6. arsenal1886-2006

    Forbes rich list
    1. Manchester United – $2.235bn (£1.396bn)
    2. Real Madrid – $1.877bn (£1.17bn)
    3. Barcelona – $1.307bn (£816m)
    4. Arsenal – $1.292bn (£807m)
    5. Bayern Munich – $1.235bn (£770m)
    6. AC Milan – $989m (£615m)
    7. Chelsea – $761m (£473m)
    8. Liverpool – $619m (£385m)
    9. Juventus – $591m (£367m)
    10. Schalke 04 – $587m (£365m)
    11. Tottenham Hotspur -$564m (£351m)
    13. Manchester City – $443m (£275m)

    Stan is flying over to give Wenger a blowjob.

  7. Mayank


    That’s the value of the club, not the revenue. Unless Stan is looking to sell the club there’s no need for a blow job. Revenue-wise Wenger has underperformed if anything. Our shitty commercial deals are really holding us back.

  8. SDE


    “The only real big difference b/w them at the time they signed was the state the club was in when they joined. 12th placed Arsenal that managed to stay up after a bad season. Versus a Title winning and challenging side.If someon of Wiltord’s status had joined Arsenal in 1995 the hype would’ve been as much and DB10.”

    Convoluted nonesense Mayank…You will find DB was considered a marquee signing..World Class at the time..For Bruce Rioch to have pulled it off, was even more remarkable..Its like,the equivalent of Owen Coyle in todays terms,managing a club like liverpool and signing a Cristiano Ronaldo..Anyway,DB10’s move to inter milan,didn’t work out..still he was considered world class at the time..

    Going onto the club’s position,or state..Well naturally there was a fallout,following George Graham being bombed out,after PHW delivered his head on a silver platter to the a consequence of GG being the only one out of the 20 ,or so managers to have allegedly taking a bung..Naturally his no 2 at the time,Stewart Houston,was unable to hold the fort..Therefore he was bombed out..Bruce Rioch brought in,he was punching well above his weight..Even anything,players at the time were threatening to revolt,or leave..i.e.Ian Wright & co..So you can say rioch,helped exacerbate our position in the league..But in his defense,his only legacy of note,was the DB10 signing..

  9. arsenal1886-2006

    It was wenger who wanted a new stadium to maximise revenue to be able to compete with United. It is just a shame that most fans thought he meant compete on the pitch not in wealth generation.

  10. SDE


    “Like I said B63, the biggest difference is in the context of the signings, not the signings themselves.7.5m in 1995 v 13m in 2000 isn’t too much of a mismatch. 2.5m to 7.5m v 7.5m to 12m is very different.”

    Are you calculations factoring in real terms..?
    Or are you just ,doing some basic/elementary primary school subtraction,by comparing figures b/w different years and taking the difference..

    If it’s the latter..your argument does not hold…

  11. SDE

    “Wiltord was like Newcastle signing Cisse.Bergkamp was like City signing Robinho”


  12. Mayank

    SDE, you call my statement nonsense and come up with this.

    “Its like,the equivalent of Owen Coyle in todays terms,managing a club like liverpool and signing a Cristiano Ronaldo”

    CR7 who scores a goal a game v/s a guy who had 2 shit years at Inter where he managed 11 goals in 52.

    My Kaka comparison was far closer and even that was not fair since Kaka was a CL, WC and Ballon D’Or winner before going to RM and bombing.

    It turned out to be perhaps our best ever signing but at the time it was nothing like CR7 going to Liverpool.

  13. Mayank

    Haha Billiken!

    “’95-’06 will be known as the Bergkamp Era….. not the Wenger Era.”

    For half that time DB10 was the third or fourth best player in our team. Henry, Pires and Vieira were all more important to the team.

    You should all stop making me look like I hate my favourite player.

  14. SDE

    CR7 who scores a goal a game v/s a guy who had 2 shit years at Inter where he managed 11 goals in 52.

    I was using CR7 as an example, not in terms of his goal ratio,but in terms of the stature of the signing…
    How far do you want to go back..What about DB10’s goal ratio at Ajax..?That got him the move to Inter Milan?

    In that case what about Ronaldo(the real one..brazilian) who had an injury ravaged season at Inter Milan during his time there,hardly played..?Take a look at his goal record at Inter..before he went to the world cup in 2002.Finished top scorer of the tournament,won the world cup and off the back of that, went to Real Madrid..By and large his time at Inter Milan was deemed a flop…

    So your point is..?


  15. Mayank

    Take a look at Huntelaar’s goal ratio at Ajax v/s his Real and Milan ratio.

    The point is, after making the step up DB had 2 indifferent seasons at Inter. Undoubted class but hardly hot property of the same stature at CR7. Which is why I said Kaka. CR9 was way more proven at the time he joined Inter than DB. Being Barca’s all time top scorer and all.

    Mind you, if we get Kaka right now I’ll do a backflip, despite his recent record.

  16. Dan Ahern

    Bergkamp – No, you see, absurd prices are being paid for tea ladies, and while all of Europe is bankrupt! Besides, a tea lady’s prime is 13-15, you just need the belief and the mental strength. Arsenal don’t buy tea ladies, we develop them.

  17. SDE

    “guy who had 2 shit years at Inter where he managed 11 goals in 52”

    For the record,DB’s goal scoring record at Ajax -103 goals in 185 appearances..

    Further you reckon DB10 was a flop at Inter Milan given his goal scoring record there was 11 out of 52 appearances..ratio 0.211

    Based on that argument alone then..given his goal scoring record at Arsenal was 87 goals out of 315 appearances..
    goal scoring ratio of -0.27..Would you say that his goal scoring ratio was significantly better at Arsenal,than at Ajax..

    0.211 vs 0.27
    I suppose according to you then DB10 was less of a flop at Arsenal..but nonetheless a flop according to your argument based on goal ratios..

    Mate it happens,great players don’t always cut it at some clubs.Therefore does not necessarily mean,it sullies their class.The man is a legend..He had a blip at Inter the great Ronaldo,and resumed normal service at Arsenal..

  18. Dan Ahern

    Bergkamp – Haha. As always, if a Super Quali-tea Lady is available, we will buy her!
    The funds are there. But of course we must make 15 or 20 thousand pounds profit every year, this is normal. We will invest in new wait-staff after we achieve this.

  19. SDE

    “guy who had 2 shit years at Inter where he managed 11 goals in 52″

    “Only thing is he was a striker at Inter and second striker at Arsenal after the first few years.”

    Reply:Nonetheless,just looking at his goal scoring ratio alone according to you,he had 2 shit seasons at Inter Milan..Based on that logic,his goal ratio ,was not that marginally better at Arsenal-
    0.21 vs 0.27….respectively.When you look at the record books,are you going to explain away the fact that his goal scoring ratio at Arsenal might not have been significantly better,’cos he played as a second striker..?You can’t start moving the goal posts,to qualify your argument that as a first striker at Inter Milan-he flopped..then proceed to put him in the same bracket as Wiltord..

    As I said before convoluted nonsense..
    Bergkamp was a legend..
    The brazilian Ronaldo’s last 3 years at Inter Milan were one of his worst in his glorious career..In fact he was injury ravaged for the last 3 years at Inter,hardly played..Actually he played 34 matches over the last 3 years of his time at Inter Milan..Taking his goal scoring ratio over this 3 year period to a paltry 0.00,he would be deemed by your logic to have been a flop..with a goal scoring record of 0 in 33 appearances.
    But hey,he goes to the world cup in 2002,wins the golden boot as top scorer,and the world cup..And the rest is history..

    There’s more to a player,than just goal scoring ratios..
    Taking in isolation,they distort the picture..You have to look at the complete picture..Use your stats wisely…

  20. Mayank

    Just to be clear, I didn’t put him in the same bracket as Wiltord as a player. Just as a signing. A talented player on the up v/s a super talented player in a rut(even scoring aside he wasn’t exactly setting the world on fire at Inter). Hard to separate imo.

    I think we should leave it at that. There’s nothing more to the convo either of us can add.

  21. SDE

    Mayank“Like I said B63, the biggest difference is in the context of the signings, not the signings themselves.7.5m in 1995 v 13m in 2000 isn’t too much of a mismatch. 2.5m to 7.5m v 7.5m to 12m is very different.”

    Are your calculations factoring in- real terms..?
    Or are you just ,doing some basic/elementary primary school subtraction,by comparing figures b/w different years and taking the difference..If it’s the latter..your argument does not hold…

    You need to have a base year and do the relevant transformations in order to compare figures quoted for 1995 vs figures quoted for real terms.

    For example you can’t just compare your salary earned in 2002 say- £30,000 vs your salary earned in 2012 say £60,000.. And then doing a simple calculation of subtracting £60k from £30k and saying £30k is not much of a difference..Unfortunately it does not work like that..
    You have to transform these figures into real terms,before you start to compare like with like..So you either use a base year in my example of 2002,or 2010 with a conversion figure-being the benchmark for comparing the salaries in a like-for like fashion..i.e. comparing oranges to oranges,not apples to oranges as in your case!

  22. Mayank

    Before Rio was signed for 27m in 2002 the football landscape in the PL was growing at a steady rate. Utd changed the game initially with their signings and the Chelsea completely changed the game.

    Before that however, or rather between 1995 and 2000 you can’t really say that the market spiked up drastically.

    Extrapolating both to current values I’d say Bergkamp would go for about 25m-30m, about Kaka’s value right now. And Wiltord would go for 20-25m, about Benzema’s value when he signed for RM.

    But again, it’s conjecture more than anything and that’s all it can be.

  23. SDE

    “Before Rio was signed for 27m in 2002 the football landscape in the PL was growing at a steady rate.”

    Reply:Reason it was going at a steady rate was simply down to the fact that the first tv-rights deal with sky was in the region of £300million over a period of 4 -5 seasons ,rising to double that figure of the next 4 seasons.This goes someway to explaining the steady growth rate in the EPL prior to 2002..

    Mayank:”Before Rio was signed for 27m in 2002 the football landscape in the PL was growing at a steady rate. Utd changed the game initially with their signings ”

    Reply:I think you will find,that the reason Utd had an impact in changing the game with their signings,was not soley because of them,but rather due to what at the time,was a record-busting tv-rights deal with sky!!Somewhat in the region of £1 billion over a 3 year period from 2001-2004.So based on how the tv money pot is split up..,based on league standings/final rankings & facilities fees for games shown on live tv,implying the big clubs generally received the lions share of this money,plus overseas tv rights fees.Allowed Man Utd to position/leverage itself ,as not only a big player in domestic/european football, but also in the transfer market.. Also the explosion of the premier league,coincided with the demise,or exodus of players from Serie A at the time…Why?Money..& Sky TV..
    If you recall Serie A in the 1990’s- 1999 was the place to be..Gascoigne,Rudd Guillt,Marco Van Basten,George Weah,Veron,Bastistuta,Faustino Asprilla,Marcelo Salas David Platt,Paul Ince,Ronaldo,Desailly, Zidane(Juventus)!!
    The list goes on…

    “Extrapolating both to current values I’d say Bergkamp would go for about 25m-30m”, -about Kaka’s value right now. And Wiltord would go for 20-25m, about Benzema’s value when he signed for RM.

    Reply:So you can imagine what a world class signing he was at the time,given bruce rioch signed him..
    It’s like in equivalent terms,owen coyle managing liverpool,and spending £30 million in getting Kaka-hypothetically speaking!!

    As for Wiltord-in today’s terms would be worth £20 million,but remember he was a euro cup winner so his transfer value would have been significantly enhanced as a consequence of this..
    Benzema,who has proven to be a quality signing,wasn’t really an established intl,left out of the world cup 2010 squad ,let alone a world cup/european cup winner at international level.Not really disputing what you say about bergkamp,or benzema here,when talking in terms of relative value..Just adding some titbits..

  24. arsenal1886-2006

    One thing that I notice in the European matches is the number of families and especially children at the games played in mainland Europe. You see the same in the domestic leagues, but I do not notice this in the Premiership.

  25. Herkules

    arsenal1186-2006 — over 38 games stats are life and death… agreed that in any one game they can be deceiving, but the only way to move this club forward is to pay very close attention to the stats (especially ones that show a specific correlation between allowing more goals in and us losing our competitive standing)..( in the goals scored category we’re actually similar to many of the glory years).

  26. arsenal1886-2006

    Herkules. I am ok with stats like the one you suggested but individual player stats are more often than not mis-leading. I don’t mean goals scored at the end of the season but passes made, success rate of passes, assists, and whatever. You can make assists against weaker teams and at the end of the year they cover up what could more than likely be a poor season generally for a player.
    Denilsons stats spring to mind, the only real stats that count for me is the final league table. That does not lie.

  27. Herkules

    ah – right – agreed…

    For example – I’m of the opinion that most of Walcott’s good performances tend to come in games we’ve already won… i wonder if there’s an easy way to find goals or assists in games that are tied or when you’re behind, etc.

  28. arsenal1886-2006

    Agree with you on Walcott. The stats we see are usually only for forwards and midfielders, scorers and assists if you like. You do not see stats for positional sense amongst defenders, you will see stats for tackles made but positioning is crucial for a decent defender and make them better than tackling stats can ever suggest. It is the same with strikers, they could be having a lean time and providing no assists, but their off the ball running is crucial for opening up defences, and that is not added to stats.

    Take Bergkamps goal scoring stats, if you looked at them in the future and never knew who he was you would more than likely think he was an average forward. Bergkamps off the ball movement and link up play was superb, and just being on the pitch in the vicinity of the opposition goal created space for players to run into. There is not a stat for that sort of play, yet it is something that the better players possess. The true worth of a player is sorely overlooked when fans just look at statistical records

  29. SDE

    Another example of stats distorting,or giving a misleading picture is Crouch’s goal scoring record for england..To the uninformed,it might look impressive..A closer look,and I’m afraid it’s really a fallacy,given the opposition he was up against and the stage of the tournaments,or friendlies he was involved in..

    e.g.Friendlies match in which Crouch has Scored
    March 2006-2-1 win Uruguay- (1 goal)
    May 2006 3-1 Hungary-(1 goal)
    June 2006 6-0 Jamaica( 3 goals)

    August 2006 4-0 Greece(2 goals)

    7 goals scored in 2006 in friendlies..

    Tournaments in which Crouch has scored-Crouch
    World Cup-Group stage2006 Trinidad & Tobago- (1 goal)

    Euro’08 Qualifying Campaign/Sept’06 -5-0 Andorra(2 goals)

    Sept 06 1-0 Macedonia(1 goal)

    4 goals scored in ’06
    April 09-2-1Ukraine (1 goal)

    I could go on,suffice to say his intl goal scoring record was 22 goals in 42 appearances,with the bulk of the goals,i.e. 11 goals scored in the period -2006 against average opposition in meaningless matches-friendlies..I’ve already accounted for 7 goals in the friendlies during 2006,the remaining 4goals for this period 2006 in qualifying campaigns for the euros..
    Be wary of stats!!

  30. goondawg

    Players are damn expensive these days. You just know Chelsea and City, disappointed with their current seasons will respectively buy a host of players. And united will be in the thick of it come transfer time, and Liverpool no doubt will give it another go at reinstating their top elite status. Tottenham have made sufficient enough noise about the likes of Hazard, and who knows, sales of Modric, Bale could see a spending spree the likes Arsenal can only watch in envy. We sell Nasri and Fabregas, so Kroenke can keep on filling up the coffers whilst committing this daylight robbery of raising ticket prices so fans can watch more dross like Almunia and Chamakh play. Hell, even Newcastle are preparing for their champions league entry.

    I fear that Arsene is going to get left behind, and we will see another summer of regression. Why can’t we once celebrate a signing of intent and notoriety? I grow jealous of the transfer doings everywhere around us but ours. Before it was dandy because Arsene had a knack of finding gems and proud of not breaking the bank. Somehow that has stagnated and now we are just labelled cheap skates. What good did moving to emirates do, if we can’t compete with the best, and soon will struggle to fill the seats? Kroenke is risking losing the fans if he doesn’t invest the squad. And break this outdated wage cap we have! Players like RVP deserve to be paid more, and the clowns like Squillaci and Chamakh need to be wiped of the slate. Not to mention the 50 youths who won’t make it.

  31. arsenal1886-2006

    SDE. Great example of the distortion of a players true worth. I wonder how many managers have lost their jobs buying a duff player due to mis-leading stats?
    I can think of one who should of.

  32. arsenal1886-2006

    If Wenger wanted to spend big money he could.
    Lets just say for arguments sake that he is telling the truth, and lets say that Kroenke is not giving him the money. All Wenger has to do is leak to the press that he is not being backed and it would be all over the papers and Kroenke would be thrown to the wolves.
    “Back me or sack me says Wenger” the press would be cumming in their pants over that story and it would run for months. The AKB’s would start to boycott matches and take to protesting outside the ground for fear of losing their beloved leader.

    It would be fun to watch, a bit like the death of Kim Jong IL.

  33. Dan Ahern

    goondawg – right on, RvP plays all the games anyway. Cham and Park should give him their salaries out of respect!
    And the scary thing about Chelsea and City is that they’re rich enough to both overpay for players, and not even have to sell them when they buy a raft of replacements. They’re stockpilers!

  34. SDE

    arsenal 1886-2006
    You will tend to find football and common sense,sprinkled with a modicum of intelligence,do not go hand in hand..
    Even chairman,screw up…!!Case in point Risdale,whilst chairman of Leeds..mortgaging the stadium,based on future champion league gate receipts for the next 10 the tune of almost under £100 million(£70million-approx) was suicidal!!
    Meanwhile,paying £7 Million for Seth Johnson from Derby..(probably looked at his stats),
    £12 million for Robbie Keane-Inter Milan(2001),
    Dominic Matteo £4-5 million from Liverpool..
    Probably O’leary convinced Risdale at the time based on stats,that these players were needed,in order to take Leeds to the next level..Potential EPL & CL winners..Of course we all know what transpired thereafter…

    For mayank,to say bergkamp’s scoring record at Inter was crap,based on his stat, of 11goals in 52 appearances..goal ratio of 0.21..Then he might as well apply that same logic consistently,and infer based on stats that bergkamp’s goal scoring stat at arsenal,was not significantly better–87 goals in 315 appearances..puts his goal ratio at 0.27..Not a significant leap from a ratio of 0.21 at Inter..
    So according to mayank’s logic ,you might as well conclude,based on stats,that bergkamp’s time at arsenal was a mitigating

    Complete crap…stats,should be used in conjunction with other reference points and not used as a stand alone indicator to judge a player’s worth/ability/talent..
    At first glance looking at Walcott’s stats,you might think this guy was awesome..But we all know,he’s crap…

  35. Gunner2301


    That;s the conclusion I came to and one of the reasons why I am now against Wenger. We have to assume that Arsene is au fait with it all otherwise something would have come out to the contrary. You can take the same view with Pat Rice. If he was not being listened to or thought Wenger was on the wrong track he would have leaked something or walked. He hasn’t so you have to assume he is happy being Arsenes yes man and watching the Club he served for so long being run into the ground. It’s just one hand washing the other at the Club in order that they all benefit and milk the cow, Kroenke, the board, the manager and the players.

  36. Gunner2301


    Considering Chelsea and City have the richest owners or should I say the owners who are prepared to put money in, because I believe we have the richest owners. They can stockpile all they want they can only have the same squad numbers as us. Given that they have spent so lavishly it’s not as if they each have the best 25 players so the money will only ever get them so far. That should be music to our ears meaning there are still top players out there that neither of these Clubs will buy, but we are still not taking advantage of that and let quality players go by the wayside. Shocking really considering our liquidity and value as a Club. It’s just ambition that is holding us back and Arsene is trying his damned best to hold us back for some reason.

  37. Gunner2301


    It’s because that list wasn’t drawn up by Wenger otherwise Eboue the pass master and Denilson (John Motsons statistical wet dream) would have been on the list as well.

  38. Gunner2301


    At the end of the day. Torres has shit stats for Chelsea but we all know what he’s capable of and I’d be happy to have him as 2nd striker or swap him for Walcott who has far superior stats but isnt’ the superior player. Some players just don’t click with a Club and it all depends on what role they’re being asked to play, case in points Nasri at City different role to Arsenal and not expected to score as much as he did with us, does that make him a worse player? No he;s just playing a different role that requires him to contribute in a different way.

  39. goondawg

    “The hardest thing is being away from the game that I love and not being to able to help my team-mates get third place!,” Wilshere said on Twitter. “I will be in all summer trying to get fit so I can help the team next season! No holidays, I just want to play and show Arsenal fans what I can do!”

    Good lad. No euros nor olympics will allow him to come back to Arsenal fresh and fit fingers crossed.

  40. 3 Right Charlie's

    Sir Henry Norris must be spinning in his grave at what the modern-day BoD are doing to our club. He made us one of the most feared sides in the world. We are a very pale immitation of that all-conquering era.
    There is a stench of stagnant ordinariness in a sterile atmosphere where anything remotely competitive is frowned upon.
    Many fans hypnotised into believing that it’s okay not to challenge for titles as long as we finish in the ‘magical’ 4th place to qualify for another competition we’re not that bothered about winning as long as we pocket the readies.
    Wenger would have made an excellent Chancellor.

  41. SDE

    Thanks Guys JOPAA & GUNNER 2301

    I would take Torres in a heartbeat as a 2nd striker to the (maybe soon departed RVP)..but we know that will never happen under wenger’s timewatch..
    You know,I’ve always wondered at the time & even up till now,why wenger never bought david trezeguet,when henry was there!More so,when he went and bought that crappy fox in the box-francis jeffers!!Who knows,maybe we could have won back-2back titles..possibly a CL Cup..Why he never reinforced the team?Instead of resting on his beyond me!

  42. SDE


    “Good lad. No euros nor olympics will allow him to come back to Arsenal fresh and fit fingers crossed.”

    Reply..I’m afraid,we are just delaying the inevitable..The fact that he will come back fresh and fit as a fiddle,only implies one thing..Wenger will run this guy into the ground with a vengeance..In fact,prior to destroying wilshire,he will announce that the return of a fit wilshire will be like a new signing..You will find wilshire’s development at arsenal will be stunted in years to come.An injury plagued season(s) will ensure..Jack will become disillusioned with no trophies evident,and wenger’s insisting that we are a big club,with big,big ambitions..Whilst continuing to flog the heirlooms every season.Other clubs will be sniffing around Jack, wenger will bemoan that jack’s injury plagued season(s) is ‘cos of the england manager over using him,or clubs tapping him up!!Eventually Wenger will take the money offered for Jack,and then blame chelsea/man city/barca/real madrid/uefa/FA/referees/FFP-(take your pick),or any other scapegoat for jack being sold..whilst wenger and the douchebag BoD’s are laughing all the way to the bank.
    Sad,but true…I give jack 2 seasons max at arsenal…
    Unless wenger goes before then!!

    What quality player remains at arsenal, for a considerable length of time nowadays?

  43. Onyeabor Gabriel

    I always said that wenger need to re-enforce arsenal squad before he will challenge for titles, player like park, chamake, alumnia, squallica,vela, and even diaby, djourou, walloct, ramsy, arshavim, delison and many more should be sold and replace them with real quality. If this is not done arsenal will still find themselves bad situation when next begins.