The Arsenal centre midfield conundrum | Robin goes to negotiate Barca deal at London hotel

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Great shoes. No relevance to the post

There’s no time for moping people. We’ve got important games to think about and important decisions to guide the Boro Piromac and Wenger on.

First up is the obvious. Who replaces the crocked Arteta?

Well for me, I doubt it’s even a question. The only fit, slightly experienced option we have in the middle of the park is Aaron Ramsey. I’m just not sure he’s up to it this season. His form hasn’t improved since November and he looks a somewhat broken man these days. That’s not to say he’s not capable of putting in a stellar performance… I’m just not sure he’s the man to do it against a resurgent experienced Chelsea side.

Diaby would be the prime candidate to come in a take over that Arteta role. Sure he’s frustrating sometimes but his tall and imposing and when he came on earlier in the season against Liverpool he turned the game. He can pass, he’s bold going forward and he does have flashes of brilliance every now and then. Trouble is, he struggles to last 15 minutes (insert crude self deprecating sex joke here) these days and I’m not sure how fit he’d be to play a game of such importance.

Some people are flagging Oxo as the man to take over the middle of the park. Again, I’m not quite sure how that would work. Are we suggesting Rosicky and Song play deep with the Ox taking on the lead creative role? Or are we suggesting he does what Arteta does? It would be the boldest move of the season if Wenger were to play him. I think the boy is talented, but can we really risk three points on a hunch?

The other option we have, one that hasn’t been discussed in great detail is the potential of moving Vermaelen into a more advanced position. That could definitely be an option with legs if it wasn’t for JD being the guy who’d slip in behind him. Thomas seems far more suited to a midfield role than a defensive one this season. He loves bombing forward, he’s fast, good in the air and he’d absolutely terrorize people in the middle of the park.

Whatever happens, we’ve got a tough game. I hate playing Chelsea. They’re an old team that never seems to break up and go their separate ways. We’ll have to deal with a confident Drogba and an in-formish Fernando Torres, but we do have the added benefit this year of being a team who like to play the big games. The big question is going to be around how we cope with the loss of our star performer this year?


So Robin went to a hotel to negotiate a move to Barcelona this summer. He made a few errors along the way. Firstly he was snapped by a Daily Mail celebrity snapper. Silly boy Robin. The second error was that he went in his training kit. He might have avoided being snapped had he not flagged that he was a 28 year old man in football apparel. The third is that you’re supposed to get your agent to do the negotiations!

Robin… you’ve much to learn. Speak to Cashers, he was kind of good at deception.

Robin been a busy boy… playing Manchester City officials off against Barca officials so he can go back to Ivan with a nice big figure for him to match. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in that meeting… Ivan’s face when he has to tear up that 2% pay rise he had planned.

So, back to the big question of the midfield.

Who would you play? How would you play? Do you think we can win?

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Those be the points of discussion today. So get involved!

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  1. SDE

    Wenger Sweeties
    “I wonder if Wenger doesn’t make top 4 this season whether he will walk…..”

    Reply..If he had his way..he would stay and pro-offer a whole host of excuses for finishing outside the top 4.Ranging from refeering decisions,FFP,man city,not enough quality players…global warming,etc
    Besides he would fight tooth&nail to maintain his £7 million salary..He knows he’s got it relatively comfy..The fans to him,are a walk in the park..He believes he’s got the fans wrapped around his finger..The issue would be whether the Board of Directors would tolerate another season of being outside the top 5..It would be the boards decision..and interesting times for all involved should that situation come to pass..The war of the and improved!!

  2. Keyser

    Why ? Apart from the colourful exterior and the trapdoor to the changings rooms what else stands out ? Have you been to it and what other stadiums are you comparing the Emirates to ?!

    I think our structure is similar to the estadio du luz the way the light streams in through the arcs at the top.

  3. SDE


    “Keyser, as usual WTF are you talking about? The Allianz looks far superior to me. What’s all this far right BS?”

    Reply..It’s that time of the night,where keyser dons his wind-up costume..and proceeds to start winding dudes up..At this point,I’m sure he has donned his big hat,sitting by his huge cauldron pot with a massive wooden spoon to hand and starts the slow stirring..

  4. SDE


    How comes you know so much about the technical aspects of these stadiums abroad?Have you been to them all?


    The new Cowboys stadium is amazing, as is the Skins, Jets and Mets/Yankees.

    What was the one I saw the other day for the Euros? Amazing anyway. I just think the Emirates isn’t that impressive. There is even a very similar one in Portugal (Benfica I think) that looks better than ours.

  6. SDE

    “Portugal (Benfica I think)”

    Reply..I think you’ll find it’s called the stadium of light..(Benfica’s stadium)

  7. Goon from BD

    Zeus- I didn’t watch the Dortmund game but their pressing is fucking mental really. I’ve seen a lot of him and its his first proper chance at Bayern so I find rather impressive specially as he is different aspects of his game.

    As for Pastore….he is talented but I think he is too up his ass and inconsistent as fuck. I don’t find him to be a very good playmaker because he is too individualistic. He is massively talented though and still very very young to learn.

  8. SDE

    Goon from BD
    “Pastore….he is talented but I think he is too up his ass and inconsistent as fuck. I don’t find him to be a very good playmaker because he is too individualistic. He is massively talented though and still very very young to learn.”

    Reply:What a bit like a very young Cristiano Ronaldo starting out at Man Utd?


    Yep, that’s the one. How does it look better than ours though? £357M – expected better.

    Poker alias’s crack me up. I’m sitting opposite Gary Glitter from the Phillipines. I mean WTF?

  10. SDE


    “Yep, that’s the one. How does it look better than ours though? £357M – expected better”.

    Reply:You’ll probably find new things to like at the emirates,once wenger abdicates his stinky throne.

  11. SDE

    “Even the Olympic stadium looks shit like a satellite dish. Maybe it’s just stadiums in this country very conservative in their designs”.

    Reply.Maybe we’re just not imaginative enough,or creative enough like the national football team.

  12. Goon from BD

    SDE- No not really. You could see Cristiana really wanted it. He was up his arse but he really wanted to succeed.

  13. zeus

    A quick google and I see that the Cowboys stadium cost 1 billion+ dollars.

    80k capacity expandable 111k with standing room.

    Who in their right minds spends a billion on a stadium?

  14. Bade

    So, the Chavs made it through a tough night. Just watched the extended highlights

    They need as much luck to escape onslaught in the Nou Camp

    But it’s good for us, as this result will force RDM to rest some player against us

  15. andy

    Just received an email of afc regarding the new kit – they wrote it’s a sample and they will only comment after official announcement

  16. follow the money

    @ zeus, scumbags in Texas that know that they will find a way to make the public pay for most of it

  17. Bergkamp63


    With regards to next season’s kit, Nike creates different design options and samples at different stages in the kit design process. Arsenal FC will unveil the actual designs within a month or so and until then we cannot comment on images of Arsenal kit designs that are circulating in media. All official announcements surrounding the 2012/2013 kit will go live via Club Channels.

    Kind regards


    The Licensing Department

  18. Bergkamp63

    which means you can take it as read that the kit we all saw weeks ago WAS the kit that we may have ended up with or may still depending on how much negative feedback they got !!

  19. Pedro

    Danish, is there anywhere to go that isn’t massively expensive? And what is expensive? £8 a pint? Or £5 a pint?