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The best cheddar is mature. What? That's all I have.

This year Robin Van Persie will be 29, Rosicky 32 Benayoun 32, Arteta 30, Kozzer 27, Mertesacker 28, Vermaelen 27, Santos 29 and blimey, even Alex Song will be 25 and he is the current poster boy for project youth.

All the above players have been the bedrock of consistency this season when playing and fit, so what does that tell you? It should tell you that outside of a chosen few like Oxo, Cesc, Messi and Wilshere, players don’t become really good until they are past 25, look at the invincibles, what was their average age?

Add to that playing kids too early results in constant injuries and inconsistency, then the case for older ready made players has been proved, albeit inadvertently, by Wenger himself.

If he wants proof that playing kids gets injuries, listen to what Theo is saying, now he’s 23 he’s not afraid of injuries anymore, that comment alone proves my point. The point I’ve been making about project youth since 2005 that is.

Benayoun has angered so many chavs it’s laughable, the old crock has come back to haunt them, even I thought signing him on loan was a desperate act, well it was, but the gamble paid off!

Anyway, it should have taught us that raising a team of kids does nothing but make other teams happy, happy that we trained them and had them in our first team when they were learning their trade, then going to others when they were older and wiser, Cesc, Ade, Nasri to name but a few. Regardless of what people think of Nasri and Ade, they are good players.

Anyway, we need to move on and put this season behind us, hope that the manager has finally learned his lesson and pray that he will buy Robin what he needs to be unbeatable next season, and that isn’t kids.

Strangely enough I wouldn’t throw money at Robin, he has 18 months left on his contract so I would offer him a new one, but not a daft one, he owes us for 8 years on the treatment table and we owe him a few trophies, so use the money to bring in the talent we need to be a force. Make a statement.

We will qualify for Europe so attracting players won’t be a problem, I can’t remember the last time teams laughed at us for giving them a great loanee, Wilshere aside! So get shot of all the players we all know will never play for us and start again. Hoyte, Murphy, Bendtner, Denilson etc, etc you all know who I mean.

Then all the overpaid hapless players like Squillaci, Chamakh, Park, Fabianski and Almunia and if we pay them too much for other teams to take them then take the difference out of Wenger’s wages, he paid them.

Ok I know that won’t happen so cut our losses and pay them off, we can’t keep players that are rubbish because someone overpaid them, that’s insane.

Dempsey I like but not at his age, we should be looking at players from 25, unless they are exceptional like M’Vila or Goetze and stop buying players that take a year to work. Playing 30 year olds is fine, but buying them isn’t.

I also think signing a big name would send out a message and would be very tempted to go for a Hazard rather that shelling out massive pay rises. Players should get pay rises when we win things, not just to keep them.

I would like to think we’ll play Bennayoun on the left (this season) instead of Gervinho (when fit) because for me Gervinho hasn’t been that good and Benayoun has given much more to the team, and that’s what this team should have, players that deserve the spot and not certain peoples favourites.

Hopefully Jack will return to play for us soon, he seems fit enough to do Pepsi Max ads, I would love to see him back in this team, we would look even better.

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That’s it for today and it wasn’t even a rant.

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  1. DialSquare

    I was in a nightclub when this fat girl walks up to me.
    She says “hey sexy what’s your name”
    I say “mark but my friends call me cake”
    “why do they call you cake” she said
    because i always attract the fat ones.

  2. Al

    So guys, considering how good Song,Arteta and Ros7 are doing, you reckon Jack Wilshere will still be an automatic starter next season?

  3. JJ

    There should be no automatic starters. Everyone should earn their spot based on form. That’s my opinion. Wenger will start his favorites and Jackyboy will be one of them. Hopefully he will have the form to warrant the start.

  4. JJ

    Ben – That makes Song the playmaker… are you serious? His invisible friend will have to work on his touch because he will be getting a lot of passes if your prediction prevails.

  5. Ricky

    Whos to say rosicky is going to be as effective next season as he has been these past couple months?

    I wouldn’t put any money on it myself.

    The best thing we can do is not assume certain players will continue their good form & add to what we have so we can push on next season.

    Ive been watching quite alot of vertonghen this season & even though Ajax have not been doing too well he’s been the best defender in the eredivese hands down & would definetly make us stronger at the back alongside either vermaelen or koscielny with the leadership qualities he has.

    I’m not so sure m’vila would be a better option then song right now but he would add something were missing. He’s a different type of DM, similar to gilberto but not sure how that type of DM would work out in our midfield.. Would be a good signing anyhow.

    Podolski goes without saying really.. Better then all our attacking players bar rvp.

  6. Byo

    @maniac- Touche.
    It is a waste of your time trying to get across to the aforementioned. Their comments are same every day. Can be summarized as such:
    Wenger is mad;
    Wenger does not know what he’s doing;
    Wenger out;
    Ramsey(or whatever player catches their ire that day) is shit;
    Arsenal needs players x, y, z,….(last off season it was Melo,etc)
    Then they call someone else in the comments names;
    and on, and on….

    And you wonder if we are still talking about football!

  7. Thomas

    gambon @

    “Diaby is like a new signing”

    Did he actually say that? Please tell me he didn’t say that.

    Can’t stand him.

    This is what Wenger had to say to Campbells comments:

    “Sol Campbell has a lot of money, his gifts are welcome. If he gives us money, we will spend it, believe me. The best way always to give advice is to show example. Give your own money and we will spend it.”

    Really? That’s his response? What an utter cunt.

  8. Al

    Should Ros7 maintain his form and even improve what will that mean for Wilshere….Realistically he is competing with Ros7 for a starting position as i can’t see him moving Arteta…but Should Ros7 maintain his form and even improve what will that mean for Wilshere..

    Will be interesting to see and i just love this competition for places

  9. Al

    Thomas April 13, 2012 19:46:22
    This is what Wenger had to say to Campbells comments:

    “Sol Campbell has a lot of money, his gifts are welcome. If he gives us money, we will spend it, believe me. The best way always to give advice is to show example. Give your own money and we will spend it.”

    Really? That’s his response? What an utter cunt.
    Relax mate…. he was just having abit of banter with the journalists..

  10. WengersSweeties


    “Our ambition is intact, to win the championship. It depends on how we finish the season to decide how much we need to buy to have a chance to win the championship next season.”

    😯 WHAT!!!

    He NEVER, NEVER, EVER learns….. I am so sick of this c**t now.

  11. Dan Ahern

    Re: “Our ambition is intact, to win the championship. It depends on how we finish the season to decide how much we need to buy to have a chance to win the championship next season.”

    Here’s the thing, Wenger: you know EXACTLY how you will finish the season already. You will be in the CL, and you will have 0 trophies.

    Same as always.

    If that’s what determines what we buy, then I guess we’re looking forward to another fantastic “4th is a trophy” year.

  12. Ricky

    Le senile’s already said he won’t change he’s transfer policy today & we all know what he means by that is he will continue to shop in pound stretcher.

    Finishing 3rd this season will be the perfect excuse for him not to be busy in the transfer window.

  13. incesc

    wengers the biggest troll out there.

    first the campbell comments then the see where we finish before spending.


    worst defeats in the champions league and premier league and not competing in any trophies.

    but wanger will apparently decide our transfer policy on whether we win or lose some meaningless games now we’ve all but qualified for europe.


  14. Gunner2301

    Geoff Fantastic post. It’s about time this was aired.


    There;s nothing wrong with doing a project youth and it is possible Dortmund are proof. Average age of 22 was it when they won their league last season and are due to defend their title. The difference is the managers that implementing it on one hand you have Klopp who has succeeded on the other Wenger who has failed in this respect.

    Everyone clamouring to this myth that Wenger is a great developer of youth doesn’t help get to the bottom of why things have not worked out. If you can’t get past that one you’ll never figure it out and that’s probably the same mind set that Wenger has and why he has not been able to figure out that failure.

    There are way too many young players who are average yet still hanging around the squad because Wenger chooses it to be so. The whole culture is wrong and not conducive to competitiveness. The players are not disciplined enough and Wenger’s weak management doesn’t help. Players who don’t perform were tolerated to death. Therein lies the problem.

    Wenger is a good manager with experienced players who can take the responsibility out of his hands to give direction, which is what the younger players needed from him and couldn’t get. Players like Arshavin come and fail because they cannot motivate themselves and Wenger struggles to motivate the players too. If they are self motivated and can get on without direction they do well with us.

    I welcome Wengers change of heart in looking for experience. We need better quality experienced players. It’s like he knows what he has to do but he is edging ever so slowly towards it in the hope that we don’t realise that he has changed his philosophy and project youth is dead.



  15. incesc

    haha what is WOB army

    dont know if im getting sucked in but usually wanger says 4th is a trophy and he deserves credit for for being mediocre. now he is talking up winning the league.

    we do have a good core all of a sudden, we have a keeper, 2 goodish centre back and a back up. And a good right back

    arteta is solid as fuck and a top striker if he actually stays.

    solid base. But we have been the only team in probably any top league in the whole of europe with only 1 striker. Podolski signing is an absolute necessity, dont be fooled by thinking his signing is a turnaround

  16. Keyser

    “There;s nothing wrong with doing a project youth and it is possible Dortmund are proof. Average age of 22 was it when they won their league last season and are due to defend their title. The difference is the managers that implementing it on one hand you have Klopp who has succeeded on the other Wenger who has failed in this respect.”

    Gunner2301 – I don’t want to seem like I’m having a go, because you’ve spent time and effort to post all of all that, but you really and I mean REALLY need to go look at the set-up Germany has for youth and how they control the Bundesliga.

    The difference isn’t in managers, though there are obviously differences, it’s in the structure and nature of the league, that’s what stands out ffs,

    It’s proof that it can happen, but proof in the BUNDESLIGA not here, how do you ignore that ?!

    Look at Arshavin, didn’t Wenger say he wouldn’t have the stamina for the Premiership, he was an instant hit, he didn’t fail, but his lack of stamina’s now showing, and at 30 odd it’s not going to suddenly get better, that’s why you go with youth.

    The idea Wenger changed policy by signing the players he did last summer, is more of a myth than anything else, for me it was Wenger finally giving up on trying to work around money and just seeing where short term expenditure will take him, there’s no real grand plan, it’s more go with the flow and see where it takes us.

    Arteta isn’t going to improve or fulfill the sort of potential Fabregas had, but he works hard, is skillful and for 2-3 years has enough experience to take us along.

    When was the last time a team with an average age of 22 won the Premiership ? I’m not sure what United’s average age was way back when, but I’m pretty sure it hasn’t happened in recent years.

    I’ve said before that hopefully with the team Tottenham managed to build and the players Newcastle manager to find there’s a change happening and we’ll see the marketplace return somewhat back to normal.

  17. Keyser

    incesc – What’s the other side to what Wenger’s said ? You lot have got 5 games to show me who’s worth keeping and who I should find replacements for.

    There’s also a fair bit of difference between where we finish, 3rd or 4th is the difference between us being able to relax a little during the summer and buy players in early.

    What players going to go off to the Euro’s and then want to wait around to see if we qualify for the Champions League aswell.

  18. Keyser

    In fact you should look at Germany, at Dortmund, at Klopp and think how fucked up the Premiership really is.

  19. BacaryisGod


    Meanwhile, Wenger has challenged former Arsenal defender Sol Campbell to put his money where his mouth is.

    Campbell has queried Arsenal’s ambition and urged them to sign proven quality if they are to challenge for trophies next season.

    Wenger said: “Sol Campbell has a lot of money. His gifts are welcome. If he gives us money I will spend it. The best way to give advice is to show example.”

  20. BacaryisGod

    Keyser-I looked at Dortmund and Klopp and managed to find a team that finished 3rd in our Champions League group…

  21. incesc

    point is keyser

    5 games will decide our champions league place but wenger has what 15 years of managing clubs and should be using that as a guide and not our recent form

    but like i say he is a massive troll, he will do what he wants this summer, and wind everyone up every opportunity.

    haha im over the wenger hate.

  22. Keyser

    Why can’t it just be another kick up the ass for the few games left ? You can spin it how you want really, what makes me laugh is people who say ‘Wenger talks constant shite’..

    ‘What’s he said now Margeret ? Oh has he’

    *cuts wrist..*

  23. incesc

    i actually think the team/management has started turning it around at last.

    i wanted wenger out after the man u champions league exit years ago and then it was basically free fall till the 8-2 this season.

    then we changed this year, probably at the most delicate time of wangers career.

    what I thought we needed for all those years was quality assured experience and we got it in arteta and mert.

    I know gambon talks about goetze and hazard and i dont doubt him as he is usually completely spot on with his scouting but i always thought we needed experience to stop the team all out panicking all the time

    then robin stepped up with verm as vice captain, arteta is a proper footballer unlike song, denilson, diaby and all them lot. Chesney can deal with a cross.

    and we suddenly have a base.

  24. incesc

    obviously my last post doesnt correlate to wengers last 5 games comment…


    but honestly we have a base to kick on from now and it shouldnt be on a whim or on 5 games.

    Big clubs need big ideas and strong management…

  25. Dan Ahern

    arsene nose best – No way. I’m sorry. Everybody wants us to improve and go after impact signings. But missing CL will NEVER improve the team. We’d lose both money and the ability to lure good players. Considering how parsimonious we already are, that would in no way help.

  26. Dan Ahern

    incesc – I’m with you, we definitely have a stronger base this year. But look what happened with a couple key injuries. And look what happens when our bench options to take a game back are Chamakh and Park.

    We still need great players in so we have a full team, not just the base.

  27. Keyser

    The 8-2 I knew was coming, we rely on a smooth passing game and we had our heart ripped out over the summer, that many changes and it was always going to be bad.

    The only thing we could of done is shut up shop tried not to concede, but we’ve rearely done that since Wenger’s been in charge we’ve had some ridiculous come-backs so I’ll take the beating for the chance of a comeback.

    I absolutely can’t stand it when a team just gives up and tries to wind the clock down though I understand the notion.

    We had a base last year, it had almost everything, the difference between the two was age, last years team had the potential to win titles or be comeptitive for years.

    It’s not really change it’s just Wenger skipping a few years because we can’t afford to sustain a team like that in today’s premiership.

    The grand plan would have been to turn that team into the sort of experience and mentality we have now, I don’t think it was wrong and I’d rather that tob e honest.

    I’d rather see Wilshere grow with Arsenal, thans ee the tail-end of Arsharvin as his legs can’t keep up with the teams ambition.

  28. incesc

    the only way we will move on is by buying players that learned the hard way elsewhere.

    the youngsters that grow up at arse are afforded too much space to express themselves at the expense of good football habits.

  29. incesc


    when man u lost ronaldo they didnt go out and lose 8-2

    creativity needs a strong base.

    its unfair but maybe wenger got lucky with vieira for all those years.

    you can teach song and vieira the same things but only one is going to be the best midfielder of a generation. Lesser players need more…

  30. Keyser

    “the only way we will move on is by buying players that learned the hard way elsewhere.”

    That’s been the whole problem, those players cost money, hopefully that’s changing now, but be mindful if it doesn’t change and the premiership stays the way it is we’res tills crewed.

    “the youngsters that grow up at arse are afforded too much space to express themselves at the expense of good football habits.”

    I don’t think that, Wilshere’s looked fine, it’s getting them to stay long enough so they do learn it.

  31. incesc

    and it not a slight on wenger at all

    hes a great coach obviously, he got a midfield of cesc, denilson, diaby and song in the champions league

    just wish it was a midfield of arteta, cesc and alonso, which would have had more of a chance to win the league

  32. Keyser

    “when man u lost ronaldo they didnt go out and lose 8-2”

    Heh, come off it, they lost 6-1 a while after beating us 8-2, you can’t use that, I remember Southampton beating them 6-3 when Van Gobbel was in the Premiership, Chelsea clocked them 5-0..

    Loads of things have changed since.

  33. arsene nose best

    well the time has come to go the other way and when i say the other way i mean we need to go down the usmanov route,i don’t want to go down that route,but in this day n age it’s a must.

  34. Keyser

    Heh, dn’t want to disagree with everything, but don’t really have a clue how we’re going to work it next year, either Song plays, or we bring in someone to replace him, but you can’t have Arteta and Wilshere as the holding ones.

  35. incesc

    just like cesc could of done with a player like arteta when he came though,

    i do actually think if we keep rvp and keep bringing in experience to play next to the youngsters like walcott, wilshere and the ox we will actually compete this year

    good times, we havent collapsed for ages

  36. Keyser

    Yeah, Alonso’s 30 now, I think Wilshere, Song, and Fabregas, with Nasri, Walcott, a couple of additions, would’ve been awesome.

    Alonso and Arteta ? Arteta got bullied against QPR, against Wolves you could see they were going to target him, though depends on what age we had them together.

  37. incesc

    more importantly whats our midfield next year?

    wilshere and arteta have to start. probably song too.

    rvp up front if we get lucky.

  38. Dan Ahern

    arteta cesc alonso all day

    Song is good on his day but too mistake-prone still. (Genuinely like him now overall though; used to hate him.) Wilshere is awesome but still cutting his teeth.

    Give me Arteta, Alonso, and Cesc, and I know I can count on them 100%

  39. Keyser

    I dunno, have a feeling Wilshere’s going to take a while to come back into it, if he goes off to the Euro’s he’s a bit of a dick aswell.

    I think Arteta will sit next to Song, and we’ll buy another creative player at least.

  40. Keyser

    Heh, Song has 14 assists this year, if he still had Fabregas and Wilshere in front of him he wouldn’t be in the position to make mistakes, also all 3 weren’t quite at their peak. But I think we had an awesome base to build off.

  41. incesc

    will wilshere go to the euros?

    its baffling wenger saying hes near but they have to be carefull

    theres 5 games left, wilshere isnt going to play…

    maybe he wants him to get the experience of the euros, he wont get worn out after a year off

  42. incesc

    “Give me Arteta, Alonso, and Cesc, and I know I can count on them 100%”

    thats the point in a nutshell.

  43. Keyser

    If Wilshere’s completely fit fine, but him at 60% or something knowing how desperate England get, no way.

  44. AA23

    Why play Wilshere? He’s been out for a year anyway, He’d be pony at the Euros.

    He’s pony anyway.

    Most overrated player ever.

  45. Dan Ahern

    Keyser – by mistakes I’m mostly referring to his stupid fouls. can’t mitigate those very much no matter how much better players in front of you. but lord knows he makes so many passing errors sometimes too…

  46. Bade

    Just slapped them tonight with a straight royal flush on the table

    I’m richer today around 170 quids

    Nice one 🙂

    Nite everyone play it cool

  47. Dan Ahern

    AA23 – thanks. well then. sorry I insulted your estimation of JW. but he’s quality. sure people expect him to walk in and be a superstar, maybe have way-too-high hopes, but he’s proven he has talent already

  48. AA23

    Dan Ahern
    No need to respond!
    I know here you are coming from mate, most Arsenal fans are all over Wilshere when we know he’s average.
    you show some bollocks to actually admit it though!
    Fair play mate.

  49. Keyser

    Dan Ahern – People exaggerate that, you could buy another player and unless he’s quicker than Song, you’d see the same fouls because of the way the team was set-up.

    It’s like the height thing, everyone made a big deal of us having height at the back or getting caught out at set-pieces, can’t remember many instances this year of feeling nervous, even with having Vermaelen and Koscielny at the back. By that I mean just because Song was the last line before the defence, doesn’t mean it was all his fault everytime.

    We’ll probably concede a set=piece goal next game now I’ve said that.

  50. AA23

    Fucking android phone!
    Kill *er point mate! Your* 100 percent right Self* ish Wenger is the reason we are in this fucking state.
    Tell it like it is!

  51. Keyser

    Heh, no idea what you said there, think you were having a go at Song though. Youre wrong, he’s not Fabregas, but he’s got the ability to be someone like Grimandi or Parlour for us.

  52. incesc

    song has only been taught how to win games wenger style.

    give him the ball in loads of space and 2 times out of a hundred he chips it to van persie, and wengers football is great so it works for song at a certain level

    put song in a champions league semi final and he is absolutely out of his depth because he doesnt have the space and the relaxed atmosphere of arsenal at home in the league

  53. Keyser

    You’ve basically said he’s good enough to get us to a Champions League semi there, I’ll take that.

    The rest is the sort of crap Paulinho or Bade would come out with, he’s got 14 assists, I’m not even going to say that’s good, but it highlights how little others have done around him.

  54. AA23

    Bades Kibbutz just got bombed but he asked me to give you this message…

    “Keyser you gayz!! you are like the barcodes fans and a spuds both being mixed or somethings, my girlfriend is a more of a soccering fan like you could be! you are mugs!
    Tery oconnor at the wolves is a better footballing knower than yours do, you bloody petrol rovers lovers!”

    Fuck knows what he’s on about

  55. Keyser

    AA23 – There used to be someone with a similar name to what you have, used to come on here late much like you do now, was fucking hilarious, think he got tired of having such poor material to work with, I commend you for bringing back such happy memories.

  56. Keyser

    incesc – You watch any of Errol Morris’s documentaries ?

    Been going through Mad Men, made me appreciate Kristina Hendricks nude photo’s on a whole new level, didn’t think I’d like it, but couldn’t stop until I’d gone through a couple of series in a week or so.

    Apart from that, been watching obscure foreign stuff on BBC three of four, like Borgen, or some Italian Inspector crime drama.

    The Fountain’s coming on FilmFour now, that’s pretty good.

    Phone Shop ?

  57. incesc

    enjoyed hunger games???

    come on lurch, it was all filler, where was the battle royale? when the young girl died and jennifer lawrence cried for 10 minutes i fell asleep

    liked her more in winters bone

  58. incesc

    christina hendricks boobs are good haha

    game of thrones is on again but i must of been pissed last season because i havent got a clue.

  59. incesc

    all the buses here are covered in battleship ads

    think the quote is:

    “the battle for earth, starts in the sea”


  60. jnyc

    We need a cesc replacement. Rosicky alone not enough, older and injury prone. We dont need the biggest names or pricetags, we need quality in this position in our setup. We fine on wings, will be fine witth pod n rvp striking. Song probably leaving, and must be replaced with top quality. Mvila sounds strong and tenacious, from reports. . Ramsey cant play cam, sorry to say. But i like him deeper and his hard work.
    oh, andvas someone said, song wont be as good anywhere else. He will just be another player who left and didnt produce as well as with us. Not all are that way, but alot.
    nasri is special case, loads of talent, but didnt produce results with us or city. Look at his stats. He is mr tippy tappy, thats all

  61. Lurch LeRouge

    Incesc. Great boobs? Great package!

    thought HG was ok 7/10. Good production design and theme. Yeah te edit was way ott. Shaving 30min off it would’ve helped.

    Dan, true. But I’m in a related industry so it im to see it id rather see it in full effect. Besides my kid finds the irony funny, besides it’s a tax deduction for me so it’s the tax office encouraging them not me! Haha.

  62. Geoff

    Morning all, SurferX I agree, he’ll let people know he’s on the pitch, that’s what I wish Song would do instead of cuddling and kissing the opposition all the time.

    Can’t remember who it was, but he kissed a City player in the tunnel, I wanted to vomit, imagine Vieira or big Frank kissing another player, especially the oppo.

  63. Bade

    Another weekend stripped of True Arsenal football eh!

    Well, maybe Mancini’s boys can spice it up a bit if they beat Norwich away

    Have to admit I don’t rate Mancini and don’t like those oil spoiled boys, but they’re lucky I hate the Mancs much more and can’t stand Red Nose, so hope they will make the impossible and pip them to the title in the last minute

  64. Geoff

    With luck we can pile on the goals on Monday and if we win we will be 8 points clear of the spuds and 10 clear of the chavs, they will not only be knackered, they will wobble like fuck.

  65. Geoff

    Gooby, he looks good but his name is close to Bellend and that could be an omen.

    Also, we haven’t been so lucky with north African players have we? Nasri and Chamakh?

    However as a holding midfielder he would bring welcome competition.

  66. Bade

    Agree Geoff

    Though a win against Wigan won’t be that easy

    They’re in form, in the last 4 games they beat Scousers, Stoke and Mancs, only lost to Chavs when they deserved more

    So it’s about attitude, if our boys handle it like we’ve already won it, with our complacency trademark, its going to be a bottling. But if we have the right attitude, I agree we can smash them even though their recent form. We’re a much better team

  67. Gooby


    doesn’t mean this one won’t work, i’d have him as a squad player, he’s still young. He’s suited to play just behind the striker

  68. Geoff

    Gooby I would sooner see us buy a star like Hazard or Goetze or Sweinsteiger that another French league player, yes I realise Hazard plays there but he is world class.

  69. Bade

    True Geoff

    Though I never rated Gervinho really, always thought he’s the Ade of the wings

    Will make the great goals, but will always miss the sitters

    I happened to watch him a lot there

    But Belhanda has more composure in the ball and positive nerve attitude

    Giroud is a true striker as well, with great sense for goal, very good positioning in the box, can shot in both legs and has great headers too

    Feel both are very good players and can cut it out of the Ligue1, though I still have doubts over Belhanda’s personality outside the pitch, London’s night life might ruin him?

  70. Bade

    Schweinsteiger can be some signing

    He’s a Gooners I think, but way over Arsene’s purchasing limits

    Of course we can afford him, but we won’t pay for big star so much money