Robin to be offered £8.26mill a year to stay | Wolves slayed by Arsenal / 3 points retrieved

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So I predicted easy and what did we get? Easy.

Wolves aren’t a good team. We are a team on form. We rightfully put them to the sword.

It was a professional business as usual type performance. Theo Walcott raced into the box early on and was taken down by Bassong. Red card for the ex-Spurs man. Penalty for us. Robin took his run up, waited, the keeper dived, he dinked a little chip right down the middle.

You classy ba*tard Robin.

It didn’t take long to make it two. Theo picked the ball up wide, played a one two with Robin (the two part of the move was superb… angled through about 4 players), Theo raced into the box and shot low and hard inside Henessey’s near post.

Two up after 11 minutes. Superb.

The game kind of took a back seat after that. Ramsey did his best to infuriate everyone with duff passes and aimless running. Theo went into melt down a bit and our play was bit tippy tappy.

The second half wasn’t too much better. We allowed Wolves to get back into the game a bit. Santos was having an absolute shocker at left back. His casual approach doesn’t lend itself well to an intense league. We weathered the minor storm quite well. Chesney made two very good saves. The best came from a Kevin Doyle diving header. Chezzer did superbly to get down and low to tip the ball round the post.

Robin went close down the other end spooning the ball over the bar from about 8 yards. Ramsey started to perk up a little. His movement definitley improved, but again, it was generally his decision making that let him down. I still can’t see why people can’t cut through that and see the talent he has. Football is all about having the raw ingredients and making them work. It might not work for two season, then it drops. Ramsey has those ingredients and things will drop for him sooner rather than later and we’ll have an amazing player on our hands.

Anyway, the game was killed off late on when Robin played Song into the box, the man from Cameroon picked out Yossi on the edge of the box and he fired home with a powerful first time shot into the bottom left of the goal.

Game over. We could relax. 3 goals to add to our goal difference. 5 points clear of 4th place. Looking very good for 3rd.


We did what we had to do. We put in a very professional performance, came away with the points, the confidence in tact and we managed to avoid any injuries. What more can you ask for in the run in when fatigue is starting to set in for most clubs? The big game is Wigan on Monday night. They are a team that has been plagued by bad decisions which makes them a threat in my eyes. They have caused us problems in the past and they are more than capable of doing that when they play us. We need to be as fired up as them and need to show our class.

I thought the keeper did well when called upon last night. That ability to make one or two game saving stops is something we haven’t had since Jens. If he improves his distribution and concentration, he could be one of the worlds best. Last night he was top class. Theo Walcott showed us why he’s important to the team and why he frustrates everyone at the same time. He won the penalty and scored our second. Then he did nothing for the rest of the game. He’s very similar to Eduardo in that sense. The Croatian did very little past score. Great, he’s a striker. I just think you need more than that when you’re at a top four club.

Aaron Ramsey is the whipping boy this season. Sure, I accept that he’s been a bit of a nightmare at times… but think of where we’ve come from. He’s the whipping boy this year, but he scores goals, his movement causes opposition problems and he mucks in all over the pitch. Last year we had Denilson. Aaron will get better and he will become a top player.

A player I always like to see on the team sheet is Yossi. He has a great touch, he keeps the ball moving like Rosicky, but he can also dribble and score goals. He was a great addition to the squad. When you need that experienced head and the graft only a journeyman can give you, he’s the perfect solution.

If anything has been clear about team selection over the past 3 months, it’s that Wenger has learnt that it’s not the kids that win you the games, it’s the experienced heads that do. That’s why Wenger hasn’t overused Chamberlain. He doesn’t need to. I hope the learnings he’s taken from this year dictate his policy this summer. You can win titles with kids, only if they’re the smaller percentage of your squad and they’re top quality.

Robin Story

The Times are reporting that Robin will be offered £130k per week (4 year deal) plus a £6million bonus to stay on with us next season. The only other offer he has is from City. Who’d go there right now? Samir Nasri looks like he’s been comfort eating to deal with the situation. They’re in turmoil and only a few points ahead of us. Do the right thing Robin. Arsenal, instead of a £6million bonus that you’ll pay him in a lunp, why not just give him £8.2mill a year. That way, if he leaves next year, he doesn’t pocket £12million for a years work? Just a thought…

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Right… report over. What did you think of the game? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. ritesh

    Bade, its cause Vela did naughty things when away for Mexico.

    Its not allowed at Arsenal – Just ask Chamakh

  2. Bade

    Actually Mayank Fabnianski is a great example for Arsene bizarre decision making tactics

    Again a player under-performing in numerous games, costing us with some almost deliberate errors, but because Arsene once thought he will be world class, he let him play so many games

    Actually it was SZCZ who shot the ball on him injuring him, and then getting his place and never looking back ever since

  3. Mayank

    Okay Bade. Let’s consider that Vela wasn’t given enough time to prove himself. Al though there is no objective way to prove this.

    Anyway, if he wasn’t given enough chances by a man who always gives players a shot what does this say about him? We’ve seen very little of Vela by yuor own admission. How can we better gauge his talents than someone who saw him everyday on the training ground.

    With people like Ramsey and Denilson we’ve at least seen them play in enough matches, big and small, to form an opinion which is contrary to Arsene’s.

    Wenger has always without exception given his players a chance unless he feels he’s getting in the way of their career. If he doesn’t give some a chance it because he doesn’t see them cutting it here.

  4. Keyser

    Bade – Well then don’t be a child about, ffs, that was from November 15th, So less than 3 months after he joined us on deadline day, the first couple of weeks in September there was an International break.

    We still had Arshavin and Gervinho.

    Go through the games in September, he came on as a sub against Swansea, started against Dortmund, didn’t play against Blackburn, started against Shrewsbury.

    He wasn’t in the squad for the next two games against Bolton and Olympiakos, so either he was injured or just left out.

    You’re making far too big a deal over nothing.

  5. Bade

    Now the other problem is, if you don’t rate him, then why give him an extension????

    Again, dithering

    Arsene can’t cut it, so he keep players he doesn’t believe in them and doesn’t give them chances. What’s the point then?

  6. Keyser

    Also Fabianski last year played himself into some decent form, like when we went away to Wolves, likewise Djourou, it’s not like these players haven’t ever played well, it’s getting them to do it consistently.

    That’s the whole problem and Vela never did it, how do you argue against that, he’d come on when we were already a couple up score a majestic chip, start the next game and do almost nothing.

    It’s all down to Vela himself, if he’s bulked up, got something consistent going and is actually motvated to come back he’ll get a chance.

  7. Bade

    It’s not me Keyser, it’s you

    Arsene admitted he didn’t play Yossi enough, but you seems to know better and you claim he was played enough. But fact is he wasn’t played enough

    Let me put it this way, he is a much much better footballer than Ramsey and Gervinho, he was given much much less playing time

  8. Bade

    Mayank, my point is bigger than Vela. He’s only an example

    So he never got a true chance like many others did, then again why to extend his contract. Shot the door, sell him and go to players you believe in

    As for how good can Vela be, well I think his numbers speaks for him this season

    Let’s say I’d rather him over Chamakh and Park.

  9. Mayank

    Bade, don’t you think that the fact we never once bid for a youngish keeper even when we were looking to replace Almunia, point to the fact that Wenger had enormous faith in Szcz.

    This is getting to the point of ridiculousness.

    Szcz – Nothing to do with Wenger, his hand was forced.

    JW – Nothing to do with Wenger, his talent was obvious. Oh and he run him into the ground

    AOC – 15m on a kid when we should’ve signed Mata? to… Why isn’t Wenger playing AOC and playing that cunt Ramsey.

    Kos – Wenger doesn’t know how to sign defenders! to… He was shit for us for 1.5 years coming good now doesn’t change that.

  10. Keyser

    It’s definetly you Bade, I’ve even gone through the games for you.

    Gervinho and Ramsey had a pre-season with us, Yossi came on deadline day, he went off to play Internationals, started or played in a few games, then suffered a strain, that’s just September.

    Gervinho is younger, fitter,f aster than him, it’s not whether he played enough, he’s not a stand out player, even if he plays well, he’s going to be susceptible to strains and injury like he has for large parts of recent seasons and yet Wenger’s played him in key games or when he can.

    You’ve got nothing to say otherwise, Wenger said he’ll have a part to play, and guess what he did.

  11. Bade

    Bit it was for a week or two

    Lay it off Keyser

    Arsene said he didn’t give him enough time, why are you trying to say otherwise?

  12. Keyser

    “At least you made an effort there, I admire that”

    Forget admiration, I shouldn’t have to do that, you don’t have much of a point, I’ve just pointed out the facts for you, and you still can’t admit it to yourself.

    That points to a sense of ego or pride on your part, maybe it’s my fault and if I’d put it in another way or someone else had said what I did, you might be more susceptible to the truth.

  13. Bade


    Where did you go now?

    Who said Jack?

    If you’re in names mentioning, the list of shite players is much longer so be ware

  14. Bade


    Back to your reading comprehension difficulties again?

    I meant Vela, Park there

    Arsene said it in the, go search it yourself, I never state false facts

    Don’t you read Arsenal news???? And that was as a reply to quotes from Yossi saying he didn’t get enough chances at Arsenal

    So, Arsene says he didn’t give Yossi enough games at Arsenal, Yossi said the same. Oh no, STOP! Keyser knows best …..

  15. Mayank

    Not just you Bade, just the consensus among the doomers here, is any player who doesn’t make it is Arsene’s fault and any that does is a fluke/natural progression.

    This belief reaches its blinkered crescendo when talking defenders. They praise Mourinho who added to a brilliant Pellegrini team and took them to a lower points total. But when talking about Arsene his early success was built on the inherited back four. The back four that had come 12th 2 seasons before Wenger arrived.

    My issue is not with arguing certain decisions Wenger has made. He’s made mistakes sure. My issue is with the belief that Wenger has done nothing right post 2005. The obsession with Wenger is alarming.

  16. Tunde

    The only person that can rival Gambon in terms of being very critical albeit constructively sometimes and funny is Geof, although i always suspect they are one person, Geof is Gambon admit it;)

    before you get jealous you are funny too!

  17. Bade


    Don’t take out on me your frustration from the Doom over Le Grove

    If you want to widen the case of debate, I’m well with that

    But let me tell you few simple facts

    Our club has money, Arsene said it many times, he said there are maybe 10 players we can’t afford, all the others we can. He said we can overtake Chelsea’s spending

    Arsene said that he had the best ever squad in the last couple of seasons, and that we should judge him in May (May 2008 that was then)

    We didn’t win trophies and we didn’t put in the effort to do so, hence why we’re 7 years craving for a trophy

    The only season we didn’t crumble round February-March is this season. Why? Because Veterans like Yossi, Rosa, Arteta hold us and made the difference

    We should thank the Mancs for that, as they were panic buys. And before you stand, remember that ARTETA AND YOSSI WERE SIGNED WITHOUT EVEN HAVING A MEDICAL

    So please don’t start with, they were no panic buys …..

  18. skandibird

    Bade; ‘# report on Yossi# link- I just tweeted him saying I hope he will stay at Arsenal as he seems to get on so well with team mates especially Santos/RvP & The. He responded with ”Thank you” which I thought was very sweet no.1 and does it mean he would ‘like’ to stay no.2? oh, and no.3 he didn’t need to respond at all so I think it speaks volumes of him as a player/human/man. I reckon we could do worse, it’s always good to have experience in any field of ”work”.

  19. JJ

    Keyser – Quite often I see you on here defending players like DJ. Fabianski, Kos and Ramsey… and that is ok. Each to their own opinion.

    However, with that you must accept that other people might set higher standards for the club. Personally, I do not believe that a club of Arsenal’s size and means should have to play them for several seasons just to see if they are the gems that people suspect they might be. I would rather we buy them, test them in the reserves, on loan and give them bit part first team action and then IF, and only if, they prove themselves, give them a start. If they don’t cut it then get rid of them. We need to be better at drawing a line.

    My issue is that we give too many players starting places because we feel deep down that they have potential (whatever that means).

    Ramsey is the perfect (current) example. He is horribly out of form and would be benched for it in most other teams. Instead he still gets starts because of this “potential”. The other way of looking at it is that he is being rewarded with a first team place despite playing crap. Nasri said earlier this year that he didn’t work as hard at Arsenal because he knew he would be starting no matter what. Unless you have great internal drive, which not everyone does, our approach tends to foster shite attitutes.

    Just my opinion though…

  20. Keyser

    Bade – Go find the quote then, because all Wenger said in YOUR link is ‘there’s still plenty of games for him to play a part and he will’ and guess what he did.

    You’re really struggling here.

  21. Ice

    Hey don’t you just love these African and new world Gooners on this blog….much more interesting than the tedious likes of chav brits like Gambon (?) and the future of our great club….but remember this…..we are a classy north London club that has always been very protective of how we work and our communications , we are more yiddee than the N17ers which means we are smart and street assured all the shortcomings of the last few seasons are being held to account….so long as we hold on to Robin and Poldi is in and we sign a signature centre midfielder to replace the lad Song and a second left back the mid term future is very very bright….

    BTW don’t be surprised if AW is replaced by a MVB combo at the end of the season …..

  22. Keyser

    JJ – I like all our players because, well, they play for us, that’s my failing I guess.

    Other than that, what are you trying to say there ? That we should have NO players at all that are learning their trade ? That every player should ber eady made ?!

    Because that’s complete rubbish, and it’s a by product of the bullshit spending of the teams around us. ALL teams need gametime together and it’s pretty annoying really that people choose to ignore it.

    Fabianski did play well last year after several consecutive games in the team, when we had Djourou and Kosiclny together we have a very good defensive record aswell.

    It’s about getting the right combination of players together so that they compliment each other and progress, people seem to have completely forgotten about this.

    Take Citeh, Chelsea, United whoever really as an example, are they really getting the best out of their teams for the money they spend ?!

    The Premiership has gone downhill because of that.

  23. Keyser

    If you look at Ramsey we made bids for several players in the summer, it just didn’t happen, I wouldn’t use Ramsey as an example, he’s not there because we’re trying to force him into the role, it’s simply because we don’t have the options that something you could blame Wenger for.

    “Nasri said earlier this year that he didn’t work as hard at Arsenal because he knew he would be starting no matter what. Unless you have great internal drive, which not everyone does, our approach tends to foster shite attitutes”

    Nasri’s attitude was good until around last january when Citeh were supposedly offering him 170k a week, has Nasri played as well since ? I don’t really think so, but to Citeh it doesn’t matter, to us it did.

    The truth is you need to find a balance, Wenger might not spend enough, he might persevere with players that others might have given up on, and while it may hold us back in some ways, it also allowed players like Nasri to become what they are today.

  24. Marek Grinder

    Watching Ramsey play this season makes me wanna bite my own head off. The boy obviously has talent, but his performances of late have been a torture to watch. He dwells on the ball, looses all dribbles, slows things down, passes sideways or backwards. Also offers nothing defensively, can’t tackle and is easily pushed away while fighting shoulder to shoulder. Denilson MKII …

  25. Gooby

    Acording to adrian durham, united don’t deserve to win it because shitty lost tevez and it’ll be an empty win.

    Who decides to pay this guy?

  26. willie

    Yawwwn! Your boring never ending arguments… In other “news” Pele reckons that neymar is better than messi. I guess all of us should maybe have an opinion but this dude Pele’s so full of himself.

  27. JJ

    Keyser – I have no problem with you liking all our players because they are Arsenal. That is your choice… and somewhat admirable. However, in my opinion certain players do not merit their place. DJ for example. You say he played well in spots last year. I say he is complete and utter rubbish. A few decent (I won’t even say good) games in many does not merit a place. I don’t care if he was played at RB, he was shite at CB too – pulling down big nose cost us ECL progression. Again, just my opinion.

    I also think that you CAN have a team of ready-mades. I never said BUY ready-mades. In fact, I never mentioned money at all. Buy the likes of Theo, Ramsey and Ox and test them out. Get them experience in the reserves or on loan and then ease them into the first team… just like Wilshere. If they’re not going to cut it – be ruthless and ship them.

    Anyway, I’m not trying to argue with you or change your mind. Just saying.

  28. SUGA3

    Platini blasted Ukrainian hotel owners for being ‘crooks’ after the prices went skyhigh ahead of the Euros…

    you could not make this shit up 😆

  29. richard

    Well to a degree it is Wengers fault I am a big fan of Wenger but the system we play sometimes does not help certain types of player. When we go down the wings our wingers or full backs generally have van persie to hit with three defenders to deal with him making walcott look ordinary. The ox has shown why money has been spent on him this season what has mata done this season not too much. chamakh a failure in many eyes has suffered from a system that does not help him crossing a ball and expecting him to hit the target when there is a deluge of defenders around him does not help him. Chamakh is a good player it is just that the system at arsenal does not bring the best out of him something Wenger could have changed. But the system and game plan stays the same. As for Ramsey he only has played well this season when the rest of the team is playing well he does not have the ability to chance matches on his own the ox has shown enough to suggest he might be able to do just that. Benayoun has been reliable and a good loan move. Song has been fantastic. Of all those players that have come through our doors think how many go on to have good careers at other clubs. Pennant been around and done well for himself. Bentley maybe an exception to that. Wenger has to shoulder some blame for these players who fail at this club as he brought them in a full anaylysis of how a player plays in different systems would mean that he should be able to tell whether a player is more or less likely to fit in with our system. The player also has to have some responsibility in trying to adapt his game to our style of play. But lets be honest on our budget and with our commitments Wenger has continually kept us in champions league and taken us to finals even if we have failed in the most recent ones. Next season looks good Wenger needs to secure Rvp and walcott whilst adding one or two more players whilst shipping out in my opinion this list of players to fund the quality we need to be competitive. 1. Almunia. 2. Squillacci. 3.Djourou. 4. Bedtner 5.Vela 6. Arshavin 7. Denillson. 8. Chamakh. 9 frimpong or diaby (diaby because he has been injured so often) possibly both. if you sell all these ten players at 4 million thats 40 million for adding what i see is four more players on top of next seasons tranfer kitty. the players or positions to add to is poldolski and one other striker a defensive midfielder of quality a centre back and a defender that can cover the left back position. remember this season we had all our regular full backs injured now why just left back is because yennaris played well at right back and would be able cover for that side on the left coquelin did ok but he is better in centre of park so a third left back would give us ample cover in a position we have been vulnerable plus it will add competition and make gibbs and santos perform even better. I believe these additions along with this of youngster i am going to mention will make us competitive. Coquelin Yennaris, gnarby einsfield benik afobe harper miguel myachi bellerin and possibly campbell would make this a team to be serious title challengers or bring somekind of silverware home next season.

  30. Alex

    No. 6 ml is what hew will get by the end of his next contract if he stays with AFC by that time. If he leaves earlier he must waive this money. Same with Fabregas – he had to give away 4 ml staying bonus to go to Barca.

  31. Pollux

    We should be stronger next season with the return of maturing Denilson, Bendtler, Vela. The returning trio will provide stiff competition for Park No-No, Dick Head Morrocan and Weakling Diaby for spot on the bench. COYG! Wenger OUT!

  32. Lurch LeRouge

    “Wenger might not spend enough, he might persevere with players that others might have given up on, and while it may hold us back in some ways, it also allowed players like Nasri to become what they are today.”


    Nasri’s fucking shit, am I missing some subtext here?

  33. Dan Ahern

    Afternoon, Lurch.
    I actually don’t understand the comments for the opposite reason: Nasri was always a good player (though never world-beating outside of a half-season stretch), or at least good enough. I doubt anybody would say he was “persevered” with. I mean, the guy was a consistent starter and played CAM whenever Cesc was out.

  34. Bade


    Yossi is a very nice person out of pitch, very modest with truly good heart, he’s almost naive

    I employed a lawyer that used to play with him until he damaged his ligament and left the football scene. He said to me he is the nicest person he had ever met

    He was then 3 grade above all the Israeli team and yet was the modest of them all