Arsenal must take 3 points at Wolves | Mertesacker going nowhere | Yossi decision soon

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Wolverhampton Petrol Garage

Wednesday is here and we have a very important match to deal with all the way up in the midlands at a place called Wolverhampton. Quite literally, one of the worst places I’ve ever been. Outside Merseyside, there aren’t many places that refuse to let me pump petrol before I pay. Wolverhampton was one of those places. They wouldn’t even unlock the door at 0730 in the morning. I had to have my Ginsters curried steak slice passed through a caged window.

Anyway, the football team used to reflect the place. Nasty, agressive and oh so classy. However, Jez Moxley took it upon himself to sack the man keeping them afloat and in his wisdom, he decided to do it without finding a replacement. So, Wolves are rooted to the bottom of the league, the caretaker manager hasn’t a clue and it’s looking pretty certain they’ll be relegated.

Like I said yesterday, it would be a total shock if we didn’t come away with the points. We have plenty of players in form and I’d say we’ve probably taken a second wind of momentum after putting City to the sword at the weekend.

Injury news is looking ok. The biggest loss we have to the team is Koscielny. He’s out with a two match suspension. JD will step into his shoes and I’m sure he’ll do a great job. The last two times he’s had to step in, we’ve won. There’s a good defender in there somewhere, we just don’t see it when he’s stuck out at right back. Gibbs is out with a fatigued groin. It’s not unsurprising. What’s surprising is he isn’t out for 6 weeks. Santos will step into the fold. Gervinho is out with an ankle problem as well.

I’m not sure what the coach will do today. Most of us are eager to see Chamblerlain come in and show what he’s got. The boss doesn’t seem too keen. Is part of his mindset around that warding off the interest of the England manager? I hope not. Still, when the team plays as well as it does when we have all the old boys playing, why take a risk?

We don’t need explosive creativity today. What we need is a hard fought performance and desire by the bucket load. If we win the next two games, you’d have to say that 3rd place is looking as good as sealed. We simply MUST win tonight. There can be no excuses. Wolves are the whipping boys of the league. If we lose tonight… we might as well have drawn the last 3 games. We have to make picking up 3 bonus points against City count.

Arteta has the right idea and I’ve no doubt the youngsters will be looking to him to lead the way this evening.

“We’ve put in a big effort, we are in a strong position now and we don’t want to waste it. We had a setback at QPR and it says a lot for our spirit that we came straight back.

“Everyone was saying we were in trouble again because Newcastle look really strong, Chelsea have been winning and I’m sure they’ll be there until the end.

“I don’t think it will be easy, we have some good examples this year when we have dropped points against teams near the bottom.

“We have to go there with the right mentality and the right approach and sense of pride. When you’re playing away from home there are no easy games in the Premier League.”

Bang on my friend… we need to make sure the complaceny monster stays in the dressing room today.

The manager took time out to praise Sagna. He’s often an unsung hero in the side. What I love about him is that you get the same level of commitment in every game from him. He flies into tackles, he has a tremendous amounts of pace and he seems to have a lot of love for the club.

“I must say with the right back position I have been quite lucky because we had Lee Dixon when I arrived, then Lauren, and Sagna afterwards. They have all been real winners and extremely consistent. On that front we were very lucky.

“They are all real battlers, they are ready to die to win. All these players have been inspirational for everybody because their physical level, commitment, intelligence and desire to win is all there.”

I was also told on a personal level from someone who works with him on the charity front that he’s one of the nicest footballers to work with. He never asks for anything and always wants to do whatever he can to help. Let’s hope we have a rocket performance from him this evening!

There’s a lot of online rage about Balotelli and his lack of a suspension today. I can’t be bothered to get into it too deeply. He won’t play for City again this season, he’s ruined his career to a degree. I don’t know why people are constantly shocked at the ineptitude of the FA. Until they start ruling using common sense, we’ll always end up with decisions like yesterdays. I do find it amusing that you’re more likely to get in trouble for a bit of bad language than you are over breaking someone’s leg. Where is the sense in that? If you break someone’s leg in Sunday League in the Uk, you can find yourself in court and jailed. That’s how serious it is… Anyway, we’ve more important things to deal with.

Two final things to talk over.

Wenger said Yossi gives balance to the side and he’ll decide on his future at the end of the year. He said it’s a global decision because he has many players out on loan. I think age probably comes into it and possibly players he’s looking to sign from elsewhere. He’s a top player, I’d be disappointed if he had to make way because we had to bring back an average loanee.

Second story. Bild reported that Mertesacker would be returning early. Wenger reported that he’s in Germany running, but not kicking a ball yet. He’s fine though. Also, there have been a number of reports indicating he’s being shipped out in the summer. Now, I haven’t had a catch up with Pam in a while, but everything I’ve heard about the German is glowing. He’s an absolute top professional. He’s loved by everyone and he gets involved in arranging social events outside of the captain. I’d be shocked if Wenger shipped on a defender who gives us something we’ve never had at the back… height.

Right, that’s it for today, enjoy the game if your’e heading up there, good luck with your illegal stream if you’re not!

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  1. Leedsgunner

    Great result over in Wigan tonight… Ha ha nice to see Fergie go home empty handed for once. Wigan will be flying and our boys will have to be sharp to grab all three points — they have played well against Liverpool, Chelsea, Man United and they’ll be hungry for another scalp. Does Kos come back for the Wigan game or is he ineligible? So pleased that RvP ended his mini-drought… Theo looked liked he was playing for a contract tonight… So utterly inconsistent and frustrating.

  2. incesc

    so 3 wins, or more probably 2 wins from 5 games against


    gets us 3rd

    actually think arteta has been one of the main reasons we are here. Sort of signing we’ve all wanted for ages in the midfield, premier league experience and a composed, switched on player.

  3. Keyser

    Even with a man down you saw Wolves gameplan, they shut down Arteta very quickly and went about with the old rotational fouling, whenD oyle got booked, Kightly and Henry took over.

    3rd goal was key, if we’d got it sooner might have scored a few more. We didn’t seem to want to let them back in it and seized up a bit, letting them back in it a bit.

  4. Paulinho

    “We didn’t seem to want to let them back in it and seized up a bit, letting them back in it a bit.”

    You won’t get a more clear and concise analysis on the match than that.

  5. Gooby

    papppiiiiiis will fire newcastle into the CL spot, watch this space!

    I love saying “pappis” btw, top name. I’ll name a child after him if he joins arsenal!

  6. Paulinho

    Can’t quite believe how Madrid have collapsed, although I’ve always thought their squad was overrated. Lot’s of good/very good players but not on the same level as the 2002 stock.

  7. Keyser

    Don’t think it’s the squad, Mourinho’s methodical, systematic, he’s not adventurous or creative, Pelligrini got them to 90 points 100 odd goals in a season ? or two, they either have no more facets to explore or Mourinho can’t find them.

    They’ve still got enough time to win here.

  8. skandibird

    Yossi Benayon going back to Chelsea end of season would be a shame both for him and us, reckon he’s happy @ Arsenal, sign him up, well worth having him on the team for experience alone. Seems RvP have only good things to say about him as well.

  9. gambon

    Banning the mighty one would be like banning Messi from Football, Moses from Mount Sinai or George Michael from public toilets.

  10. Bade

    When we want to sub Robin, we have Chamakh, Park to choose from

    When Real subs Benzema they get Higuain in

    Poor Real, they have no options! 😆

  11. gambon

    Wenger dithered over signing that genius!

    Hmmm….good luck this summer, could get painful.

    Wenger: “Messi & Iniesta for £14m, i’ll get back to you next week”

  12. Tunde

    Who in here was saying something about wolves earlier on? Roll on Wigan 3-1 with persie getting a brace anyone wanna bet against it?

  13. Negation

    Wenger: “Messi & Iniesta for £14m, i’ll get back to you next week”


    And, I see you Tunde – you kept it very positive when the rest weren’t. Let’s hit up Wigan the same way, yay!



    After watching the game on MOTD I don’t know what to think. The refs are just fckin shit basically. How much did they get wrong in the Wigan / Man game? And then the pen on Ramsey earlier. WTF?

  15. gambon

    “After watching the game on MOTD I don’t know what to think. The refs are just fckin shit basically.”

    My point all along.

  16. BacaryisGod

    I have never seen more suicidal freak-outs than on this blog. Jesus, you would have thought we were on a lousy streak. Nearly everyone felt that Arsene and the team deserved a shellacking for the start of the season, but the recovery has been superb. You just can’t deny the facts during the crunch time of this season (unlike previous seasons).

    Wins against Sunderland, Liverpool, Everton, Wolves away
    Wins against Tottenham, Newcastle, Man City, Blackburn, Aston Villa at home
    Loss against QPR away.

    27 points out of the last 30
    27 goals scored, 8 conceded.

    What the hell is wrong with you people!!!

  17. moe

    Definitely pleased with the win.bit concerned the dreaded handbrake reared it’s ugly head again for a bit, hope it’s not here to stay.still another three points to gloat before the spuds

  18. BacaryisGod

    By the way Gambon, you hit a new low with your Shawcross comments with Ramsey. Congratulations, you must be the envy of every Spurs fan out there. You do their job for them, unless you are one yourself.

  19. BacaryisGod

    For me, here’s Arsenal’s strongest line-up with everyone fit. This one would be devastating:
    Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs,
    Song Arteta
    Walcott, Rosicky, Wilshere

    subs: New keeper TBD, Mertesacker, Santos, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Diaby, Gervinho, Podolski (I’m already counting on him). Players 19-25 could include some of LG’s favs like Djourou and Ramsey along with future stars Coquelin, Ryo, Frimpong and Jenkinson.

    The thought of Wilshere interchanging with Rosicky and allowing Gibbs to bomb down the left is mouth-watering.

  20. DoublegoonerJust imagine everyone on here donating £5 or £10 to my new cause.

    Morning Grovers.

    Just arrived home after an enjoyable evening at that shithole called wolverhampton.

    No one stood out, but we did the job.

    Why did Wenger leave RVP til the end ?

    He’d moan his bollox off should RVP get injured or burnt out. At 3 up surely he could bring the grease head for him !!

  21. BacaryisGod

    Last one from me. By the time Tottenham play QPR on April 21st, they could be looking at an 11 point deficit.

  22. luke

    ———Xabi Alonso———-
    OX——–RVP——–Christiano Ronaldo

    what could have been…

  23. jnyc

    Im workin today, will watch match tmrw, to see if ramsey as bad as people saying. I know he kinda failed at attacking mf so far this season, but i love his effort, agree with andreassen again, he can be a holding mf, and a grreat one in the future. Also think this a great game to rest rosicky. I hope arteta can get a rest once in a while, he has given too many minutes this aeason. I think rvp not rested becausr he wants to stay on and go for
    records. Aw should insist he rest late in
    matches like this, but rvp has earned the right
    to choose what he wants.

  24. zeus

    I feel sorry for Ronaldo.

    It must be hard for his ego to accept , that despite his genius, there is no question that he is distinctly second best to Lionel Messi.

    He will go down in history as the 2nd best of his generation.

    Just from a prototype stand point, he should be well ahead of Messi, he’s tall, strong, quick, rare technique (especially for set pieces) etc. and yet he is still #2.

  25. Bade


    No question all the media sucking up Messi,

    He must have such a large one by now

    I think Ronaldo is an easy to hate player, but for me he’s the perfect athlete

    The facts that 2 years in a row now he’s scored 40 goals in La Liga’s 38 rounds, just says is all

  26. Bade

    I reckon, and hope, Real will win La Liga this season

    I also reckon Real or Bayern will lift the CL trophy, not Barca

    Interesting if that happened, how many will stick with their view that Messi is the greatest ever footballer …..

  27. Bade


    Onto my thought on the game,

    What a great feeling that is to have back those easy for granted wins

    It felt again like the good days where we were battering the lower half of table teams home and away with no effort at all

    Just a walk in the park

  28. angeausarsenal

    Ramsey may be poor at the moment but no Arsenal player deserves the bile of wishing to see his leg broken again by Ryan Shawcross. Well done Gambon you’ve just turned another person off LeGrove, I suspect the list is growing.

  29. Bade

    Yossi Benayoun

    What a super professional player the guys is eh!

    As Arsene said the other day, each time he started, the team played extremely well and he’s done extremely well too, it’s no coincidence

    That interception he made in the early moments of the game tells all for me. He was played in a very advanced position on the pitch, but that didn’t prevent him from tracking back deep in our half, hustling the opposition, slowing their attack even without taking the ball, just standing on the right place to interrupt their attack path

    I spotted him many times playing a bit deeper when Santos went forward, how responsible from him.

    Really, he’s a model for youngsters of true professionalism, commitment and right attitude on and off the pitch

  30. zeus


    NOt ready to go as far as to say Messi is the greatest ever. Thats crazy talk. Until he does it with Argentina, he can’t be considered as such.

    You have to hold Messi to a higher standard. I know the country you represent mostly is due to accident of birthing place, but he wasn’t born in Wales for example, a team that could never win the WC. He was born in a strong footballing powerhouse, with some of the best generation of players produced in years.

    The attackers arounf him, make it easier than it was for Maradona when he won in 1986, and took them to the final in 1990. Messi has lots to do yet.

    But as you say, Ronaldo is a perfect athlete, and yet, this short, slightly stocky dribbler playing as a forward in today’s game, outdoes him every time.

    PS. I hop MAdrid wins too, just for the crap we got last summer.

    (Kagawa Kagawa Kagawa. No doubt Wenger goes Belhanda though)

  31. Bade


    Well, I have to admit when I see him lined up I prepare my space behind the couch but he did well, relatively.

    He had few blocks/interceptions and it good for me. Hope he’ll do well against the Latics too

    But make no mistake, he’s a very nice bloke but his place isn’t AFC and shouldn’t be AFC. He’s far below par

    But him, Bendtner etc …… it would be just great if they made few good displays so that will ease our mission to sell them

    Let’s not just get carried away due to one or two good displays, we need much better player in our squad

  32. Robert

    Good result.

    As awesome as messi is, I think crissy boy would be better for us.

    It’d be interesting to see how messi would go in an average team.

    I’d take ronaldos free kick and aerial ability over messi’s dribbling and superior finishing.

    We are crying out for a player with ronaldos qualities. We have plenty of small dribbling players. Plus, i reckon messi would get broken in the EPL.

    Still, until we are ready to spend 80million on a player, it won’t happen.

    Maybe is usamov takes over however…. 😉

  33. Bade

    Yeh Zeus, agreed

    Personally I don’t think Messi is the greatest ever, and for me he’s still far from the greatest players

    I have to admit though, I mainly want Barca to lose La Liga and the CL because I always favoured Real in La Liga, and so that greedy cunt Cesc won’t win a true trophy before we do

    Sorry but those super cups / club WC doesn’t do it for me, I rate those lesser than CC

  34. Bade


    Still needs fine tune, you could see he’s struggling with fitness for a full game, but that will come back

    For me, he’s a much better option than Gibbs considering all the aspects of the game, maybe bar the pace matter. He’s better going forward, he’s less worse with positional awareness, he’s much much better bulked up than Gibbs (maybe too much bulked up)

  35. Bade

    Ronaldo has scored 80 goals in the last 70 La Liga games Real had, and he didn’t play in all the matches as well

    It is something no less than phenomenal

  36. Bade


    Slag him as you wish, but yesterday’s moves were all a classy striker’s ones

    When he connected with Robin, they were like 2 strikers where Robin is a bit deeper and Theo a touch more advanced

    The exact set up Robin and Theo craves for. Give theo those chips/through balls, and no defender can stop him, unless it’s a penalty and red. Stick him in the flank, and he’s useless most of the times

    Come on Arsene don’t be blind, play them as two strikers, we will only benefit out of that

  37. zeus

    Thank God Ronaldo moved to Real, or Fergie and them would have gone on a Lyon like stretch of consecutive BPL titles.

    The boy just cracked the EPL like no other. Not the best player the PL has ever had, but in terms of goal scoring, season after season, the numbers he threw up was amazing in his latter Man Utd years.

    He would’ve put them comfortably over the line every season.

  38. Pedro

    Joppa, Chamberlain isn’t as good as Rooney… if he was, he’d be playing.

    Wenger plays too many kids he gets lambasted, now he’s going for experience and winning… he’s getting lambasted.

    He’ll sign more than one player this summer, that much is assured.

  39. Michael Doherty

    Wolverhampton isn’t as bad as that. In the west of the city life is good, the neighbourhoods are far safer and friendlier than Islington’s and the air is clean. That’s from an Islington born Arsenal fan living on the rural side of Wolverhampton