Arsenal must take 3 points at Wolves | Mertesacker going nowhere | Yossi decision soon

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Wolverhampton Petrol Garage

Wednesday is here and we have a very important match to deal with all the way up in the midlands at a place called Wolverhampton. Quite literally, one of the worst places I’ve ever been. Outside Merseyside, there aren’t many places that refuse to let me pump petrol before I pay. Wolverhampton was one of those places. They wouldn’t even unlock the door at 0730 in the morning. I had to have my Ginsters curried steak slice passed through a caged window.

Anyway, the football team used to reflect the place. Nasty, agressive and oh so classy. However, Jez Moxley took it upon himself to sack the man keeping them afloat and in his wisdom, he decided to do it without finding a replacement. So, Wolves are rooted to the bottom of the league, the caretaker manager hasn’t a clue and it’s looking pretty certain they’ll be relegated.

Like I said yesterday, it would be a total shock if we didn’t come away with the points. We have plenty of players in form and I’d say we’ve probably taken a second wind of momentum after putting City to the sword at the weekend.

Injury news is looking ok. The biggest loss we have to the team is Koscielny. He’s out with a two match suspension. JD will step into his shoes and I’m sure he’ll do a great job. The last two times he’s had to step in, we’ve won. There’s a good defender in there somewhere, we just don’t see it when he’s stuck out at right back. Gibbs is out with a fatigued groin. It’s not unsurprising. What’s surprising is he isn’t out for 6 weeks. Santos will step into the fold. Gervinho is out with an ankle problem as well.

I’m not sure what the coach will do today. Most of us are eager to see Chamblerlain come in and show what he’s got. The boss doesn’t seem too keen. Is part of his mindset around that warding off the interest of the England manager? I hope not. Still, when the team plays as well as it does when we have all the old boys playing, why take a risk?

We don’t need explosive creativity today. What we need is a hard fought performance and desire by the bucket load. If we win the next two games, you’d have to say that 3rd place is looking as good as sealed. We simply MUST win tonight. There can be no excuses. Wolves are the whipping boys of the league. If we lose tonight… we might as well have drawn the last 3 games. We have to make picking up 3 bonus points against City count.

Arteta has the right idea and I’ve no doubt the youngsters will be looking to him to lead the way this evening.

“We’ve put in a big effort, we are in a strong position now and we don’t want to waste it. We had a setback at QPR and it says a lot for our spirit that we came straight back.

“Everyone was saying we were in trouble again because Newcastle look really strong, Chelsea have been winning and I’m sure they’ll be there until the end.

“I don’t think it will be easy, we have some good examples this year when we have dropped points against teams near the bottom.

“We have to go there with the right mentality and the right approach and sense of pride. When you’re playing away from home there are no easy games in the Premier League.”

Bang on my friend… we need to make sure the complaceny monster stays in the dressing room today.

The manager took time out to praise Sagna. He’s often an unsung hero in the side. What I love about him is that you get the same level of commitment in every game from him. He flies into tackles, he has a tremendous amounts of pace and he seems to have a lot of love for the club.

“I must say with the right back position I have been quite lucky because we had Lee Dixon when I arrived, then Lauren, and Sagna afterwards. They have all been real winners and extremely consistent. On that front we were very lucky.

“They are all real battlers, they are ready to die to win. All these players have been inspirational for everybody because their physical level, commitment, intelligence and desire to win is all there.”

I was also told on a personal level from someone who works with him on the charity front that he’s one of the nicest footballers to work with. He never asks for anything and always wants to do whatever he can to help. Let’s hope we have a rocket performance from him this evening!

There’s a lot of online rage about Balotelli and his lack of a suspension today. I can’t be bothered to get into it too deeply. He won’t play for City again this season, he’s ruined his career to a degree. I don’t know why people are constantly shocked at the ineptitude of the FA. Until they start ruling using common sense, we’ll always end up with decisions like yesterdays. I do find it amusing that you’re more likely to get in trouble for a bit of bad language than you are over breaking someone’s leg. Where is the sense in that? If you break someone’s leg in Sunday League in the Uk, you can find yourself in court and jailed. That’s how serious it is… Anyway, we’ve more important things to deal with.

Two final things to talk over.

Wenger said Yossi gives balance to the side and he’ll decide on his future at the end of the year. He said it’s a global decision because he has many players out on loan. I think age probably comes into it and possibly players he’s looking to sign from elsewhere. He’s a top player, I’d be disappointed if he had to make way because we had to bring back an average loanee.

Second story. Bild reported that Mertesacker would be returning early. Wenger reported that he’s in Germany running, but not kicking a ball yet. He’s fine though. Also, there have been a number of reports indicating he’s being shipped out in the summer. Now, I haven’t had a catch up with Pam in a while, but everything I’ve heard about the German is glowing. He’s an absolute top professional. He’s loved by everyone and he gets involved in arranging social events outside of the captain. I’d be shocked if Wenger shipped on a defender who gives us something we’ve never had at the back… height.

Right, that’s it for today, enjoy the game if your’e heading up there, good luck with your illegal stream if you’re not!

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  1. Arsene's Nurse

    I hate that – fine give a penalty but sending him off is nonsense. He didn’t deliberately foul him.

  2. Ricky

    Let’s just all face facts…

    Ramseys been pants all season long. He’s had the time to shine & make that position he’s own but he’s failed so far..

    Let’s just all pray that he manages to turn things around for everyone who has anything to do with arsenals sake..

    Starting from tonight

  3. David Andreassen

    Bade- Ramsey was the one pushing htem back to begin with =)

    gambon – that’s a bit harsh, the engine goes a loong way to start with and gives him his other skill in the mid, to harras oponents and disrupting their build up play, big part of our first line of defence. But in all fairness, I don’t think he’s ever going to be an attacking mid, more of a CM and quite possibly no room for him in a year or two.

  4. Max

    Where are you guys watching the game??? None of the usual streams are working tonight…. Oh, and RVP is god!

  5. Adam Bucci

    what would happen if three more wolves players decided they didn’t want to play and gave away penalties and got sent off? would the ref call the game?

  6. WengersSweeties

    I can see the Wolves players putting in some heavy challenges here.

    On Ramsey, I’ve always said he’s shit, I really don’t see what people see in him. With a quality centre mid it could make the World of difference.

    The last of the Summer Wine, Rosicky and Benny have shown what quality is.

  7. WengersSweeties

    Ricky April 11, 2012 20:09:33

    Poor djourou.. Looks like a nervous wreck out there..

    Feel sorry for the dopey bastad.. He’s confidence is really shot to bits.

    I think that’s why Wenger has gone for Ramsey and DJ to try and boost their confidence with a win today.

    Confidence isn’t the problem, being SHIT football players is.

  8. useroz

    These idiots screwing around and inviting tackles flying in sooner or later…and someone will get hurt… Arteta to start with?!

  9. Jeff

    Please take Ramsey off. Why in the name of goodness do we insist on playing players who simply haven’t got it.

  10. gats

    all ramsey does is pass sideways and backwards. My god Ramsey is shite, he slows the whole game down to a ffucking bore.

  11. useroz

    Fuck off Dowd and english refs … Complete crooks

    What’s to disallow really…tv is replaying for god sake

  12. SpanishDave

    Ramsey plays because Wenger must be right ,always.
    This is why we only get a 4th trophy. Ramsey will not tackle since his broken leg and like Diarby he will be very average.

  13. useroz

    Can’t understand these arsenal guys… Why slow down to that extent and inviting knocks and kicks and the lot flying in now… Push and get 4 or 5 and we can all watch CHMAKH and PARK and SQUI sooner

  14. gats

    Ramsey has to be one of the slowest players i swear. This bastard slows everything down jesus. Why does god have to torment me with Walcott and Ramsey WHY!!!!!!!!!

  15. mjgooner

    Cant understand this Arsenal team………you have a chance to put daylight between you and 4th place in terms of goal difference, you now opt for stupid tippy tappy with no end product. SHOCKING

  16. Arsene's Nurse

    I think I’d like to see Park, Chamakh and Squillachi on just so it livens up a bit and gets my heart racing. Boring otherwise.

  17. WengersSweeties

    Half time:

    Walcott and Ramsey have been absolutely awful. Firstly, if you ever needed to question Walcott as a winger or even as a footballer, then look no further than the first half of this game.

    And Ramsey is the Welsh Denilson.

    Both shocking players for a club like Arsenal.

  18. incesc

    great half from theo, put the game out of sight.

    hope wenger winds them up at half time, one goal for wolves and an angry crowd could spell trouble

  19. gats

    I think Walcott and Ramsey were put on earth to torment me the bastards. I cant explain any other reason for them.

  20. Arsene's Nurse

    Sagna — Squid –DJ — Santos
    —– Arteta –Song —–
    Walnut –Park – -Chamakh — RVP

    4-2-4 for a laugh.

  21. arsenal1886-2006


    For fucks sake, the slow play that is on show tonight is doing me ‘ead in.
    We should be going for goals, goal difference could be the extra point we need this season in such a tight race for the top 4.
    I hate tippy happy with a passion.

  22. David Andreassen

    Honestly, that disallowed goal must be the worst “I’m a bias ref but I’m trying to be smooth so not to show it” decisions I’ve ever seen Dowd make…and we all know there’s been a few.. Fckin DeGea just stands there raisin his arms and looking stupid

  23. Jeff

    Instead of going for as many goals as possible we look like we want them to score so we’ve got something to be angry about and start playing. It is a total mystery. Why do we have to be beaten to a pulp before we respond. Opposition down to 10 men, we’re 2 goals up and what do we do, side and back, side and back, side and back with Ramsey the main hub.

    Hope the second half improves otherwise this will be a 90 minute game condensed into 30 seconds.

  24. arsenal1886-2006

    I have always backed Ramsey in the past but I am starting to think Gambon is right. He slows down the movement of the ball and gets in the way.
    Sorry Aaron but you need to move on.

  25. Jeff

    Put Rosicky on who’s on form at the minute and can string a pass or two. Time and time again the rest of the team have to carry the carcass of 2 or 3 players who are often part of the problem rather than the solution.

  26. David Andreassen

    Isn’t it the current Gunners in a nut shell, that kind of start and we still go in to half time feelin that the game can go either way. We usuall come out even worse than we went in when we’re up and we know wwe have 22 min of nothin happenin until changes are made… if Wolves get a goal in that time we are most likely doomed.

    The way the crowd is, the ref won’t stand in their way with other than a broken Arsenal leg…a Wolves goal and this will be terrifyin

  27. gambon

    When you consider Chelsea and Spurs are close in goal difference, its ridiculous that we are tippy tappying.

    This is the problem with wenger teams. They dont practice shooting, dont practice defending, its all pass pass pass pass pass


    Nah, refs aint bent Gambon are they? Just happens to be of benefit to Man U yet again. Shocking.

    Funny was watching the Prem years and big debate was why ref didn’t give Newcastle a pen v Man U.

    They are bent as fck.

  29. Jeff

    Of course it will be a miracle if there is any change at half time. That’s not his way. We will wait and wait and wait and wait until “something” happens and with 5 minutes to go bring on Ox. If we don’t score another 3 goals minimum we should be so ashamed.

  30. useroz

    incescApril 11, 2012 20:39:22
    what game are you wwatching wengers sweeties

    theo has been the decisive player in both goals that has won us the game

    decisive from 1st to 12th min and that’s it…

  31. gambon


    You need me to send a tin foil hat??

    If UTD are under protection of the FA, explain Chelsea vs Wigan the other day, where multiple decisions went againt Wigan?

    Also explain why Newcastle got a dodgy penalty at OT this season?

    Explain Drenthes disallowed goal against us?

  32. David Andreassen

    Even if we makes this I’m starting to get a rly fckin awful feelin about the Wigan game. They have had Utd on their heels in the first half and even taken the lead. Played rly well in the last game too.

    AND you can bet your ASS that if they are ever going to get back some of what they’ve been robbed of, they are sure as hell gonna get it from us =/

  33. mjgooner

    Pity some people can see past the goals………..Walcott’s overall play in this half has been SHIT despite the goal(s). His lack of a football brain is so obvious. And Wenger, we all accept you are LE BOSS and thus can do what the fuck you like……..but please can you spare us the sight of Ramsey, at least for the second half. Thanks in advance

  34. David Andreassen

    it’s clearly not the lads fawlt, you can see from a mile away they’ve been instructed to slow it down and take it easy and stay back to see the game out..

    You don’t get better counter possibilities than that, it was as wide open as a whores legs on the night before payday

  35. Herkules

    wow – truly some spoiled folks here… keep in mind gents that we have another game in like 4 days… going balls out for GD before a ten day intl break makes a lot of sense – but winning 0-2 on the road during a tricky Easter schedule is fine by me.

    Also – if we push forward and leak a goal in return – we would suddenly be panicked cats again…